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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 3, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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i'm emily turner. >> i'm kenny choi. michelle is off this morning. first let's start with traffic and weather. trouble in the south bay. it is getting busy out there. in fact, we are getting first reports of an accident on 101 so expect delays. it is on northbound 101 around 680. so that gets busy any way this time of the morning. just past 680 there was a crash on the shoulder. it was moved out of lanes. 18 miles per hour in some spots. so very sluggish as you head through there. now, the rest of the south bay, not doing too bad. so you might want 280 as an alternate to avoid that slow and go spot on 101. you can see on our sensors here, a lot of yellows through the stretch so it is causing delays, again north 101 near 680 where the wreck is reported. along westbound 580 before vasco road, some activity on the shoulder. not blocking any main lines of
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the freeway. but it is a slow ride. 30 minutes now. you'll need half-hour from 205 to 680 if you are traveling westbound 580 out of the altamont pass. and metering lights are on at the bay bridge so it is back to business, business as usual, very slow and go conditions coming out of the maze maze to the central freeway. that's in san francisco -- coming out of the maze to the central freeway. that's in san francisco. checking out our hi-def doppler, you can see green and yellow popping up off the coast none onshore yesterday. heavy near ukiah. we are slowly seeing the first round of places like monterey, light drizzle at the coast to the south. and all of this is going to pick up in the next few hours. here's rain in the northern portion of the pacific ocean and it's going to move out of
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our area. drizzle in the morning. heavier inland around noon. coast first, then inland folks. right now temperatures in the upper 40s for concord, oakland up to 50 already. livermore 46. san francisco 54. so our temperatures this morning a bit warmer than yesterday. sunrise this morning at 7:25. most likely not going to see that though because we are covered in clouds. i'll explain more coming up when it comes to the next few storms that are on the way. recreational marijuana sales have exceeded expectations since becoming legal on monday and the incredible demand is showing no signs of stopping. jessica flores is live in san jose at the bay area pot club seeing sales soar 400%. reporter: that's right. we are here in front of buddy's. this place holds a very special place in california history. they were the first to get the license to sell recreational marijuana. the line hasn't stopped in
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days. it's closed now but when it opens, we expect to see dozens of new customers getting marijuana because they no longer need to show a medical marijuana i.d. card. all they need to prove is they are 21 or older and they need to have cash on a debit card to purchase, no credit cards. those folks are now paying more for the product. new state and local taxes are raising prices up to 40%. the owner here says he tried to raise prices only 5% and sales over two days are in the six figures. he ordered more cash registers and hired more workers including a general manager and cultivators. >> we have been expecting an overnight increase for 30%. instead, it was 400, not 40 but 400%. it's been busy all day. >> reporter: over in oakland, harborside saw more than 150% increase in customers on january 1st. prices vary from store to store and city to city because different cities have different taxes but for a couple of
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joints they are looking at paying $50. for an eighth ounce it's about $50 and the owner here at bud digs says he is trying not to raise prices more than 5%. live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> so jessica, how are cannabis-related companies doing since sales became legal? >> reporter: cannabis-related companies are taking off. according to "fortune" magazine, they have added about $2 billion in value since january 1st. california's legislative session begins today and lawmakers are expected to consider a new bill aimed at utilities found liable for starting wildfires. the measure would prevent utilities from raising their rates to pay fines, penalties or claims not covered by insurance. lawsuits have claimed pg&e for the wine country wildfires although they haven't been officially found liable at this time. today the secretary of homeland security will visit
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santa rosa to get an update on the recovery efforts there in wine country. >> new developments on the korean peninsula amid escalating tensions between north korea and the u.s. pyongyang has now reached out to south korea using a hotline that's been dormant for two years. north korea leader kim jong-un gave the order to re-open a hotline for communications starting discussions on sending a delegation to the winter olympics in south korea next month. the call comes after a rare move by kim in his speech on monday offering an olive branch to south korea. >> he started off his statement with this threat towards the united states. then he went on to make this more conciliatory gesture toward the south. i think this was very well played by the north koreans. and i think this might be trying to drive a wedge, a small wedge, between the united states and south korea. >> reporter: the trump administration had been skeptical about the sincerity of kim's offer. >> we won't take any of the talks seriously if they don't do something to ban all nuclear
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weapons in north korea. this is a reckless regime. we don't need a band-aid or smile and take pictures. we need them to stop nuclear weapons and they need to stop it now. >> and the president responded to kim's threats by taunting him on twitter writing, quote: >> reporter: experts say the president's tweets could be undermining u.s. diplomats. >> informed policy, clarity and credibility -- in foreign policy clarity and credibility and important. lawmakers are running out of time to pass new protections for "dreamers" after the president's decision to end the daca program. jackie ward joins us from the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: building the wall is a top priority for the trump administration. but it is still considering a
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way to keep daca recipients in this country. the secretary of the homeland security told the "associated press" that congress is currently reviewing three options including a way for people to obtain permanent legal status. earlier this week, president trump claimed lawmakers are doing nothing to protect daca holders. lindsey graham said he wants something decided on daca as soon as possible. >> on daca, there is a deal to be had. the "dreamers" can have the life they dreamed of if the democrats and republicans can give. we need the wall, not a complete 2200-mile wall. we need border security, marry that up with the "dream act," there's a deal to be had on immigration and i want to do it in january. i don't want to wait until march. >> reporter: president trump has given congress until march 5th to come up with a legislative fix regarding daca but those who support it want a resolution to be reached sooner. today, some progress on capitol hill may be made toward a measure that would restore protections for "dreamers." in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> so how does the border wall between the u.s. and mexico
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connect to daca? >> reporter: president trump says "dreamers" won't be protected until he gets the funding for the border wall. the daca deal won't be reached without it. the unexpected death of san francisco mayor ed lee has created a heated debate over who should serve the remainder of his term. new this morning, kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco with the push to appoint a caretaker mayor before the june election. anne. reporter: a lot of questions about what should happen between now and june when a mayor is officially elected in san francisco. there are concerns about checks and balance. s. the board of supervisors are going to meet again where they could talk about electing a new caretaker mayor and that's the date that's the deadline for people to put their papers in for the san francisco mayoral race. that will be tellingto see what will happen over the next six
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months as the pressure toward builds. right now the board of supervisors president london breed is mayor of san francisco. she became mayor when the late mayor ed lee died on december 12th. that is per city charter. it could remain that way until the election on june 5th, in six months. she is also a supervisor representing the western addition. she is expected to run for mayor in june sounding like a candidate before she even announced to run. she is still a supervisor representing the western addition and it may be a conflict of interest. she hasn't committed to running yet. >> the voters will have a decision to make in june and hopefully, they will make a good one. and hopefully, we'll have a variety of good people that they can choose from. >> reporter: there's a lot of pressure on the board to avoid a repeat of the situation that led to mayor ed lee's reign as mayor. he was appointed interim mayor then later elected as an incumbent which critics say gave him an unfair advantage. the challenge for the board of supervisors if they would like to appoint somebody who is not going to run in june is
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basically deciding on one person because they need six votes for that to happen. and right now, that doesn't look likely. we'll see what happens on january 9th. anne makevoc, kpix 5. time now 6:10. bay area environmental regulators are investigating possible violations at one local refinery. >> plus, facebook wants to make it easier for some bay area residents to find jobs at the tech giant. >> and looking at what's brewing across the pacific ocean, we're talking about three storms in our seven-day forecast. the first one arrives in the next few hours. >> and we have our eye on a trouble spot in the south bay. delays along 101. details coming up.
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assault suspect. this video is from harker middle school in san jose bay area police hope that surveillance video will help
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them find this sexual assault suspect. this video is from harker middle school in san jose yesterday morning around 6:30. about an hour before students arrived. police say that this man sexually assaulted and then robbed an employee inside a classroom. if you recognize him, call police. environmental regulators say flaring at the richmond chevron refinery exceeded the limit after burning more than 500 pounds of sulfur dioxide on new year's eve. flaring burns off excess fuel. bitter cold temperatures continue to grip the majority of the nation. and forecasters say a second shot of arctic air is on the way meaning much of the nation will remain in the deep freeze throughout the week even as far south of florida. citrus groves there are gathering ice. one of the few places that's balmy, anchorage, alaska, where skaters were in t-shirts. temperatures yesterday were in
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the 40s about twice as warm as normal. >> even though it's in the 40s, still love california. california love, west coast is the best coast in terms of it weather. >> i will take it any day over that. no, i'm good. >> we rarely have to deal with any kind of skidding or black ice. >> which is good but we might have slick surfaces because as neda said all morning we'll have some rain this afternoon. right now, not at all the case. we have some dry conditions on the roads. but it is pretty busy in the south bay. here's why we are dealing with an accident as you work your way northbound 101 and you can see on our maps here the delays really start to build around that 280/680 connector. once you get up to the accident, northbound 101 at mckee it's on the shoulder but it is causing a backup. it's slow north of there along 101. so give yourself a few extra minutes to make the trek. you will need extra time through the altamont pass. 36 minutes' time so very slow- and-go conditions. still active busy after a truck
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fire that's cleared. 17 minutes extra for that drive time. 680 good through danville. benicia bridge, traffic is okay across the span. >> rain towards monterey and santa cruz. rain this afternoon, cloud cover in the north bay right now. we are seeing lightning off the pacific ocean right now. so later on this afternoon, yeah, the afternoon commute could be pretty dicey. here's a look at our current conditions. coit tower clear no patchy fog forming. what we're noticing is more cloud cover and that's why our temperatures are a little higher than what we had at this time yesterday. the clouds are thicker. 47 degrees for concord. oakland 50. san francisco 54.
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42 santa rosa. winds calm across the south and east bay, about 4 miles per hour at the most. napa east winds coming in, the offshore flow, at about 10 miles per hour. east winds vallejo at 7. the counterclockwise motion, this low pressure center is going to be ushering in -- coming in and that's what we'll experience this afternoon. there's another one to the north up here closer to the gulf of alaska. that one will be coming down on thursday night into friday. so that's round 2. we have a third storm out there next week. morning cloud cover 10:00 first round coming in that could bring us light drizzle at the coast. and then by noon, we'll see a little more rain for the inland areas. 5:00, 6:00, that afternoon commute is when we are expecting to see those thunderstorms and that could definitely impact a lot of folks around the coast and across north bay, as well. thursday will be dry until 10:00 that night. storm 2 coming in, impacting
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santa rosa bringing a good amount of rain there. could be up to an inch of rain for the north bay. one to two inches across the mountains in the north bay and along the coast, as well. here's a look at some of the numbers. very light today. by this afternoon nothing measurable. by late tonight, we'll start to see about a quarter inch for some folks across the bay area. the next round comes in. we could see the numbers increase to about half to inch of rain for places like santa rosa, san rafael, even san francisco could get three- quarters inch of rain. high temperatures for today will be slightly cooler than yesterday because of the storm system. low 60s. we are still above average though by about 5 degrees. east bay temperatures will also be in the low 60s. 63 in fairfield today. san francisco's high today 60. same with sausalito. cooler in san rafael at 59. to the north temperatures also slightly cooler than yesterday, as well. seven-day forecast showing that third storm system but it's going to leave our weekend nice and dry not going to get here
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until monday night into tuesday. a new report is raising big questions about the security of intel products. virtually all processors sold by the santa clara-based company during the last decade have a major security flaw. that's according to british tech website the register. the reported design flaw could potentially allow hackers to access protected areas of systems that are running on intel processors. the register says that intel is rushing to develop a fix that will hopefully be ready in the next few weeks. in germany social media sites will have to step up oversight on users. under new online hate speech laws, major internet sites could be fined up to $60 million if they don't remove flagged posts within 24 hours. facebook is now providing a new way for its neighbors to find work at the tech giant.
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the company has created a new portal on their website just for residents from east palo alto, bellhaven and north fair oaks. it allows users to apply for jobs and to hear from a real person about whether they have the necessary skills. and then if not, facebook will help them find ways to develop those skills. the sharks win north of the border last night looking to start the new year better than they ended the last one. we'll drop the puck coming up. and while raider nation is still on cloud nine with this possible guy, another former legend has a warning. coming up.
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it's 6-- how do you rebound from a 6- 0 loss? you face a sad canadian team. even the montreal gazelle called them b and b, bad and boring. joe thornton and the sharks trying to deal montreal their first straight loss. braun the slapshot misses the net, hits thornton who scores and the sharks up 1-0. final seconds of the second period,
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sharks on the power play, timo to the back of the net. sharks up 3-1. timo again the no look slapshot second goal of the game, sharks winning 4-1. jon gruden told the "bay area news group" that he thinks he is being considered to become the next coach of the oakland raiders. gruden added that the decision could come early next week. but he last coached in the nfl in 2018 and yesterday john madden said the game changed a lot in 10 years. >> you have to remember that, you know, what did he when he was coaching was 100 times more than what he is doing right now. since the last time he coached, just think of the stuff that you used to be able to do that you can't do anymore. so many things have changed that you can't use the same program that you had before. >> a word to the wise.
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the bengals come to ravens on sunday to knock baltimore out of the play-offs and send buffalo to the play-offs for the first time since 1999. cincinnati quarterback andy dalton is suddenly the most popular player in buffalo. bills fans had donated over $100,000 to dalton's foundation for people less fortunate to help pay their medical expenses. good for andy dalton and the buffalo bills fans. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. it is 6:25. daca protections expire in just about 2 months. what congress is doing about it as "dreamers" continue to stay hopeful next. >> reporter: sales for recreational marijuana are high. how high? we'll tell you coming up.
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we can't pack it fast enough. we're working overtime hours just to get it done. >> passion for pot. dispensaries are dealing with overwhelming demand as sales vastly exceed expectations. >> you only give the average person 2 or 3 weeks to make an important decision. >> as americans scramble to make decisions about their taxes under the new republican rules, california considers a radical plan to help state taxpayers. >> some alaska airlines spent the night in the bay area after the discovery of a rat on the plane. well, good morning, it's wednesday, january 3rd. i'm emily turner. >> i'm kenny choi.
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>> since becoming legal on monday recreational marijuana sales have soared in the south bay including one that saw a 400% spike in sales. jessica flores is live at buddy's in san jose with more. >> reporter: here in buddies they hold a special place in california history. they were the first to get a state license to sell recreational. and marijuana. it's closed now so no one is line yet but when it opens this morning, we expect to see dozens of people lining up to get their hands on recreational marijuana. the owner here at buddy 's says sales up are 400%. people no longer need to have medical marijuana cards, just an identification showing they are 21 or older. these people are paying more as well for the product. new state and local taxes in some places have prices rising up 40%. demand is still high. the owner is adding registers, workers. since monday sales at buddy's are in the 6 figures. the owner says most people who are buying recreational marijuana are first-timers. >> i feel great.
6:31 am
i really feel that more people smoke weed, then there would be -- there will be more harmony. >> reporter: over in oakland, harborside saw more than 150% increase in customers on january 1st. shares in cannabis-related businesses are going up as well according to "fortune" magazine. they have added $2 billion in value since january 1st. reporting live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. so jessica, what's the owner saying about the high demand? >> reporter: well -- [ coughing ] >> reporter: excuse me, kenny. he expected about a 40% increase. but it's done up about 400%. he says he is hoping to keep prices only about 5% higher. >> thank you. well, water officials will head to the northern sierra this morning for the monthly snow survey. they will measure the snowpack and the water content so far
6:32 am
this rainy season. officials say state reservoirs are in good shape right now after last year's rains and peak rainy season still has two months to go. time now 6:32. let's see how it looks outside. 880 not bad. bay bridge on the left. >> we have cloud out there but that's about it. we're hoping for some snow because that snow survey is going to be depressing, it's been so dry out there. for the month of january, february, that's when we need the bulk of the rain and the sierra snow to get here. so let's talk about the storms on the way. the window to the storms have opened for california. three storms on the way now. first one today, second one friday. we could get an inch of rain from these first two. and up to 6 inches of sierra snow by saturday. so this first storm will be warmer but the next one on friday to saturday will be a
6:33 am
little bit cooler for tahoe. so the ski resorts hoping for snow. third storm next week. let's show you hi-def doppler. right now we're watching some of the rain moving through highway 1 to the south. south of monterey, santa cruz not quite getting that rain just yet. so central california starting to see the first drizzle from this action but most of it is just off the coast. we are seeing lightning strikes across the pacific ocean now. some lightning strikes occurring and all of that is expected to reach our area in the next few hours. at noon the coast gets light rain. then later on this afternoon, it will impact the inland areas for the afternoon commute so skipping the morning commute which of course is good for the roads. let's check in now with gianna. we don't need any help with extra delays at the bay bridge right now. it's busy as you work your way out of the maze towards san francisco. let show you a live shot here. westbound if you are heading into the maze we are starting to see some brake lights there. so extra busy heading towards the bay bridge this morning. metering lights are on.
6:34 am
slow and go conditions there. in fact, once you get past the metering lights you're going to see some stop and go speeds, slightly slower speeds heading into san francisco. 17 minutes, that is your drive time from the macarthur maze to san francisco. we are getting reports of a crash. no word if lanes are blocked. still seeing green on our sensors so traffic is okay but you might see some activity within the next few minutes. we are going to be slight delays approaching the scene. new this morning, the race for san francisco's next mayor may take an interesting turn. kpixkpix 5's anne makovec on the community group who wants a caretaker mayor who won't run in june. reporter: they are saying that the current situation could be a conflict of interest. an issue of separation of powers here at san francisco city hall, they say. a big date to watch for here
6:35 am
coming up is january 9th. that's when the board of supervisors next meet. that's also the deadline for candidates to file papers to run for the mayor of san francisco. right now that's being held by acting mayor london breed. she became mayor of san francisco when the late mayor ed lee died on december 12th. that is per city charter. she was the board of supervisors president. that could hold until the election on june 5th, six months from now. but breed is still a supervisor representing the western addition area, hence the potential conflict of interest. breed is expected to run for mayor in june but she is not committed yet. >> san francisco is a great city. who wouldn't want tonight leader of such an amazing place? what's most important is taking care of our city. and whoever is best to do the job. i'm sure the voters will make a good choice. >> reporter: so board members are getting emails encouraging them to avoid a repeat basically of the situation that led to mayor lee's reign as mayor. he was appointed interim mayor and then elected as an
6:36 am
incumbent which critics say gave him an unfair advantage. even if the board of supervisors does want to replace breed right now as acting mayor between now and the election, they will have a tough go of it because they need six votes and it's going to be very difficult for them all to agree on somebody who should fill that position. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. some california lawmakers are trying to provide relief for people facing higher taxes under the tax plan signed into law last month that caps state and local deductions. so when the state legislative session starts today, lawmakers will consider a bill that would allow californians to donate money to the state rather than pay state and local taxes. it's interesting because then taxpayers could then deduct those as a donation from their federal taxes. president trump's pick to
6:37 am
run i.c.e. wants politicians in sanctuary to face jail time. acting ice director thomas homan said yesterday he was the justice department to file charges against politicians who support sanctuary policies singling out california governor jerry brown. homan is president trump's nominee to become the full-time director of i.c.e. some new signs mocking california's sanctuary state policy have been posted along the border. one reading, official sanctuary state, felons, illegals and ms- 13 welcome. yesterday, california sanctuary state law took effect. there's already an effort to repeal it. caltrans has started removing those signs. today congress is back in session and the president's decision to end the daca program will be a big topic of discussion. jackie ward reports. reporter: so we might see some progress made today as congressional leaders meet on capitol hill to work on the measure to save "dreamers." but it seems that any kind of resolution would have to go
6:38 am
hand in hand with funding for the border wall. president trump says that without that money, "dreamers" will not be protected. the homeland security secretary told the "associated press" this week that congress is considering a few options for daca recipients and one includes qualifying for citizenship. jeff flakes expects it to be a productive month. >> we're still looking at the bill and working on other issues. just came from a meeting on daca, for example, so we're trying to get that moving concurrently with the bill. obviously, it won't be voted on here now. but january is going to be busy.>> reporter: specific requirements to qualify for potential legal status still hasn't been talked about. president trump says he is open to hearing about the different possibilities. daca protections expire on march 5th. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. ♪[ music ] time now 6:38. a rodent causing a big ruckus
6:39 am
on board a plane about to leave the bay area. we'll hear from one of the passengers. >> and new indications this morning that criminal charges could be on the way in connection with the harvey weinstein scandal. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago after a strong day yesterday. right now, the dow is up about 30 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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two cases of alleged sexual misconduct against the disgraced y under a big development in the harvey weinstein scandal this morning. two cases of alleged sexual misconduct against him are currently under review by the l.a. district attorney's office now. the d.a.'s office says that the cases have been presented to it office by the beverly hills police department. in the last few months, dozens of women have publicly accused weinstein of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape. investigators have not disclosed when or where the
6:43 am
cases happened. british police and the nypd are also investigating claims against weinstein. three men are behind bars suspected of setting off celebratory gunfire in richmond on new year's eve. when officers arrived at the scene at the location, they found a driveway strewn with shell casings and saw a man inside the home running away. officers did eventually arrest them and inside the home, they found two loaded assault rifles and two loaded pistols. no injuries. we are talking about bitcoin again. silicon valley making a big bet on bitcoin. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks has all the details. talking about cryptocurrency. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. there's often talk about a bit coin bubble as it's really soared in value in recent months. but noted silicon valley investor peter thiel is not worried about it. the "wall street journal" says his founders fund has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars
6:44 am
worth of bitcoin across its various funds. it says that thiel made an initial investment in the middle of 2017 of about 15 to $20 million into bitcoin. since early september the value is up 5 times over currently trading at just below $15,000. thiel co-founded paypal and was an early investor in facebook. stock market working with some new records. the nasdaq opened today above 7,000 for the first time a very strong start for 2018 for the stock market. tech stocks leading the way. apple, facebook, google, netflix all doing very well. today the gains were a little more modest. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far. the dow is up by just over 30 points. nasdaq up 23. s&p, which also started at a record high, up by 5 points. emily and kenny, back to you >> thank you. time now for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us from
6:45 am
new york city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. happy new year. we are in georgia with the dangerous cold gripping the country. what to expect from the next storm and the round of colder weather ahead. >> plus amazon just had its biggest year yet. so what happened to all those cardboard boxes? we'll follow them to a recycling plant where workers are getting overwhelmed. >> and we visit m.i.t. where they are working to create robots you can wear. how they could be used to help people with muscle injuries. we have all that plus the eye- opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. thank you. >> san francisco's naacp president says city schools need to do more to help black students. 88% of black students failed to efficient or better in math this past year. amos brown sounded off in the
6:46 am
"l.a. times" calling it a state of emergency. but graduation rates for blacks are rising. the district says it's working to fix it by 2021. authorities had to cancel an alaska airlines flight after a rat was spotted jumping from the jetway at oakland international airport and on to the aircraft. a number of travelers were forced to fly out today. officials say that the flight was heading to portland just before 10 a.m. yesterday. but instead, the plane had to be towed on to the tarmac where exterminators were waiting to board the plane and to find that rat. >> i thought it was a little comical way to start off 2018 even though we really would love to be on a plane now heading home. >> the airline says that most of the 110 passengers were rebooked on other flights last night. that rat is the only one excited about the free peanuts! >> no, thank you. >> so flight delays -- any delays on the roads? >> there are a couple. we have mass transit delays
6:47 am
this morning. so heads up if you typically use capitol corridor, you're going to want to plan ahead. they are holding trains -- train 521 is held at berkeley due to some debris on the tracks. so it is causing systemwide delays for capitol corridor. so plan for that. the rest of mass transit is on time. no delays for bart, ace looking good, muni all lines checking in problem-free, as well as caltrain. over to the freeways right now, westbound 80 from the macarthur maze to 101, traffic is busy. metering lights are on. one one at the peninsula, northbound 101 past -- 101 at the peninsula northbound 101 past sierra point parkway an accident is out of lanes. speeds are 58 miles per hour. so if you are traveling to san francisco traffic is okay through there. looks like 101 itself isn't too
6:48 am
bad also as you work your way near candlestick. here's a live look at conditions all these -- both of these cars -- all these cars are working in the area so if you are heading to sfo along 101 traffic isn't bad through there. all right. let's jump to 101 on the southbound side around embarcadero where we have one lane blocked for a broken-down vehicle. that's causing delays. so a little sluggish on that southbound side. also a little sluggish in the south bay. we have some delays northbound 101 from hellyer to san antonio avenue. 27 minutes for your drive time. here's neda. the roads are dry this morning. that rain not quite arriving just yet but look what it's done. the cloud cover is certainly here already. and here's the view from our vaca camera not experiencing patchy fog in many areas but we are experiencing those thicker clouds. here are your headlines. we are watching rain and lightning off the coast expecting the rain to mostly arrive by noon today. it will get heavier for your afternoon commute. so it will be a much different
6:49 am
drive when you head home today. here's a view of the golden gate bridge. temperatures in san francisco 54 degrees. 46 in livermore, upper 40s for concord and oakland. and hi-def doppler showing where that rain is. so lightning strikes over the pacific ocean, scattered light showers to the south. we are going to start to see it most likely closer to the noon hour especially later on this low working towards us and when it does arrive, we are expecting those thunderstorms to reach the coast. there's a second storm out there in the gulf of alaska. that one will be dipping down bringing us rain chances thursday night into friday. and there's a third storm in our forecast, as well. so yes, we are opening the door to allow the storms in. we certainly do need it. here's a wide view of what to expect for california. as i set this into motion you
6:50 am
can see the rain hitting us almost impacting the sierra bringing a few inches of snow there but it's not quite a cold storm system. the second one that will be occurring on saturday could bring a little more snow for those ski resorts. for us, here we go for your 24- hour futurecast. so noon, 1:00, that's when this model is showing the rain expected to arrive. other models are showing it happening a little bit earlier. but for the next few hours if you do get it it's going to be very, very light and what's coming though is going to be the thunderstorms. so 5:00, 6:00 today that's when the thunderstorms will occur. some widespread rain is expected. santa cruz, san jose, redwood city, concord, pretty much everyone will be impacted by the storm. it will last for a few hours and a break late tonight. thursday looks dry. maybe a light drizzle for thursday morning. here we go thursday expecting
6:51 am
about a .25" total from that first round of storms and then thursday the break will occur, thursday night though 10:00 at night until friday, that's when the next storm arrives and that one could bring more rain across the north bay so possibly an inchin the north an inch in the north bay. 50s and 60s in the area today, cooler than yesterday but we're still above average as far as our temperatures are concern. dry over the weekend. rain next week. that's your forecast. chp officers are renewing their focus on stopping impaired and reckless drivers. many of them emphasizing a recent dui crash that killed one of their own on christmas eve. mohammed abraar ali allegedly
6:52 am
rear-ended the officer's patrol car in hayward last month. people are still bringing flowers to the hayward chp officer to pay tribute to officer andrew camilleri. officers say ali was driving 100 down 880 after a party on christmas eve when he hit the officer's patrol car. camilleri was killed, the partner injured. the death has fueled aggressive dui campaigns in the bay area and statewide. >> we were out there working every day after he died with a lot more passion because of what happened. >> we're also seeing the first results of a chp crackdown during the holiday season. highway patrol made 936 dui arrests last weekend. 22% more than last year. still, at least in 40 people died in crashes over the weekend a 38% increase from last year. time now is 6:52. president trump is issuing new threats to north korea as
6:53 am
pyongyang attempts to thaw diplomatic relations with south korea. >> reporter: sales for recreational marijuana are soaring and so are prices. we'll have details coming up. cbs eye on the community...
6:54 am
presented by target. art and history spark connections across cultures, igniting curiosity, conversation, and inspiration. that's why target supports the asian art museum in san francisco. the asian museum is here to make asian arts and culture relevant. the reality is we all have a story to tell. it's what makes us who we are. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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i'm jessica flores live here in san jose, where sales for recreational marijuana are soaring here at buddy's behind me, up more than 400% and the line just keeps on going here. last two days, it's not open yet, but we expect dozens more new customers for the product. you have to be 21 or older. no longer needing a medical marijuana card. and those folks are now paying more for the product. new state and local taxes in some places up to 40% more. since monday sales at buddy's have hit six figures. >> as of right now we have plenty of product. the logjam is we can't pack it fast enough. so we're working overtime hours
6:57 am
just to get it done. >> reporter: over in oakland, harborside saw more than a 150% increase in customers since january 1st. and according to "fortune" magazine, stocks in marijuana- related companies are up, as well. they have added $2 billion in value since january 1st. reporting live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. 6:57. time for your "final 5." president trump issues a new warning to north korea over its nuclear program. yesterday he tweeted that north korean leader kim jong-un should remember that president trump also has a nuclear button, it comes as south korea offers to begin talks with the north. that came in response to kim jong un saying he was open to a dialogue with seoul. republicans and democrats will discuss the bill to protect undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children. president trump ended the
6:58 am
"deferred action for childhood arrivals" program last year. the cold will hit the south today. upstate new york yesterday blizzard conditions led to a deadly pile-up near buffalo. the storm system will intensify as it moves up the east coast later this week. and the first sierra snowpack survey of the year is scheduled for later today. officials say that state reservoirs are in good shape after last year's rain. storms this week should also help. the city of california legislative session begins in sacramento today. lawmakers there will talk about a host of issues including harassment at the capital and relief for higher taxes under the new tax plan. taking a look at the roads now, we start off with mass transit. capitol corridor back on track. only train 521 is delayed 26 minutes this morning from obstruction on the tracks. that's departing berkeley, train 521 some delays. the rest is on time.
6:59 am
all the rest of mass transit is on time. metering lights are on at the bay bridge slow into san francisco. taking a check of our hi- def doppler, yes, the rain is building on the pacific ocean. it's light along the coast just south of monterey. so the coastline will be first in line going to get that light drizzle in the next few hours and then by about noontime, we should see more of the rain coming through. for now, that cloud cover, look how pretty it is from our vaca ram ra seeing clouds thicken up this morning. clouds keeping us warmer than yesterday. in the 50s in san francisco and only going up a few degrees for the afternoon high. it shouldn't be too uncomfortable but rain arrives this afternoon. >> we need the rain. >> thank you. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is at
7:00 am
7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is coming up next. have a great day. ♪[ music ] good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, january 3rd, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massive winter storm called a bomb cyclone threatens to slam millions in the east starting tonight. already rare snow and ice are striking the south. and a deadly cold snap is tightening its grip on much of the country. north and south korea talk on a hotline for the first time in two years while president trump taunts kim jong-un. mr. trump says his nuclear button is bigger and more powerful. plus youtube faces serious questions about why it didn't take down a disturbing video posted by one of its biggest stars. and amazon s


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