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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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children around the country. president trump appears to be ready to end the daca program. what that means for dreamers in the bay area. good morning, everyone. it is monday. it's labor day. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm ann makovec, in for kenny. it didn't feel like the unofficial end of summer this weekend. >> whew. >> it was nice. >> it was nice? >> i liked it. >> i was in the city and did not like it. [ overlapping conversation ] >> what did you do, anne? [ laughter ] >> i tried to beat the heat to go to ocean beach and was able to get in the water. the freeways were pretty busy on friday and -- >> more street people.
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everybody getting, you know, a little off the chain. i know what you're talking about. >> parking was a challenging situation. right now we're tracking speeds in the green across the board and this will likely not stay that way as everyone is heading home so if you have anything to do and we have light traffic right now but keep in mind you want to postpone your errands this afternoon because you don't want to share the roads with everybody. east shore freeway moving at the limit, no delays at the maze, no backup. we rarely see that and fantastic and may not see those
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this morning. 12 minutes from the maze into san francisco. let's check in with neda on the forecast. we're not seeing the marine layer. the clouds are well above the golden gate bridge and a welcome relief from the hot and hazy conditions. we have the haze in the sky and concord, 72 and a nice break from the heat with 73 livermore and 64 for san francisco. here's what to keep in mind and near normal on the bay and coast for the holiday. temperatures are five to ten degrees above average so still hot in the 90s. air quality, fifth consecutive day of unhealthy conditions so it's best to limit outdoor activities and are tracking a slight chance of storms with
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storms south of us, helping bring in that cloud cover we have. we have issues on sierra, and oregon. it's impacting our air quality. the red flag warning is men do see know county, dry, windy conditions and another spare the air alert day. it's something everyone should keep in mind on this labor day. jessica flores is live in concord this morning and another hazy hot one. people can cool off at the police station, right, jessica? >> reporter: yep. good morning to you, neda. good morning to you, everyone at home. the concord police department is opening their community room as a cooling center. this is a good place where you can beat the heat and no smoggy
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conditions. if you don't want to crank up your a/c or don't have a/c, this is a good place to be because it will still be warm inland. the bay area quality management district issued a spare the air alert today and the heat wave in oregon and california are causing the air problems and there is no wood-burning allowed. folks are asked to allow outdoor activities during the hottest part of the day. it will be cooler and hope by tuesday this will blow out with good air quality again. >> reporter: people are asked to cut activities that could
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add to bad air like barbecues and mowing the lawn. a spare the air alert has been issued since thursday. no word if they will have to issue one for tomorrow. reporting live, jessica flores, kpix 5. tomorrow, 800,000 undocumented workers could be at risk of deportation with the fate of daca set to be decided. the program protects people living in america who were brought over as children but 11 republican attorneys general have told president trump if he doesn't end daca tomorrow, they will ask a court to take the steps. feelings are mixed on what it represents. >> the median age is 6 years old for those who came over. they should not be punished for the sin of their parents. >> we want to encourage legal immigration and benefit our economy and workers. >> bernie sanders said "it
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would end one of the ugliest and cruelest decisions made by a president in our modern history." south korean defense officials continue to see signs of possibly more ballistic missile launches from north korea, including an intercontinue thenal ballistic missile. cbs news hena doba has the latest from new york. >> reporter: south korea's military said it carried out a live-fire exercise this morning with fighter jets, simulating an attack on north korea's nuclear site. it's in response to the north's claims to have detonated a hydrogen bomb underground sunday. >> reporter: mr. president, will you attack north korea? james mattis said while the u.s. is not looking to alie
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nate north korea, the president asked to be briefed on all military options. >> any threat will be met by a massive military response. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham, a member of the senate armed services committee, said before the detonation that that the situation doesn't change course, the u.s.' use of force is inevitable. >> i am 100% certain that if kim jong un continues to develop missile technology that can hit america, if diplomacy fails to stop him, there will be an attack by the united states against that -- against his weapons systems. >> reporter: the u.n. imposed its stiffest sanctions so far on the reclusive nation. hena doba, cbs news. this weekend's claimed hydrogen bomb test is the sixth nuclear test since 2006. the united nations will have an
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emergency security council meeting, the second emergency session on the north's weapons programs in less than a week. congress is back in session tomorrow after summer recess and will continue to deal with the aftermath of hurricane harvey. member, of the house and senate are expected to vote on an aid installment to help with building recovery and needs in houston. they hope to avoid a federal government shutdown as well. floodwater from harvey threatens the health and safety of people in texas. quarter levels continue to drop, but the water has untreated suedage, spilled fuel, and toxic waste. authorities warn residents to stay out of standing water and to boil water before drinking it. this burning trailer is the last of those holding unstable chemicals at a plant flooded by
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harvey. water levels are still high at two reservoirs, and people are ordered out. >> the police came, knocked on my door, and said "you have ten minutes to get out," and there was a canoe waiting for me and my husband. >> damage could top $180 billion. congress will sign off on the aid. many are using labor day to push for a $15 minimum wage raise. here's what to expect. >> reporter: unions are rallying in their fight for 15. california lawmakers said they're striving to reach standards by 2022, but locals would like to see change on a
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federal level. you may remember this scene from oakland. they demand a hire federal minimum wage. right now that's $7.25 an hour. people want that to more than double across the country. san francisco, by the way, has already raised the minimum hourly rate july 1 from $13 per hour to $14. that's expected to go up again next year to $15. local organizers said the bay area and california are on the right track but fight for millions of others and union rights. skeptics worry about what a major federal minimum wage increase would do to small businesses and employers, afraid this would put jobs in jeopardy. here in san jose, what we're expecting at the union behind me, union 521, they're holding rallies. they said several rallies and protests are planned.
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sandra osbourne, kpix 5. another pair of bay bridge piers blown to bits but they're not all facing demolition. the plan to turn some into public parks. no need for cash when you can flash a smile. the test nation that doesn't require a wallet, only a grin. and we're seeing a shift in our wind direction. what that means and much-needed relief coming up. this is near hills dale. further north of here, we have reports of an overturned vehicle. how is that impacting your morning ride? we'll show you, coming up.
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disenegrated into the bay. this was the first of six implosions with the push of a button, two underwater piers are disintegrated into the bay. this is the first of what is left of the old bay bridge.
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caltrans has 11 left to demolish, but there's a proposal to repurpose some for public use. that includes a pedestrian pier off an island and waterfront park on the oakland side, but it's not a done deal yet. regulatory agencies still have to sign off and the rest of the implosions are on track to end november. >> cool video, though. exam bras captured this scary scene at a laundromat in new york city. yeah. footage showing people folding laundry as the suv barrels through the front door and slams into a back wall. the driver was a 74-year-old man and it's not clear while the vehicle reversed. >> yeah. any time we see video like that, it makes me cringe. >> yeah. you just -- you can just be doing whatever. >> whatever. >> ice cream. >> something similar happened to me once. i was getting my nails down --
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this was down in southern california -- and all of a sudden a car went through the nail salon because it was one of those parking lots with the spot in front of their door. and someone just accidentally put it in "drive" instead of "reverse" when they were supposed to be back out of the spot. >> wow. >> how close did it get? >> didn't touch me or anyone else. it just kind of -- >> broke through. okay. >> so, yeah, those things happen. but right now, the bay bridge, we were looking at those implosions, nice and quiet and calm at the toll bridge, nice and drive with no metering lights and you're in the green across the span, eastbound fantastic. san mateo principal, no delays into foster city and northbound 101 near kehoe, an overturned vehicle, on the shoulder. speeds are still right in the green. first report of an accident and
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this is along southbound 101 so not slowing the ride down. we're tracking speeds in the green on bay area majors. that's a check of traffic. let's check in with neda on the forecast. hey, take a look at the mount vaca cam. you can see why we have another spare the air kind of day. we have the hazy conditions that smoke settling into the valley but also these high, wispy clouds, a sign of a storm heading our way. oakland, 66. livermore, 73. san francisco, 64. the cloud cover will help cool thing off so that will be great news. sunrise at 6:43 a.m. those of you up, awake before the sunrise, at least we have the beautiful view from mount vaca. sunset at 7:34 and here's what we're watching.
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look at this. to the south, we're seeing some rain off the coast. this is, of course, just coming down across the pacific ocean and all from tropical storm lydia, now a low-pressure system and there is some green here, bringing down some rain south of monterey. we're expecting to see rain in the monterey area and will work its way up possibly santa cruz. along the coast, there's a slight chance of rain from the storm and you can see cloud working their way into the bay area, bringing cloud coverage into sacramento, causing much- needed relief with our temperatures. the high brought the record- breaking heat. we are expecting temperatures above average and will be near
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average. when it comes in, cooler air, helping contribute to the coolness, 3 to 7-mile-per-hour wind. to the north of us, gusty conditions. look at the temperatures today and here's a look at the forecast. you can see another cooldown is coming wednesday, thursday, another ten degree drop and that is when we'll reach average conditions so still above average and more cooling to come. michelle? >> thank you. president trump is expected to nominate oklahoma representative jim brennanstein as nasa's next administrator, the first time an elected official has held the position. he would still need senate confirmation following the announcements. he served in the u.s. navy,
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flying hawkeyes and hornets and serves on the science, space, and technology committee in congress. just when you think you don't have enough "star wars" memorabilia, toshiba adds tvs. the edge of the screens are "star wars" themed so basically "star wars" will frame everything you watch. it is $260 each and on the market in time for the holiday. kfc is trying out facial recognition technology. at the bay kiosk, a 3d camera scans a customer's face to verify their identity. the company said it can prevent biometric spoofing, but there is a phone number verification option for added security. coming up in sports, an incredible comeback. can't believe it still happens
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as josh rosen and the bruins shock the aggies. and we nomadtyson bumgarner can pitch and rake but strucked a bit on the mound. we'll be back with sports.
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madison bumgarner was on the mound today, and the san francisco giants looking for the series split. at least someone had a good day. take a look at this dog enjoying the sunshine on the water. well, bottom of the 5th inning, giants trailing 2-1. madison bumgarner hits his first home run since opening day, tying the game 2-2, but the cardinals come back in the next inning. martinez dropped the double between hernandez and williamson. that scores pham. cardinals win 7-3 to take three of four in the series.
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things have gotten son bad -- so bad they expect get help from the fans. 4-1 mariners. connects for a solo home run. henagar was 4 for 5 as seattle wins 10-2. oakland has lost six straight. the ucla quarterback, josh rosen, led a comeback for the ages against texas a&m. he finds jordan lastly for the pass. bruins come back from a 34- point third-quarter deficit to win 45-44. and two labor day afternoon games -- both the giants and the as. 12:10 giants, and a little past 1:00 for the as. kpix 5 sports. let's go back to at&t park for a little giants/cardinals action. pham stepping up to the plate for st. louis.
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>> hits a high drive into center field. starting to carry. hernandez back -- and it is -- caught! he caught it! [ cheers and applause ] >> whew, center fielder gorkys hernandez makes a leaping catch to take back the home run and keeps the game scoreless. the cardinals would to back to win but hernandez grabs your play of the day. it's 6:26. coming up, moving day for the diplomats. we were there as the russians packed up their post and fbi agents moved in. labor unions are using labor day to rally for higher minimum wage standards. i have a preview of what is to come.
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keep "deferred action for
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childhood arrivals" -- or >> i'm not going anywhere. that's the first thing i'm going to say, and i'm not just saying that for myself but everyone who will be more vulnerable. we're going to organize. president trump is expected to announce if he will keep deferred action for childhood arrivals, or daca, nor place. >> this is one of the biggest fires in our entire history. crews are making progress on the latuna fire. it's 30% contained, and all mandatory evacuation are lifted. the united states has issued a warning to north korea, threatening massive military response as the regime claimed it successfully completed its most powerful nuclear tests to date. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday, september 4. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm ann meckavec, in for kenny. it's another spare the air day. >> jessica flores is live with warnings and tips from bay area
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officials. jessica? >> reporter: good morning, michelle and anne. this area will be really hot. we're talking about the inland areas, and, police department is opening up their community room to cool down and escape some of the bad air. i'm out in concord and can tell you hazy skies and if you have been out this weekend, you probably saw those hazy skies. air quality management officials said the heat wave, combined with wildfires in oregon and across california, is causing the bad air. they issued a spare the air alert today and residents are asked to avoid driving and they're asked to use public transit, although there is no wood-burning ban in place. now, this is coming on labor day, and the air management district is asking folks to cut activities that may add to the bad air. >> put off unnecessary car trips, barbecues, lawn mowing, things that add to the pollution in the air. >> reporter: air quality
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management officials said smog can cause health problems like triggering asthma and ask folks to avoid outdoor activities during the hottest part of the day. the air management folks had to issue a spare the air alert on friday, saturday, and sunday, thesivity consecutive day they had the spare the air alerts so there's no word if they have to issue one tomorrow. jessica flores, kpix 5. one of the largest fire in l.a. history. the la tuna fire is 30% contained. flames charred more than 7,000 hayers near burbank. it started friday during triple digit heat and quickly spread. three homes have been destroyed and another a damaged. >> it doesn't look that big but to us, it was a big house. it was just home. >> stuff i grabbed but i didn't know it was going to blow up like that.
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>> l.a. city fire said two of the homes didn't have the proper brush clearance. >> the time is 6:32. you have a couple of live shots on the left. >> goodness. >> a murky look at the city of san francisco from our air tower so the air quality still really nasty today. on the right-hand side, that's your bright spot of the day, not much commute mess because a lot of people have the day off. >> yeah. >> being labor day and all. lucky you if you don't have to go to work. >> we're glad to be with you. >> it's good to hang out with you. >> ladies morning, too. if you go outside, you'll notice the smoke in the air -- like jessica said, five days in a row now, and you can see it on our camera. we have a good look at the smokiness out here and there's the camera showing just a layer
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of smoke sitting there across the bay and valley with wispy cloud, a sign of a storm south of us. concord, 72. oakland, 71. livermore, 73. san francisco, 69. here are all the fires across northern california and sierra and why the haze is still out there. it's causing unhealthy air quality so for labor day, if you can, keep activities to the early morning hours and then hang out inside with your loved ones. it may be a good day to spend the holiday. red flag holiday north of us. maximum humidity has been at 25% overnight so during the day, single digits. winds are going to impact us today and we're getting west wind, on shore flow. that will help cool thing off. winds are cool, 3 to 5-mile-per- hour and vallejo at 7 but the west winds are welcome because that's going to help drop our temperatures. we're also getting cloud
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coverage and will help with cooling and as the storm is actually moving from southern california towards our area, it will help push that smoke out of here. i'll talk about your forecast in just a bit. >> sounds good, neda. we're tracking speeds in the green for drivers heading through san jose. this is 101 near north first street with traffic doing just fine in both directions. a little further north of there, though, we're tracking one crash, southbound 101 at stanislaus expressway and so far on the shoulder, car on its roof so emergency vehicles on the scene. so far, speeds moving at the limit with slowdowns on 237 in the westbound direction and are starting to see it was per. 101 at hillsdale, not a problem near key he avenue, a crash involving an overturned vehicle. emergency crews remain on the scene. that's not slowing anyone down and over at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights, no delays, no red. that's a check of traffic.
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over to you, michelle. the dangerous heat favor one family a scare. a toddler got locked inside the car. police said the 3-year-old girl accidentally got locked in the car in petaluma. temperatures were in the upper 90s at the time. the girl's sister called 911 and by the time firefighters arrived, the little girl was already sweating and crying. >> they were unable to use our lockout tools to get in, a newer-style bmw, and the vehicle was increasing and the child was in distress. they were able to treat the child. >> the girl was taken to the hospital as a precautions but is doing fine. south korean defense officials continue to see signs of ballistic missile launches from north korea. the country carried a live fire exercise. part of a drill simulating an attack on north korea's nuclear test site. the u.s. secretary of defense,
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james mat at this time, said while they're not looking to annihilate north korea, the president asked to be briefed on all options. >> any threat to the united statesover our allies will be metz with a massive military response. >> less than a month ago, the u.n. imposed its stiffest sanctions yet on north korea. people impacted by hurricane harvey are waking up on the long road to recovery as the waters receded for cleanup efforts to begin. at least 95% of houston is finally try. many victims of hurricane harvey attended church for the first time since the storm hit. while president trump and the first lady visited louisiana and texas, the white house asked for $8 billion in disaster relief. >> the president has made it clear, congress is making it clear. this is just a down payment. we have over 5 million people affected by this. that will require even more than what was funded for
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katrina, which was about $120 billion. >> harvey could be one of the most expensive disasters in u.s. history. meanwhile, more dogs and cats at shelters will be impacted -- that were impacted by the hurricane -- will arrive at shelters in san francisco today. the animals are from shelters within the storm zone now trying to make room for pets lost in the storm. and emergency crews preparing for another potentially powerful hurricane to hit the u.s. main land. the red cross workers are preparing for what hurricane irma could bring to north carolina, but resources are stretched thinly after many of the same people responded to hurricane harvey in texas. to help the storm victims, contribute to the red cross via phone, e-mail, or text. we have compiled a list of other organizations taking donations. you can find it on as russian staffers
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followed u.s. orders to move out of their consulate in san francisco, fbi agents moved in. this video posted to facebook by the russian foreign ministry shows agents looking in bedrooms at the pacific heights facility after billowing smoke was seen pouring from the building on friday. kpix 5 believe's jeff hart believes it's from burning documents. >> if they're planning clan december type actives we don't know, they don't want to allow us to end who they're meeting with. >> the building now said "closed." governor jerry brown plans to speak to leaders about climate change at the eastern economic forum. the fight for 15 continues today as labor unions and fast food workers use labor day for rallying. sandra osborn is in front of the 521 union headquarters with a preview.
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>> san francisco, oakland, and 300 cities around the nation will see rallies of people calling for a higher federal minimum wage. you may remember this scene from last november in oakland. protestors closed down the intersection at 98th and international boulevard, demanding higher federal minimum wage. well, california has made major changes and san francisco having one of the highest hourly rates in the country. organizers said it's about changing similarity. we spoke to rico johnson, a taco bell employee, last year. >> my kid are just existing with me, not living, not able to enjoy their life to the fullest because of the
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struggles we're going through, and that's not okay. >> reporter: we'll see janitors, security officers, police officers, and tattoo workers rallying for union rights and the plan is for california to raise its minimum wage from $10 an hour to $15 an hour by 2022. many are afraid it will impact small businesses and putting jobs in jeopardy. this union will meet later this morning and say they have a bus car a van that will go around to different spot in the south bay. sandra osbourne, kpix 5. passenger payout. an unruly passenger is ordered to write a check and no longer allowed to travel on hawaiian airlines. a life-saving device getting attention but doesn't
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saver our species. how a frog log is is helping tiny animals.
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are expecting their third child! the news came after the duchess rced to cancel an kensington palace announced prince william and his wife are expecting their third child. the duchess was forced to cancel an event because of extreme morning sickness. as with her previous pregnancies, she sufferings from a severe morning sickness. they are already parents to 4- year-old george and 2-year-old charlotte. the academy of pediatrics is warning everyone over six months old should get a flu shot. the vaccine significantly lowers a child's risk of getting a severe form of the flu, but this year, as with last, doctors are being warned the nasal vaccine is not a good idea. scientists have found unlike the shot version, the mist
6:46 am
version is ineffective against a few strains of the flu. a hawaiian airlines passenger is ordered to pay the airline nearly $100,000 for disrupting the flight. you may remember the flight from honolulu turned back to new york after the man allege think hit a flight attendant and threatened other passengers. he said he doesn't remember any of it but doesn't dispute the accusation. the restitution is the cost of turning that flight around. e he was also sentenced to three months' probation. >> oh, boy. $100,000. "don't make me turn this plane around." >> and they did and he's paying for it. >> yes. always be on your best behavior. the roads are nice and quiet and if you don't have to work today or if you have to work today, i should say, and you have to hit the roadways, it's in the green for the most part. we're still tracking this one
6:47 am
accident along 101 in the southbound direction. we're really seeing the slowdowns on westbound 237 approaching bank earth and once you're past that, speeds in the green over to 101. the rest of your ride is a-o.k. with green on 87 and 84. 880 and 680. we have a few slowdowns into heyward, especially for those trying to get to the san mateo bridge, a little crowded but still in the green on san bernandino 880 and 680. no delays on the san mateo bridge, looking foggy on the span. looks like a ghost town on 8080, and won't see metering lights. things looking fantastic for your monday labor day commute. that's a check of your traffic. i'll send it to neda for a check of the forecast. will it be as hot? no, we have some cooling,
6:48 am
thankfully. i would love to say we're going to go clear but that's not going to happen. no more triple digits today. look at this sunrise this morning. hello, mount vaca. i love this seeing this. this is ahead of a storm. high, wispy clouds coming our way and below the sun, below there, that's all smoke we're seeing. this is impacting your weather. we have the haze across the golden gate bridge and not quite the marine layer. here's a look at the high def doppler, keeping an eye on if green on the screen. you can see south of monterey.
6:49 am
it will slowly creep its way up, possibly bringing the chance of rain, thunderstorms, especially in the higher elevations. you can see how the storm system is moving in this north direction so that is all tropical storm lydia, which was over baja, california, downgraded to a low-pressure system. we can say goodbye to that extreme heat and welcome some of the clouds to cool things off. here's a look at the highs today. 86 union city, 85 palo alto. a nice, 10 to 15-degree drop, 90s in concord and will feel uncomfortable and hot with that haze out, the smoky conditions. 85 san rafeal, 78 mill valley. closer to average where they should be this time of the year and still warm, 95 lakeport, 92
6:50 am
clear lake. the next couple of days will still see smoke in the sky and then by wednesday, there's a low that's coming through off the gulf of alaska to work into northern california and we'll see a 10-degree drop inland wednesday and thursday and on the bay, dropping into the low 70s, even upper 60s by wednesday and thursday so cool again and the coast will be normal in the 60s and cloudy. that is way different than what we experienced on saturday. people are going to the beach with 90s. heer what to expect for the game day if you're going to see the as. at 1:00, 79, and a few cloud will come it way. over to you. a microburst brought powerful wind and rain to the santa barbara harbor. 56 people were tossed into the water with life guards and
6:51 am
beachgoers rushing to help. things turned dangerous quickly. >> things came out of nowhere within 20 second. it started raining and the wind came and 100 feet pay way. >> the wind storm with hail just threw me from the beach all the way to drag me by the boat. >> crazy. a kayaking tour group got caught up in the mess. multiple people reported a tornado, but experts believe it was a microburst, a system that causes similar damage. lots of people will have pool parties this labor day, but they can attract frogs and other critters. many small wild animals die because they can't get out of the water and now one wildlife biologist found a way to help. he designed a device he calls the frog log. here's how it works. a weight hold the ramp to the side of the pool and the frogs
6:52 am
instinctively find it. >> if you're an animal lover with a pool, it's a tough thing to watch things die in your pool. solves the problem for the pool owners and helps the wildlife. >> one problem is the tiny animals aren't always in a hurry to leave. sometimes they will hide in the device until they want to go swimming. 6:52. hundreds of thousands of dreamers are on edge, waiting for president trump to decide their fate. your final five is coming up. another day of dangerously smoggy air with what is causing the air and how to help, coming up.
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time for your final five... i'm jessica flores in concord where the police department opened their community room as a cooling
6:56 am
center, a place for folks to escape the heat and bad air. today is another spare the air alert day. the heat wave and wildfires in oregon and across california is causing the bad air problems. residents are asked to avoid driving and asked to use public transit, although there is no woodburning ban in place. the smog can cause health problems like triggering asthma. they ask folks to avoid activity during the hottest part of the day. >> everyone can be affected by ozone and soot and people who have pre-existing conditions. >> reporter: they're asking folks to cut their activities that may add to the bad air so right behind me, the concord police community room is a good place to go if you need to escape the heat and the bad air. this is the fifth consecutive
6:57 am
day the air quality district management had to issue a spare the air alert. there's no word if they have to issue one tomorrow. i'm jessica >> rest, kp flores, kpix 5. a new round of sanctions could be placed on north korea in response to its sixth nuclear test. pyongyang said it was of an advanced hydrogen bomb and according to the trump administration, the president asked to be briefed on all available option. those living in west houston have been ordered to evacuate the area of the city because they could see more flooding for two weeks. officials cut power as a way to help enforce the evacuation order. hundreds of people are heading home as firefighters make gains fighting the la tuna fire. it's the largest wildfire in the city's history and officials warn it's far from over as shifting wind could
6:58 am
cause burning embers to spread yet again. a big decision looming for america's dreamers. president trump is expected to announce where he will keep defer daca in place. some are protesting the minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour and some union rights. an earlier crash southbound 101 approaching the expressway is not blocking lanes. you can expect slowdowns from 880 to 101, no delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza. it will be busier as everyone returns home. look at this. this is the bay area. i know it opportunity look like
6:59 am
it. it looks very red this morning. concord, 70. it's not hot and hazy. it's the fifth consecutive day of the spare the air alert with a slight chance of thunderstorms today. 93 livermore, 83 in oakland and a cool 75 for san francisco. 74 on the coast and temperatures are inching towards normal. >> we love carl. come back. any time. >> do what you got to do. happy birthday to my dad today. >> aw! >> dave is 70 years old. >> happy birthday, dave!
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>> a great birthday. >> thank you for joining us this morning. "cbs this morning" is coming up next. >> bye. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, september 4th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." south korea simulates an attack on north korea overnight in response to the north's latest nuclear test. there are signs the regime is preparing for a new missile launch. president trump says the u.s. is ready to respond with its own nuclear weapons. in an announcement expected tomorrow, the president plans to end the daca program which protects nearly 1 million immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children. and some areas of houston could see new flooding today while the rest of the city dries out. we're in a neighborhood still at risk from harvey's impa


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