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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 7, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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guaranteeing a 1 percent wage increase in the second year of the contract, and if they can afford it, they'd give 2 percent. previously they said they'd give them 2 percent only if they had the money, but there was no guarantee. >> we'll sit down and talk seriously with the city and see if we can get back to work, but right now i see nothing to say we'd be back at work tomorrow. >> reporter: the two unions say the city has the money to offer more. >> we know it's horrible that so many families and residents are impacted by this strike, but it will be more horrible if the city makes irresponsible financial decisions. >> reporter: in the meantime, some low income families are feeling the financial pain. >> i depend on that little check i do get, so if i miss a few hours i know the check will be smaller and i'll be like okay he's not going to get this gift or this bill won't get paid. >> reporter: the strike has shut down all head start
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programs that provide child care for low income families. this young boy is turning 3 and will enroll in head start in a couple of weeks. >> it's a burden and a headache for a lot of people because you have to final somebody in the last minute during the week. >> reporter: the strike shuts down almost all city services except for fire and police. no trash pick up means even more junk piled up on sidewalks. public works employees typically clear out illegal dumping and pick up trash at homeless encampments, and the city issued portable bathroom is beyond disgusting. >> it's to the top. it's bad. >> reporter: the hope is to have the strike to end so all of that can be taken care of. the city and two unions are negotiating right now. they started meeting at 3:45 this afternoon to hammer out the proposal. >> yes, how much is this costing the city each day? it the amount of
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>> reporter: yeah, the city was telling me earlier just for example, the parking enforcement side, it's costing the city about roughly $50,000 a day. and that's just from parking enforcement alone. you're talking about permitting, the permit fees, building fees, and other agencies collecting money. they're looking at 10s if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. >> a lot of revenue not coming in. all right, da lin, thank you. new at 6:00, the republican tax plan will probably limit the amount of state and local taxes that people here in the bay area can deduct, but apple stands to cash in and cash in big. >> reporter: just how much will the tax bill go down for corporations like apple? the financial times crunched the numbers and the headline is staggering. apple will see up to 47 billion dollars potential benefit from tax reform.
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according to the financial times, they currently have the largest stock pile of cash on the planet, about 252 billion dollars. if they were to bring the profit back home to the u.s., they'd pay the current corporate tax rate of 35 percent, or about $78 billion in taxes. however under the current version of the senate tax reform bill, that tax rate would drop to 14.5 percent and apple would then pay 31 billion. that's a tax bill reduction of 47 billion dollars. >> if the tax rate never changed, that money probably would have stayed overseas forever conceivably. >> reporter: this is a tax professor at san jose state and says apple is just following the law, and now at least the federal government will get some taxes. >> you're talking about under the current regime, they pay 0, and under the new regime it would be 31 billion dollars. so what's better? 0 or 31 billion dollars?
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>> reporter: creative stat apologies is one of the tap -- strategies is one of the top apple analysts. >> i expect them to use it across the board hoe lustily, buildings -- hoe listicly. buildings and more. >> reporter: this realtor is optimistic about how they'll spend the profits. >> they'll get a tax break yes, but the idea behind that is that they're going to create jobs. >> reporter: steve lives across the street from the new campus and isn't happy about the impending loss of his own tax deductions, but has mixed feelings overall. >> now it just seems like the upper, the rich are winning and the poor are losing, and that's just a bad way to feel about the country. >> reporter: apple didn't respond to our request for comment, but their cfo was quoted as saying ofly we'd look
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to bring the -- obviously we'd look to bring the cash back. in cupertino, kpix 5. >> another industry that stands to benefit is small producers of alcoholic beverages. for example a tax or craft bill would be cut in half. and a new fast moving fire has burned more than 50 homes in north san diego. the lilac fire broke out late this morning, and tonight it's threatening about a thousand homes. to the north now, at least four more fires are burning out of control fueled by fierce winds. the biggest by far the 96,000- acre thomas fire in ventura county. jeff is live in ojai where firefighters and homeowners made a desperate stand to save their town.
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jeff? >> reporter: well, liz, we're coming to you from an evacuation center, one of the few spots we're able to transmit this live signal to you. but during sun down you can see the fire burning on the ridge right now, and in the last few minutes it's grown to the west. we'll pan the camera if you can be patient with us. some of that flare up is burning behind the trees there, but if we keep going you can see more flare ups over there. earlier some people scrambled from their homes. we talked to one man and asked where he lived, but take a listen to his reply. >> you can find it by the big fire burning in my backyard. [ laughter ] >> you know, laughing or crying right? >> reporter: that nervous laughter is one homeowner's way of dealing with the roaring flames in the canyon in the northeast part of ojai. the family at this property didn't want to leave as the flames moved closer, but most
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of the neighbors here weren't willing to take any chances. >> i have a fire chose in the backyard, and -- hose in the backyard, and that versus a 70- foot high wall of flame isn't going to do a heck of a lot. >> reporter: this is what it looked like driving through highway 33 in and out of the canyons today. you had to steer around rocks that fell from the hillside, burning right before your eyes. this was the greeting drivers got as the california highway patrol closed the road to prevent people from being sandwiched between a series of fires in the canyon. james has family that lives in here, where cell reception is 0. >> i have a bunch of family members freaking out because by uncle is there, and he's not going to leave. >> reporter: rachel jacobs and her family bailed from her ranch from a small portion of their fruit trees burned. >> it's pretty overwhelming devastation, and we're feeling very grateful and blessed our home is there. >> reporter: but for some all
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they could do is wait and see. >> i say okay god, it's in your hands, and we'll take whatever else we can get here, thank you. >> reporter: and this is another look at the flames burning in this community that's popular with yoga retreats and a number of celebrities. we've been reaching out to the county fire department to get a sense of how many acres have burned and how many homes have been affected, but we haven't been able to get a clear cut answer because fire crews have been hopscotching all over the place with so many emergencies out here. liz, back to you. >> yeah, jeff, you mentioned the ojai and surrounding areas rely with tourism over the holidays. how are the local businesses faring? >> reporter: they are big hit really hard. it's not just the businesses affected, but a lot of people are having to run from their
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homes. there are a lot of long faces here at this evacuation center here. earlier when we were covering the canyon there were a lot of people lining the streets looking up at the hillsides. a lot of people who decided to stay in their homes, there's no communication because there's no cell reception, so families are trying to convince families to leave, but they won't. they want to protect their homes which you understand emotionally, but she but intellectually it's different. we saw a man driving around with cases of water and he said that was his way of thanking the firefighters and first responders. >> and crews from santa rosa are among the hundreds of firefighters on the front lines. they're returning the favor after crews from southern california came up to help them
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tirelessly battle the tubbs fire under eeriely similar circumstances. >> they're expecting and continued to get a much longer duration of winds. ours were short lived fortunately. unfortunately we had a lot of dang done in a short -- damage done in a short period of time. hopefully they won't experience that much damage, but the acre ajs are going up -- acres are going up. >> 12 million people in 7 counties got a text alert today about the dangerous wind and fire conditions. it's the widest alert ever issued by the state office of emergency services. back in october officials were criticized for not certaining outta -- sending out a similar alert in sonoma county. and pge is being grilled about an explosion. the fire department blamed it on a gas leak from a pilot light, but supervisors are wondering why it took three
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hours to cap the leak after the blast. just a little while ago a pge spokesperson told supervisors the delay was because crews had to drill into the road to solve the problem. coming up, the battle goes underground. the debate over what kind of tunnel to built for bart lines in the south bay. >> everywhere you look, the owner of the full house home wants the property to be more like the tv show set. why neighbors are fighting the plans for a renovation. honoring a pearl harbor hero. how a bay area man managed to save dozens of trapped sailors on this day 76 years ago. not the best air quality today, and it gets worse tomorrow, especially in the north bay where it goes unhealthy. this is not related to the wildfires burning in southern california. so what is the cause? it's the same thing keeping us dry. we'll talk about it. coming up.
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car went over a cliff in the oakland hills. it happe sky drone 5 showing us a broken guardrail left behind when a car went over a cliff on grizzly peak boulevard at a spot appropriately named devil's curve. police say there was no one in the car when they got to it. at this point it's unclear if
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it was an accident or if the car was dumped there. downtown san jose. new at 6:00, a show down over what type of tunnel bart should build in downtown san jose. trains would travel about 5 miles underground through the heart of downtown. side... and the v-t-a on the other. [nats] owntown san kpix 5 lays out at the time tunnel issues -- out the tunnel issue with bart on one side and the vta on the other. >> reporter: the battle lines have moved under ground, specifically to what kind of tunnel to build for trains to run under santa clara street. today vta officials asked bart for three more months to study the attractive, but yet untried single bore option. >> we want to study that further. >> reporter: bart officials are leaning toward the familiar twin tunnel approach, a panel of experts recommended this method because bart already knows how to build it.
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but it's more disruptive on the service. board members including san jose's mayor and some city council members are leaning toward the single bore. it could built faster and less expensively, and the surface would be virtually undisturbed. >> if we do twin we have to trench from the top down, and if we do single we can mine from the tunnel that's already underground and not disturb the surface. >> reporter: but it's only been tried once in barcelona. the mayor wants the first place in the u.s. to do it is here. >> we've seen it work in barcelona where it's very effective. this is where the innovation is moving. >> reporter: this rider has been waiting for bart for decades and favors whatever med will bring trains to san jose the -- method will bring trains
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to san jose faster. >> i hope eventually it replaces cars for transportation around the bay area. >> reporter: in san jose, kpix 5. new at 6:00, there's a new fight over one of the most famous homes in san francisco. we're talking about the full house home in pacific heights. plans are in the works to make it look even more like the tv show. kpix 5's emily turner shows us neighbors aren't exactly thrilled. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: it's one of the more recognizable house fronts in san francisco, but the full house affect on the pacific heights neighborhood is not appreciated by many neighbors. >> we lived here in this house for 46 years, and we've seen a lot of things go on. this is probably the worst thing that's happened. brought in a lot of people and visitors from all over the country and it becomes a mob scene. >> reporter: neighbor david nash says hundreds of fans stop
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by during the day for photo ops, causing parking troubles and leaving trash. >> i remember watching this as a little kid, and this is my first time in san francisco, so being able to see it in person and kind of, you know, stand on the stairs and take a picture is cool. >> reporter: the owner of the house jeff franklin produced the show. when he bought the place last april he announced plans to make the inside look like the tv show set to possibly film there or rent it out to the public. his neighbors say he isn't open to a discussion about it, so they're taking the fight to the planning commission, and asking the city to rein in his plans. >> we have to go to the city directly to get them to do something about his request. have them scale back what he's doing, and listen to our concerns maybe. >> reporter: the owner of the home was not at home today or show up to the planning
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commission meeting today, but it's important to note there were some neighbors who simply didn't mind all of the commotion, just didn't want to talk on camera today. in san francisco, emily turner, kpix 5. those people stopping by the house today had a nice day. 66 degrees. it's snowing in college station, texas right now, so we're one of the warmer spots. napa, 70 degrees for a high today. half moon bay, 68. got to talk about where the winds are coming from tomorrow because you'll hear a lot about smoke from southern california moving toward the bay area. the wind the coming from the northeast, so low level smoke is not a concern. the reason it could be hazy tomorrow is this. the big strong ring of high pressure that's been with us all week and all weekend. it will be with us next week.
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the strong ridge is not going to move meaning the dry weather, pleasant to get outside if you take it a day at a time, but looking at the fact that december is one of the wettest months, we don't want this ridge here the entire time. we need the rainfall and mountain snow. that's preventing all of it. spare the air day tomorrow. chilly night tonight. partly cloudy skies, overnight lows in the 40s. 37 to 38 in the inland valleys. napa 39, san jose 41. a mix of sun and cloud cover tomorrow. the highs tomorrow, into the 60s again. mid-60s in the santa clara valley and fremont. 63 vallejo and san francisco. extended forecast, upper 60s to low 70s inland. the ridge doesn't move, the forecast isn't changing, we stay dry. back to you. >> all right, paul, thank you. a stanford professor taking heat for promoting a song.
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[ singing ] the professor's tweet that some say crossed the line. >> the music tames aim at convicted stanford rapist brock turner, the professor's tweet some say cross the line. and michael crabtree is coming back this weekend, but what about amari cooper? those stories next.
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on sunday in kansas city, but g questi the raiders needing all the help they can get taking the field sunday in kansas city, but amari cooper is looking questionable for a game that could determine the division champion. cooper was cleared from the nfl concussion protocol yesterday after a broncos safety knocked him out two weeks ago. cooper is still dealing with a nagging ankle injury, also suffered during that play.
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didn't practice today in my. the chiefs and -- alameda. the chiefs and raiders are tied for the division lead at 6 and 6, and what a roll every coaster kansas city -- roller coaster kansas city has been on to reach this point. pictures are worth a thousands word. the chiefs looked super bowl bound, but check him out after they lost their fourth straight to fall to six and six, and to make matters worse marcus peters the suspended for throwing a flag into the stands, but alex isn't going to second guess the coach's decision. >> certainly i know a lot of leaders on this team are ready to go and understand it. it was a hard decision, coach made it, and we're going. it's pointless to go back and forth at this point. bryce love won the walker award tonight for nation's top running back. he ran for 1900 yards this
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season despite playing through a sprained ankle. he'll go to the heisman trophy this year as well. and a player underwent spinal stabilization surgery today to combat paralysis. he'll not play again this year, obviously. there's question if he'll ever play football again. he wasn't the victim as an illegal hit, but his teammate mitchell blasted the league for trying to legislate big hits out of game. odell and >> we're not playing football. you have to know what the risk is when you sign up. no one wants to be paralyzed or have head injuries. these are all negative things, but let's not turn it into a dangerous game single . >> he called on the nfl commissioner and player's
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association to fix the problem. and just when you thought the president trump and lavar ball feud had stopped, well, it's not. today ball retweeted this animation of himself dunking on the president. could you imagine these two on the same ticket three years from now? [ laughter ] >> that would give the cable channels even more to talk about. >> a reality show. [ laughter ] all right, thank you. coming up in the next half hour, a new fire erupting in san diego growing at a dangerous rate of speed. the full on fire fight in southern california. we have a live report from one of the most volatile areas tonight. convicted rapist brock turner the subject of a tweet by a stanford low professor. why some are saying she went too far. he took a bus into a war zone. a bay area man's heroic actions
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at pearl harbor that saved 32 lives.
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kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ fierce winds -- making firefighters' jobs all but impossible -- as massive wildfires
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you're watching kpix 5 news. the top story at 6:30, fierce winds making firefighters' jobs all but impossible asthmassive fires rage out of control -- as massive fires continue to rage out of control. a new fire in san diego is roaring out of control. thousands of homes are threatened tonight. more than 300,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders this evening. the fires are spreading relentlessly in unprecedented wind conditions. here's more live from ventura county. >> reporter: allen, firefighters l not -- firefighters will get not a break any time soon. the winds are expected through friday, and red flag warnings are expected in the area through saturday.
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flames quickly ravaged homes in san diego county. a new wind driven wildfire in los angeles is threatening at least another thousand structures. >> i've been going up and down the roads making everybody leave. >> reporter: several communities are evacuated. north of la, the massive thomas fire continues to burn out of control. >> 2500 fire personnel from many different states. at the time fire is burning -- the fire is burning vigorously in ojai valley. >> reporter: for the first time, parts of southern california are under what's called a purple warning as hurricane force winds drive the flames across the dry vegetation. the winds are so strong here, flames on both side of this major highway forced closures along a 17-mile stretch single game record it's uncredibly -- stretch. >> it's incredibly scary. >> reporter: nearly all 7,000 people in the resort town of ojai were evacuated. firefighters having struggling
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to get a handle on the blames that wiped out nearly 100,000 acres since monday night. darlene and her husband are among the hundreds of fire victims trying to grasp the devastation. >> everything. everything was here. >> reporter: hundreds of schools across southern california will remain closed for the rest of the week. and tonight fire officials and local officials are urging residents if you get the call to evacuate, be prepared to leave. live in ventura, back to you. >> and are there predictions the wind won't die down until saturday? redible, >> reporter: yes, they expect the wind gusts to continue through friday, and the red flag warning was extended
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through saturday, so they're still expecting strong santa ana winds, and talking to firefighters here today, they say we need the winds to die down and need rain. a resident i spoke to today said normally this time of year we're talking about how it's raining in ojai, not wildfires burning around southern california. >> all right, thank you so much. check out an incredible road side rescue in ventura county. a man rescuing a rabbit trapped in flames. he was later ordered to get back into his car and get out. a stanford professor is facing criticism for sharing a song that singles out brock turner. the tweet is now gone, but not the uproar. [ singing ]
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>> reporter: in a since deleted tweet, a professor encouraged her followers to quote enjoy the song about brock turner who was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman outside a campus party. the song suggests turner should live his life shunned and isolated, and seemed to relish the idea that he become the victim of violence. >> she's sending a very clear message that she loves what the song is conveying, and it's shocking and just very sad. >> reporter: this retired judge says the song so no veiled threats of violence should not be ignored. >> i find that disturbing, horrifying, and so inappropriate. >> reporter: the professor who wouldn't talk on camera to
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distract from the controversy about the judge. they say the campaign has nothing to do with the song, and the tweet came from the professor's personal twitter account. >> this is basically the tenor of this recall, what it's been like. been very aggressive, bullying, and mean spirited. >> reporter: we reached out to the university today to get their reaction to the professor's tweet and the song's seeming celebration of silence, but the -- violence, but the university had no comment. devin fehely, kpix 5. >> last week turner's attorneys filed an appeal. they're seeking a new trial to and try overturn his conviction of sexual assault. in washington, senator al franken resigned after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct. he spoke today on the senate floor. >> in the coming weeks i'll be resigning as a member of the
6:36 pm
united states senate. some of the allegations against me are simply not true. others i remember very differently. >> the tide turned against the minnesota democrat where 35 senators from his own party called for him to step down. today he used part of his speech to take a swipe at president trump. >> there's some irony in the fact that i'm leaving while a man who bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office. >> minnesota's democratic governor will pick someone to fill franken's seat until a special election is held next year. and a separate sexual harassment case just prompted a republican house member to resign. trent franks of arizona will step down in january. he faces an ethics investigation. franks admits he was insensitive when talking with two female staff members about
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the surrogate process. pit bulls attack a one and kill her dog. how good samaritans helped police catch the dogs. no more diving for a delicacy. why the state just canceled abalone season.
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alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ after a body was found floating near a bayside bike path. afternoo police have a mystery on themselves tonight after a body was found floating near a near a bay side bike path. a passing cyclist spotted the body this morning. no word on who the person is or how they died. and oakland police are looking for two suspects that shot a 4-year-old girl and then took off. it happened last night on simpson street near mills college. the girl was in a car when she was shot in the forearm.
6:40 pm
she was taken to the hospital. at last report she was in able season. chopper 5 captured fire crews putting out flames at a homeless encampment in west oakland near interstate 880 alongside the bart train tracks. you can see the train rolling past the flames. san francisco animal control will have to decide what to do with a pair of pit bulls that attacked a woman and killed her dog. good samaritans rushed in to save a woman, buts her dog's wounds were too severe. >> they both had their mouth on the dog, a little dog, and you could here the teeth sinking in. >> when the throat is punctured like that, there's not much you can do single . >> the dogs were found roaming near daly city. their owner has yet to be found. a hearing will determine what happens to them.
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coming up, fierce the abalone fisheries could dry up. and santa ana winds continue to rage, gusting up to 75 miles per hour. the forecast is to stay elevated up to 60 miles per hour over the next 48 hours so the fire danger is extreme in southern california. what does that weather have to do with our weather? it's all caused by the same thing. i'll explain coming up. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe.
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and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ not be allowed next year in northern california. the new at 6:00, sport fishing for abalone will not be allowed next year here in california. state biologists say the species is on the brink of collapse. today the game commission voted unanimously no close the fishery for -- to close the fishery for a year. >> the bigger ones we're seeing don't have the meat they used to have, so they're just wasting away. >> we've seen dramatic declines because they're dying and essentially no sign of real, really any reproduction.
6:45 pm
>> in recent years changing ocean temperatures devastated kelp forests driving many of the snails into starvation. san francisco activists are sending a message to washington lawmakers with shoes. dozens of pair lined up and laid out in front of san francisco's federal building. every one representing so- called dreamers who lost their status. >> and 122 people are losing protections every single day since september when trump eliminated the daca program. close to 11,000 people have already lost that status. >> the activists want nancy pelosi and other lawmakers to stand up for the children. a graphic reminder on how to keep the holidays safe. the fire department putting on a series of demonstrations. reminders like don't bring
6:46 pm
turkey fryers indoors, don't throw water on grease fires or burn candles near christmas trees. >> any time you bring dry vegetation in your house, you have to maintain it. put fresh water in it, put additives, but at the end of the day you have to water it. if you don't it turns into a fire bomb. >> the firefighters have been putting on the event for 20 years. the holidays have taken over the state capital. this year's christmas tree is now fully decorated and officially lit. a young girl with autism had the honor of flipping the switch. she fired up the 10,000 lights. this is the 35th year a child with developmental disabilities participated in the annual ceremony. >> special tradition. and the weather have been kind of nice and cool and crisp to watch the tree lighting ceremonies. >> yes, the weather have been perfect for the outdoor
6:47 pm
actives. all the outdoor activities remain fine, sunshine once again today and tomorrow. 54 is the current temperature in both concord and oakland. 60 in san francisco. 58 in san jose. santa rosa 51, dropping to the 30s overnight tonight. we'll be rain-free. not a chance of a drop of rainfall over at least the next seven days due to the big persistent ridge of high pressure. santa rosa tonight chilly, that's a theme as well. away from the water 30s. vallejo and martinez the upper 30s. concord, pleasant hill, clayton to the upper 30s. even san francisco dropping below 50. the strong ridge of high pressure is in no rush to move. it's centered to the north. it's servely close enough to give us sot -- certainly close enough to give us not so great
6:48 pm
air quality. the ridges to the north, the clock wide flow around it is bringing air down around from canada, so it's not a particularly warm pattern. warmer than average due to the sunshine, but no 75 and 80 degrees. this is a relativity cooled or mild stretch of dry weather, and notice the northeast winds, perfect for eking out the santa ana winds in southern california temperatures above average. averagesare mid to upper 50s. let's look and see, is there any indication that the ridge could weaken or move? either would be fine if you want rainfall, and we need it. the ridge gets a little weaker, but stays center to the north. next tuesday keeping the storm track, not in oregon, not in washington, not in british columbia, all the way up in alaska. that's where the storm track is, so not even close.
6:49 pm
filtered sunshine the next couple of days. no widespread freezes, but chilly. 30s at night, and temperatures remain 5 to 9 degrees above average during the day. danville 63, pittsburgh 63, vallejo 63, san rafael 62 tomorrow. nice day in berkeley, sunshine, 63 degrees. the warmest inland spots in the low # 0s. otherwise -- 70s. otherwise upper 60s with sunshine through next thursday. mid-60s near the bay. time for the food drive. emily turner has today's check presentation. >> reporter: i'm here at the redwood empire food bank, joined by brad weaver. you guys donated 800 pounds of food, but that was not enough. why go even further? >> yeah, thanks emily. we were just inspired by the out pouring of support from our community after the fires.
6:50 pm
and we had three families approach us wanting to do a matching challenge and get behind supporting the food bank, long time partners of ours. so in addition to raising funds we had students and parents come over and donate 200 hours of volunteer time to really what's an incredible organization, and we wanted to do what we could to support them. >> reporter: when you have someone or people ready to give time, money, and food, what kind of a combination is that? >> well, this requires remarkable people, and sonoma country day school is a remarkable school. it's amazing to have them as partners. >> reporter: and we have a remarkably large check, $64,000 they're donating to the redwood. fire food bank, and you at home would like to get involved you can, just go to our website. all right, coming up, honoring a hero. how a bay area man managed to save dozens of trapped sailors
6:51 pm
on this day 76 years ago. and we're sharing your holiday pictures this season. one of the boys sitting still there. the other, not so happy. same story for crystal. her daughter, not really sure what to make of the man in the red suit. the expression says it all. and keep those holiday pictures coming. share your photos and videos with us on our kpix 5 facebook page.
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today the nation marked 76 years since the japanese launched a massive attack on pearl harbor. >> there's a survivor in the north bay who saved people on that day. >> reporter: the special guest at today's small garden ceremony was a good reminder that not everyone who survived pearl harbor wore a uniform. [ applause ] >> reporter: 95-year-old russell walter potter was a young civilian crane operator next to the airfield. he wasn't working the morning the bombs started falling and caught the only transportation
6:55 pm
he could find to get back to the base. you actually took a bus to the attack on pearl harbor? >> that's right, yeah. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the scene was complete chaos. walter watched as japanese planes hit the airfield, and later when the uss oklahoma rolled over, walt used his crane to deliver the large boring tool that cut through the hull, saving dozens of trapped sailors. but there's one image from that day that he'll never forget. >> something i've never seen before, carrying the wounded to the shops. laying them there on the slabs, you know. >> reporter: that's something that's going to stay with you? >> yeah. >> reporter: it was the birth of the greatest generation as every american, man and woman, mobilized for the defense of the nation. phyllis was one of the first rosie the riveters to work at
6:56 pm
the marin city shipyard. >> it was a totally different country, and i knew it would never happen again that people would be so pulled together. >> reporter: but it all again at pearl harbor, and -- began at pearl harbor, and as for walt's effort. do you think you're a highway roe? >> no, just a flunkie [ laughter ] >> walt, you're a hero, and he'll turn 100 years old in march. every chipped in, did what they had to do. >> incredible. >> coming up at i 1:00, a -- 11:00, a bay area man shot over a parking space. >> how his dog saved his life. >> have a good night.
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