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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. the oakland a's zero in on a site for their new ballpark. and the mayor says she's committed to keeping them in the city. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. i'm mi now at noon, the oakland a's zero in on/site on a site for their new ballpark. the mayor is committed to keeping them here at the city. the days at the coliseum are numbered but kpix 5's jackie ward explains how the a's are staying true to their slogan,
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rooted in oakland. >> reporter: while the a's have chosen a site for their new home, this is not a done deal. first they have to get the peralta community college district to move its headquarters. >> the a's will stay and pay for their own facility in oakland. >> reporter: although this plan isn't shaking out exactly how she wanted, the oakland mayor, libby schaaf, is excited about the commitment the team has made to the city and acknowledged that this is just the beginning of what might turn out to be a lengthy ordeal. >> the a's are clear that this is the beginning of a process. they absolutely have to convince peralta that this is a land deal that peralta wants to engage in. >> reporter: the team wants to build a new venue on 13 acres south of laney college along 880. oakland councilman guillen represents the district and is a trustee on the peralta community college district board for eight years.
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he says that area is under great gentrification pressures. >> while the peralta community college goes through their process and decides what they want to do, that we provide some controls and figure out what a permanent solution would be to protect the community. >> reporter: even if the a's win over the college and the people who live near it, they still need to come up with $500 million in private funding. if that happens, the new ballpark could be ready for opening day in 2023. the councilman took an informal poll among the residents who live within his district. he says two-thirds of them would prefer that the athletics stay at the coliseum. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. in celebration of the 50th season in oakland next year, the a's will be offering free admission to one game. it will be on april 17th against the white sox. the team says more details will be released at a later date. a water warning for hundreds of resident and it dozens of businesses in one east bay community. kpix 5's katie nielsen reports from alameda point.
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>> reporter: they started coming as early as 5:00 this morning. residents and business owners are trying to get clean water since they can't use the water out of the tap. >> i called ebmud this morning and her solution was you can go get some bottled water from city hall. >> reporter: the problem started a couple of days ago when residents complained about the water in alameda point smelling and tasting different. >> it's kind of a musty smell. >> reporter: ebmud ran tests yesterday afternoon and found a problem. >> the source is an irrigation line that was fed by a well, um, that mixed in with the drinking water system. >> how many people in your household? >> reporter: residents can pick up water from the red cross or city hall west until the tap water is safe to drink. but damon smith said for his family, the warning came too late. >> my wife and kids are sick now. my wife has an appointment three days ago, she is going back today. >> reporter: with hundreds of
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homes and businesses impacted, people hope the city fixes it soon. >> we had to hit pause, which is hard to do. you can't hit pause on harvest. the fruit is ready when it's ready. >> reporter: representatives at the alameda public works department will update them at 3 p.m. on the city website. until then, don't drink water, don't wash your hands, no showers even. in alameda, katie nielsen, kpix 5. firefighters say that unattended candles caused this apartment complex to catch fire in san leandro. it happened around midnight. people walked to the fire station a block away to report the fire. one person had burns and smoke inhalation, five people have been displaced. several agencies are helping to battle the skeggs fire near woodside in san mateo county. cal fire posted thieves photos of marin county fire and pg&e crews on scene. the wildfire has spread across more than 50 acres in the
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western hills near skyline and upper bear gulch road. officials say it was ignited by a lightning strike monday night. hurricane irma knocked out power for millions in florida and now it appears the lack of air-conditioning may have led to the deaths of six patients in a nursing home. cbs reporter mola lenghi has the latest from jacksonville. >> reporter: elderly residents were evacuated this morning from a hollywood, florida nursing home that lost power during hurricane harvey. police say heat may have been a factor in the deaths of several patients. they may be related to the loss of power in the storm. >> reporter: police have started a criminal investigation into the deaths. they didn't say whether the facility had air-conditioning when paramedics were called early this morning. >> as we arrived on the scene with our fire rescue crews, we saw that there were a number of people in respiratory distress. >> reporter: across florida, 4.4 million homes and businesses still have no power. florida's biggest utility lined up repair trucks this morning in the miami area.
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but officials say it could be more than a week before electricity is back for everyone. power outages also remain an issue in jacksonville. more than 800 utility workers are trying to restore power to more than 100,000 customers with no power. no lights and no air- conditioning. hurricane irma first made landfall sunday in the keys when residents of the lower keys are finally allowed to return, they will find almost total devastation. >> search team came through and broke their doors. >> reporter: this family is trying to get their family bar and restaurant on islamorada open again. >> we want somewhere for people to go during this hard time. so just a little stress-free environment. >> reporter: most homes in the keys have no power. there's practically no cell service or internet. mola lenghi, cbs news, jacksonville, florida. >> fema estimates that 90% of the homes on the keys had damage. several areas in the caribbean are shown before and
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after they were hit by hurricane irma. the image shows the destruction from the storm. almost every building is damaged or destroyed and 37 deaths there are blamed on the storm. hundreds of people packed a houston church to honor the police sergeant killed during the hurricane harvey. officers from across the country lined up outside during the procession to pay their respects to the family of sergeant steven perez. the 60-year-old died last month while spending his final hours trying to help save flood victims. perez was driving when he got trapped in 16 feet of floodwaters and drowned. he served 34 years as a houston police officer. money continues to pour in following the "hand in hand" benefit for the victims of hurricane harvey and hurricane irma. so far it raised more than $44 million. the one hour telethon aired on several networks including kpix 5 last night. feature performances and messages of hope from "a" list celebrities. donation are still being
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accepted. president trump is focusing on tax reform. he has been asking lawmakers from both parties to weigh in. cbs reporter weijia jang has details from the white house. >> reporter: president trump is shifting into deal maker mode to get tax reform passed. he tweeted this morning, the approval process for the biggest tax cut and tax reform package in the history of our country will soon begin. move fast, congress. >> i think they are very aggressive on this. they want it done. they want it in a bipartisan way. i thought it was very good for them to reach out to us. >> reporter: this west virginia democrat was one of six senators who had dinner with the president at the white house last night to talk about the tax system. >> we talked about everything in depth to where they are willing to say, okay, let's look at this, how we make this work. i thought it was very engaging. i enjoyed it. >> reporter: the bipartisan congressional outreach continues today when eight democrats and 5 republicans from the house visit the white house. but despite the appeal,
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republicans are writing the bill. >> we want to work with you. but we want to do tax cuts for the middle class, not for the wealthy. >> reporter: and speaker of the house paul ryan says he doesn't need democratic support. >> i would love to have the democrats supporting and working with us on tax reform but we're going to do it no matter what. >> reporter: republicans will release the framework of their tax reform proposal on september 25. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. >> house speaker paul ryan says his goal is to have a tax reform bill passed and on the president's desk for his signature by the end of the year. and investors will be paying attention. right now, the dow is up about 17 points after gaining 61 points yesterday. still ahead, just when you thought the bay area housing market could not get hotter -- >> another sign of the very hot silicon valley housing market. you won't believe how much over asking price this home just went for! >> plus, british researchers
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say a new weight loss device could be a powerful tool in the battle against diabetes. no surgery required. >> early-morning rain and thunder, lightning, now that the storm has left, what has it left behind? we'll let you know.
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we know the bay area housing market is on fire these days... with homes selling for well over the asking price. we know that the bay area housing market is on fire these days with homes selling for well over asking price but nearly $800,000 over asking? kpix 5's anne makovec on the bidding war for one south bay
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home. >> reporter: it's a rather models looking 2,000-square- foot four-bedroom house in a sunnyvale cul-de-sac but to its new owner it's worth 2.5 million dollars. it just sold for almost $800,000 over asking price. >> we're rich. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's the neighbors' reaction. they have no idea they were sitting in such a real estate hot spot. >> yeah. that's amazing. >> reporter: it's another sign of the inflated housing market caused in part by the silicon valley tech boom. this house is three miles from apple's new headquarters in cupertino. a big part of the value here is this property's potential. it's 13,000 square feet and just two houses down they are tapping into their large lots building four houses where there was one. >> neighbors will get four more neighbors over there and more over there changing the nature of the neighborhood. >> reporter: overbidding is the norm mountain bay area housing market, a -- is the norm in the
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bay area housing market, frustrating for neighbors. >> we want to buy but, you know, even this house we would have liked to buy but that's just insane, the price. >> reporter: these neighbors aren't going anywhere, but it makes them wonder -- >> is this a public? and are these prices going to go down? >> reporter: for now, in this cul-de-sac, things are only looking up. in sunnyvale, anne makovec, kpix 5. target will high 30,000 more seasonal hires than last year. they will stock shelves or fulfill orders that customers pick up in stores. retailers earn a third of annual sales between now and january. controlling diabetes without invasive surgery. gavin ram john that's helping people kick-start big changes in their lifestyle. >> reporter: this person struggled with his weight on
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the diabetes for years. >> i was very obese, overweight. my blood pressure was very high. my cholesterol is high. >> reporter: now the father of two is down nearly 50 pounds and 10 inches in his weight after having an experimental device called the endobarrier. >> when i look at someone, i'm a bit surprised to say, was i really that big? >> reporter: it's similar to gastric bypass without invasive surgery. the sleeve is inserted through the throat and into a patient's small intestine allowing food to pass through without being absorbed. >> they feel fuller with the device in which is a bit odd because it doesn't sit in the stomach. really just in the very first part of the intestine. >> reporter: the trial here at city hospital in birmingham tested the device on 65 patients struggling with type 2 diabetes and obesity. the device is removed after a year. the goal? to kick-start weight loss and
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get diabetes under control. >> sometimes people no longer need insulin injections or they have had a dramatic dose reduction. >> reporter: testing in the u.s. stopped after liver complications we dso patients. now the boston company that makes the device is working with the fda on new studies. he says endobarrier change his life. >> i feel more confident. >> reporter: his diabetes is in check and he is now trying to lose 40 more pounds. gavin ramjean for cbs news, birmingham, england. >> people lost an average of 33 pounds in the trial. we have had an action packed morning. things are calming down in time for lunch. this is our early-morning loop about 4:30 a.m. when we saw lightning coming through. you can see how they moves from the east to the west between 4:30 this morning and 9 a.m. then things started to settle down a lot. right now, what we're seeing is
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high clouds out there, a little drizzle along the coastline which we can definitely see from the golden gate. look at that. there were a few accidents along the golden gate this morning as a strong rain cell came on through. that area in sausalito. here's a look at mount diablo. you can see high clouds looking pretty out there. there's a little bit of a breeze out there, as well. wind gusts are expected to pick up today. concord right now 72. oakland you are at 69. livermore 74. a cool 66 in san francisco. 76 in san jose. so let's take a look at those wind speeds. hayward 14-mile-per-hour winds coming out of the west. sfo picking up at 14 right now coming out of the south. and west winds downtown, san francisco, oakland, as well, around 8 miles per hour. wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour, fairfield and other areas. this low bringing us those thunderstorms early this morning, late the night before, it is now moving on east. so as it moves east, we are
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then going to start to see normal conditions. clear skies will return. tomorrow we'll have cold air coming in then friday into the weekend we are going to have warmth. that heat will be on. yes, for the rest of the day, a slight chance for afternoon showers. cool temperatures, winds pick up and chilly tomorrow. 79 today. concord 71. cooler than average for where we should be this time of the year. here's the seven-day forecast. you can see the cooldown on thursday. 79 for inland areas. mid-60s for the bay. at the beaches, whoa, chilly, low 60s. friday through monday, look at all that sunshine. it's going to be sunny again. >> all right. thank you. moments ago in cleveland, the indians beat the detroit tigers 5-3 for their 21st straight win moving past the 2002 a's for the longest winning streak by an american league team.
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the major league record is 26 straight games set by the new york giants back in 191 6. still ahead, landmarks lit up as the industries announced for the two upcoming like games. >> and we invite all you pet lovers send us your questions about their health and well- being. just email and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon.
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the olympic games are coming to california. today the international olympic committee awarded the 20-28 summer games to los angeles.... and the 20-24 games
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the olympics games are coming to california! today the international olympic committee awarded the 2028 summer games to los angeles and the 2024 games to paris. ahead of the official announcement, the olympic cauldron at the l.a. memorial coliseum was lit up. that was the site of the 1932 and the 1984 olympics. nearly 50 other buildings and landmarks were also lit up in l.a. last night. well, we are getting our first look at serena williams' new role off the court. >> she is a new mother. she posted these photos on social media of her newborn daughter alexis olympia. she was born on september 1. she is named after her father, the reddit cofounder alexis ohanian. she announced her pregnancy in april. she revealed she was 8 weeks pregnant during the australian open and she won the 23rd major singles title. >> cute. >> a reminder now, if you have a consumer problem or question, email us or call us:
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ell, today's tip of the day is going to be is white onions. august into september, yes, there are even though it's still summertime, white onions on the grill are fabulous with so many different recipes even great on the hamburger. the flavor because of the new
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crop the profile is great. but selection and storage is very important. when you buy them, you want to make sure they're nice and white like this all the way around. free from any sprouting whatsoever. and they have to be heavy for their size. make sure all the outer skin right here is free from any cracking, too. when you bring them home, store them in a cool, dry spot, that's it not in the refrigerator. keep them away from moisture. on the grill, because these are mild, you cut about a half inch right there. put them on the grill with olive oil, salt and pepper, and a little bit of garlic powder. oh!! it's a beautiful thing. it tastes great. a little garlic powder on white onions, tastes great together. 'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. nd always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. ready for anything, how uc- berkeley is preparing for crowds and protests ahead of a conservative commentator ben shapiro's speech tomorrow. that and much more tonight at 5:00. all right. is that it?
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that's it. we're done. >> forecast? >> the game is tonight, dodgers are in tonight. they are 1-1 in the series now so they lost last night. [ laughter ] >> but the night before they did a good job at 2 a.m. so tonight there won't be a thunderstorm delay or anything like that. it will be cool and windy at 61 degrees at at&t park tonight. and then of course tomorrow is another cool day. but then we're warming back up for friday. the weekend is almost here. >> yay! >> halfway there. >> i love the optimism for the giants. it's been a forgettable season. >> never give up. [ laughter ]
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♪ >> steffy: you know, i -- i won't let this tear the spencer family apart. i'll do everything i can to help heal the rift between you and your son. >> bill: unfortunately, it's more than a rift. things have spun out of control. >> steffy: my god, bill. arson? you had to know there was gonna be repercussions. >> bill: i just didn't think losing my son would be one of them. >> ridge: another article on the spectra fire. almost makes me feel sorry for sally. >> brooke: so awful. >> ridge: looks like she's


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