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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  September 3, 2017 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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now on kpix 5 news: new rules, fees and billions of dollars- all aimed at easing now on kpix five, a rules stack and billions of dollars aimed at easing the housing crisis. why some lawmakers are saying yes while others are saying not so fast. the future of dhaka in the air with reports that the president could announce he is ending the program as early as tomorrow. rerpresentative mark desaulnier is here to discuss. paramedics working over side -- over time after a dozen people and an outdoor event were overcome by heat in the triple digits.
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it is 7:30 am. i am phil matier. i am alyssa came. it is hot and some areas unbearable. yesterday pleasanton hit 105, san jose 107, ocean beach 92. a look at the breaking heat. >> a record-breaking weekend. temperatures reaching 102 degrees. the previous record 94 set in 1991 for that day. 32 degrees hotter than average. overnight usually we get that relief with the cooler air and not so much. we reached 75 overnight for the low. another recordbreaker in san jose at 107, concorde 110, oakland 101. a lot of you felt it and it was uncomfortable and here is a sign that there is some relief in sight. we're counting on this flag to
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blow to the west because it means we will get the onshore flow and we're getting clouds working in so that will cool things down. concorde 75 right now. oakland 70. live in more 76. san francisco 75. things will warm up inland. the break will be along the coast. temperatures will cool 50 degrees compared to what we got yesterday along the bay as well. a different temperatures for the inland but not until tomorrow where we get an increased chance of storms. i will talk about the highs for today coming up and triple digits are still in store for us. unusually high heat. people are desperate for air- conditioning. some south bay stores are sold out of units. with the electrical unit stress power outages are forcing people to get creative. among took her family to the library. >> it's been extreme. since i can remember i haven't felt
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this kind of heat. >> much more unbearable. this is hot. >> with another hot day expected today, cooling centers and libraries will be open. >> high temperatures resulted in the cancellation of several labor day weekend events in the bay but in pleasanton the scottish island games went on but not as planned. medics treated dozens of athletes who overheated. >> reporter: [ music ] a fun day at the allegheny county fairgrounds but turned dangerous because of the extreme heat. i spotted this man on the ground overcome by the triple digit temperatures. >> it's giving me systemic problems and felt dizzy and lightheaded. >> paramedics say water, shade
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and rest should get them back on track. as of late afternoon paramedics treated 12 people at the fairgrounds and one person was rushed to the hospital for cardiac emergency. likely triggered by the heat. paramedics treated this man after he was about to faint. >> i have a heart condition so i get concerned if i can't get my heart rate down and blood pressure is high. it was scary for a little bit and got lightheaded. >> providing hydration stations, paramedics are on high alert driving and golf carts to catch people before dehydration sets in.>> people get dizzy and nauseous and they get not feeling well. >> uncomfortable for the spectators but brutal for the athletes flipping a poll that ways 175 pounds and 1:00 in the afternoon. >> it's the worst i've ever felt trying to do something athletic. it's terrible but we are surviving. >> in pleasanton, kpix 5. the athletes will be back
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at it today for another day of competition but they will be drinking a lot of water. hundreds of communities across the west coast are on alert for fire danger. in california there are 30 active fires. a fast-moving blaze is joining los angeles blackened -- blackening 6000 acres. the mayor has declared a state of emergency. he directed agencies to take necessary steps to protect life and property. in terms of acreage, this is the biggest fire in the history of the city. wind and heat are making it tougher firefighters. some mandatory evacuations have been ordered and the fire officials are warning others to get ready to get out. >> have your car positioned appropriately and have your pets and documents and pictures and the things you want protected loaded in your car. >> so far no injuries have been recorded but one home has been destroyed. near the bay firefighters are trying to make sure no
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fires break out during the heat wave. that is true in the oakland hills area. extreme fire danger in the last area, undergrowth search that could catch. fires could burn through record pace as crews are bracing for the worst patrol in the hills and search in the skies.>> we are looking for anything out of the ordinary. any sign of smoke or fire. >> additions are very high. extremely hot. >> it's days like this that validate our efforts with our fire prevention. >> along with patrol firefighters conducted drills yesterday like deploying a powerful hose within 60 seconds. the bay area man in the shootout that killed a sheriff's deputy has died. thomas little cloud of castro
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valley died last night from wounds he suffered on wednesday. officers were investigating a stolen car case when they knocked on the door at a hotel in sacramento. he fired a high-powered rifle through the door wounding to highway patrol officers. they survived but he then ran to the balcony where he shot sacramento county deputy robert french. he was a 20 year veteran. french died. north korea, they claim they have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. it claims that the weapon was designed to fit on an intercontinental ballistic missile but experts say it is nearly impossible to verify a claim like that. north korea's six test of the weapon and the first since president trump took office. president trump said north korea's words and actions continue to be hostile and dangerous. senator feinstein responding to the backlash over comments about president trump. >> i hope he has the ability to learn and to change and if he does, he can be a good president. >> a some people in the crowd
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booed the senator and she was at the commonwealth club last week. the remarks did not sit well with the state senate leader dayleon. he said it is responsibility of congress to hold him accountable and not be complicit in his record behavior. >> feinstein said i have been strongly critical of president trump when i disagree on policy and with his behavior. she went on to say she wants the president to change for the good of the country though she said she is under no illusion that that is what could happen. >> at the first time the senator was booed by her own party. we asked willie brown what was up with the senator at the commonwealth club. >> unfortunately for her she was intellectualizing about politics and you cannot do that in this world. we don't vote on the basis of how much we understand it. we vote on the basis of what?
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>> california senator dianne feinstein's -- i watched her appearance. they have a great con cat -- podcast but she said a lot of things that progressives say like she is working to enshrine doctor and to help fix obamacare. she also says i have hope that maybe president donald trump could grow up or something like that. that is the thing. i can't imagine how limited you have to be after an hour of speaking, the one comment that everyone lost their mind about. >> that is how president trump got elected. [ laughter ]. that is exactly it. people these days are making their decisions based on instant gratification and they come to listen to you to find only that one thing which they want you to talk about. reinforcement. >> and when you don't do it -- >> when you stay logical and sensible and comprehensive
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there listening span goes down almost to 0. >> she was a victim of zero understanding. >> we start keeping people to these incredibly specific purity standards. maybe you could get 30% of the vote but people aren't going to get elected unless they can appeal to 51%. these kinds of tests and crackdowns on someone who has a long record of causes is disheartening. >> she is seen as the moderate in california politics. immediately after the -- this it went viral and we had elements of the democratic party said it's time for her to step down. >> they need to excuse her. >> they are looking for a reason to go after diane. diane said it beautifully because every time somebody
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does that it is fun watching their heads get chopped off. [ laughter ].>> it's fun that anyone thinks they can pressure her to do anything. >> after all these years, exactly. you can do that with fine -- feinstein is put the heat on her. >> she is going to do what she's going to do and that is that. >> david you will join us and what is keeping bay area housing from growing. >> a moving day for the diplomats. pacific heights getting packed up. if you are tired of the heat, good news. clouds working their way in from the bay and what that means for the forecast and the air quality on this holiday weekend. grocery outlet is the home
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announcer: this week all assorted pepsi brand 12 packs are just $2.66 each. crisis. they met this week in sacramento.. officials say: they want lawmakers to pass a series of bills several mayors across california are joining forces to try to solve the states housing crisis. they met in sacramento where
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they say they want lawmakers to pass a series of bills for more affordable housing. one of the measures would ask voters to approve a $4 billion bond. the money would help to build housing for homeless, seniors and veterans.>> working families living in their cars, we have a crisis. >> until the dynamic at the local government level is changed and they become more accommodating to housing we will fall short of what we need for working-class people to afford a home. >> california governor jerry brown has to sign off on the proposal. if he does it could be on next year's ballot. the talk about the housing crisis and the reason why this is moving so slowly, despite big pressure, david chiu is here. this was supposed to be voted on last weekend it wasn't. is at the hike that has people? were new regulations that would require smaller cities to build more affordable housing whether they wanted to or not? >> it has worked for -- were to remember this is the first time in many years that the
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legislator is grabbing -- grappling with housing and folks were surprised they were taking on a significant topic at this point but the reality is we have millions of californians struggling to pay the rent with the highest number of homeless folks on the streets. san francisco and the bay area has been the epicenter. legislature knows we need to act and we're coming to terms with what a package would look like. >> that package would include a bond which we would put out there which is basically we would pay it back with taxes. that money would go to what? >> it we go to a wide spectrum. it would go for build affordable housing and help build workforce housing. veterans and the spectrum of needs that we have. a bond is money for a few years but not much longer. >> it is geared towards the affordable end of the spectrum. >> it does create incentives to bill workforce housing. the middle-class folks who haven't been able to find
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housing options. >> that is the group that is left out. in san francisco for example when you are a supervisor and approving apartment complexes you would say we will have a certain amount set aside for low income. that would rise the price for the rest of the units in the building and we would have rich people and people that weren't and the people in the middle with no place to go. >> that's right. when you have teachers and nurses and firefighters driving hours to get to work in different cities, we need to address that. in san francisco and california we also try to figure out how to build more housing not just at the low-end of the market but at all parts of the market. we need to streamline the housing to make it build faster. >> the second part would be a $75 fee on most real estate transactions aside from home sales. if i was refining -- refinancing, i would pay 75. on a 30 year mortgage that is a
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few days worth. >> you are living in a two bedroom condo in san francisco and you say you want a freestanding house. you don't necessarily want to live next to a bart station or in these compact things. you want to live outside and people have done that for years. they want to move to livermore or lafayette. lafayette and livermore say we want green space and look like this. marin once a look like marin. part of the package addresses those cities that have refused to build housing. all of the day at a time when we've seen so many jobs created, we have dozens of cities and towns and you neighbor if you that are happy to embrace the jobs but don't want to build housing. we have aspects and bill proposals to address that. to require every city to build their part and hold them accountable. >> a lot of people out there object and say that the state planning and bringing in -- new word came up in sacramento. densification. we have heard of
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gentrification. you guys are proposing densification. making new communities more dense. >> we are in the midst of the most intense housing crisis. we have millions of californians suffering and we have to build housing at every level of affordability and doing that means putting housing in different cities and not just san francisco and san jose but all cities and towns between us. that will require change.>> with you like it or not the governor says. this has controversy. raising taxes is never good and never easy. telling suburban communities what they will have to do. is that what lawmakers are stalling on? >> when we are in our districts our lawmakers see homelessness on streets and hit we hear from constituents who can't pay the rent or are being forced out.
7:49 am
we have students who are living on the couches of their friends . we have workers who are sleeping in their cars to get to work. we have a crisis. >> i noticed some lawmakers took a few days off and left when the vote came up. wrangle them up. >> a lot of our colleagues are hearing from constituents about why we need to move forward with housing.>> i want to thank you state assemblyman david chiu for getting up. enjoy the air conditioning. >> he will shake a lot of hands today. >> if you are inland it will be sticky again but along the coast, nice amount of cooling. right now it looks like the clouds and the smoke are clashing. there is a battle going on. we still have the poor air quality from the smoke burning across northern california but we can also see some wispy like clouds working in from the bay. there is a golden gate and you can barely see it.
7:50 am
we will have good cooling along the bay that will be believe. this is oakland towards the skyline. you can see much of the skyline because of the smoke. we still have unhealthy air quality. temperatures now, concorde 75. livermore 76. still warming up and livermore and san francisco cooling off a bit and 69. by no means does it feel as cool as we would like it to feel. the past few days have been uncomfortable and dangerous for a lot of people and we will feel it again as far as air quality. unhealthy for all groups for the east bay and santa clara valley. another air alert. that is four days in a row. unhealthy air will take over northern california again from fires burning across the region especially in the mountains. this is what's going on. we don't have that extensive heat warning for the coast and
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for the central california areas but we still have it for the east bay and the valleys and santa cruz mountains. temperatures in the inland areas between 90 to 108 degrees expected. along the bay, cooling at 15 which will feel good. 85 to 95. these temperatures are above average. on the coast dropping from the 90s yesterday to the 70s. here is a look at the high temperatures in your neighborhood. palo alto 96, 93 mountain view, fremont 95, san jose 97, yesterday 107. 10 degree drop will be nice but we are above average and it will feel warm. mix that with the poor air quality, it's not good to be outside. walnut creek 105, concorde 103. fairfield 100. on this holiday weekend, a lot of you want to enjoy the outdoors and go to the bay or the coast were temperatures at
7:52 am
stinson beach will be 84. san francisco in the 80s. to the north still triple digits in places like ukiah. this will cause a shift in temperatures as we get the storm on the south. lydia will bring us a chance of rain before labor day so by monday evening the storm will show green on the screen. we will get the clouds coming to tomorrow's the temperatures will be cooler and then by monday night there will be a chance of rain from lydia and thunderstorms. here is the 7-day forecast where you can see the drop that people will appreciate. by monday temperatures to the low 90s and along the bay in the 70s again. the coast will be back to pretty much normal with temperatures in the 60s and the clouds will be back. coming up, out with the old, another pair of bay bridge piers bone -- blown to bits.
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they plan to turn some of them into public parks. who are these people?
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destroyed... disenegrated into the bay. this was the first of six implosions set for what's left of the old bay bridge. with the push of a button, two underwater peers are destroyed into the bay. the first of six implosions set for what is left of the old bay bridge. the peers of the concrete islands that once held the bridge. caltrans has 11 peers left to demolish but there is a proposal to repurpose them including building a pedestrian peer and a waterfront park on
7:56 am
the oakland side. it is not a done deal. agencies that oversee the bay have to sign off. the rest of the implosions are on track to end in november. a stretch of bar will be closed in oakland. services shutdown from fruitvale to 19th and west oakland. ac translate will provide free bus shuttles but you will want to allow an extra 20 to 40 minutes for your trip especially if you are heading to oakland international airport and those aren't the only delays riders will be facing. trains will be running at slower speeds this weekend because of the hot weather. officials say it is a precautionary move because the rails could move in this extreme heat. coming up, president trump visits storm victims hit by harvey. a number of bills at the state capital have failed. what they are and explain one
7:57 am
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the heat across the bay area... as temperatures reach triple digits again! welcome ba 5 this morning. another day of trying to feed -- beat the heat across the bay as temperatures breached triple digits. welcome back to kpix 5. i am alyssa came. i am paxton attorney bill mateja. this heatwave keeps rolling on.
8:00 am
let's look a downtown san francisco. you can barely see it through the haze and a look at the highs and maybe new lows. >> new lows and we wanted them to drop more but they didn't. if you have no air- conditioning, it was hard to sleep last night. maybe you are feeling it in your lungs because we have that smoky air that is back. we are hoping for clearing. this is a beautiful shot of the sunrise this morning as we look towards the bay and the bay is where we will see the clouds coming through as a wind from the coast from the ocean does work in. unfortunately the cam looks pretty nasty. air quality is unhealthy and temperatures now in concord bumping up to 77. livermore at 77. cooler for san francisco at 79. look at the wind direction,
8:01 am
when it comes from the west that is good news. onshore flow coming through and it will cool things down. we will only feel the cooling along the coast and the bay. for folks inland another day of triple digit in-store. southwest wind in san francisco now at 10. it looks like west winds in napa as well. we welcome the westwind. a lot of people are sick of the east wind because abroad in the hot air. normally we should be at 70 for san francisco and today we will hit 85. it doesn't sound like relief because we are still 15 above average but it is compared to what we have had with temperatures in the triple digits. oakland will hit 90 today. more detail forecast coming up in a bit. in marin there is not a fan to be found. an employee in mill valley said she has ordered more fans but they may not arrive for a few more
8:02 am
days.>> i have emptied my warehouse and yesterday i went to buy five or six. >> it is too hot for people. >> the store had 200 fans but all of them are gone. >> more proof of people trying to beat the heat. highway 1 was packed yesterday with people headed for stinson beach. temperatures there were 100 degrees but the water was cooler at 61. san francisco beach was packed as hundreds of people were sprawled out on the sand yesterday. it was a similar scene nearby at ocean beach. >> president trump is back at the white house after meeting flood victims from hurricane harvey. last night he and first lady melania trump landed at base enters. he thanked rescuers from the coast guard in texas and offered support to evacuees. don champion has more on the trip.
8:03 am
>> reporter: hundreds of people greeted president trump outside the national guard armory in lake charles louisiana. >> mr. president trump was there for the response to harvey. the president also visited hundreds of evacuees at a shelter in texas. he promised to help survivors rebuild. >> they say two years or three years. i think because this is texas you will probably do it in six months. >> president trump received backlash for not visiting victims during his first trip to texas after harvey made landfall. this time first lady melania trump and the president handed out kids and served meals. >> houston astros giveaway thousands of tickets to people in area shelters and fans donated supplies and money. a devastated community is beginning to heal one day at a time. don champion, cbs news. at least 53 people died
8:04 am
from the storm and the president has called for a national day of prayer today to show support. >> how the president reacts is office -- is often where he stands with the american public and reaction to whatever stance he takes. that is why we asked willie brown about his thoughts about the president's trip to texas. >> he did exactly what he should've done. he has almost 0 credibility on empathy. it is as if that gene never ever visited his system. and believe me, he did not go to where the disaster actually was. he went right next door and then he did exactly what a rich guy does. he proceeds to say you asked for a contribution and here is one. and he provides the million dollars and other people replicating that. all of a sudden many people have forgotten what he said about charlottesville.
8:05 am
>> it hasn't been a notice that the person who went in and was hugging people and getting on the ground and going to places that were flooded was vice president mike pence. summer calling this alarmingly presidential act on his part to come in after president trump was criticized for being hands- off. pens is the one who is getting in there with the people and that hasn't gone unnoticed.>> when we have these disasters the president is measured in the first 72 hours. george bush was vilified for not going to katrina sooner. if you show up right away you are vilified for grandstanding. >> i think you have to be very, careful. you could also be interfering with the ability of the first responders to rescue people, i and all of the resources that go to protect you and provide you with the security you need, those resources should be saving lives and you are far better sitting back and waiting for that and taking the heat for allegedly being a different
8:06 am
and where you will not be in different -- if you announce instantly $150 million problem, i will pick it up as the federal government. >> when president trump went back to the area he was hugging people and serve hot dogs and for those of you who care, first lady melania trump wore simple shoes. russian staffers follow us orders to move out of the consulate in san francisco. fbi agents moved in. this video posted on facebook the russian foreign ministry shows agent -- agents looking two-bedrooms as they searched the facility after smoke was seen coming from the building on friday. security analyst jeff hart believes they were burning documents. >> if they are conducting clandestine activities here that we don't know about they certainly don't want to allow us to have any type of indication of who the folks are they are meeting with. >> no word about what was found
8:07 am
in the front of the building. it said it was closed.>> california governor jerry brown will head to russia and will speak with leaders about climate change at the eastern economic form and comstock. friday was a important deadline. financial committees are considered dead. most with no explanation. 128 bills were killed including 284, to fund a study of police shootings in california. sp 21, a bill requiring law enforcement agencies to create written policies for their use of surveillance technology. and 384, it would have allowed local governments to decide whether to keep bars open until 4 am. when bill that did survive was 41 known as the rape kit bell. rape kits are invasive and can be traumatic. law enforcement can decide not to test the kids and not tell
8:08 am
the victims. the bill would require governments to report the number of untested rape kits and would allow survivors to know the status of their kids.>> it is a huge problem that we have so many untested kits and this bill will create better accountability. >> the bill will head to the state senate for about and then to the governor. president trump has launches push for tax reform. he promised to simplify what he calls a rigged the system at a speech in missouri did not provide specifics. in april he proposed cutting corporate tax rate by 15% and lowering the top personal income bracket to 35%. democrats however doubt they will not support any tax reform bill that cuts taxes for the top 1% of the nations earners. california senator harris recently announced she intends to support a single pair health care plan proposed by bernie sanders. sanders has called the plan medicare for all but the bill
8:09 am
hasn't been made public. harris is the first senator to publicly endorse the plan. the trump administration has selected four construction companies to build prototypes for the border wall. the companies are based in alabama, arizona, texas and mississippi and the sample sections will be 30 feet wide and 30 feet tall and will be tested in san diego.>> testing, we will look at things like the aesthetics and how penetrable they are and how resistant they are to tampering and then scaling or -- the anti-climb future. >> customs and border patrol said the winning bid will complement other tools in place along the border to deter illegal crossing including cameras, sensors and watchtowers. future of decca is up and the air. what may be happening this week . as the temperature heats up one south bay city is considering a new spot for residents to cool down. ally hod your business back?
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gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. looming on immigration policy... and protesters are already making their views known. people in texas held a rally to celebrate a partial victory, yesterday. decision by president trump is living on immigration
8:13 am
policy. protesters are already making their views down. people in texas held a rally to celebrate a partial victory because a judge blocked a state law designed to get police more involved in immigration enforcement. there is a big concern about the state of dac a. it enables undocumented immigrants who came as children to avoid deportation. >> i am scared and nervous.>> the president plans to announce on tuesday whether he is keeping the program. cbs said president trump already decided to end it. house speaker paul ryan and other republicans are urging him to hold off. a number of entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the country have written a letter to president trump calling on his intent to preserve dac a. joining us to talk about the future of the aca is mark sonja from the east bay.
8:14 am
if the president decided to keep the program there's no guarantee it would stay in place. 10 attorney general's are saying they will file suit to overturn it. >> it could be out of his hands if they file a lawsuit. the threat is they would. it would force his decision led by the attorney general of texas. >> what we have is this entire idea of allowing children who were brought here illegally by their parents to remain because this is the only country they know. this is an emotional issue. even republicans are concerned about this. for these kids that are here. it's going to be crisis time and what is congress going to do because you guys make the call in immigration law. >> bipartisan bills that would make it legal. so the threat would go away. if the lead bill is in the senate it is by a democrat from
8:15 am
illinois and senator lindsey graham. >> you have bipartisan support so if the president does do away with the program or if the courts -- do you think congress will pass? >> it would be good if they did. this was triggered by the inability to pass. two sessions ago there was a bipartisan bill with eight republicans and four democrats and never got a hearing in the house that would've taken care of this problem and also -- >> why is it tough to get to the house. why does the house not want to talk about it if house speaker paul ryan who is the head of the republicans says we don't want to end the program. why is it hard to get anybody to hear it. >> because house republicans in my view are controlled by very wealthy donors outside who don't want this to go through and have funded a lot of information disinformation. >> a lot of corporations want the wealthy people -- immigration is we have businesses want to have that supply of the workforce.
8:16 am
>> if you look at the history, wealthy donors and white house chief strategist steve bannon, they thought this was a wedge issue and used it to drive people to vote for the candidates and a lot of people in the republican caucus don't want to be record. >> a lot of democrats don't want to put limits on future immigration because this would require to say that if you got here before 2012 you would be covered but people subsequent to that, we have to drive line. >> the problem is congress doesn't function as majority parties do. i have been the majority in the legislature in california and you set the rules. they don't want to have a vote. democrats have different opinions and i think immigration reform is past. you have over 800,000 kids here that were brought by parents and didn't do anything wrong. 217,000 here. they don't know -- they don't have family in mexico. are you
8:17 am
to put them back and they are all contributing.>> the solution is congress doing it right. and my history on this issue is that i have republicans that say we don't want them here and i have democrats who say we don't want to put limits on people coming here. >> congress is dysfunctional and that is largely in the hands of the majority party. put the bill up and have committee hearings and what senator mccain wants and people are held accountable. >> democrats got together with parts of the republicans and they would be the majority. >> republicans adhere to the hassett world. if they don't bring a bill up unless they have majority vote in the republican caucus. speaker boehner left because the idea of working together is prohibited by the rules in the republican caucus. >> do you think this is enough to bust up the hazard rural? >> i would hope so.
8:18 am
that is why elections are there. >> if there is enough pressure from the public the polls say that 78% of americans think this is unfair with what they are trying to do and if there is enough pressure hopefully they respond and congress will work and people held on the record and voting for or against it. >> when you say this is what they are going to do are you talking about the president or the courts? we have -- this is a gap in law. we are unable to pass a law and the president signed -- the problem is still there. do you think there is a solution? >> yes. we had a bill two sessions ago and he bill right now that would make this legal. the majority party has to let the bill be heard and people are held accountable. that is the problem is you have the majority were party --
8:19 am
party refusing to take it to the floor. >> those kids are faces and people. >> thank you. rerpresentative mark desaulnier for joining us. he will be out doing politicking. >> this doesn't look like the skyline we are used to but this is clearing so the good news, smoky air is going to come out of here. westwind this morning. a lot of people can't celebrate that because it means a cooler air is on its way. here is a look at that flag again and keeping a close eye on this. yesterday the flag was dry with -- blowing this direction and different today. we are getting cloud coverage to come through. keep temperatures cool this
8:20 am
morning. there cooler on the bay with san francisco at 69. inland, warm again. livermore 77 now, oakland 71, concorde 77. we will keep a close watch on the wind speeds and the direction whenever we get the westwind that will feel good for us. that is the onshore flow and the cool air coming in from the ocean. the reason why we had the record-breaking heat was because the wind was coming from the east bringing the hot air towards the bay. thankfully when now and san francisco is at 10 and calmer to the north. they are coming from the right direction. in berkeley, wind at 4 miles per hour. it will clear the air quality. we are in the unhealthy range for east bay and santa clara valley. we're still feeling the smoke from the fires burning across california. we are under an excessive heat warning. it was lifted on the coast. right now we're dealing with excessive heat temperatures and
8:21 am
triple digits inland. east bay and interior valleys in the mountains still very hot today. along the bay temperatures dropping 50 degrees and along the coast, back to almost normal, 70 degrees. half moon bay 80 today. redwood city 90. palo alto 96. cupertino 101. you can still see triple digits in the inland areas and not quite going to be the records but this is still well above average. we passed a lot of records yesterday and on friday. today a much-needed 83 degrees. it will feel better. to the north, still hot. 104 cloverdale. high pressure in place today but moving east. as it does we will get a drop in temperatures and this will help us. tropical storm lydia brought flooding in baja moving up. as it heads further north we will see a chance for thunderstorms. here it is now bringing rain off the coast. as it has
8:22 am
towards northern california, we will get that break in temperatures. this is the tracking. you can see in moving out further into the ocean but it will still bring us storm activity ahead of the storm. here is the forecast so you can get a good idea of temperatures. today 105 inland. this will be a little bit of a break compared yesterday but monday and tuesday temperatures dropping off to the low 90s. wednesday and thursday, the 80s will be back for the inland areas. we can celebrate that. hallelujah.
8:23 am
8:24 am
hopes to break ground - in gilroy. "great wolf lodge" is now in a 60-day negotiation agreement with city leaders - over a resort set to in if i could be good for this weekend but the company behind america's biggest indoor family waterpark hopes to break ground in gilroy. great wolf lodge is in a 60 day agreement with leaders over the resorts set to include 700
8:25 am
family suites plus shops and restaurants and he would go up next to the gilroy gardens family theme park. some parents aren't so sure the grand slam is good for gilroy. >> gilroy is a simple town. it is already growing so much to have another huge park to bring in people, i don't know. i am unsure. >> a city worker couldn't answer our questions about the fine print due to the negotiating agreement on disclosing information. if the deal is struck, construction can start as early as december 2019. what you may not know however is that for decades he -- he has been an avid collector of chicano art. >> this week, cheech merrin was honored on the floor of the california state senate. is partnering with riverside art museum to create a center for chicano art. he is known as one half of the
8:26 am
iconic comedy duo teach -- cheech and chong. you can see them lining up for selfies. [ laughter ]. it was bipartisan celebrity crushing and there. [ laughter ]. meanwhile, >> and i on the heat and the haze over the bay area. a live look towards a golden gate bridge and a final check of the forecast coming up.
8:27 am
it looks like a final look at the forecast. we're watching the clouds and hopefully they will work their way into the bay helping temperatures drop off. i live look from this cam. look along the coast. there is rain out there and green on the screen. we welcome that to cool things off and clear the air. smoky conditions for the labor day forecast. not triple digits on monday.>>
8:28 am
thanks for joining us. "face the nation" is next on keep -- kpix 5. grocery outlet is the home of "wow" savings. r more. there are three stages of "wow". - denial. - is this price right? acceptance. and boooyah! wait for it. boooyah has three "o's". ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ announcer: this week all assorted pepsi brand 12 packs are just $2.66 each.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> today on files the nation. breaking news overnight. as north korea says they test add hydrogen bomb and the struggles to recover following hurricane harvey. just hours of a ii his return from texas and louisiana where he toured the devastation caused by harvey, president trump face yet another escalation in the north korea cries. as the country says they conducted their most powerful nuclear test yet. it was the president and the first lady second trip to the state since harvey struck nine days ago. in houston they spent time with auto vac could you he's in the convention center and handed out relief supplies. president trump pledged quick. >> $7.9


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