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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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shake san jose. we are tracking the swarm around the hayward fault next.
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speaker comes to campus. riot rd... but then now it 11:00, security as a conservative speaker comes to kansas-- campus. right police stood guard but poorly-- fist started flying. >> we have coverage of the free speech showdown starting tonight with joe vazquez. >> you can see behind me the barricades are still up but the police have finally gone home minutes ago. a large demonstration, and one person appears to have been injured. we will show you some video here now around 9:30. a womanly injured and appeared to be bleeding. the police officer surrounded her quickly and made room for an ambulance. a witness tells me she was expressing her support for ben shapiro who was speaking here
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when she was attacked. >> she was holding up a sign, so she was up here holding it up and someone came up and yanked the sign from her and she chased after him. people try to get involved to break it up. >> a crowd of demonstrators took over this part of the campus and about 1000 people right here crowding up the streets. they flooded it and it started growing as the night went on. the sheer volume of officers in riot beer on and off campus was quite-- quite dramatic. a substantial portion of campus was surrounded by police. folks who went inside to see shapiro had to get through a metal detector.
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one student tells me he is fed up with all of the drama. >> there's a lot of divide and a lot of name-calling and hatred and i really don't think that's what this country needs. i feel like people need to at least start a dialogue to bridge the divide that has been happening the last few years. >> it was not clear whether they made up a large portion. it did not seem they were a majority of the crowd. >> to be fair most of the night was peaceful. we even saw a group hug between people on the right and left and at one point someone broke out an american flag but someone chanted for it to be burned but it did not happen. even after ben shapiro's crowd left, the antifascist group was on the microphone urging people to show restraint. don't take the bait.
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we did see a few scuffles where people were talking. it was loud, they were going back and forth but for the most part the only injury we saw was that one woman who was on the ground and i want to point out, the university said they spent $600,000 on security. we are not sure exactly how that detailed out but there sure were a lot of police officers here tonight. i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5 . she is accused of battery on a police officer and carrying a band weapon. sarah work was also arrested. the 29-year-old michael sullivan of hayward as well. plenty of witness-- plenty of people did want to hear what ben had to say, didn't they? >> college republicans invited him to speak and unlike other
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conservative speakers he actually made it to the microphone. >> mr. ben shapiro. >> after making his way through tight security, his website took the stage to a standing ovation. >> the reason i'm here is because fascism does not own the university. there are students who want to hear differing views and who don't believe the first amendment should die under the birkenstocks of a bunch of anarchist communist pieces of garbage. >> the former editor tore into uc berkeley and even took on the intercession of race and policeman. >> if you don't commit crime you're not going to be arrested for it. the police are not arresting by people for the fun of it. they are arresting criminals based on criminal reports. >> also, what he calls the
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identity politics of the left. >> everybody is a sexist. we here in this context very much about the wage gap or how women are paid significantly less. that's absolute sheer nonsense. 147 out of 150 of the biggest cities in american women make a percent more money than men do in their peer group. >> afterward he took questions from the crowd ranging from climate change to abortion. he mentioned that he spoke there before but his previous appearance on the required 2 security guards. tonight might be a warm-up for the free speech week. the plan to speak three of the four mac days. other confirmed speakers include his former boss, author
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and commentator ann coulter and a fired google engineer. more than 130 faculty members are calling for a complete boycott of campus activities and classes that week. one earthquake after another shaking the south bay and there was another an hour ago. we are live near the epicenter of the tremors. >> that last one a magnitude 2.8 and some people are asking what is the big deal? we've had not one, not two, but six? in the same area just today. >> it felt like it was shaking. >> she not only felt the quake before she left work tonight- - >> it was like was that an earthquake? >> she also felt the quake this morning around 10 duct 30. >> this was pretty mild for
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california standards. >> they did not appear to do damage but it's what many who felt them were talking about. just felt an earthquake, first one in a long time. >> another tweeted this earthquake in san jose is freaking me out. >> so there was an earthquake today. should i be worried? >> they say 6? hit this morning, four of them strong enough to feel. they see the tremors happened between the hayward and calaveras faults. is this unusual? usgs says no because small earthquakes happen all the time. >> i actually think it's better if you get a bunch of small ones because i heard if you have smaller ones it alleviates the pressure. >> usgs confirms that becky is correct. small? help relieve pressure on the bay areas very active faults. >> we have to hope for the best and be prepared.
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>> get this. they say there's a 72% chance the bay area will get hit with a magnitude 6.7 earthquake or higher within the next three decades. north korea has fired off yet another missile, this one over the pacific after threatening to reduce the us mainland to ash. south korea's military says that missile sailed through japanese airspace and fell into the ocean and an american was jolted awake by this. >> find shelter in a basement, north korea just launched a missile. >> it is the second aggressive test flight in the territory of a close us ally in a month following sanctions against a rogue nation. they also threatened to take quote stronger actions against the us. president trump is back in
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washington after meeting survivors in florida. the question now. is there a deal on daca? it depends on who you ask veronica. >> the fate of 800,000 dreamers hangs in the balance. mixed messages and a lot of confusion. >> you have 800,000 young people brought here by no fault of their own so we are working on a plane and we'll see how it works out. >> we had an agreement to move forward. >> the words-- these were discussions, not negotiations. >> we all agreed on a framework . >> they met president. trump for dinner and one of the topics they discussed, the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, said they left that dinner with a framework in hand. paired with funding for border security excluding that wall. >> at some point they cannot obstruct the wall.
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the wall to me is vital. >> protests broke out after he scrapped the program and called on congress to find a solution. 800,000 dreamers could be at risk of deportation if congress does not strike a deal. 27 years ago this woman was murdered while jogging. now there's a new high-tech clue . we will show you. newly released video shows trouble inside the ghost ship warehouse years before the deadly fire-- fire. why didn't the city do anything about it? the museum of ice cream is about to open. she found a secret room. >> it feels awesome. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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suing. they claim bart police dropped ball. attacked by a mob. passengers are suing. they cleaned up our police dropped the ball. >> i'm thinking about it now starting to get shaking about it. >> to passengers with strikingly similar stories of being violently attacked on the train by mobs of young thieves. they were riding in april 4 is a part when a large group of young thieves jumped the fair gates, boarded the train and began beating passengers and demanding cell phones and wallets. >> i have lumps on my head, cuts and bruises. >> i was threatening to be shot. alleging police failed to protect them, then dropped the
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ball on the investigation. >> i'm not aware of any individuals that have been arrested. >> a lawyer did not return a call but part-- part tell me they are understaffed and do not have the manpower to patrol every station. >> an attorney says that's not good enough. >> bart has allowed its trains to become a safe so not for passengers but for criminals. >> the victims hope the lawsuit will force bart to fix its safety problem. >> i don't want another parent to live to hear people screaming to get off. that will take a lot of time to get better. >> it could help crack a bay area court case. she was killed 27 years ago while jogging. investigators believe the murderer was waiting on a bed-- bench along
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the trail. they remember seeing a man with a mustache and now park police have put up these composite images using dna evidence. the image on the right shows what he might look like today. east bay regional park police want to hear with anyone from information on the case. we are getting a look at newly released video showing trouble inside the ghost ship warehouse years before the deadly fire. why didn't the city do anything about it? here's what we discovered. >> is the police. >> an officer banging on the date to stop an illegal array of it. >> you have to get everybody out of the place and turn your music down. >> understood. >> let's make it happen. >> we are having a private event. >> it's almost 2 o'clock in the morning. >> the oakland police department released a video showing
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interaction between officer hector chavez and a music promoter. it happened march 1. apparently someone flagged down the officer saying drugs and alcohol were being sold. neighbors also complained about the noise. >> i have a person that said you are charging 25 bucks to get in, so i imagine you have a permit, so i will be talking to the city. >> he wrote a police report detailing the encounter but apparently it never made it to the building inspectors. >> they report officers responded to the building and complex 35 times between 2014 and december 2060-- december 2016 fire. truck sales, theft, allegations of rape and illegal housing. they also report other city and county agencies visited multiple times before the fire. >> they had a duty to report and they did nothing.
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>> they defended the officer saying they did everything-- he did everything he was trained to do.>> kpix5 three women who said they quit their jobs in frustration are accusing the company of gender bias. they filed a lawsuit that seeks class-action status. the suit claims google pays women less than men for similar work and also claims the company puts women in jobs that are less likely to lead to promotions. the plaintiffs say they were undervalued from the moment they were hired and could never get a job. >> they were brought in at a level where their compensation was less than men who were doing work and who had similar qualifications and backgrounds. >> google says it tries to create a corporate culture free of discrimination and says all hires and promotions are checked for signs of gender bias. a corporate giant is taking
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over another bay area business. bluebottle is selling steak to nestli paying as much as half $1 billion. >> this will be the first time where a company they've invested in remains a standalone entity. it's not going to be integrated into the nestli corporation. >> management will stay in place and customers should not see any difference. it is the sweetest ticket in town. the museum of ice cream opens in just a few days. we have the inside scoop. >> the museum of ice cream is in a traditional museum at all. it is an interactive tossup of massive art installation. you will discover galleries that leave you with a fabulous sugar high.
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>> yes, you can try the real thing including cotton candy and cookies and cream ice cream. >> this is an exclusive favor-- flavor you can only get from the museum of ice cream. this is a strawberry snap sunday with strawberry basil sauce on top of it. it tastes amazing. >> following wildly popular runs in los angeles, the cofounder decided to take his vision and love for ice cream to the bay area. >> i think you've nailed of the track of really taking yourself out of your normal city life and being a kid again. >> this is the largest of the three pop-ups located inside an iconic bank. parts of it are uniquely san francisco. >> a lot of it is expired-- inspired by nostalgia and contemporary things that are
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happening. just the beauty of everything, both the rainbow in the community but also the unicorns. >> there are all sorts of surprises. this is a secret room called the unicorn stable and it is filled with mirrored tile. >> i couldn't help myself. they hope the museum inspires children. >> did you have fun today? >> yes. >> if adults are saying i want to be i want to-- i want to make a big sculpture or even a pound of ice cream then that will be at. they've accomplish the goal. >> kpix5. >> kyle half-gallon. gallon. >> there's no weather that's not ice cream weather. >> wears the museum of pizza? where's the museum-- where is the museum of pizza?
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where is the museum's things to consider. here we go with the temperatures outside, north beach, with called down to 60 degrees. 63 san jose currently conquered 64 santa rosa 50 might-- 59 and livermore checking and 61. we are a little cooler outside in oakland, 57 san jose 58 conquered. next week for the first time in about 3 1/2 months there will be some 40s out there. we will taste the fall a few days before fall begins. this is the weekend of art and wine. mill valley, you have the art and wine festival, mid-70s, lafayette you have your art and wine festival. 80 degrees, really nice weather . saturday will be the warmer choice. it will be gone over utah causing problems for them. we have a new area of low
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pressure but it's almost due north of the low area inducing a low air. that's why the sky was blue. humidity levels were down. a northwest airflow was quite comfortable and seasonal and will be as well in this case. not that much in the way of cloud cover. tomorrow afternoon, even less. enjoy a sunny friday. we transition on sunday into a taste of fall. it's not going to be cold but lows will drop to the 40s. conquered 3 degrees below average. 82. upper 70s for you, san mateo 73 degrees. pittsburgh 82 with sunshine present in 79. weekly 70 tomorrow. petaluma's, santa rosa, 80s. 83 clear lake, 86. such an across the board inland but look at temperatures falling from the 80s to the low 70s by tuesday. hello fall.
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we will be in the mid-60s but the overnight lows will be the one thing that change most significantly. 40s away from the water. >> it september. we can do hot but we can also do cool. this mysterious creature washed ashore. do you know what that is? >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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this washed ashore in texas city scientists are trying to identify a mystery creature spotted in texas. >> this blob washed ashore after hurricane harvey so what is it? the bbc sent photos to a biologist who says it's a thing to snake eel usually found in one is between 100 and 300 feet deep in the western atlantic ocean. other scientists have not confirmed that finding. the field goal was supposed to go under the crossbar and the indians incredible when on life support tonight in cleveland. the push for a state law to been this behavior. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens.
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your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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"windians" .. tonight going 22 s, which would they would probably change their name to the cleveland windians going for 22 straight wins which would be the longest street without ties. the tribe was down to the final strike but then francisco landor off-the-wall, game tide, we go
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to the 10th inning. >> down the line, fair ball. it's a walkoff for number 22. >> how do you like it? they deliver the goods 20 seconds straight passing the cubs. watch a guy steal his girlfriend's hotshot. the outfielder just as hot at fenway. he bangs a double off of the monster. >> for 4 and the red sox win 6- 2. they are headquarters of the georgie-- what's his name again? >> the windians. [ laughter ] >> the player of the week honor. he's a part-time coach and spent several days waiting for the nfl opportunity. coming from italy, a soccer player before them but asking the head
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coach for a chance to kick. >> some of the finest moments for kicking-- the funniest moments for kicking is a junior because he didn't understand the game. his first kick came under the crossbar and all the kids were saying in this spot you have to kick it over that bar. >> he was 4 for 4, not bad. >> shawn watson making his first nfl start for the texans. he provided the loan highlight. 49 yards for the score, the loan touchdown of the game and the 13-9 when. thursday night football nfl. it will be better than tonight. >> it's better for the 49ers than last week. >> anything is better. >> we will be right back.
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one quick note. 2.6 earthquake down san jose eastwood hills about 11:19. see you tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs >> so you can say what you want, but that's the way it is. ( questions ) >> did i hear you right, sir, you said there was hatred and violence on both sides? >> well, i do think there's blame, yes. i think there's blame on both sides. you look at, you look at both sides, i think there's blame on both sides. and i have no doubt about it. and you don't have any doubt about it, either. >> wow, i did not expect that. >> yeah, i wonder if he understands what we do. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight, stephen welcomes: john dickerson. michael rapaport. and musical guest grizzly bear. featuring jon batiste and "stay human." and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york


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