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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  December 22, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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his mom posted to facebook by his mother last february. by september he was radicalized, bent on terror and suicide. an fbi informant flagged him for suspicious behavior online. ((file video)) jameson showed support for the october terror attack in new york.. when an uzbeki muslim used a pickup truck to kill 8 people. ((vo aerials of pier 39)) around that time, he indicated to a desire to stage an attack of his own - later he got more specific - saying it should be around christmas, at pier 39, with a tow truck, bombs and guns ((vgfx from chris)) on october 29, jameson messaged the undercover informant, saying because he is a convert, it will "...make me more useful. i can blend in. or shock and awe." then on monday, days before the planned attack, an f-b-i employee mistakenly called jameson's cellphone.. registering a washington d-c's 202 area code. when jameson answered, the f-b-i employee hung up. jameson called the number back, and got a voice mail. that's when jameson apparently got cold feet. later monday evening, he was talking with an undercover fbi agent. jameson said: "i don't think i can do this after all. i've reconsidered. when the undercover agent pressed him. jameson responded: "inshallah one day. but i can't." that's when the f- b-i moved in. two days ago agents searched his modesto home. finding guns, ammunition and fireworks. and also a suicide note.. that was dated saturday december 16 jameson wrote: you have brought this against yourselves. there are no innocent kuffar! ... you've allowed donald j trump to give away al quds to the jews. al quds is the arabic name for jerusalem. ((end vgfx from chris)) jeff harp -- a former f-b-i agent in the san francisco office -- is our security analyst. * gotta be careful when making these policies ((vo from andru)) jameson had posted a selfie on his facebook page that said: "free palestine." and in apparent response to president trump breaking with u-s policy to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel posted another picture last week of himself with the caption: jerusalem is the capital of palestine. * harp* looking for a reason jameson told the fbi he converted to islam 2 years ago - his transformation was swift but public * harp* if you see something say something jameson's father lives in merced and tells us he's shocked by the charges... he says was with his son just
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weekend. 16:17:48 "...we just went to the football game last weekend...the raiders-cowboy game... we just went to the football game ...everything was the same... just the same... " (11 sec) the elder jameson says he supported president trump and the decision to recognize jerusalem as the capitol of israel.... but policitcs did not
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come between them... he says his son supported bernie sanders. san francisco took some proactive security steps just a few weeks ago. the city installed these large concrete planter boxes along king street in front of a-t- and-t park. each weighs about a ton. they're designed to keep cars from driving into pedestrians on the sidewalk by the ballpark. the other big story... sudden eviction notices for people in the north bay fire zone. we reported yesterday on people getting the bad news just days before christmas. today, our susie steimle says there's new confusion over whether they will be allowed back. ask any tenant in hopper lane apartments in santa rosa and they'll tell you confusion is rampant. (peggy leschinsky/¢ received eviction notice) "we just didn't know what to do or who to talk to or who to call" (aaron robinson/received eviction notice) "a little more communication would have been great" (don morrison/received eviction notice) "i don't like being lied to nobody does and they did that several times" last night we reported roughly 30 tenants here whose apartments survived the fires received eviction notices wednesday night. the letter tells them they need to be out in 60 days. citing damage from the fires. (don) "no communication i had to call no one called me to say here's wahts going on and every time i called it was a different story" hopper lane did lose several apartments to the wildfires so tenants were asked to leave while crews cleaned out debris. (don) "i would get a different story every time i would get oh you can move in afterthanksgiving, then december first, oh by
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christmas and it just kept going and going" many tenants decided to come back once the city deemed this place safe to inhabit. (susie) "management wouldn't provide anyone to go on camera but they did drop this off hoping it clears up some confusion. it tells tenants they can return to their units after debris is removed but that they'll be placed on a waitlist and it doesn't say how long that could take" (aaron) "at least with the burned down units they get a big check and that at least gave them options this would be worse than a it because we last night we reported roughly 30 tenants here who apartments survived the fires were served eviction notices. >> i had to call. they never called me and said hey, this is what's going on. every time i called, it was a different story. >> he did lose several apartments due to the wild fires, so tenants were asked to move out temporarily. >> every time i got something different. you can move in after 35ing. you can move in after december 1st. it kept going and going. >> reporter: management did not provide anyone to go on camera today, but they did drop this
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off, hoping it clears up this confusion. it tells tenants they can go back into their apartments at the original rental rate, but they will be placed on a wait list, and it doesn't say how long it it would -- it would take. >> they lied to me so many times. it would make me feel better if it's the truth. we'll see what happens. california will send a killer who escaped from a mental hospital back to hawaii. last week, randall sato walked off the grounds of the hospital. he took a flight to san jose and a taxi to stockton before being recaptured. u.s. marshals will take him back to hawaii where he will face felony escape charges. in san francisco, an east bay officer pleaded not guilty this afternoon to charges stemming from a shooting inside
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a luxury hotel. philip sanchez is a richmond police sergeant. prosecutors believe he fired more than ten rounds last sunday while he was off duty at the four seasons hotel in san francisco. and they're not sure why. >> the fact that this is a public safety officer, someone who is tasked with our public safety is really concerned for our office. >> reporter: the charges concerned discharge of a firearm. new at 6:00, recreational pot goes on sale in california in the new year. businesses are coming up with creative gim ikz to take advantage. >> jack in the box is one company appealing to stoners. devin is live wp opportunities for marketers. >> reporter: jack in the box
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has been marketing to marijuana users for years now t but doing so next month they will do so openly and wi apology. the buzz around jack in the box's ad campaign is clear, with it becoming legal january 1st, look for companies large and small to cash in. >> we expect there is going to be more mass marketing toward the consumers of can bus. >> i'd rather have food. let's make a late night foodie call. >> reporter: starting next moshgs the fast food chain is unveiling at three locations in california. a new lunch ease meal, two onion rings, tacos, churroa. not every one is thrilled with
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the marketing campaign. >> i think it's kind of a bad look to have the whole munch ee and stone -- mun chie and stoner vibe. >> reporter: there are worries that the ad campaign enforces old stereo types. but the billboard signs are clear. medicinal and recreational marijuana will be legal in california in less than ten days. >> we are expecting an increase in sales. we've been busy adding extra registers, hiring more people, expanding our grow operation. >> reporter: right now this is a trial pom pro motion. it will be unveiled at three locations across california. we did -- we did ask jack in the box which three stores and they would not say. a push to get rid of the new gas tax hike is gaining support
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around california, but the bay area is a different story, ken has the result of a new poll. ken. >> reporter: alan price at thes pump jumped $0.20 last month. that's expected to raise about $5 billion a year for road repairs over the next decade. it looks like most voters want to get rid of it. here are the results taken by uc berkley ee. 52% of voters want to repeal the tax, 43% want to keep it in place, and the others are undecided. 60% of people around california want to keep the tax, just 34% want to repeal it. republicans overwhelmingly favor repeal the tax.
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56% of democrats say they vote to repeal the tax. still one in four people in california think the roads are a mess. most voters are frustrated that california is paying higher prices at the pump than the rest of the country. the average price in san francisco is $3.24 a gallon. there are currently two competing repeal petitions. both have a ways to go before qualifying for the november ballot. three more days to get those christmas gifts and today we found shoppers looking for a personal touch. how local mom and pop shops are surviving the tough retail climate. >> children seeing their school for the first time since the wild fires. we're there for the emotional welcome back party.
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>> the family creating this buzz for the hilarious gift to their teachers. >> not as wide spread of a spreez tonight. kind of giving -- of a spreez tonight. kind of giving up rain in disease. i'm going to show this map to you and what it means, coming up next. ♪
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getting word of a shooting
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during a robbery at a jewelry story. it happened within the . a developing story in san francisco. we're getting word of a shooting during a robbery at a jewelry store happened at the past hour. the 2300-block of mission street. one person apparently hit during the incident. no word on that person's condition. police do tell us they're searching for as many as four suspects. we're working to get you more details and will bring them to you as soon as we know. what could be a growing trend among holiday shoppers. people making a point to seek out home town businesses. mark is in campbell where one place has become more popular. mark. >> reporter: the holiday spirit and shopping is in full spring right now down here in campbell. despite all the convenience for amazon, people say there are
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good reasons to shop local. shelly johnson is from campbell and she wants to leave her money here some of the she came to a locally owned store called redemption for some holiday gift shop joog they're unique. like to be able to come and just go shop downtown and go store to store and support the local. >> reporter: other customers say the same thing, no matter how easy it may be to stop online or how much one stop shopping there may be at a huge mall, coming to small stores provides a local experience and can i have i can benefit. >> the first time i came into the store i think i noticed the quality of the products. i love that everything was california made. i think it's important to support local businesses. we don't have a lot of those here in the bay area. >> reporter: sales at the annual business saturday event after thanksgiving were slightly done and that may have carried over to early december.
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david income greg or and his wife -- mc greg or and his wife own redemption. >> in the last week it's definitely picked up. >> reporter: down the street crowds are gyming every aisle. there is -- are jamming every aisle. >> i think when you come in you are greeted right away. you get that human interaction. it makes a difference, for sure. >> reporter: back to a live picture here in downtown campbell. you can see they are making a big push tonight through the weekend. there is going to be live music throughout the night and through the week understand. there is spirits here to keep the dollar live through campbell. bay area headlines. a couple wanted in a violent
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home invasion have been arrested. they are accused of assaulting a homeowner on wednesday. the suspects attacked the man inside the home, took valuables and at least one gun and then fled in the victim's mercedes suv. when they were arrested, police found two guns they suspect were used in the crime. santa rosa police are looking for this suspect. they were eating lunch when he got up and stabbed a victim in the neck for no apparent reason. the victim has life threatening injuries. if you know who this suspect is, call santa rosa police. there are some investigations going on this evening. flames -- flames went through one building last night. another building on a street also caught fire. investigators say the two fires most likely started by the same
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person. >> we have some pretty cool pictures coming in from southern california. check that out looks like something from out of this world. the military confirms this was a space x launch this evening. the rocket was carry satellite, which made for a lot of photos. christmas watch is here in the bay area. planes frp coming and going at a constant clip. passengers are waiting about 45 minutes just to check their bags. then they had to stand for more than an hour to gliet airport security. >> we knew it was going to be busy. we didn't expect all these crazy long lines though. >> we planned well. we decided to leave really early. we have about thurs to kill at the airport now. >> aaa estimates six-and-a-half million people will be flying this long holiday weekend.
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it says about a million of them will be passing through the airports in oakland, sav and san jose. if you were hoping to enjoy dunning on ous crab -- dun geon-- dun gonous crab, you are going to have to weight. crab lovers who want local crab, well, you're govg to wait until at least mid january. >> you have to wait two more weeks. what is not on the weather menu is rainfall. we had talked for a couple of days about maybe getting a rain chance next monday and tuesday. not going to happen. what happened today is a pretty cloudy afternoon and temperatures did not get warm. santa clara valley you were the warm spot. napa and hayward only 55. air quality tomorrow not great.
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wood burning not allowed. the fireplace you may want to fire up for family this weekend don't do it. it is a spare the air this weekend. when it wants to and it begins to move away, the wind is still close enough and warm enough to keep the rain away. . the rainfall will likely stay in the pacific northwest. so, we'll be cloudy this weekend but not see wide spread rainfall. we're cloudy tomorrow morning. we'll stay cloudy throughout the day. filtered shine if you want to look at it optimistically. christmas eve, we are still cloudy late morning. we are still cloudy once santa begins his visit to the bay area. one of the work on this looking at the long-range computer monthed elts, they are all painting this picture -- models, they are painting this
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picture for the beginning of january. the pacific northwest is going to be very very wet. southern california is going to be very very dry. this ridge is going to block everything. i wouldn't be surprised if la gets nothing over the 2 or 3 -- next 2 or 3 weeks. right in the middle is where we are. if this ridge moves farther north, we flot see a drop twet to our north and rather dry to our south. that's what it looks like for the first couple weeks in january. highs tomorrow. 59 in napa, concord 57, we'll see a few 60s out there towards the nut tree and fairfield 63 degrees. mostly cloudy in san francisco. 57 degrees. cloudy on christmas eve, a little bit sunnier and milder as we head towards christmas day. next week no rainfall. clouds, we'll see some, highs in the mid 60s and rain free.
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a world war 2 vet lost his home in the wild fires and with it his priceless possessions. how his marine veterans came together to pull off a big surprise. who would be -- who would have thought we would be talking about the 49ers going the playoffs. we'll be talking about this when we come back.
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as the lakers come into town. and the heart and soul of this team returns to the line-up. . the warriors looking to extend their win streak to 11 games tonight as the lake ers come into town. heart and soul of the team returns. after missing the last four games with the shoulder injury, he says the injury affected his range of motion. it a affected -- affected him from playing and apparently he didn't miss too much with his
6:26 pm
grooming technique. >> who combed my hair? my hair looks like it's combed? i don't comb my hair. i do nothing. i just get up and go. >> you look good forget up and go. i've seen worse. >> it's bad but not that bad is what you're saying. >> it's natural. >> after going 0 and 9 this season, it's impressive to see the 49ers on a 3 game winning street. the jaguars have already clinched a division spot. the 49ers have won three straight. coach shan han says the team doesn't -- shanahat says the team doesn't act like a group -- a team whose season is going to end next week. >> i seen guys coming in excited to the get the game plan and go
6:27 pm
to work. i think that's unique from a group of guys when they're out of the playoffs and looking at the last two games. >> you can see the 49ers and the jags right here on kpix sunday. across the bay, the raiders' play off hopes are in the air. carr is taking each struggle as a learning experience. >> i've been thinking about that a long time. i don't know if you've been reading my texts or tapping into my phone. but i really think so. there is things that i have gone through this year that i have never been through. i'm learning how to deal with those things. so i believe going forward, again, this time next year, i'll feel like, man, i'm a better player this year because of what i went through. >> this was a tough game on sunday, but we will see them
6:28 pm
play on christmas day. should be a good one. >> it is positive and inspiring. >> coming up in our next half hour, students have probably never been more excited to go to school. reyunting on campus -- reuniting on campus after the wild fires. president trump heads off to vacation -- vacation with his first big legislative event under his belt. >> this is definitely not one of her favorite -- not one of oprah's favorite things. her online warning to fans about im president obamasers. -- imposters.
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posters. -- imposters.
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hundreds of children returned to their school for the first time . our top story at 6:30, an emotional reunion today in santa rosa. hundreds of children return to their school for the first time since the wild fires. >> this was one day no one was complaining about having to go to school. >> reporter: a big welcome back party led by the chp and firefighters. dozens of parents and supporters cheered as buses full of kids
6:32 pm
fulled up for the first time since the fire broke out in early october. the school survived a fire, but closed for clean up of toxic materials. the students were placed in two other elementary schools until now. they were greeted with balloons, handmade signs and big. >> i feel happy. >> reporter: did you miss your school? >> yes. >> it was amazing. it was the best christmas gift ever. this is just the best way to end a very difficult year. >> reporter: teachers and parents hope this will bring a sense of normal see to the kids and -- narm see to the kids -- norm see to the -- normalcy to the kids and help the community heal. >> i think the kids are
6:33 pm
resilient, they're strong and smart and they have this great community and people who love them. >> reporter: all say it's good to be back. >> i've been here for 6, 7 years, anded it's kind of like -- and it's kind of like my home. >> the -- >> reporter: the kids were only here about two hours, just to help them adjust to the school. they are off for winter break now, but will return january 8th. new senator shows senator scheinstein is in the lead. berkley poll showed her leading with 57%. one analyst says the number below 50% should be concerning. the numbers could be good news
6:34 pm
for billionaire stiment er. he is the donor be behind those president trump ads. meanwhile president trump signed the republican tax plan today pbut he still has a lot of work to do when he returns to the white house after the holidays. >> reporter: president trump is kicking off his holiday break in florida, with a major accomplishment behind him. >> this is basically what it is. >> reporter: signi $1.5 trillion tax overhaul into law. >> you see corporations literally going wild over this. >> reporter: president trump also signed a temporary spending bill to avoid a government shut down through january 19th. and to provide $4 billion for missile defense. he ran through a check list of what he views as successes this
6:35 pm
year. cutting regulations, making strides in afghanistan. >> this has been a year of extraordinary accomplishment by any objective standard. >> reporter: the gop passed tax reform without a single vote from the democrats. but for the new year p pitching bip. pitching bipartisan ship. >> i wanted to -- i could have started with infrastructure but i wanted to save the easy one for down the road. >> reporter: also on the agenda for 2018 settling on a package for a season. north korea has been hit hard with new sanctions after
6:36 pm
testing a missile last month capable of hitting targets across the u.s. it bans the north from exporting food products, machinery and other products. it also forces all north korea working overseas to return home within 12 months. a revelation about the engineer in this week's d amtrak crash. the train was going too fast. . video inside the cab appears to show him applying the brakes, but not the emergency brakes. the final recorded speed, 78 miles-an-hour on a curve where the limit is 30. the train jumped the tracks monday morning, killing three passengers. the big deadline and new uncertainty for california's health insurance policy. what could happen to premiums
6:37 pm
after the new tax reform. >> oh, my. we remember dick enberg and his signature catchphrase.
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november... and a drop in the unemployment rate. the state's 47 . california experienced strong job growth in november and a drop in the unemployment rate. the state's economy netted about 47,000 new jobs last month. the jobless rate was 4.6% down from four.9 in october much the new rate is the lowest in california since the 1970s. you only have until midnight tonight to purchase a healthcare plan. jackie has what you need to know if you want to sign up. >> you only have until midnight tonight if you want or need that kovrnl. more than 220,000 enrollees enrollees
6:40 pm
enrolled. there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding healthcare. mitch mcconnell told the republican senator susan collins that she would get a vote on two obamacare stabilization plans by the end of the year. as it turns out that's not happening. >>. they're going to pay a price for that, big time. they talk about, you know, again, the increase in premiums for so many americans will far out weigh any tax decrease they get. >> reporter: the obamacare individual mandate that's still in place requires americans to have health shoorns or pay a fine. that's on the verge of removal but still in effect for 2018. so people who don't have coverage for this upcoming period will still get fined. without that mandate many say premiums will likely go up.
6:41 pm
1.2 million existing covered california consumers have had their coverage renewed for 2018. some backlash over christmas gifts for teachers. >> of course we are right in the middle of the holiday season. christmas is coming up on monday. but tomorrow, sign felled fans, you know is fest have yous. -- seinfeld fans, you know is festivus. you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax.
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constitutional office in california... has died. she served on the alameda co . march hue who became the first chinese american to hold a constitutional office in america has died. she served on the california school board in the 1950s. then she was known for her successful campaign to ban pay toilets. she died yesterday at her home in irvine. she was 95. we have also lost legendary dick
6:45 pm
enberg this week. >> there were not many sports he didn't lend his sports to. >> reporter: his career could be summed up with his simple catchphrase, oh my. he retired last year after serving as the voice for the san diego padres. >> i'm going to miss preparation and anticipation. >> reporter: enberg covered some of sports's biggest events. the hall of fame broadcaster also authored two books including dick enberg's humorous quotes for all occasions. enberg's daughter says the family got concerned thursday when he didn't arrive on his flight to boston. he was later found dead in his
6:46 pm
home outside san diego. later on the padres tweeted we were lucky to have his voice for over a decade. for what a terrible loss. enberg won more than a dozen em eel awards and even earned a star on the hollywood walk of fame of the she was 82 years old. oprah win free is warning fans -- winfhr ey is warning fans about a scam. she posted this message to let people know that scammer posting on instagram, but it's a scam. instagram has apologized to oprah and anyone who may have been affected by these fake
6:47 pm
accounts. now a gift that's probably going to win favor with your kid's teacher. >> a couple hands out bottles of wine and the label has their kid's face on it and the caption says, my child may be the reason you drink. >> i can't spend six hours in a room with my little brother and they have been doing that every day for however long he has been in school. they got a kick out of it too. they thought it was funny. >> some folks criticized parents for shaming their son, but no complaints from the teachers. >> translation, teaching is hard. my mom taught for years. they thank you for doing what you do. 47 degrees currently in livermore. 49 in santa rosa. 50 in san francisco. the golden gate bridge looking gorgeous on a friday night.
6:48 pm
overnight lows tonight. chilly. absolutely. lots of 30s. but as cold as this morning? ? no. that's because of the cold coverage that's out there. we will drop low or below freeze -- near or below freezing again. but look at the rainfall for the month of december. two% average -- 2% of average in sav. those are not the numbers we want to see. we do have a change coming. the ridge that has been blocking all of the moisture to our north is novg our south. this ridge will stay centered to the south and we'll continue to see the clouds moving over the ridge. we will get the clouds but not see the rainfall.
6:49 pm
that may stay for a while. tomorrow morning, not as chilly because we're cloudy. tomorrow afternoon, roads will be crowded. malls will be packed. it won't be that season ee. christmas eve we are also looking at cloudy conditions. looking at mostly cloudy skies. even on christmas day we'll keep the cloud cover around. we gained two seconds of daylight today. we will gain light every day from now until the third week of june. a lot of cloud cover this weekend but no rain from it. it is likely we will not see any wide spread rainfall until next year. we may be finished with rain for december. tomorrow it is above average by 1 or 2 degrees. fremont 59. hayward 58 degrees. mostly cloudy in pittsburgh, 61.
6:50 pm
livermore, 58 degrees. 57 in daily city. mill valley 58. sonoma 58 degrees. pretty popular numbers. your extended forecast, lots of clouds, much more than we have seen recently. highs will stay a little bit above average with highs in the mid 60s. but as for rainfall, we are almost to the end of 2017 in this picture and we will likely stay rain free. folks, by far, we have saved the best for last. this gentleman right here goes by indy. his mom is also here. you have to hear this story. let's talk to indy first. how old are you? >> four. >> reporter: he is four years old. what did you do with your birthday money when you turned 4. >> i gave it to the people who
6:51 pm
don't have food and they didn't have enough money to have food. and they shared. >> reporter: so, rather than get any birthday gifts, he decided to give all of his birthday money to the food bank, because he knows there are some people out there that don't have enough food to eat. that is the definition of generosity in a four-yea child. now we are talking with his mom. >> we asked indy if he was okay with donating his birthday money. instead of birthday gifts we asked people to donate to the al al food -- alameda food bank. we were happy to partner with them because they are able to touch with our local community
6:52 pm
and give back in a positive way. >> there is a child standing next to me who ra$200,400 for the food bank. tell me what this money is going to do for the people here. >> this is going to make a huge difference really $14,000 worth of food. i think what's important for people to realize is that the biggest segment of people that we serve are children, just like iment ndy. so, the fact that a child like him is able to just find a fashion and do something to support kids just like him, it means so much to us. >> thank you for coming in. we have one thing to say to you. you are awesome and merry christmas to you. we'll be right back.
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old charles . a world war 2 veteran who lost his home in the wine country wild fires got a big surprise today. >> it's a great story.
6:56 pm
92-year-old charles green prend a world war 2 uniform and all medals he received. his medals burned in his home during the wildfire. >> a former marine is something that stays with you all your life. >> you're looking great. fellow marine sanchez helped make today's ceremony possible. >> it was a difficult process because there was only two out there that i could find and only one was original to 1942. >> he ended up buying it on ebay. the whole thing got started after green's daughter hea the radio about services for vets and she hoped someone to kind the fed vet's missing items. thank you for joining us.
6:57 pm
>> have a good night. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke.
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