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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 9, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning, monday, october 9 and we are following breaking news this morning with multiple fires burning in napa, sonoma county. highway 101 shut down in santa rosa and evacuations are under way. hundreds, if the -- if not thousands in wine country being evacuated. i'm anne makovec. kenny choi and anne makovec are off. >> at least five fires broke out at around 10:00 last night with a live picture of some of the orange flames that have been spreading across the area,
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often times closing roadways. 101 is close, part of 12 and 37 are closed and jacqueline will keep you posted as morning commute kicks off. that's something most people aren't beginning to think about right now because it is a survival mode since the flames broke out just after 10:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m., rather. we have photos we are gathering on social media and you can see some of the flames taken from near that person's property and this broke out very close to atlas peak road south of lake berryessa scott. we are going through viewer pictures. people have been in the midst of the evacuations and it was a
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wedding in napa where you can see some of the wedding guests before people were forced to evacuate. people were waking up and looking out their windows and seeing the danger and how close it was getting to their homes and many had seconds to evacuate, at that point. some people got a knock on their door from authorities. the smoke is very intense in the wind -- the smoke -- it has been blowing smoke as far south as you can see with the video showing how the flames are whipping up and blowing the smoke around. weather conditions have been a serious problem when it comes to high wind. very low humidity and forces that firefighters havebeen g in have
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been an immense and that is what we've been hearing. they've not had time to try to get a handle on the fire because fire because the main priority is to get people out of harm's way. right now, we have jessica flores live and she was able to make it up to napa, just about one half hour ago, where people are trying to deal with these evacuations. jessica, where are you and what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning, ann. not a good morning for people out here. really smoky and you can see the fire burning in the distance. we are near the silverado country club that you mention. that place is completely closed down and totally evacuated. we pulled off to a side street where you can see that fire burning and the glow all around, it is overwhelming right now with ash falling on us. it is like snowing out here.
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firefighters are up against dry and windy conditions and is very difficult to control the flames, at this point. officials are evacuating everyone in the area and we saw a stream of cars leaving napa as thick smoke fills the air. it smells like a fireplace out here in 40 or 50 miles away, in san francisco, you can smell this from there and ash is raining down on us, at this point. the fire started around 10:00 p.m. last night just off atlas peak road, it is that ridge in the distance, just south of lake berryessa. the county immediately declared an emergency. for folks streaming this service because there is no power out here or you evacuated, you want to know that these are the areas that were evacuated. it's atlas peak road including silverado country club, cubs lane and you also have a subdivision in the so do canyon road, monticello road and there
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are also mandatory evacuations for old sonoma road, and henry road, wildhorse valley road. we do have some emergency shelter information to tell you. napa county fairgrounds, the emergency shelter, a crosswalk community kirk church in napa with a lot of concern about animals. people have dogs, cats, horses and the napa county animal shelter at 942 heart lee circle will shelter animals, any household animals you have at this point. not sure about stable animals but we are in the dark in terms of injuries or structures burned. they saw structures burned and at this point we don't know how many structures have been
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burned or how many injuries. we saw several ambulances rushing out with police escort and at this point, and power is out and all we see this glow -- we see this glow south of this atlas ridge. we're seeing the stream of cars leaving napa. tell your family and friends to leave. it is not only dangerous, it is overwhelming. we have a huge battle on our hands for the firefighters with dry and windy conditions and they will face that all day today and we will keep you updated as we learn more information. back to you. >> we want to talk more about the conditions you've been facing.
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standby if you will. we want to let people know that both kaiser and center hospital in santa rosa have been evacuated and we will follow up on that. that is obviously a huge undertaking. jessica, getting back to your trip, you mentioned smoky conditions. what were you facing for road closures and did you get a chance that authorities have a handle on trying to get this scene somewhat in a way that people can get to and from safely? the first priority is getting folks out of here and you can see that we saw cal fire and police and everyone making sure folks are out of their homes. we tried to get a better vantage point but there are so many road closures and for our safety, police asked us to stay away. we are at a bit of a distance from the fire. you can see it glowing.
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in terms of the smoke, it is overwhelming and the ashes pouring down on us. it is almost difficult to breathe and talk, honestly. if you are even close to this area, you will have to evacuate. it is just not livable at this point. if you have power, or even if you don't, wait until the fire fires -- wait until the fire dies down. if you see my hair blowing, you can see the winds gusting is really a problem. this is an incredible emergency situation. they declared a local emergency almost immediately after 10:00 p.m. they are trying to get a handle on it. this whole community, the whole city, the county -- it is facing major obstacles this morning with wind and dry conditions. at this point, it does not seem like the fire will be done. it's whipping through 200 acres
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and threatening hundreds of homes. we saw a stream of cars leaving. this is 4:00 in the morning, not people going to work, definitely folks evacuating. we saw several ambulances rushing out and we are not sure what that situation is. we are not sure if they're just getting folks out or whatever. we are trying to get as much information as we can and we will bring you the very latest as we can. jessica flores has been talking about some of the emergency vehicles she's been seen going through the vehicles, as far as what we are dealing with for injuries and damage to properties and that will be assessed over time but at this point it appears as if the focus is on trying to get people away from the danger. containment seems almost impossible because of the weather? >> reporter: firefighters have quite the battle with those
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wind gusts so intense. >> if you are familiar with the lake berryessa area, there is a lot of green out there. radar shows smoke from the fires and you can see this in santa rosa and just north of fairfield, as well. these are fires that are burning for napa and simona -- sonoma. obviously when you moved north, napa, 3-mile visibility, it is less as you get closer and closer. it is not because of fog, it is because of all the smoke and it is the direction of the wind that is pushing that. the high death doppler, you can see this smoke from the sky where you see the smoke burning near the napa-sonoma area. folks in the bay area can smell this further south from san francisco because of the direction of the wind. it is flowing north-northeast and that is causing this. normally, we get an onshore
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flow that helps out the fire fighters. they need and will get that but not until tomorrow, unfortunately. right now, strong dry wind is coming from the northeast and this area is blanketed in smoke. a lot of people are thinking the fires are burning right next door to their homes and it's burning north in the napa area, mendocino county with another fire and wind pushing it and that is why you are smelling this everywhere. sustained wind is picking up a little bit for san francisco and oakland, 16 miles-an-hour and it is calmer in places like fremont and san jose but to the north, firefighters need to see this calm wind but they won't see it for a few hours. sustained wind at 22 in fairfield, so much higher. winds gusting and napa as high as 30-40 miles-an-hour and gusting as high as 40.
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futurecast will give you a sense of how intense the winds will continue to be. keep your eyes to the areas of blue and purple. in the next 20 minutes or so, it will be strong in santa rosa. fairfield, 30 and by 6:00, strong with sustained wind and the 20 for napa and that is not good news. the next few hours, very intense. by 7:00, it has not changed and still will be strong. several hours this morning, they will see intense conditions and 8:00, 30-mile per hour winds. 22 in napa and finally by 9:00 this morning, a little bit of relief. by 10:00, it will continue to calm down a little bit and by
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11:11 and 12:00, firefighters will get a break and the sustained wind will die down significantly. the heat of the day and the temperatures get stronger and the wind will be calm her. out of the next few hours, the wind is so intense. for humidity, 13%-14% humidity in the napa area and lake berryessa has drive a few will. some of the driest they have seen, near record fuels and through the santa cruz mountains, under this red fog warning, because of the intense winds and sustained winds, the gusting will be stronger and that pushes tree branches over and pushes embers across the roadways. the fire danger will continue through tomorrow because of how dry it is out there. it will take an onshore flow and the firefighters will be helped out by bringing in moisture in the air.
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it will help out with wins calmer after 11:00 this morning and this morning, they will stay strong throughout napa, simona -- sonoma, and mendocino to the north of us. mount diablo gusting up to 3:30 this afternoon. the early morning hours, really intense with people waking up to dangerous conditions. little bit hazy in san francisco and you can smell it out there and temperature-wise it will be low 80s in the inland areas and for napa and simona -- sonoma. we will send it over to jaclyn to check on the roadways. we are tracking road conditions with a lot of slow downs along 101 the and we just lost our camera shot but highway 101 in the southbound
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direction, just before this area, we are seeing major slow downs. they have to escort you off 101. you can take river road or college or highway 12 and go back east to 101. right now, 101 is closed in both directions between river and bicentennial and we are tracking a closure along highway 12. highway 12 and the closure we've been seeing was black all over. at this time, 101, very slow. you can see the sensors on the left side of your screen coming down toward nevada with a big backup and highway 37, it looks like they are setting up a
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closure along that route, as well. interstate 80 in the green but a lot of smoke in the cameras, especially at the bay bridge toll plaza, which is surprising. this is 101, the golden gate bridge, a little smoky and you can see going over here, you can see smoke at the bay bridge toll plaza and the cars at this early hour, we don't typically see this much of a backup. traffic is backed up to the crossing. more cars on your morning commute and not just the regular commuters. we will see a lot of extra volume in traffic. now, i will send it back over to you. when we look at these evolving road closures, as the fire continues to spread in
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napa and sonoma counties, at least five fires burning right now. a live look with hundreds, possibly thousands of people evacuating overnight since the fires broke out. at 10:00 p.m., they broke out. we will keep you posted as the information comes in and we will be right back. r 2am strol? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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welcome back. we are following breaking news in nampa and sonoma counties. at least five huge wildfires continue to burn out of control. they've been doing so all through the night as hundreds, possibly thousands have been evacuated. it is and wine country highways, 12 near palace toga, the silverado resort has been evacuated. they're asking people not to call 911 because there is smoke all through the bay area. smoke farther south in san
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francisco into san mateo county. flames are spreading. wilson walker has been in that area between highway 12 between napa and sonoma counties. it's very unpredictable, jumping roadways and making conditions dangerous. wilson, are you on the phone? [siren] we will hear from wilson walker very soon because he has been dealing with very trying conditions. with fire changing directions, you can see from the video, that the person is attempting to evacuate and then turning their vehicle around in the middle of the road as they see orange flames in front of them. we heard stories of fires burning on all sides of the roadway and not even knowing where to turn. it's almost certain to say we will end up hearing of injuries from this fire that has broken
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out in the middle of the night, obviously catching people by surprise and spreading so extremely quickly. hundreds have already shown up to some of the evacuation centers that are open. there are several in napa and sonoma counties. some of the largest at the fairgrounds. go to the fairgrounds or the sonoma county fairgrounds. the red cross has been setting up there for a few hours. they have cots and a lot of people were sleeping in their cars in the parking lot to. they may have harrowing tales of having authorities knocking on their door to tell them they have mere seconds to evacuate their home in order to get to safety. you can see some vehicles were on fire and we've seen a lot of video of homes and buildings on fire and some of these flames burning very close to power poles and power structures.
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we're hearing about a lot of power outages in the area and stoplights no longer working as the roadways have been closed. the sheriff's department has been hard to get a handle on what they are dealing with because the priority has been to get people out of the area, rather than even attempting to contain the fire. it is so out of control right now and they are trying to make sure that people are safe and the evacuation orders have grown hour-by-hour since the fires broke out at around 10:00. we are hearing at least five fires are burning. they call it the atlas peak complex fire, but the fires seemed to have originated in separate areas. a lot of the ash and debris that you see coming from these fires is spreading and creating fire and creating separate
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fires. we will continue to follow this. we have wilson walker between napa and sonoma counties and we have crews in napa and sonoma trying to get a handle on what we are dealing with here. some of the most alarming news that came out within the last half-hour is that kaiser and sutter hospitals in santa rosa have been evacuated and we will keep an eye on all of this and we will be right back. rved tur♪ the autumn carved turkey is back for a limited time at subway. so much turkey.
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♪ making it ♪ ooh ooh ooh. ♪ making it ♪ thick, carved turkey breast. the autumn carved turkey is back for a limited time at subway. so much turkey. near "atlas peak road" south of lake berryessa. they've burned at least 200 acres, and forced evacuations and several road closures. we continue to follow breaking news in napa and sonoma counties. crews are fighting fast-moving flames that broke out at atlas peak road, just south of lake berryessa. 200 acres, at least, have been burned.
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several homes, businesses and there are evacuations and road closures that have been going on all night since the fire broke out at around 10:00 p.m. the main evacuation areas, we are hearing that kaiser and sutter hospitals in santa rosa are being evacuated. a frantic and dire situation all around north bay wine country, the calistoga area and silverado resort has been evacuated. there are some live pictures with this orange glow spreading through the area. air quality is awful in the north bay and smoke has extended very some are -- very far south. horrible air quality in san mateo county, with more than 60 miles from that area, having smoked. if you are not evacuating, it's best you stay in your home with windows shut and there asked being -- they're king people to stay ed be ofonf the roadwa
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or are evacuated. it is an ever-changing situation with the fire jumping from different sides of the roadways. they have evolving closures. 101, parts of 12 have been shut down for periods and jaclyn will keep us posted on the traffic. in the meantime, we have devon seeley live in the newsroom with late-breaking details. >> reporter: you mentioned the smoke and just to give you a sense, we can smell the smoke in the newsroom and as i drove up, when i reached the peninsula, i can smell the smoke. a large and enormous swath of the area is being affected by the smoke from these fires in the napa and sonoma area. not surprisingly, dozens took to social media, reporting smelling the smoke. many people said it woke them
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up and this post shows ash falling in san francisco. look closely and you can see some streets there. we also have a photo where you can see hayes hanging over the city. the san francisco fire department said dozens have smelled that smoke and they're asking everyone to close their windows and not call 911 unless they actually see a fire in the immediate area. san mateo officials said the smell of smoke is being reported there. there asking you to be understanding and only call 911 if there is a fire burning in your immediate area. reporting in the newsroom, devin fehely, eyewitness news. we are going to take a break and then give you the latest details on the fire burning in the north bay area. - grocery outlet
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