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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  January 1, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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industry won't survive without some big changes. we're back in 30 minutes. enjoy the moon! ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: ending a scourge. the chief justice and hundreds of hollywood's most powerful women take action to end sexual harassment. also tonight, the deep freeze all the way into the deep south. vacation's over. president trump begins new year facing some old problems, from north korea to iran. >> i dub thee free. io duncan: recreational pot is now legal in the golden state. [violin playing] >> duncan: and it started with a tquest from strangers. >> it is possible in ten years you could meet us on this bridge? re duncan: a story of parental love spanning two continents.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> duncan: good evening and happy new year. jeff is off tonight. i'm jericka duncan. this is our western edition. it's hard to imagine a colder start to a year. it is dangerously cold in many parts of the country. tomorrow nearly 90% of the lower 48 will wake up to sub-freezing temperatures. omaha, nebraska, set a new year's day record at 20 degrees below zero and williston, north dakota, minus 31. we'll have much more on the forecast in a moment, but we begin with a new effort to address an issue that has dominated recent headlines-- sexual harassment. dozens of high-profile men have been publicly shamed. now chief justice john roberts tos announced a new initiative to protect judicial employees from harassment. here's our chief legal correspondent jan crawford.
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>> reporter: the announcement comes just two weeks after alex kozinski, a prominent federal mipeals court judge, stepped down amid wide-ranging allegations of sexual harassment of female law clerks. in a "washington post" investigation, several female law clerks alleged a pattern of inappropriate behavior by kozinski, including showing them pornography. on december 18, kozinski, after 30 years on the california-based d.peals court, abruptly retired. but kozinski had been reprimanded before in 2008 he apologized for storing sexually explicit material on a publicly iacessible website. hl told lesley stahl last year on "60 minutes" he should have been more careful. >> i had a bunch of stuff in the computer, and i didn't lock it up. >> reporter: raunchy stuff? >> some of it was raunchy. >> reporter: roberts' announcement came in his annual report on the state of the judiciary. he said events in recent months have illuminated the problem of
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sexual harassment in the mmrkplace and without naming kozinski said, "events in the tst few weeks have made clear the judiciary is not immune." roberts said the judiciary would undertake a careful evaluation of its standards of conduct and procedures for handling nerassment complaints. he directed a new working group to consider whether any changes are necessary. these concerns warrant serious attention from all quarters of the judicial branch, roberts wrote. >> duncan: now, jan, how exactly will this affect federal judges? >> well, i mean, most appeals court judges have young clerks, and they're also bound by ldnfidentiality agreements, so that could keep people from coming forward. in fact, last month about 700 current and former law clerks and court employees sent a letter to chief justice roberts, and they called for changes in how the judiciary handles sexual harassment complaints, and they ticused specifically on these issues of confidentiality and reporting misconduct. >> duncan: jan crawford in osshington, thank you. today 300 of hollywood's most
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powerful women announced plans to fight systemic sexual harassment. they include producer shonda rhimes and a host of actresses, including reese witherspoon. they call the movement "time's el." it includes a legal defense fund with nearly $14 million in donations to help women in blue- collar jobs who face sexual misconduct. the group also strives to achieve gender parity at studios and talent agencies. well, the temperature was ten degrees when the ball came down in times square, the coldest new year's in 100 years. st's freezing in a lot of places that don't usually get that cold. meteorologist liz horton is with our cbs station in miami, wfor. good evening, liz. o reporter: the bitter cold continues throughout a lot of the country. as you can see, the dakotas, henneapolis, all the way down toward the gulf states still under a wind-chill advisory. in addition, wind-chill warnings for all the areas in the midwest shaded in pink, and hard freeze
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warnings now for much of the south from texas all the way over to florida, areas that are not used to dealing with such cold weather. teens and single digits will be felt there. tuesday's low is below zero from kansas city to the north, and the wind-chill will make it feel even colder. minneapolis will feel more like 21 below when you wake up tuesday morning, 19 below in chicago, and as cold as one below in memphis. it will feel like ten in atlanta. tuesday's highs only in the teens and 20s. moderating slightly by sodnesday. 30s and 40s for the south, and inen we start to worry about blizzard concerns exiting out into the new england area. >>ricka? >> duncan: thanks, liz. from south florida's warmth, president trump heads back to ige cold reality of d.c. ant tics tonight and he'll face several important challenges in the new year. chip reid is traveling with the president. >> hello, everybody. happy new year. >> reporter: the president, herst lady melania trump, son werron, and other family members welcomed the new year at the
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president's mar-a-lago club in palm beach. >> we're going to have a great year. it's going to be a fantastic 2018. >> reporter: asked for comment on north korean leader kim r ng-un's claim that he has a abclear button on his desk and missiles capable of hitting the u.s., the president said only this: .> we'll see. te'll see. >> reporter: his first tweet of the new year was aimed at pakistan, which he accused of lies and deceit and giving safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in afghanistan. no more. cokistan fired back, noting its cooperation that decimated al-qaeda over the last 16 years and accusing the u.s. of giving them nothing but invective and mistrust. over the past ten days the president visited the trump luternational golf club here nine times, including today. this evening, returning to washington, he'll face a litany de challenges, including the fact that the federal government will run out of money january 19, raising the threat of a partial government shutdown.
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next weekend he'll meet with eepublican congressional leaders at camp david to hash out the 2018 legislative agenda. top priorities include a massive isvestment in the nation's infrastructure and legislation to allow nearly 800,000 immigrants, known as "dreamers," who came to the u.s. illegally as children, to stay here permanently. looming over everything will be the special counsel investigation into russian ndterference in the 2016 election and the possible involvement of the trump usmpaign. the new york times" reported this weekend that former trump campaign aide george papadopolous told an australian diplomat in 2016 that russia had political dirt on hillary clinton, information that was then passed on to the u.s. haknowledgeable former u.s. official tells cbs news that that information that was provided by australia was "key" in u.s. investigators, in eralizing that russia might be
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attempting to interfere significantly in the u.s. election. jericka? >> duncan: chip reid, thank you very much. rte president has also been tweeting his support for protesters in iran. they have taken to the streets for five straight days, fed up with a bad economy and government corruption. state media says 12 people have been killed. elizabeth palmer covered the last big protests in iran in 2009. nde joins us from london. you know, what's behind the unrest? >> reporter: well, it started very small. on thursday in the regional city of machad with a single demonstration against economic hardship, especially the price of food, but overnight it just morphed and spread like wildfire to the capital, tehran, where crowds vandalized one of the main shopping avenues, and to dozens of smaller cities across the country, which is very unusual. the protesters are especially young people and the working poor, and they're angry about everything from corruption and
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oemployment to lack of freedom and religious rule. the police have broken up protests here and there with utter cannons and they have arrested hundreds of people, but we have not yet in any way seen the kind of violent crackdown we saw in 2009 when the security rorces shot and killed people in the street for protesting the election results. >> duncan: and liz, how have authorities handled the protests this time? on reporter: president hassan rohany, who is a moderate, went on television yesterday with a berprisingly measured response. he said people had a legitimate right to protest as long as , ere was no violence. that may have been a warning to the security forces, too. this is a volatile, dangerous situation, and he knows that a lethal crackdown could send it ouiraling out of control. it could become a bloodbath. >> duncan: elizabeth palmer in london, thank you. president trump has signaled he's willing to extend intoections for young immigrants
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y,ought into this country illegally, but on one condition. last week he tweeted, "there can ne no daca without the bsperately needed wall at the southern border." but do walls really work? mark phillips went to berlin to find out. >> at this point you would have been in the car coming this way. >> reporter: if anybody knows anything about walls, it's probably hans-peter spitzner. w you would have approached checkpoint charlie. the first time spitzner was at checkpoint charlie was when he and his daughter peggy would be rle last people to escape across the berlin wall before it fell. >> it was a great danger for us, and i thought a thousand things in my head. >> reporter: it's a tourist attraction now, but from its building by the old east german regime in 1961, the wall was a death zone for almost three fcades. while around 5,000 people escaped across, through, over,
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or under it, at least 139 died trying. some death estimates run to well over 1,000. but hans-peter was desperate. >> and this is the car i crossed the border. >> reporter: the car was loaned out by american g.i. eric yaw, now family friend. with spitzner's wife ingrid already in the west, allowed out for an aging aunt's birthday, and with peggy just seven years old at the time, hans-peter osked dozens of g.i.s with access to east germany to smuggle them out. only eric yaw agreed to hide them in his trunk. >> i said to him, "you are now a member of my family." >> reporter: the spitzners have strong views about walls, not just the berlin example, now a living history lesson. whether it's here or the security barrier the israelis have built between them and the palestinians or going back to the great wall of china, they see all walls as monuments to political failure.
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the berlin wall, of course, was different than all the others. hie others were designed to keep people out, and this one was designed to keep them in. teere is one thing they all have in common, though, critics will tell you that when governments build walls, it's a sign that s mething else isn't working. >> it's always to keep someone in, to keep someone out, to keep someone from doing something, so nu's always a bad thing really, and it's always a monument of a >>oblem. >> reporter: a monument, that with a will, can always be rvercome. >> i say never again, never again. please. >> reporter: mark phillips, cbs news, berlin. >> duncan: now some other stories we're following in our evening newsfeed. in colorado, authorities have identified 37-year-old matthew riehl as the man who fired more than 100 shots in his apartment at sheriff's deputies. deputy zackari parrish was killed.
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four others were wounded. riehl was later killed by a swat team. investigators are trying to find ict what caused a charter plane to crash in costa rica yesterday. ten americans were among the 12 people killed. the victims include a new york couple and their three sons as well as family of four from florida. in an odd twist, a hawaiian airlines jetliner took its passengers back in time. a.e jet left new zealand at 12:05 a.m. january 1, but after crossing the international "dateline," it arrived eight hours later in honolulu where it was 10:13 a.m. on december 31 of 2017. ucere is much more ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." >> reporter: now that it's 2018, thousands of new laws will take infect across the country, including one that could save n:u a jaywalking ticket. rt duncan: taking the plunge to start the year is not for the faint of heart.
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with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. >> duncan: the new year brings new laws around the country. today, a ribbon cutting at a dispensary in oakland, california, marked the start of legal sales of marijuana in the state. california is the eighth and largest state to legalize pot for recreational uses. jamie yuccas reports on what else has changed. >> reporter: workers trying to scrape by are getting a raise today. ttinminimum wage is rising in 18 states from maine to california. also in the golden state, pot shops can now open for business. california's the largest state to allow recreational use of marijuana. for those caught up in the battle between local police and federal immigration agents, california is now a sanctuary
5:47 pm
state. police will not be allowed to ask about immigration status or hold anyone for deportation unless that person has been convicted of a crime. in california this used to be jaywalking. now you can cross the street once the countdown clock starts, just make sure you finish before it hits zero. in other states, michigan high school coaches must now be trained to more quickly spot concussions. protw aimed at better protecting young athletes. exens in colorado now face a thackdown on sexting. seose who share nude photos can now be charged with sexual exploitation. in illinois, who gets the dog in a divorce? like children, judges will now determine sole or joint custody for pets. but who gets to claim them on their taxes? maybe congress can pass that later this year. jamie yuccas, cbs news, los angeles. >> duncan: iceland has become first nation to require equal pay. as of today, it is illegal for
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>> duncan: colorful floats covered in countless flowers along with show horses and marching bands. onis year's parade featured 39 colorful floats covered in countless flowers along with show horses and marching bands. new year's celebration struck the right note across the country. this was nashville and, in las vegas, fireworks weekend 2018. rere more than 300,000 revelers packed the strip and fremont street under unprecedented security. some celebrations did go wrong. in australia, a barge filled with fireworks caught fire and exploded, forcing people on shore to scatter. and in russia, an 80-foot christmas tree became a towering inferno after catching fire during an outdoor concert.
5:52 pm
no one was hurt. brave swimmers around the world welcomed the new year with a plunge. in new york more than 1,000 swimmers joined the coney island polar bear club for a dip in the atlantic ocean. ice welcomed revelers in wisconsin, and in the netherlands, hundreds put on red hats before diving into the chilly north sea. the coast guard just released video of a dramatic rescue of panama city, florida, an 89- year-old man had driven off a pier on saturday. guard members broke the car's window and pulled the driver to safety. and we have new lives to celebrate. parents jennica lynch and davante perez welcomed logan james lynch perez, the first american baby born in 2018, six pounds and 15 ounces. s was born two seconds past midnight in guam.
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ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist about humira. this is humira at work. >> duncan: michelle miller has our final story. it began years ago with two desperate parents who hoped to one day see their baby again. it was a simple letter with a itmple request: >> is it possible that in ten years that you could meet us on this bridge? it was so heartfelt. we thought, oh, my, these birth parents went through a difficult time. >> reporter: the request to meet came from chinese parents who had abandoned their second born in a market. they violated china's one-child policy. >> hi. >> reporter: that child, kati, was adopted by michigan couple ken and ruth pohler.
5:57 pm
the pohlers never forgot the nete with kati's chinese name. and when she turned ten in 2005, they sent a messenger to that bridge. the birth father was there. by chance, a chinese tv crew captured him on tape. >> holding a sign. the name on the sign was the name on the note. >> reporter: filmmaker changfu soang was so compelled by the story, he made a documentary about it. the story became famous in china. but back in the u.s., the pohlers remained silent. >> when i was little i asked my mom, whose tummy did i come from, because i realized that i didn't come from her tummy. >> this is really something quite big for her to deal with at this time in her life. >> reporter: the pohlers didn't tell kati until she was 20. >> they told my brothers about it. so i was the only one left in the dark. >> reporter: how did that make
5:58 pm
you feel? >> i was definitely upset for a little while. let, yeah, whether or not that kns the best option, i don't know, but there wasn't a guide book for how to approach this subject. >> reporter: this summer kati finally got the chance to meet her birth parents. a week after her 22nd birthday. a reunion made all the more overwhelming by the barriers of both language and culture. are they real to you now? ar they are. they're very real to me now. >> reporter: still, a family, once lost, has been found. michelle miller, cbs news, grand rapids, michigan. >> duncan: never too late to reconnect. well that's the "cbs evening news" jer jeff glor. i'm jericka duncan. happy new year, everyone. y d good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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recreational cates are already warning: long lines at bay area pot dispensaries on this first day of legal recreational marijuana, but pot advocates are already warning the legal industry won't be able to survive without some big changes. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm allen martin. new at 6:00 kpix5's melissa caen on what some say is wrong already. >> it's just the first day, but remember one of the big selling points for legalizing marijuana was all the money it would bring in in taxes, but have we overdone it with the taxes? are we making products so expensive that people stay in the black market and pay no taxes at all? >> i'm very happy, thrilled to see the legalization of cannabis in california. at the same time i'm terrified about what's going to happen with these taxes. >> steve deangelo is co-founder and ceo of harborside, a medical marijuana dispensary for more than a decade now
6:00 pm
selling recreational marijuana at a much higher price. >> in our shop here the tax rate has gone from 15%, right, all the way up to 30, almost 35% for adult consumers. >> reporter: harborside is in oakland. here's how the math works. there's the regular state sales tax of 6% and the regular alameda county sales tax of 3.25%. then there's the 15% state tax on marijuana and a 5% oakland tax on marijuana. total taxes? 34.25%. >> that is a huge hit and it's going to mean that a significant number of people less affluent consumers are going to turn to the lower prices of the underground market. >> reporter: some customers are willing to pay a premium for quality product, customers like gino escalante. >> we all want the best stuff and the best stuff is always here at harborside. >> reporter: deangelo said the black market may be a lower cost, but


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