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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 28, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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"karl the fog" is back. it's thursday, september 28th. >> the reason i'm laughing is i don't know if you can see it at home. >> click, click, click. >> that's jaclyn and roberta running to the set! [ laughter ] >> all the six inch heels on the studio floor. >> excuse me. [ laughter ] >> two inches. >> we all know i'm 5 '7." >> right. >> on a good day. >> yesterday i had a physical and the doctor said i was 5'5." i said no, on my driver's license it says 5'7". >> on mine it says 5'2"! as you're running out the door, take a look at our temperatures because they are coming down. i know, still hot away from the bay in our inland areas in the 90s but at the immediate seashore, we have the return of the fog, 73 in pacifica down from the mid-80s. 76 in san francisco down from 85. your full forecast is coming up but right now, here's jaclyn. >> hey, good morning. and right now, we are tracking
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an earlier -- a slowdown from an earlier problem, i should say. westbound 580 we had a crash near north flynn that's cleared. but we're still seeing residual slowdowns plus the morning commute has begun. 27 minutes between 205 and 680. approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, we are in the green into san francisco. back to you guys. the man behind "playboy" magazine has died at age 91. hugh hefner died yesterday of natural causes. he started playboy with help from investors including his mom. he published the first issue in 1953 right from his kitchen. it featured marilyn monroe nude in a color centerfold. the idea was an instant success. it continues to be published worldwide. products featuring its signature trademark sell more than $1 billion in sales a year. >> the reality is that playboy
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and the playboy clubs were the beginning of the sexual revolution. >> he lived life in the fast lane with and often changing rotation of women, plus celebrities, at his mansion. his most recent marriage was to crystal harris on new year's eve 2012. his son cooper said: our time... he will be greatly missed by many." last year, h ld the playboy mansion for 100 million dollars - under the condition that he could live there for the rest of his life. he leaves behind 4 grown >> last year sold the playboy mansion for $100 million under the condition that he could live there for the rest of his life. he leaves behind four grown children. today a woman who received a $7 million settlement from the city of santa clara plans to share more details about the encounter with police that started it all. kpix 5's maria medina has the video the city's police chief says lacks the entire story. some of the footage may be disturbing. >> no, you are not allowed to come in this house! [ screaming ] >> ah, ah!
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>> reporter: it's the injury that daniel the woman says left her with a permanent debilitating nerve condition. >> oh, my god, oh, my god! >> reporter: but the santa clara police chief is standing by his officers saying they did nothing wrong. >> i am extremely disappointed in the city's outside insurance company for settling. >> we're going to arrest your daughter for charges. >> reporter: the 12-minute video released by the woman's attorney begins with an officer warning her to step away from the door for refusing to open it because they didn't have a warrant. it's not clear by the video what causes her to fall. her attorney says officers threw her down but the chief says that's a lie. >> my officers used minimal amount of force and just guided her back to the other officer. she tripped on the porch. >> reporter: what's more, the chief says there's a crucial part of the video that's
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missing. >> it was conveniently stopped right at the point where she admitted that it was an accident. >> reporter: but the city settled with about your fine to the tune of $6.7 million. her daughter later convicted for the arson at santa clara high school. [ crying ] >> reporter: the chief is speaking out now saying they are not telling the entire story. >> court would have found my officers acted in good faith within policy and law. >> santa clara police said they used an exception called the fresh or hot pursuit that allows them on private profit used when a suspect flees from officers after a crime. the two men charged in a deadly ghost ship warehouse fire have pleaded not guilty. max harris and derick almena are accused of creating a death trap. they are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the december fire. a preliminary hearing is set for november. according to the bay area news
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group, the owner of the warehouse who is not charged will collect a $3 million insurance claim for the fire. 4:34. it seems like "karl the fog" was on vacation but now it's back. >> definitely back and, in fact, i have a couple of comparisons for us. i could talk about it but the best proof is in the pudding and we have our live weather camera looking towards the bay bridge where the skies are clear around the bay right now right there. but in complete contrast there you have the fog returning along the immediate seashore engulfing the golden gate bridge where now our air temperatures stand from t ri50 santa rosa, boy, that feels good this morning. that's good sleeping weather, 63 in san jose. today won't be as hot as yesterday. temperatures coming down additionally friday and saturday and cooler next week as we enter fleet week. west winds at 8 in san francisco.
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that's an onshore push. the winds are coming off the ocean, onshore, have not yet reached the inland areas. so we are forecasting 90s there. the winds still offshore in napa. 70s at the beaches down from the 80s. 70s, 8 bayside. 80s, 90s around the peninsula into our inland areas. the full forecast minutes away but right now pretty in pink, here's jaclyn. >> roberta, you're too kind. right now, we are tracking afog advisory, on the golden gate bridge and you need to give yourself some extra time and extra space between you and that car in front of you because of the fog advisory. it's dlt especially with people using high beams. on the maps a new problem along westbound 4. we are getting reports of a car that's blacked out possibly blocking a lane near willow pass. still in the green 28 minutes from 160 to 880. a three-year-old boy is hospitalized with a head injury after a hit-and-run crash in richmond. investigators say the boy's
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mother was trying to put him in a car yesterday when he got away and ran into traffic near 28th street and macdonald avenue. the suspect vehicle is a red smart car. a surveillance camera snapped this photo as it sped off. the car has a black top and police say it now has front end damage. if you have information, call richmond police. investigators say that the suspect involved in a police chase standoff and deadly shootout on 80 was wanted for a homicide in fairfield. the suspect was killed in yesterday's standoff which for hours shut down the freeway near powell street in emeryville. as christin ayers reports, somea drivers close view of the incident. >> reporter: a spray of gunfire on 80 as commuters looked on in horror. >> pop, pop, pop, lots of fireworks, almost sounding. >> reporter: chopper 5 captured the deadly end to a chase that started in richmond and ended on 80 in emeryville.
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the man in the dark suanburbput out the driver's side window showing no weapon. but when he came out he aimed at gun directly at police. >> unfortunately, the suspect decided to come out of his vehicle and started shooting at the officers. >> reporter: one witness recorded this video capturing the moment when the suspect pulled the trigger. >> already put his hand, oh, he is shooting, oh, [ censored ] , oh, [ ] , they just took him out! oh, my god! >> ceto orsay edwho fired fir -- is -- would not be appropriate for to us comment on that because we don't know. >> reporter: the suspect died at a nearby hospital. authorities have not identified him but he had been linked to a homicide that happened here in fairfield in december 2015. the victim, a man named william freeman. richmond police were trying to pull the suspect over but he kept driving. it was near the 580 junction that highway patrol put down a spike strip that sent his vehicle crashing into a
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concrete barrier shortly before the shooting. the incident closed both directions of 80 snarling traffic hopelessly in the middle of morning rush hour. the eastbound side eventually opened. but it would be roughly 8 hours before authorities wrapped up their investigation and finally reopened westbound 80 just after 5 a.m. in emeryville, christin ayers, kpix 5. now to a deadly rock fall in yosemite national park. one climber was killed, a second hurt. witnesses say the rock fall lasted for about an hour yesterday afternoon. rangers say there were about 30 climbers on the popular rock climbing wall when a big chunk of it broke off. el capitan overlooks yosemite valley. this is a picture of what looks like a puff of smoke coming from the rock and another look at it is the rock looking head on at it where you can see where the big chunks have broken off. visitors say there were loud bangs around the time of the
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fall. >> like bombs going off. yeah. it just echoes through the valley anyways through it was -- considering how far away it was, it was very loud. >> in 2013, two rock climbers an separate trips were killed by rocks at el capitan. they typically happen during periods of heavy rain, or snow melt. the identities are not released. meanwhile, the park is still open to visitors. a woman who was dragged off a southwest airlines flight faces charges but says the incident began because of an allergy. another passenger's video shows the woman yelling and officers removing her from the plane in baltimore. the airline says that an emotional support dog and another pet were on board. the woman had told flight attendant that is she wanted those dogs removed because she has a life-threatening dog allergy. the crew asked her to provide a medical certificate which she couldn't do. >> i will walk off. don't touch me! >> let's walk, then, walk!! >> don't touch me!! >> i think she just lost control of the situation and,
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um, she was way in other had ever head. >> don't touch me!! >> the flight left for los angeles a half-hour left. southwest apologized. the woman is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. time now 4:41. one of the first players to kneel alongside former 49er colin kaepernick during the national anthem is now speaking out. we'll hear from him after the break. >> and evidence that russian trolls used facebook to exploit racial tension in america ahead of the presidential election. i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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in the new york times. it was published just days after president trump said n-f-l players who kneel during the anthem.. should be fired. 49ers safety eric reid is speaking out about an op. ed. he wrote in the "new york times" after president trump said those who kneel during the anthem should be fired. he said he wrote that his kneeling is not meant to disrespect the flag or the military. he says it's to protest social injustice and police brutality. >> we have decades on top of decades where the country prioritized the needs of one
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group of "folks" and deprioritized another group of needs of folks. all the programs that the new deal put in place black people didn't have access to. and today is the aftermath of that. >> now, this is the contract year for reid. he says that if he is blacklisted and loses his job in the nfl, he will be satisfied knowing that he did the right thing. and sharks forward joel ward may "take a knee" tonight. the team is heading to anaheim for a preseason game. the canadian hockey player is one of about 30 black players in the nhl. the team says it supports players' rights to free speech and personal expression. the cocreator of the "black lives matter" is expressing concern over facebook's ad buying policies. kpix 5's andria borba breaks down the new evidence of russian efforts to exploit racial ntion ahead of the 2016 election. >> reporter: among the 3,000 ads a russian troll farm purchased onfacebook in advance of the 2016 election, cbs news confirmed at least one was a fake ad abo
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rgetinthth e baltimore and ferguson, missouri. >> it does make me angry and it should make everybody angry, quite frankly. >> reporter: this woman is the cocreator of the "black lives matter" movement and says she heard about the fake ad earlier this week. >> intentionally, um, misleading and in a lot of ways intentionally racist and designed to generate and gather vitriol and bad feelings and bad perceptions against "black lives matter," against protestors, and against the site. >> reporter: in a facebook live last week ceo mark zuckerberg said they were bought through the social network self-serve portal. >> most are bought without an advertiser speaking to someone at facebook. >> reporter: garza says facebook must do better. >> if facebook is a place where people get their news from and what they are seeing are things
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like "black lives matter" hates the police and white people, they are taking that as real news. >> reporter: she says decision about people who represent you have real life consequences at the ballot box. >> someone who is trying to make a decision about who should represent them may not pick a person that has a bigger viewpoint for what the world can look like based on misinformation they are getting from these targeted ads. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> facebook is looking at nine options to improve its platform and guard against this type of ad buy in the future. 4:46. >> temperatures will drop significantly along the coast. but we'll see a minor drop in our inland areas mostly in higher humidity in the atmosphere, not as dry as those strong north and northeast winds and that's because the winds will be fluctuating
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coming from off the waters. that's the golden gate bridge. it's totally socked in at this very early hour. the refreshing marine layer is back! [ foghorn sound effect ] >> 50 degrees in santa rosa. love me some foghorn! okay. give it up one more time. [ foghorn sound effect ] >> ha ha! livermore clear at 59 degrees. it's 60 in oakland. robert sullivan reports clear skies in redwood city. not yet affected by the west winds. he still has more of an offshore push very slight after five miles per hour. so we have the westerly in san francisco. that's an onshore flow. oakland however still seeing an offshore wind. we have calm conditions in concord. we still have a northerly at 5 in napa. satellite-radar suggests there it is. it's hanging tight to the coast. it's trying to penetrate the san mateo coastline there. so we will see that cooling today. not as hot as yesterday. coastal fog returns everywhere overnight tonight. and then this weekend we'll return to our average high temperatures.
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high pressure is still in command but we have this weak upper level area of low pressure. it's a dry cold front. precipitation-free but its enhancing the marine layer. we'll see a few mid- and high- level clouds as the week progresses, as well. 91 in sacramento today. we still have the fog and temperatures in the 70s in monterey bay. our numbers from the 70s at the beaches, still not bad, right? 70s and 80s across the bay. yesterday was 85 degrees in san francisco. so down nearly 10 degrees today. 80s, 90s around the peninsula. 80s, 90s around from the bay. the extended forecast does call for additional cooling a little bit more seasonal on friday all the way through the weekend. and as we enter fleet week, we do have the fog at the coast and seasonal highs inland. that's your thursday forecast. here's jaclyn. >> all right. thanks, ro. right now, we are tracking a new crash. emergency crews are heading to the scene and this is possibly blocking the north fremont on- ramp to southbound 880. this is involving an overturned vehicle and possibly another car. we don't have too much details
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yet but we will keep you updated as soon as we find out oserwhgeilnc will be edcl y e crews are there. in the meantime, do expect some minor slowdowns with tow trucks having to arrive and may have to close one of those lanes. also on surface streets that may start backing things up. if you are making your way along 580, we had an earlier crash and no longer blocking any lanes. still seeing those yellow sensors, 27-minute ride as you head from 205 on over towards 680. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, seeing a little bit of a backup in the cash lanes but other than that, you are smooth sailing heading into san francisco. ten-minute ride from the maze to 101. very foggy conditions as roberta has mentioned. please be careful. we have a fog advisory across the golden gate bridge this morning. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:49. deep in the california forest is a lethal pot farm.
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only on "5" the banned chemical favored by mexican drug cartels that kills trespassers.
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you a lot of marijuana grows over the years... some of them legal, many illegal. but this morning - we're going to show you what is prob most l we're showing you a lot of marijuana grows over the years, some legal, some illegal but this morning we'll show you what's project the most lethal pot farm we have ever seen. and as kpix 5's wilson walker explains, it's a problem that's showing up all over california. >> reporter: this is a trek to a crime scene deep in lassen national forest through dense ground cover and brutal terrain. federal agents eventually make their way to what might well qualify as an industrial scale farm operation. >> 4/17/17, this gives at least a minimum start date. >> reporter: there are living quarters, kitchens, bathrooms and trash dumps all for the purpose of growing a lot of
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marijuana. >> this farm was in excess of 15,000 plants. >> reporter: these at least 5 separate plots spread across miles fed by an endless network of pipes, all drawing right from natural waterways. >> 25.2 liters per minute. >> reporter: scattered over all of this there are chemicals. >> 32 ounces of malathion. >> reporter: in every direction, fertilizers, poisons, insecticides. >> i don't know what's in there. >> yeah, the malathion, a lot of the pesticides, a lot of over-the-counter pesticides. the uncommon ones are the restricted use pesticides. >> reporter: an extremely toxic pesticide that is banned in the united states but fast becoming a favorite tool among mexican drug cartels who operate in california's wildlife. >> it's dangerous. >> reporter: once a rare find, it's turning up at 60 to 70% of these sites, often mixed in
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bottles that have no warning labels. >> a mountain biker, hiker, a child could be hiking out here and be unaware think that's a full boat of what would be vitamin water. >> reporter: which is legal? >> which is extremely legal an 8th of a teaspoon would kill a 30-pound black bear. >> reporter: that's what's happening. illegalillegal growers are using it to kill anything that wanders into their groves. >> if you want to kill wildlife, then let's just go ahead and place poison in food and have wildlife come. >> reporter: the bears that were photographed walking into this camp were probably dead within minutes. and agents are now routinely finding dead wildlife near illegal grows with testing often proving cabafruurin is deadly. it's so toxic that cleaning up the sites now requires the help
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of hazmat experts to are trying to find out how long this pesticide stays in soil and water. >> in order to determine how harmful this is for wildlife and humans. >> reporter: to see any one of these sites is shocking! then you think that there are actually hundreds of these just in this area alone and the budget to clean all of this up? well, there isn't one! >> i'm more probably approaching 400 sites already this year. and, um, now, you have seen one. >> reporter: so the grows are an old problem. this illegal pink poison just a new lethal twist and the toll it's taking on our forest land is just starting to surface. >> they impact the wildlife and fisheries. this is a whole completely new frontier. >> reporter: in lassen national forest, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> and this statistic caught our attention: law enforcement agencies across the country arrested more people for pot than for murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault
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combined. that's according to newly released fbi crime data from 2016. marijuana possession accounted for more than 5% of all arrests last year. time now 4:55. president trump unveils his tax plan. why california's taxpayers could get hit very hard! >> a 3-year-old boy sent to the hospital after a hit-and-run crash. now police need the public's help identifying the suspect. the details coming up.
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, september 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this thursday morning as we take a live look at 880 in oakland. things are looking good. on the left we have a shot of san jose. things looking good out there, as well. but we know that the fog is back. >> it's back. >> welcome back, "karl the fog." >> the fog is back and we have
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the camera picture to prove it. [ foghorn sound effect ] >> isn't that gorgeous? let's put our hands together and applaud the fog because if you are inland where yesterday topped off in the mid- to high 90s, you're saying, yes! [ foghorn sound effect ] >> san francisco was 85 on wednesday. right now it's cooled to 62 with areas of fog. cooler today. we'll see below average afternoons as we enter the weekend and then trending even cooler next week. today, pinpoint forecast, 70s at the beaches, down from 80s yesterday. not bad. 90s inland, full forecast at 18 minutes after the hour. >> hi, roberta. good morning, everyone. right now, we are taking a live look at your ride along 880 right near 84. and we are tracking an accident not too far from this area. 880 is moving along quite nicely but we have an accident on the north fremont on-ramp to southbound 880. two cars overturned. it's not blocking any of those lanes. emergency crews are on the scene. you will see flashing lights as
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you are trying to make your way on to 880 this morning so expect some slowdowns as everyone has to stop and take a peek as they are heading through that stretch. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are definitely backing up a little bit more than usual in those cash lanes. we are already showing a sensor of yellow 12 minutes into san francisco from the maze. back to you. playboy founder hugh hefner has died at age 91. now people from around the world are taking to social media to honor the legendary ladies' man. hugh hefner became the symbol of the magazines he sold, the lifestyle. ultimate playboy that spanned decades. since the news of his death, fans have been flocking to his star on the hollywood walk of fame and the legendary playboy mansion. >> when you think about who he is and what he has done, huge, huge guy. >> reporter: the fi


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