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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  December 22, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm PST

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>> glor: and this is our western edition. the f.b.i. says it stopped an attack planned for christmas day. the suspect, who served in the marine corps, was said to be targeting san francisco, inspired by isis, and emboldened by the halloween truck attack in new york. in his home, agents find a martyrdom letter that mentions president trump's plan to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. we begin with justice and homeland security correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: the f.b.i. says the suspect was planning to attack san francisco's popular tourist attraction, pier 39. court papers say everitt jameson wanted to use explosives to funnel the crowd into a location where he could inflict casualties. he said, "christmas was the perfect day for the attack." which would have been a suicide mission because jameson was ready to die. the 26-year-old modesto, california resident is a former marine. he was discharged for failing to disclose that he had asthma. this fall, an f.b.i. source reported to the bureau signs of
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radicalization on jameson's facebook page. he was often liking and loving facebook posts that were pro- isis and pro-terrorism. he also praised the deadly october 31st truck attack in new york city, and the 2015 san bernardino mass shooting. investigators say he wanted his attack on pier 39 to be a combination of those by using a vehicle and firearms. manny gomez is a former f.b.i. agent. >> this time, the f.b.i. got his man, but the concern is how many could there be out there that is not on the f.b.i.'s or local law eeforcement's radar, and that's what keeps us up at night. >> reporter: in court today, the suspect denied allegations, but investigators seized at least three guns and several rounds of ammunition in the suspect's home. they also found a suicide note. it was dated december 16, and it made reference to the isis leader abu bakr al-baghdadi. jeff.
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>> glor: jeff pegues, thank you very much. it looked like the white house cks under attack this morning, but it was only a drill. the secret service is trying to tighten its response after several security breaches. major garrett is there. >> reporter: before dawn at the tite house today with president y ump inside the residence, a k.lent night suddenly roared yoward daybreak. >> get on your feet! do it now! >> reporter: a secret service dog, alarmed by a would-be intruder, rushed the target. part of what the secret service called "the first-ever live uscurity drill on white house grounds." >> big goals is to find problem areas. >> reporter: in his first network news interview, secret service director tex alles told us agents need to simulate real- time scenarios. >> you fight like you train, then you need to train like you fight. we're trying to provide realistic training that would be similar to what would happen if there was an emergency on the white house grounds.
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>> reporter: there was an emergency in september 2014 when fence-jumper omar gonzalez, with a knife in his back pocket, raced across the north lawn and into the residence. gonzalez, an army veteran, suffered from mental illness, like many fence jumpers apprehended by the secret aprvice. >> you have to admire the restraint of the officers. the last thing they want to do is use lethal force but they're foll prepared to do that on the ground, i'll just say that. >> reporter: alles said his agency has been able to reduce fence jumpers with bike racks e ong pennsylvania avenue, but it's a different kind of threat that has him on alert. >> the most dangerous would be a ifmplex attack, potentially a suicide attack with some kind of follow-on attack with the wicide bomber. that would be my most dangerous course that we want to think about. >> reporter: the service also faces other challenges. >> if it is a no-fail mission, and the agency gets the job done, no matter what. a reporter: do you have the resources you need for your agency? >> of course, we have funding needs.
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we've laid those out to the congress and, also, to the-- to the administration. >> reporter: from 2011 to 2015, the secret service, according to a congressional report, lost 10% of its workforce, largely due to budget constraints and attrition. >> i think we understand that the sizing of the agency is not currently adequate. e reporter: i was here this morning when the dynamic drill occurred-- didn't hear or see a thing because it all went down on the south lawn. this is the north lawn. afterward the secret service said it detected some kinks in the way their agents responded and that will lead to new training methods. jeff. >> glor: major garrett, thank you very much. reside the oval office the president signed the $1.5 trillion tax cut into law. the bill was passed with no democratic support, but mr. trump said 2018 will be different. >> we're going to have tremendous democrat support on infrastructure, as you know. i could have started with infrastructure. i actually wanted to save the easy one for the one down the road.
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so we'll be having that done pretty quickly. >> glor: after the ceremony, the president flew off to spend the holidays at his mar-a-lago resort in palm beach, florida. it seems like everybody had some place to go today. it is the busiest day of the holiday season for air travel, and a lot of folks were trying to beat the weather. more on the forecast in just a moment. but, first, flight radar 24 has put out this view of air traffic in the u.s. right now. everyone of those symbols represents a plane in the sky. don dahler is at newark liberty airport in new jersey. don. >> reporter: savvy travelers have been getting to the airport early, not just because of long lines, but also potentially the bad weather that's headed east. a winter storm that will toentually stretch from dallas to boston has been dumping snow, icing roads, and delaying flights. a.a.a. says travel is up 3% this year, in large measure because airfares are down 20%. but there have already been some problems. there are traffic jams at
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various airports and there was a fire at love field in texas that caused them to evacuate the terminal. for many of the 97 million americans who are taking to the highway with this bad weather, this white christmas is turning into more of a white-knuckle ordeal. now, air passengers will notice the beefed up t.s.a., as well as alitary presence, at the airports. jeff. >> glor: don, thanks very much. eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our cbs boston station, wbz. eric, good to see you. where are the trouble spots? >> jeff, good to see you as well. we've got a few things to watch over these next couple of days leading up to christmas itself. first up, the storm that we're tracking tonight, some heavy rain across the ohio valley but it's running into cold air for interior parts of the northeast. that's going to lead to some hting concerns tonight and throughout the day on saturday. in fact, we can see a full- fledged ice storm for interior parts of new england, especially eartheastern massachusetts up through eastern new hampshire and maine. bose will be the hardest hit areas as we head through saturday. there's another storm on the
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heels of this one, a break on sunday, then on monday, early christmas morning, storms going to come right up across cape cod, putting down more accumulating snow across much of taw england and new york state and swiftly move out to sea. and with that one we could see over a half foot of snow, all the way down close to the boston area, and perhaps over a foot into parts of maine. very much a white christmas across new england. also tracking a lot of cold air coming down out of canada. the harshest will be across the upper midwest and will get the etlow-average temperatures all e e way down into the southeastern states. we're looking at temps that emn't quite be record breaking, but cold enough. take a look at minneapolis, the christmas day high, five degrees, 28 in chicago, with a high of six below in fargo, north dakota. meanwhile if you want to avoid the cold and get to the warmer air, southwest is where you want to be. highs in the 70s around phoenix, these are the above-average temperatures. 0sd the only major storm we'll be watching on christmas day is the northeast but a few flakes are possible in seattle as well. jeff? >> glor: thanks, a high of six atlow in fargo. appreciate it, eric.
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by unanimous vote, the security council approved new sanctions on north korea in response to its missile launch last month. that missile appears capable of hitting cities in the u.s. the new sanctions puts sharp limits on the amount of oil the north can import and forces all north koreans working abroad to return home in 24 months. the chinese government has decided beijing has too many people and too many dilapidated homes, so it's begun tearing the buildings down. as for the people who lived in them, they're on their own. ben tracy is there. >> reporter: several neighborhoods on the outskirts ro beijing look like war zones, but the attack here came from the city itself. after a fire tore through a migrant housing complex last month, killing 19 people, the beijing government launched a 40-day operation to demolish what it considers illegal or dangerous structures.
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and the target: the city's po s of thousands of migrant workers, who already struggle to survive, are being forced out into the winter cold. "i haven't found a new place," this woman says. "i don't know where to look, and i have a child." ilt this is also wildly considered an excuse to get rid of many of the eight million migrant workers who have helped build beijing into a modern metropolis. it is also at odds with president xi jinping's recent vow to help china's poor. some of the people here say they were only given 24 hours to pack all of their belongings and get out before the bulldozers arrive, and they say to make sure they got out quickly, the government turned off their electricity and their water. in a rare demonstration, workers protested outside a local government office, saying their human rights are being violated.
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"there is no way to survive here anymore," this man says. "beijing has shown us migrants the door." and in a final insult, it is mainly migrant workers dismantling what's left of their lives. ben tracy, cbs news, beijing. >> glor: today, fiat chrysler announced a worldwide recall of ram trucks. the auto maker says steering column gear shifters may accidentally switch out of park. the recall covers 1.8 million heavy-duty pickups dating back to the 2009 model year. it also includes some light-duty pickups. ror a detailed list go to our website, row a look at some of the other stories we're following in this evening's newsfeed. new home sales are booming, up 17.5% in november, that is the iggest one-month gain in more than 25 years. sales were strongest in the west and south.
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bitcoin has boomeranged. a month ago, one bitcoin sold for about $7,500. $2 zoomed to nearly $20,000 by sunday. then came a sell-off. today it was down to just over $13,000. tonight's the deadline to get your two cents on a proposed entrance fee increase at 17 national parks. for cars it would go from $30 to $70. motorcycles, $25 to $50. 0.e fee for people on bike or foot would double to $30. and there's much more ahead on tonight's cbs evening news. .> it's not about the knee. it's what you do in your community and walkin' the walk. >> reporter: chris long does walk the walk. he's playing for free this season. >> what the heck, i'm just going say it anyway-- oh, my! >> i just got an "oh, my" from dick enberg, how about that? >> reporter: the cruelest part about steve's alzheimer's is the kell it has taken on the music he composed. until a family friend offered to launch a rescue mission.
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talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. >> glor: philadelphia eagles defensive end chris long stepped into a national debate this ttason by putting his hand on the shoulders of teammate malcolm jenkins during the national anthem. cbs news special correspondent james brown says there's a lot more to chris long's story. y for me, my little gesture, it o d everything to do with what i thought was right. >> reporter: you're standing, but you have your hand on your teammate's shoulder, to signify what? >> i'd like to stand because it's something that would signify what i hope america can be. i certainly empathize with the form of protest to draw attention to inequities in this country. it's not about the knee. it's about what you do in your community, and walking the walk. >> reporter: chris long does walk the walk.
5:45 pm
after his small gesture he made a big one, by donating the last 10-game salary checks of his $1 million salary to education charities in st. louis, boston, and philadelphia, the three n.f.l. cities where he's played in his decade-long career. chris says his parents, hall of famer howie long and wife, diane, set the right example. he remembers them always giving back to local charities in their home town of charlottesville, virginia. t,st august, white nationalists held a march that ended in doagedy right here in downtown charlottesville. for chris long, it fueled a desire to do even more in his home town and beyond. >> it wakes you up. se heightens your-- your sense -- anger and your sense of-- man, we've got to fix some things about this country. >> reporter: with that in mind, long used his first six-game salary checks to establish two full scholarships for boys and girls club kids to attend his old prep school. that's right-- he's playing for free this season.
5:46 pm
for chris and his wife, megan, this is personal. >> i just think we've been lucky and i couldn't imagine our son, waylon, not having, you know, everything he's going to have. you know, you meet a kid, now that we're parents, i feel like you're going to see your kid in that kid. >> reporter: and maybe that view ern help level the playing field for everyone. james brown, charlottesville, virginia. mo glor: still ahead here "on the road" and more after this. the best in her sport. but for both of them, the most challenging opponent was... pe blood clots in my lung. it was really scary. a dvt in my leg. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. my doctor and i choose xarelto® xarelto®... to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner... ...that's proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots from happening again. in clinical studies, almost 98% of patients on xarelto®
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>> three-pointer. >> yes! oh, my! >> glor: when you heard "oh, my" it was so distinctive. dick enberg, the great sports broadcaster and friend to so g ny died yesterday in california, leaving behind an extraordinary legacy. >> fumbled the ball, and denver has recovered! oh, my! >> glor: his voice, erudition, and class were unmistakable for
5:50 pm
a generation of fans. a one-time college professor, dick enberg covered nearly every major sporting event in his six- decade career, including here at cbs. >> oh, my. u.s. open champion. how does that feel? >> i just got an "oh, my" from omck enberg. how about that? >> glor: he called 10 super bowls, 28 wimbledons, and at least six no-hitters. >> strike three called! nolan ryan has pitched his fourth no-hitter! >> glor: enberg won more than a dozen emmys and has a star on the hollywood walk of fame. he retired last year after calling his home town san diego padres for seven seasons. >> the heck with it, i'm going a say it anyway-- oh, my! >> glor: dick enberg was 82 years old. and astronaut bruce mccandless 98s passed away. in 1984, he became the first to fly in space untethered. his jetpack took him more than 300 feet from the space shuttle "challenger."
5:51 pm
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>> glor: we may have the perfect christmas story to end this week. it's about a musical gift lost and then found. here's steve hartman "on the road." >> reporter: to welcome us to portland, oregon, 68-year-old steve goodwin would like to play one of his songs for you. >> aarrgh! >> reporter: you have no idea how much he would like to play one of his songs for you. >> what key is it in? it made me almost hate the piano. but then i realized it's not the faano's fault. i know how to do this.
5:55 pm
it's this thing that's going on in my brain. sw about i play something else? >> reporter: three years ago, steve was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. he had to give up his job a software designer, but as we first reported a few months ago, his wife, joni, says the aruelest part is the toll it has taken on the music he composed. >> losing the songs would be like losing him. >> reporter: steve and joni have been married 47 years, and along the way, steve composed more than two dozen songs, mostly for her. he played them daily. and they became the soundtrack of their lives. >> um. >> reporter: unfortunately, he never wrote down most of them. >> let's see. >> reporter: so when his memory started failing and the songs started fading, there was no way to get them back. until a family friend, a professional pianist, offered to launch a rescue mission.
5:56 pm
>> i said, "if he can at least play through it, even in pieces, i can learn it." ♪ ♪ >> reporter: and so, for the past two years, naomi laviolette its been reconstructing his compositions note by note. >> no, just on the one -- >> the downbeat. >> the one downbeat, yes. >> we are rolling. >> reporter: and, of course, they're recording the songs. never to be lost again. >> i realized there was a part of him that wasn't going to fade away. >> reporter: but this may be the west part: with naomi's help, steve was able to write a new song. ♪ although he now forgets entire conversations and can no longer add even single-digit numbers, somehow his mind dreamed up this... ♪ ♪
5:57 pm
after this story first aired, the cd they made was discovered by billboard. screenwriters want to make a ggvie, and probably the biggest thrill for steve, the oregon repertory singers recently performed his new song "melancholy flower." alzheimer's steals a lot, but this christmas, we score one for efe beauty left behind. ( applause ) steve hartman, "on the road," in portland, oregon. >> glor: that is the cbs evening news tonight. i'm jeff glor. from all of us here, merry christmas. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access gro targets san francisco's pier 39. new information on his radical beliefs... and the phone call that made him
5:58 pm
suddenly reconsider. an isis supporter, arrested.. for planning to attack one of the bay area's biggest tourist destinations. the alleged plot thwarted by an undercover sting. everitt aaron jameson is a 26 year old tow- truck driver from modesto. he's an ex- marine who received sniper training. he was discharged for not disclosing his asthma history. this afternoon... jameson appeared in court in fresno... no cameras were allowed. he denied the charges against him... but did not enter a plea. he was still wearing his tow truck uniform when he appeared... and was escorted by two very watchful u-s marshals. kpix five's melissa caen lays out his alleged plot from pier 39... melissa? everitt aaron jameson danced with his daughter in this video his mom posted to facebook by his mother last february. by september he was radicalized, bent on terror and suicide. an fbi informant flagged him for suspicious behavior online. ((file video)) jameson showed support for the october terror attack in new york.. when an uzbeki muslim used a pickup truck to kill 8 people. ((vo aerials of pier 39)) around that time, he indicated to a desire to stage an attack of his own - later he got more specific - saying it should be around christmas, at pier 39, with a tow truck, bombs and guns ((vgfx from chris))
5:59 pm
on october 29, jameson messaged the undercover informant, saying because he is a convert, it will "...make me more useful. i can blend in. or shock and awe." then on monday, days before the planned attack, an f-b-i employee mistakenly called jameson's cellphone.. registering a washington d-c's 202 area code. when jameson answered, the f-b-i employee hung up. jameson called the number back, and got a voice mail. that's when jameson apparently got cold feet. later monday evening, he was talking with an undercover fbi agent. jameson said: "i don't think i can do this after all. i've reconsidered. when the undercover agent pressed him. jameson responded: "inshallah one day. but i can't." that's when the f- b-i moved in. two days ago agents searched his modesto home. finding guns, ammunition and fireworks. and also a suicide note.. that was dated saturday december 16 jameson wrote: you have brought this against yourselves. there are no innocent kuffar! ... you've allowed donald j trump to give away al quds to the jews. al quds is the arabic name for jerusalem. ((end vgfx from chris)) jeff harp -- a former f-b-i agent in the san francisco office -- is our security analyst. * gotta be careful when making these policies ((vo from andru)) jameson had posted a selfie on his facebook page that said: "free palestine." and in apparent response to president trump breaking with u-s policy to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel posted another picture last week of himself with the caption: jerusalem is the capital of palestine. * harp* looking for a reason jameson told the fbi he converted to islam 2 years ago - his transformation was swift but public * harp* if you see something say something jameson's father lives in merced and tells us he's shocked by the charges... he says was with his son just


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