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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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ast thbaany. af d breaking news. a police chase and standoff, then shots fired on interstate 80. and the traffic mess continues in the east bay. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. it all came to a wild end, cell
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phone cameras rolling as police and the suspect exchanged gunfire in the westbound lanes. take a look. [ sound of gunfire ] >> holy [ censored ] ! >> as you can see and hear, the driver who took this video was just a few minutes feet away from the scene. our team of coverage starts with kpix 5's jackie ward live near interstate 80 in emeryville. jackie. >> reporter: we are right by that powell market shopping center alongside eastbound 80 and this situation behind me an improvement from an hour ago because traffic is moving, drivers are back in their cars. they have been stuck here by the 580-880 split for at least hours. eastbound starting, westbound stopped. the drivers out here tell me in a me they were scared about this situation all the action
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unfolding in front of them. [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: this is how a police chase that started in fairfield ended this morning. >> gosh, they were trying to get the man out of the car. >> reporter: richmond police had been following the suspects westbound, as the suspect approached emeryville chp slowed them down with a spike strip. the suspect vehicle then struck chopper 5, you can see the suspect stick his hands out of but when he stepped out, he draws a gun and witnesses say that police. >>'s f wiratstre d it n hewas then pop, pop, pop, lots of fireworks almost sounding. but there must have been at least 50 rounds heard at least. it sounded crazy. >> reporter: both directions of 80 had to be closed which means
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thousands of drivers could do nothing but sit and wait for the scene to clear. >> before we got stopped, traffic was moving pretty quickly. they were trying to get as many people off the exit as they could before they stopped traffic altogether. and so we're the unlucky ones here. >> reporter: there's a lot we don't know about this situation. we don't know if the suspect is dead or alive following the shootout. chp isn't give us an estimate as to when this situation will clear up, especially for the drivers trying to get into san francisco and head west. kenny and michelle, back to you. >> all right, jackie, thank you. so as this was happening, a neighbor in a nearby high-rise has this description of what he saw. >> oh, he is shooting, oh, [ censored ] , oh, [ censored ] , they just took him out, oh, my god! oh, my god. >> video apparently taken from the balcony of an apartment
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nearby. a man trying to take in what he saw unfoamed. our unfold. jaclyn dunn has the traffic situation. >> reporter: i-80 still a mess as far as westbound direction. we are taking a look at those sensors and you can see speeds as slow -- below 5 miles per hour. we have traffic backed up still pretty much into richmond. here's a live look 80 at ashby and it's still a mess. we have seen cars turn around, going the wrong way on 80 and then taking that powell street on-ramp and taking that using that as an exit just to get off the towards the macarthur maze there. you can see that traffic still continues to be very heavy making its way towards the bay bridge. we have been tracking your routes as your alternates. if you would like to use richmond parkway, take that to richmond/san rafael bridge to 101 to the golden gate bridge, you can head into the city that way. traffic busy southbound. we have that earlier ac transit
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crash fremont street off-ramp reopened. but harrison is closed and now we are getting reports ofa eadly accident "sig alert" in effect eastbound 24 right near pleasant hill road, three lanes currently closed, only one lane of traffic getting by. we'll have more coming up. now to developing news out of san francisco. two buses crash into each other one of them still wedged into a tight spot on the sidewalk. chopper 5 was over the scene on freedom street. you can see one of the ac transit buses stuck in the spot right there. we also got this video from a witness shortly after the impact. you can see a pole toppled over in the process and witnesses looking inside the bus trying to help those inside. we know that at least four people were injured including at least one bus driver. kpix 5's susie steimle is live with the aftermath. >> reporter: kenny, as jast told us and as you can sen foclr yourself, fremont street still closed as police investigate this crash. you can see why. that bus still up on the
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sidewalk where it has been since about 9 a.m. one of the pieces of evidence you can still see from the crash is those windows that have been kicked open. that's how the passengers got off of this bus and that includes people who ran in to help after, including one woman we spoke with who helped keep this bus driver conscious. >> i just wanted to keep her alert, conscious, and just make sure that she didn't pass out. she did great. >> reporter: danielle marquee was on thway to work at a nearby dental office when she saw a bus careen downing fremont street striking cars and a ac transit bus before stopping on the sidewalk. without thinking, she boarded the bus to see if the driver was okay. she says it's clear something went wrong before the crash. >> lear she was light- headed cryand momentarily lost consciousness, based on what pae said and based on what the gessenrsbus were saying as they
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left the bus. >> reporter: this man and other construction workers helped danielle keep the driver conscious while waiting for medical attention. four people were transported to the hospital. a few other construction workers say they were lucky to be able to get out of the way before the bus hit. >> my friend here saw the bus coming when we were under the scaffolding. and he said, what the hell? so i just turned around and started running. >> reporter: the crash was at 9:22 a.m. this morning closing down a major section of a road for hours. the scaffolding the bus crashed into is still something they are worried about. >> that's a concern and so we are still needing to communicate with the building engineers and see how it's actually affected the scaffolding. >> reporter: this bus traveled down the sidewalk like this for more than half of a city block taking out a sign along the
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way. we heard from so many witnesses and police, it's lucky there weren't more passengers and pedestrians on the sidewalk at this busy hour at soma. he cause is under investigation. the extent of the injuries noon crews were called to san leandro after a suspected pipe bomb was found in a dumpster near foothill and 150th avenue. according to the alameda county sheriff, it was likely a hoax device that looked real. you can see a bomb squad on the scene dismanhattanling the device. the sheriff's department has cleared the scene. a bizarre rescue in the east bay after a wayward dog was spotted on the bart tracks here around 8 a.m. near the coliseum station in oakland. cell phone video showing riders watching the k-9 go back and forth on the tracks. it took crews about half-hour to rang the dog to safety. the incident caused major bart
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delays. this morning, chopper 5 was over the coliseum station as riders waited on that platform the backup was bad also at the fruitvale station. the dog is okay taken to animal control. it was a fight in the oakland hills and now the fire department says the fire is 80% contained and all evacuations have been lifted since yesterday. kpix 5's jessica flores has the latest. >> reporter: the oakland fire department believes the fire started at the bottom of the hillside here and then raced st co nstruction crews are already building a housing development and now fire investigators are interviewing crews who were here when the fire started. oakland firefighters stationed at the top of the hill and the bottom are watching for hot spots after flames tore through the hillside yesterday afternoon close to homes off edwards avenue. >> i could see all the smoke so i knew where it was. >> reporter: at the height of
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the fire police evacuated 100 homes but fire crews dominated the firefight from above and within a few hours knocked down the massive flames allowing residents to return home. >> they did a tremendous job. you could see them scaling the steep mountain. we are very thankful. >> we didn't wait. d called cal fire immediately n tht seney response. >> reporter: oakland fire officials say they learned from the deadly 1991 hills fire to use every resource available right away. >> coming up on the anniversary of the hills fire, we hope that the community is still vigilant. >> reporter: the fire may have been sparked by nearby home construction by accident. >> we are interviewing witnesses from the construction site that they were actively working yesterday and we'll be doing that throughout the day. >> the oakland fire department hopes to have the fire contained by 8 p.m. in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. another bay area athlete might be taking part in the
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national anthem protest, this after many nfl players have been kneeling during the anthem. yesterday president trump called for the nfl to ban players who kneel while the anthem is playing. >> you cannot have people disrespecting our national anthem, our country r d that's what they are doouin and in my opinflion, agthe nfl to change or you know what's going to happen? their business is going to go to hell. >> kpix 5 reporter anne makovec has more on what could be the first nhl player to join the protests. >> reporter: the sharks are practicing today ahead of tomorrow's preseason game in anaheim. and that is when the nhl may enter into this nationwide controversy. sharks forward joel ward says ihenational anthem tomorrow. ward is from canada, one of about 30 black players in the nhl and says he has experienced racism since he started playing hockey. today the team sent out this
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statement. the san jose sharks deeply respect each individual's constitutional right to freedom of speech and personal expression. [ singing national anthem ] >> reporter: more than 200 nfl players "took a knee" or locked arms at games over the past week. the president has called for the nfl to ban players from kneeling while the national anthem is played. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say, get that son of a [ censored ] off the field right now? out, he is fired! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: we're also expecting to hear today from 49ers player eric reid. he was the first to join colin kaepernick in the anthem protest last year. he just wrote an op. ed. in the "new york times" that reads in part: masoine eed now is numbers. eoplle p silent bystanders. not only do we need more of our fellow black and brown
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americans to stand with us, but also people of other races." ♪[ music ] >> reporter: oakland athletics catcher bruce maxwell became the first major league baseball e pl national ay anthem on saturday. >> players and owners in the nba including the warriors have also made public statements about players' rights to kneel. in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. still ahead, president trump about to lay out his tax overhaul plan. what it could mean for businesses and for you. >> from the kpix weather center, good afternoon, everybody. we certainly have an offshore flow. it is clear and it is certainly dry. a red flag warning is in effect in addition to a "spare the air" day. we are going to talk about the cooling and when it will finally return coming up. we're the generation that had it all.
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we're the generation that had the music and the moves. we're the generation that had the style. well, sometimes. we're the generation that walked where
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live pictures show the smoke coming up... few details at this point... but the fire depar avoid the breaking news. a small grass fire at mclaren park in san francisco. live pictures now from chopper 5 as you can see, that smoke coming up from above -- from below under those trees there. few details at this point but we not fire department is telling people to avoid that area. we are going to continue to follow this fire and bring you updates as we get them. and, of course, in any firefight, roberta, the weather is always important. >> the weather is certainly important, and we are seeing some of those very dry north and northeasterly winds with a red flag warning that's been expired. but we still have the "spare the air" day in effect. as we take a look out toward the golden gate bridge, we have
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a little bit of a haze out there. some definitely glassy waters. but my concentration has been on that blaze right there, that grass fire in the mclaren park, which, um, is the second largest park here in san francisco right behind the golden gate park and then we have presidio park. it's surrounding the neighborhoods around portola valley, as well. in san francisco, the temperatures dropped up to 81 degrees. relative humidity is not a problem at this time, but we are experiencing those very dry, dry winds out of the north and the northeast. that's from inland areas moving to the coast. now, right now, where the fire is burning it's 78 degrees with a northeasterly offshore flow ten miles per hour. the humidity is between about 35 to 45%. another view of the golden gate bridge again that visibility is unlimited. we have the air temperature nd now. the winds are calm. winds west-southwest in oakland at 6 with more of an offshore flow in pleasanton, northeasterlies at nine
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offshore wind in fairfield. satellite-radar suggests the coast is clear. that's after shore. that's onshore and as we see the shift in our winds, out of the west tomorrow, we'll start to see a little more moisture in the atmosphere. we'll see a cooler day along the coast. mid-70s still not bad. but then we'll see our regular weather pattern return by friday. high pressure is now peaking as it continues to blossom over the state of california. there are santa ana winds in southern california. hot in sacramento 90s, perfect in monterey bay approaching 80 degrees. we're approaching 90 in san francisco. that's almost 20 degrees above average. 87 degrees in oakland through berkeley and alameda. 80s, 90s peninsula into the mid- 90s into our inland areas. just as hot inland and dry tomorrow. cooler at the coast back to average over the weekend. that's your midweek forecast. take it away. president trump is about to outline a tax code overhaul. if it passes, it would be the first revamp in three decades.
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cbs reporter weijia jang has details of the plan from the white house. >> reporter: cbs news has learned the proposal will slash the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20%. 7 tax brackets will become three, 35, 25 on the 12%. that cuts the tax rate for the wealthiest americans and creates a higher one for the poorest. but president trump says it will be offset by a standard n iodehlduy doubled. married taxpayers filing jointly would get $24,000 in deductions. single filers $12,000. the president also says his plan would significantly increase the child tax credit and modify the income limits so the credit is available to more middle income families. >> it will be a very, very powerful document. >> reporter: tuesday the president met with republicans and democrats on the house ways and means committee to put finishing touches on the bill. >> the vast majority of americans will be able to file their tax return on a single
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page without extra recordkeeping and all of that paperwork. >> reporter: but chuck schumer says the plan gives a big tax break to the wealthy. >> it's little more than an across-the-board tax cut for america's millionaires and billionaires. the trump tax plan will even conclude -- include a proposal to increase the bottom tax rate. a punch to the gut of working americans. >> reporter: by the busloads, house republicans headed to a closed-door retreat to talk about tax reform details with vice president mike pence. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. >> let's take a live look at the big board. the dow is up 75 points. we'll be right back. you could save energy
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it's called "seal team".. and it follows an elite unit of navy seals as they train.. plan.. and execute the most dangerous missions. "we're an intense new military drama hits cbs tonight. it's. it follows a union of navy seals as they train, plan an execute the most dangerous missions. >> drop down on us and [ indiscernible ] >> any objections? >> earlier today i had a chance to sit down with one of the stars of seal team. >> this is a big change for you coming from bones. you were there for 12 seasons and now you're on to seal team. tell me about the show. >> it's a very, um, -- it's an
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intensive look on the lives of these guys that are, you know, for me personally tier 1 leader so he leads these guknow, um, deadly missions to save and/or protect us at home. >> you can watch seal team tonight at 9:00 right here on kpix 5. we'll be right back.
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ends in gunfire on interstate 80. and we have just learned that the suspect shot down by police, is back to that traffic mess
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in the east bay after a police chase ends and gunfire on interstate80 was shot and killed by police. it ended on 80 around 9 a.m. after a standoff the suspect stepped out of the car, drew a weapon and shot at police. they returned fire. more at 5:00. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at noon.
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