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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 5, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PST

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today the city of oakland is bracing for a major shutdown.. good morning. happy tuesday. we're taking a live look at the bridge and there's a wind advisory for drivers making their way across the bridge so both hands on the wheel and keep a good grip. over at the by bridge toll
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plaza, we're seeing speeds back up and the backup is over the west grant overcrossing in the cash lanes that lanes that is a check of traffic. city of oakland bracing for a major shut down as thousands of city workers plan to strike. important city services that resident they may not be able to access today. >> thousands of employees are getting ready to walk off the job. workers from local 1021 and ifp local 21 represent a range of roles from public workers to head start instructors from engineers to building inspectors. union workers say after seven months of negotiation, they had no choice but to strike. >> we give them every opportunity to keep us open and
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they chose not to take it. >> main point of contract talks is cost of living increases. >> the city made a two year offer and the first year of their offer is virtually identical to our one year offer. we said why can't we agree on the year we agree on and come back and talk about the future, and they said no. >> if we agree to pay more than the money we have, we'll have to cut services. >> in a strike, programs and facilities that'll be closed include senior centers, public libraries and recreation centers and programs. there'll be no housing assistance or fire and building inspectors. no services like street sweeping, public restrooms, abandoned auto detail or crime and traffic reports. oakland schools will still operate business as usual so will emergency services. >> all essential services will continue, 911, police, fire. >> sharon kpix5. >> the mayor said the city cannot respond to the union's
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latest offer till the city council meets tomorrow. about 150 buildings destroyed, 27,000 people evacuated as the wind swept fire keeps growing in ventura county . the fire began yesterday near santa paula and one confirmed death in a car accident linked to the fire. a live look at what's being called the the opposite fire. ventura county officials estimate the size of the fire is 31,000-acres. thomas a keenas college was -- acquit acquit that college was
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also evacuated. winds pick up in the next half hour or so and that's worst condition and worst case senary know for this fire. red flag warning not gonna end till thursday afternoon so these strong winds are literally gonna linger there for the next several days, which is the worst thing the firefighters would have to deal with. gusts top 70-80 miles per hour -- up to 70-80 miles per hour there in southern california and fires can spread fast. sustained winds 40-45. here at home, wind advisory for north and east bay hills canceled and we're seeing advisory for mendocino county and parts of sierra. mend -- we saw sustained winds
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over 25 miles per hour and gust a lot higher in the north and east bay. wind gusts over 40 miles per hour since they are a lot lighter around 7, even 4 miles per hour winds there. that advisory has been canceled. let's check in now on the roadways. >> we're tracking some slow downs for drivers heading through the pass. there's a wind advisory for that stretch of roadway as well so please be careful. you'll feel that wind moving your car around. along with 580. speeds drop below 30 miles per hour and cruising speed heading out in the livermore, 23 minutes ride to the 680. westbound traffic on the bridge on the right side of your screen and taillights making way over to 101. a 14 minute pride from 880. reports of a grass fire shutting down 880 and heads up
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if you take the off ramp to get to work. let you know when it reopens. back over to you. arrangement expected today for two east bay teenagers arrested fizz logical alemedly killed a -- for allegedly killing a father over an iphone 10. how investigators cracked the case. >> the deal started on the let go app. what was supposed to be a quick sale turned into a robbery and eventually murder. >> danny was doing everything right in regards to using the app. >> you've seen the commercials for the let go app where people can list items for sale, kind of like craigs list. in november 18, just after 1 in the afternoon, danny carlos drove to a busy gas station in san liandro to sell his iphone 10. the two men that were supposed to buy the phone decided to rob him and when something went wrong, they shot him.
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danny died instantly. >> he left behind a young daughter, a daughter that will grow up without her dad. >> investigators were determined to find danny's killers. >> this is good old fashion police work with a little bit of technology involved. >> they got search warrants for the let go servers and found out who danny was communicating with on the app. that led detectives to 18 year- old jordan patten and 18 year- old marcus fortune, both graduated from san liandro high school in may. >> two young people starting out their life involved in a murder. >> one pulled the trigger and patten pulled the get away car. he was a football player at chabot haywood . >> when they look back on it overtime they're gonna real, wow, i took another person's life for a phone? >> danny's family is relieved to know the two suspects were
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behind bars but can't understand it. >> why they did this on this particular day will be a question that we may never know the answer to. >> a attorney for san francisco murder defendant garciez plans owe plans to appeal the crime. the jury should have been told momentary -- hackers stole personal information from 57 million customers and drivers. huber aannouncinged -- uber announced the breech months after it happened.
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it broke the law by failing to notify customers. >> california law requires disclosure to victims of a data breech. >> uber paid hackers $100,000 to keep quite and in a blog post the new ceo said none of this should have happened. san francisco giving away untiles to lure tech companies to the city and one leader said it's time they start paying back. joe has more on the plan for a initial vote today. >> san francisco booms and no secret the infrastructure is going bust. how will they pay for needed repairs on the roads and traffic and safety. they're suggesting a new tax called gross receipt tax on landlords that lease large office space and go directly for transportation improvements. >> current tracks structure charge -- tax structure charges
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.3 at its highest year . >> 2.5 tax on rent for commercial property. small business owners and nonprofits exempt. downtown commercial property includes law offices, accounting firms, and other businesses and is the home to many of the biggest names in tech. >> this should all be seen in light of the fact that the city actually gave tax breaks to attract many companies that have become extremely profitable and i think now it's time to give back. >> last year several supervisors including him proposed a tech tax that would have directly taxed tech companies in san francisco. that effort failed. supervisor peskin insists it's not a tech tax but will excel some big tech companies to indirectly pay more money to the city. the landlords could pass along the tax cost to big name customers. >> when you have a gross receipts tax, you can create
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political winners and losers and that's bad tax policy. >> enough with the tax increases. >> sap fran is collecting -- san francisco is collecting over $5 billion of general tax revenues as part of a $10 billion budget. there's enough taxes being collected in san francisco. >> joe vasquez, kpix5. shoppers are scrambling for cover when a man open fires outside of abe area target -- a bay area target score. it's fine! i will just slip it off and throw it into the wash. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. is everyone looking? make the dream yours. no one's looking!
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thank you, ikea. oh, john can't come. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering) shooting in the parking lot of a target store in emeryville. it happened yesterday evening, outside the target on 40th street. no one inside the store was involved or injured. more now, from k-p-i-x five's betty yu. crime tape roped off the target parking lot on 40th street in
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insurance fraud bust in the south bay.
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. nearly two dozen people are facing charges of a massive insurance fraud bust in the south bay. police say the 22 suspects were operating a sophisticated ring that duped insurance companies out of more than $235,000. investigators caught on when they noticed a pattern of crash reports from the scene to auto
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body parts store. >> these cars were intentionally damaged. >> this is the fourth insurance grade ring busted. >> it's a shame it's an oak tree and not a pine. but, you know, mother nature. >> driver hads to move carefully around the mess as crews work to clear the road and the wind caused part of a tree to crash down under a house in emeryville. >> no winds whipping yesterday.
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>> live look and yesterday morning, wind gusts there were well above 20 miles per hour and as we look at our headlines for your tuesday. here's what we'll be seeing. dry ask and sunny weather -- dry and sunny weather here and near freezing and winds are dying down and again wind advisory forecast when it cops to the winds about 9:00 this morning and napa and fairfield will see gusts as high as 20 miles per hour. a whole lot calmer than what yesterday morning was bringing us especially yesterday afternoon by 9 or 10:00 and wind gusts top 10-15 and nice and calm back to 2 miles per hour wind. a look at san francisco tomorrow and temperatures 53 degrees and pretty warm this hour and in the 41st area and afternoon highs look like this and mid 60s across our area and upper 60s for parts of the
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south bay and north bay. those are expected to warm up nicely tonight freeze warning in effect for the north bay valley and temperatures between 25-31 degrees. below freezing means pipes, pets, plants, people can be in danger so take precaution. peeking at ocean beach today at 11:06. that's when high tide is and low tide significantly low yesterday and satellite and radar keeping an eye on southern california dealing with massive thomas fire in venture richardson county and 30,000-acres and look at what the winds are doing for them and north wind down over the
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santa anna and dry conditions and we'll have very dry conditions and the whole best coast staying dry through the middle of december and whole lot of sunshine and nearing the 70s for the weekend. >> we are tracking slow downs for drivers headed along westbound 580 through the altmont pass. if you're making your way through the stretch and heavy at your car. 25 minute ride and 680. no reports of crashes, just the rouge crowds developing out of the antiock looking good and making your way over to 680 right near north main street into walnut creek and southbound no delays and making your way down to 680 and right
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now we're tracking speeds along the 680 and already in the yellow for drivers making their way in the san francisco and 10 minute ride and -- traffic death of the bay bridge. >> local parents outrage and potential shut down of elementary schools in their area. you could save energy by
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weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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and now police are looking for two drivers who they believe were street racing. . a man is dead after a hit and run in oakland and police looking for two drivers who they believe were street racing yesterday morning and 82'nd and
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international boulevard and police say the 49 year-old victim was struck by one of the two cars that crashed. police say this black dodge charger in a maroon bmw were traveling and high rate of speed in a dodge lost control and hit the pedestrian. the victim was killed at the scene and the driver of the charger ditched the vehicle and took off according to authorities. the toll worker killed in the bay bridge crash apparently was not supposed to be working that day but she offered to come in and help the morning before her death. a box truck slammed into a line of cars saturday morning and then right into the toll booth. cchon, a wife and mother.
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>>reporter: look at the bay bridge or the san mateo. it's called fast track. >> go to any cash lane and use fast cash. it's fully equipped. >> it's no stress and that's what the golden gate bridge did when it went all electronic with toll taking in 2013. itwor >> it's been great. toll takers used to collect 500 tolls an hour. with all electronic, we collect 1500 an hour and traffic can move much more quickly. >> armed robberies, people with weapons and we don't have people in the toll booth and we have accidents in the toll plaza. never an issue with human life.
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>>reporter: she said that any consideration of electronic tolling is consideration for the future. we need a significant amount of time for the job to the 230 toll takers and in light of the deadly collision that decimated a toll station on the bay bridge killing a toll taker. >> as many as five elves meant kolman lands -- elementary schools and housing with a large group of parents giving the district an earful at a community forum. >> for my son, it's -- he loves
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his friends. he enjoys his teachers. >> we're hoping for the best and everyone loves the school they go to. i feel for the parents, the staff, everyone that's involved. >> and another community forum set for next monday at leonard herman intermediate schools. a deadly wild fire exploded forcing the evacuation of thousands of homes. we'll have the very latest on the overnight firefighter effort. thousands of oakland city workers go on strike. coming up, which city services will be affected.
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i'm anne makovec. and i'm kenny choi, michelle has th . good morning. it is tuesday, december 5. thanks for joining us. i'm anne. >> and i'm kenny. michelle has the morning off. let's get the day started with a live look outside and conditions out there on the left we've got the golden gate bridge and not much traffic out there and this hour pretty
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nice. nice commute and on the right, a little bit of difference and oakland, a lot more cars. >> there's a few wind advisories you've been talking about and they cancel their wind advisory and take a look at what to expect for tuesday. it's gonna be a bit dicey on the bridges and king tides and flooding likely and high tide peaks around 11:00 this morning and low tide this afternoon for the beaches nice and wide. windy conditions a lot calmer today and weather shift in the pattern and sunny and dry all week long and we no longer have them in effect for the north


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