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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 1, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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holiday weekend. so they are getting a head start on the traffic. >> starting the labor day holiday. if you can head towards maybe tahoe, it will feel a little more comfortable. [ laughter ] >> yes. a lot of people want to get outside this holiday weekend. and you're going to notice the heat definitely. usually we have some cloud cover early in the morning but not the case today. this is a live look at san jose right now. temperatures there already 71 degrees. santa rosa cooler 58. this morning is the time to get out but later on you're not going to want to be out there. here's what we're facing today. excessive heat warning. this has been extended until monday. it was supposed to end on saturday but those hot temperatures will stick around. look at the yellow at the coast. that's a heat advisory. usually the coast is where we get the cooler air. not now. highs inland up to 115 record- breaking temperatures today even around the bay temperatures not cool, 90 to 105 degrees. we also have a "spare the air"
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alert to talk about, as well. michelle? smoke blowing in from wildfires to our north is exaspirating increasing pollution concerns. the extreme heat is creating danger for students. schools in the novato school district will let kids out early again today. schools in orinda will do the same. and the san ramon unified school district and some bay area high schools have canceled all outdoor activities today. our record shattering temperatures will strain the california power grid. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in fremont with more. >> reporter: i know, michelle, it's pretty warm. i was just saying i need to take off my jacket. but i'll do that for the next hit. right now, we're at the fremont distribution center where they are all hands on deck ready to go. take a look behind me here. you can see these transformers
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are basically stocked up and going to areas they think will be hit hard by the record demand or the power grid today. the last heat wave the bay area saw in june caused massive outages as people cranked up their air-conditioning and overloaded the grid. at the height of it 40,000 people were without power. today state officials hope to avoid the outages, issuing a statewide "flex alert" to conserving energy between 1 and 10 p.m. today and the california independent system operator cal- iso which oversees the grid is asking residents to set thermostats to 78 or higher. cool your home with fans and drapes. and turn off all unnecessary lights and appliances. use major appliances in morning or late evening. >> our meteorology team has technology that they are using to pinpoint where we can expect outages, how many crews we're
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going to need at different locations. >> reporter: the "flex alert" is voluntary. we spoke to a pg&e spokesman who says as of this hour they haven't had outages. of course, they're preparing for that possibility. that's why we have seen crews coming in and out loading up. they are going to specific areas they think will be hard hit, specifically in the far east bay like livermore and concord. if you are in those areas, you want to pay attention to the "flex alert." reporting live in fremont, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> the excessive heat warning has prompted the cancellation of the harvest wine celebration this weekend scheduled for sunday at a college but the wine growers association says it's canceling event out of concern for the safety of guests, volunteers and staff. ticketholders will get refunds. that's nice for all the people who had those tickets, right? 5:03. let's check traffic.
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>> good morning. it's already a busy start to your friday morning commute. drivers on southbound 101 are dealing with delays due to an overturned big rig at bernal road. three lanes currently blocked. speeds drop below 25 miles per hour. traffic is backed up beyond silver vehicle so right now they are working on the clean- up of this crash. you will encounter those slowdowns if you are trying to make your way south of san jose. give yourself some extra time. we'll let you know when those lanes re-open. also getting reports of a fire near highway 17 near the hamilton avenue exit. there is smoke in the air. san mateo bridge no major slowdowns. traffic good in both directions. one lane closed due to a fatal crash eastbound 70 past 780. back to you guys. it might be a good time to consider carpooling and public transportation. prices at the pump are going up. anne makovec is at a gas
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station in san bruno to explain why. >> reporter: prices are high in san bruno at least at this particular station you can see here behind me. 3.99 if you pay in cash. that's for a gallon of regular unleaded. $4.09 if you pay with plastic. check the average prices in the bay area now. san jose $3.08. oakland $3.90. san francisco $3.21. aaa says the national average is the highest it's been this year. part of the hike comes from the labor day weekend when prices always go up. but the main factor is the aftermath of hurricane harvey. it is especially bad in parts of texas like dallas where lines are long. >> i have been driving around for 35 miles looking for gas. this is the first station that i found that had gas. and i been sitting in this line for about 35 minutes.
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so -- >> reporter: aaa predicts the national average will go up $2.50 a high we haven't seen in more than two years. but they also say the prices should return to normal by the end of the month. anne makevoc, kpix 5. 37 people are now confirmed dead from harvey as some communities in texas begin to dry out. others aren't so lucky. in southeastern texas, there could be more flooding today if two rivers overflow. the national weather service says that a flood threat will remain until the middle of next week. rescue crews spent yesterday helping residents still stranded. in beaumont no clean water forcing evacuation of a hospital. in houston, floodwaters are expected to recede late tonight or early tomorrow. houston is in harris county and at one point 70% of the county was covered by at least a foot and a half of water. some residents are now returning to see what's left. >> surreal is probably the
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understatement of the century here. you know, watching a 30-foot fishing boat drive down your street is something you just never have seen before. >> i'm not unemotional guy. i'm pretty calm. and this has been too much for me. [ voice breaking ] >> houston authorities are trying to find temporary housing for people living in shelters. bay area firefighters specializing in water rescues are in houston to help people in need. the task force has worked to help 25 to 30 people many of whom have politely refused evacuation help but this upcle decided it was best to leave, given the risks. the red cross is also accepting donations online by phone and text. for information on how to help and a list of other charities, go to our website, time now 5:07. four bay area jail guards are now facing legal trouble themselves. the disturbing accusations against them. >> plus, the immigrant status for hundreds of thousands of people may be changing today. it all depends on what president trump decides to do with daca.
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>> we are dealing with excessive heat and very unhealthy air quality. i'll explain why coming up. >> tracking a couple of hot spots including two new crashes on 80. do you travel the eastshore freeway? will you have delays? we'll tell you coming up.
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these are the four guards: erik mcdermott stephen sarcos sarah krause justin linn four alameda county jail guards could be in jail. these are the four guards. erik mcdermott, stephen sarcos, sarah krause, justin linn, charged with intimidation of a witness and assault under the color of authority. investigators say that the guards threw human waste at inmates in their cells. it allegedly happened in the maximum security section of the santa rita jail which doesn't have cameras in it. the four guards turned themselves in yesterday. sheriff greg ahern released this statement: they must now answer to these allegations. white house could anno its de .. on the future of a" today. the program.. protects
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undocumented immigrants-- who came to the u-s as children. live in th the white house could announce its decision on the futureof daca that protects illegal immigrants who came to the u.s. as children. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in the newsroom to tell us how the president is planning to end the program. >> reporter: since 2012 the "deferred action for childhood arrivals" program or daca has deferred deportation for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who want to live in america. the announcement we expect president trump to make as soon as today could change that. those eligible for daca were born after the summer of 1981, came to the u.s. before their 16th birthday and had to meet certain qualifications. several republican attorneys general will sue the trump administration if the program isn't ended by september 5 which is tuesday. the latest from the white house, he is still reviewing it. >> anybody that's here illegally that's subsequently committed a crime is going to get caught and thrown out. anybody in between has to wait for a decision or at least the
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policy announcement from the administration on how we're going to handle deferred action. >> reporter: last night a small group of people met in oakland for what they claim is an emergency vigil. some who were there were fearful for what may happen today. >> i very much feel anxious and scared every day. >> it's not american. it's not democratic. it is not moral. >> those support getting rid of daca say it is illegal and want a more permanent fix for young people who want to live here. while president trump is expected to make his decision today, it could also be happening next week. michelle? >> jackie, if president trump were to end daca, would those people be deported immediately? >> unlikely. but it would take immigrants back to 2012 and they wouldn't be able to work legally and the risk of getting deported is significantly increased. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a lot of damage left behind at a home in oakland. take a look at this picture.
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a car ran into the front of a house near 51st avenue and melrose. we are told that the car did hit a gas pipe. for now, no information about the driver or if anyone was inside the home at the time. electric vehicle owners will soon have a new place to charge up. the oakland airport. airport official plan to build 25 new charging stations at terminal 1. the faa is covering the cost of a $3.2 million grant. construction starts this december and could wrap up by next august. time now is 5:14. let's check the roads with jaclyn. how are they looking? >> you were just talking about a car that went into a house? we're talking now about a truck that hit a concrete overpass along interstate 80. this is right near san pablo dam road if you are traveling westbound, it's just past that overpass where you can see the mess that it left there. it's over in the center divide. no lanes currently blocked, or it's on the shoulder there, but it's definitely causing some delays.
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we will continue to monitor the situation but you can see traffic quickly backing up to richmond parkway. your average speeds through that stretch, dropping below 20 miles per hour at some points, even 11 miles per hour. do expect delays along the eastshore freeway. that's been a busy spot already this morning. we have a fatal accident that still has one lane blocked. this happened overnight. this is eastbound 80 just past 780. right now, speeds still at the limit along that portion heading in the opposite commute direction. no delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza. things still moving well and at the limit across the upper deck into san francisco. we are dealing with an overturned big rig that has three lanes closed though. this is southbound 101 near bernal road. speeds drop below 20 miles per hour. we're told that the gas tank was ruptured so now we have hazmat out on the scene. no word as to when those lanes will re-open. we'll keep a close eye on that for you. hat's a check of your
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traffic; over to you. thank you. the one good thing about this heat wave, at least we got beautiful views at this early- morning hour. usually all of us are socked in by cloud cover by that marine layer. but not so much today. no, no. we are getting some east winds that are actually pushing the marine layer out of the bay not allowing it to creep in as it usually does but it also means warm temperatures this morning. temperatures already in the 70s for many areas. here's the extended heat warning. we have extensive heat to speak about. 25 degrees above average temperatures today and tomorrow. in fact, the excessive heat warning has been extended until monday and because of the temperatures, it's going to linger through monday through labor day. so certainly something to keep in mind if you have friends and family coming to town, want to get outdoors, keep in mind we are setting new records when it comes to the triple-digit heat. 115 expected for concord today.
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livermore 116. napa 105 degrees. so temperatures are dangerously hot. and the winds are not giving us a break. a big reason why we are getting so hot is because we're seeing these winds come out of the east. so that's pushing all of the hot air over towards us. so the winds are calm right now. they are expected to pink a bit later on so we have a read flag warning in effect. but when we get those easterly winds, that's what's causing these dangerous conditions and also causing that poor air quality. we have dangerous air, as well. several fires burning across northern california. these fires are actually all sending smoke towards us because of the way the winds is blowing into our region. unhealthy air quality for many areas, very unhealthy in the east bay and santa clara valleys. unhealthy for healthy people. so usually just seniors or people with respiratory issues that have that concern which we are seeing still but also in the east bay. something to keep in mind for
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everyone. so don't go jogging later on. this high pressure is causing heat. usually it's dropped a little bit lower but now it's actually reaching the oregon-california border so it's extended higher than usual so we have this heat in place. and it's going to stay in place through the weekend. that also may increase chance for thunderstorms by monday, tuesday. so a lot happening along the west coast with that hot air also this chance of thunderstorms. you can see it here on that seven-day forecast sunday into monday chance of clouds coming through because of that storm from the south. the ridge is coming in from the north. so a lot of action is going on. that's what's causing these temperatures to stay in the triple digits for the next few days finally getting a break down into the 90s for inland areas on monday, tuesday with the decent amount of cooling not until the middle of next week but look at the bay temperatures. 97 expected for the next couple of days. even along the coast it's going
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to be hot with temperatures in the low 80s. i'll send it over to you guys. trending now, a very special morning for "star wars" fans. today is force friday. merchandise linked to the new "star wars" movie the last jedi was released overnight. some people waited outside disney in new york to be some of the first in the door at midnight. one of the most anticipated toys is of the new character bb9e. to mark the occasion, there is a new special feature on the "star wars" app. fans can now find the force near landmarks across the globe. one of them is the golden gate bridge. all you have to do is open the app, point your phone towards the sky, and then you'll see an augmented reality. the feature is available through sunday. it seems fall is coming early this year because starbucks pumpkin spice latte could be available any day now. the company set up an official twitter page for the popular drink. the latest tweet says,
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starbucks, facebook, september 1. get excited. okay. no official word yet but we should find out when people can start ordering the drink. finally trending today, a dad who is making the most of being stuck out of houston. he flew to new york to drop his daughter off at grad school. his flight home was canceled because of the storm so he decided to go to class. his son posted these pictures. the dad sent the family a selfie saying, in class, called oral history at new school. and you can see his daughter right behind him. she responded to the text, mommy, come get him. seriously. he needs to leave now. he is distracting me. get him out. he stayed for the class and even got a syllabus. he is apparently still in new york so he might make another appearance today. who knows. coming up in sports, the preseason is finally over. we'll tell you how the san francisco 49ers and the raiders did in their final tune-up before the regular season begins. it's all coming up. people love my breakfast burritos.
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the 49ers preseason finale may have lacked a little bit of the star power with most of the starters resting. but it definitely made up for it with a couple of explosive plays from a pair of rookies. cj bethard got the start as
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brian hoyer sat out. jones is picked off by jackson first of two interceptions by jackson to end the game. 49ers defense forced five turnovers total. it was a slow start for beathard but in the second quarter with the game tied at 3 the iowa rookie faced off and outraced the charger defense for a 62-yard touchdowns run. the 49ers go ahead 10-3. beathard throwing the ball with just 5 of 9 for 39 yards and less than two minutes later, another rookie, victor bolden, jr., who returned a kickoff for 104 yards for a touchdown two weeks ago, takes the punt and goes 92 yards for the score. it was 16-3. they won. derek carr sitting out against the seattle seahawks. late first half of this one, the
5:25 am
quarterback throws for an 18- yard touchdown. manuel finished nine of 14 for 85 yards. connor cook in with the seahawks leading 17-13. cook's pass is picked and it's intercepted by peters to clinch the game for the seahawks. cook was 8 of 19 for 88 yards. seattle wins 17-13. oakland finishes 0-4 in the preseason. by the way, the giants lose to the st. louis cardinals 5-2. that's it for sports. andrea nakano for kpix 5. here's your play of the day. this morning, major league baseball, diamondbacks and dodgers in a potential play-off preview. >> he has it! >> yeah. look at that. diamondbacks aj pollack laying out to make the diving grab. pollack helped arizona win. he gets your play of the day.
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a "flex alert" issued for today. what you can do to conserve energy the story coming up. >> we are back to above $4 a gallon for gas in some parts of the bay area. coming up, the reasons why. grocery outlet is the home
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states... and bay area schools are taking san francisco is caught in the middle of the latest dispute between russia and the united states. >> bay area schools taking precautions to protect students from this dangerous heat. >> and high temperatures and smoky air, that's what we're dealing with today. i'm going to talk about how hot we're about to get. >> and we are tracking a couple of hot spots in traffic. so far no major delays at the
5:30 am
bay bridge toll plaza. but getting there will be quite the challenge. we'll have all the details on that coming up. good morning. it's friday, september 1. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. extreme heat, air quality issues and dangerous conditions will make for a miserable day in the bay area. just look at the haze in the east bay. this was the view from chopper 5 yesterday evening. our record-breaking temperatures are putting california's power grid to the test this morning. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in fremont on the key concerns in this heat wave. jessica. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. that's right. we are at the pg&e fremont distribution center and today, it is all hands on deck. i want you to take a look behind me. you'll see hundreds of transformers here. they are stocking up because they are expecting it to be a very busy day, possibly responding to outages. state authorities predict record demand on the power grid. the last heat wave the bay area had in june caused big outages. people cranking up ac
5:31 am
overloaded the grid. at the height of it, 40,000 people were without electricity. today state officials hope to avoid some of those outages issuing a statewide "flex alert." that's a call to conserving energy between the hours of one and ten p.m. today. the california independent system operators which oversees the power grid is asking residents to set thermostats to 78 or higher. cool your home with fans and drapes. turn off all unnecessary lights and appliances. and use major appliances in the morning or late evening. >> avoid using your oven so that you keep your home cool. use a microwave or go outside and grill. >> reporter: pg&e says set your thermostat 85 degrees or higher when you're not home. back out here live at the fremont distribution center, it's already busy at 5:30 a.m.
5:32 am
folks are gearing up for today. pg&e says they haven't had any outages yet. they expect they will have to respond to a number of outages especially in the far east bay where we're talking about places like livermore and concord. set your thermostats at 78 or higher if you are at home and conserve energy between 1 and 10 p.m. live in fremont, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. one of the biggest stories today, the heat, of course. football players in livermore gearing up to take the field in some dangerous temperatures tonight. we are told only the varsity team will play. the high school canceled the jv game because it's going to be too hot in the afternoon. and nearby in san ramon, the unified school district is canceling all outdoor activities today. i'm sure all those athletes work hard to get into shape but 115, 115 you'll struggle. >> no matter how good you are it's dangerous, no matter how much water you drink.
5:33 am
excessive heat warning in effect for a reason. let's take a look now. right now is the time to get outside because it's not as hot obviously as it will be later on today. this is the most comfortable moment of the day. this early-morning hour. but look at oakland, already 85 degrees. livermore 69. san francisco 71. a warm 71 in san jose where jessica was. 72 degrees in fremont. so temperatures are already heating up. we have clear skies out there for now. but we're about to get a lot of smoke working through. you saw that haze yesterday. today is going to be worse. because that heat is building and it's just keeping the smoke from all these fires in northern california bringing it into our area. >> the way the wind is moving, it's actually pushing all this smoke to the north of us down to the south of us. that means another "spare the air" alert. very unhealthy air in the east bay, santa clara valley, as well. areas of red definitely means that smoke is going to linger
5:34 am
in the air. you don't want to be outside for that. unhealthy for people with respiratory conditions and senior citizens for the rest of the bay. but east bay and santa clara you guys are going to be unhealthy for everyone. we have red flag warning in effect because of the dry conditions in the mountains especially. wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. so mixed with the heat, the firefighters are watching closely to see what's going on outside today. santa roses the high temperature today 110. 105 napa a record. 105 san rafael. vallejo 100 degrees. a lot of numbers you see on your screen, even for san francisco, we are expected to hit a record today at 94 degrees. we haven't seen this since the 1950s. this is the hottest in years. busy day in the weather and
5:35 am
traffic department. we are tracking an accident along the eastshore freeway. this is quite a mess. this is a big rig that hit an overcrossing. the san pablo dam road overcrossing. it has left debris from that shattered trailer, that box truck all over the road. we have two lanes shut down and chp issued a "sig alert" traffic backed up beyond richmond parkway continuing along 80. 30 minutes from highway 4 down towards the bay bridge toll plaza. but you can expect that traffic backup to extend even more as the morning commute picks up. give yourself extra time. if you can avoid 80, i would recommend it. richmond parkway getting slow, as well. we are tracking delays heading eastbound now opposite commute direction but this is a fatal accident eastbound 80 just past 780. right now, traffic backed up to about magazine street. and speeds drop below 30 miles
5:36 am
per hour. that's a check of your traffic. back to you guys. the russian consulate in san francisco will stop issuing passports this afternoon after the u.s. government ordered it to close. the state department announced that russia has until tomorrow to get out of pacific heights. the building is on a hieds ghp u.s. intelligence says it contains listening and monitoring devices. jeff harp says the decision could hurt u.s. intelligence gathering efforts. >> it's really difficult because now if all these agents of a foreign power are removed from the san francisco bay area, who are we going to spy on? who do we know here who is doing the clandestine activities? at least if they are here we can keep track of them. >> the consulate in san francisco says it issued 16,000 tourist visas last year. with this closure the only russian consulate in the western u.s. is in seattle. authorities have now confirmed at least 37 people
5:37 am
were killed after hurricane harvey. 100,000 homes have been affected by the storm. tomorrow president trump is scheduled to make his second visit to texas as recovery efforts continue. the federal government is also releasing 1 million barrels of oil from its strategic reserve since several refineries in the state are out of commission. prices are going up at the pump thanks in large part to the aftermath of harvey. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san bruno with more. >> reporter: even though california blends its own gas, we don't even rely on oil from texas, but gas prices here already around $4 a gallon. you can see 3.99 for cash, $40.09 with plastic. check out some -- $4.09 with plastic. check out some other prices. national average right now is the highest it's been this year. part of the hike does come from
5:38 am
the labor day weekend when prices always go up. but the main factor is the aftermath of hurricane harvey. several gulf coast refineries are shut down. others lost capacity which means less fuel for commuters. >> we can't finish the job. we can't get to work. it's holding everybody up. >> reporter: aaa predicts the national average for gas prices will likely rise above $2.50, a high we haven't seen in more than two years. of course, in california $2.50 is a bargain. live in san bruno, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the energy department is stepping up to help with a fuel shortage following hurricane harvey. cbs reporter hena daniels has that and more. >> reporter: it's jobs day here on wall street. the u.s. economy added 156,000 new jobs last month.
5:39 am
that's lower than expected. the unemployment rate went up to 4.4%. manufacturing, construction and healthcare are some of the fields where jobs were added. wall street is getting ready for a long holiday weekend. markets are closed on monday to observe labor day. yesterday the indices were all up. the energy department is infusing the market with one million balance of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to ease gas shortages after harvey. the storm shut down at least a dozen oil refineries along the texas gulf coast. knocking out one-fifth of the u.s. oil and gas refinery capacity. gas prices are at the highest of the year averaging $2.52 a gallon according to aa. 17 cents higher from a week ago. back to you. >> definitely an increase after hurricane katrina gas prices were up by 40 cents. so it is a concern. if you are not working this labor day, you might get a chance to shop til you drop. what's this all about? >> check out your favorite
5:40 am
retailers. many of them are offering deals this monday including amazon. their promotions include deals on echo speakers, fire tablets, kindle ereaders, nordstrom is offering sales on clothes and luxury jewelry. l.l. bean you can save up to 50% on clothes, backpacks and camping equipment. kenny, again, these are just a few stores. if there is something you're interested in, check their website. there are a lot of sales this labor day. >> here in the bay area we are expecting temperatures in the triple digits, some places even 117. so it could be literally shopping until you drop this weekend here in the bay. >> yeah. maybe do it online. >> that's a good option, yeah. hena doba of moneywatch, thank you so much. it is 5:40. we are learning more about the criminal history of a bay area man accused of killing a sacramento deputy. time is 5-- >> plus, president trump may be getting rid of daca today. hear what some leaders in the tech world are doing about it next. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a suspect from castro valley is in all right. taking a live like right now at the city skyline no marine layer to speak of today because we're about to get some hot air coming through. already temperatures warming up this morning. get to ready for a record- setting day. a suspect from castro valley is in critical condition after allegedly killing a sacramento deputy. investigators say 32-year-old thomas littlecloud shot two chp officers from behind the door of a sacramento hotel room wednesday. they say soon after, littlecloud fatally shot deputy robert french from the room's balcony. then he took off in his car. he crashed a couple blocks away
5:44 am
before he was hit during a shootout with officers. one witness saw another suspect with him. littlecloud had two warrants out for his arrest before he was taken into custody for this killing. he has previously been charge with assaulting a peace officer and car theft. new this morning, the president's plan for a wall along the border with mexico is moving forward. u.s. customs and border protection picked four construction companies to build concrete prototypes of the wall. each prototype will be 30 feet tall, 30 feet wide and will cost about half a million dollars. the companies are from arizona, texas, alabama and mississippi. president trump could announce his decision on the future of daca as early as today. hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are part of the program and the president will end it. kpix 5's jackie ward will tell us how some people in the bay area are fighting to keep it. >> reporter: it's a scary time for them. as of now, president trump is still mulling over his decision. it's one that could affect hundreds of thousands of people.
5:45 am
those eligible for daca were born after the summer of 1981. they came to the u.s. illegally before their 16th birthday and had to meet certain qualifications to stay. a woman named amy was at a vigil in oakland last night. she is protected under daca. she was given a two-year renewable work permit and protection from deportation. but without daca -- >> i'm afraid that i may no longer be able to work and be on campus. >> we must protect and honor daca. >> reporter: a number of entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the country have written an open letter to president trump calling on him to preserve daca. they include the ceos of apple, netflix and amazon, just to name a few. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says he stands with "dreamers," too. on his social media platform he writes: even though president trump may decide on daca today .. his decision could possibly come down as late as next week. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5.
5:46 am
>> reporter: even though president trump may decide on daca today, his decision could possibly come down as late as next week. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. there are heat warnings all across the bay area in case of fires. officials in the berkeley hills are asking drivers to not park on the streets. they want the roads clear in case firefighters have to head to the fires. and in orinda today schools are closing early because of the heat. it's going to be hot but it's good to see that schools and athletic activities are taking precautions. >> they look at those numbers on the seven-day and they realize, it's time to do something. >> 115, 117. >> that's hot. >> i know. we're tracking a couple of hot spots in the traffic department. a mess on 80. have you guys seen 80 from any of my cameras lately? it's backing up in both directions. kenny, yes you have. [ laughter ] >> right now we are tracking earlier accidents. this is a fatal crash, one lane
5:47 am
blocked eastbound 80 just past 780. traffic really starting to back up. we have speeds right around 15 miles per hour. that's your cruising speed through that stretch. traffic backed up to magazine street at this time. and it's adding some delays on to that ride. westbound 37 getting very heavy, as well. and as you continue further east along 80, we have some roadwork as you head into the vallejo area. right now a big rig hit an overpass and this is right at san pablo dam road along westbound 80 and that has traffic backed up beyond richmond parkway. we have traffic building up along richmond parkway but once you get over towards 580 richmond/san rafael bridge, speeds are still in the green if you want to use that as a ultimate route or you can cut back along 580 towards 80 again and reconnect. but right now that backup is going to take time. debris is in the road from the crash. here's 80 at san pablo dam road. that mess has two lanes
5:48 am
blocked. chp has issued a "sig alert." no word when the lanes will be reopened but you can imagine, this is going to take quite some time to clean up. we're told that there was mail or packages that -- it might have been a mail truck or a u.p.s. truck. so this is a mess out there. if you can avoid interstate 80 the eastshore freeway, i would do so. right now, your ride along 580 though is fine. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. it's going to be sizzling. right now, though, nice and comfortable out there. right now is the time to get outside early this morning before those temperatures really start to bake. we are getting clear views of the bridges and our skyline as well because no marine layer out there. it looks like our sunrise today happening at 6:39 this morning. sunset at 7:39. once that sun sets today, we are not going to get much relief. this heat warning is extended through monday now because of the extreme heat, the dangerous
5:49 am
heat we are going to be dealing with and our temperatures 25 degrees above average even at night. we're not going to be cooling that much. we are dropping to the 70s at night. usually we drop down well below that to the 50s. it feels cooler at least then but not so much the case for the next couple of days. so take it easy if you can because all this red is no joke. it's something to warn you about even today in san francisco, shattering records. 94 degrees expected today. last time we set a record in san francisco was in 1952 on this day when we were 90 degrees. so the record for the day will be broken for several areas including concord, livermore, napa. triple digits across the board. we're watching monsoonal moisture. high pressure to the east is not letting upbringing a chance of thunderstorms down to southern california. this chance could increase by sunday into monday. but for the next couple of days
5:50 am
for us, we are going to see clear skies, hot air, and it's all causing the wind to actually move into the east direction bringing that hot air this way. no onshore flow which is usually what we get and that's what helps cool us down but because this high pressure ridge is so high, it's right above oregon, northern california, usually doesn't go that high. but because it's so high sending that hot air towards us from the east. so sacramento also going to get very hot air today. we're also watching lidia. this tropical storm down to the south baja, california causing some flash flooding for cabo for baja and it is going to cause a change in our forecast. so sunday into monday that's when this is going to rise. and that's when we are going to see that increased chance of thunderstorms for us. you can see it in your seven- day forecast. temperatures will drop off sunday into monday. finally reaching the 90s again for the inland areas. but not until monday, tuesday. middle of next week we'll start to feel a little more comfortable. the next couple of days along the bay temperatures 97 degrees for that high. and along the coast, look at
5:51 am
this, this is warm, low 80s for the coast with sunshine in place finally dropping off to the 70s monday, tuesday into next week. also anyone going to the giants game tonight, the hot temperatures will prevail. 85 degrees will be the temperature at first pitch at 7:00. time now 5:51. bart is making a big push to crack down on fare evaders but some big problems are standing in the way.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
we are looking live from treasure island. it looks beautiful. enjoy the cooler air before the heat sets in. so equal set heat records for the date coming up. >> a slow ride along interstate 80. the eastshore freeway, westbound direction, a big rig hits an overpass at san pablo dam road. traffic is backing up. we'll check it coming up. san francisco police are planning to nearly double
5:55 am
current foot patrols in a push to prevent property crimes. police chief william scott laid out the new strategy yesterday. that department will increase staffing at all district stations starting this weekend. the strategy follows a significant spike in car burglaries and other property crimes. the mission is one neighborhood expected to have four times as many police officers on the street. more and more people are trying to ride bart free. they are getting busted because the agency is cracking down to avoid losing millions annually. one spokesman said it's common place for people from all walks of life to cheat the system. the agency says it loses between 15 and $25 million a year from their crimes. bart admits fixing build flaws and raising station barriers could make it tougher to steal a ride but some riders say they are feeling the effects of the current crackdown. >> we have a couple of structural problems that contribute to fare evasion. one is the fact that the
5:56 am
elevator is outside the paid area. >> i guess it's just waking people up that they're watching us. >> bart says it's been finding criminals during stops for fare evasion. the fine is up to $400. workers are currently caring for about 100 baby squirrels at a local animal shelter. dozens of them are showing up at the peninsula humane society at spca in burlingame. why so many, you ask? well, employees at the center blame tree trimming. they are cute. they say that that can cause them to fall from the nests. the plan is to release them back into the "wild" when they are a couple of months older. time now 5:56. as floodwaters start receding, the damage from hurricane harvey is clear. next, the rising death toll and the storm clean-up that's just starting. >> reporter: a "flex alert" issued for today. what you need to know to conserve during this heat wave. the story coming up.
5:57 am
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weather. as we take a live look outside: some of the hottest temperatures in decades this weekend, the bay area is being hit with dangerously hot weather as we take a live look outside, some of the hottest temperatures in decades are expected. bay area schools are not taking chances. pg&e is calling for you to conserve electricity. good morning, everyone. it is friday, september 1. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. we have live team coverage this morning. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in fremont with more on that record power demand. neda iranpour reports, though, first from the weather center. >> these highs are unreal. right now already things warming up. 85 degrees for you in oakland. good morning, everybody. get ready for a hot friday, a hot weekend, a hot holiday weekend in fact. here's a look at where ou


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