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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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many of you felt this morning's earthquake. but only on 5 tonight... we're , as well. now at 11:00, the sound underground. many of you felt this morning's earthquake, but only on5 tonight we're hearing it as well. >> the quake struck at 2:39 a.m. and was centered in berkeley on the hayward fault. andria borba is on the cal campus tonight with the
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exclusive audio recording. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, ken, we've all heard earthquakes above the ground, like a freight train, but you're about to hear what it sound like under millions of tons of earth and walk. this is what it looked like on cameras throughout the area, and that's what it sounded like 8 miles deep inside the hayward fault. >> if you listen carefully you can hear quite a long time and see wiggles here still going on and we can hear a little bit of that. >> reporter: this doctor is part of a team at the berkeley quake lab. with cal sitting directly on top of the hayward fault, their lab is directly below them, underground, and everyone is listening closely. in 2014 i took you inside an old mine shaft that runs from the hayward fault where they planted monitors and
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microphones. it cuts 200 feet into the side of the campus, but we can only go about 15 to 20 feet inside because it's not safe without the proper crews and safety equipment. and since then they've added more into the fault. >> it recorded the earthquake nicely. >> reporter: the location couldn't have been more perfect. with the epicenter about a mile away. the sound you hear from the pacific and north american plates moving past each other. >> they're basically stuck and they're stretching, sort of the way a rubber band stretches and stretches and stretches, and you never know when is the rubber band going to break, so what we actually heard is more like the rubber band breaking. >> it really sounds kind of like a close thunder. >> reporter: while today's quake was moderate size, they say it's a warning about the
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time bomb that is the hayward fault. >> when it goes, even if it's just a 6.5 or 7 it goes right now hayward, berkeley, oakland, and so on. there will be a lot of damage. >> reporter: scientists here at cal still need to analyze the data from the recordings from the microphones and monitors to determine significance and potential patterns. andria borba, kpix 5. and tonight more rain moving across the bay area. here's a look' san rafael bridge, and another storm arrives soon. paul deanno is here with a look at the radar. >> we're seeing some showers ahead of the next weather maker on kpix 5 high definition doppler. santa rosa, vacaville, fairfield all reporting rain in the last half hour. scattered showers overnight tonight. a steady rain for lake and and
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sonoma county as soon as 7:00 in the morning, and the front working south with said the sky and lightly -- said the death and light rain around oakland -- steady and light rain around oakland tomorrow. no flooding or strong wind, but it's a sign of things to come. we have another storm after this one that will give us perhaps the wettest couple of days we've seen so far this season. more on that in a few minutes. breaking news from san jose. the man you see on your screen is on jail tonight, accused of stalking harper middle school and sexually assaulting a teacher. he showed up tuesday before school started and was roaming around for a couple of hours before assaulting the teacher inside the class room. no details on who he is or charges he'll face. san jose police are hold a press conference at noon tomorrow with i did tails. -- details. a cloud of uncertainty is
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hanging over california's marijuana industry tonight as recreational pot becomes legal. betty yu is at the city hall with the major buzz kill from attorney general jeff sessions. betty? >> reporter: ken, states like california are unhappy because today president trump's attorney general allowed prosecutors to aggressively enforce federal laws against marijuana. meanwhile here in san francisco, cannabis clubs are anticipating recreational marijuana sales as the city begins to issue licenses. outside the medical cannabis collective in the mission, the sign reads we will be going recreational on saturday. the first day it will become legal to sell recreational marijuana in san francisco. >> we hope to get permitted before then, but we're still waiting. >> reporter: the owner al is hopeful the approval will come
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through in the next 24 hours. he's already nearly doubled his staff to 16 workers in anticipation and customers like this one who just moved to san francisco are ready to get in line. >> normally i would like either have someone that has a card get it for me or like get it from the street dealers, so this will be easier for me. >> reporter: today the u.s. attorney general jeff sessions issued a marijuana enforcement memo rescinding the obama administration's policy allowing states to legalize marijuana without federal intervention. the memo allows federal prosecutors to be more tough on marijuana cases. in response the lieutenant governor tweeted sessions is ignoring fact and logic and california will pursue all options. >> i think it's a waste of time. like they're just trying to get
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back at california and i don't think it's fair. people voted. people want it. >> reporter: enthusiasm for the new law is seen throughout the city. a taco restaurant is having special crab dinners with marijuana drinks, infused with cbd. >> we're in san francisco which is a progressive leaning city and thought we'd partner with some of our vendors we've been close to and create a special event. >> reporter: the california attorney general today rejected jeff sessions' announcement and said the state will vigorously protect our laws and interests. betty yu, kpix 5. tonight new details are emerging about the foiled christmas day terror plot on san francisco's pier 39. the suspect has been indicted, charged with quote attempting
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to provide material support and resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, and distribution of information relating to destructive devices. federal prosecutors say he was working on the plot for nearly two months. they say he planned to set off pipe bombs at the beginning of the attack and then according to the indictment he hoped to funnel people into an area in order to shoot them. he allegedly told undercover agents the crowded pier 39 would be a good target. he was get 20 years in prison if convicted. we're learning more about the man shot and killed by a bart police officer. christin ayers has more on what led up to the deadly confrontation in west oakland and now the community is responding with prayer. >> reporter: oakland police who are investigating the shooting by a bart police officer have identified the victim as 28-
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year-old chaline kendall. those that witnessed the shooting say it was about more than just one man. [ singing ] >> reporter: a prayer circle in west oakland tonight at the very spot where a bart police officer shot and killed kendall, the owner of upper cuts barbershop saw it happen just outside his shop. >> i don't want to see what i saw again. it's one thing to read about it, but it's not thing to see it. and that, that didn't sit well with me. that man had children. >> reporter: video from snap chat shows the scene last night. >> the sidewalk is covered the flood. >> reporter: police say kendall was -- blood. >> reporter: police say kendall was carrying a gun and got in a scuffle with another man. a bart officer responded when he heard gun fire, ordered kendall to drop his gun and fired when he didn't.
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but this witness didn't want to talk about that. he wanted to talk about the bigger picture. >> the systems and structures in place creating these toxic actions in our community. >> we want to know that in spite of what the media is saying, this is a safe place. >> reporter: and they play that love will make a difference. >> it's hard for me to hurt you if i know you and love you, so it's about building relationships with our loved ones and our community. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. the man acquitted of murder charges in the death of kate steinle has now lawyered up. he shot her on pier 14 in july of 2015. his only conviction in the case was being a felon in possession of a firearm. the his new lawyer will be at the sentencing tomorrow when he should be released to federal
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authorities because of time served. he'll now face a federal charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm. tonight president trump's lawyers are threatening a lawsuit to try to block the release of this new book. de la cruz tells us: t to hit the s it's called fire and fury. inside the trump white house by the author michael wolf. veronica de la cruz tells us it's set to hit the stands in a matter of hours right? >> that's right. ken and liz, president trump called the book phony. his lawyers sent a cease and desist letter over the book, and in response the publisher pushed up the release today from next week to tomorrow. steve bannon is quoted through the the bookmaking dispagerring comments about -- disparaging comments about trump's family.
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>> it's about the chaotic white house, back stabbing and more. >> ban also talked about the russia investigation saying it was treasonous and unpatriotic when several members of the president's administration met with russia. >> there are numerous examples of falsehoods that take place in the book. >> reporter: tonight the white house says staffers and visitors will no longer be able to use personal devices. they say it's for security purposes not to stop leaks. >> preorders of fire and fury propelled the book to number one on amazon's best seller list. tonight 5 marin county communities made the list of
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most expensive communities. the list was compiled by property shark. in case you're wondering, the silicon valley topped the list. next time you tour a bay area rental property, you may cover no one is home. -- discover no one is home. instead, maria medina reports, a robot could be waiting to show you around. >> reporter: technology is opening doors. >> hi, welcome! >> reporter: for the real estate industry. this is a real estate agent for zen place. >> through here we have the dining area. >> reporter: she guide potential renters through properties using a robot, all while staying in her office in sunnyvale. >> you know some people are like oh cool. we can control the robot through a mobile device, phone, tablet. >> reporter: the property willingment team believe they're the first company -- management team believe they're
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the first company in the u.s. to use this technology in this way. >> they can attend more properties than ever before, spending less time on the road and more time with customers. >> reporter: since they started using the robots a couple of months ago they've sold more and sold faster. do you think you don't get to know the client as well because you're not there in person? >> i don't think so. i think if the robot had a robot face and voice, maybe, but they see a human face and hear a human voice and reactions. >> reporter: the future is here. robots and real eggs at a timed mapped by -- real estate manned by real people. >> i'm still communicating just as i would in person. >> reporter: you're just three feet tall now. [ laughter ]
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>> that's right, i'm shorter. make sure you update your computers and smart phones. major security flaws have been found in the chips. two flaws with the names melt down and specter were discovered in the processing chips impacting virtually every computer and smart phone including apple devices. the fear is that melt down and specter could allow sophisticated hackers to steal pass words that would unlock private information on nearly every platform including computers, smart phones, and even cloud servers used by almost every company on the internet. intel expects to have issued updates for more than 90 percent of processer products by next week. tonight santa clara county is reporting four flu-related deaths. the virus has been on a tear
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through the bay area and california. some hospitals are restricting or suspended visiting hours all together. city health officials say two nurses are under warrantee to protect early -- quarantine to protect elderly patients. statewide at least 17 people under the age of 65 have died due to the flu so far this season. in the coming decades, it may be possible to have children who are not only free from deadly diseases, but born with carefully selected physical and mental traits, and skin cells could be used to create the ideal embryo. on 5 tonight experts caution this future may be closer than you think. >> reporter: from the moment of
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her birth, sadie was ready to see the world. >> she was actually born with her eyes open. >> reporter: and she was also born with a mind of her own. >> she'll definitely be her own woman. >> reporter: and in her own mother's eyes sadie is perfect, but in the not too distant future perfection will be deliberate and created in a lab. you could choose a particular child to have before they're born thanks to new and emerging reproductive technology. >> most of our babies will be conceived in a clinic in 20 to 40 years. >> reporter: hank greeley is the author of the end of sex. he believes sex will become obsolete, even for fertile couples. >> not in the bedroom, not in the backseat of the car. >> reporter: he says fertility experts will create human eggs
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and sperm by using stem cells derived from a piece of your skin. it's already been done with mice. with a few skin cells you can make a countless number of embryos. >> how many do you want? tens, hundreds, thousands, miles. >> reporter: they can be screened for certain genetic diseases and gender. also traits parents could final irresistible. hair color, eye color, height, even behavior. >> they'll be asked what they want to know, told the answers for their hundred embryos, and asked to choose which one they want. >> the way technology is advancing, i think that's a real possibility that could happen. >> reporter: dr. westfall is a reproductive expert at stanford. she says today ivf is expensive
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and harder. >> but just removing skin would make it easier. >> reporter: it opens up reproduction to those typically shut out to having their own child. >> a single male, same sex couple, older woman. >> reporter: the benefit is a healthy child, the concern. >> they could select for other characteristics not clearly beneficial for the child from a health standpoint. >> reporter: add to the debate, a new tool seen here in action for the first time. it's a stunning gene editing technique. that yellow blob is where a gene is getting edited, and the dna is taken out. the next step, replace it with a different gene to fix a bad genetic mutation. >> it's changing biology and
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the world. >> reporter: in the future it could change disease-causing genes in on embryo. the concern it will also be used to enhance babies, for example making them smarter or stronger. >> that's a world we don't want to live in. >> reporter: this is the executive director for the center of genetics in society at berkeley. she worries parents will be pressured to genetically engineer their offspring. >> so they can get into the right preschool and grade school and college. >> reporter: as for sadie's mom, she prefers mother nature, but can imagine the pressure. >> someone like me decided not to do that, and let mother nature take the lead, will that child billion at a disadvantage -- be at a disadvantage? >> they also caution before the technology is used experts need to ensure we're not increasing some unknown risk to the babies in the future.
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>> pretty fascinating the way technology and science are working together now. and let's talk about the weather. >> yes, rain moving in tonight. it's warm outside. it's around 60 degrees outside right now. san francisco 59, san jose 61. we stay in the 50s overnight tonight. we're how old and cloudy -- humid and cloudy. not much rain out there right now. showers in the santa cruz mountains and valley. to the north and west, the next front will arrive overnight tonight. we could use a lot of fronts and storms. the rainfall percentage from the beginning of the water year, not that great. only 44 percent of average in santa rosa. the numbers likely to improve because this set up is good. storms coming down from the north. typical for january. tapping into the tropics, also typical for january. our blocking ridge of high pressure, blocking storms from
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cabo, not from northern california. that's where the high pressure is now. overnight scattered showers turn into a steady light to moderate rainfall. everybody with an opportunity for on and off rainfall throughout the day tomorrow. before things clear out, perfect timing for your weekend. clouds saturday morning, sunshine saturday afternoon. let's backtrack and talk about the rain tonight and tomorrow. up to a quarter inch of rain east bay and south bay, not that much. talking up to an inch in the mountains. next week double or triple those numbers. heavier rain is possible. the latest computer models say the bay area and points south could receive one to three inches of rainfall over a two- day period next monday and tuesday. could be the wettest couple of days so far this season. so tomorrow with scattered showers or light rain, mild, humid, cloudy. fremont 64, napa 58, we get the
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break over the weekend. saturday the sunnier day, up her other 50s to low 60s, and early next week has the potential to be rather soggy. any flooding concerns in the burn zones? little too far out to talk about that, but we're an inch or two of rain fall, that would be a welcome change. >> be great. all right, paul, thank you. tonight how this northern california soldier went the extra mile for the birth of his baby girl.
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birth of his daughter.
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u.s. army combat well a california soldier went to great lengths to be there for the birth of his daughter. >> he was in iraq as his baby's due date approached in monterey. i took 7 planes, 10 connections and 2 days, but he made it to california just in time to meet his baby girl julia born on new year's day. >> you know, i had a feeling that he would make it because he really wanted to be here next to us. >> that moment having your first kid into the world, you know, and the new year, i think it's a very good year. tonight in we have an upd >> indeed. the proud dad will be home for 40 days then back to iraq. we have an update on a local skater hoping to skate his way to south korea. and things got hairy in canada for thornton, how part of his
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beard ended up in this glove.
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figure skating championships in san jose... fremont's karen chen ended the short program in third place last night.. tonight on the mens side, anot hoping to ma tree days left of the -- three days left of the u.s. ice skating championships. tonight on the men's side a local skater hoping to make the olympic team. 17-year-old vincent jo won the junior world championship last year, and tonight in his backyard landed the squad lux triple toe loop, but there near the end of the program ended with a spill. the son of chinese immigrants
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hoping to earn one of three spots on the olympic team. top finish there. out in front with the big league 18-year-old nathan chen. no kevin durant tonight in houston, out with a calf injury in what could be a western conference final preview. rockets without their star james harden as well. chris paul picks up the slack. he toys on the way to the rim. houston up just 1 at the break. back and forth we go. clay beats andre. green tied a career high with 8 threes. he was signed just last week. and warriors up 7. less than three to go, and there's your dagger from who else, curry had 29, thompson 28.
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the warriors win 124-114. their ninth straight road win. cal falls to usc in berkeley, and st. mary's beat pacific. sharks in toronto tonight. game went into a shoot out. bozack ended it with a goal on jones. maple leafs won 3-2, but the highlight of the night happened two seconds into the game. they dropped the gloves. thornton got a fist full of hair ripped out. he eventually tossed it to the ice, and the back up goalie scooped it up saving it for a souvenir. it's no big deal because we saw curly get his hair ripped out all the time by moe. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back. cbs eye on the community...
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need.. to ight. the late show is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> it was larry fine and curly howard. [ laughter ] captioning sponsored by cbs >> millions on the east coast are finding out what a bomb cyclone is. >> bomb cyclone. this is a wcbs weather update. >> the big story today of course the bomb cyclone bringing heavy snow and wind. it's continuing to intensify but that's to be expected with a bomb cyclone. now let's look ahead at the week's forecast. on saturday, we'll have murder ring. sunday will bring us snowmageddon. monday vandersleet. tuesday, know drift. i know it's dumb. >> announcer: it's l


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