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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 8, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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d the infern not currently impacted by the fire they need to prepare as if they will be. hundreds of homes have been reduced to rubble from massive wildfires burning in southern california and the infernos not stopping. >> this body camera video shows a san francisco police officer firing through his window killing an unarmed man. how the police chief is responding this morning. good morning. it's friday, december 8th. i'm anne makovec. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this friday morning as the morning rush is about to start. as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge on the right, not looking too bad in terms of traffic there. on the left a shot of these "salesforce tower" sales looking south looking nice so far. >> a little cool out there. jaclyn has been tracking our friday morning commute. >> the morning rush has begun. >> right now we are tracking delays along the eastshore freeway. and that's all due to an earlier crash that did have all lanes blocked. all lanes have been cleared.
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but there's still the big backup. we are dealing with those residual delays. the crash -- westbound 80 at central, backed up to 4. in the red the eastshore freeway 30 minutes. a live look near ashby. your ride is heavy getting over to the bay bridge toll plaza. an additional 26 minutes heading across the bay bridge. we are still dealing with the slowdowns from an earlier accident as you are approaching fremont street. it looks like that's been cleared over to the shoulder. speeds starting to resume to their normal limit there. 580 highway 4 out of antioch and 880 all in the yellow. say good-bye to "friday light." let's check in with neda on the forecast. good morning, everybody. at least it's friday. here's a look at san jose right now. clear conditions out there. yes, it is cool and crisp. clear in san francisco. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. 33 degrees in santa rosa. the temperatures just dropped
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off one notch. not quite freezing but very close. what we are going to have today is smoky conditions. fires in southern california the way the wind direction may blow could send some hazy skies our way. we may start to smell that smoke in the sky. this high pressure that's sending those santa ana winds towards southern california for the next several days is right on us. so that's why we have clear conditions. but it could also as it moves a little east send the winds south to north and that's why we may experience some of the smoke out there. so you may start to smell that. red flag warning are extended from southern california into sunday. gusts around 35. sunday they pick up to 55. humidity very low. also unprecedented purple threat for the fire index across southern california. this takes into account the brush, the humidity and the winds. and that's what they are dealing with from san diego
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into the l.a. and ventura areas. right now, those wildfires in southern california continue to rage totally out of control. shifting winds are making for unpredictable conditions for firefighters battling intense flames. heavy wind and dry air conditions could continue into next week and beyond. >> four of the fires burning in the los angeles area, the largest the thomas fire now covers nearly 180 square miles in ventura county. the fires have burned more than 140,000 acres so far and forced 190,000 people to flee their homes. at least 500 homes and other buildings have been destroyed. thousands more still threatened this morning. the first death is confirmed a woman next to her overturned car. >> a new fire has exploded across more than 4,000 acres. the lilac fire near fallbrook is one of a half dozen burning.
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>> they need to prepare as if they are going to be impacted by the fire. where are they going to go? what are their escape routes? what's their communication to their families? what are they going to do with their pets and do they have their vehicles loaded to go? >> the offices of emergency services is also responding. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us with a look at the text alert that went out to millions. >> reporter: as wildfires in the southern part of the state get worse, north bay lawmakers are proposing new mandatory wireless alerts. this proposal comes just weeks after the deadly wine country wildfires. it would mandate wireless alerts in all 58 counties. ventura and los angeles counties just used the amber alert style cell phone messages this week. 12million people in 7 counties got a text alert about the dangerous wind and fire conditions. it's the widest alert ever used by the state office of
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emergency services. >> we are calling coffey park number 2. what we're seeing in southern california is similar to santa rosa and coffey park. >> reporter: critics say sonoma county emergency officials should have sent mass alerts on to cell phones as the october firestorm erupted. instead, they warned people through land line programs. the wine country wildfires in sonoma county alone burned 137 square miles destroying more than 5,000 homes and killed 24 people. the cal oes deputy director says resources of course have been stretched very thin these last couple of months. 100 fire engines from oregon, arizona and montana are in southern california right now fighting these fires. >> thank you. a new report in the "san francisco chronicle" sheds some light on pg&e's preparations in the days before the wine country wildfires. the newspaper says on thursday, october 5th, pg&e's weather forecasting office warned of upcoming strong winds. the fires began three days later. pg&e was reportedly ready to
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take care of power outages but didn't take the extra preemptive step of shutting down certain power lines. an emotional crowd giving san francisco's police chief an earful at a packed community gathering last night. it was called to address an officer-involved shooting of an unarmed man earlier this month. kpix 5's katie nielsen is live at police headquarters to tell us more about what happened. katie. >> reporter: kenny, about 100 people last night packed into true hope church off of gilman avenue. department leaders wanted to meet with the community in the effort of transparency. 42-year-old keita o'neil carjacked a state lottery van delivering tickets to local stores. police chased the van into the nearby bayview neighborhood where they say o'neil jumped out of the van and ran toward a patrol car. that's when a rookie officer had only been on duty for four days can be seen pulling out his gun and shooting o'neil through the patrol car window
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as he runs by. police say o'neil was charged with charging at the officers but community members at the meeting last night yelled at police saying it was nothing more than the murder of an unarmed man. >> this is murder! i mean, it's no other way to look at it as murder. he should in jail right now, not laying dead dormant. >> reporter: the police chief says they are still in the early stages. investigation and held the meeting to be transparent with the community not to draw any conclusions. san francisco police have only been using body cameras since 2016. the video that was released last night was from that rookie officer. the department says they are not going to be releasing his name. they say he had recently graduated from the police academy and had only been on the job for four days at the time of the shooting. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix 5. folks in oakland will have to do without most city services for a while longer as workers enter day 4 of a bitter strike in that city.
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kpix 5's jessica flores is live there with the latest on the negotiations. >> reporter: it tonight look like this will let up anytime soon. the earliest obviously would be monday but this could head into next week. this is day 4 of the strike. 3,000 employees not at work today. they will be out here on the picket lines. i have been talking to these folks all week. they say they want to go back to work. they just believe that the city's contract offer now sun fair. and the main problem, the main sticking point, is of course the wages. the city leaders last night said they made their best and final offer. but it's still about 3% away from what the union wants. the city is also offering $500,000 to convert part time library positions into full- time positions. meanwhile, the strike is costing the city a lot of money. the city says they are losing $50,000 a day from just parking
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enforcement. and residents continue to go without much-needed services including street sweeping, libraries and head start preschool programs. >> it's a burden and i know it's a headache for a lot of people because you have to find somebody on the last minute during the week. >> reporter: the unions are ready to take the strike into next week if need be. they believe the city can afford to offer higher wages. they say their workers are priced out of their own city. again, we expect to see hundreds of people out here at oakland city hall on the picket lines. no word yet if the city council plans to meet in a closed-door session again. but folks should know that 911 operators are working, fire, first responders and police are still on the job. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. just hours after senator al franken announced he was resigning amid sexual misconduct allegations republican representative trent franks of arizona is also leaving his job next month after an ethics investigation
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was opened against him. hena doba has the latest from new york. >> i'll let the statement speak for itself. >> reporter: in that statement, arizona congressman trent franks announced he will resign january 31st. the move comes after house ethics officials began investigating him for asking if two of his female staffers would bear his child as a surrogate. in a statement, the republican lawmaker admitted the surrogate discussions made the two female staffers uncomfortable. but added, i have absolutely never physically intimidated, coerced or had or attempted to have any sexual contact with any member of my congressional staff. the eight-term congressman also disclosed that he and his wife have long struggled with infertility. we experienced three miscarriages. >> senator from minnesota. >> reporter: franks' resignation came on the same day democratic senator al franken resigned from his job bowing to allegations of sexual misconduct from several women. the minnesota democrat fired a
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defiant parting shop at president trump. >> i am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office. >> reporter: it was time for him resign. there were many allegations against him. it was a drawn-out conversation. and if we want to hold elected officials, we want to hold people in power accountable for sexual assault, we have to do it regardless of party affiliation. >> reporter: minnesota governor mark dayton says he will announce franken's temporary replacement in the next few weeks. hena doba, cbs news. franken served as senator for eight years. time now 6:11. up in smoke. the bay area city that's saying no to recreational marijuana dispensary at least downtown. >> plus, how much money bart plans to spend as it works to curb its carbon footprint.
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voted against allowing dispensaries in the area. you won't be able to buy marijuana soon in downtown benicia. the city council just voted against allowing dispensaries in the area. however, lawmakers will talk about allowing marijuana sales and deliveries outside of the downtown area at its december 19th meeting. california voters passed prop 64 last year which legalizes recreational marijuana in 2018. the state will start issuing business licenses next month. bart is about to go greener. they announced it is reducing its carbon footprint. yesterday the board of directors approved two 20 years renewable energy power purchase agreements. bart says its systems will be 90% powered by renewable energy by the year 2021. that includes wind and solar power. bart currently get only 4% of its electricity supply from renewable sources. time now 6:15. i just checked one of the cameras. looking not too good out there.
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not looking very good. >> not too good but what is looking good is bart running on time with no delays. 59 trains in service already this morning. and we are off to a great start with ace and muni. just a heads up, if you were planning on taking amtrak down to southern california this weekend, do be advised they have suspended all train service between los angeles and san luis obispo, the pacific surfliner and the coach starlight. so there are no alternate routes, no other tracks to take. so you need to check in with them if you were planning on using amtrak. this is all due to the fires down there. they have had to suspend service. ferry service, half day scheduled again today, this is to and from sausalito. the first departures will begin out of san francisco at 12:55. and 1:55 from sausalito. they have increased golden gate transit buses, as well. golden gate bridge looking
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fantastic this morning. one of the only routes that remains in the green at this hour. can't say the same over at the richmond/san rafael bridge. jam-packed a busy start for a friday morning commute. let's check in with neda now. we are waiting for sunrise. we'll take a little bit of course right after 7:00 this morning. here's our vaca camera. a pretty view. and clear conditions for now. but we are going to see possibly some high clouds and yes some smoke is in our forecast. hazy skies out there for this weekend. i'll explain why in a moment. but also let's talk about the cool air in the 30s and 40s. 33 for santa rosa. 36 in livermore right now. so yes, our temperatures are chilly. sunrise happening at 7:12. sunset at 4:50 this afternoon. here are your headlines. so what you can expect for this coming weekend. cool mornings, warm afternoons and a "spare the air" alert is in effect today, tomorrow and
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sunday. we will remain dry under this ridge of high pressure for several days. so for the next 10 days at least, not expecting to see much movement as far as our forecast is concerned. our air quality for the north bay unhealthy for sensitive groups. here's a wider view to give you a perspective here. moderate for most of the bay area. we are under a ridge of high pressure and that's why our winds are not blowing too high. we had some stronger wind gusts across the berkeley hills but for us today between 5 to 7 miles per hour sustained winds that's all we are going to get.
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here's the strong ridge. it's not moving. winds moving south to north will bring southern california smoke into our areas. highs today feeling good. it's cool this afternoon but this morning, but it will feel nice for the afternoon conditions. we are five to nine degrees above average through the weekend. >> new this morning, youtube planning to veal its own paid music streaming service in march. bloomberg reporting that the service will be called remix. it's expected to have offerings similar to spotify and apple music but youtube has not yet commented on the report. apple might be bringing back the metal casing for its next iphone. that would be a departure from the new glass backing of the
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iphone x and iphone 8. there are reports apple will release a total of 3 new iphones next year. but only one is expected to have the metal casing. instagram testing a new stand-alone app for direct messaging. it lets users create and share stories with exclusive filters. your instagram friends are added instantly to the instagram direct app. for now, that app is only available in uruguay, chili, turkey, italy, portugal and israel. i don't know if you heard about this but there was a historical hurricane in the south bay last night. question, just who blew out who? a comeback never-before-seen in san jose. coming up.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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within a five-minute span of the first period in san jose last night, the sharks were getting blown out by the hurricanes. fans were booing. then came the eye of the storm. sharks sporting the giants warmup jerseys before last night against carolina. san jose trailed 3-0 after the first period but then a shorthanded goal and the game is tied. we go to overtime. just 22 seconds in, brent burns sends everybody home happy. sharks 5-4 winners. san jose's first win in franchise history when trailing by 3 goals after one period. the brand-new mercedes-benz stadium in atlanta hosting the falcons and saints. new orleans down inside the atlanta 15, they trail by three but drew brees picked off by jones. falcons win 20-17. they now trail the saints by one game in the nfc south. lakers and sixers. ingram with the game winning three with less than a second left and the lakers beat paul
6:25 am
deanno's 76ers, 107-104. i take great joy in announcing that this morning. sunday morning on kpix 5, it's the oakland raiders at the kansas city chiefs. our "5th quarter" with jeremy newberry airs at 2 p.m. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. here's the play of the day. the thunder and nets in mexico city. roberson with the impressive dunk. but the thunder later fell short, >> strong moves right down the lane. oklahoma city's andre roberson with the impressive slam. but the thunder fell short losing to brooklyn 100- 95. it's 6-- and we want to go back to live pictures from southern california ---- as fast moving flames tear
6:26 am
through we want to go back to live pictures right now from southern california. those wildfires continue to burn fast-moving flames being driven by extremely high winds. we have a report from the front lines coming up and the growing evacuations under way. >> reporter: outraged community members give san francisco's chief of police an earful at a community meeting last night where they showed video of last week's officer-involved shooting. we'll have details coming up next. >> plus, under investigation, flames tear through a bay area home overnight. what we're learning about the cause this morning. heavy, labored breathing
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nature is powerful." no end in sight .. as flames continue to demolish neighborhoods
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fires like this, wildfires are just absolutely scary. you just don't know what's going to happen. they change on a whim. mother nature is powerful. no end in sight as flames continue to demolish neighborhoods and force thousands to evacuate. >> hey! >> what do we want? >> a contract now! >> day 4 of a worker strike in oakland as the city and its employees continue to battle over wages. >> and congress avoids a government shutdown but it's only temporary. first in southern california, nearly 150,000 acres have been burned, hundreds of homes have been destroyed and 23,000 still threatened as the wildfires continue to burn out of control. hardly any containment. good morning, it's december 8th, friday, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. four of the fires burning in the los angeles area, the largest is in ventura county and now covers nearly 180 square miles. we have live team coverage of the firefight under way. kpix 5's jackie ward has a look
6:31 am
at the crews heading to southern california from the bay area. but first, reporter kenneth craig is live in ventura county with a look at the devastation being left behind. kenneth. reporter: this is just one of the more than 400 structures that have been brought to the ground here in ventura county. this was a single-family home. this morning it's nothing more than rubble. reporter: hundreds of thoroughbred horses ran for their lives as the southern california wildfire spread even further south. this new blaze dubbed the lilac fire is in northern san diego county. volunteers trying to help save them say several of the horses were killed, several others badly injured. >> i have caught a couple that were up on the hill up there that have been burned. >> reporter: the lilac fire, about 45 miles north of san diego, grew to 6 square miles in just a few hours. further north, the biggest of the blazes around ventura has grown to nearly 200 square miles. that fire has accounted for the
6:32 am
bulk of the at least 500 buildings destroyed so far. officials say even though the hurricane-force winds that were predicted for thursday didn't materialize, erratic santa ana winds are still fanning the flames and spreading embers. >> that santa ana weakening is going to cause the fire to be much less predictable. it's going to move different directions. >> reporter: here in ventura where the fire has already passed through, homeowners are being allowed back into assess the damage but for many, sadly, there's not much to see. this family of six returned to rubble. >> all my little brothers' stuff -- [ crying ] >> reporter: every day the fire continues air quality becomes more of an issue, so much so that hundreds more schools have been ordered closed today. the fire here in ventura county is still only about 5% contained at this point. the winds have died down here this morning in yesterday. that's a good thing but if they
6:33 am
pick up and continue, firefighters could be out here battling these blazes for weeks. >> kenneth, a lot of us have friends and family down in southern california. we're seeing a social media post in fact about people preparing their evacuation plans well before they are ordered to leave. so that's just one of many ways people who aren't directly impact by the flames are feeling the effects. >> reporter: almost certainly. and if your house didn't burn down, and that's obviously devastating, the air quality is affecting millions of people who live in the area. thousands of other people also lost power in addition to that there's a "boil water" order in effect for thousands of residents and because of that a number of businesses and eateries and -- and -- and places you go every, single day are also closed down so everybody in the region is impacted by the what's happening here. >> all right, kenneth craig live for us, thank you. it is hard not to draw comparisons with what's happening in southern california right now to what happened closer to home in wine
6:34 am
country just two months ago. jackie ward joins us live with how fire crews from across the bay area are returning a favor of mutual aid. >> reporter: those scenes are all too familiar. we have been saying this all week that what's going on in southern california is so familiar with what we just experienced in october. so now a group of bay area national guard members are preparing to join the firefight. about 25 airmen from the 129th rescue wing will provide logistical support. over the past few months, they have also responded to three hurricanes and the wine country wildfires. crews from santa rosa are among the hundreds of firefighters on the front lines. they are returning the favor after crews from southern california came up and worked tirelessly to help them battle the tubbs fire under similar conditions. >> unfortunately, they are expecting and are continuing to get a much longer duration of winds. ours were short-lived. unfortunately we had a significant amount of destruction that was done in a relatively short period of time. hopefully they are not experiencing that same level of structural damage.
6:35 am
their acreages are going up because of the sustained winds that they are experiencing down there. >> reporter: a total of 15 santa rosa firefighters have been sent south along with three engines. other north bay teams are chipping in, too. their strike team is working on the rye fire near santa clarita and they say they have personnel spread out over four strike teams in southern california, two entirely of marin county firefighters and one comprised of marin agencies, one with cal oes. >> thank you. images from space show the smoke from the southern california wildfires. parts of the area are under a purple warning for the first time ever because of strong winds, 80-mile-per-hour gusts. hurricane-force winds. >> purple warning is the fire index. so it's not necessarily a purple flag warning. we have the red flag warning in effect, but that just means it's dry, it's windy and there's a lot of dry brush. we could see smoke from the
6:36 am
southern california fires in our area. today, tomorrow, for southern california, the wind gusts are not going to be as strong. but i did just notice near the skirball fire gusts up to 42 miles per hour. that gusts at 17 near the rye fire creek fire 24 and the thomas fire 4. humidity levels low between 10 to 15%. these mornings they are not getting much moisture because of this high pressure ridge that's sitting on top of us. so those santa ana winds continue through next weeks. what we are going to experience is as these winds go from east to west they may go from south to north. impacting us in the form of smoke. keep your eye on the sky. you may smell the smoke out there, as well. the flag warning is extended through sunday because of those extensive winds and we are going to see them decrease today -- tomorrow for southern california about 35-mile-per- hour gusts but then picking up to 55 for sunday. no overnight relief. here's the smoke that may be
6:37 am
impacting us. around 5:00, 6:00 at sunset in the area, you may see some really neat colors but it's all pollution in the sky. i'll talk more about the temperatures. we have a cool start to the day and warm afternoons ahead. tracking our second accident in the same area, this is along interstate 80 westbound direction. this is a hot spot this morning interstate 80 near mcbryde and those headlights making their way westbound. the crash is near san pablo avenue and that backup stretches beyond richmond parkway. so definitely a slow ride for drivers heading along the eastshore freeway. about 30 minutes likely to get a little bit slower now with this accident blocking a lane. the richmond/san rafael bridge is now in the yellow and you can see those headlights moving westbound. it's slow across the span. the same over at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights have been on and this is what we have been tracking for the last 40 minutes or so.
6:38 am
it's been in the red, 27 minutes across the bay bridge. and over -- if you are traveling through the altamont pass this morning, an accident no longer blocking lanes but take a look at all of these brake lights. this is westbound 205 approaching 580. so drivers heading out of tracy into livermore, it is a very slow commute. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. this is day 4 of a strike by thousands of oakland city workers. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in oakland with more on the efforts to settle this dispute. jessica. >> reporter: kenny, we are in front of city hall where for the past two days there have been closed door sessions with the city council as they try to resolve this strike. they are unable to get there so today, we head into the fourth day of the strike across oakland about 3,000 city workers off the job today and i have been talking to a lot of them. they say they are frustrated and want to go back to work but they believe the city's offer at this point is just unfair. the main sticking point of courselast night, city leaders
6:39 am
made is wages. -- the main sticking point of course is wages. the city said they gave their best and final on. their best and final offer. they bumped up the raise in a second year of the two-year contract. there was no guarantee of a raise in the second year. now they are guaranteeing a 1% wage increase and if they can afford it they will give a total of 2%. the union is asking for a 4% raise in the second year of the contract. so right now, the two sides are basically 3% apart. the city's also offering $500,000 to convert some part- time workers into full-time workers. but the union is saying this isn't good enough. >> we have been as fair and generous as we can. to our employees without placing basic city services at risk. we have to be responsible to our employees and our residents residents. >> reporter: now, the strike is cost the city a lot of money, tens of thousands of dollars. and residents continue to go without services. we are talking about street sweeping, libraries, head start, preschool programs. the city is losing thousands of dollars a day from parking enforcement alone. now, firefighters, police
6:40 am
officers, they are still on the job. and again, we expect hundreds of people to be out here at city hall on the picket lines, again, the two sides have no scheduled time to talk again about the negotiations so this could very likely go into next week. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. neighbors in livermore reported hearing sounds of explosions before a house erupted in flames. this new video into our newsroom this morning through the smoke and the orange glow you can see the roof of the home. the homeowner had gas cylinders behind the home which is why neighbors heard the bangs. he cause is under investigation. san francisco police head a town hall meeting last night to release video of an officer- involved shooting this month. the department wants to be transparent with the community, the chief says. kpix 5's katie nielsen is live
6:41 am
at police headquarters this morning. katie, the meeting got heated. >> reporter: it did, anne. almost 100 people showed up to the church in the bayview neighborhood where police showed two videos. one was surveillance video of the shooting captured from a nearby building. the other, video from the police officer's body camera. [ screaming and crying ] >> reporter: as you can hear the people who were at the meeting were outraged that police would shoot an unarmed man. the chief said it started on december 1st around 10:30 a.m. when 42-year-old keita o'neil carjacked a lottery van delivering tickets to stores. police chased him to the bayview where he jumped out and ran toward a patrol car. that's when a rookie officer who was on duty for four days can be seen on his body camera video drawing his gun and shooting o'neil through the patrol car window as o'neil ran by.
6:42 am
police say o'neil was charging at the officers but community members yelled at police and said, that's not what it looks like on the video. >> o'neil then began to run towards the direction of the marked sfpd vehicle while the van he drove continues to roll forward. >> i'm not sure i see him running toward -- >> you have the video. i'm sure you'll look at it frame by frame. the reason we put the video out is for everybody to see what we have at this point. >> reporter: the chief said he wanted to hold that meeting to show the video and be transparent not to draw any conclusions about what happened. police are not releasing the name of the rookie officer involved. what they said is that he had recently graduated the police academy and was only on his fourth day on duty. he was riding with a field training officer, that officer was the one driving the patrol car.
6:43 am
the training officer's body camera video wasn't recording at the time of the shooting according to the chief of police. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix 5. time now 6:43. this morning, texas is getting a fresh coat of snow. a look at how much fresh powder is expected to blanket the lone star state.
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norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us live from new york. >> reporter: good morning, anne. ahead, carter evans is on the scene of newest fire in southern california that's destroying homes in the san diego area. plus, south dakota senator john
6:47 am
thune is here in studio 57. we'll talk about the tax plan and al franken. a new series called profiles in service we'll go to west point to meet a woman making history commanding the corps of cadets. bright future ahead. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. at&t is going to court to fight for the right to purchase time warner. antitrust regulators are stopping the $85 billion deal saying the merger would raise prices for rivals, pay tv subscribers and hamper the development of online video. more good news for american workers and tesla's electric big little looks to be a hit. joining us now kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. the job market continues to look solid. the labor department today reporting that 228,000 jobs were added in november.
6:48 am
the second straight month with gains over 200,000. the unemployment rate still at 4.1% a 17 year low. wage growth continues to drag however up 2.5% from a year ago. the last time the unemployment rate was this low wage growth was averaging 4%. the report raises the odds of a rate hike from the federal reserve next week. tesla's all-electric semi continues to be a big hit. got another big order through distributor cisco placing an order for 50 semis anheuser- busch ordererred this week and others like walmart have placed orders for the semi which should hit the production line in 2019. stock market heading higher in the early going thanks to the jobs report. let's check the big board. the dow is up by 50 points. nasdaq up 50. s&p up 9. back to you. >> thank you. time check 6:48. let's check traffic with
6:49 am
jaclyn. something is happening with my voice this morning. [ laughter ] we are tracking lots of traffic. it's been a very busy friday morning if you are getting ready to hit the roads. be prepared for a slow ride. here's 880. it's not as bad as usual. but friday morning we are tracking some speeds already in the yellow. it's about a -- just under 20 minutes from 238 on down towards the dumbarton bridge. san mateo bridge is dealing with a new accident and this is right at the toll plaza. so just before the shot here involving a car and motorcycle. your ride is heavy in and out of hayward and across the span about 27 minutes. we take it a little further south along 880, to 237, slow between 880 and 101 along 237. this is a live look, 11 minutes in the yellow.
6:50 am
so if you are heading through san jose, we haven't had any accidents along this stretch. and i shouldn't have even said that because that will just jinx it but 101 right near north first street those taillights northbound. we usually see red for this time of morning. so that's good news there. your ride continues to move well right at the limit. 101 heading in and out of san francisco. this is right near third so just a little north of candlestick there but the bay bridge toll plaza, this is a familiar sight in the red 27 minutes into san francisco. neda has the forecast. i want to take you to texas first because this is so rare. they got snow in texas. look what's going on here. brownsville, corpus christi, a storm system across the deep south, temperatures there right now in 20s and 30s. that storm will move to the
6:51 am
carolinas, and the east coast. this is extremely rare for texas. four inches in some areas. enough to build a snowman. i used to live in dallas and could get occasional snow days but to see it in brownsville so far south it's rare, having fun but things come to a standstill when that happens across places not used to it. let's show you what's going on across our area. it's beautiful in san francisco. cool start to the day will be warming up to the 70s for many inland areas. also hazy conditions expected later on today. here's a look at the sun about to rise here at 7:12 this morning. but that's a gorgeous view from our vaca cam. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. so north bay still experiencing some cool conditions and it is also cool in livermore, oakland, concord, temperatures in the 40s for san francisco. calm winds so that's why the cooler air is settling in the valleys, also why we are expecting to see some hazy conditions. here's what we are expecting as far as air quality goes.
6:52 am
areas of orange unhealthy for sensitive groups. the rest of the bay area in that yellow moderate range. so "spare the air" alert has been issued for today saturday and sunday. it's because we are stung under this high pressure ridge. it's not moving and that's what's sending the santa anas into southern california. also sending the winds from the south to the north. so it could push some of that smoke from the fires towards our area. here's what we are going to see temperature-wise this afternoon. this will feel nice. 65 for santa rosa, 56 for napa. so again those big temperature swings from your morning lows to your afternoon highs. 63 today expected for san francisco. mountain view 67. temperatures slightly cooler than what we had yesterday by a couple of degrees. if you are traveling for the weekend, here's what you can expect. plenty of sunshine all across northern california. sacramento in the mid-70s. 70s next week inland. not much change for the next 10 days. so get used to afternoon sunshine. the smock may be an issue
6:53 am
today. 7 minutes before 7:00 and raging out of control, live pictures right now from the firefight under way in southern california. four fires continue to burn this morning. take a look at the smoke in ventura county. more on the evacuations under way next. >> reporter: and oakland city workers take their strike into a fourth day. i'll have a live update coming up.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
it's 6--- time for your final five... i'm jessica flores in oakland where 3,000 city workers are on strike again today and really there is no end in sight for the strike as we expect to see hundreds more people out here at city hall picketing today. i have been talking to them all week. they say they want to go back to work, but they say that the city's offer so far is unfair.
6:57 am
the main sticking point here is money. the union and city both agree on a 4% raise in the first year of a two-year contract. but the two sides can't agree on the second year. last night the city bumped up their offer and they called it their final one. they are offering $500,000 to convert part time positions into full time positions. the strike is costing money. the city is losing tens of thousands of dollars from parking enforcement alone. and the city continues to go without much-needed services including daycare for about 400 families head start preschoolkids. out here live in front of city hall, starting at 7 a.m., we expect to see a lot of folks out here back on the picket lines. no word yet on as to when this strike could end. it could go into next week.
6:58 am
jessica flores, kpix 5. 6:57. time for your "final 5". right now wildfires in southern california still raging out of control. we have live pictures here from above ventura county. shifting winds making for unpredictable conditions for firefighters battling these flames. four of the fires are burning in the l.a. area. and flames have forced 190,000 people to evacuate. at least 500 structures are destroyed. last night almost 100 people in the bayview watched body camera video of a police officer shooting an unarmed man last friday. the people who went to the town hall meeting said that the footage made them angry. san francisco police chief william scott said he wanted to hold the meeting to be transparent. hours after a minnesota democratic senator al franken intends to resign following sexual misconduct there's another one. arizona republican congressman trent franks says he is leaving his job. he discussed surrogate motherhood with female staffers. hours before the deadline
6:59 am
congress narrowly avoiding a government shutdown for now. the house and senate voted in favor of a temporary fix that keeps federal agencies up and running until december it 22nd bart says it's trying to go green by reducingist carbon footprint. the board of directors just renewed two purchase agreements. bart says its system will be 90% powered by renewable energy by 2021. slow ride take it easy. 27 minutes commute across the san mateo bridge how the of hayward into foster city. your ride along the eastshore freeway in the red 33 minutes out of hercules it over the maze. and your ride into san francisco an additional 32 minutes. the view of ocean beach in advance of sunrise there's the vaca camera. temperatures ahead of sunrise cooler. 30s and 40s in the area. "spare the air" day through sunday. >> thank you for watching. have a good weekend.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, december 8th, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. powerful winds send new fires tearing through more homes in southern california. it could take weeks to contain the firestorm. the first major snowstorms of the season bring an early blast of winter from texas to the east coast. two more congressmen face accusations of sexual misconduct. representative trent franks resigns after discussing potential surrogacy with female staffers. and representative blake farenthold is under investigation for using taxpayer money to settle a lawsuit from a former aide. >> plus, the real identity of


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