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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 3, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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heavier rain for the afternoon commute. hi-def doppler shows a lot of rain off the central coast and north to us, west of ukiah. we have plenty of cloud cover this morning. oakland 49. 54 in san francisco. our high temperatures for this afternoon, cooler than yesterday. 50s and low 60s. so these are your afternoon highs. we're still above average today even though the storms will cool things off. but the air quality is improve. no "spare the air" alert today. no delays in the south bay. you can see the green on our sensors. the drive on northbound 101
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from hellyer to san antonio avenue will take you minutes. 101 is clear all the way to the peninsula. no delays on 280, highway 17 problem-free. let's take a look at conditions through the peninsula -- or actually south of there to the south bay real quick. morgan hill so far, so good. traffic is moving nicely from tennant to cochran. four minutes through there. now to the peninsula, all checking in with no accidents or incidents. traffic up to speed through the area at sfo and nice speeds near candlestick, no delays in both directions. congress returns to work in washington today as lawmakers are running out of time to pass new protections for "dreamers" after the president's decision to end the daca program last year. jackie ward joins us from the newsroom with the latest on the negotiations. reporter: homeland security says building a border wall is a top priority for the trump administration but it is still
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considering a way to keep daca recipients in the country. the secretary for homeland security told the "associated press" that congress is currently reviewing three options for daca including a way for people to obtain permanent legal status. earlier this week, president trump claimed lawmakers are doing nothing to protect daca holders. lindsey graham said he wants something decided on daca as soon as possible. >> on daca, there is a deal to be had. the "dreamers" can have the life they dreamed of if the democrats and republicans can give. we need the wall, not a complete 2200-mile wall. we need border security, marry that up with the "dream act," there's a deal to be had on immigration and i want to do it in january. i don't want to wait until march. >> reporter: president trump has given congress until march 5th to come up with a legislative fix regarding daca but those who support it want a resolution to be reached sooner. today, some progress on capitol
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hill may be made toward a measure that would restore protections for "dreamers." in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> so how does the border wall between the u.s. and mexico connect to daca? >> reporter: president trump says "dreamers" won't be protected until he gets the funding for the border wall. the daca deal won't be reached without it. happening today in the north bay, the department of homeland security will visit neighborhoods impacted by the wine country wildfires. the secretary of homeland security will take a tour of the zone and receive an update on the fire response and recovery efforts and meet with local officials in sonoma county. state lawmakers are expected to consider a new bill aimed at utilities found liable for starting wildfires. the measure would prevent them from raising rates to pay fines, penalties and claims not covered by insurance. multiple lawsuits already blame pg&e for the wine country wildfires, although the company
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hasn't been found liable at this time officially. the unexpected death of san francisco mayor ed lee has created a heated debate over who should serve the remainder of his term. new this morning, kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco with the push to appoint a caretaker mayor before the june election. anne. reporter: a lot of questions about what should happen between now and june when a mayor is officially elected in san francisco. right now we have an acting mayor but some say there should be an interim mayor who won't run for the position. so we are going to see what will happen over the next six months as the pressure toward builds. right now the board of supervisors president london breed is mayor of san francisco. she became mayor when the late mayor ed lee died on december 12th. that is per city charter. she is also a supervisor representing the western addition. she is expected to run for mayor in june sounding like a
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candidate before she even announced to run. >> it's an incredible responsibility and definitely up for the task. i know this city. i have been on board. i have worked in the community. a lot of this stuff is second nature to me. >> reporter: there's a lot of pressure on the board to avoid a repeat of the situation that led to mayor ed lee's reign as mayor. they say he had an unfair advantage. a group called the progressive alliance sent a lot of emails to the board to get them to change leadership as soon as possible. anne makevoc, kpix 5. early recreational pot sales have vastly exceeded expectations since becoming legal on monday in california and the demand shows no signs of stopping. jessica flores is live in san
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jose at the bay area pot club seeing sales soar 400%. reporter: that's right. we are here in front of buddy's. we have been covering this pot shop for two days now. the lines have been long. some folks are waiting more than an hour to get their hands on recreational marijuana and here at buddy's, they say their sales are skyrocketing more than 400%. they haven't seen the lines stop. owners say hundreds of people have been waiting here and all they need is to be 21 or older, no longer the medical marijuana card. and those folks are now paying more for weed. new state and local taxes are raising prices up to 40%. the owner here says he tried to raise prices only 5% and sales over two days are in the six figures. he ordered more cash registers and hired more workers including a general manager and cultivators. >> as of right now we have plenty of product. the logjam is we can't pack it
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fast enough. so we're working overtime just to get it done. >> reporter: now, over in oakland, harborside, where i was over on monday, saw more than 150% increase in business on january 1st. now, i was over there in oakland, over here in buddy's before that. guys, a lot of folks want marijuana and products and according to "fortune" magazine, cannabis-related companies, shares are skyrocketing adding more than $2 billion in value since january 1st. reporting live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. new this morning, richmond police have arrested three men suspected of being behind an episode of celebratory gunfire on new year's eve. when officers arrived at the scene on 21st street near 580, they found a driveway strewn with shell casings and saw a man inside the home running away. officers eventually arrested him and inside the home
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officers found two loaded assault rifles and two loaded pistols. no one was hurt. a north bay man is behind bars suspected of sending sexual messages on snapchat to an 11-year-old girl. francisco cortez was initially arrested last month when he was spotted looking into the girl's home with a flashlight. according to police, officers later charge him with sexual assault after her father found the messages on snapchat. police say the messages suggested that cortez had abused the girl. he is now in jail with bail set at $1 million. happening today, tina smith will be sworn in as al franken's temporary replacement in the u.s. senate. the former minnesota lieutenant governor was appointed to the post last month after franken announced he would step down. franken resigned amid sexual harassment allegations against him. he formally submitted his resignation letter yesterday. smith said she will be a, quote, fierce advocate for
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economic opportunity and fairness. time now, 5:08. a dangerous water rescue after a car gets stuck in icy waters. how crews managed to get the victims to safety. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the relentless dangerous cold weather that's blanketed much of the nation is being blamed for 12 deaths. i'm hena doba with more on the wind chill freeze warnings, and now the major snowstorm heading up the east coast. >> and here at home, we're looking at a rainstorm. we're talking the second one coming on friday with another one possibly for the week after. i'll explain coming up. >> and traffic not too bad this morning. we'll have a complete look at your top traffic trouble spots coming right up.
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maryland. it happened on new year's day. we have new video to show you this morning of a car rescue on icy waters in maryland. it happened on new year's day. firefighters showed up in a rescue boat to help pull three people from the slush. officials say the trio was cold but uninjured. no word on how they got stuck in the ice. bitter cold temperatures continue to grip most of the nation bringing with it all sorts of hazards and headaches. forecasters say that a second
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shot of arctic air is on its way meaning much of the country will remain in a deep freeze throughout the week. hena doba is in new york with the latest. reporter: three people were rescued from a car stuck in icy waters in maryland on monday. in a dallas suburb, driving on ice is clearly not somebody residents here typically have to do. much of the country is entering a second week of record cold with freeze warnings as far south as florida. citrus groves are gathering ice. even in places accustomed to cold, these extremes are out of the norm. >> someone swerved across my lane of traffic and i hit the brakes, and right into the back of the semi. >> reporter: in upstate york a 75-car pile-up left one person dead and scenes like this one in iowa are playing out at fires all over the country. >> we're finding equipment freezing up because as soon as it gets wet, we froze up like a
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popsicle. >> reporter: but for all the danger and headaches this massive cold snap is causing, there are those who are finding the fun and beauty in it. scenes in louisville, kentucky, a city best known for the baseball bats it produces are playing pond hockey. >> growing up in louisville, i never saw this before. came out at 8 a.m. before, minus 1 degrees. it's incredible to be out here. >> reporter: ironically, one of the few places that's relatively balmy, anchorage, alaska, where skaters were in t- shirts, temperatures tuesday in the 40s, about twice as warm as normal. hena doba, cbs news. >> kind of looks fun. >> you know, i'm from florida. so i would say, you can have the ice. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> several things to do when the ponds freeze, play hockey. let's check traffic. that's why i live in california. definitely. all right. checking the roads right now, you know, it hasn't been too bad this morning. we are doing okay for the most parts work your way out and
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about. we are going to start in the north bay now, check your drive from petaluma boulevard to north kastania, traffic is okay north- and southbound. only six minutes for your drive in the area. no delays out of petaluma or santa rosa. if you are traveling through marin county, traffic is quiet. westbound 37 off to a great start from vallejo across over towards novato, nice speeds westbound. no delays passing 121. so an easy ride through here. 7 minutes to sir francis bay sir francis drake boulevard out of richmond to marin. 101, spencer, that's the way we head to the golden gate bridge where traffic is quiet, 11 minutes from 580 to the bridge toll plaza so easy ride out of the
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north bay. let's head to the east bay. take a look at conditions through walnut creek. south 680 at main street. no accidents or incidents. volume on the road this morning 4 minutes from willow pass to 24. you shouldn't have any troubles connecting to 24. traffic is clear through lafayette, orinda, into berkeley, oakland, 580 connector there at the maze, traffic is light also. and looking good at the bay bridge so far no delays a couple of cars in the cash lanes but fastrak users are below freezing right through with about a 10-minute drive from the maze into san francisco over towards 101. but that's now. later on it will be busy because of the rain. dry roads out there now. no rain until after the morning commute. that's good news. right now we are watching the rain on our hi-def doppler off the coastline. we are also seeing plenty of
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clouds ahead of the rain on our satellite-radar. so the cloud cover this morning giving us 40s and 50s this morning. a little bit warmer than usual. temperatures for the afternoon will be a little cooler than yesterday, which i'll show you here momentarily. right now calm conditions as far as the winds are concerned across the south and east bays. expect the winds to pick up slightly with the storm. futurecast shows you the rain getting here by 10:00 with the first round at the coast. light rain to start. it could come with lightning this afternoon by 6 p.m. so your afternoon commute may be dicey out there with the wet roads. look at santa cruz. it's expecting to get a good helping from this rain. and it will stay strong through
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10:00 especially across the north bay late tonight. now, by tomorrow, look at your thursday. dry until 10:00 thursday night. that's when storm number 2 will arrive. that one reaching the north bay first and impacting the north bay the most. lighter drizzle for the rest of the bay area until friday morning but most of the action will be thursday night into friday morning for the north bay and then widespread rain for your friday morning. and then things should clear up by friday afternoon. here's the amount of rain that we're going to get for the first round. it will be pretty light today, 1:00, 2:00, barely anything. by midnight we could see about a quarter inch of rain across the northern regions especially along the coast. that's when we are going to get the most of the storm. and then by friday, that's when more rain will be coming through especially again the north bay expected to get up to an inch total from this storm system. the rest of the bay area can get anywhere from a quarter to .75" of rain. we are looking at three storms. so the weekend will be dry but monday night into tuesday of
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next week, that's when the third storm may arrive. kenny. happening today, the department of water resources will hold a first snow survey of 2018. it's the first of five that will be conducted at phillips station in the sierra this year. this is the video of last year's survey. the snow survey gives water managers a better idea of how much runoff to expect in the spring snow melt. and today's is not expected to be as impressive as in the past. trending now, we finally know who will be joining beyonce at the coachella music and arts festival next spring. ♪[ music ] >> she will be the closing act on saturday and the weekend headline on friday night. eminem will close it out on sunday. she was supposed to perform last year but bowed out after she was pregnant with twins. the festival will be two
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weekends in april. remaining ticket go on sale friday at noon. general admission passes start at $429. a popular youtube star is apologizing now after setting off a social media firestorm. >> most importantly, i want to apologize to the victim and his family. >> logan paul went to a forest in japan known for suicides and he showed the body of a man who appeared to have just died. youtube says the video was brought down by the user but not before it was reportedly viewed 6 million times. many people are now calling for logan to be banned from youtube. the south bay man with a big appetite will be competing in season 30 of "the amazing race." >> this is the start of "the amazing race" season 30! >> season 30 host phil cogan
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is back. this season's teams are former nba players, yoga instructor and joey chestnut from san jose. "the amazing race" season 30 premieres tonight at 8 p.m. here on kpix 5. the sharks win north of the border last night looking to start the new year better than they ended the last one. we'll drop the puck coming up. and while raider nation is still on cloud nine with this possible guy, another former legend has a warning. coming up. >> plus, what's cool about your school? emailemail us and we may come and feature your school on the show. -- email us and we may come and feature your school on our thursday morning show. cbs eye on the community...
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presented by target. art and history spark connections across cultures, igniting curiosity, conversation, and inspiration. that's why target supports the asian art museum in san francisco. the asian museum is here to make asian arts and culture relevant. the reality is we all have a story to tell. it's what makes us who we are. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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welcome back be, no problems on the roads in the bay area. san mateo bridge between 880 and 101, that's hayward to foster city, traffic is moving at the limit. about 13 to 15 minutes to head across the span. how doe rebound from a 6-0 loss? you face a sad canadian -- how do you rebound from a 6-0 loss? you face a sad canadian team.
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joe thornton and the sharks trying to deal montreal their first straight loss. braun the slapshot misses the net, hits thornton who scores and the sharks up 1-0. final seconds of the second period, sharks on the power play, timo to the back of the net. sharks up 3-1. timo again the no look slapshot second goal of the game, sharks winning 4-1. jon gruden told the "bay area news group" that he thinks he is being considered to become the next coach of the oakland raiders. gruden added that the decision could come early next week. but he last coached in the nfl in 2018 and yesterday john madden said the game changed a lot in 10 years. >> you have to remember that, you know, what did he when he was coaching was 100 times more than what he is doing right now. since the last time he coached, just think of the stuff that you used to be able to do that
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you can't do anymore. so many things have changed that you can't use the same program that you had before. >> a word to the wise. the bengals come to the ranks on sunday to knock baltimore out of the play-offs and send buffalo to the play- offs for the first time since 1999. cincinnati quarterback andy dalton is suddenly the most popular player in buffalo. bills fans had donated over $100,000 to dalton's foundation for people less fortunate to help pay their medical expenses. good for andy dalton and the buffalo bills fans. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. here's the play of the day from the nba. hawks and the suns, atlanta trailing by one with time running out and a chance to take the lead. [ play-by-play ] >> inbounds -- shooter with it
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on the lob, pushed away! [ applause and cheers ] >> look at that. defensive play of the game! marquise chris with the block of what could have been a game winning alley-oop. the suns win the game and that's your play of the day. ♪[ music ] the demand for recreational marijuana is -- well, high. we'll tell you how high coming up. >> and a lot of questions about leadership in the city of san francisco. coming up, what could happen before we elect the next mayor in june.
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bay area days after recreational marijuana becomes legal. taking aim at nort like up for pot. sales are skyrocketing in the
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bay area days after recreational marijuana becomes legal. >> taking aim at north korea. president trump taunts the north korean dictator over his nuclear program. >> plus rain and lightning strikes off the coastline. i'll track what time the rain will arrive and how much we'll get. >> traffic heating up as you work your way through the altamont pass. the new problems to report. details coming up. good morning, it is wednesday, january 3rd. i'm emily turner. >> i'm kenny choi. we are going to check weather and traffic. but there's a change in the forecast coming up. >> we are ready for the rain. it's going to be here. that's good news. we're watching it right now on our hi-def doppler. i want to show you where it is right now. it will get here pretty soon though. it won't cause too many problems on the roads this morning. you see it just off the coast from ukiah.
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plenty of cloud cover for the morning once we get that sunrise with gray skies out there. the wet weather, though, is not going to be too significant until this afternoon. so first you will start with a light drizzle especially along the coast moving inland and then this afternoon, the chance of thunderstorms in our forecast. so here it is, the wider view from our satellite-radar. you can see pretty much this low pressure center, this counterclockwise movement just off the coast. once the first band comes through, it will also be coming with instability in the air. that convection. that's going to cause the chances of lightning strikes, the thunder bythe evening commute. right now -- thunder by the evening commute. right now, here's traffic. we'll start with westbound 580, a big rig fire over to the right shoulder. not blocking any lanes, delays
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westbound 580. 14 miles per hour in some spots away from205. expect slower speeds on the vasco side. 27 minutes from 205 to 680. at 680, extra volume. we're loading up a bit towards the connector but overall traffic improves past livermore. slow at the dublin interchange. southbound 101 at university avenue we have a broken-down vehicle in lanes. we were seeing slight delays but sensors are up to speed so my guess is now they have moved everything over to the right shoulder. the race for the next mayor of san francisco may take an interesting turn. anne makovec on the community group pressuring city leaders to appoint a caretaker mayor who won't run in june. reporter: they are saying that the current situation could be a conflict of interest. a big date to watch for here coming up is january 9th.
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that's when the board of supervisors next meet. that's also the deadline for candidates to file papers to run for the mayor of san francisco. right now that's being held by acting mayor london breed. she became mayor of san francisco when the late mayor ed lee died on december 12th. that is per city charter. she was the board of supervisors president. that could hold until the election on june 5th, six months from now. but breed is still a supervisor representing the western addition area, hence the potential conflict of interest. breed is expected to run for mayor in june but she is not committed yet. >> i'm focused on taking care of the city. >> reporter: so board members are getting emails encouraging them to avoid a repeat basically of the situation that
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led to mayor lee's reign as mayor. he was appointed interim mayor and then elected as an incumbent which critics say gave him an unfair advantage. even if the board of supervisors does want to replace breed right now as acting mayor between now and the election, they will have a tough go of it because they need six votes and it's going to be very difficult for them all to agree on somebody who should fill that position. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. recreational marijuana sales have vastly exceeded expectations since becoming legal on monday. a south bay dispensary was the first one to get a license to engage in sales. kpix 5's jessica flores is live outside buddy's in san jose with more on the sales. reporter: the line hasn't stopped here at buddy's. it's closed now so no one is line yet but when it opens this morning, we expect to see dozens of people lining up to
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get their hands on recreational marijuana. the owner here at buddy's says sales up are 400%. people no longer need to have medical marijuana cards, just an identification showing they are 21 or older. these people are paying more as well for the product. new state and local taxes in some places have prices rising up 40%. demand is still high. the owner is adding registers, workers. since monday sales at buddy's are in the 6 figures. >> seeing all these people here is really cool and it kind of shows that this is what people want and it will be fun to do it and be able to not feel scared because, you know, it's legal now and so everyone is going to be able to enjoy it without feeling like they're doing something wrong. >> reporter: over in oakland,
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harborside saw more than 150% increase in customers on january 1st. shares in cannabis-related businesses are going up as well according to "fortune" magazine. they have added $2 billion in value since january 1st. reporting live in oakland, i'm -- excuse me, san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> jessica, you talked about sales increasing taxes. how much are prices going up? is the owner at buddy's raising them? >> reporter: well, if you want a couple of joints, you're looking at about $50. you only can buy an ounce of cannabis, an eighth ounce is looking at about $50 and the owner here at buddies says he is trying not to raise prices more than 5%. we'll see how long that lasts. berkeley police are looking for possible witnesses to a serious hit-and-run collision that occurred last month of a woman was severely injured when a car hit her just before
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midnight on december 18th. it happened on san pablo at haskell. the victim was taken to the hospital in oakland and has significant trauma. police believe a dark colored suv not involved in the collision may have seen the accident. today congress is back in session and the president's decision to end the daca program will be a big topic of discussion. jackie ward is in the newsroom with the latest on the effort to protect illegal immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. reporter: so we might see some progress made today as congressional leaders meet on capitol hill to work on the measure to save "dreamers." but it seems that any kind of resolution would have to go "hand in hand" with funding for the border wall. president trump says that without that money, "dreamers" will not be protected. the homeland security secretary told the "associated press" this week that congress is considering a few options for daca recipients and one includes qualifying for citizenship. >> we're not looking at citizenship. we're not looking at amnesty.
5:39 am
we're looking at allowing people to stay here. >> this is about our lives. they're playing with our lives here. this is something that really will separate families, that will affect us for their lives. >> reporter: specific requirements to qualify for potential legal status still hasn't been talked about. president trump says he is open to hearing about the different possibilities. daca protections expire on march 5th. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. president trump issued a new warning to north korea over its nuclear program. yesterday, he tweeted out, quote, saying north korean leader kim jong-un just stated that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times: south korea is proposing talks with north korea... possibly as soon as next week. the offer came after kim jong-un said he was open to sending a delegation to next month's >> south korea is proposing talks with north korea, meantime possibly as soon as next week. the offer came after kim jong-
5:40 am
un said he was open to sending a delegation to next month's winter olympics in south korea. americans went overboard on holiday shopping this year and a major pizza chain is slashing prices. diane king hall has more from the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy new year, kenny. here on wall street yesterday, stocks roared to start the new year. the dow was up 104. the nasdaq was up 103 to a record finishing above 7,000 for the first-ever. a deejay and record producer announced a new role for weight watchers and the stock was up 8%. he lost 20 pounds on the program . nearly 50% of u.s. shoppers racked up more than $1,000 in holiday debt on average. half expect to repay the debt over the next few months.
5:41 am
almost a third say it will take more than five months to pay it off. 2018 kicked off with the highest gas prices since 2014. aaa says the nation's average now is above $2.48 a gallon. high travel volume drove prices higher. parts of the midwest feel the worst pain at the pump. >> we feel the pain here on the west coast, too. >> i believe you. [ laughter ] >> we hear that pizza hut has a deal for those of us who have given up on our diet resolutions already this 3rd day of the new year. >> reporter: can you give us a second? [ laughter ] >> reporter: so they are slashing prices in half if you order for carry-out or delivery from its mobile app or online good through january 8th. can you give us just a little more time to try to make it through our resolutions? >> maybe towards the end of january instead of the first week of january.
5:42 am
[ laughter ] >> that's a tempting deal. better than a lot of other deals. thank you, diane king hall. ♪[ music ] coming up, several packages left stranded and it was all because of a rat. the mess that unfolded at oakland international airport. >> plus, millions of dollars up for grabs. how much you could win in tonight's powerball drawing and what are your chances? >> a live look at 880 in oakland. traffic is moving along. definitely a lot more cars out there today than on january 1st. we'll have traffic and weather coming up.
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after a surfer was bitten by a shark. it happened saturday near drake's beach. park rangers say a 12-foot long shark bit the woman's foot. they say the shark might have
5:45 am
confused her with a seal. she a shark bit a woman's foot saturday. it might have confused her with a seal. she was not seriously hurt. drakes beach and one of the other beaches nearby were closed as a precaution. they're now open. park rangers say no sharks have been seen in the area since. passengers were about to board a flight at oakland airport when a rat beat them to it. [ laughter ] >> a number of travelers were stranded. the alaska airlines flight was supposed to take off yesterday morning but instead of heading to portland, the plane was towed to a remote place on the tarmac and exterminators tried to find it. one of the passengers named it after the soon to be other than of the las vegas raiders. >> i grew up in oakland. so i named the rat mark davis
5:46 am
for another rat who wants to leave oakland. [ laughter ] >> oh-oh. >> the airline says that most of the 110 passengers were rebooked on other flights last night. some are stuck until today. please, no rats in your car on the freeway! let's go to the bay bridge right now. you can see traffic is really start to stack up. from the maze to the central freeway that's the 101. traffic is stacking up there. getting to the made out of oakland as you head towards there, there's a perspective around towards where the toll plaza is and traffic is definitely getting busier out there. westbound 580 at 24 we are also
5:47 am
seeing a few more cars on the road. 24 itself checking in problem- free but that westbound side definitely getting busy into san francisco. five westbound records of a big rig that was reported to be on fire. it's over to the shoulder. actually it was earlier reported and then it apparently caught on fire again, possibly the brakes. so a little activity on the right side. it's not affecting the main lines of the road as far as lanes. it's over to the shoulder, but we are seeing delays as a result so slow and go conditions there. it is affecting your drive times, 27 minutes from 205 to 680. so you will need some extra time heading on the westbound 580. it gets better past that and then you will see extra volume westbound near tassajara heading to 680 making the connector at 680 the dublin interchange. nimitz freeway northbound not bad to oakland. southbound into hayward traffic okay. busy connecting to the san mateo bridge. on the bridge itself, outside
5:48 am
of extra volume on the westbound side, all those taillights are working their way towards foster city. traffic is moving okay. 13 minutes now for your drive time from 880 to 101. once you get on 101 traffic is moving okay. looking at our hot spots, slow in the south bay northbound tennant to cochran so busy out of morgan hill. san jose is cloudy. no wet roads yet. it's skipping the morning commute. rain will arrive this morning
5:49 am
in the north closer to noon for a lot of folks. oakland 50 already. san francisco 54. 40s and 50s in the area. no rain yet in the bay area. lightning strikes across the pacific ocean now. with this this low, it this low, there will be instability. a second storm thursday night into friday and a third storm early next week. here's the futurecast to time it out for you. right now clouds. noon more rain coming through. so your noon hour, some light
5:50 am
drizzle for a lot of inland areas. along the coast a little thicker. and then by 2 p.m., it should be calm. by 6 p.m., the thunderstorms come in. that will bring us widespread rain in the north bay, south bay and east bay. then things clear on thursday. north bay impacted and we'll see rain throughout the rest of bay area. we'll get a quarter inch to an inch of rain from both of those storms mostly in the north bay and mostly along the coast, as well. high temperatures today slightly cooler than yesterday because of the storm. but still above average in the low 60s. mid-60s for some folks. but mostly inland areas will be around 61 degrees. 60 degrees will be the high for san francisco today. seven-day forecast showing a
5:51 am
dry weekend ahead. so mother nature cooperating with your weekend outdoor plans. the lottery jackpot numbers keep climbing. the powerball and mega millions are over $400 million each. tonight's powerball jackpot is $440 million. but you're more likely to be hit by an asteroid than hit the winning numbers tonight. the chances of winning is 1 in 292 million. the odds could be worse by later. mega millions better odds at 1 in 259 million. the next mega millions drawing is on friday after no winner last night. >> time now 5:51. california minors behind bars catch a break. >> plus a sexual assault investigation against harvey weinstein gets bigger. this morning, the new twist on the scandal that has rocked hollywood.
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good morning. rain on our hi-def doppler is off the coast. we are seeing some to the north and it's moving to monterey and santa cruz. so the coast will get the rain first. it will be cooler than yesterday. temperatures upper 50s and low 60s for our areas.
5:55 am
good morning. we are seeing some delays along westbound 580. we have a trouble spot off to the shoulder right before vasco road so some activity there. your drive times 27 minutes from 205 to 680. the los angeles district attorney's office is reviewing two cases of alleged sexual misconduct against already disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein. the d.a. says the cases have been presented to its office by the beverly hills police department. in the last few months, dozens of women have publicly accused weinstein of sexual harassment, sexual assault, even rape. investigators haven't said when or where the new cases happened but british police and the nypd are also now investigating claims against weinstein. a new state law just went into effect giving kids and teens serving a life sentence a shot at parole. one law says anyone sentenced to life as a minor will become eligible for a parole hearing after serving 25 years.
5:56 am
another law allows the court to seal some juvenile records and to limit [ indiscernible ] fees that local jurisdictions charge families with children behind bars. an unprecedented political situation in the city of san francisco. coming up, what could happen between now and when we get a new mayor. ♪[ music ] >> sales for recreational marijuana are soaring. we'll tell you about rising prices and sales coming up.
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sales dramatically higher than expected... how businesses are dealing with the demand... california is all abuzz over recreational marijuana with sales dramatically higher than expected. how businesses are dealing with the chan in. >> president trump and north korea are issuing new threats as their war of words continues to he is skate. >> good morning, it's wednesday, january 3rd.
6:00 am
i'm emily turner. >> i'm kenny choi. michelle is off this morning. first let's start with traffic and weather. trouble in the south bay. it is getting busy out there. in fact, we are getting first reports of an accident on 101 so expect delays. it is on northbound 101 around 680. so that gets busy any way this time of the morning. just past 680 there was a crash on the shoulder. it was moved out of lanes. 18 miles per hour in some spots. so very sluggish as you head through there. now, the rest of the south bay, not doing too bad. so you might want 280 as an alternate to avoid that slow and go spot on 101. you can see on our sensors here, a lot of yellows through the stretch so it is causing delays, again north 101 near 680 where the wreck is reported. along westbound 580 before vasco road, some activity on the shoulder. not blocking any main


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