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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ken bastida. i'm elizabeth cook. taking a live look over the east bay.. it's still hot out there! no big cool down tonight... tomorrow will be even hotter. good evening. takingtaking a a live look over the east bay, it's still hot. and tomorrow, will be even hotter. and the air quality, terrible! just look at the dark haze hanging over the east bay. this was the view from chopper five earlier. the air is so bad? smoke from the wildfires burning to the north is blowing into the bay area. just look at the map, there are 70 large fires burning from california to montana. kpix5 was on the haze and heat, paul. >> in both cases, it's the worst we've seen in 10-15 years in the bay area. have to go back to 2006 the last tike we had a -- time we had a heat wave like this. oakland, san jose, but look at
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concord, it will be 26 degrees hotter than normal tomorrow. 113 degrees. other highs, pittsburg, 114. the air quality was unhealthy, that's the orange, everybody gets that tomorrow. but in the east bay, and south bay, it's going to be worse. it has been several years since we had unhealthy air quality for everyone. as bad as the air quality was today, tomorrow is worse. fire danger goes up, and there's a red flag warning in effect for the weekend. we know it's coming. it gets here tomorrow. how long does it last? details on that coming up. for that, tonight, a statewide call to conserve electricity. they are predicting record demand on the power grid. there was a statewide flex alert from 1:00 p.m.
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to 10:00 p.m. and in the berkeley hills, don't park your car on the street. because of the increase fire danger, authorities want to keep the streets clear for emergency vehicles. they say you can park in driveways or garages. in arinda, schools are closing early due to the extreme heat. tailgaters at the 49ers games could have grilled burgers and brats on their cars. betty yu continues coverage from levi stadium. >> reporter: it was boiling hot, but the fans showed up looking for a big within against the charger -- win against the chargers. they came with a plan to fight off the triple digit heat. the niners had touchdown after touchdown. but before fans headed into levi stadium, they soaked up the heat in the parking lot for
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hours. >> forgot the canopy, so busted out the umbrellas. >> i feel like i'm going to faint, it's so hot. >> reporter: we spotted a dad dunking ice cold water often his son. a -- on his son. a little boy who stayed cool in the car with a fan. while others end embraced the triple digit. >> this is every day weather in sacramento. >> who constitute here? >> it's -- how is it here? >> it's a great view. >> how about the heat? >> it was 112 yesterday. >> it's been 110, in fresno, so it's a cool front. you came here to cool down. >> reporter: it didn't stop them from firing up the grill, and the ice cold drinks helped. >> it is hotter than usual, but we come no matter what. we're die hard.
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don't matter the record. in texas tonight, firefighters monitoring a flooded chemical plant after two early morning explosions. veronica de la cruz tells us about the new troubles and some signs of recovery. >> reporter: tonight, houston's mayor declared the city is open for business. much is drying out, but some neighborhoods are under water. tonight, we're getting a look at the point of view, straight from the cockpit, flying over flood zones, and surveying the area. authorities raised the death toll to 39, most in harris county. about 39,000 people are in shelters. more than 44,000 homes are damaged or destroyed. tonight, authorities at the arkema plant northeast of houston say that highly combustible compounds are expected to keep burning. people around the plant evacuated, and company reps
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announced all emergency plans failed. >> we believe at this point the safest thing to do is to allow the other 8 containers product in those to degrade and burn. >> the osha inspected the facility last year, and found 10 serious violations. but experts say it's too early to know if those are related to today's explosions. anheuser-busch helped in providing drinking water. the red cross is accepting donations online, on phone, and text. for more information on how to get involved, including a list of other charities, you can head to our website. there have been reports that the president could announce an end to daca tomorrow. the latest from the white house, he is still reviewing it. >> anybody that's here illegally that committed a
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crime will get caught and thrown out. anybody in between has to wait for a decision or at least the policy announcement from the administration on how to handle defers action. >> daca protects immigrants brought to the us illegally at children. the mayor had a few choice words for mr. trump. >> reporter: the protestors who came here for an emergency vigil hope to stop president trump. there was singing and chanting. behind all of it, real fear from the young people who would be hit hardest should president trump end the defers action of childhood arrival program, known as daca. >> i feel anxious and scared every day. >> reporter: amy is an undocumented immigrant, and
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educator. she was given a two year renewing workable permit. but without daca. >> i'm afraid i may not be able to work and teach on campus. >> we must protect and honda da. >> reporter: libby joined the vigil, blasting blasting president trump for threatening the program. >> it's not american, not democratic. >> reporter: and calling for congress to protect it. >> and there is pending legislation in the congress that could overrule whatever crazy immoral, hateful, unconnected action that president trump may take in the next few days. >> reporter: amy says even if daca does end, it won't stop her. >> i flapping feel anxious. but there is a need for me to speak out. san jose mayor says if daca
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is scrapped, it will have a devastating impact on the bay area. >> i can only think of what an incredible crime it is so isolate the young men and women in this way, and potentially have them deported like so many others. there's absolutely no moral justification for this. >> a number of entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the country have written an open letter to president trump, calling on him to preserve daca. they include the ceos of facebook, amazon, just to name a few. united states government just ordered the san francisco consulate closed with a pair of rush russia east coast and nexts. some of the strategic advantages we stand to lose, once they're gone. >> they're quiet organization. to a certain extent, they try to keep armed length. >> reporter: the next few days will be busy here at the
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russian consulate. they have until september 2 to close this consulate. jeff harp is a former fbi agent. he helped oversee county intelligence in san francisco. he says for russia, the closure of this san francisco consulate is serious. >> well, because this is a large operation here, and over the years, it's been known that this particular consulate has conducted intelligence collection activities out of this consulate. >> reporter: the building is on a high perch, and there are mysterious sheds. they claim it has listening devices. but shutting down the consulate has a downside. >> now, if all these agents of the foreign power are removed from the san francisco bay area, who are we going to spy on? who do we know here that's doing the clandestine activities? if they're here, it's easier to keep track of them.
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>> reporter: san francisco has a long history with russia. there's a sizable population here. 1959, the city rolled out of red carpet for a soviet premier. and now harp says some diplomatic relations are necessary. >> we work pretty closely with russia on counter terrorism matters, and so we want to maintain somewhat of a decent diplomatic relationship with them. >> reporter: of course, there is the matter of regular consulate business, without the san francisco location, the only russian consulate for the western united states is in seattle. according to this consulate. they had issued 16,000 tourist visas, and they say the hardest hit are the russians who live in the united states, but they are closing as directed and will issue passports until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. these bay area sheriff's deputies are on the other side of the law tonight. how authority say they schemed
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to abuse jail inmates. and we are with bart police, they crack down on fare evaders. there is one big problem that makes it so easy to cheat the system. a bay area shelter is over run tonight by baby squirrels. why they're suitly showing up by -- suddenly showing up by the dozens.
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after he was accused of killing a sacramento deputy. investigators say: 32-year old "thomas littlecloud" t shot two c- a suspect in castro valley is in serious conditions after he was charged with killing two officers. they say moments later, little cloud shot and killed deputy french from the balcony before
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escaping into a car. he crashed a couple blocks away where he was wounded in a shootout with officers. one witness says she saw another suspect with him. >> there's somebody else out there. >> you're worried about it? >> i am, whether he saw me or not, because i saw him. >> this woman is under arrest. police say she was with littleclouds at the hotel. she is facing car theft charges, and other counts for a high speed chase. in alameda county, four jail guards could be facing time or the other sides of the bars, those deputies are accused of foul miss treatment of inmates. >> reporter: all four accused in the case turned themselves over to be arrested and booked this afternoon. the investigation inside the maximum security unit began in january. that's when internal affairs began looking into a note from an inmate saying their cell
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door had opened and had been gassed in an area without security cameras. gassed is meaning throwing feces and urine at jail guard, but this was reviewed. the two were accused of gassing inmates. both are facing a single count of assault up the color of authority. sarkos has resigned. sheriff ahorn said the other two guards, lynn and mcdermott, are accused of helping the same inmate in a gassing incident against other inmates. they were arrested for assault under the color of authority, and witness intimidation. the sheriff released this statement. we have completed a very thorough investigation, only these four individuals are identified as involved in this criminal activity. we have sought charges against the fours individuals, and they
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must answer these allegations. sheriffsheriff said it took months to gather witness statements and went out of his way to thank the deputies and inmates who stepped forward with their statements. andrea borba. woman suspected of stabbing a man at a senior housing complex is under arrest. police say games stabbed the victim several times inside his apartment tuesday morning. then caught a golden gate transit bus. the police tracked her down at the motel 6 in pittsburg, and arrested her on charge, including attempted homicide. in san francisco, more officers are about to start pounding the pavement. the department is almost doubling the number of foot patrols city wide. police chief scott laid out the new strategy. the goal, to help prevent property crime which has skyrocketed it will target
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areas known to be dangerous. there will be four times as many cops on the streets. >> we know it's just part of the puzzle, but we do believe it will make a difference. the city has a long, and historic past with the foot patrol. bart riders, busted. police caught people skipping out on fares. maria discard bart is making it easy for -- discovered bart is making it easy for them to cheat. >> reporter: they caught them one after another. contributing to the 15 to $25 million lost for bart every year. >> why didn't you pay the fare? >> i didn't have enough money. >> police just caught somebody there behind you right now. >> it's happening a lot. >> you know, you can go to any bart station basically and see people from all walks of life
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who feel that that's acceptable. we make it too easy in some cases. the message is we make it harder. >> reporter: they admit there are flaws to the building. here, the emergency doors stays unlocked at all times. >> we have a couple of structural problems that help. the elevator is outside the paid area. >> reporter: jim allison said they were working on fixing building flaws, but it will take time and money to raise barriers. bart police are conducting special operations every day to catch rider who aren't paying. >> can i ask why you didn't pay your fare? >> no. >> how come you didn't pay your fare? >> >> reporter: and many times, police say stopping people for fare evasion is leading to arrest of criminals on the run. >> i've arrested people with outstanding warrants for murder. >> reporter: they didn't stop anyone with a warrant, but
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recently, they caught criminals wanted for charges like burglary, assault, caught because they decided not to pay their bart fare. >> the free ride is over for people that want to cheat the system. >> repo: 't y because he was saving it to catch the bus. but what was supposed to be a $2 fare is a $50 ticket. >> they're really watching people, so i guess it's just waking people up, like we're watching. so, yeah. >> sounds like you got the message? >> yeah, i did. >> people who are caught cheating face a $400 ticket. public health experts and families are formally asking the federal government to ban ultra dose opioids. they released balloons for those that died from accidental
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overdoses. there's a petition in front of the fda, that requests a ban on ultra high dose prescription doses. the current opioid epidemic is the worst drug crisis in american history. >> we need to address this issue. this is the silent killer. it takes lives. nearly half of all accidental overdoses that he end in death occur when prescription painkillers. the pharmaceutical industry declined to comment. some wildlife workers on the peninsula is business with an influx of baby squirrels. nearly 100 are being cared for by the spca. why so many? they say tree trimming can cause the animals to fall from the nests. >> they have head trauma, and so that's one. things we are able to treat.
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some have chipped teeth because they are fall out of trees. and justine any, tiny little things. >> wildlife workers are hand feeding the squirrels to nurse them back to health. >> i'm glad they'll be inside for tomorrow. because it's going to be warm. >> we're going to be hotter than palm springs. we don't say that that often. concord, 113, palm springs 112, and we will just crush phoenix's high of 108. so we are hotter than the desert. it starts tonight with a very warm night. look at the current temperatures, it's still 80 right now in san jose, 78 in san francisco. it's 78 in concord, and 76 in livermore. we won't cool down that much, giving the heat tomorrow, if you will, a head start. livermore, 70, sunrise in valerio, mid-60s, so this happens this time of year. the winds can sometimes change, source of air tomorrow is not
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the chilly pacific ocean. that didn't change. but wind direction will, and notice the winds coming from the east. they're coming from the central valley. that's why we will be hot. inland high above 100. as for why this is happening, strong ridge of high pressure, clockwise flow will induce that east to west wind. for about 48 hours. and also saturday. no cloudsin the sky. nothing resembling fog. the air quality will be quite bad, but no organized cloud cover all day long. we will be clear on futurecast, and watch for the ridge that sets upshot over the california oregon border, and hot to the beach because source of air is from the hottest earth of the central valley. not from the chilly high humidity from the ocean. live more, still going -- livermore, still going for 114. highest depend in the afternoon
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in nearly 67 years. so tomorrow, the hottest inland day in a long time. just as hot on saturday. we begin to see the end of the heat wave. along is coast, you will cool off saturday. we will be well above average through the holiday weekend. normal in san jose is 82. tomorrow, 101. morgan hill, 105, san mateo, 92, hayward, 97. look at the 1s. pleasant hill, 114, pleasanton, 114. 89 in san francisco. and winds are 104 tomorrow. sunday and labor day, we will see significant cooling near the water. so the worst of the heat, tomorrow and saturday, but we're going to be toasty for a while. >> even 89 in san francisco, that's a break compared to the rest of the bay area. >> we'll still be baking.
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>> reporter: you know a little about baking, you did that here. the 49ers, they rested most of the starters, but a couple rookies lit up the need with some explosive -- field with some explosive plays. we will show you right after the break.
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made up for it with a couple a couple of explosive plays from a pair of rookies. cj getting to play, with hoyer sitting out. jones is picked off by jackson. first of two interceptions by jackson in the game. the 49ers defense forced five turnovers, it was a slow start, but in the second quarter with the game tied at 3, the iowa rookie takes off, and channels his inner colin kaepernick, a 62-yard touchdown run. they go ahead 10-3. throwing
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the ball for 39 yards. another rookie, baldwin returned a kick off for 104 yards for a touchdown two weeks ago. he goes 92 yards untouched for the score. 16-3, 49ers. and they win 23-13. and now we wait for the final cut. >> you do have final say. >> but not of keeping 70 people. we have to get it to 53. >> what did you see on the run that made you think, hey, i can go into the end zone. >> i wasn't expecting to go the whole way. somebody did a good job of blowing off the other guy. >> reporter: little bit of surprise, the raiders go win less in the exhibition season,
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and matt cane takes his place.
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like here at levi's the stars also took the night off at the coliseum. derek carr and the oakland starters sitting out against
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seattle. e raiders wrapped wrapped up the preseason with the stars taking the night off. the stars terse out against the seahawks, and -- starters out against the seahawks. hacker, 18-yard touchdown, manuel finished 9-14. final seconds of this game, cook leading 17-1. the pass is intercepted. to clench the game. cook was 18 of 19 for 88-yard, seattle wins 17-13. oakland finishes 0-4. matt cane replaced bumgarner. st. louis would win 5-2. aren't we'll be right back -- and we'll be right back. ♪
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need.. to start your day. good night. the late show is next. >> stephen: hello, or as they say in russia, hallo. i'm here in magnificent red square. behind me, you see lenin's tomb, where the founder of this great nation lies in state. when you go inside, you're asked not to speak, and more importantly as i learned, no selfies. ( laughter ) got a good one, though. behind the wall is the kremlin. think of it as russia's white house-- or america's white house. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! "russia week"! tonight, stephen welcomes: jason bateman. and musical guest muse.


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