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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  September 10, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

5:30 pm as we go back to naples florida, live, we will have more on the hurricane and cbs, next. >> glor: irma arrives. hurricane invades florida. >> right now the rain is coming down horizontal. >> we just had a gust here downtown. it had actually had the power to break this street lamp. >> these are the >> these are the types of conditions that officials were hoping people would not be in. >> 1.3 million floridians are now without power in south florida. that number is guaranteed to rise. >> storm surge anywhere from 10 to 15 feet. >> the mayor told residents earlier we are about to get punched in the face. >> at this point the hurricane is coming and there isn't much time left. >> the time to evacuate has passed. it is now time to shelter in place. >> the bad news is that this is
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some big this is the "cbs weekend news." >> glor: and this is our western edition. good evening, i'm jeff glor in st. pete beach on the gulf coast st. pete beach in florida on the gulf coast. anthony mason and meteorologist eric fisher are at the cbs broadcast center in new york. hurricane irma beat up on florida all day as it trekked up the gulf coast. it is now approaching fort myers moving northward at 14 miles an hour. the storm made initial landfall this morning in the lower keys east of key west at a category four. and again this afternoon on marco island just south of naples as a category three. irma is now a category two with maximum sustained winds of 105 miles an hour. the keys have been swamped. they could get as much as 20 inches of rain before it's over. irma is blamed for three deaths in florida so far, after leaving more than two dozen dead in the
5:32 pm
caribbean. power was knocked out to more than three million homes and businesses statewide in florida. we have extensive coverage tonight from correspondents throughout this hurricane zone. and we begin with jonathan vigliotti who is in naples. jonathan? >> the wind has died down but in its wake a lot of destruction. we're about two and a half miles inland. and i want to show you a scene like this, trees like this brought down throughout communities around this region. you've got to imagine when the storm rolled in we were talking about wind gustses upwards of 140 miles per hour. at this hour right now we're told 85 percent of homes are without power. make no mistake about it, though, this storm is far from over. the surge still expected to hit downtown naples where it's still too dangerous to go. we're talking about water upwards of 10 to possibly 15 feet high. right now there is a curfew in place. it will be lifted at 6 a.m.
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tomorrow morning when those waters are expected to recede. back to you. >> glor: all right, jonathan, thank you very much. the florida keys were the first to bear the full force, first full force of irma. elaine quijano has made her way back to key largo to see what it is like now, elaine? >> here in key largo we are still feeling the >> reporter: here in key largo, we are still feeling the effects of hurricane irma. some very powerful gusts continuing at this hour. and here you can see, while some boats remain tethered, others, like this blue boat over here, have become loose and essentially started to free- float side to side, here. a little bit hard to tell at this moment. but all up and down the keys, we know that thousands of people remain without power, and key west was a place of concern. folks chose to stay here on the keys and ignored the mandatory evacuation orders.
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we're told that if they decided to stay, they would be on their own, because officials would not come and rescue them. right now, we are still experiencing tremendously powerful forces, as that boat there behind me, as you can see, is just being rocked side to side. but that's the latest here from key largo. >> glor: that was recorded a couple hours ago. key largo, it remains so dangerous there. anthony mason is back in new york. anthony. >> thanks, jeff, irma is expected to remain a hurricane at least until tomorrow morning. let's get the latest now from eric fisher chief meteorologist at our cbs boston station wbz. eric, where does it go from here. >> from here it's taking a path along the coast just inland, that will be a crucial difference as we head into the overnight t will allow it to gradually weaken but it will be a gradual process. the peak wind gusts we have seen, stronger than anything from hurricane harvey a couple
5:35 pm
of weeks ago, 142 miles per hour in naples near the airport, big pine key 140. there aren't as many weather reporting stations but as we get more reports in, there steams to be damage quite extensive. here is a current look at the radar. there is the eye working towards the fort myers area, taking a path instead of straddling the coastline it is a little inland. we will see gradual overnight weakening but still 105 mile per hour winds. weakening is a relative term. when you have winds of this speed and heavy rainfall are you still talking about wade spread power outages, moving north at 14, its fastest speed of the day. here is the latest updated track. you see the white line close to the coastland but just inland. that will be some good news for tampa, an area vul terrible to-- vulnerable to storm surge expecting three to six foot surge, off the worst-case scenario. so a bit of good news, as it moves inland heavy rain and then
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tropical storm status moving too tomorrow morning. as we head towards georgia, south carolina, even charleston, a lot of surge flooding away from the center of the storm. >> a couple of days ago we were talking about another hurricane right behind this one, jose. it moved out to sea some what, but it's still a threat? >> we got a little bit lucky. the core of the storm just missed bar budda st. johns and those islands hit so hard and trying to recover now. this is the latest track on jose. essentially if you think about an airport and a storm, sometimes you are in a holding pattern. irma is a big storm and jose is now in a holding pattern. it has to wait until all of irma unwinds across the east coast. so it goes nowhere for the next five days is the general idea. between the bahamas and bermuda but as we get toward next weekend, and into next week it may try to return to the east coast. we will keep an eye on it. >> we hope not. eric fisher from wbz, thanks. irma hammered miami all day. hundred mile an hour gusts there, mark strassmann is in miami. mark? >> the storm surge that poured into parts of downtown miami has
5:37 pm
started to recede behind me. irma was relentless all day today. and to justify the decision by emergency officials to order the largest evacuation in this county's all day, irma's hurricane force winds punished downtown miami. we reported in this morning's misery one block from biscayne bay. i heard this crash and it was this sign that had come flying down. give you a sense, this thing would cut somebody's head off if it hit them. up to five feet of storm surge poured into miami's downtown business district. brickell avenue became brickell river. social media showed damage all over the city. high winds snapped two construction cranes on buildings two miles apart. no one was reported hurt. but high anxiety hit holdouts bill and judy reagan in their condo. >> i heard the gurgling and i recognized this morning that it is the flooding into the condo.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: by late morning, first responders had to stop answering 911 calls. people who defied miami's evacuation order were on their own, like tony and rachel coddington. >> it would have taken too long to get to orlando or atlanta. so we didn't want to chance it. >> reporter: as the storm hit today, they shot this video of a sail boat trapped under a causeway. they told news via a facetime interview they were grateful not to have been evacuated to someplace like naples, deeper into the storm. >> we are relieved, slightly. but we hope it's going to be nothing for them as well. >> reporter: but after a frightening day here, some people who decided not to evacuate must have had holdout remorse. if they get in trouble, until these conditions improve, they're on their own. is mark strassmann in miami which even though he escaped the worst, still had a very wet day. let's go back to jeff glor in st. pete beach. jeff?
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>> glor: anthony, thanks. and tornado warnings continue to pop up across the florida peninsula tonight. manny bojorquez is on the atlantic coast in fort lauderdale. >> it's not just these hurricane force winds and pounding rain in the fort lauderdale area, there is also the threat of tornadoes. in fact, this afternoon we have received warning after warning for tornadoes here as hurricane irma has spawned these waterspouts, these fun el clouds in the atlantic that have moved ashore. in fact, there was one reported tornado near fort lauderdale's international airport. the concern here is also storm surge and flooding. nearly 15,000 people have decided to ride out the storm at one of 20 shelters that have opened up here in broward county. there is a curfew in effect but
5:40 pm
that did not prevent some people from not only violating it, but also looting. fort lauderdale police reported they have arrested nine people so far for breaking into two stores. and they say they will investigate any additional reports of looting. the county's mayor tonight is reminding people not to let their guard down. that even as the storm passes, as you can see, the worst effects of this could last for hours. >> there was a remarkable sight on florida's west coast as bay waters temporarily receded as irma then pulled them out to sea. carter evans filed this report. the rain is going sideways, we are in sarasota, this is sar sarasota bay and it is normally quite calm on the bay, not today t is full of white caps and a lot of wind and a lot of blowing rain. most people in low-lying areas
5:41 pm
have evacuated to shelters right now. there are 17,000 people in ten shelters. five of those shelters are full. there is room in five of the shelters for 7,000 more people. that is about it. most people have evacuated as of about 8:00 last night. but i will tell you one thing that has been very interesting about the storm is what it has done to the bay here, this extreme low tide is something people who live here say they haven't seen before. >> the force of the oncoming hurricane is so strong that it literally sucked the water right out of sarasota bay. this sea grass that i'm standing on is normally under a few feet of water. and you can see that a lot of people took advantage of a lull in the weather to go out and take a look at this anomaly, something they had never seen before. these people vnlt seen before. but officials say what they are doing is very, very dangerous. they should not be letting their guards down and going out in these lulls because these extreme windy bands come without
5:42 pm
warning up and down the coast. back out here you can see this bridge behind me. this least-- leads to fiesta key, it is closed right now, it was evacuatedded as of 8:00 last night. there are some police officers who told us when they were driving over it just a couple of hours ago it was vibrating and shaking so they are recommending everybody stay off the bridge right now. pretty much at this point the hurricane is coming and there isn't much time left. the people who are still on the island over here, well, if they haven't evacuated by now they better be prepared to hunker down. >> glor: the tampa-st. pete area is extremely vulnerable to irma's storm surge. tampa and south tampa flood often. st. pete sits on the gulf coast and across the bay, the hillborough river runs through downtown tampa. david begnaud is there tonight. what is happening right now? >> irma is knocking on the door of tampa, jeff. the lights are on but the people are gone. it is a ghost town right now.
5:43 pm
i've been watching as bright green flashes have lit up the horrizeon, apparently transformers are blowing. the rain is intense. the wind is really picking up here. we're expecting within the next four, six, maybe eight hours that storm will be over us. here is what is happening that is quite dramatic that we have been watching all day. i am alongside the his br owe river that runs right through downtown. the water from the river is being sucked out into the gulf. it started at around 12 noon today. it should have already come back in with the high tide. but here's what is happening. the hurricane is literally overriding the tide cycle, keeping this water offshore. it has dropped probably six to eight feet where we are. and forecasters tell us what is going to happen is when irma roars ashore through here it's going to bring with it the water associated with the high tide but also the storm surge. here is the good news if there is any. forecasters are now saying the storm could be a category one by the time it rolls into tampa. that means the storm surge
5:44 pm
predictions we heard about three hours ago which could have put the surge as high as eight feet have come down. and now it may be between three and five feet. but here's the issue, the tampa fire chief just told me about an hour ago even if tampa gets three feet of water, it will be nearly impossible for his men and women to perform rescues. at this point, we have not seen a patrol car or an emergency vehicle on the road. again, there is nobody out and about right now. everyone is either hunkered down or gotten out of town. >> glor: david, thank you very much. those green flashes that david talked about, by the way, they can happen in storms like this. they can be transfixing. sometimes those are the transformers. we have much more coming up here as irma continues her long trek up the florida coast. we of course have correspondents all around the state and we have more next on shelters that are jammed with people who had
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>> glor: we thought miami a week ago was grog get the worst of this storm, it did not. but it was still bad there today as we see flood waters in downtown miami. we are back now from st. pete beach on the gulf coast of florida. many neighbors here fled ahead of irma but some did not, and some sought shelter in some of these shelters set up in the area yesterday and today. we found one in a school building. >> john hopkins john hopkins middle school is used to handling students. this weekend it's become a shelter for those with special needs, many elderly, and also families with pets who had nowhere else to go. we met 89-year-old irma valin. your name is what? >> irma. >> glor: your name is irma. irma live alone in a small wooden house in nearby gulfport. >> i'm scared. i'm scared of the storm.
5:49 pm
>> glor: did you come last night or today? >> no, last night. >> glor: donnell rogers brought his nine-year-old daughter, breyonce. are you worried? >> yes, actually i am. >> glor: but you are in a safer place now. >> yes. >> glor: are you glad you are here? >> yes. >> glor: breyonce and donnell were moved from this room to another because there was concern about the roof in the school gym. >> it has actually been really good because most of these people are really nice and they are helping one another. so yes, it's actually very happy being here. >> glor: happier than she would have been at her home. >> there are a number of shows shelters around. that particular one had more than a thousand people in it, and many of them staffed by volunteers. we're going to check in in fort myers now and kris van cleave filed this report. >> irma has come to fort myers. it is not the category three or stronger people had feared but a
5:50 pm
very strong category two. winds will be over 100 miles an hour. we know they're going to stretch at least into the midnight area, possibly longer. and then the real danger, the real concern storm surge. this is flooding just from all of the rain that we have had so far as the winds ramp down and start to move out, that's when the storm surge could happen. parts of fort myers still are at risk for ten feet or more of storm surge. that's what prompted about 30,000 people to evacuate, go into shelters here in the fort myers area. because nine out of ten deaths in a hurricane come from flooding. so you have people that have taken shelter in these emergency shelters, one woman went into labor today, fortunately there were medics on scene to help her through that because if you call 911 right now, help is not coming it is too dangerous out here for first responders to be
5:51 pm
on the road. so for now, people have to wait out irma before help can get to them. >> glor: krition, thank you very much. up next we'll head across this state and check in in orlando. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress that travel up her body with every step she takes. so keep on climbing, sarah. you're killing it. dr. scholl's. born to move. when i walked through for a cigarette, that's when i knew i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste, plus intense craving relief. every great why needs a great how. ♪
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>> anthony, the winds have really intensified just in the past 40 minutes or so. and this is just a taste of what's to come. overnight we are expecting hurricane forgs winds. those are winds that are 74 miles per hour and stronger. now orlando is currently under a curfew until tomorrow at 6 p.m no one should be outside. officials say the only people outside right now should be emergency vehicles, medical personnel and members of the media. now these strong winds have already caused damage. they have snapped power lines leaving some orlandoans in the dark. and we're just expecting conditions to get worse, anthony? >> adriana diaz in orlando. we understand there is a tornado warning northeast of there, be careful. >> and we'll be right back with an update on hurricane irma. showing off my arms? that's cool. being comfortable without a shirt?
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>> glor: late today, president trump declared a major disaster in florida. that will open up federal aid to assist in the cleanup from hurricane irma. tonight the storm will close in on the tampa bay area where we are, warnings are for a storm
5:58 pm
warnings are up for a storm surge of three to six feet. irma is expected to remain a hurricane through tomorrow morning when it heads into georgia. irma is now a category two storm with sustained winds of 105 miles an hour. the storm did weaken a bit after making a second landfall this afternoon on marco island near naples florida. wind prses 130 when it slammed into the keys this morning. monroe county has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew in the keys because of what one official calls a humanitarian crisis. there are reports of at least three storm related deaths and power was cut off to more than three million homes and businesses. anthony. >> jeff, thanks, it will be a long night still in florida. this program note, charlie rose interviews former trump advisor steve bannon on tonight's "60 minutes." some cbs stations will be leaving us now for local programming but for many of you the cbs weekend news will continue in a moment.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> look at that, just take a look at that. >> this is not the worst of irma. but when the worst gets here, it's going to last for hours. >> after a day of relentless winds and rain, this storm surge is now pouring into parts of downtown miami. >> the big concern moving forward is that storm surge. we are really ground zero for it here in naples. >> people need to take this storm with great seriousness. it is a storm of historic and epic proportions. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> glor: and this is a special expanded edition. good evening once again. for those of you just


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