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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 18, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. protestors take over an event to announce support for the dream act. good after now at noon, lawmakers can't get a word in as bay area protestors take over an event to -- good afternoon, i'm michelle griego.
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kenny is on assignment. daca was hijacked by loud pro at -- loud protestors. >> [chanting] >> protestors held signs saying democrat was deporters and chanted undocumented and unafraid. congresswoman nancy and members of the delegation and several dreamers called the news conference, but barely got a chance to speak. >> okay. you cut off -- you've cut off the dreamers who are here to speak. i understand and you've had your time. >> [chanting] >> about 45 minutes after the news conference started and before several of the speakers got to the mic, pelosi and the delegation gave up and left. the protestors argue it's not just dreamers who need protection, they say daca and the dream act aren't enough.
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president trump is in new york today. he made his first appearance at the united nations. as meg oliver reports, his focus was on reforming the institution. >>reporter: president trump told world leaders at the united nations monday morning he wants the un to cut spending and make changes. >> if we work together and champion truly bold reforms, the united nations willy lerj as a stronger, more effective -- will emerge as a stronger and more effective -- for peace and harmony. >> this is the first time president trump addressed the united nation. an organization he has criticized in the past. >> the united nations is not a friend of democracy. >> but this morning, the president praised the secretary general's efforts to curve the un's growing bureaucracy. >> the staff has doubled since 2000. we are not seeing the results in line with this investment. >> president trump will address
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the entire general assembly tomorrow where he will likely focus a large part of his speech on north korea. video released overnight shows united states and south korea war planes dropping live bombs during drills over the korean peninsula. >> let's be clear, we seek a peaceful solution to this. >> president trump also holds separate meetings with israeli prime minister yat knot hue -- meg oliver, the united nations. >> governor brown is scheduled to speak in new york today including one at the united nations. here's the road focusing on climate change. later this week, he'll hold a news conference with the premiere of quebec and ontario, both canadian. permits and payments are in question as u.c. berkeley gets
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ready for a free speech week planned by conservative speaker -- he released this video earlier today. >> steve sutton released a press statement over the weekend saying two free speech headline events are cancelled because the student group hosting it failed to file the paperwork on time. that isn't true. the patriot has been stone walled and ignored and side lined by the administration which has refused to answer questions and return known calls. >> u.c. berkeley sent out a press release today saying its committed to free speech on campus. events by the berkeley student group from wheeler auditorium will not take place, but the university is planning for the remaining events on the schedule including speeches starting at noon next sunday
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through wednesday. according to the berkeley patriot group -- anne colter and white house chief strategist steve bannon are slated to make appearances. a search is underway for a man who struck two police officers with his car before speeding away. both officer are expected to be okay. investigators say they were responding to a shoplifting incident welling boulevard. there's no description for the suspect or the suspect's vehicle. new at noon, the a's are getting more support behind their proposal for a new ball park. kpix 5 is -- >>reporter: this area of oakland's near lake merritt could be transformed in the a's get their way. they want to build a new ball park here. >> this is so much more than a ball park. >> a coalition of the ball
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park's cheerleaders came out to support. >> the environment created is reflective of america's most beloved -- >> the oakland a's made the announce the last month. they're hoping this 13 acre site between lake merritt and 880 will be -- close to downtown with freeway access and a bart station nearby. according to the bay area council, oakland and its businesses stand to reap about $3 billion over the ball park's first ten years. there's concerns over what could happen for those who work and live here now. a community that could be placed out. these community leaders along with the a's will beat the new ball park drum as they face a challenging approval process ahead. >> this is an honor and refreshing commitment by a sports franchise to support our community, and we applaud their efforts. >> in oakland, anne mack witch,
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kpix 5. to the storm watch. the caribbean is bracing for another major storm. hurricane maria has intensified to a category 3 level. many of the caribbean islands in its path looks like this. the british virgin islands is covered in rubble and debris. we're here to track maria and its landfall. neta. >> it's tough to see those. the devastation those islands have suffered -- dominica is next in line. maria a category 3 hurricane. expected to make landfall on those islands in the next few hours. by this evening, that's when it's supposed to pass through and look where it's headed, toward puerto rico. sustained winds at 125 and gust as high as 150 miles-per-hour and it's moving west, northwest. by wednesday night into thursday, it could
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hit puerto rico toward the dominica republic toward the bahamas. it's looking certain as far as the fact it will hit puerto rico and toward the bahamas. jose though currently is impacting the u.s. we're to the north, and you can see along the east coast as jose is bringing down a lot of rain, strong wind and storm surge expected and a lot of these states along the east coast are certainly bracing themselves for that impact which is supposed to happen in the next couple of days. michelle. >> neta, thank you. four american college students are recovering after being splashed at a train station -- a woman approached and without saying a word sprayed them with hydrochloric acid. it wasn't an act of terror. the woman is in custody. the victims boston college student were treated for
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burns. protests continue in st. louis. crowds gathered for a 4th day of demonstrations following the not guilty verdict for a former st. louis officer in the fatal shooting of a black man. overnight, officers were attacked, property was vandalized and 80 people were arrested. u.s. investors will be watching the federal reserve policy meeting held tomorrow and wednesday. most economist don't expect -- but that's raised rates twice this year. let's take a look at the big board and see how the dow is doing. you can see it's up about 63 points. still ahead, a first for the american academy of pediatrics. new recommendations for teenagers considering tattoos or piercing. plus a bay area native hits his 18th season in the nfl and he's not slowing down. tom brady shares his game plan for
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staying strong.
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the first time -- the deadly shooting. a robbery suspect was shot to death friday during san jose police chief is about to give an update on the officer involved in a deadly shooting. a robbery suspect was shot to death friday during a traffic stop. kpix 5 sandra osborne is live at police headquarters. >>reporter: this news conference was scheduled to start at noon. we're waiting on the police chief eddie garcia to give us information on the person killed and the officer involved. in happened in -- north white road in san jose. police are trying to do a traffic stop on someone they say is a well-known gang
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member when had a felony warrant for armed robbery. police say he alluded police earlier. they did a high risk traffic stop and they said shot were fired and the suspect died at the scene. the chief garcia is expected to come out soon. they gave us an update on the officer involved. they say it's someone on the job for 11 years. his name is mike pena and the suspect shot ask killed had an extensive criminal background with not only drug charges but weapon charges. we're going to have more details tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. sandra osborne, kpix 5. tattoos and piercings are trends for adults. the academy -- chris martin he on the group's recommendations -- chris martinez on the group's recommendations for those who want to get inked. >>reporter: there's a meaning behind each of julia phase tattoos. she got her first one
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when she was just 16 years old. >> it's this care right here found from my father's birth name, ken. >> body modifications like tattoos and piercings have been -- they say young people need to weigh the potential consequences. >> teens tend to over estimate the ease and the ability to remove a tattoo and they understatement the cost. >> dr. cross says teens and parents need to do their homework to avoid risks like infections. the aap says it's important to choose a salon that's sterile and regulated by the state. make sure your immunizations are up-to-date. and know the law. some states prohibit teens from getting body modifications, others require parental consent. >> a place willing to tattoo a child without a consent is not
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-- >> 11 years after her ink, julia has this advice for young people. >> it's going to be forever and not just a symbol on your body, but the memories of how you got it. >> she says to take your time. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. it is time for a check of our weather with neda in for roberta. >> look at the skies right now. the clouds are moving fast. the winds pushing them around, but it's kind of a really cool, ominous view from mount vaca and i want to show you what it looks like -- we did see this moments ago. the towers, but it looks like the cloud cover is moving in quick. you have to time it out. oakland, 67. livermore, 74. san francisco, s . so it's cooler today compared to yesterday. temperatures are going to be a little below average. five degrees below average. the winds are picking up. the cooler air and the
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winds could be chilly. there's a slight chance of showers from a storm system to the north. not looking at measurable presip. here's a look at the winds right now, west, is the west, san ramon and pleasanton and sustained winds in -- 24 mile-per-hour winds, so picking up from what it was earlier today. this morning, nevada, you're at 22 mile-per-hour hour. here's what's happening to the north of us, we have this low that's bringing rain from washington, oregon. so it's sending those clouds into our area, a creating the cooler air, the breezy conditions as well. and that slight, slight chance of showers. here's a look at your temperatures today. cool, union city, 72. fremont, 73 degrees will be your high today. across the east bay, 77. walnut creek, 77. livermore, 7 77. temperatures in the low 80s for concord. mill valley, 7 had. and to the north, temperatures are pretty cool there as well with the mid 70s. sunset at 7:12.
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sunrise tomorrow, 6:55 if the -- in the morning. clouds similar to what we had today. temperatures are dipping. 77 degrees by the time we get to thursday for the inland areas. and then the weekend, we're warming up again. >> we're talking about the weekend on monday. >> it's pretty good. i like that. >> neda, thanks so much. san mateo native tom brady is in his 18th season in the nfl. odana talked about his new book -- kenneth craig has the story. >>reporter: tom brady is sharing his game plan for another five seasons in the nfl. >> i would say i'm faster and quicker now than when i first started playing football, even in high school. >> you're faster at age 40 than 18? >> yeah, i am.
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and i do -- it's apply ability. >> the super bowl champ explains applyability. >> you put the ban here and it's a squat, press. >> it's a technique for lengthening and softening the muscles to create more balance. >> when you're athlete, your coach looks at you and says, if he an improving player or declining player and if you're a declining player, they're looking for someone to replace you. >> brady, the oldest non kicker in the league says his strategy helps prevent injury and improve his game, but it's not magic. >> a lot of athletes come up to me and say tom, what's the one thing i can do. i say it's not one thing, it's everything. >> for brady, that's hydration and a healthy diet. >> moderation in everything and balance in all things. i don't think -- you should never do, like, you know, i'm never going to eat that. it's a doughnut. like, i don't think you should
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eat five of them. >> brady has been practicing what he's preaching for the last 12 years. >> when i'm 80, i want to be moving still. i want to be doing all the things i love to do. >> he says the book has actionable steps for all non professional athletes working toward the same goal. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. still ahead, a record-breaking night in hollywood as the stars hit the red carpet for the emmy's. highlights, coming up. what's cool about your school? you can e-mail why nomination at and we may feature your school on the show.
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some of the night's biggest winners included: men.. people diversity and politics took center stage at last night's emmy's award. the biggest winners included women, people of color, and members of the lgbtq community. julia, the star the glee broke the record. atlanta donald glover made history for the first african-american to win for a comic series. he won -- in his speech he said quote, long last mr. trump, he's your emmy. the jab is for trump never winning
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apprentice. stephen colbert introduced a surprise guest. >> this will be the largest audience to witness an emmy, period. >> and that is former white house press secretary sean spicer. he won -- we'll be right back.
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why bay area private schools are looking to dump the standard these are peppers. this is a cross between an orange and yellow pepper. these are great, loaded with flavor. if you're thinking about finding a yellow pepper or red pepper, there you go. it's right here. the storage is very important. n you buy them, make sure all your colored peppers have a nice color. they're nice and bright. you want to make sure the crown right here is free from decaying. that's where it starts and stem nice and green. make sure [indiscernible] for the sides and put it in the palm of your hand. when it stands up that's the perfect pepper to saute with. it has thick walls. storm them in the refrigerator a way. pepper was loaded with vitamin c and another nutritional value our body needs. isn't that beautiful. i want to combine a bunch of
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them and saute them. i'm tony tantillo. eat fresh and stay healthy. >> they're pretty good too. homework without grades, why bay area high school was looking to dump the standard a through f scale. that story and more coming up at 5:00. all right. it's a nice -- i took a nice walk earlier today. not too bad. a little chill in the air, but not too bad. keep your jackets handy for the rest of the week. >> especially in the morning.
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♪ [ insects chirping ] >> bill: brooke, you're not leaving. >> brooke: i have to. >> bill: it won't solve anything. >> brooke: solve what? you wanted your damn skyscraper so badly, you had somebody set fire to spectra! and then you punched your own son when he called you out on it! >> bill: i regret it! i told you! i regret all of it! >> brooke: you regret getting caught. >> bill: i regret that it might cost me my son. but not you. please, brooke. tell me i still have you. ♪ >> steffy: liam, i know you don't want to hear this, but -- >> liam: what? my dad's extending an olive branch? you're right. i don't want to hear it, not for a long time. >> steffy: he regrets what he's -- >> liam: maybe not ever. >> steffy: he regrets what he's done. >> liam: look at my face, steffy. let the man live with regret.


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