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tv   KPIX 5 News at 4PM  CBS  September 28, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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blew past an officer trying to stop him. the man was determined and desperate to get away running read lights and driving in the wrong direction. quite a few times, he was close to slamming into otr heall the way to hayward, where he sideswiped this brand-new convertible at the intersection of jackson and santa clara streets. once he was stuck, he hopped out of the red suv and into the white bmw forcing the young driver to drive him away. >> freaked out! >> did he point a gun at you? why did you drive off with him? >> he was threatening me. >> with a gun, with a knife? >> it was just coming at me aggressive li kethe car stopped mile away surrounded by police the carjnsacker . put their hands up. plus arrested the suspect and took him away. the ending was relatively
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peaceful given the earlier chaos. the carjacking victim says he was scared and relieved now that he is safe. >> i didn't want to be involved. >> did the guy try to beat you up? >> he tried to tell me to go. >> reporter: nathan says he doesn't not suspect. it's not his car, either. just wrong place, wrong time. he was driving the bmw for the car dealership he works for. before the carjacking, the suspect hit this green car during the chase. >> came and hit us in the back, pulled back and just left. >> reporter: hayward police of the suspect. now, aside from being wanted for that stolen red suv, we don't know why he led police on a chase. we don't know if he was wanted for something else before this chase. >> lucky he didn't kill somebody. >> what are some of the charges he will face?
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>> obviously for stealing that red suv to begin with, but also felony hit-and-run, carjacking, also kidnapping because he took that white bmw driver for a ride, as well. so he will be facing quite a few charges. >> da lin reporting live from hayward, thank you, da. a san jose student stabbed on the high school campus and one of his alleged attackers was his own classmate! chopper 5 over williams overfelt high school around 9 a.m. this morning where police cars quickly surrounded the campus. kpix 5's maria medina is live at the high school where staff members jumped into action. maria. >> reporter: that's right. the victim a freshman one of the suspects a tenth grader here. it's unknown where the other suspect went to school. the stabbing left many concerned. >> barricaded the doors and then code blue, nobody can leave the room. >> my understanding, the students heading to or from p.e. >> reporter: the stabbing
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happened minutes after school started at 9:15 outside behind the gym. the superintendent says his staff members who saw the crime unfold acted swiftly. >> some of the staff members kind of just got around the two suspects and they did not put up a fight so applaud their efforts. they did an amazing job. >> reporter: school leaders kept students inside classrooms as police arrived. as soon as a "shelter in place" was lifted, many students texted their parents asking to be picked up. >> she only say that come get me, i'm scared. >> reporter: the motive unknown at this time. today the superintendent is trying to reassure the community. >> so people are going to want to know, is this random or not? eywell>>u , owed uyop haon the campus, they probably were looking for particular student. so in that sense, i don't know it wasn't random. >> reporter: that teenwill survive. there was not a school resource officer on campus today.
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the superintendent said ever since the san jose police department gone through a shortage they have not had a consistent officer presence here. maria medina, kpix 5. breaking news out of yosemite national park this afternoon. just minutes ago, another rock fall near el capitan. getting word that one person has been injured in this one, as well. these pictures show the dust covering part of the valley from the rocks that came down. this comes just a day after a british climber was killed in a rockslide. his friend was also injured. on the phone with us right now is yosemite spokesman ranger scott. scott, thanks for joining us. what's the latest on this second rock fall? is this connected to the first one? >> well, ken, um, yes, it's -- it's from el capitan. it just happened, as you said about 30 minutes ago. we have a big dust cloud on the road. we're looking at road closures. we have one confirmed injury with a helicopter flying in, and we don't have any further
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information. but from all reports, it was a significant rock fall. >> this is not as unusual as people think. i know the valley has been exfoliating that granite for thousands of years. is there any way you can warn people, do you ever see these coming or are they a surprise? >> well, right now, the technology is helping us understand when a rock falls the size and depth of it. the science isrtainln't is a co occurrence. the uncommon factor of course was the tragedy yesterday with the fatality. and the injury. but as you mentioned, rocks have been falling for thousands of years. this type of exfoliating and activity that's happening is normal. so another injury today is there anybody else cut off is the trail still accessible up to the waterfall? >> we -- word is still coming in. we have to reroute some traffic. again we have a big dust cloud and we have some debris on the road. so we're just getting rangers
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on the scene to assess the situation right now. one confirmed injury. we'll have to reroute some traffic and, of course, trying to ascertain if anybody else is injured and we'll need to tend to them. >> thanks for the update, yosemite park ranger spokesman scott getman with the latest. now more on yesterday's rock fall that happened at the southe apa ast fa yesterday, this is a sheet of lie of granite that fell estimated to be 130 feet tall, about big feeflake decomes wiright off the face of the rock. it's 1300 tons of granite coming down. people snapped photos of the dust and debris after it hit the ground. posted them on social media. yosemite records about 80 of these rock falls.
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18 years ago a person was killed from a rock fall in the park. new details in the deadly freeway shootout that brought i- 80 traffic to a standstill yesterday. police have identified the gunman as 45-year-old de milo hodge of san leandro. detectives tried to arrest him for an unsolved homicide in fairfield. but he drove off prompting a big chase ending up on i-80. it ended in emeryville when hodge got out pointed his gun and shot at the officers. they fired back and killed him. emeryville police are going through witness statements now and evidence in the case. richmond police believe that they have found that car that was involved in a hit-and- run that left a 3-year-old boy with critical head injuries. they spotted this little red smart car this morning on the interstate 80 on-ramp at potrero avenue. officers say the driver is cooperating with investigators. and is not considered a suspect right now. the boy underwent brain surgery at oakland's children's hospital. a man was run over by a vta
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train in san jose which caused major delays this afternoon. you can see crews trying to free the man after he got pinned underneath the train at mckee road at capitol avenue. it happened at around 1 p.m. this afternoon and took more than 20 minutes to get him out. the man was unconscious and so far no updates on his condition. fed up with their curfew, the 9ers say they are done with week night gigs. >> coming up, how their decision could cost the city of santa clara millions of dollars! >> plus, the not so subtle dig the warriors took at the city of oakland after paying the tab for their championship parade. >> and we take a look back at the visit that brought playboy bunnies to the tarmac at sfo.
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in its ongoing battle over concert curfews at levi's stadium. the 49-ers now say: the city ofclara is facing the music in its ongoing battle over concert curfews at levi's stadium. the 49ers now say they will not host shows there during the
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week at all. kpix 5 reporter kiet do on w e uproar er noise could cost the city big bucks. kiet. >> reporter: yeah. we actually got our hands on this letter before the city council even saw it. we are talking about vast sums of money here. each concert generates on average at least half a million dollars for the city. that's per concert. the 49ers very frustrated about all this, they are very clear that they are not going to book any weekday concerts until the whole mess is resolved. 49ers president al is frustrated in the letter expecting the city to meet with neighbors on september 6th about noise from late night concerts. wrote: ♪[ music ] he went on to say they were preparing for a coldplay concert next wednesday to go late past the 10 p.m. curfew since coldplay concerts have typically been getting out at 11 p.m. he said a second big name artist canceled because of the
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curfew and quote hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue to the city and authority that would come with it will be lost. council member patricia mahan says the city could easily cover the budget deficit with half dozen concerts. >> so i don't understand why our city council is making such an issue of this other than out of pure vindictiveness against the 49ers trying to make it an issue that it's really not. >> wt doou y igneents the the criticnes hbs or so say that you are difficult to work with and being vic detective particular against the 49ers? >> this is not political. >> you're here to do the right thing on behalf of the neighbors that are really impacted by the stadium. >> i was >> and dra daily owns a catering business and says canceling weekday concerts will cost her thousands in lost income. >> we need to come togetherring aas a city to make sure we can support and generate income. >> all right. so the next big step is for the
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city to meet with the stadium authority sometime in mid- october. at that point they will start the planning process to reach out to the neighbors to see what they think of late night weekday concerts. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. well, the golden state warriors have agreed to foot the entire bill for last summer's nba championship parade. the city of oakland says that its grateful the team made good on their public promise. the $786,000 bill offsets all taxpayer costs for police, fire and public works staffing. the warriors say that's more than double the initial estimate but they will go ahead and pay it out of goodwill toward the city. the team says, quote, this amount comes on top of the nearly $6 million: parades." the berkeley middle schoolachers getting arrested at political protests.. te is emanding that the berkeley middle school
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teacher and activist whkeeps getting arrested at political protests is now demanding that the most recent charges against her be dropped. felarca is the leader of the group "by any means necessary." she was arrested at cal on tuesday for battery and resisting arrest while protesting a rally by "patriot prayer." today at sproul plaza, yvette felarca became the target of some angry opposition. [ yelling ] >> you're the one that attacks people because they have a different view than you! >> she is facing a federal charge for punching a person last year. it's unclear how or if this latest arrest will affect her teaching career. other bay area headlines tonight. a couple found dead inside a burning mobile home in san leandro. firefighters got the call about 5:30 this morning but couldn't save the man and woman inside. the unit on santa susana was part of the mission bay mobile
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home park, a senior living community. new video of a cliff rescue in san mateo county. a man somehow got stuck yesterday afternoon and was clinging to the hillside near muscle rock. firefighters sent in a chp helicopter that was able to lift the man to safety. digging into the kpix archive vault we found this. take a good look. hugh hefner arriving in san francisco aboard the playboy plane. used to be called the big bunny. the bevy of bunnies there to greet him, even in 1971, he was defending playboy against criticism that it objectified women. >> think it's a very superficial and simplistic view of what i playboy is all about because i think playboy has had a major part in the sexual emancipation of our society and sexual emancipation and female emancipation go hand in hand. i don't want to leave sex out. a important part of who you are as a human being is sexual.
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>> he died at home yesterday at the age of 91. we learned today that he will be buried alongside marilyn monroe, who appeared on that very first playboy cover. one more warm day away from the water. temperatures in the 80s and 90s. that's going away soon. not only are we going to get cooler, we're going to get chilly. coming up, which days? there's more than one now, which days we'll struggle to make it to the 70s. your forecast is next.
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this picture just in... shows the rocks and dust from a and we have more on our ivr maot fe ry this afternoon. n ssrocks anckd the dust from a climber's perspective. that's looking down the face. you can imagine you can see the debris coming down on the roadway there on the valley floor. other photos show the cloud of dust spreading over the valley. one person injured in this latest incidents. again it happened today. yesterday one person was
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killed, another injured, when another big rock fall wee coinuito mor off el this story. weather final day hot inland perhaps a final 90- degree day of the year. we'll have to wait and see what october holds. it's the last day for the week at least. temperatures still warm inland but we are cooling down near the water. san francisco down to 67. t pushede inland. livermore 91. san jose santa rosa 88 degrees. we are clear on the radar. couple of fronts are coming through. one tomorrow, one early next week. they will not provide widespread rainfall. but we are not that far off from the rainy season. in october we average an inch of rainfall in san francisco. triple that for november and december. we are in the meat of the rainy season 4.5" of rainfall is the average for the month of december. so the dry season is wrapping up. overnight tonight, 50s primarily, vallejo, concord, fremont all 58 degrees. san francisco tonight foggy, 56
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degrees and santa rosa you will be one of the few spots dropping into the upper 40s. we are looking at a ridge of high pressure we have been watching it approach this time last week it's been with us for a week it's gone over idaho and western montana now. this low from the gulf of alaska will be diving down. you will notice some cloud cover increasing tomorrow. that wind and onshore flow will go all the way inland and we'll see fog for the first time this week spilling into san francisco bay so union city, hayward, alameda, san leandro, oakland, waking up with some cloud cover. san francisco with some fog. then in the afternoon, mid- to high-level clouds are passing by. providing for a partly sunny friday. the cooler ocean breeze covers all the bay area tomorrow. 10 degrees cooler than inland. back to average. normal for the weekend. next week temperatures 10 degrees cooler than average. we'll get chilly next week. concord tomorrow down to 81. san jose down to 78. napa 80. san francisco 67 degrees. your extended forecast: dare i
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say hello fall? >> very welcome. >> fans at levi's stadium will greatly appreciate that. >> not another game until october there. >> the a's stadium is finally opening in 2023 and bob melvin might be there, as well. three former presidents take a selfie with a pro golfer at the president's cup. who was that golfer? next.
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national anthems, and today during an interview with fox news he suggested league owners aren't sure how to make them president trump maintains nfl players should not protest the national anthem and today during an interview with fox news, he suggested league make the players stop. >> they are in a box. i have spoken to them. we are in a situation where we have to do something. i think they are afraid of their players, you want to know the truth. i think it's disgraceful. >> many owners participated in on field demonstrations including jerry jones. the a's gave bob melvin and one year contract extension that will keep him in the bay area through the 2019 season. his 535 wins are third most in oakland franchise history. the raiders have a big divisional game sunday in
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denver. there's always a little extra motivation for broncos running back cj anderson who went to bethel high school in vallejo and later cal. he says his mom is a big rater fan and is looking forward to the future move to vegas. >> free trip to vegas, free trip on my dime! [ laughter ] >> here you go. you know? now she -- [ indiscernible ] she hit him up for tickets, boom, it all works out. >> from a good gamble to a bad one, eagles rookie kicker jake elliot hit a 61-yard field goal for the win last win. listen to quarterback micked up. >> i'll give him my game [ indiscernible ] whoo! [ applause and cheers ] >> ah!! ah!! >> and that game check, reported $30,000 all of it going to
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charity. day one of the president's cup in new york under way with clinton, bush and obama all in the house. phil mickelson needed this putt on 18to internional n am wiand missed it. the highlight of phil's day however was this. lefty snapped a selfie with all three former presidents and attendants and one week from today today, mickelson tees off here at the safeway open in napa. >> that will be great. >> yeah. >> lefty coming to napa. thank you for watching. thursday night kickoff is followed by the matchup between the chicago bears and green bay packers. hope you enjoy the game. ♪[ music ]
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>> can you believe this? it is caught for the win! once and for all for sergio. justin thomas, pga champion. >> touchdown, alabama! >> north carolina, they're not going to be denied this time. james: tonight, the nfl's oldest rivalry is renewed. from the hallowed ground of wis green bay packers hosting the chicago bears on "thursday night football." [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]


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