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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 5, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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announces its decision on "daca" -- ending the program that shielded hundreds of thousands of people now at noon, the trump administration announces its decision on daca ending the program that shielded hundreds of thousands of people from deportation. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. we have team coverage on the daca decision, reaction from across the bay area. but first, cbs reporter mola lenghi is live at the white
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house. mola. >> reporter: michelle, this is a devastating blow to about 800,000 people. a decision not being received well here in washington and really throughout the country as you mentioned but the trump administration insists that this is about law and order and about pushing congress to do their jobs. the trump administration is canceling a program which allowed illegal immigrants brought to america as children to stay and work legally. >> the department of homeland security should begin an orderly lawful wind-down including the cancellation of the memo that authorized this program. >> reporter: an estimated 800,000 people are given work permits which last for two years. the administration will phase out the program by allowing current permits to expire, requests for new permits which have already been submitted will be considered on a case- by-case basis. >> it also denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of americans by allowing those same illegal aliens to take
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those jobs. >> reporter: protestors demonstrated against the president's decision outside the white house. >> for many months he has been telling us, i love the "dreamers." you remember that? he is a liar!! >> reporter: president obama implemented daca five years ago with an executive action. the program is unconstitutional and the president is pushing congress for legislation. the president tweeted this morning: congress: get ready to do your job, daca! house speaker paul ryan has said something needs to be done for recipients and 18 republicans have sponsored a bill that would make a version of daca permanent. but other republicans are considering tying the daca fix with funding for president trump's border wall, something that would jeopardize democratic support. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders indicated this afternoon that president trump might only be willing to sign legislation
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from congress regarding daca if that legislation has comprehensive immigration reform, where daca is not just one element but many elements of reform. michelle? >> mola, the ball is obviously now in the court of congress. so what has been the response from lawmakers? >> reporter: there's an acknowledgment that the ball is in their court, that if they want something to happen, they need to do something. in fact, any minute now we are expecting a press conference from senators lindsey graham and dick durbin a republican and democrat announcing their bipartisan bill called the "dream act" which basically restores daca but ultimately again, this is going to be up to the president and whether the president decides to sign a bill from congress or not. >> thank you. house minority leader nancy pelosi released this statement: s the american dream." "democrats will stand firm with eamers and redouble our efforts to our nation's families from the administration's mass depo agenda." he lifornia.. about 200- t people could
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be a by the daca deci . and some in san francisco are p a fight. >> here in california, about 200,000 people will be affected by the decision and some in san francisco are regular ready to fight. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at city hall where people are figuring out the next step. >> reporter: an emergency news conference to condemn the decision to repeal daca just ended here at san francisco city hall as city leaders prepare for the fight. >> we'll be doing everything that i can within my power to make sure we are standing up with our "dreamers" and standing up for daca. >> reporter: san francisco is already a sanctuary city which means law enforcement doesn't cooperate with the federal government. but the end of daca is causing a lot of fear. >> i think all we can do is advocate that congress pick this up. >> reporter: immigration and human rights advocates gathered at city hall to defend against what they claim is the administration's deportation machine. >> we call upon our representatives to resist
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using daca recipients as a bargaining chip for a xenophobic agenda of militarizing the word of detaining and deporting millions. >> reporter: they are working with attorneys to make sure immigrants know their rights and mental health providers to offer help with the emotional toll this process may take. >> for those children, um, i think -- i just feel sorry that they are in this mess. um, and they have a right to be here and the overall -- there's no problem here. we should just resolve it to help them. >> reporter: and there are plans for a big rally at 5 p.m. outside of the new federal building that is on 7th street here in san francisco. anne makovec, kpix 5. some santa clara county lawmakers say they also plan to defend daca despite president trump's plan to end the program. >> we will do what we can to champion federal legislation that protects "dreamers" and their families. >> today i feel empowered. i feel like i need to make a difference and i feel like i
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need to speak up so that we can show a face that is strong, united and that is willing to stand for what we deserve. >> according to some, there were about 24,000 daca recipients in santa clara county. a rally in support of daca is planned at uc-berkeley later this afternoon. kpix 5's jessica flores continues our team coverage with reaction from there. >> reporter: hundreds of students here on uc-berkeley's campus have benefited from daca. but now that the trump administration has canceled the immigration program, these students called "dreamers" see their dreams are now in limbo. >> feeling frustration, fear, uncertainty. >> reporter: karen is studying economics at uc-berkeley. she hopes to one day work at the federal reserve. >> i can't lawfully work until something is worked out. as a person, it's just -- it means that, you know, i again
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am stigmatized and put into the category of an illegal alien. >> reporter: brought to the country as a 2-year-old from mexico, she is among thousands of those who graduated from the university of california allowed to stay in the country with daca. but with the end to daca, the uc president said in a statement in part, the university of california will continue to stand with "dreamers" and their supporters as we fight to keep the program alive." catholic charities of the east bay helps illegal families. they are urging dreamers to seek qualified legal counsel. >> don't go back into the shadows. people fought so hard for them to come out. now more than ever is the time to advocate for their rights and for, you know -- they are just as american as i am. >> reporter: for karen, raised in the east bay, she will continue her fourth year at uc- berkeley. she says this is her home and she has no plans to leave. >> i am as american as i could possibly be. >> reporter: students are already mobilizing to defend daca holding a rally here at
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sproul plaza later today at 5 p.m. reporting in berkeley, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. several tech leaders support keeping daca in place. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg wrote that it's particularly cruel to offer young people the american dream encourage them to come out of the shadows and trust our government and then punish them for it." to fire watch now, crews are making progress in the battle against a wildfire that's burned more than 100 acres in gilroy. cal fire says it is now 35% contained. as kpix 5's sandra osborne shows us, crews have to work by hand to keep the fire from spreading. >> reporter: we can see where fire crews are focusing on today. notice the smoke on the hillside behind me. that's one of the flare-ups inside the containment line. >> the flames were going up there. in a few minutes, it went to the top of the mountain. >> reporter: he packed a bag just in case after seeing the fire spreading from five to
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100 acres near his home in west gilroy. >> bulldozers were going from that side up. >> reporter: it started saturday. bulldozers could only go so far, though. in addition to helicopters dumping water, crews are having to make a containment line the old-fashioned way, on steep terrain and in loose dirt. >> so it's going to be crews going in by hand digging, clearing the brush away from the unburned materials. >> reporter: no homes are threatened at this time. so firefighters stayed near these houses just in case. a nearby middle school opened as scheduled. some of the walking paths to the school were closed so trucks could go in and out. fire crews say the weather and the humidity levels are really helping them today. still, they say it could take until thursday before they get full containment of the fire. in gilroy, sandra osborne, kpix 5. a neighbor says he believes that teenagers with fireworks may have started a fire but investigators say that the caught is still unknown. on the heels of hurricane
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harvey in texas, people in south florida are now preparing for another potential disaster. that's hurricane irma. the storm was upgraded this morning to a category 5. people are scrambling to buy supplies, and there's a mandatory evacuation for tourists in the florida keys tomorrow morning. neda iranpour is following irma's progress from the weather center. >> believe it or not, irma has actually intensified. the winds there sustained now at 185. take a look at the massive eye as it moves across the atlantic. surface temperatures on the ocean 85 degrees. that's why it's intensifying. it's warm water. and that's what really fuels hurricanes. so this one a very strong one. here's the track pattern. 180 miles east of antigua right now. gusts as high as 220 miles per hour. it's moving west now at 14 miles per hour. expected to reach puerto rico
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as a category 5 by friday morning. it could be passing just north of haiti and cuba as it heads to south florida on saturday with a strong surge. this is the strongest hurricane in the atlantic since 2005, now tied with hurricane wilma. we are talking life- threatening flooding. that storm surge will be massive and could impact florida as early as saturday. coming up, we'll talk about the local forecast with cooling and clearing to discuss. still ahead, global tensions rising after north korea's latest missile launches. the changes the u.s. is calling for to keep north korea in check. >> lattes, frappes and now babies. why some women hoping to get pregnant are taking barista jobs at starbucks.
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to buy an increased amount of military equipment from the u-s. president trump says he has given the go-ahead for japan and south korea to buy an increased amount of military equipment from the u.s. this comes amid tensions over north korea's recent nuclear tests. that test is considered to be progress for their push for nuclear-tipped missiles capable of hitting the united states. the united states is still considering several military, economic and diplomatic options. congress is getting back to work after the august recess and lawmakers have a busy schedule. they need to figure out how to aid victims of hurricane harvey. the white house has asked for $7 billion. they are also being asked to raise the debt ceiling by september 29 and pass a defense authorization bill, rewrite the tax code and decide on the children's health insurance program that covers about 9 million low and moderate income families. looking at the big board,
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checking the stock market, the dow is down 238 points. tension between north korea and the west senting jitters down wall street today. people go to starbucks for coffee or latte, but fertility treatment? now as anna werner reports, some women are taking jobs there in hopes that becoming a barista will get them a baby. >> reporter: this woman and her husband wanted children. but four years into their marriage, it seemed she couldn't get eg what did all that do to your marriage? >> um, two years ago, exactly this time, um, it was the first time i have ever heard the word divorce. [ pause ] >> reporter: she learned starbucks offered an unusual benefit, coverage for in vito fertilization. on average it cost $20,000 per cycle with most couples going through two to three rounds before getting pregnant.
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did it sound right to you that starbucks would have this coverage? >> no. i mean, you think barista, you think 18-year-olds working to go through school, not a 27- year-old woman trying to have a baby. >> reporter: yet starbucks covered $20,000 for ivf and medication for all eligible employees. that includes part-time baristas, who make on average around $10,000 a year. >> now we have added so many things. >> reporter: starbucks's executive. >> so it's been part of who we are that if you work here and you have put in the time, you're going to get the benefits that make you a full partner. >> reporter: so do you hear feedback from the people that work for you about this? >> it is really important to everyone and i think it's something that we're all very very proud of. >> reporter: but this business professor with northwestern university's kellogg school of management says it's not just about making employees happy. >> in the end, starbucks is a for profit publicly traded
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company. they are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. this is part of a strategy for how to attract and retain talent and advertise to their customers that they are quote, unquote a good company. >> reporter: there's got to be a business case for wanting to keep the same people other than just being a nice place to work. >> absolutely. no question that in today's retail world, in which fewer people are out and about shopping, um, places have to be a destination. so yeah, of course it's a business case for bringing in more customers because they increasingly have that connection with who we are and who serves them. >> reporter: not everyone is happy with the company's wages and benefits. thousands have signed a petition online started by a barista complaining about understaffing and low morale. >> cane get a grande ice coffee? >> reporter: but count shannon amongst the happiest of starbucks baristas. ibf gave them -- >> two little babies, two
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little heartbeats. >> reporter: -- but two. >> that was anna werner reporting. this just in. some new information. independent experts are blaming poor construction and faulty management for the oroville spillway collapse in february. dam safety investigators say that california probably could have detected problems in the nation's tallest dam if it were up to modern engineering standards. the state department of natural resources is now reviewing the report. time for a check of our weather with neda. cooling down, huh? >> we certainly -- we certainly are. you can see lake curry there with the camera up top and you see higher clouds out there. we are getting clearing, and we're also getting that cooling, which comes as a big relief for a lot of folks. look at the beautiful san francisco skyline, just gorgeous. this is our sutro cam. a different view from yesterday. no more -- we are getting a
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little humid out there, but we're not seeing the smog so that's good news. 83 concord now, 76 oakland. livermore 83. san francisco 74. air quality is moderate. we had five days with our "spare the air" day with unhealthy conditions. that's not the case. i want to show you why. we are back to what we normally experience with winds coming out of the west through the bay and that brings us our marine layer and our cooling. that's normal. for the past five days we had winds from the east causing smoke and heat. that's what was bringing in all that hot air. so the change in the wind direction has helped cool things off and we are getting some wind gusts out there that are strong expecting to see them around 25-mile-per-hour winds later on today. sfo right now at 10. san francisco downtown at 13- mile-per-hour winds. moving to the north, you can see vallejo southwest winds at 12 and fairfield 17. expected to pick up to 30 miles per hour.
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for the rest of the week welcoming the cool air, the clouds will creep back in tonight. into tomorrow, we have this little storm just off the coast there. it's a small low pressure system a remnant from lidia bringing in high clouds. sunset at 7:32. sunrise at 6:45 a.m. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. another dip in the temperatures by friday when we're going to drop from the upper 80s to the low 80s from the inland areas. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces."
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now-duchess of cambridge kate, the wife of br m. a court in france has issued fines over topless photos of now duchess of cambridge kate the wife of prince william. photographers and gossip magazines will pay royalties to the couple. they invaded the privacy by taking the pictures and publishing them. they were at a private estate when they were taken. we'll be right back.
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oh, so refreshing! 'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. nd always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. always a petition to rename a street in san jose after former president barack obama is gaining steam. what it will take to make this idea a reality. we'll have that story and much more tonight at 5:00. and that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. just like that. >> we're done. [ laughter ] >> done. >> stay cool.
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>> bill: don't do this, liam. >> liam: i wish i had come to you the moment i found out caroline wasn't sick. >> caroline: it's something i should have never gone along with. >> bill: all right, enough! enough with the apologies! i hatched a plan to reunite my niece with the father of her child, and i'd do it again. no regrets. >> liam: just like you'd have spectra set on fire again, no regrets? >> bill: never said it! >> liam: you said it to my face in this room! >> bill: lies! all lies! tell them, liam! tell them that none of it's true! now! >> sheila: come on! do it.


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