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r. in his soaked pajamas, he became a symbol of the sexual revolution. tonight, playboy mourns the loss of its founder, hugh hefner. >> let's get right to kpix5's betty yu. >> reporter: playboy says hugh heavy under passed ay aw loved one at the playboy
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mansion in los angeles. the 91-year-old created a multi million dollar enterprise and in the process became the magazitene with help from investors, including his own mother. he published the first issue in 1953 from his own kitchen. it featured a color center fold of a nude marilyn monroe. to this day, the magazine is published worldwide, and products featuring the company's signature trademark bring in more than a billion dollars in sales. >> the reality is playboy and the clubs were the beginning of the sexual revolution. >> hefner lived a lavish life- style, hand a regular rotation of women, and celebrities at his famed playboy mansion. he married his last wife, crystal harris on neyear's eve 2012. his son said,. ural movements of our time... he will be greatly missed by many."
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hefner leaves behind 4 grown children. by the way.. he sold the playboy mansion last year.. for 100 million dollars.. with a condition that he could hefner leaves behind four grown children. he sold the mansion last year for $100 million with the condition that he could live there for the remainder of his life. betty yu, kpix5. e lithmobusted down a woman door. did officers go too far? the justciawtyded her a whopping $7 million. but the chief has a different answer tonight. we are live at the police department. >> reporter: liz, that woman's daughter was fking ntt edwa soorsaying the you're about to see is missing a crucial part, and a warning to viewers that may be disturbing to some. >> you are not allowed to come in this house!
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get out! get your hands off me! >> reporter: it's the injury that danielle says left her with a debilitating nerve condition. >> chief is standing by his ce officers, insisting they did nothing wrong. >> i'm extremely disappointed in the city's outside insurance company for settling. >> we're going to arrest your daughter. >> reporter: the video begins with an officer warning her to step away from the door as she refuses to open it because officers didn't have a warrant. >> could you please move back? >> reporter: it's not clear of threw her down, but the chief says that claim is false. the maporch. rs used a mi >> reporter: the chief says there's a crucial part of the video that's missing.
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>> it was conveniently stopped right at the point where she admitted it was an accident. >> reporter: but the city settled to the tune of $6.7 million. her daughter later convicted of the arson. the chief is speaking out now, claiming they're not tellin the entire story. the court's decision will finds my officers acted good faith within policy and law. >> reporter: the woman says she refused to open the door because police didn't have a warrant. did the chief explain why? >> reporter: he said the officers used an exception th allowed them on private property. it's called a fresh or hot pursuit, used when suspects flow from officers. but the attorney says the crime was a week old. >> thank you, maria. police chase turned into a
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standoff and then a deadly shootout right in the middle of interstate 80. tonight, we're learning the driver of the suv was wanted for an unsolved homicide in fairfield. the standoff happened near in emoryville. drivers that were trapped in the middle of it had a front closed from morning to evening, has reopened and is running smoothly. authorities chased a homicide suspect down the interstate and shot him to death after they say he pulled a gun on them and opened fire. a spring of gunfire on i-80 as commuters looked on in horror. >> pop, pop, pop. like fireworks. >> reporter: chopper 5 captured the deadly end to a chase that started in richmond, and ended on i-80 in emoryville. the man in the dark suburban appeared to be surrendering, showing no weapons. but when he emerged from the
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car, he aimed a firearm directly at the police. >> unfortunately, the suspect decided to oath me out of his v started shooting. >> reporter: one witness recorded the video capturing the moment when the suspect pulled the trigger. >> he's shooting. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] they took him out. oh, my god. >> to say who fired first would not be appropriate for us to come -- to comment. individual was linked to a homicide that happened here in fairfield in december 2015. the victim a man named william freeman. richmond police were trying to pull the suspect over, but he kept driving. it was near the 580 junction that spike strips were set down. the incident closed both directions of i-80. snarling traffic in the middle
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of morning rush hour. the eastbound side eventually opened but it would be roughly 8 hours before authorities wrapped up their investigation and finally reopened westbound 80, just after 5:00 this evening. the police have taken over the investigation, the officers who shot the suspect were from richmond police, and fairfield police. they are now on administrative leave. in emoryville kpix5. one climber was killed, a second injured. veronica de la cruz shows us what happened. >> reporter: witnesses say the rock fall lasted for about an hour. it started around 2:00 p.m. at el capitan, and rangers said there were about 30 climbers on the waugh -- wall, and a big chunk broke off. this is a picture of what looks like a puff the smoke from the rock. this is the rock where you can see where the big chunk broke off. visitors say there were loud bangs around the time of the
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fall. >> like bombs going off. yeah. it echoed through the valley. it was, considering how far away it was, it was loud. >> in 2013, two rock climbers on separate trips were killed by rocks at el capitan. rock falls happy during heavy rain -- happen during heavy rains. president trump's pitch to overhaul the nation's tax code. republicans released a 8 page blueprint today. it calls for slashing the corporate tax rate from 35% do to 20%. it also simplifies the tax code by reducing the current 7 income tax brackets to just three. 12%, 25%, and '03 35%. >> the top rate on the wealthiest comes down, and the bottom rate on working class
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families goes up. what kind of plan is this? >> but, republicans say doubling the standard deduction, and boosting the child tax credit were lower working class taxes. analysts warn this could reduce government revenue by $2 trillion or more over the next 10 years. the president's proposal also eliminates the currenstate and local deductions. that's bad news for people here in california who itemize taxes. it's still unclear how much the plan would cost, or if congress will pass the bill. russia, facebook, the election. tonight, the plot thickens. andrea borba rtrepos agents tried to ex-employ racial tensions in -- explode racial tensions in america. >> reporter: among the 3000 ads on facebook, we have confirmed at least one was a fake ad
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about the black lives matter movement targeting baltimore, and ferguson, missouri. >> it does make me angry, and it should be make everybody anne degree. >> reporter: lisa is the co- creator of black lives matter movement, and sa idad this week >> intentionally misleading, and in a lot of ways, intentionally racist, and degned bad feelings, and bad perceptions against black lives matter, against protestors and against the -- >> reporter: mark zuckerberg said they werebought through the self portal. facebook must do better, garza says. >> if facebook itwha e people get their news, and what they are seeing are things like black lives matter hits the
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police, they are taking that as real news, and then when it comes to making decisions about who represents you -- >> reporter: and those decisions have real life consequences at the ballot box. >> somebody trying to make a decision about who should represent them may not pick a person with the bigger viewpoint. >> reporter: facebook for its part has said it's looking at nine separate ways to improve platforms and guard against these kinds of ad buys in the future. bay area lice say this smart car plowed into a 3-year- old boy, and took off. tonight, the boy's father has a message for driver. law enforcement atfothrcefu removed this airline passenger. she says it started because of an allergy. deep in the california
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hospital. an a-c transit bus collided with another bus on fremont street.. and also 2 other cars.. before coming to stop in a contruction . p thneamong jue in a-c transit has launched an driver who had to be pulled
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from the bus -- transit has lauren ads internal investigation. launched an internal investigation. police are looking for the driver who hit a 3-year-old boy and took off. it happened this morning not far from the richmond city hall. tonight, aty' a bos ssagthe for the driver. >> reporter: the 3-year-old is here in oakland, his father says the child is undergoing brain surgery following a hit- and-run crash. [ speaking spanishthe boy has a critical head injury, and his father is beside himself. >> it's not fair, he says. he's just a baby. it happened at 11:30 this morning a half block from richmond city hall. police say the mother was parked right here along mcdonald street, putting her child in the car seat when the boy ran directly in front of traffic. >> unfortunately, the child ran off faster than the mom, and the passing vehicle, the
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suspect vehicle struck the child. >> reporter: the suspect vehicle was very distinct. a red marred car with blacktop. -- smart car with a blacktop. after hitting the boy, the driver slowly drove around, and took off. >> we're going to find this vehicle somehow. if we have the community help -- >> it's obvious, a red smart car. >> and not only that, it's a 3- year-old, and i don't think anybody's going to tolerate this so it's the best thing to do to turn themselves in, and we can figure things out. >> reporter: the father said he hopes the driver has a conscience. he's just a baby, he says. woman who was dragged off a southwest airlines flight says it all started because of an allergy, but tonight, she's facing charges. video shows the woman yelling at officers pushing and pulling her off the plane. the flight was scheduled to
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leave from baltimore for l.a. last night. the airline says an emotional support dog and another pet were on board. the womasaidn has a life threatening petal divide. the crew -- pet allergy. >> she could not provide a health certificate. >> i think she lost control of the situation and she waway fli in l.a. about midnight. southwest has apologized. she has been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. law enforcement agencies arrested more people for pot than murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault combined. marijuana possession accounted for more than 5% of all the arrests last year. we've shown you a lot of marijuana grows over the years.
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some legal, many not. but we're going to show you what is probably the most lethal pot farm we've ever seen. it's a problem that's popping up all across california. >> reporter: this is a trip to a crime scene deep in the forest, through dense cloud cover, and brutal terrain, as mis make there way to what scale alfarm ot peratiy onqu. if >> this at least gives us minimum start date. >> reporter: living quarters, kitchens, bathrooms and trash dumps, all for the purpose of growing a lot of marijuana. >> this was in excess of 15,000 plants. >> reporter: that's at least five separate plots across several miles, fed by pipes, all drawing right from waterways.
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>> 25.2 liters per minute. >> reporter: and scattered over all of this, there are the chemicals. >> 23-ounce. >> reporter: in every direction, fertilizer, poison, in sides -- insecticidesse. >> coyondu see these. the uncommon ones are the restricted use. >> reporter: car furron that is ban in the united states, buam mexican drug cartels who inatop e find, it's now turning up to 60, to 70% of sites, mixed in bottles with no warning labels. >> a hiker, mountain biker, a child could be hiking here, think that's a full bottle of what would be vitamin water. >> which is legal -- lethal? >> a 8th of
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kill a 800-pound black bear. >> reporter: they're using this to kill anything that wandering into the grows. >> if you want to kill wildlife, then lets just go ahead and place poison in food, and have wildlife come. >> reporter: the bears that were photographed walking into this camp were probably dead within minutes, and agents are finding dead wildlife near illegal grows with testing proving carbo furon to be the killer. >> >> reporter: the situation has become so toxic that cleaning up the sites requires the help of hazardous materials experts who are trying to figure out just how long carbo furron hangs around. >> to see any one of these sites is shocking and then you think there are hundreds of these just this area alone, and the budget to clean all of this
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up? well, there isn't one. >> probably approaching 400 sites already this year. and you've seen one. >> reporter: the grows are an old problem, the illegal poison with just a lethal twist, and the toll it's taking on the forest lands is just starting to surface. >> it will impact wildlife, the fisheries. this is nefrontier. the last of the warm evenings for a while of the low 70s still tonight, 71 in san francisco, and also san jose. concord coming at 70. clear skies at the golden gate, things ow, follwiall of us by friday. it's been a warm september. september 1, hottest day ever in san francisco, 106. for the month, almost 6 degrees above arm. san jose -- average, san jose, 2 degrees above average.
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mild night tonight, 65 in livermore, san francisco, 65. the pattern is changing bag because weather players are moving. we call this an offshore wind, decreasing relative humidity, increasing the temperature, and increasing the fire danger, it begins to move toward, 'slower pressure to move in. it means for us a significant change in the weather because the wind direction's going to change t will come back from the ocean, which will cool us down about 12 degrees in san francisco tomorrow, about 12 degrees inland coming up on friday. maybe some fog at the golden gate. half moon bay, pacifica. and tomorrow night, it's sitting off the coast, poised to spill into san francisco bay. things returning to normal friday. looking beyond next week into early october, the trend for the entire west coast including
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the bay area cooler than average weather. the heat is done, highest temperatures are gone. we begin cooling down tomorrow more significant cooling coming soon thereafter. still warm tomorrow, redwood city, 86, but 67 for half moon bay. pleasant hill, 89, fairfield, vacaville, hitting 90. just 77 in san francisco. san rafael, mild for you, 86. sonoma, 85. so cooling near the water tomorrow, cooling inland on friday. sunday, the milder choice over the weekend, both days look pleasant, wednesday, we may not even hit the low 70s. it may feel like october in october. the month has been all over the place, but we may get fall weather next week. tonight, stick around, because you're going to meet zoo. ewest baby at a bay area >> so cute. here are tonight's guests with stephen colbert.
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a new baby has arrived.. that's kito... hanging on to his mom as she goes about her business.. the baboon troop just got bigger. >> that is teeth toe hanging on to -- tito hanging on to his mom. we're told he is getting along with his siblings. he is the 8th baboon birth in four years. the troop now has 16 members. the oakland zoo has one of the doe ing tiboon troops in >> mtth all on. the eating. >> she has to nourish the babies. >> i think he gets it from another place. >> thank you for that. >> wild kingdom. that kneeling during the national anthem
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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retirement today mat cain was drafted by the giants in 2000 2 -- 2000 2, and after 15 years, 2002, and after 15 years, he announced his retirement. >> it means so much to me, and i can't picture me self putting a different uniform on. >> classy move in phoenix to
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honor him mid-game. big daddy will make his final start saturday at home. the giants lose 4-3. the a's close out their home schedule in style. mark can no walks it off. that's a home run off simmons. 6-5 the final. oakland has won 8 of the last 10? how about the quakes and fires, it sounds like the top of a newscast and a soccer match. chicago in a rout. the second goal for the game for chicago. the quakes have three games remaining in the season. 49ers talked to media for a combined 49 minutes in santa clara today. just 9 minutes were about football. >> you -- >> thank you, football question! >> there's been no decision on
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how brian hoyer and company plan to protest on sunday in arizona. kneeling is nothing w for doing with kaepernick last year. doesn't sound like reed plans to stop, even if it means risking his career. >> i feel like -- i can't be silent. if i lose my job, i will be satisfied i did what i felt was right. >> i think somewhere, the message is getting lost. our producer said they are protesting against trump. i said no, for social injustice, and police brutality. so somewhere,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to start your day. good night. stephen
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