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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the car. the occupant was a hitchhiker that he picked up as he made his way north. he was unaware that the vehicle was stolen or taken during a carjacking. police say a couple of days ago the suspect used and eight inch knife to carjacker 2015 chrysler in huntington beach. >>the license plate cameras are spectacular. they allow us to not only get alerts on vehicles but they give us a database, a tool to use to see what vehicles may have entered or exited our city.>>reporter: there are only three ways to drive in and out of sausalito and police department have installed nine cameras at those locations. chances are if you drive into town one of those cameras will pick up your license plate. if you enter the city with a stolen vehicle the likelihood is greatest that you will be apprehended. since they installed the cameras and may officers have recovered 11 stolen cars and arrested 14 criminals.
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>>i always felt safe in sausalito, it is a safe town. this seems to give it one more level of safety.>>reporter: while some praise the outcome, some are hesitant about the recording. >>it feels invasive, it is for your safety it's good i guess. >>it worked out great in this instance, i don't know, potentially it is a slippery slope to more oversight and more reporting of our lives. >>sausalito police say not only are the cameras helping them catch criminals, they are also serving as a detour it's. a possible motorcycle side show. cell phone video gives you an idea of how many bikes allegedly were involved. this was in hayward. soon after we saw a number of patrol cars zigzagging across the bridge to slow down
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traffic. some of the riders sped west. so far no reports of arrests or injuries. on to fremont where a standoff between police and a possibly armed violent suspect has been going on for nine hours. a woman called 911 this morning to say that her boyfriend had battered her. officers tried to get him to come out of the house on logan drive ever since. he has access to one gun inside. >>we are considering him armed and dangerous. he does have a criminal past. >>the 41-year-old suspect has a violent criminal history and a warrant in a separate drug case. to neighboring homes have been evacuated in a stretch of logan drive is blocked off, people have been asked to avoid the area. it has been three weeks since the deadly wildfires erupted and today a community came together in santa rosa to honor the victims and celebrate the firefighters who protected
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their neighborhoods. jackie ward was there. >>reporter: the smoke is clear, the flames are gone but the healing is just beginning. today was a very important day for that process. after all this community has been through they are still standing and leaning on each other for support. this mother and daughter lost everything in the fire including a home that had been in the family since 1972. here they are smiling and thankful for all they have. >>i am not sad, i'm looking forward to the future. all of the people i have met they are amazing.>>reporter: matt fought in vietnam and he says what his family went through during the fire reminded him of his time in war. he says coming together is one big [ indiscernible ]. >>we did not lose our home or
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anything but the pain is there. >>reporter: for the law enforcement officers and first responders sonoma county has relied heavily on them, this day was about expressing gratitude and taking a moment to reflect on the destruction that the most devastating wildfires in california history has left behind. >>it is not over. it will be months and years. i don't think we understand the level of how much it will impact the lives and the community will be different.>>reporter: santa rosa fire chief major to single out the dispatchers who fielded thousands of extremely difficult panicked calls. >>they were on the line and somebody calls and saying i can get out this fire everywhere. they say we will get somebody to you. on the other line they get we can get to them. dispatchers stay on the line with everyone until the line
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goes silent. >>reporter: to end this day of remembrance a bell was rung one time for each of the 42 people who died. and then one more for those still missing. five members of congress were also at the ceremony after taking a driving tour to look at the damage. nancy pelosi said she will do everything she can to get more help flowing from washington to wine country. >>we went through the areas and it was unfathomable the amount of destruction that we saw, as i said, my colleagues will have to understand this is different from anything else many times over. >>governor jerry brown issued a proclamation declaring today a day of remembrance for wildfire victims and ordered capital flags to be flown at half staff. in a statement he said as we mourn for those we have lost let's dedicate ourselves first to the aid of the survivors and then to the causes of safety
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and preparedness in our increasingly fire prone states. it is unclear if down power lines played a role in sparking the flames. pg&e is not waiting to find out. if the utility gets its way customers could end up footing part of the bill.>>reporter: hundreds of thousands of ha bur california since october. now calfire and the california public utilities commission are investigating whether or not pg&e power lines are to blame for sparking the flames. pg&e says they had $800 million in insurance, damage from the wine country fires could go up to an estimated $12 billion. >>they are laying the groundwork if there is responsibility for the wine country fires and all of this devastation [ indiscernible ] we will have to take a strong stand and position to not allow that to happen.>>reporter: to understand this story we have to go back to three fires in
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san diego county in 2007. san diego gas and electric power lines were found responsible for starting the flames. the company still at the state public utility commission for permission to charge its customers $379 million not covered by insurance. [ indiscernible ] works with the utility reform network the consumer advocacy group. >>the decisions were to establish some sort of precedent that pg&e might [ indiscernible ] later. >>reporter: last week pg&e sat down with the puc commissioner and asked that in san diego's case the commission not establish a [ indiscernible ] of disproportionately placing all of the risk on the utilities rather than spreading the cost. the reasoning is wildfire risk is increasing with climate change, drought and bark beetle infestation. the fires cannot be controlled by electric companies. pg&e if they are found
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responsible why would the public utility commission not make them pay? >>their profit every year is about $1 billion, may be more. this could conceivably put them out of business and put them into bankruptcy. >>senator hill says that he and his colleagues are working on legislation that would prohibit companies from passing on the cost to customers. he hopes to introduce the bill in january. klay thompson is gathering momentum for fire relief. he is promising to donate $1000 for every point he makes in this week's three-game homestand. more people are joining him in his pledge. the san francisco giants brandon crawford said he would chip in $100 for every point that clay scores. if more than -- there more than 1000 people wedging different amounts. each point is worth more than $4000 in donations. >>i think it is good for all of
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us to hop on the bandwagon. >>it is fantastic. it is something he would not have thought of five years ago, he was a young kid just trying to make it in the league and now he is a grown man. >>his goal is to raise $350,000 by the end of the game tomorrow against the detroit pistons. so far he has scored 40 points in the last two games. still ahead another piece of the old bay bridge goes out with a bang. more bad news for bay area homebuyers, good news for sellers. number so you might as well give up trying to find anything for less than half 1 million. police stations are filled with lead, wire officer still working there? fog will creep into the bay area tonight along the shoreline. we have the forecast with cool changes ahead when we come back. p&-pit broke out around 8 a.m. -
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a fire burned two residential buildings in san francisco's visitation valley
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this morning. smoke billowed up from the roots of the two-story building on cora street. firefighters got the flames under control in about an hour, no one was hurt. a brand-new firehouse is open for business in the east bay. today was the grand opening of fire station 32 in alamo. the state-of-the-art facility is a welcome addition for the fire protection district. the captain says that the old firehouse down the road had cramped quarters and worn-out fixtures. the new building is a big step up. >>it is a lot more feasible for us, more modern. a lot of the things that we have here are very compatible and we would like to think the public for allowing it. it is there firehouse. the equipment is up-to-date, the rooms are up-to-date. it is more compatible. >>the firehouse holds a crew of five to help protect alamo,
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blackhawk, [ indiscernible ]. they also respond to accidents on interstate 680. a study that should surprise no one found it is getting tougher than ever for homebuyers trying to deal anywhere in the bay area. the medium bay area home price did edged down slightly last month to $739,000 but at -- that is nearly 14 percent higher than it was at this time last year. the average buyer was paying 650,000. the biggest drop has been in marin county the median home price topped 1 million in september, a 20 percent jump in the last year. during that same time sales of bay area home prices under half $1 million plummeted by 28 percent. the last [ indiscernible ] of the bridge are under the bay. cal tran exploded the peers just before 8:00 this morning. traffic was stalled in both directions during the
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demolition. this is a fifth in a series of weekend explosions, the last one is that to take place november 11. some neighborhoods are under alert after a pair of wanton -- mountain lion sightings. a big cat was spotted on skyline boulevard around 10:00 last night. around the same time another mountain lion showed up near coggins ranch road and woodland vista. in both cases the animals cost the road and headed into a force that area. fog is creeping in, there are plenty of fog and low clouds along the shoreline. look at that from the transamerica pyramid usually it is a gorgeous view, what used to be called goat island, the bay bridge in the distance, now it is fairly of scared from the fog moving in. it is clear inland it is clouding up at the shoreline.
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in san francisco a couple of nights ago at this time it was in the upper 70s. now as we look from our roof out towards the bay bridge, it is only in the 50s in san francisco, san jose 68 on this fine saturday evening, santa rosa 64, concorde warm as 77, chilly in oakland 58 even while livermore simmers at 77. what is happening? high pressure is beginning to subside so the numbers are coming down. there are big changes in the forecast by next week. we have had persistent high pressure over the west coast. halloween will have patchy fog and temperatures in the mid 60s to the 70s. halloween is looking high and dry. next week and it looks like there easily could be rain in the bay area. as we pull back and show you
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the low pressure, and another low out in the eastern pacific it will get cooler each day as the low begins to take a bite out of the high. it will be a thing of the past next week and as we turn the corner on what was a warm autumn, 90s are gone until next season. sunny and warm inland tomorrow, temperatures will continue to cool this week with plenty of sunshine and then may be rain. a number of computer models are converging on that by late friday and early saturday. it looks like we could get wet. in the meantime between now and then nice, tomorrow boo at the zoo, 62 degrees. for oakland, not to be outdone, the oakland zoo has a different name 72, sunny and mild out there. overnight lows tonight in the bay area looking good sunup
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tomorrow 7:30 2 am on your sunday morning, santa rosa 45 degrees, 47 napa and 50 degrees at livermore, 52 four san jose. fog and low clouds along the shoreline. forecast ties tomorrow back close to average for the first time in a week. concorde will be a degree above average. 73 at fremont, 76 at [ indiscernible ]. east bay numbers will be in the mid-70s for the most part, a few exceptions, brentwood nice 82, livermore 80, pleasanton 80 and the same for dublin. up in the north at sonoma and napa it will be nice mostly in the 70s, napa still nudges 80 soda sonoma. warm again but not nearly as warm as it has been in ukiah 82. extended forecast numbers will be in the upper 70s and the low 80s inland, those numbers will collapse down to 70.
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the numbers come down but no rain comes down until we get into late friday early saturday time frame. between now and then sunshine but expect wet next weekend. asked for what is next for us here is julia. she grabbed a garden hose and got to work. the grandmother who helped to save her neighborhood in her nightgown. major-league baseball hands down a suspension to a houston astro who made a remark and gesture during game three of the world series. cal goes into boulder to face the bus for the first time since 2013. everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area.
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sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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music filled the streets of downtown pleasantville today with the annual band review and parade, 35 high school and middle school bands strutted
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their stuff down main street. for many it is the highlight of the fall season. >>it is an amazing event to hear the marching band and concerts and jazz in the parade. >>this tradition has been going on for 43 years. it was great to see. >>i was in a marching band. >>what did you do? >>i played the flute and piccolo. i even marched in disneyland one year. after three straight wins the 2017 cal football team look like they were headed to a bowl game but they are sitting at four wins and they make their first visit to boulder since 2013. ralphie the buffalo was unleashed on the bears this afternoon. colorado let 7-0 in the first, cal gets created, a 15 yard touchdown ties the game at seven. 14-7 see you early second, one of the three touchdown passes
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65 yarder, the buffalo sleet 21- 7. bears coach justin wilcox not happy with his defense, under three to go the bears trailing by 16, bowers is intercepted in the end zone by nick fisher who decided to run it out of the end zone and returns for 100 yards for a pick six to steal the game. colorado wins 44-28, the bears are 1-5 in the pac-12. san jose state meeting byu, cougar running back ran for 112 yards in the game, 75 of those yards were picked up on this touchdown run in the second quarter that gave byu a 21-6 lead. they win 41-20 at the spartans fall to one and eight on the season. heisman favorite berkeley and penn state visiting ohio state. less than two minutes to play the buckeyes trailing by five, barrett to [ indiscernible ] for the go-ahead touchdown, sixth-ranked osu comes back from a 15 point fourth-quarter
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deficit to win 39-38. number two penn state suffers the first loss of the year. astro first baseman yuli gurriel will be suspended for the first five games of the 2018 season. there are still two games left in the world series, he is not suspended for any world series games for making a racially insensitive gesture directed at dodgers picture yu darvish in game three last night. gurriel has apologized. and hockey the shock -- sharks were to into all-time against the sabres. it is tied up after the power play ended, no scoring until four minutes ago san jose gets the lead they win their third game ever in buffalo. three-to is the final. the bay area is invading buffalo, 10 miles from where the sharks play the raiders will play the bills tomorrow.
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vernon glenn is in the city that is known for football and food.>>reporter: welcome to the anchor bar downtown buffalo. the birthplace of these buffalo wings. those wings that you enjoy and home, they originated right here, 1964. it is safe to say that raiders quarterbacks diet is healthier. >>i went home i took a shower i came downstairs i ate eggs, spinach and broccoli and then i watched tape on the bills. >>reporter: if the bills watched any tape on the raider offense they must've saw a ton of amari cooper playing out on the flats. he easily had his best game of the season 11 catches 102 yards and two touchdowns. >>he can go and play x, f, he can play y and z, i don't know if he can play quarterback.
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i am sure he would find a way to be successful. >>reporter: 2 afl rivals getting after it and the bills are unfavored -- unbeaten at home that is why they are favored. vernon glenn kpix five. eagles offensive lineman jason peters suffered knee ligament injuries monday night against washington. since the eagles are playing san francisco rumors have surfaced about a potential trade. kyle shanahan made it clear that the price would be high for the longest tenured 49er. >>if anybody called for any one of our players it is not like you hang up the phone, you want to offer the world you have to listen. you always try to think at what would help your team and make him better. to lose a guy like joe that would not be something to be excited about. >>he really is the glue on the offensive line and in the
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locker room. that would be a big loss. >>he is always gracious with his time and he is always honest and very blunt about the stated the 49ers. it is refreshing. coming up in the next half hour, the bay area police station that may be hazardous to officers health and why it took the city so long to come clean about its. speculation flying around washington tonight as the first charges are filed in the rush of meddling investigation. the arrest that could come monday. an explosion of illegal pot grows. why one california county called in the national guard. >>one-mile squared photograph shot you can pick out 89 gardens. >>the multimillion dollar harvest hits in the but p&-psant-
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our top story tonight, day of remembrance in santa rosa where families who lost everything in the wild country -- wine country wildfires came together to remember those who lost their lives and celebrate the first responders who risk their own lives. cameras helping to curb crime in sausalito. one camera help to get a carjacker last night. since installing the camera sausalito police say they have recovered 11 stolen cars and captured more than a dozen criminals. >>a bay area police station could be hazardous to officers health. they may have been exposed to lead and asbestos and have no
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idea. we also learned that the city has known about the problem for years. >>we went to city leaders asking why they chose to do nothing for so long >>reporter: the police department once had a firing range inside the building, it was converted in 1989 to locker rooms, a gym and a bathroom and that is where most of the lead was found. >>it goes directly to the brain. led will give you neurological problems.>>reporter: lead exposure can affect every system in the body. the epa says anything above 250 micrograms per square foot of led found in dust is hazardous. some of the highest levels of lead that was found in the vallejo police department locker room. it measured 156 times the epa standard. >>we did do a room by room cleaning. city spokesperson told us the department was clean several
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days ago, three years after initial test showed asbestos and lead test inside [ indiscernible ], lighting and ventilation system. instead of cleaning it in 2014 the city hired a company to further analyze the samples last year. that company told the city corrective action should be initiated as soon as possible. in a memo obtained by us the city is moving expeditiously to address these issues. that was a year and a half ago. >>why did it take so long to clean the department? >>i do not have a great response. i do know it at no point was the building unsafe to occupy. >>it should have been cleaned up immediately. people who had an exposure should be tested.>>reporter: john owns american testing and san francisco and he has been testing homes and businesses for nearly 2 decades. >>could this cleaning have been done quickly and easily?
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>>it could have been done easily and quick. i can't see why they would have waited so long.>>reporter: at one point a source from the city said that officer said it would be moved temporarily to another location while they clean the department. that plan was ultimately canceled. >>it seems like not a great use of city tax payer dollars to do a major move. >>the city could not say if there was any type of cleaning done before they converted the firing range nearly 3 decades ago. how much led officers could have been exposed to and for how long without any idea are questions the city can answer for certain. >>is there a concern that there may be lead in the building after the cleaning? >>we will continue testing. the levels of the lead were so low that it does not present an immediate health hazard. it is more trying to get the message out there. >>anybody who has ever been in that building should be
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concerned to the point to where they have their blood lead levels tested. >>reporter: the city said they reached out to a local hospital who said it was not necessary for employees to be tested for lead exposure. because lead is so heavy it was not airborne, the city has plans to do regular cleaning from here on out. art police are looking for a man who has been spray painting racial slurs [ indiscernible ] the swastika at the station. as soon as it was spotted maintenance crews cleaned it up. similar vandalism has been reported at other stations as well as on train cars. this is the guy police are trying to find, images came from security cameras. if you recognize him bar police want to hear from you. tensions were high in one tennessee town as white nationalist squared off with counter protesters. the main group behind the
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rally. white lives matter took part in that march back in august. today there was a strong police presence in shelbyville with helicopters, k-9 units. officers watched as the demonstrators stood behind barricades with a road between them. >>they are pathetic people. they do not represent tennessee. they are from out-of-state. >>no weapons or masks were allowed on either side and no reports of violence. intense speculation in washington, the first charges in the russia meddling investigation have been approved. no one knows who is charged or what they are accused of because the indictment was sealed.>>reporter: cbs news has confirmed that a federal grand jury hearing evidence pertaining to special counsel robert mueller's investigation has approved the first criminal
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charges. mueller is investigating alleged meddling by russia in the 2016 u. s. presidential election and whether anyone connected to the trump administration colluded with the russian government. a federal judge ordered the indictment to be sealed. >>what i suspect given that the investigation appears to be ongoing is that mueller decided to indict an individual in the hopes that they will flip in other words agreed to a -- to cooperate.>>reporter: the most obvious potential targets are former national security advisor michael flynn and president transformer campaign manager paul manafort whose home was raided by the fbi in july. president trump denied any wrongdoing and has called the investigation a witchhunt. russia has also denied allegations that they into field in the election. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski downplayed the significance of the charges on saturday. >>this speculation is so insane. what we should be focusing on
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are the continued lines of the clinton administration, the continued fallacy that they have perpetuated. >>reporter: it is expected this will be public as early as monday when whoever is facing charges could be taken into custody. mueller was appointed to his post in may one week after president trump fired former fbi director james comey. senator bernie sanders left washington to visit puerto rico. puerto rico's mail -- mayor showed him the damage. the hurricane hits more than a month ago and debris litters the streets, some neighborhoods remain flooded, sanderson says he has a plan to help rebuild. >>we are trying as hard as we can to move recovery along as quickly as possible. >>sanders is calling for long- term development in puerto rico including storm resistant housing and a sturdy energy grid. right now 26 percent of the island has electricity.
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president trump signed a $36 billion relief package to help victims of the hurricane. hurricane season is not over yet. this is tropical storm philippe spitting across the caribbean. it is forecasted to spread north across south florida and the keys. it is not expected to be a hurricane anytime soon. we have our own forecast coming up in a few minutes. people celebrate in the street as the spanish flag was taken down from catalonian government buildings. this came hours after the parliament declared independence. cattle and flags with red and yellow stripes are on display instead. some residents say they feel a surge of optimism but also concern about what happens next. the spanish government in madrid has now moved to oppose direct rule in catalonia dismissing the government. at the same time their proposed declaration has been waving both flags. about 150 road motorbikes were in a unity rally in the biggest
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city barcelona you. -- barcelona that is. they honk their horn to show solidarity with police.>>reporter: duty calls for former president obama. why he is about to travel 700 miles to do something that most people try to get out of, jury service. a deputy catches a dog [ indiscernible ] stolen property from and neighbors eight. -- gate
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but you're probably already too late -- to get it by christmas. pre-orders for the new device sold out in 10 minutes yesterday. after 30 minutes: delive the new iphone x comes out next friday but you are probably too late to get a by christmas. preorders sold out in 10 minutes yesterday after delivery dates had been pushed back 4-5 weeks. some people who got in early are scalping their orders for more than $1000 on ebay. they could use that money to buy their own [ indiscernible ]
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pricing starts at $999. former president obama is about to enjoy a perk of becoming a private citizen. he has been summoned for jury duty. local media in chicago report that he received a notice from cook county to repair -- to appear next month. mr. obama has a home in chicago but he lives in washington. the former president is not the first to receive a jury summons. president george w. bush reporter for jury duty in dallas two years ago. president trump spend saturday doing something a lot more fun. he left the white house for a round of golf. the president also had fun yesterday when he invited children of the white house press corps into his office for halloween treats. he also had a question for the kids. >>how did the press treat you? sea the kids got quite a treat
6:42 pm
to take home. individual packets of hershey kisses with the special white house deal on them. a sheriff's deputy in south carolina pulled off an unusual rescue and he caught it on his body camera. >>it will be okay buddy. >>nobody knows how the dog got his head stuck in a chain-link fence. when the deputy got to the scene the pup sat patiently knowing that they were going to help him. it take a bit of maneuvering, in no time the dog was cut loose. the facebook post the sheriff's office wrote all in a days work. she says she is no hero, the rest of her neighborhood disagrees. up next the 85-year-old who took on a fire with her garden hose. we are not looking at
6:43 pm
anything, you would have to be the tallest building to see that with all of the fog. my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives.
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together, we're building a better california.
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santa rosa today. kids of all ages came out to design a big bay area science vessel went on in santa rosa today. kids of all ages came out to design and play with robots. there was even a robot petting zoo. at one point organizers plan to cancel the event, but they said
6:46 pm
they wanted to do something positive for children and families in the wake of the wildfires. >>we are happy and brought out this many people and we were able to get it together. they wanted people to come back from the fire. >>organizers expected about 15,000 people to come out today. this is the 10th year of the event with more than 100 exhibits to explore. nearly 3 weeks after the wildfires broke out santa rosa schools are slowly reopening. most kids will be back in class on monday, some will not be going back to school or to the same school, john b reedley elementary will remain closed indefinitely along with schaefer elementary on the other side of 101. both schools are located in the heavily fire damaged neighborhoods were toxic cleanup needs to be completed. the to school serve about 880 students between them. for now those children will be relocated to other schools in
6:47 pm
their respective districts. an 85-year-old woman is being hailed a hero. she used her garden hose to fight a fire in her neighborhood. in the same night the wild country fires broke out. >>reporter: the sound of a chainsaw reminds those how close montecito heights came to disaster. in the middle of the night this huge tree blew down in the windstorm, crashed through a greenhouse and brought down these powerline starting a fire. neighbors believe that the quick thinking and the actions of 85-year-old shirley white saved the hill. >>i saw the fire going this way so i concentrated my hose right on this flame that was coming up into the oak tree to stop it from going that way.>>reporter:
6:48 pm
only in her nightgown she battled the flames with a garden hose venting the fire from getting to the house and keeping it at bay as neighbors came to help. >>when i saw it i thought i have to get up here. by the time i got up here she had been out here with her hose.>>reporter: the fire department arrived and started working. >>they had to leave. i think we became aware of that. we realized it was a neighborhood crisis that we had to deal with.>>reporter: throughout the night folks took turns watching and hosing down the embers while the wind luther the houses. >>shirley is considered our guardian angel. without her we would not have our homes.>>reporter: shirley insist it was a team effort and she reminds everyone to be grateful. >>so many people have lost everything and i do not want to be the focus on the people who need a lot of
6:49 pm
attention.>>reporter: don ford, kpix five . i would not say we have ideal beach weather. if you're headed to the shoreline there is a beach hazard statement posted because of high breakers and the potential for rip currents, northwest as well as will build to 10 feet and that means wave height of 20 feet. that is a problem through tomorrow night. a beautiful sunset tonight in the bay area as we look at the low clouds building over the coast range. forecast ties were pretty close to what we got to, concord hit 84, livermore 86 and san jose 78, while in the city way bash from the highs on wednesday and thursday upper 70s and low 80s. today san francisco 64. as we turn towards the bay bridge, concord is 77, even san francisco 56, strong onshore
6:50 pm
push, wind at the airport out of the west at 21 miles per hour. santa rosa 64. future cast shows low clouds piling in along the shore and tomorrow morning most of it clears up by midday before coming back in tomorrow night. the ebb and the flow of the clouds is back, not bad for halloween it looks like it will be dry to on halloween night. from high on top the west coast high pressure is beginning to weaken, that high that has been giving us this unusually warm weather for more than a week and a half is going to be a thing of the past. we will get back to our average high, mostly the 70s, sunny and warm again inland, tomorrow not as warm, temperatures will continue to cool we will get a chance of rain coming into the bay area. in the moment indications are we could get wet next weekend.
6:51 pm
boo at the zoo always fun with the kids, 62. if you're heading to oakland, nice weather and 72 for their version. overnight lows tonight 50s, tomorrow the numbers will be closer to average with the south bay in the mid-70s, 75 cupertino. east bay numbers tumble from the 80s to the 70s, 5 degrees cooler in marin low to mid 70s, 81 santa rosa and for ukiah 82, cloverdale 85. as we have a look at the extended forecast numbers will be tumbling down into the 70s for everybody monday, tuesday and wednesday, also coming down, next week and we could have rain. stay tuned on that. stay tuned for us we will be back
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tonight there's a state of emergency.. over pot. we're talking about siskiyou county - and the valley surrounding mo 5: in a on st ate ceof emergency over pots >>we are talking about sistine county and the valleys surrounding matt shasta -- mount shasta. >>this is a monumental effort but then again we have a monumental problem. >>reporter: it is happening in the shadow of mount shasta, transforming the landscape of neighborhoods that do not have much in the way of actual housing. >>it is a huge problem and it is out of control. [ horn honking ] this is the quiet california marijuana boom that happened seemingly overnight and it is officially a state of emergency.
6:55 pm
>>we have the california national guard, the california highway patrol. >>reporter: leading nearly 2 dozen raids over two days, there are more gardens. >>at least 2000 sites.>>reporter: what that looks like? it is kind of incredible. >>you can literally be on one site and look over and see half a dozen more.>>reporter: the view from the ground is one thing, from the air you get a better idea what is going on, one guarded right after another but you can see it for yourself from space, just pool of google earth you will see grow after grow dotting the high desert like an outbreak of measles. >>i have a one mile square photograph aerial shot, you can pick out 89 different gardens within that one- mile.>>reporter: all of this in a county that is not the
6:56 pm
emerald triangle. elected officials and voters passed laws aimed at keeping marijuana out of the county. >>are county does not allow outdoor cultivation of cannabis. >>reporter: for the sheriff this problem exploded with the wave of new arrivals, the same men and women who come pouring out of these neighborhoods every time authorities go rolling in. >>we saw people fleeing in vehicles as we were coming into this area. it is a big problem.>>reporter: mount shasta vista is a great example of the transformation. 1600 parcel subdivisions that really was, the ground is volcanic rock, water scarce and very for you house is built desmond very few houses built. on the other hand it is the cheapest land you will find in california you can buy three acres [ indiscernible ]. >>they set up shot they are -- shop, they are talking water
6:57 pm
in. cannabis is having a significant impact in our county and our environment and our quality of life. >>reporter: during harvest time, we are putting a lot of resources into it and trying to take out as much as we can.>>reporter: what is unfolding right now is a race between the growers and the law. who can get here first and grab the approximately million dollars worth of marijuana on this site and the next site and the next and the next and the next. >>if we could do this every week during harvest season i think we are going to hurt the traffickers significantly.>>reporter: the harvest call for authorities, 27,000 plant worth more than $320 million. while the additional manpower bulldozer and fleet of trucks are expected it will not get all of it.
6:58 pm
>>they will be transported mostly becky's.>>reporter: that is what concerns the sheriff most. these gardens reach beyond boundaries of the county and california. >>i think it substantiates that this is an organized crime effort to move in a county and take over large geographic areas to grow illegal marijuana. >>just who are the people running the pot farms? you might be surprised. that part of the story is tomorrow. thank you for watching. we will see you back here at 11:00. >>you can always go to for the latest. "h e and i cried like a baby."
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