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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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after a student was stabbed on campus. now at noon, a high school in san jose on lockdown after a student was stabbed on campus. hello, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at overfelt high school in east san jose. anne. >> reporter: it was a 14-year- old freshman who was stabbed. it happened at about 9 a.m. this morning. overfelt high school now trying to get back to normal.
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it happened right outside of the gym. that boy is in the hospital. he is expected to be okay and two teenagers are in jail right now. one is a tenth grader here at overfelt. the other doesn't go to school here. the superintendent says it was the non-student who did the stabbing. right afterward, he said the boys were caught by school staff. they didn't try to run or put up a fight. police then came to get them and spent about 2 hours collecting evidence at the crime scene. >> they put us on code red which is lockdown and we barricaded the doors and then went to code blue, nobody could leave the room. >> reporter: as students stayed in their classrooms, many contacted their parents to come pick them up. >> she only said come and get me. says i'm scared. >> reporter: some heard rumors about possible motives in the case. >> it basically, a kid got stabbed because he was wearing blue. that's the reason why, like, everything happened. >> reporter: this student says he is a friend of the victim,
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whom he identifies as mario. he says he doesn't know why anyone would stab him. >> i'm kind of confused, like, why, first of all, it would come on to our campus if they didn't come -- if they don't come to overfelt, why would they come onto our campus? and for a freshman, that makes no sense. >> reporter: the san jose police say the overfelt staff this morning did everything >> ri are ght.currently safe. there's no outstanding suspects. and the situation is just being investigated at this point. >> reporter: but obviously this does bring up questions about school security. and i spoke with a superintendent about that this morning. he said the visitors are all supposed to sign in. it's easy not to do so before coming on campus. but he says this is a school. he doesn't want it to feel like a jail. anne makevoc, kpix 5, san jose. new at noon, police in richmond have found a car matching the description of the one that was involved in a hit- and-run. that crash left a 3-year-old in
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critical condition. kpix 5's jessica flores has the latest. >> reporter: richmond police believe they have located the vehicle involved in that hit- and-run crash that left a 3- year-old boy with critical head injuries and right now they are interviewing the person they found in the car. police spotted the red smart car this morning, pulling the driver over on the westbound interstate 80 on-ramp at potrero avenue. the driver is cooperating with police. the person they are talking to is not considered the suspect at this time. the crash happened yesterday near the richmond city hall. police say the boy's mother was trying to put him into his car seat when he ran into traffic. that's when police say a driver struck the boy. police say the driver stopped after hitting the kid, drove slowly around, then took off. video surveillance shows the suspect vehicle, it's very distinct, a red smart car with a black top. police say the car now has front end damage. >> just want to emphasize that, you know, just because we have a driver from today's event it
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doesn't automatically mean that this is the same driver that actually was responsible for the collision yesterday. >> reporter: police say they are still asking for the public's help identifying the car and the driver. that 3-year-old boy is at children's hospital oakland where his family tells us he had brain surgery. he is listed in critical but stable condition. reporting in richmond, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. new at noon, a berkeley middle school teacher and activist yvette felarca is demanding the most recent charges brought against her be dropped. kpix 5's jackie ward reports l >> reporter: yvette felarca oupr sfrwas om joined by eddie robinson and their attorney. both were arrested on tuesday as part of a counterprotest. felarca was arrested for battery and resisting arrest. robinson was arrested for battery and resisting arrest and participating in a riot. they are insisting that the
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berkeley police department drop their charges and all charges against all the over rioters. on tuesday felarca was protesting "patriot prayer." she says the charges were politically targeted and that her group "by any means necessary"isev er >> it is completely the world turned upside-down that the university and that this community would have to spend millions for them to protect the rights of these racists and misogynists to then attack our race. we're going to continue to stand up against them. >> reporter: our cameras were there when she was arrested as the crowd chanted to let her go. the berkeley police department told us this morning that their focus remains on stopping criminal activity while creating a safe space for the free expression of the first amendment. this case is now in the hands office. istrict attorney's both felarca and robinson will be arraigned next month n berkeley, jackie ward, kpix 5.
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a fire ripped through a mobile home in san leandro killing two people. it started at 5:30 a.m. at a mobile home park on santa susana. the thre rodeyed stthwall. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire. we now know the name of the suspect who was killed after firing shots at officers in a standoff in the middle of a busy bay area freeway. police say this man, 45-year- old de milo hodge of san leandro was wanted for an unsolved homicide in fairfield. detectives aedem pttohe took o prompting a chase. he was followed by police on 80 and he got out of his black suv after a standoff and shot at the offices and was killed by police by gunfire.
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that standoff shut down traffic in both directions for miles. at 8:00 in san francisco large pieces of cement were on westbound 80 east of 9th street. cars tried to dodge the debris. all lanes are back open. twitter executives are on capitol hill meeting behind closed doors with senate intelligence committee staff. members of congress are looking into how russia used social media during the 2016 election. >> reporter: congressional investigators say russian internet trolls were able to purchase facebook ads with the goal of dividing americans using pictures and incendiary language! cbs news confirmed at least one of the 3,000 ads specifically targeted baltimore, ferguson, and the "b hope to learn what h been done, what has been published, who is doing what in this. >> it would be useful to understand what these social
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media outlets are doing to protect, um, the public. >> reporter: lawmakers say the trolls are still at it. an oklahoma senator said while nfl players protested during the national anthem this weekend before the game, russians were flooding social media media with hashtag boycott the nfl and "take a knee." >> they were taking both sides of the argument this past weekend and pushing them out from their troll farm as much as they could to raise the noise level in america. >> reporter: facebook, twitter and google have all been invited to testify about russian influence on social media at a senate intelligence committee hearing november 1. mark zuckerberg wrote thite s p against nation states attempting to spread misinformation and subvert elections. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. eight days after hurricane maria slammed puerto rico, basic resources are hard to find. the trump administration ign
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ships to allow deliveries in. but as david begnaud action has been far too slow. >> reporter: more than 3,000 shipping containers are sitting at the port of san juan. >> in these containers, we have medicine, water -- >> reporter: jose ayala is violent of crawley shipping services puerto rico. he says the stalled supplies could help more than a half million puerto ricans. >> it's frustrating. unless trucking companies start showing up, unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do. >> reporter: the governor us'st drivers to deliver the essentials. >> the bus drivers that would traditionally take these foods, they are not coming. >> you can't find them or reach them? >> both. >> reporter: most roads are still blocked by debris and fuel is in short supply. lines still stretch for a half mile or more as people wait in the stifling heat for basic
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necessities. >> this is our third day getting gas. it's just that with the tanks they hold so little. adr nisustdeestionprreis now temporarily waiving restrictions on foreign ships pos intopuerto rico. but at an emotional news conference, lawmakers called pu and sisters are american citizens! they have fought in every conflict. they have shed blood. they have died for our freedoms. it is morally incumbent upon us to help them. >> we are american citizens. we're not ersobe wre nottt w o >> reporter: david begnaud, cbs news, san ju, an putoer capitol hill today to an enthusiastic welcome and standing ovation. [ applause and cheers ] >> you have no idea how great this feels to be back here at work in the people's house. [ applause and cheers ]
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>> the louisiana congressman was shot in the hip during a practice for a congressional baseball game back in june. d,cr ea is walking now >>wistthl trchibutndes for playboy founder hugh hefner one day after he died. >> plus, new numbers on the u.s. jobs front. one big factor driving a surge in unemployment. >> it is back. it is the marine layer. it's the fog. it will affect your weekend. we'll have that forecast when we come back right after this brief time-out. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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he the magazine founder died at the
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age of 91. as danielle nottingham reports... ered as a tributes are pouring in for the original playboy hugh hefner. the magazine founder died at the age of 91. danielle nottingham reports he is being remembered as a pioneer of the sexual revolution. >> reporter: fans laid flowers on his star on the hollywood walk of fame while others paid tribute to the entertainment mogul at the playboy mansion. >> shocking. the guy he's a huge public icon and, um, yes, sad to see him gone. >> reporter: hefner, a self- described feminist coined the term playboy bunny but some say he was more. >> not only a humanitarian but he was in front with women's right. a lot of people say the opposite, but with rights. he was a legend. >> reporter: he built an empire around a topic considered taboo. >> we are going through a transition and we'll not be going back to the old concepts. >> reporter: at 27, hefner launched "playboy" magazine.
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>> the whole idea behind playboy was to try to put sex back into the total fabric of the interests of, um, man. >> reporter: the publication also attracted readers for its featured high-profile interviews. friends say hefner was surrounded by his family when he died wednesday night at the age of 91 at the playboy mansion in holmby hills. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. in jobs news the labor department says the number of americans applied for unemployment went up to 272,000 the e kweth financial fallout from hurricane irma. the unemployment rate is now 4.4%. let's check the big board. the dow is up about inrortt s yesterday. a little cooler today. >> a little bit cooler especially along the immediate seashore and just a couple of notches cooler inland.
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the marine layer hasn't been able to "pushhhh" any further than the immediate bay. it's a shallow deck of clouds but isn't that gorgeous? michelle was saying when she thinks of san francisco, that's what comes to mind right there. now, how about this? this gives you a f hoallow onoddiis oso gold gate idge but now it's lifting slightly. temperature-wise what a range. 67 in san francisco to 84 in livermore where the humidity is down to 21% very dry there. oakland at 73. humidity about 62%. the winds are all over the place. and later on tonight they are going to be more of a west wind 10 to 20 and that's going to usher that marine layer further inland but right now stacked n knocking bash temperatures from the 80s tow low 70s. not as hot tomorrow. and then below normal temperatures for our weekend. all right. here's the difference. yesterday, 58 degrees on
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wednesday in san francisco. today 9 degrees cooler than that. additional coo inngst minor co jose and in concord. we do havehu 2 gein command it' beginning to lose its grip as it goes east. santa ana winds problematic in southern california. 90s state capital, 74 monterey bay. 68 in the high sierra. our numbers span from the 70s at the beaches, 70s, 80s bayside, 80s low 90s around the peninsula to the mid-90s inland areas. your extended forecast does call for cooler conditions on friday. kenny? >> reporter: thank you. we are following some breaking news. chopper 5 live over danville. walnut creek and lafayette police following a suspect going southbound on 680. the car was previously reported stolen. we'll get updates and give you updates as we get them. this car is heading towards hayward for the latest you can
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check our website, and we'll be closely monitoring this situation throughout the day.
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chase... intiial reports -- walnut creek and lafayett nechr llg owovfo inhayward right a police chase is under way.
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walnut creek and lafayette police are following this suspect. police are asking people not to engage the vehicle. the car was previously t po rea know at this time. police are chasing this red vehicle. looks like an suv in an industrial area and busy intersections. we are going to stay on top of this and give you details as we check our website, as for now, in other ws, nelonger need and in one bay ar community they are a lifeline to people just trying to get by or start over. allen martin reports, that this week's jefferson award winner is the link to getting those things to the people who need them. >> reporter: angelica sanchez didn't want a handout. >> i go to school. i work. extra jobs. just to have whatever i have
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now. >> reporter: but 7 years ago, she literally had nothing. thieves stole every, singlite freedom her family's home in los angeles. with nothing to lose, angelica and her husband left l.a. and brentwd to be ar hercamefaer. >> hello, this is -- >> reporter: here she heard about delta community serva locc for 36 years has been helping people help themselves with housing and job referrals as well as giving away donated household items. >> yeah. >> reporter: angelica asked for a sofa. >> from a couch to a twin bed to a washer for my kids to wash. so i won't have to come and spend more money. nos agpresident, o,he uses hi own truck to collect donated items and then thgivek them of a thrift store everything here clothes, dishes, furniture, is free. >> i get so much out of it. i can't stop. >> reporter: bud retired from
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the tech industry in 2000, moved to eastern contra costa county and quickly saw a need. >> i warunning major organizations in the computer industry. millions wasn't an unusual number to talk about, right? and now dollars, single dollars, is a big number to talk about. >> reporter: for angelica, bud and the group are life savers. >> i'm grateful. >> reporter: for bud, there's gratitude, as well. >> i feel so part of the community. it's something i couldn't give up. >> reporter: so for helping countless families and individuals get back on their feet and survive financial tough times, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to bud medeiros. allen martin, ix 5. >> to help and donate items, rve the link to delta community n senominate your own local hero for a jefferson award at we'll be right back. we want to take you out
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once again to our breaking news. we're following right now a live shot from chopper 5. live over hayward. there is a police chase under way. police are following this red suv. it's going southbound 880 at highway 92 split. you see the reds suv there? this is the car that police are trying to get to. if you come into or anyone insi the vehicle, don't engage. again, a police chase right now that suv going southbound on 880. 'll be right back. that
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we have an update for the breaking news in hayward. the suspect that was in that red suv now in a white bmw, guns drawn, police are right behind this car! go to for the latest. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california. recently our catastrophic devastation.d hurricanes and flooding have upended lives and livelihoods. across this great country, americans have answered the call. that special calling that compels us, when others are down, to step up and do whatever it takes. america is at her best when, against all odds, we come together and lift each other up. announcer: please donate to america needs you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you.
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♪ >> bill: this is not how it's supposed to be, father against son. >> liam: well, i think i deserve some credit for keeping you out of prison. >> bill: by threatening to put me in it? now, if you were to erase that recording, we could have a meaningful conversation. >> liam: ah, but we wouldn't because then your motivation would be gone. >> bill: that's not true. we make a good team, liam. >> liam: you didn't think that before. >> steffy: is that fair? he made you president of spencer publications. >> wyatt: yeah, before you went and made yourself c.e.o.! how big of a crowd you got there, dad? >> bill: it's just your brother. we're family, so i filled him in on everything. >> liam: mm-hmm. and what? wyatt decidearson was good


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