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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  January 4, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> it is a broad and vicious attack pick >> tim charters is the senior director of government affairs for the national ocean industry association pick >> the plan today is a plan that looks at all of the united states and says let's take a big look at the resources we have available, where they may be and how we can develop them. >> the fundamental question, how long will the us rely on fossil fuels? if petroleum is going out of use creating new drilling sites will not make sense but charter says we will be using petroleum for several decades. >> the energy information agency says by 2040 will use 77% of the energy from fossil fuels. quite a ways into the future we will be dependent on the transportation sector. >> since california refineries get 55% of their oil from foreign nations like saudi arabia why not drill closer to home and put californians to
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work? >> this is not a no oil or oil choice it is a choice of where it comes from. >> one activists is rejecting the prediction by the energy information agency that we will be using so much fossil fuel in 20 years. >> that is one of the dumbest things i have heard. >> he says there is no way the coastline will be leased to oil companies. >> the whole environmental movement in the united states was sparked by an oil spill off of santa barbara, california in the 1960s. >> the process is just starting and nothing is set until 2019 but in the meantime the sierra club is ready to fight appealing to congress and the public and the courts. >> we want to look at suing the department of interior. we will put every challenge out that we can. >> this is the plan that is included.
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these big blocks show the areas being reviewed for drilling leases but i want to point out this is only the first phase. there would be at least two mackelmore to narrow down the potential sites based on things like the environment and national defense. the final map will show more specific areas for potential drilling next year. melissa caen, kpix 5. >> the california attorney general in a statement calls the proposal a nonstarter and says our state has been offshore drilling for a reason because we don't want it and we know what happens when it goes wrong. he added that regulatory agencies will have a say in what ultimately goes on at sea. a stretch of coastal highway finally back opened in marin county after heavy rain last february washed away pavement and the roadbed shutting down part of highway 1. the reopened section covers five miles between stinson beach and mere beach. emily turner says even though
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cars can finally get through, drivers will be facing slow going. >> for almost one year it has been the long way around for drivers on highway 1 but not anymore. >> just drive safe. >> the portion of roadway between stinson beach and muir beach fell victim to the rainy weather last year when a slide took out the hillside. the repairs were major as you can see from skydrone 5. they cost about $50 million. >> all of this is retainer wall , the same up the road. just going through and water is crazy. it does its own thing. we are just going through fixing mother nature.>> the fix is not totally complete, as you can see it is only one lane wide in some places. 24 hour traffic control is in place while the work continues meaning you have to add one hour to your drive because of all six of the traffic lights. >> i guess anything is better
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than nothing. >> the slower the better. just drive safely. the roads are little slick. >> for those of you had a stinson beach or tron 12 just take it slow because there are workers on the roadway, not to mention six other active caltrans projects on highway 1 along. emily turner, kpix 5. looking live from the camera on top of the transamerica tower we have another round of rain on the way. chopper 5 caught some of it over san francisco this afternoon . pretty light stuff but it is there. the heavier stuff still to come. are chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking that. >> we have scattered showers and i will show you some for this evening. on the high definition doppler we are pretty soggy in san pablo bay. venetia, martinez and vallejo picking up showers as well moving through alamo and walnut creek.
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over the past 24 hours more than 1/2 inch in redwood city. concorde almost the same, only 1/10 inch in san francisco. another round of rainfall moving through tonight with scattered showers continuing until midnight. by the beginning of the commute tomorrow napa, sonoma, lake and mendocino county that is where the rain will be but then it pushes south and stalls. through the lunch hour scattered showers continue into the afternoon. the strongest weather system arrives in the seven-day forecast. a wake-up call we were not expecting. the bay area jolted overnight by a decent earthquake. a magnitude 4.4 it at 2:39 in the morning beneath of ashby near college avenue. we spoke to seismologists about the chances for an even bigger earthquake. >> reporter: seismologists today say that there is a chance that
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what happened overnight was actually a prior shock and we could see a large earthquake in the next coming days. less than 5% but it is possible and it is something there watching. here at berkeley they are starting the earthquake. they have launched an app. >> i woke up in the middle of the night. >> richard allen was jolted out of his sleep by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake in the middle of the night. for most of us in the event is in the past. nobody was injured and there was no real damage but for richard this is just getting started. >> this is somebody's phone in oakland. >> richard allen runs the uc berkeley earthquake laboratory. last year an app was launched called my shake. it is a free app with an algorithm that asks the question every time it senses the ground moving. >> does this look like an earthquake? if it is like an earthquake it
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will trigger and record five minutes of data and send the data to us. >> today the lab received a significant result for the bay area, roughly 1000 citizen scientists participated giving richard and his team a slew of new graphs. >> we would be able to see how the shaking variant from one block to another. we can understand the different structures and how they respond. >> both people in the bay area have a story to tell. >> it was shaking like crazy. >> it was like a truck driving on the roof. >> berkeley is hoping you'll share yours so when the big one hits uc berkeley can watch. >> if we figure out how to harness this sensor, we could have millions of earthquake detectors across the bay area and around the world. >> reporter: right now the app is only available for android users but they are hoping to change that. if you are concerned about
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privacy, all of the information is garnered anonymously. live from berkeley, susie steimle, kpix 5. >> seismologists also have their attention on the hayward fault. jessica florez on why a bigger earthquake could be looming. >> the sugar this morning as a reminder the hayward fault is ready to go. >> usgs geologists say that a major earthquake magnitude 6.7 or higher occurs every 150 years along the hayward fault line. the last happened in 1868, exactly 150 years ago. >> people like me think that a large earthquake on the hayward fault is the most likely earthquake to occur in the bay area. >> the earthquake today about eight miles deep. the ground shaking as far west as san francisco, as far south as santa cruz. about 5% of the time, california earthquakes are
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followed by larger ones. >> there is a low probability but there is some probability that this was a forthshock to a bigger event. >> according to the usgs there is a 72% chance that the big one will hit the bay area in the next three decades. from menlo park jessica florez, kpix 5. we know that pg&e found damaged equipment near several admission points of the wine country fires. reports released online by the state group says there were specific addresses which match the suspected starting points of the atlas, the nuns and the tubs fires. those addresses are in reports by pg&e that were partly confidential until now. the utility says in at least three cases tree limbs or fallen trees hit power lines during a windstorm october 8. cal fire is still investigating the cause of the fires. increasing numbers of
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homeowners are complaining it is getting harder to buy fire insurance. julie watts on the problem that one state official warns is entering a critical stage.>> like many who lost their homes in the wine country wildfires, jake is relying on his fire insurance to help him start over. but the policy that gave many peace of mind are becoming harder to buy. >> many insurers are avoiding high risk areas. >> the insurance commissioner says increasing insurers are bailing out by refusing to sell fire policies in high risk areas. according to the department nonrenewal is increased 50% in the high risk counties between 2015 and 2016. complaints about steep rate increases are on the rise. >> wildfires have become a way of life. >> the same features that make many homes desirable like living near nature make the
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same homes dangerous. 10 to 25% of homes in marin, sonoma and san mateo are at high or very high risk for fire. in santa cruz and napa is even higher. >> the inability to obtain homeowner coverage insurance creates great financial risk and uncertainty to individual homeowners. >> jones is calling on lawmakers to stabilize the market requiring policies to homeowners reduce their fire risk. allowing homeowners to appeal nonrenewal and requiring state approval for the way that risk is calculated. >> you need them. >> for fire victims not being able to buy insurance could be catastrophic.>> a trade group for the insurance industry says there is little evidence of availability issues in high- risk areas and it said that it poses a legislative fix for the problem calling the proposal unnecessary and premature.
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julie watts, kpix 5. the last laugh for a popular motocross track that is set to close today, but now a last-minute twist. why there may be a chance to keep it running. some new details on a mysterious crime when a santa cruz man was arrested in south dakota after a high-speed chase. what we just learned about the body found in his vehicle. a major buzz kill for legal pot in california. what the new federal crackdown means for our budding industry. cbs eye on the community...
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skydrone 5 in the south bay showing you the end of 50 years of fun, this popular motocross track in san jose is shutting down. despite all of the riders the fairgrounds folks want it out. kiet do is live tonight with life. >> reporter: it has been a good run but we are in the final stretch of the motorcycle -- motocross track that shuts down at 8:00 pm tonight but there is a glimmer of hope. there is new leadership at the management company and they like the motocross folks, they are good tenants and they will meet to try to make the numbers work next week. >> i hope this is not the last ride. >> for the south bay's one and
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only motocross track today was supposed to be the farewell ride after 10 years. however, there is a chance for the company it is not goodbye, just see you later. >> i hope they have a sense of a hard to say let's give them another chance. >> the fairground management corporation is coming back to the negotiating table. it was a last-minute surprise for the riders especially these two who have been coming since they are toddlers. >> they're going to renegotiate on tuesday. >> what do you think of that? >> that is awesome. >> right now the fairgrounds charges $6000 per month for the use of the 10 acre lot which management says is under market value but the owner says even at the price they were barely breaking even. chris did not want to talk on camera during negotiations but he has a new investment partner with new ideas.
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for the first time in a long time there was hope the two sides can meet in the middle. >> nothing is for sure. it is a big maybe. >> if there is a chance, that is a good shot. even a long shot. >> the track is used by hundreds of riders spanning multiple generations. for them the track is a loud money place they call home. >> riding is a good family. it creates good bonds. everyone is happy. >> to lose that? >> to lose that, it would take away a part of what makes riding so special. >> reporter: the management company says they are more than open to come to an agreement with both sides mutually benefiting. the big meeting is set for next tuesday. we are live from the fairgrounds , kiet do, kpix 5.
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a santa cruz man was caught in south dakota with his mother's dead body in his car. the 30-year-old thompson wash lohman was arrested after a police chase new year's day. when he surrendered the body of his mother was found in the trunk. she has been identified as michelle walsh from palm springs. lohman will be in court in two weeks. a man accused of plotting a christmas terror attack in san francisco has been indicted. prosecutors say that everitt aaron jameson of modesto plant to use pipe bombs and they say that he intended to funnel people into an area in order to shoot them. today he was charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization, specifically isis. he could get 20 years in prison if convicted. the case is based on a
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facebook post from everitt jameson including messages to undercover fbi agents who were posing as isis members. san francisco is reporting the fewest number of traffic deaths in the city in more than 100 years. 20 people were killed last year on city streets which is the lowest number since the city started keeping records in 1915. the 20 deaths from last year is a 41% drop from 2013. 14 of the fatalities involved pedestrians. we are finally seeing some rain. >> the rain is here and warmer weather. to the radar in a second. san jose reached 70 today after 1/2 inch of rainfall last night with scattered showers today that is a record eye. the old record 68 we were mild in redwood city, hayward and concord at 63 with 57 in san rafael. more rainfall coming tomorrow. glen ellen, calistoga looking at the light rain north of napa
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on highway 29. scattered showers in the santa cruz mountains with moore and alameda county. we could use precipitation if you spend some time in this year over the holiday you're likely coming back and thinking i did not know it would be that little. 20% of average in the north sierra and south sierra. california is sitting at a 24% of average snowpack which is not good news. we need the number to change. there is still time to change and we love this pattern. this is more indicative of what we should get in january with the star trek over northern california. the ridge of high pressure kicked to the south steering storms into california. one of them will arrive tonight and tomorrow with more steady rainfall at times for the north bay tomorrow morning and then showers overnight and i. watch the overnight lows as we had a record high in san jose today with cloud coverage humidity and showers these are the low temperatures. they are about the average high.
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oakland 55, san jose 55, vallejo 52 and with the cloud coverage is 15 degrees compared to december. steady rainfall tomorrow throughout the day there is a chance at any point. high temperatures are above average but not as warm as today. 60 san francisco, napa the high of 58. if you want to get outside for the weekend you should. the weekend is looking dry but there are three days with a chance of rain. they are surrounding the we can. light to moderate rain tomorrow and we are dry saturday and sunday. next week has the potential to be much wetter. much wetter than tomorrow and last night with one inch or more monday and tuesday but dry saturday and sunday. a colorful part of the bay area history, it is owned by a woman who ran some notorious brothels. the big changes that are in
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store for this waterfront landmark. tonight a sports caster legends. serena williams, tiger woods and joe montana make the cut. that's right this is joe montana in a chiefs uniform.
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in san jose...19- year old bradie this is it, olympic births are at stake at the nationals in san jose. the 19-year-old brady pennell with a nearly flawless performance and is the lady's leader going into tomorrow night. day two all about the short program. nathan bartholomew nailed the throw into the triple loop and their coach jacked out of his mind. husband/wife duo posted the best score of the the pair finished third, alexis and chris lived up to the hype as the favorites. they stuck it with the triple. the husband and wife duo posted
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the best score of the day and are in position to claim the one spot for the olympic team. serena williams has withdrawn from the australian opening -- open saying she is not ready to return. she won the australian open last year while pregnant. golf tv ratings took a beating in 2017 but guess who is back? an old friend who fans thought they would never say playing regularly again.>> it is great to see you. i thought you were dead. i said no i am here. >> tiger woods will make his 2018 debut at torrey pines later this month. he played well last month in the bahamas. he will plan to play the riviera in february but sorry he does not like the six hour round and will be playing at the monterey peninsula. the nfl playoffs kickoff saturday with the chiefs posting the titans in one of the four wildcard games. no matter who wins one team
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will end the postseason drop. joe montana was kansas city's quarterback the last time they won a playoff game at home 24 years ago. since that win the chiefs are 1- 9 in the postseason. the titans are in the playoffs for the first time in 10 years looking for the first victory in the playoffs since 2004. >> in 2004 i was at home playing a playstation 2. playing fight night and nba 2k. >> my favorite hobby in 2004, the same as today. 18-i bow tr d several others at frenchman's lake i the catch of the day goes to andrew letson who caught this 15 inch rainbow trout and several others at frenchman's lake in plumas county. you know that place right?
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is it illegal? >> not at the lake. >> they had a great feast. do you think you can do better? send us your fishing pictures to the catch of the day. the frenchman's lake by the way named after an old frenchman, claude frangois. a french immigrant. you only get that with the catch of the day. coming up in the next half hour, a new federal crackdown on legal pot just as the party is getting started in california, what it could mean for thousands of marijuana businesses. democrats are trying to save you money with a loophole to the new federal tax law. how you could still be able to deduct your state taxes. the white house moves to stop a bombshell new tell all book. how the published letter just defied the president.
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you are watching kpix 5 news. >> the top story at 6:30. a haze of uncertainty over california's booming marijuana industry tonight just days
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after recreational pot became legal statewide the feds are saying no. >> attorney general jeff sessions rolled back the obama era policy giving pot a pass. devin fehely is live from harborside health in oakland where the announcement does not seem to be slowing down sales at all.>> reporter: not at all. a full house with people in and out of harborside in oakland throughout the day with the news in reaction to the news coming from washington dc about a shift in federal policy regarding states that have legalized marijuana has been a mix of fear and frustration. >> the us attorney's office for northern california would not say if it will aggressively crackdown on the new legal marijuana industry but released a statement reminding californians the cultivation distribution and possession of marijuana has long been and remains a violation of federal law and will use discretion to allocate resources accordingly.
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>> we are in the middle of an opioid crisis that is the largest single killer of young people in america. it is hard for me to imagine a responsible us attorney would choose to use limited law enforcement dollars to go after cannabis instead of opioids. >> harborside dispensary ceo steve d'angelo believes jeff sessions and the announcement today is a little more than empty threats. >> in less than one week into the new year and the marijuana industry in california is once again under a legal cloud with sessions reversing the obama era policy giving prosecutors a green light to go after pot sellers and buyers in the state. >> i say that it is medicine and i have never had any dealer terrace affects. >> this woman has been using medical marijuana since she suffered a stroke a decade ago. the announcement sent a ripple of fear and uncertainty through the industry where many feel like they have only come out of the shadows to now face
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prosecution. >> if you want to know what we are cultivating and all the personal information and then to prosecute us? you are setting us up for failure. >> the state attorney general may provide legal cover releasing a statement of strong support writing in california we decided it was best to regulate cannabis. we embrace, not fear change. harborside was previously the subject of federal prosecution. the lawsuit was tossed out of court and they seem to believe some likely feds will come after them a second time. devin fehely, kpix 5 . the trumpet ministration may soon have help enforcing pot crackdown. the top federal prosecutor is stepping down on saturday. us attorney brian stretch announced he is leaving to join a private firm which opens the door for jeff sessions to appoint a replacement in california. president trump's lawyers
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are trying to block a book that casts the white house in unfavorable light. the publisher is now releasing it early. mola lenghi says some of the provocative quotes in the book are from steve bannon. >> i don't talk to him. >> president trump distanced himself from former chief strategist steve bannon on thursday. bannon is quoted throughout a new book set to be released tomorrow that is critical of the president. >> the big picture is a picture of a white house that is chaotic and a president whose impulses hurt the white house. >> on the russian investigation steve bannon says donald trump jr. and jared kushner were treasonous and unpatriotic when they met with a lush and lawyer in june 2016. >> this validation is being undermined. >> when news of the trump tower meeting first broke president trump huddled with advisors on air force one to discuss how to frame the meeting but the
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discussion may have cost the president a top lawyer. michael wolff says a trump campaign lawyer resigned because he thought the air force one conversation constituted obstruction of justice. the alleged obstruction would fall under special counsel robert mueller's investigation. michael wolff says the president has asked associates to help pursue an anti-mueller campaign and insiders believe the only thing saving mueller from being fired is the trumps inability to grasp how much mueller had on him. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. the ap reporting tonight president trump has top white house lawyers urging jeff sessions to not recuse himself in the russian investigation. stocks are soaring so far closing above 25,000 for the first time ever. this is a look at the closing numbers. the dow had a very big day climbing 152 point.
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stocks got a boost from the latest jobs report. hire company earnings have also got businesses predicting more gains. >> the private sector with 250,000 jobs added in december and tax reform with companies announcing one-time cash bonuses to employees and the corporate tax cut is expected to have a big lift on corporate earnings. when the earnings go up stocks follow. >> president trump had something to say about it treating -- tweeting that dow jones crashes through 25,000, congrats. big cuts in unnecessary regulations continue. democrats want to help californians save money. they are trying to create a loophole in the new federal tax law. the recent law casts a deduction for state local and property taxes at $10,000. there may soon be a way to get around the limit. the potential workaround
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involves turning tax payments into charitable deductions. >> when president trump signed his new tax plan into law democrats in sacramento said they were dealt a heavy blow to the california taxpayers by putting a cap on the state tax write off. >> the wealthy people of the country are benefiting from this and the californians because of the high income tax, we will be penalized severely from this tax act. we want to change that. >> as californians we pay some of the highest taxes in the nation but president trump's new tax plan limits deductions to $10,000. many of us pay more. 1/3 of californians claimed a deduction of $18,000. a new bill introduced today would you a runaround the federal law by allowing californians to pay their state taxes as charitable donations through a new fund called california excellence. >> you can make the contribution to the california excellence fund and offset your state tax
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obligation dollar for dollar. >> arguably it is a gimmick to provide some tax relief to high >> stacks -- san jose's date tax professors say it is modeled on an existing loophole but she is skeptical the new law would survive on such a massive scale. >> congress would likely step in and say that is paying state taxes. >> the new bill would not affect property taxes which are paid to county governments but if the bill makes it to the floor of the legislature it would only require a simple majority to pass. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. prison inmates coming forward with shocking allegations of abuse at one bay area jail. a woman claims she delivered her own child in solitary confinement. dog parks getting too crowded? a bay area city is unleashing
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new limits for dog walkers. ta r
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jail in dublin... of extreme some pregnant inmates are accusing guards at santa rita jail in dublin of extreme abuse. the claims were filed in a new lawsuit against the alameda county sheriff's office. the women claim the guards constantly coursed pregnant inmates to have abortions. they are also accused of abusive treatment leading to miscarriages. one make claims she was forced to give birth alone in solitary confinement. she says jail guards ignored her screams for hours. instead of asking what was wrong they shut her window. >> you are complaining of problems and you are not feeling well. the general response, you are just doing drugs. we are putting you in solitary confinement. after everything happened i went to speak to somebody for counseling and it took them over two months. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is denying the allegations. it says five of the 200 female
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inmates are pregnant at the jail and they are getting the necessary care. flu season is so severe now that laguna honda hospital has two of its nursing units on quarantine. the facility has seen more than one dozen cases of the flu so far. visiting hours are now being restricted for patients in the units to prevent an outbreak. just yesterday dominican hospital in santa cruz announced similar restrictions until further notice. visitors must be 16 or older and each patient can only have one visitor at a time. all guest must sanitize their hands when entering or leaving a patient room. silicon valley is at the center of auto innovation and it is all about going electric. a sneak peek at the cars of the future. weather of the future includes more rainfall in addition to yesterday. almost 1/2 inch in buchanan
6:43 pm
field with more coming tonight and next week. we will tell you which storm appears to be the strongest.
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autoshow... the latest cars to hit the
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road are on display at the silicon valley auto show. more of them are powered by something other than gasoline. drivers are trying out new versions of the all electric nissan leaf and the chevy volt designed to bring electric cars to the masses. carmakers are aiming for a sweet spot on price, less than $40,000 and a range of between 132 200 miles on a single charge. drivers have plenty of choices on alternative fuel vehicles. >> whether it is a hybrid gas vehicle or electric vehicle, all of the vehicles, even some solar vehicles, that is what we have seen a lot of. more manufacturers are creating various versions of the non-gas vehicle. >> as for the gas powered vehicles there are plenty on display including muscle cars and exotic cars. the show runs through sunday at the san jose mchenry convention
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center. palo alto is limiting the number of dogs one person can bring to the city dog park. the goal is to keep people who work for commercial dog walking companies from overcrowding the park and letting big groups of dogs run wild. the new hours will be in place as well at all parks from 7:00 in the morning until 9:00 pm. another candidate has jumped into the crowd at the san francisco mayor's race. angelia alieto filed her papers for the special election in june to replace late mayor ed lee. she was a city supervisor in the 80s and 90s. she ran for mayor once before in 2003. she will be facing plenty of competition for the seat including city attorney dennis herrera, state senator mark leno, supervisor jane kim and the acting mayor london breed. >> the cold snap on the east coast is getting worse with another round of snow and wind. millions of people in the northeast are getting hit by
6:48 pm
blizzard like conditions. up to 1 1/2 feet is expected around new england. snowplow drivers are working overtime but numerous accidents are making it tough. this video shows how strong the wind is. it is enough to lift the back tires on one of the city bikes. let's check in with paul deanno. maybe one or two days of that would be great around here. >> you know it is ending and you don't really realize that. january february and march is still to come. the storm you may have seen that thing rapidly intensifying and it is stronger than a category one hurricane with the lower pressure than extender category one hurricane. for us forget about the cold and the snow. a little showery outside with temperatures hogging the 60 degree mark. livermore 60, concord 58, santa rosa 57 with scattered showers. not much of a break between weather systems as the showers
6:49 pm
continue with another round of light to moderate rainfall. we are not doing well when it comes to the water year. this extreme for us has been the dry for us this water year. 37% of average in san francisco and san jose. 44% in santa rosa but things are changing temporarily so let's enjoy and embrace this weather pattern for as long as we can keep it. the storm track has kicked the ridge of high pressure down off the baja california coastline. what does that mean? storms that are not headed toward alaska or canada not even to the pacific northwest. they are coming here. that is the typical january pattern but we did not have that for the entire month of december but we will have another storm tonight and tomorrow. it is the lightest of light rainfall totals in the north bay at 1/2 inch. in the lowlands showers continue into the afternoon. scattered showers tomorrow with light to moderate rain at times
6:50 pm
with a good chance. saturday for the weekend you want to get outside and clean the christmas lights up the weather will cooperate. clouds in the morning with sunshine in the afternoon. the wind -- windshield will be completely dry for you tomorrow. on monday we will have a rainmaker with one inch in the north bay mountains and santa cruz mountains. let's look at this storm next week with the darker red colors right there in the sierra could be one inch or more of rainfall with heavier rain possible early next week with snow levels pretty high. that is what we need, not flooding but storms that are stronger than yesterday and tomorrow. on and off light rain tomorrow with dryness over the weekend but the next weekend is wetter with a possible soaking rain for part of monday and tuesday. the high tomorrow above average with mid-fifties for your los 10 i. highs in the mid 60s for
6:51 pm
santa clara and san mateo tomorrow. light rain back in walnut creek in dublin as well. san rafael a high of 57 with cloverdale 59. on the extended forecast, wet tomorrow, dry for the weekend, soggy monday and tuesday with potential for heavy rainfall before the pattern changes again and we go dry 40 while. rain living in tonight and tomorrow. coming up at 10:00, the bay area is leading the way for the future of real estate. tonight, how one company is using robots to show homes to potential renters. that is tonight at 10:00.
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future. after years of sitting idle a waterside property with a colorful past has a new future picks book the valhalla building in sausalito was once owned by a bay area madam who went on to become mayor. john ramis tells us the former restaurant is going residential. >> there is not much left of it
6:55 pm
now but this wooden framing on the sausalito waterfront used to be one of the most colorful places in town. the valhalla inn restaurant. >> there are all kinds of stories floating around. >> it got the reputation because of its owner sally stanford who after being a prohibition era bootlegger became san francisco's most celebrated madam. she ran one dozen brothels in the city and was arrested 17 times before moving to sausalito in 1948 to create the valhalla. >> did everybody know what this was?>> most people date. it is a colorful story. >> the restaurant changed hands and names over the years and the current owner will build a pair of private homes on the site. the property has been the subject of numerous development battles and was falling apart so neighbors are not really sad to see it go. >> by the time they tore it down, it had been vacant for 7 to 10 years.
6:56 pm
>> it is the end of a reminder of one of sausalito's most memorable characters who ran for city council and eventually became mayor. the visitor center contains a life-size bust of sally complete with a gleam in her eye and a fountain at the ferry landing inviting tourists to have a drink on sally. she was the kind of lovable rascal the bay area has always fallen for. >> she did provide a useful service. and a good place to eat and people appreciate that. >> nobody really knows what went on at the top of these stairs but the light at the back door is read so if these walls could talk they would likely have an interesting story to tell. then again they would probably take the fifth. in sausalito, john ramis, kpix 5. >> that is what we need more of these days, good water fountains.
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for news throughout the evening, the latest always on
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheers and applause] steve: i appreciate y'all. thank y'all very much. i appreciate you, folks. thank you. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheers and applause] got another good one for you today. returning for their fourth day, with a total of 21,275 bucks, from right here in hotlanta, georgia, it's the champs, it's the cater family. [cheers and applause] and from ledyard, iowa, it's the jorgenson family. [cheers and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash. and somebody might drive out of here
7:00 pm
in a brand-new car. [cheers and applause] let's go meet the jorgenson family. hey, miss diane. diane: hi, steve. steve: girl, you finally got here. diane: i did. i'm so darn excited. steve: i bet. i can tell. how long you been wanting to get on the "feud"? diane: yeah. you know what, now that i'm out here and i've met you, and i think you're all right, that if he passes away and you're divorced, i'm giving you my phone number. yes! [cheers and applause] yes! yes! yes! yep. yep. steve: wow. diane: i don't spend any money. i'm not a spender. steve: you don't spend no money? diane: no, i don't like shopping. steve: girl, call me. diane: i will. [laughter] steve: my wife right now, whoo!


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