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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 3, 2018 1:37am-2:13am PST

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than many of us thought. tonight.. the bay area pot club seeing soar 400-percent now to 11:00, legal marijuana is proving to be a bigger cash crop than many of us thought, tonight, the bay area pot club sees sales soar 400%. most dispensary owners knew they would see a boost, but not quite that big. kpix 5's reporter with her report.
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>> reporter: to sale recreational marijuana, this owner says hundreds of customers have waited outside more than one hour, in the last two days, showing the incredible demand that shows no sign of stopping. >> we expected a 30% increase, it was 400%, not 40%, but 400%, we have 72 parking stalls, and all of them were filled all day long. >> reporter: sales have never been so high, at buddy's cannabis in san jose, sales over two days are in the six figures, he just ordered three more cash registers, and he is hiring more workers, including a general manager and cultivators. >> right now, we have plenty of product, the logjam is we can't pack it fast enough, we are working overtime to get done. >> reporter: the majority have come from recreational marijuana, most are first- timers.>> seeing all these people he was cool, it shows that this is what the
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collective people want, and it will be fun to do it and be able to not feel scared, because it is legal now, and so everyone is going to be able to enjoy it without feeling like they are doing something wrong.>> reporter: local taxes can add to the price of products, lucero says he has try to only raise prices 5%, over in oakland, harborside saw a 160% increase in customers on january 1. the outlets sold roughly 170% jumps. >> i feel that more people smoke weed, then there would be more harmony. >> reporter: in his -- in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. >> shares and cannabis related companies are taking off, according to fortune magazine, they have added nearly $2 billion in value since yesterday. the rain is finally coming back to the bay
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area after a month long dry spell, brian hackney is here, and the chance of thunderstorms.>> the chance of both, showers developing, a little bit, more so as we head into late tomorrow afternoon, and eight into thunderstorms, not yet, the latest on the radar shows some droplets up on highway one, well north of the bay area, things will develop overnight, as it continues to spin, the perfect corridor for moisture, rain and thunderstorms developing wednesday, by the afternoon we will begin to get thunderstorms that are possible, showers will linger through friday, rain totals from a quarter of an inch to two thirds of an inch below, even more uptight, all the details when we cover weather in a few minutes. new video tonight, a sexual assault suspect lurking through a middle school campus, san jose please release this surveillance video from parker middle school, -- police, he
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sexually assaulted and robbed a woman, an hour before students arrived, he had his shirt off when he left, if you recognize this man, police want to hear from you. police want your help it -- identifying some intruders, unfair land drive, they approached the house, when no one answered, they tried the back door, they were spotted in the home security cameras, and they left in a hurry. a smash and grab on the peninsula, the target was an atm, they drove a stolen >> reporter: through the front door at michael's and shoreline restaurant, officers found the >> reporter: and the atm torched about one mile away, so far no sign of the suspects. chp officers have been out in force pulling impaired and reckless drivers off the road, many driven by a recent crash that killed one of their own. this man, is facing murder
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charges, for rear ending the officer, while he was on patrol, kpix 5, on how officers are using the tragedy as inspiration. >> reporter: people have been bringing flowers here to the hayward chp office, to pay tribute, by a driver who was under the influence, he has been charge, officers throughout california say there is a renewed focus on stopping impaired drivers. 22-year-old mohammed ali was arrested and charged with felony murder and dui, while still hospitalized. alameda district attorney announced the charges this morning. >> when we say enough is enough? >> reporter: he was driving 100 miles per hour down 880 after a party christmas eve, when he plowed into a patrol car, killing the officer and injuring his partner. >> he was under the influence of
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alcohol, and marijuana was in his system. >> reporter: aggressive dui campaigns have been fueled statewide. >> after he died, we were in the field with more passion, because of what happened.>> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's department arrested 174 dui drivers during the campaign, highway patrol made 936 dui arrest last week and, 22% more than last year, still at least 40 died in collisions of the weekend, a 38% increase from last year, the family of ali, the dui suspect, did not want to speak today, but his neighbor called the officers death a shame.>> the life that is lost, it is a shame, it is a dumb decision. >> reporter: he was expected to be released from an unnamed medical location, he will be transferred to santa rita jail, kristin air -- kristin air. -- ayre.
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investigators say this 30- year-old got into a high-speed chase in south dakota yesterday, on interstate 90, a trooper tried to pull him over for speeding, police say that lommen was traveling as fast as 118 miles per hour, when he despite, and the officers found a dead woman in his car, where she is from, how she died, no word yet. president trump taking aim at north korea, sending off skating tweets to leader kim jong-un, the president is boasting about the size of his so-called nuclear button, this comes as the reporter david brian explains that you is to -- you is intelligent -- u.s. intelligence seems to see some nuclear reparations. >> reporter: president trump fired off a tweet storm of messages aimed at foreign ever series.
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in a tweet with thinly veiled macho overtones, he declared that his nuclear button is bigger than kim jong-un's nuclear button. he wrote ", kim jong-un just said that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times, will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please implored him that informed him that i have a nuclear button, but it is much bigger and more powerful than his, and my bloodwork!" -- my button works". he suggested negotiations with south korea, kim jong-un, and a menacing challenge to the u.s.>> the entire united states is within range of our nuclear weapons, and a button is on my desk, this is reality, not a threat.>> reporter: that inspired this tweet from president trump, in which he ridiculed came with a derogatory nickname, rocket man wants to talk to south korea
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for the first time, perhaps that is good news, perhaps not, we will see! the un ambassador said the nukes are the problem. >> we won't take the talk seriously if they don't do something to ban on nuclear weapons in north korea, we consider this to be a very reckless regime, we don't think we need a band-aid, and we don't need to smile and take a picture. >> reporter: some u.s. intelligence experts say there is deep concern that the deteriorating relationship between the two leaders, could lead to dire results. in the form of a military conflict, in los angeles, kpix 5. president trump went after the media, tweeting that i will be announcing the most dishonest and corrupt media words monday at 5:00, subjects will cover dishonesty and bad reporting in various categories from the fake news media. stay tuned. some new signs along the california border had drivers looking twice, it may look
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official, but this is a prank, official sanctuary state, felons, illegals and ms 13 welcome. yesterday california became a central reset stash sage waste day, there are efforts to repeal the law, in the meantime, caltrans has started to remove the signs. california's naacp president says that schools are not helping black students enough, amos brown is citing these statistics, failing to test proficient or better in math this past year, he sounded off in the la times, calling it a state of emergency. when he brought the numbers to politicians today, we heard similar reaction.>> the number is staggering, but honestly, it is not a surprise. >> the fact of the matter is, the statistics are not new, we shouldn't be surprised.>> the district says it is working to improve the achievement gap by
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2021, but one promising statistic, graduation rates for black students are rising. the fbi in san francisco is speaking out about a prank among gamers known as swatting, and it is a prank. >> they are looking for a tactical response.>> investigators believe that 25- year-old tyler barris called wichita police from as angeles, he told investigators he had his mom and brother gunpoint, when the s.w.a.t. team arrived, the victim, 28- year-old andrew fitch, was shot by officers, the crimes often involve gamers who have their webcams rolling, which means that the pranksters can watch a live feed of the raids period >> -- the raids. >> that victim doesn't realize this is being done to them, they want to record this live sweep -- lifestream as the s.w.a.t. team comes into the house.
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>> they want to see him dogs, helicopters, that is part of the fun. they see in this, that can be very devastating. >> investigators in wichita are trying to determine what he will be charged with. he is still in los angeles awaiting extradition. up next, you might not actually need a snake on a plane to see what happened to one flight, a little critter that left passengers waiting for hours. like a modern day dukes of hazard, in this episode, the police officers become real life rescuers.
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south carolina over the weekend. looks like your ordinary police chase right? but then watch. it turns into a modern day dukes of hazard... with the car some new video, check out this police chase in south carolina over the weekend, it looks like your ordinary police chase, but then, turns into a modern day dukes of hazard, with the car speeding, fishtail and, down a small dirt road, the driver burst through the locked gate, moments later you can see the man taking a corner too fast, driving right into a river, guess what, the suspect couldn't swim, he screamed to the officers to save him, which they did, he was then taken to jail. former boxing champ mike tyson is taking a jab at a new profession, the hangover star is getting into the cannabis business. tyson is turning a 40 acre
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ranch near death valley into a cultivation operation, and resort, he says the focus will be on helping military veterans. no date has been announced for the opening. a number of travelers left stranded in oakland after one of the most bizarre airline cancellations we have ever heard of, kpix 5 jackie ward, with the story of the stowaway rat. >> reporter: alaska airlines flight night 15, post to take off at 9:37, -- 915, it was at a remote stand, and it stopped, the airline had exterminators working inside the boeing 737. earlier, as passengers reported at the gate, a rat ran from the jetway and onto the plane. >> i thought it was a little bit comical, to start 2018, we really don't need to be on a plane, but we need to be on it to head home. >> reporter: he named the rat after the owner of the soon to be las vegas raters. >> i grew up -- las vegas raters
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-- raiders. >> i named him marc davis, another rat who wants to leave oakland [ laughter ].>> reporter: the airline says most of the passengers were rebooked on two other flights tonight, some are still taught that stuck until tomorrow, the question that remains, does oakland airport had a rat problem?>> this is the first time, i can't blame them, or the rat, so i think everyone kind of felt the same way. >> reporter: the spokesperson for the oakland airport tells us that they do not have a rat problem, and as far as that plane is concerned, that was involved in all of this, alaska airlines tells us that has been taking out of service, and it will stay that way until it has been deemed rodent free by an exterminator. at the oakland airport, jackie ward. a special dog who smells trouble wherever it is hidden.
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he is helping protect california's $54 billion a year agricultural industry. we went behind the scenes with skipper, the contraband sniffer at sfo.>> reporter: inside the international arrivals, at sfo, you will find the hardest working dog at the airport. meet skipper. >> good boy . >>reporter: this 8-year-old beagle mix was a stray, from northern michigan, when a shelter worker realized he like to work, and went to the national detector dog training center. skipper isn't a drug dog, he is looking for produce, plants and me, that could bring district -- dangerous pests into the u.s. >> is there anything in your back? no fresh food. don't take the food from the airplane, okay?>> reporter:
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skipper has obliterated a port of san francisco record. >> right before thanksgiving, he found a banana on a flight, not normally big deal, but it was is 20,000 seizure. >> reporter: the old record was 14,000, in fact while we were interviewing his handler, and best buddy, peter desousa, he got to work on our gear.>> he is looking right now. good boy. that happens a lot. >> reporter: what he keyed on in our cart happens to be my breakfast. >> he knows when we are out here, we are working, it is not so much working for him, it is a game. find an item, you get a treat. >> reporter: like jasmine, earned a big treat. >> he has come to the full length, he knows he will get a good treat for that. >> reporter: these days, skipper and his wagging tail are well over 20,000 seizures. >> you know you are the star right now.>> reporter: breaking his own record. --
1:57 am much of the northeast and midwest, lizard conditions, a deadly multicar pileup in buffalo, new york, and parts of niagara falls were left frozen for the first time in decades, and here is a site you have to see to believe, massachusetts firefighters caked in ice.>> the water freezes on our equipment, on our air packs, on our masks. >> it prompted a close call in texas, an officer narrowly avoided being hit by car, after the driver lost control on the icy road, and get this, the average temperature in the continental u.s. was just 9 degrees. >> wow, unbelievably lucky. we are lucky to be here, our weather is relatively mild. >> we brought the temperature up a bit. not a bad destination, temperatures in the mid-60s, we will cool a little bit
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tomorrow, as the numbers come down, rain by tomorrow afternoon, the highs managed as warm as 63 degrees, at concorde, and in san francisco, 61. there is the bay bridge. readings have tumbled into the mid 40s to low 50s, it won't get that cold because of the clouds overhead. futurecast shows the first wave of rain, by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, embedded in this could be a few showers, thundershowers, i would be surprised, then it blast through just in time for the evening commute, when it comes down, when it rains, it can poor, it will be out of the area then a break, and then shower you by thursday, we will have showers from time to time, right through friday afternoon, and it of -- in terms of amounts, depends on where you are standing, but in santa rosa, we have only had 40 cystic -- 46% of rainfall, in
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santa sisco, 37%, we could get 2 inches and some isolated spots, in the santa cruz mountains, it is not a huge rainmaker, but we will take what we can get, showers developing later in the day for the most part tomorrow, by the weekend it will dry out, and through friday showers. numbers get down to the mid- 40s and low 50s, tomorrow, numbers will come down a little bit, down to 62 it sunnyvale, east bay, clouds all day, and rain reaching you by tomorrow evening, in the north bay, earlier, for the rain, the numbers will be near 60, and 60 degrees. extended forecast, thundershowers to tomorrow, and then showers from time to time through friday, the weekend looks dry, and the neck system after the weekend, thinking it might be monday or tuesday, but stay tuned on that, in the meantime, bring an umbrella. >> will do. if i can find it.
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[ laughter ]. up next, a mountain lion cub injured in california's biggest wildfire ever, why it now has fish feet. tonight's guests on the late show
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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disaster.. to help residents recover from the thomas fire in santa barbara and new tonight on the fire watch, president trump has declared a disaster to help residents recover from the thomas fire in santa barbara and ventura counties, money will soon be available through fema, it broke out december 4, and became california's largest fire ever, burned more than 281,000 acres, it is 92% contained tonight. cats love eating fish, but check out these pictures, a mountain line club that burned its pause, now has fish skin covering its pause, the so-called biologic bandage, dramatically speeds up the healing time, it will be headed to is you are sanctuary once it is all better. -- to a zoo or sanctuary.
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a massive die off four years ago. >> increased sightings throughout southern california, starfish come back, for healthy starfish up to 8 inches across were sported -- spotted in the region, but a full recovery will take years. >> are they bouncing back? >> i would like to say yes, there are some places where they are, but it is pretty patchy, especially in southern california, there really hasn't been much recovery at all.>> marine researchers say they will continue to monitor the starfish. the sharks, looking to start the new year better than they finished the last one, drop that puck in while raider ♪
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b&b...bad and boring... joe thorton and his sharks how do you rebound from a 6- 0 loss, you face he said canadian team that the montrial gazette calls bad and boring, the sharks trying to deal montrial their fifth straight loss, first period, a slapshot, missing the net completely, it hits, sharks up 1-0, final seconds of the second period, power play, the back of the net, red-hot, third-period, the sharks are up 3-1, and it is meyer again, a no look slapshot,
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his second goal of the game, eight on the season, sharks turned back the canadians 4-1. john gruden told a bay area group that he thinks he is being considered to become the next coach of the oakland raiders, he added the decision could come sometime next week. but he last coached in the nfl in 2008, and today, john madden says the game has changed a lot in 10 years.>> he has to remember that when he was coaching, was 100 times more than what he is doing right now, since the last time he coach, think of the stuff that used to be able to do that you can't do anymore, so many things have changed, that you can't use the same program that you had before.>> wait too long? we'll see. knocking baltimore out of the playoffs, and buffalo go to the playoffs since 1999, for the first time, andy dalton is suddenly the most popular
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player in buffalo, bills fans have donated over $100,000 to his foundation, that helps people pay medical bills. if you can't pull off a hole-in- one in the customer, why not atv stream? this is virtual golf. what cracks me up about this video is, they get so excited about a virtual hole-in-one, that's why they
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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tomorrow morning at 4-30.
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