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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  January 8, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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area.. as a new storm system heads our way.. when the showers will end.. heavy rain and wind hitting the bay area as a new storm system heads our way. when the showers will end. good afternoon. >> let's start with a live look outside. the rain has returned and it's going to cause some problems on the roads and in the sky. at last check, dozens of flights have been delayed or
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canceled including 149 delays at sfo and ten at san jose. luckily the oak land airport is running smoothly with no delays or cancellations. >> reporter: it's been a very busy morning. we have seen wet weather since the early morning hours. loud rain drops woke up a lot of people. we are still seeing it on our high def doppler. across the north bay, this is the area we are most worried about because of course the burn areas. santa rosa, st. helena. let's zoom in closer, south of santa rosa, highway 101, this is about an inch of rain per hour. the orange is the the more intense areas. south san francisco is also seeing intense rain, same with mill valley. it is calmer to the south. near san jose we are getting lighter showers but sunny veil,
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coopertino. there is much more to come. mill valley, an inch and a quarter. oakland has over an inch. in santa rosa the numbers will be rising. that's where the flash flood watch is taking effect at this noon and it will last until tomorrow because of the burn areas. our reporter is live in san francisco. i can still hear that very loud rain coming down. how are you? >> reporter: good afternoon. this is the the type of day that you don't want to go out. you don't want to go to work. if you can work from home, you want to do that. we have been out here talking to folks and a lot of people say they welcome the rain. they don't want to deal with the drought. others say this can mean problems especially in the north bay where they're dealing
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with flooding and possibly mudslides. for some, today began with a dangerous commute on flooded roads. for others, a soggy walk to the job. workers started the work week off wet. >> it's all right. >> reporter: some are welcoming the rain. >> i worry a lot because i have been through so many droughts in my 50 years in san francisco. we really need the rain. i look forward to it every year. >> reporter: the storm could spell trouble near 17th and fulsome where the road often floods. crews put barriers up to prevent sewage back ups. this carpenter is keeping his eyes on the rain. >> we'll have to put sand bags in the front so the water doesn't hit the doors and make everything warped. >> reporter: areas burned are at risk of flooding and mudslides. crews have been spent preparing putting down straw barriers and sand bags and clearing storm
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drains. >> you will likely see city crews checking those and making sure the water is flowing like it needs to. >> reporter: the city of san francisco is giving out free sand bags to residents who deal with flooding. you can pick those up at kansas street and ceasar chavez at the maintenance yard. >> thanks. 100 lawsuits blaming pg & e for the wildfires will be heard in a single courtroom. that's the order signed by the judge to recommend the best way to handle the growing cases from fires in sonoma, napa, yuba. each suit accuses the the power company of poor line maintenance and failing to prepare for high winds. fires destroyed homes and caused $9 billion damage. new, another candidate has entered the race for mayor of
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san francisco. kpix has more. >> reporter: with the filing of papers, mark leno is in place to become the first openly gay mayor of san francisco. >> i intend to shake things up. >> reporter: he is officially on the ballot for the june special election to replace the late ed lee. top priorities, housing affordability and homelessness. >> we need a mayor to think big and to reject synacism, and to demand results. >> reporter: leno served in the senate and before that, state assembly. he was san francisco supervisor between 1998 and 2002. here is a look at his competition. the former supervisor, acting
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mayor, city attorney, supervisor jane kim. between now and june the board can vote to make breed or someone else interim mayor to serve until the election on june 5. >> i want the board, my colleagues, to do what they think is best. i have had the conversations with members of the board. many are torn on what they want to do. it's really going to be up to my colleagues to make the decision. >> reporter: leno announced he was planning on running early last year and now the election he was planning for 2019 is happening a year and a half early. he has already raised over $400,000 for his campaign. >> i know because i have been out there for a full year already that people want fundamental change. >> the deadline for other candidates who want to run for san francisco's next mayor is tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. >> assembly man david chew has
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decided not to run. he wants to focus on continuing to push through housing legislation and raising his 2 year old son. >> billionaire tom sawyer says he does not plan on voting. instead steyer will focus on mobilizing young voters to turn out and elect progressive candidates. he plans to invest $30 million into a youth organizing program. trump administration ending special requests for those in el salvador living in the u.s. illegally. they'll have until september 2019 to leave the u.s. or adjust their legal status. in 2001, president george w bush extended temporary protected status after two major earthquakes devastated el salvador. this is the 4th country whose
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citizens have lost temporary protected status. michael wolff is standing by his book telling cbs that it is 100% accurate. >> everything in the book is true. >> michael wolff appeared on cbs this morning to defend his book. fire and fury paints a picture of a president who doesn't read and some question whether he is even fit to serve. president trump fired back saying he is a genius and a very stable genius at that. >> i consider it a work of fiction. >> reporter: the president says wolff doesn't know him. >> i never interviewed with him. he was never in the oval office. we didn't have an interview. >> i think he probably had no idea he was speaking to me for the book. when i would meet the president in the white house, we would chat as though we were friends.
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i am sure he didn't think they were interviews. he might say i was not being interviewed. >> reporter: steve bannon is walking back some of the more explosive quotes that appeared in the book. bannon is quoted that saying donald trump jr's june meeting to obtain information on hillary clinton was treasonnist. he says the comments were aimed at paul manafort, the trump campaign chairman who had also attended. it may be too late to repair the damage with president trump who now calls him sloppy steve. >> i guess sloppy steve brought him to the white house quite a bit. that's why sloppy steve is looking for a job. >> reporter: bannon calls donald trump junior a patriot now. >> he insists there is no
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collusion between the campaign and russia. how we can quickly diagnose the leading cause of disability in the united states. >> powerful messages from strong women at the golden globes. we'll look at hollywood's solidarity against sexual what are asment. >> we have been dealing with quite the super soaker. there is another round of rain on its way. i will track that for you and also talk about the heavy winds that are about to begin. all of that is coming up.
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received the green light from the f- d-a. in health watch, a device to quickly diagnose cases of severe stroke has received the
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green light from the fda. e.r. doctors are using this portable adviser to determine if patients suffered severe stroke. the cerebro tech visor looks for changes in blood flow. it takes 30 seconds to analyze fluids and doctors say that the goal is to quickly identify patients who had a severe stroke so they can receive immediate treatment. >> as someone is having a stroke, they're losing many neurons over second. >> stroke is leading cause of disability in the united states according to american stroke association. apple is facing new pressure to curb what's called children and teens addiction to its smart phones. two influential investors are asking the tech giant to make changes to software so parents can limit their children's phone use. the california states teachers retirement system sent a letter saying there is a clear need for apple to offer more choices
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and tools to help them ensure that young consumers are using the products in an optimal manner. >> the way i would hope it works is apple does respond and says we are aware that it can be an issue. we will make it the best phone to buy your kids. >> more than half of parents surveyed say the child is attached to the phone or tablet. studies show that screen time is associated with higher levels of obesity, shorter attention and higher rates of depression. get ready to rock out in wine country. the bottle rock music festival just announced the line up. bruno mars, the killers in may. chain smokers, snoop dogg, e40 will be performing. three day passes go on sale starting tomorrow at 10:00 am. they start at $349. >> you had me at bruno mars. love him.
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hollywood delivered a message of female empowerment at the golden globes, first awards show since the harvey winestein scandal. chris martinez has a wrap up. >> a new day is on the horizon. >> reporter: oprah winfrey brought the audience to its feet. the media mogul called out men who have abused power. >> for too long women have not been heard or believed, if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. but their time is up. >> reporter: women and men attending wore black to call attention to gender inequality and sexual misconduct. host seth meyers addressed the scandal right off the bat. >> good evening ladies and remaining gentlemen. >> reporter: three billboards outside missouri won four
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awards including best picture, drama, best actress. >> the women in this room tonight are not here for the food. [ laughter ] we are here for the work. >> reporter: lady bird won best picture comedy or musical and best actress. the female director was not nominated an omission natalie portman noted. >> here are the all male nominees. >> hbo's big little lies won four awards including best limited series. let's get a check of weather. i have a feeling you are going to talk about rain. >> that would be the big topic today. we are seeing widespread rain all over the bay area. the only place getting a little break just south of san jose. but it's a short lived break. here is where some of the heavier bands are coming
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through. satisfy than a row -- santa rosa, this is what we were worried about. this takes effect at noon. they're getting a lot of rain over areas where there is no vegetation to soak in the moisture. the drive is going to be nasty. there is ponding already occurring across the area. if you have been out at all you have seen it. dylann beach and further south, significant rain is coming down along highway 1 and then as we move to san francisco, richmond district, a light break. the sunset district is seeing a quarter to a half inch per hour. daily city, it's not easing up there. as we move to piedmont, berkley, emery ville, oakland, you already saw over an inch of rain and we are going to get more. we are going to see another round tonight. look at fremont still getting a half to 3/4 of an inch. warm springs it is a little bit
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lighter further to the south. san jose, it just picked up but just to the south of san jose near campbell, there are lighter showers. the flood watch, north bay area is the big area of concern, three to five inches of rain expected by the time this is over. debris flow and mudslides are the concerns. here is what's going on. tonight this low will dip down and merge with all the subtropical moisture we have been getting and that will bring us more rain tonight. here is the futurecast. for the next few hours we are going to get plenty rain through san francisco and santa rosa. by 2:00, 3:00, it will stay strong. across the south, lighter showers. by 7:00 we'll start to get the next round as the low dips. at 8:00, 9:00, heavy rain again. what we saw this morning, we will see more. tonight the south bay will be impacted and the east bay as
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well. and of course the north bay because of the burn areas. tomorrow it will be a lot lighter. you can expect a little breather. these are totals, two to four across east bay, one to two and a half for the rest of the bay area. we have snow to talk about, sierra snow fall up to two feet at the ridge top but it is a warm storm. we are seeing heavy winds. we have a wind advisory in effect right now and gusts out of the east southeast at 7 to 10 miles per hour. that's another problem. gusts can be as high as 60 miles per hour by tonight. this storm will be wrapping up for your tuesday and then we will see high pressure wednesday and into the weekend. we'll be right back after the break.
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but first they need to fill out applicatio it's a new year and a time for students rising above scholars. >> first they need to fill out some applications. it's a time of stress, excitement, and tears. >> for trinity, january 1, i wanted you to map this out. >> this new year is filled with anticipation. in the fall of class of 2018 scholars will begin a new
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chapter, college. >> i tell people, it's my season because i feel like i am starting to really start living life. it will just change my life. >> reporter: first, some hard work. with their advisors by their side the students need to fill out college applications and find a campus that best fits. >> i am leaning towards the private because i like the community base. i like everyone being involved. i like small classes. >> it's an open environment where i am able to explore more academic things, more about myself, and new and exciting ways. >> reporter: the application process itself has proved to be exciting and also emotional for these first generation college bound teens. >> i went to the application website and i started crying. i wasn't crying because i was overwhelmed or because i was sad. i was crying because i really
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couldn't believe i am finally at this place where i will be applying. >> reporter: like most high school seniors applying, these applications are a peek into the future. because of the challenges in their lives, the stakes are sky high. >> being first generation college student to go four year, i think it is for something for my other siblings to follow behind me. to start things off is the biggest part of college. >> i want to make my mom proud. not only that. my family had struggles and i want to grow up not tohave stles. >> reporter: the the new year will bring new stories on the inspiring students. don't miss them. go to and bookmark the link. joining me now is vice
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president of retail and investment at petelco credit union. automated banking is a great way to contribute to your financial health. >> it's critical to ensuring that you have control over your finances. automating bill pay would be the first. really ensuring bills get to where they need to on time and also that you don't negatively affect your credit rating. >> notifications can help too. >> lobal alert is great to notify you when you have a lobal and take action when needed. last, think about automated savings with a specific goal like family vacation, retirement, college planning. it allows you to save at the pace you want. >> thank you. this was your financial minute. for more information go to
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have a great afternoon. just like that, that's it for kpix5 news at noon. >> be careful out there. >> stay dry if you can. >> we hope you have an umbrella. cbs eye on the community...
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