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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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hospital. i don't have his condition at the moment. additionally there was another truck that was in the parking lot that was one of the first struck. there was a pregnant woman in the back of that truck that was also transported to a local hospital. i don't have her condition at this time. >> reporter: now there are no skid marks or tire tracks on redwood road or in the in-n-out parking lot leaving officers here to believe so that are that the man in his -- so far that the man in his 60s or 70s had a medical emergency, possibly a heart attack. now the chp said this is bad. eight pool going to the hospital is never a good -- people going to the hospital is never a good thing, but had this happened later in the day with a school bus with 100 students on it parked right through where that truck came through and much more traffic, this could have been much worse. live in mill valley, andria borba, kpix5. developing news from sfo where a police officer has been stabbed, we're told officers are responding to a report of a suspicious person in the terminal 1 baggage claim area. when the suspect pulled out a
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knife and attacked. the wounded officer was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the suspect is in custody. now to that close call in the oakland hills, an all out assault from the air and on the ground as a four alarm fire ripped up a steep slope towards some homes. that fire broke out just after noon on a hillside north of interstate 580 forcing evacuations along several streets in the cabyoe hills neighborhood. kpix5's wilson walker was with anxious homeowners as those flames approached their properties. wilson? >> reporter: ken, a couple hour since they knocked that fire down and we can still show you dozens of firefighters up on that canyon wall kicking dirt making sure everything is knocked down. now as quickly as all this happened today, still a genuinely good scare for those who lived here. >> residents on ridgemont drive, we need you to evacuate immediately due to the fire.
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>> yeah. it happened real fast, saw the smoke and the flames started coming up the hill. >> reporter: neighbors say the fire started to erupt out of the clear blue sky and just as quickly as the flames arrived, so did the assault. flames screamed overhead. helicopters seemed to dance across roof tops. some neighbors grabbed garden hoses. others simply watched and waited as flames moved down and across this canyon. >> and it seems like the fire is changing direction according to the wind. >> had it gotten into that canyon where our house is next to, all of our houses would be gone. i was making comment earlier to my wife i don't want to hear any more complaints about the oakland fire service. they got here when their customers needed them to be here. >> reporter: and just like that before the late day winds could really pick up the fight was won. >> yeah. this was really scary. there's no question this was scary.
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>> reporter: so we still got a bunch of crews up there making sure everything is out. now to a person, everyone in this neighborhood praised the fire department for getting here almost as fast as the fire started. this is obviously a warm day, not necessarily a hot or windy day. had it been, this would have been a much more difficult situation. ken, back to you. >> wilson walker reporting live from oakland, thanks, wilson. our chief meteorologist paul deanno tells us with more hot weather on way the fire danger is going to stay for a while. >> it's going to be elevated at least the next 48 hours. here's the problem. offshore wind gets us warm, but it really dries out the air and relative humidity which is often 50, 60% is 9% today in hayward, 11% in santa rosa and in oakland close to the bay it's only 15%. what happens tomorrow? the offshore winds continue keeping temperatures elevated well into the 90s inland. we'll stay warm.
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relative humidity will stay dry which means the hills will stay under a red flag warning at least through this time tomorrow with relative humidity dropping below 15% again tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk about a significant change decreasing the fire change, when that will happen coming up. new at 5:00 marin county is one of the few places here in the bay area still using fire lookouts on days with high fire danger. kpix5's emily turner made the climb to the top of mount pa tamalpasi for the story -- tamapais for the story. >> reporter: as we pan up, you can see just how valuable that view can be. the view here comes with more than 3,000 elevation and unparalleled panoramic view, but it also comes with great responsibility. >> we serve as the eyes of marin.
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we're present to see what doesn't belong at that moment typically a smoke as recall as possible. >> reporter: once -- as early as possible. >> reporter: once a paid lookout on this spot 45 years ago, steven now volunteers for marin fire. he's one of about 30 locals trained to spend their days in fire season like this with eyes on the horizon looking for signs of fire. on red flag warning days like today they are a critical part of keeping marin county safe. >> any second counts when you're talking about all the homes in the urban area and if they can get us there any faster, it's super helpful for the public and us. >> reporter: not only can you see all of marin from had vantage point, but you can see -- from this vantage point, but you can see all the way to the east bay from a fire left over earlier from oakland today. it's one of the few bay lookouts left in the area. the advent of cell phones made most of them obsolete and the
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cost of managing them grew too high. >> we know exactly where to go, what color the smoke is, how fast the fire is moving. that's what the lookout can provide us before we are even on scene. >> reporter: and because so much of this view is outside cell phone coverage and difficult to access, the tower lookout is sometimes the only way to get that information. >> here with the 360-degree view, with the large population, with the watershed to protect, a lookout serves to see trouble at the earliest point. >> reporter: for those who are interested in volunteering for this program, this year unfortunately the program's closed, but marin county fire is looking at reopening that for fire season 2018. >> emily, has the lookouts caught any fires this season? >> reporter: actually they prevented a fire just last week. one of the volunteers was in the lookout. he saw a lightning strike, was able to figure out where it was, let the fire department know. they went to that spot and made
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sure that there were no hotspots that could potentially turn into a fire. so they do good on a regular basis. >> thank goodness for those volunteers. thank you. several arrests made in berkeley after scuffles break out during a free speech rally led by the group patriot prayer. kpix5's juliette goodrich is live at cal where a teacher was also taken into custody. juliette? >> reporter: ken, she's a berkeley middle schoolteacher. we'll show you that. we have video of her being arrested. today was to have a dialogue on both sides and that did happen, but also there was some violence and arrests. far right activist and leader of patriot prayer, joey gibson drew an expected crowd at cal this afternoon. >> no kkk! >> reporter: at first police in riot gear outnumbered the people who showed up for the rally and then something we vane seen, a planned sitdown talk -- haven't seen, a planned
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sitdown talk in the so-called empathy tent between opposing sides. >> i guess one thing that gabe was saying about you and this is the only thing i really know is that people have complained in your white supremist legacy. >> because people stood up to our rally, but i don't care about the color of your skin. i care about what's on the inside. >> reporter: and for the most part, that's what happened, a controlled dialogue, but it was the out of control crowd that kept things unruly. >> hey, hey, hey. >> i've done everything i can. back off. >> hey, be nice. >> back off. >> be nice. what's going on? >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ shouting ] >> reporter: do you find it frustrating when you're telling people to have a dialogue and that's not happening? you came here for dialogue. that's not happening right now. >> they don't want a dialogue. they're afraid to have a conversation is what it is. i think they're afraid we can connect with people and build
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bridges and they don't want that for whatever reason. when i say they, i mean them. >> reporter: people were led to downtown berkeley where this protester yvette marlarco was back in trouble with the law. >> let her go! let her go! >> reporter: a member of bam and also a berkeley middle school teacher back in trouble with the law. coming up at 6:00 we'll have more on her history and also what she told her joe vazquez last night in an interview about what her intentions were for today and what ended up happening. in berkeley, juliette goodrich, kpix5. nearly a week after hurricane maria ripped across puerto rico millions are still struggling for basic necessities like food, water and fuel. this afternoon hospitals that should be saving people are unable to provide care. ief effort.. they are running out of diesel needed to operate basic medical
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equipment. reporter mola lenghi is live at the white house with the very latest on the relief effort. >> reporter: liz, the president has defended the white house's response to puerto rico, but people on the island and in the halls of congress here in washington are calling on the white house to do more. hurricane maria was the third strongest storm to ever make landfall in the u.s. and its neighboring territories. scene days later the mayor of san juan says basic knepp sis it is like food and water are -- necessities like food and water are scarce and there's no gasoline to run hospital life support systems. >> this is the time for action. let's not talk about the debt, the fricking debt. >> reporter: monday night president trump tweeted texas and florida are doing great, but puerto rico which was already suffering from broken infrastructure and massive debt is in deep trouble. today at the white house mr. trump was briefed by puerto rico's governor. >> massive effort is underway and we have been really treated
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very, very nicely by the governor and by everybody else. they know how hard we're working and what a good job we're doing. >> reporter: earlier today president trump agreed to boost federal disaster aid to puerto rico and he's planning to visit the island next tuesday to get a firsthand look at the devastation. fema officials say more staff is on the way to the u.s. territory, but some lawmakers on capitol hill are getting impatient with the response. >> my concern is based on the behavior of our commander in chief, donald trump, and the tweets that he put it out. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio said the federal government's response will not be conventional. >> too big of a storm and the logistical challenges of getting thing in to restore power will require kind of a different approach. >> reporter: access to the island has proven to be a major obstacle as only a handful of flights are able to get in and out of puerto rico's main airport. fema said there are 16 u.s. ships currently assisting puerto rico and the u.s.
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virgian islands helping them out with things like food, water and generators. there are an additional 10 ships on the way and they are planning to get there within the next few days. >> what has been the biggest challenge right now to get supplies into puerto rico? >> reporter: liz, right now it's accessibility really. the ports are inoperable. there is one functions airport -- functioning airport and that is barely functioning in san juan. so accessibility right now is a major challenge. that combined with the fact the local and state governments there are really paralyzed, no power and communications. so they're unable to help coordinate the relief effort. so that combination is proving to be very difficult. >> thank you. the white house under fire after it turns out some officials were using private e- mails for official business. sound familiar? now a top house republican is demanding details on those e- mails. kpix5's melissa caen joins us now with this new twist. >> that's right.
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we've got republican congressman trey gowdy and democratic congressman elijah cummings are both giving the white house until october 9th to give them details about these e-mails. cbs news advised jared kushner, steve bannon, ivanka trump, former chief of staff reince priebus and advisor steven miller all conducted official white house business using nongovernment e-mail accounts. now the white house insists that no classified information was communicated and press secretary sarah huckabee sanders has said that the use of those private e-mail accounts was rare. e that email." du election.. m >> to my knowledge, very limited. out when counsel has i -- white house counsel has instructed white house staff to use their government e-mail for official business and only that e-mail. >> of course, during the 2016 presidential election mr. trump repeatedly attacked hillary clinton over her use of a private e-mail server, but the white house claims that there's no comparison between clinton's
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e-mail issues and theirs because clinton sent and received classified information. they say they did not. meanwhile the senate republicans' latest effort to repeal and replace obamacare is now dead. four republicans said they would vote no on the graham- cassidy bill, so it would not have passed. this afternoon republican leaders announced that there would not be a vote on it at all. the sponsors of the bill say they're disappointed, but they say they're considering when to take another crack at healthcare reform, maybe as early as next year's budget process just in time for those midterm elections. >> oh, yes, a key time to pass anything if you're the party that's ruling right now. >> that's right. you want to be able to go out and say look what we're doing, we're trying to address this issue to the voters. >> thank you. coming up another sign of a silicon valley housing crunch, the shocking number of people calling a friend's couch home base. >> plus top college basketball coaches accused of breaking the rules, the scheme involving
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money and top recruits. >> and the warning for unsuspecting pet lovers searching for a new friend online.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. uying a house. new at 5:00 more proof the silicon valley housing market is out of control. forget buying a house or even renting an apartment. kpix5's kiet do shows us for many young people about all they can afford is a spot on a friend's couch. >> reporter: in the bay area homelessness is where you find it and it is everywhere, on the streets, in the waterways, in vehicles and now on couches. >> you are technically still homeless. >> reporter: at 15 years old this girl's family life fell apart, so she slept on a friend's couch several months. she said couch surfers are at the mercy of someone else's kindness and patience. how much does it take for them to end up on the streets? >> a day or two, a couple hours it. just depends. you go to your friend's house that night and they say you
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can't stay here anymore, they are homeless. >> reporter: a first of its kind count has been done of so- called couch surfers. 17% of high schoolers surveyed, 13,000 students, are living on a couch. it's even worse at all of the county's six community colleges where 44% of students are homeless. that's more than 17,000 students. >> when you try to find these young people, they don't look like your chronic homeless on the streets. >> reporter: sparky harlan is the center's ceo and set a goal of making contact with 1,000 couch surfers by november 1st. the bill wilson center can take them on, provide shelter, clothing, education and job counseling. >> so we're trying to catch these young people in high school before they fall off that couch into homelessness. >> reporter: supervisor cindy chavez said the couch surfer count just might be the push they needed. they said a big announcement could soon be coming from a local campus. >> they are all very interested at looking at what they can do to both build more housing and
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make housing available for students on their campuses. >> reporter: in san jose kiet do, kpix5. a usc college basketball coach is among 10 people arrested in connection with recruiting corruption. associate head coach tony bland and three other coaches are accused now of accepting thousands of dollars for steering young players to managers and advisors. prosecutors called them coyotes circling their blue chip prospects. >> all of them had the trust of the young players they coached and recruited, young men who looked up to them and believed that the coaches had their best interest at heart. s ongoing... ifax >> an adidas executive also arrested. the investigation started in 2015 and the feds say it is ongoing. san francisco suing equifax over its widespread data breach and for waiting six weeks to tell consumers about it. thuilaat t wsequifax d failed to protect t data of more than 15 million
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californians and it seeks penalties of $2,500 for each violation. san francisco is the first city to file a lawsuit against the credit reporting agency. equifax is also dealing with a shake-up in leadership, the ceo richard smith just announcing he's retiring after 12 years. his retirement comes three weeks after equifax announced the data breach that affected 143 million customers nationwide. the better business bureau is warning people about a new scam targeting pelove. ey say t scammers are poaching pet pictures from other websites, then creating fake pet for sale ads on a craigslist. after the victims wire money costs are added for things like crates or medical insurance. if they try to get out of it, they threaten the victim. >> they'll say animal abandonment, fbi will be at your door. so there's that constant fear factor and then also the worry that that poor pet might be
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caught in transit. >> the bbb said the best way to avoid a scam is meet the animal in person. the bureau held an event at the berkeley humane society today to raise awareness for local shelter adoptions. coming up all new at 6:00 tonight the bay area city with a 25% spike in violent crime, we're taking a closer look behind the numbers of the fbi's new crime report.
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92 degrees in concord not unheard of this time of year, 94 in santa rosa, 90 in oakland with 15% relative humidity. that hasn't changed. that's courtesy of the offshore wind with us at least one more to 8co1,g liverinmore 88 degre oakland is hot are than livermore. air quality not great tomorrow especially in the east bay with our source of air coming from the north and east. some of the pollution in the central valley will find itself in the east bay tomorrow afternoon, so unhealthy quality for the east bay prompting a spare the air alert.
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if you want to see the a's play at home, it's today and tomorrow, a clear and mild, nice night the first pitch at 7:05 tonight. san francisco and redwood city 61, livermore 64 and pacifica and santa rosa 60 degrees. we've had offshore wind the past couple days. we've had an area of high pressure. the ridge will begin to move out tomorrow. we'll get one more day with the decent pull of air from north and east, offshore wind which means no fog anywhere tomorrow morning. we are crystal clear throughout the day. look at over my shoulder here, cloud cover beginning to return late tomorrow, well off to our west, likely returning to the coastline by thursday evening. we're back to normal friday because that ridge will be replaced by an area of low pressure counterclockwise flow around the ridge. all we're doing is changing wind direction flipping it back
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to an onshore flow. fire danger way down, temperatures on friday way down, 15 degrees cooler. once we get back to average we will stay near average after two more warm to hot days. the offshore wind will keep humidity levels low and fire danger high tomorrow. the ocean breeze beginning to return to the coast on thursday. everybody gets the cool ocean breeze friday grinning bringing us back to norm -- friday bringing us back to normal. toasty still in oakland and san francisco, highs in the mid- to upper 80s, cooler thursday, more significant cooling friday and saturday, saturday not hitting 80 inland, 60s nearly the bay. we'll stay close to average from the weekend through the middle of next week. that is your forecast. we'll be right back.
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"..." thanks for watching at five... cbs evening news is up next. >> anthony mason is here with a preview. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. up next puerto rico's dire need. san juan's mayor says -- >> we are having a crisis. >> reporter: but the president said -- >> we're doing a great job. >> reporter: we'll have a reality check on the relief efforts. >> plus football fans weigh in on the national anthem protests and -- >> reporter: while some monuments around the country are coming down, in philadelphia this one is going up. >> reporter: those stories coming up in just a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> allen and veronica will be back here in 30 minutes.
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ca ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> i know that leaders aren't supposed to cry. >> mason: a cry for help from puerto rico. >> help needs to get into people's hands, now. not tomorrow, not later. now. >> mason: the president says he's on it. >> we've done a really good job. re're doing a great job. and it's amazing, the job that we've done in puerto rico. >> mason: also tonight-- >> boo! >> mason: the backlash against antional anthem protests. >> you crossed the line! >> goodbye, pittsburgh steelers. >> mason: cities court amazon. >> for reasons not immediately clear, tucson sent a 21-foot cactus. >> mason: and, honors for a forgotten philadelphian. >> he was the dr. king and jackie robinson of his day.


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