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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 9, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, january it's tuesday, january 9th, 2018. this is the cbs morning news. bitter rivals come to an agreement. north korean athletes will compete in the winter olympics in south korea. calling on president trump, special counsel robert mueller may be looking to talk to mr. trump over russian election meddling. >> touchdown, alabama wins! >> roll tide. alabama rallies to beat georgia in overtime to win the college football playoff national championship.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie greene. this morning north and south korea held face to face talks for the first time in two years. south korea says the north agreed to send a delegation to next month's winter olympics in south korea. they met in the demilitarized zone. the tense border area where soldiers from both sides stare at each other just from feet away. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, this really was quite a diplomatic break through given that these two sides have not sat down and looked each other in the eye at a table there for more than two years and both sides got pretty much what they wanted. south korea wanted north korea to agree to attend the olympics. it's been a priority of the south korean president who has called these olympics the peace olympics.
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they said they will send a high level delegation, athletes, performing arts groups. south korea has asked that the two countries even march together in the opening and closing ceremonies although it's not clear if north korea agreed to that. north korea gets out of this looking fairly reasonable compared to their previous behavior of launching missiles and conducting nuclear tests. >> did the issue of north korea's nuclear weapons come up at all? >> reporter: yeah, you would definitely say that was the nuclear elephant in the room. it did not come up besides just a very brief mention by the south koreans that they would like future talks that touch on issues such as military conflicts and the denuclearization of peninsula. we're told the north koreans did not respond to that statement at all, but they appeared to be listening closely. >> all right. ben tracy in seoul. thank you so much. in this country, special
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counsel robert mueller wants to interview president trump as part of his investigation into possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign. that could happen within the next few weeks. that's according to the washington post. meanwhile, democratic leaders are critical of the administration's decision to end protections for some 200,000 salvadoran immigrants. >> washington's announcement that nearly 200,000 salvadorans will lose temporary protected status who live in the u.s. is raising concern that a major source of income throughout the u.s. and families could be separated. since president trump el salvador is fourth country to lose protection under the program. >> cbs news has learned that robert mueller wants to interview president trump as part of his investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. mr. trump's lawyers have already met with mueller's team to discuss possible arrangements. that development came on a day the president mostly spent outside of washington.
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last night the president was in atlanta to attend the college football championship game. mr. trump took the field before the kickoff and even sang along while the national anthem played. earlier the president spoke at a farmer's convention in nashville focusing on how his administration is helping rural americans. >> we're streamlining regulations that have blocked cutting edge biotechnology, setting free our farmers to innovate, thrive and to grow. oh, are you happy you voted for me. >> the president also restated his vow to crack down on immigration. >> we are going to end chain migration. we are going to end the lottery system and we are going to build the wall. >> today mr. trump will meet with senators from both parties to discuss those issues. the meeting comes a day after the white house revoked a special status granted to people from el salvador.
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they've been allowed to legally live and work in the u.s. now they have until september of next year to leave. >> on monday the president signed a pair of executive orders aimed at expanding broad band internet access in rural communities. >> thank you, hena. >> this morning some democrats are buzzing over speculation about oprah winfrey and the white house. the talk was sparked by winfrey's speech at the golden globes. >> reporter: to the casual observer the speech was vintage winfrey an emotional commentary on sexual harassment. >> for too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. but their time is up. >> reporter: but fans thought they heard something more, the crescendo of a campaign address. >> so i want all the girls
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watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon. >> reporter: the internet lit up and her long time partner added fuel to the fire telling the la times that winfrey would absolutely run for president if the people want her to. a notable shift from last fall. >> she's lost her mind now. >> when winfrey, who is a special correspondent for 60 minutes laughed off the notion on cbs this morning. >> there will be no running for office of any kind for me. >> but the democratic field in 2020 is wide open. which could prove enticing for a well known, well funded media mogul. >> donald trump told larry king in 1999 that winfrey would be his first choice for vp. >> she'd be fantastic.
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she's popular, she's brilliant, she's a wonderful woman. >> what she lacks is political experience, but so did mr. trump and he began mulling a bid back in the 1980s even talking it over with who else, oprah. >> would you ever? >> probably not. i just don't think i really have the inclination to do it. i love what i'm doing. i really like it. >> also it doesn't pay as well. >> no. >> here on capitol hill, democratic reaction to the speculation ranged from cautiously optimistic to downright jubilant. 70% of those respondents also said they didn't think that she should run for president. cbs news, capitol hill. >> well, for at least the next few days the folks in california are watching out for flash flooding and mud slides. heavy rain and wind are expected up and down the coast. some areas could see up to
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4 inches. in southern california more than 20,000 people were evacuated from neighborhoods beneath hillsides. areas devastated by wildfires are particularly vulnerable. >> when you look at it and you think, could these things like cars and things really come down, you know, the road or all the debris? i mean, i've got a house right above me that's totally burnt. >> many of the residents forced from their homes were also evacuated during the wildfires. new york's kennedy airport is still experiencing delays and cancellations due to a combination of rough weather and infrastructure issues. severe winter weather and a broken water pipe snarled air traffic stranding thousands for days. the head of the agency that runs the airport calls it a completely unacceptable performance and promises a thorough investigation. well, the college national football championship game ended with a come from behind overtime win for the crimson tide. >> fire to the endzone, touchdown!
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alabama wins! >> the quarterback connected with smith on a 42 yard walk off touchdown pass. it was a freshman to freshman connection. alabama beat georgia 26-23 to capture its fifth national title in the past nine years and the coach's sixth title. they're probably still partying. h and m's fashion faux pas. we will show you the hoodie that's causing outrage on social media. and billion dollar blunder. a top secret spacex mission may have failed. this is the cbs morning news. with office 365, we can all stay connected, from vietnam, to boston, to new york. now with whiteboard, we can all work together at the same time. and 3d in powerpoint shows clients exactly what our cards look like. yeah, having everyone working together on the new teams app is
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it was launched atop a spacex 9 rocket from cape canaveral. it failed to reach orbit and is believed to have plummeted back into the atmosphere. he said he can't comment on classified missions. spacex also said it cannot comment. h and m is apologizing for a hoodie and the prognosis for mitt romney. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the salt lake city tribune reports former presidential candidate mitt romney was successfully treated for prostate cancer last year. an aide to romney said the cancer was surgely remove and the prognosis is good. the 70-year-old romney is considering whether to run for the senate from utah. the new york times says a fraternity is banned from operating in pennsylvania after a student's hazing death. a judge banned the fraternity for ten years and fined it
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$110,000 for its role in the student's death in 2013. 18-year-old dang was blindfolded, forced to wear a heavy backpack and repeatedly pushed and tackled by members. he was knocked unconscious and died the next day. four frat members were also sentenced to jail. the washington post reports h and m apologizes for showing a black child wearing a monkey in the jungle sweatshirt in an online ad. the ad on the website in brittan showed the child modelling the hoodie with the words "coolest monkey in the jungle." critics calling it racist. h and m removed the image yesterday. and princess charlotte celebrated her first day of nursery school with pictures taken by her mom. the two-year-old daughter was photographed at kensington palace yesterday. she's headed to her first day at a nearby school in london.
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well, if it's going to be icy and cold outside you might as well have some fun with it and that is what they are doing in stillwater, minnesota. the ice castle officially opened to the public complete with ice carved tunnels, slides and 16 foot walls with led lights. 25 million pounds of ice was used to build the massive sculpture. on the cbs money watch now a class action lawsuit against google and americans are piling on debt. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> good morning. we'll start with the president of the atlanta fed said monday that the central bank may need to raise interest rates two times this year. most analysts expect three rate hikes but inflation remains low despite a very tight labor market. it was a mixed finish yesterday. the dow snapped its winning streak losing 12 points.
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the s&p gained four, its fifth straight winning session and the nasdaq ended 20 points higher. americans wrapped up borrowing as holiday sales soared. they racked up nearly $28 billion on credit cards. it's generally a sign of confidence in the economy. all told consumer borrowing grew 8.8%, the most in more than two years. two former google engineers are suing the company. they allege google discriminates against white men and people with conservative views. the suit accuses google of shunning employees who deviate from the liberal agenda embraced by management. one was fired last year after he wrote a memo criticizing the diversity programs. blaming biological differences in tech. and amazon founder jeff bezos is now worth $105.1 billion.
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bezos added another 6 billion to his fortune already this year rs amazon shares rose over 6.5%. his net worth is now more than microsoft founder bill gates who was worth nearly 94 billion as of october. >> he added 6 billion already this year? >> i know. >> he's definitely an achiever. >> he can sleep well at night. >> right. thanks a lot, diane. still to come, life saving head gear, how a new visor is helping victims of severe strokes. helping victims of severe strokes. stand up to chronic migraine with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks. and is covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms.
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alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life -threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. with the botox® savings program, most people with commercial insurance pay nothing out-of-pocket. talk to your doctor and visit botox® to enroll. wind... topple trees and make for hazardous driving conditions. plus - the heavy downpours... are a dangerous mix in areas scorched by the wine country wildfires. the concern this morning in the north bay. and - a san francisco officer on the wrong side of the law this morning... accused of sexual assault. the investigation that landed him in jail. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. another wet and rainy day in the bay area....
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. it's not just the u.s. dealing with the snow. a rare snowstorm hit the
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sa hara desert. parts of the desert were blan t blanketed with up to 16 inches of snow over the weekend. stroke victims are getting much-needed help in the form of a new device. it just received the green light from the fda and can help improve recovery. >> reporter: 67-year-old oliver is getting back to his routine after a major health scare. >> i would never know you had a stroke. >> yes, i think i made a full recovery and the problem is just with the eyes. >> eighth months ago he was at work when suddenly he couldn't move the left side of his body. he was rushed to the emergency room where doctors used this portable visor to determine he suffered a severe stroke. it transmits radio waves through the brain. it looks for changes in blood flow. it takes just 30 seconds to analyze the fluids. >> the big thing is there's asymmetry when one of the arteries feeding one side of the brain is blocked compared to the
4:22 am
other side so we can detect that with this visor. >> the doctor says the goal of the visor technology is to help quickly identify patients who have had a severe stroke so they can receive immediate treatment. >> as someone is having a stroke they're losing many neurons every second so any time we can decrease from that is very important. >> my brain functioning started to go south, you know. and it was really scary. >> oliver says he's grateful he was treated an at er testing the new technology. >> the type of stroke that i had, a lot of times the patient doesn't survive. so you know, i'm lucky. >> reporter: he says the only lingering side effect is some vision loss in his left eye. cbs news, jamaica, new york. >> well, coming up on cbs this morning, actress producer from master of none tells us about her new drama series. i'm anne-marie greene. this is the cbs morning news.
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because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. our top story this morning. north korea and south korea held our top story this morning. north korea and south korea held their first face to face talks in two years this morning. north korea agreed to send a delegation to next month's winter olympics in south korea. according to the south korean officials. president trump is defending himself following the publication of a sensational new book. major garrett has more. >> reporter: the people in the white house are like everybody else in the country. what's going to happen here? we don't know from day-to-day. >> reporter: on cbs this morning author michael wolff said there are times when members of president trump's inner circle are so alarmed by his unpredictability and temper they wonder if they should take extraordinary measures. >> they don't say the cabinet is going to remove the president,
4:26 am
but they do say things like this is -- this is a little 25th amendmenty here. >> if a majority of a president's cabinet and the vice president agree the president is mentally unfit, a president can be removed from office. if the president objects, two thirds of the house and senate must support removal. white house insiders flatly deny wolff's report that they talk about the president's mental fitness. over the weekend mr. trump described himself as a very stable genius. and trumpeted his mental acuity. >> a very excellent student, came out and made billions and billions of dollars. became one of the top business people, went to television and for ten years was a tremendous success as you probably have heard. ran for president one time and won. >> senator lindsey graham ran against mr. trump and lost.
4:27 am
>> i think he's a kook. i think he's crazy. i think he's unfit for office. >> and has since changed his mind. >> what concerns me about the american press is this endless, endless attempt to label the guy as some kind of kook, not fit to be president. >> we have a copy of fire and fury at the store for you. >> wolff's book is flying off the shelves but he is not the first to raise questions about mr. trump's mental health. in this 2016 book about mr. trump's mental competency, numerous psychologists and therapists argue, delusional levels of impulsivity and the compulsions of mental impairment when combined with contempt for the rule of law are a toxic mix. >> reporter: those psychologists and therapists admit they diagnosed from a distance. doing so, they said, out of an ethical obligation to warn the country. president trump will receive his first full physical as commander in chief on friday. a mental evaluation will not be
4:28 am
part of the process. major garrett, cbs news, the white house. >> coming up on cbs this morning, a closer look at the shortage of iv bags as health officials face a flu outbreak. an actress producer from master of none tells us about her new drama series called "the shy." that's the cbs news for this morning. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie greene. have a great day. that's the cbs news for this morning. i'm anne-marie greene. have a great day.
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i'm kenny choi. . a live look outside at the bay bridge this tuesday morning. are you loving or hating the rain? it is still wet out there, just the way neda predicted it and forecasted it this tuesday
4:30 am
night. i'm kenny joy. >> i'm michelle griego. since you asked, i like the rain, i hate driving in it. >> or doing errands or anything that requires a lot of effort in it. >> you have not been enjoying the hydroplaning either. >> i have note enjoyed that at -- not enjoyed that at all. the weather makes you want to hunker down at home. a lot of people are sleeping because they love the sound of rain. we are going to see continued scattered showers throughout the morning. not going to be anywhere near what we got yesterday at this time. but i will have very impressive rain totals for you. expecting patchy fog out there, that can be troublesome for some drivers out there. there is another weather system in store. we're tracking it. we are tracking a few hot spots. we'll begin 680, southbound direction, just


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