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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 11, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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nt trump will this morning, the deadly destruction is adding up after mudslides sweep through southern california. the frantic search under way for survivors. and president trump will not commit to giving an interview to special counsel robert mueller in the russia investigation. what he is saying about his decision on twitter. >> plus, the brewing battle at the state capital over rent control. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, january 11th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. first let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking our commute. >> it's foggy. it's difficult to see in some areas. so you will need to reduce that speed and increase that space between you and that car in front of you. we'll take a look over at the bay bridge toll plaza where things actually are starting to look a little bit better. this was all socked in with fog about 10, 15 minutes ago. and now looks like visibility has improved a little bit. so that's good news there. it's about a 20-minute ride heading into san francisco across the span from the maze. those metering lights, yes, they're on.
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traffic is backed up right to the maze at this point. your ride along the eastshore freeway that's still in the green but it is foggy along the stretch and we are getting reports of an injury crash. this is involving a truck and a motorcycle reported to be blocking one lane. this is in oakland. northbound 880 at 7th street do expect delays. emergency crews are heading out to the scene. we'll check in with neda on the forecast. the view of the bay bridge is now slowly going away because of the fog that's out there. this is transamerica looking east. and right around the water embarcadero area, we are starting to see more of that fog forming and it is pretty thick out there. but it's been kind of swirling around the bay. a lot of areas around the coast seeing it. visibility map showing where it is right now: check your flights for delays because of fog in the area. concord dropped to one-mile
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visibility so it's going to be near zero for some places in the north bay especially petaluma and napa. fog today and tomorrow. our winds are very calm. and that's not helping. that's why that fog is not moving out. usually winds push it out. that's not the case today. here's another view of that fog out there from our roof camera. patchy fog will be here in the morning commute this morning and cloudy this afternoon but more sun will be arriving just in time for the weekend. i'll explain coming up. michelle and kenny? >> thank you. the confirmed death toll in the southern california mudslides has risen to 17. >> and at least that many people are still unaccounted for. two days have passed since mudslides in the santa ines mountains. it destroyed at least 100 homes and damaged at least 300 other structures. this is still a search-and- rescue operation down there. first responders say that other survivors may be trapped in the mud somewhere. >> kind of doing what they do
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when there's an avalanche. you go around and you poke. you try to figure out what it is. >> 500 workers have been combing through the debris field. they have already been over 75% of it but what remains are the hardest hit and least accessible areas. >> 30 miles of the 101 freeway will be shut down until at least monday in santa barbara county while crews clearwater, mud and debris. president donald trump is playing down the possibility of that he will give an interview to investigators looking into possible collusion between his campaign and russia. >> there has been no collusion between the trump campaign and russians or trump and russians. no collusion. >> president trump insists there is no need for him to give an interview to special counsel robert mueller who is looking into connections between the trump campaign and russian operatives. in a tweet yesterday mr. trump called the investigation the greatest witch hunt in american
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history. he also urged the gop to step in writing in part: republicans should finally take control. in the largest raid against any employer since mr. trump took office federal agents targeted nearly 100 7-eleven stores wednesday. workers suspected of being in the country illegally were arrested. this just a day after mr. trump met with republicans and democrats on immigration reform. the president insists any deal on daca that would secure the fate of thousands of people brought into the country illegally as children must be tied to a border wall. >> we need the wall for security. we need the wall for safety. we need the wall for stopping the drugs from pouring in. >> reporter: late tuesday a federal judge in california blocked the trump administration from ending daca. he ruled that the administration made a mistake of law when deciding to roll back the obama-era order. >> i believe there's a lesson here for the trump administration. [ pause ] >> don't try to change the
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rules by breaking the rules. >> in a statement, the white house called the injunction, quote, outrageous! bipartisan talks continue today on the daca "dreamers." senate democrats say the immigration deal must be attached to budget legislation to prevent a government shutdown by next week. california congressman darrell issa retires at the end of his term. the republican is bowing out of what would have been one of the nation's most hotly contested congressional races. his retirement hands democrats another opportunity to pick up a congressional seat as republicans go on the defense in the 2018 midterm elections. a housing hearing gets under way today aimed at making it much easier today to find a rent controlled place here in california. washed ward report. >> reporter: whenever you talk about rent here in san francisco or the bay area, the state of california really, things heat up.
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the bill being considered at a hearing today is written in favor of tenants. right now, the way the state law is written, it limits rent control and says that buildings built after the year 1995 cannot be rent controlled. it's all part of the costa hawkins act. what's being talked about today ab1606 would get rid of that meaning local governments could make rent control apply to erldin including new ones. >> at the same time, we have seen literally millions of vulnerable tenants around the state of california who are at risk every being evicted and we have to protect them. >> reporter: according to state law and how it stands today when a tenant leaves a rent controlled unit, landlords are then able to increase rent up to market rate. but if this bill were to pass, that part of the law would also be dismantled so today we are getting the first public hearing in almost a year since this bill has been proposed.
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it's happening in sacramento at 9 a.m. jackie ward, kpix 5. after waiting for permits in just a few hours, several more pot shops in san francisco will officially start selling recreational marijuana. among them, the apothecarium marina which will have a ribbon- cutting ceremony at 10:0 a.m. recreational marijuana became legal in the new year but it's taken time for some locations to get the necessary permits and licenses. this morning a new report shows that legalizing marijuana nationwide would create $132 billion in tax revenue between 2017 and 2025. and more than a million new jobs. it's unlikely marijuana will become legal nationwide. .s. attorney general jeff sessions recently rescinded an obama-era policy that had allowed marijuana to be sold without federal prosecution. the killer who escaped from a psychiatric ward and flew to the bay area is back in hawaii.
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randall saito faces second- degree escape charges and is being held on $500,000 bail. if he posts bail he will be taken back to state hospital. he got from hawaii to san jose on a plane and then paid a taxi driver to drive him from san jose to stockton where he was captured. he wouldn't say how he got the money to escape but admitted to having relationships with at least two of the hospital staff. new details in the case of a missing san francisco uber driver. police say 46-year-old [indiscernible name] is the victim of a homicide. medical examiners now confirm the human remains discovered inside this hayward warehouse last summer are his. police are searching for his killer. they say the killer bob tang is the suspect and he fled to cambodia. police in berkeley are searching for two men who robbed and shot a university of california student. the crime took place last month
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at vine and martin luther king, jr. way. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: it happened off campus around 9:30 p.m., december fifth and it still is unsolved. so now police have released surveillance video of what happened. and in that video, take a look, you can see the two robbers apparently wrestling with the grad student for his bag. the grad student tells us he didn't initially want to let go because in his bag, he had his laptop with his dissertation. in the video you can see after he finally let's go of the bag, the gunshots happen. three of them. you can see the muzzle flashes. one of those gunshots struck the grad student in the right leg. >> the first reaction is to hold it back. i have a backup of my file. so i let him grab my bag. >> reporter: this is the
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getaway car. this happened on december 5th around 9:30 p.m. vine and mlk. if you were in the area or near that area, you are asked to call police right away if you can remember anything of that night. they are looking for any clues at this point. this is remaining unsolved for a month. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the latest reported flu death in california a person who had not been vaccinated coming up why health officials say it's not too late to get that vaccine yourself. >> reporter: plus, in our tech report, the u.s. senator that's demanding answers from apple about why it slowed down older iphones. >> and we are seeing some dense fog forming affecting visibility this morning. i'll take a look at for you and also as high pressure approaches california, what does this mean for your weekend? >> and we do have that fog and it's slowing folks down out on the roads. here's a look at your ride heading across the benicia
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bridge. we are tracking two separate accidents south of here along 680. we'll have the details, the backup and your travel times coming up. sfx: squeak
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sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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this morning, public health officials are urging people to get their flu vaccines. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san jose with more on the deaths reported in the bay area. anne. >> reporter: yeah. new deaths reported here in santa clara county. this patient was under 65 years old and had not gotten the flu vaccine. here are the latest numbers so far. throughout the state of california, it has been especially hard hit by this flu that has been hitting the whole country, 5 people have died now in santa clara county from flu- related complications so far
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this season. solano county just reported its first death. four people have died in contra costa county and the latest two flu-related deaths take the total number in california to 29. 70% of them didn't get vaccinated. that means 30% did. health officials though say it is still the best way to protect your family from the complication of influenza and it's not too late. >> even if it's not 100% effective, still reduces the number of hospitalizations and can make the illness more mild if you do get the flu. >> it's easy, it's quick, it's still the best thing that we can do. >> reporter: it is the h3n2 virus the main strain making people sick. symptoms similar to a common cold but much more severe. there's also a temporary shortage right now of the medication for those symptoms right now on a lot of pharmacy store shelves. so health officials are working with pharmaceutical companies to make that more readily
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available. live in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. remember to wipe down everything. that's what we have been doing. >> sterilize. >> every day. >> bugs going around. it's slowing folks down. be careful out there this morning. this is the ben carson and this is what we're seeing throughout many stretches of the -- this is the benicia bridge. this is what we are seeing throughout many stretches of the bay area. it's foggy. traffic is backing up on to 242 with your cruising speed right around 25 miles per hour. heading a little further south on 680 you're bag in the green and once you hit 580 you will tap on the brakes again. we are tracking a crash out there for quite some time. this is right past sunol boulevard and you can see
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speeds drop to 40 miles per hour. 680 is a hot spot. no reports of accidents or stalls or fog. slow from hayward to foster city. hat's a check of your traffic; ove r to you. >> our view from transamerica showing the fog is down low so you can definitely see "salesforce tower" tower there but there's a lot of logan lightning fog. here's a view -- it was of sfo but not so much anymore. this is another view of the embarcadero. the fog is there along the road so if you have that ground fog that's what really impacts people's commute in the morning. and that's what we're seeing. it is dense right along the ground. half moon bay 2.5-mile visibility at the moment. so it's dropping a lot there right along the coastline and right along the bay. petaluma and napa down to a third mile visibility. novato also fourth mile visibility. santa rosa though not too bad. but we are going to see it come
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and go throughout the next couple of hours as it tends to do but we have been really seeing it intensify out there this morning. satellite-radar showing high clouds as well and some moisture out there just off the coast. here's our hi-def doppler so there's a few areas of some very light, light drizzle that we are expecting to see some of that drizzle coming down towards the north bay. right now a live view of san jose the dew point in san jose is at 53. the numbers match up and that's when you see more fog forming. san francisco 54. livermore 53. sunrise happening this morning at 7:24 a.m. don't expect to see it though. we are going to have plenty of clouds to block that view. sunset at 5:10. there's a chance you may see that because we are going to start to get some clearing most of the day though expecting drizzle across the north bay, foggy and cloudy. it will be gray out there. but high pressure is work its way towards california. once it does reach us, we'll start to get a little more clearing out there. so by this afternoon, along the south bay, you may see that
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sunshine. but to the north, you can see definitely see plenty of the clouds and yes that chance of rain is showing up on our futurecast. but it's going to be very light in the form of a very light drizzle. by friday, saturday, sunday, that's when high pressure will take over so our temperatures will start to rise. today, upper 50s, low 60s for your afternoon high. and here's a look at what's to come for the weekend. sunny and warm for saturday and sunday. because this is going to fit right over california and then by early next week, it will finally level out. and that's when we start to see the chance of rain on monday night into tuesday. a u.s. senator is demanding answers from apple about why it's slowed down older iphones. senator john thune asked apple if they gave customers enough information before slowing the devices. apple said it slowed older devices with weakened batteries to keep them from shutting down unexpectedly.
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they have until january 23 to respond. facebook is testing a new area of its app called today in. it includes a mix of city- specific events, announcements and local news. it's being tested in new orleans, washington, billings montana, binghamton, new york, peoria, illinois, and little rock, arkansas. users in test markets will be able to access the feature through the bottom right menu button in the core facebook app. amazon could seen reach a $1 trillion market value. that's according to jpmorgan chase. seattle based amazon shipped over 5 billion items worldwide with its prime service in 2017 while adding more new members than ever before. why did former raider quarterback rich gannon change his mind in joining jon gruden's staff? and a record night for kevin durant. but was it enough to beat the clippers? tip-off coming up. it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices
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steph curry sat out last night against the clippers after he re-injured his ankle in practice. klay thompson got the night off. that's not a good combination. kevin durant back in the line- up. he hit a milestone late second quarter. he scored his 20,000th point to become the second youngest to reach it. only lebron james was younger. clippers guard lou williams took over after durant got his standing o. he couldn't miss. hit 8 of 16 from beyond the arc. he scored 27 points in the 3rd quarter, got his 50th point in the game on his final attempt. clippers win big, 125-106. and steve kerr sums up the night like this. >> and they came in and just kicked our [censored] and they deserved everything they got. >> the return of jon gruden does not mean the return of rich gannon as his quarterback coach. the former league mvp went on 95.7 and said he doesn't have
6:25 am
enough energy to keep up with chuckie. >> i really came to my senses probably on the flight up there. to work alongside jon gruden, it takes a special person. you have to be able to match his energy and his intensity and his passion and quite frankly his endurance. and i just didn't know that that would be right for me and my family at this point. >> might have a tough time filling up that staff as more coaches are like rich gannon. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. all right. here's the play of the day from the nba. chicago taking on new york. [ play-by-play ] porzingis&-pwith some smooth me >> the knicks kristaps porzingis with some smooth moves. the bulls ended up winning 122- 119.
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it is 6:26 right now. this morning, wine country is working to recover after the devastating wildfires left a trail of destruction. why removal of debris could be delayed. >> other investigation. another mishap at san francisco's airport is raising new questions. >> assemblyman david chiu wants to change the way rent control is handled in the state. why some landlords are fighting back. ♪
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the search for survivors under way as mudslides bury homes and cars in southern california. >> it's just roaring and banging against the house and the most vicious violent sounds you have ever had. >> we'll take you to the damage zone. >> air mexico 668 go around. >> going around. >> and another runway mix-up at sfo is under investigation. plus this. >> all of a sudden there are people that just come right behind me and grab my babb bag. >> the search under way for two men caught on surveillance video robbing and shooting a uc- berkeley student. crews in southern california are losing time this morning as the search-and- rescue effort continues following those deadly mudslides. it the thursday, january 11th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. the death toll is at 17. we have the report from the area. >> reporter: you're looking at california's deadliest flooding
6:31 am
in decades and search-and- rescue crews are going to be back at it again today searching through these destroyed homes just like this one they went through with dogs last night because the person who lived here is reportedly missing. this area still very dangerous. warnings of gas leaks, power lines down and, of course, houses just like this one that could still collapse. no water or power. this is like the stone age here as one firefighter put it. at least 17 people have been killed in these mudslides. another victim identified as a woman named rebecca reiskin a well-known luxury realtor killed by the flood from another room with her dogs as her husband watched her be swept away. more than a dozen people are still missing. you have at least 100 homes here destroyed, 300 other houses damaged. and 8 businesses here in montecito wiped out and the 101 freeway just about a mile from where we are standing, that
6:32 am
won't open until next week. back to you. >> thank you. governor brown tweeted, quote, our thoughts are with californians impacted by mudslides and our condolences to those who have lost loved ones. please stay alert and listen to local officials. back here in the bay area, debris removal to clean up the mess left behind by the wine country wildfires may be delayed. this comes after the feds received formal challenges. the two contracts that they recently awarded for the remainder of the clean-up there. the challenges were filed by a florida based disaster recovery and special environmental services contractor. as of tuesday, debris removal in napa, sonoma, mendocino and lake counties was 43% complete. federal investigators are looking into another dangerous mishap at the san francisco airport. an aeromexico flight from mexico city almost landed on the wrong runway tuesday. another plane full of passengers was stopped on the runway at the time. air traffic controllers noticed the mistake when the incoming
6:33 am
plane was about a mile away. >> air mexico 668 go around. >> air mexico 668, going around. >> it's the latest in a series of mishaps at that airport in just the past few months. all right, time now 6:33. as we take a live look outside on the right we have the bay bridge toll plaza traffic backing up there. as you can see, at this hour, and on the left you have a shot of the bay bridge and that layer of fog right in the front. it is foggy out there. >> it sure is. right along the embarcadero, the bay bridge, itself was foggy just a few moments ago so it's coming and going but it's really hunkering down across a lot of valley locations. and that's what you'll likely notice as you head out the door. here's a view of coit tower. it is back there. that glow that you see, but the fog of course covering that view as we take a look from transamerica looking out north. visibility showing where that fog is really heavy and dense right along half moon bay. hayward, oakland airport, sfo, we want to mention if you are
6:34 am
planning on flying out today, check for your flight status. there doesn't seem to be any delays at the moment but does tend to happen when we have dense fog like this. concord visibility just dropped to one mile and we're looking at still less than a third mile visibility for petaluma and napa. jaclyn, how's this affecting traffic? >> well, we're definitely seeing a lot of hot spots and it's difficult for drivers in some of those areas to see those slowdowns as they are approaching them due to the fog. so let's take it to the maps right now. we are tracking the usual slowdowns heading through the south bay along 101. that's about a 26-minute ride from hellyer to san antonio. but as you travel a little further north we are getting multiple reports of a crash coming in, involving a garbage truck, another truck and a couple of other cars and it's blocking the two right lanes northbound 101 right at embarcadero so as you make your way through palo alto, expect delays. 680 past sunol boulevard no longer blocking lanes but it's causing slowdowns. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, thank you. it's still not clear when san
6:35 am
francisco's board of supervisors will vote to select an interim mayor. board president london breed has been serving as acting mayor since the unexpected death of ed lee. but she is now running in a june special election to serving the rest of lee's term and the idea is to have an interim mayor with no direct stake in the election. organizers believe that they have enough signatures for a ballot measure in santa clara county to recall judge persky. they say that they have gathered almost 100,000 signatures and plan to submit them to the registrar of voters today. more than 58,000 need to be valid voter signatures and the registrar's office has until march to certify them. the recall effort stems from the sentencing of former stanford university swimmer brock turner. critics felt his sentence was too light. today lawmakers will hold a hearing for a rent control proposal aimed at bringing sky high prices in the bay area and across the state back to everett. jackie ward explains from san francisco.
6:36 am
>> reporter: this is something that david chiu proposed nearly a year ago and finally today, we are getting a hearing on it. and that's a small victory for housing tenants groups. so here's why landlords are not pleased with this. ab1506 wants to eliminate rent control for all buildings. even new buildings. right now the costa hawkins act prohibits that and only allows rent control in buildings that were built before 1995. [ yelling ] >> there's a housing shortage and this sort of bill creates it! >> reporter: landlords across the state were so annoyed with the proposal that they were able to delay any progression until now. still, it may be difficult for a rent control proposal to pass at the state level because of legislators from nonurban areas. if the bill passes there's also fear there would be a significant decline in new construction. the california apartment association told capital weekly
6:37 am
in october that new private investment in rental housing with come to a screeching halt. so this is the one and only agenda item for the housing committee in sacramento today. that hearing is at 9 a.m. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. voters have new details about the park police officer who shot and killed a man last week outside the west oakland bart station. they have just released the officer's name. they say officer joseph mateu fired at 28-year-old shalim tindle when he refused to drop a gun. they hired john burris to represent them. the officer is on paid leave. police are trying to find two men who shot and robbed a student. it happened in berkeley last month. jessica flores reports.
6:38 am
>> reporter: kenny, it happened back in december. december 5th around 9:30 p.m., that student was getting out of his car when those robbers tried to take his backpack and police now have released surveillance video hoping someone may recognize these suspects. it shows two robbers wrestling with the grad student for his bag. it happened around 9:30 p.m. the grad student said he didn't want to let go because in his bag he had his laptop with his dissertation on it. the video, you can see finally he let's go and that's when the gunshot happen, three of them. one of those gunshots struck the grad student in the right thigh. >> it's up to the third day that i finally burst into tears to gig out that i might have been dead. >> reporter: detectives want you to take a close look at this car. they think it's the getaway car.
6:39 am
they are asking anybody who may have been in that neighborhood, vibe and mlk, on december 5th around 9:30 p.m. who may have seen something unusual to call police. they really do want to crack down on who these suspects r it's been over a month now. now, the grad student does tell kpix 5 that he did back up his dissertation and he still has his dissertation. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. more flu deaths being reported in the bay area. coming up, why health officials say it is not too late to get your vaccine and why they say you should. >> plus the investigation under way after a fiasco at jfk airport that left travelers outraged! >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago as we take a look at the board, the dow is up 60 points. coming up, get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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the flu bug is creeping across the country. anne makovec is live in san jose with more. >> reporter: another person has died here in santa clara county. we are told that person was under 65 years of age and had not been vaccinated. now here's a look at the latest numbers as they continue to climb here in california. five people have now died in santa clara county from flu- related complications so far this season. solano county just reported its first death. four people have died in contra costa county. the latest two flu-related fatalities take the total number in california to 29. 70% of those people did not get the flu shot. and health officials say it is still the best way to protect your family from the complications of flu. it's not too late to get a shot. even if it doesn't prevent you from getting the flu, it may make it less likely that you'll be seriously ill and require hospitalization. the symptoms very similar to the common cold but much more severe.
6:44 am
the h3n2 virus is the main strain making people sick. >> that strain of flu tends to change more rapidly from other strains to the time it's circulating to the time the vaccine is made. >> reporter: now, there is also a temporary shortage of flu medication across the country right now and that's due to demand. so providers though say it's not an actual shortage. it's just trouble getting it to the right places, getting it on to store shelves so health officials working with pharmaceutical companies right now to make that happen as soon as possible. live in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. former obama-era transportation secretary ray lahood will lead the investigation into problems that crippled travel at new york's jfk international airport. last week's snowstorm coupled with record low temperatures caused a backlog of international flights and a
6:45 am
water main burst leaving thousands stranded through the weekend. walmart is boosting minimum wage and more americans filed for unemployment benefits for a fourth straight week. >> joining us now with the details kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. walmart says it's going to boost its entry level wages for employees to $11 an hour. it's also going to give a $1,000 cash bonus to eligible employees. walmart also boosting a number of other benefits including for maternity and/or parental leave. now, rising wages will have an impact on inflation. we are starting to see a little more of that. the labor department says wholesale side inflation rose 2.6% in december. that was the biggest annual gain since 2011. the fed has been watching inflation closely, feels it's been moving slowly. fed is expected to raise interest rates three more times in 2018. weekly jobless claims rose by
6:46 am
11,000 to 261,000. that's the largest level in over 3 months. but still in an area suggesting overall job growth. stock market is bouncing back from the first losing session of 2018. dow up by over 50 points. nasdaq is gaining 16 points. and the s&p is up by 6 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. thank you. another coastal home in pacifica is set to be demolished today the last one along the crumbling hillside off esplanade avenue. other homes there have already been destroyed. the owners say the home was built in 1949. today transportation experts will gather to talk about potential solutions to curb congestion on highway 101 in san mateo county. traffic on 101 has become worse lately as the number of silicon valley jobs has grown. one proposal is to build a new express lane in each direction between redwood city and san bruno. >> anything will help, right? >> right. and speaking of 101 heading
6:47 am
through san mateo county i thought we would begin and take a look at how conditions are out on the roads right now along 101. this is right near sfo. and traffic is still moving in both directions a-okay. we are not dealing with too much fog in that area. so that's the good news. if you travel across 380 over on 280, we are tracking a new crash just coming in. it's not blocking any lanes but it's causing delays and it has traffic backed up to about sneath at this point so give yourself some extra time if you are heading over to sfo and you're planning on using 280. that's where we're seeing the slowdowns. across the san mateo bridge, in the yellow 22 minutes from 880 over to 101 and we are definitely seeing those slowdowns heading through san mateo. it's slow stop go all the way into burlingame and a little further north. westbound 4 at willow pass road a crash causing delays for drivers just trying to get through pittsburg this morning. and then your ride is heavy along southbound 242 and 680.
6:48 am
we have had a number of problems along that stretch keeping your ride slow into walnut creek. along highway 24, we are tracking some problems but this is eastbound. the delays in the commute direction are westbound. brake lights approaching the tunnel and in oakland you're okay. traffic seems to still be moving even on your 580 approach. but the eastshore freeway is going to be a tough ride making your way over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we have seen metering lights on and we haven't seen our travel times going to the red just yet, still in the yellow. 26 minutes into san francisco. you can see a little bit of that fog rolling over the bay bridge at the toll plaza. here's what you can expect foggy morning commute. dense fog forming a lot of spots today is going to occur as we are seeing it now and again tonight into tomorrow morning. so expect more fog on your friday. clouds most of the day today. until this afternoon, high pressure is slowing going to arrive impacting us by tomorrow
6:49 am
and through the weekend. so the timing is right making for a sunny saturday. here's the view now of the fog from our transamerica camera. you can see the bay bridge off in the distance but, yes, that fog is rolling in over parts of the bridge and parts of the embarcadero. here's the visibility right now. san jose dropped down to 4-mile visibility. half moon bay at 3. concord noticing it at 1-mile visibility . napa and petaluma it's stayed that low all morning long. less than a third of a mile. novato also low visibility. satellite and radar showing the cloud coverage out there. we are going to see that most of the day today but later on this afternoon, most likely it will clear. hi-def doppler showing a little bit of green popping up just off the coast to the north of the bay area. so along the north bay hills especially and the coastline today, south of fort bragg, you may start to see a little bit of that drizzle. the futurecast showing through
6:50 am
about 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon, santa rosa could get some of that rain. it's going to be very light if it does happen. very small amount of rain like yesterday. 51 degrees in concord. the visibility dropped to four miles. high temperatures today only up a few degrees compared to right now. 50s and low 60s for various for today. washington and oregon have the rain but we are getting the high pressure rolling in by
6:51 am
this weekend looking how clear all of california will be. that means plenty of sunshine and warming this weekend. storms go to the north. high pressure will level out. by monday, tuesday some of these storms may drop down further south into the bay area. but not until next week. so tuesday will be most likely a wet day and even looking ahead thursday and friday of next week, we could see more storms. michelle. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king has more from new york. >> reporter: hello, san francisco! good morning to you, michelle. always good to see you. ahead we're in santa barbara county where a mudslide victim describes his desperate escape and a surprise discovery he made along the way. plus a new report that finds about 170 million americans could be exposed to radioactive elements in their drinking water! we are in the community where some of the highest levels of
6:52 am
radium in the country have been found. it's been linked to cancer! and we continue to follow the louisiana teacher who was arrested while speaking out about her superintendent's -- that very disturbing video. david begnaud talks with the superintendent about his regrets. all that coming up at 7:00. >> thank you. time now is 6:52. talks continue to come up with a bipartisan deal on immigration reform. this as i.c.e. targets several bay area 7- eleven stores. >> reporter: plus, state assemblyman david chiu wants to change the rent control rules not only for landlords here in san francisco but for all over california. cbs eye on the community...
6:53 am
presented by target. art and history spark connections across cultures, igniting curiosity, conversation, and inspiration. that's why target supports the asian art museum in san francisco. the asian museum is here to make asian arts and culture relevant. the reality is we all have a story to tell. it's what makes us who we are. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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i'm jackie ward in san francisco where we know of course rent and high rent is a major problem here. but assemblyman david chiu is hoping to fix that not just here but for all over the state. he is proposing a bill that would change current law that says buildings built after the year 1995 cannot be rent controlled. it's part of the costa hawkins act. if the bill passed local governments could make rent control apply to all buildings including new ones. >> at the same time, we have seen millions of vulnerable tenants around california and we have to do things to protect them. >> reporter: according to state law and how it stands now, when a tenant leaves a rent controlled unit, landlords are able to increase rent up to market rate. however, if the bill were to pass, that part of the law would also be dismantled. so today's hearing starts at 9:00 at the state capital. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. some say it would stop
6:57 am
building of rental units across the state. we are finally getting the first public hearing today after it was proposed a year ago. it starts in sacramento at 9:00. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. crews in southern california say they are still in search-and-rescue mode following tuesday's mudslides. the death toll climbed to 17 last night. the mudslides destroyed at least 100 homes and damaged at least 300 other structures. 30 miles of the 101 will be closed until monday at least while debris is cleared. president trump says there is no need for him to give an interview to special counsel robert mueller who is looking into connections between the trump campaign and russia. talks continue on capitol hill regarding immigration reform. 7-eleven stores were raided and
6:58 am
illegal immigrants were arrested. berkeley police are searching for two men who robbed and shot a university of california student. it happened at the corner of vine street and martin luther king, jr. way. the faa is looking into yet another dangerous incident at the san francisco airport. a flight from mexico almost landed on the wrong runway tuesday at the same time another plane with passengers was stopped on the runway awaiting take-off. expect delays if you are heading through san jose along northbound 280. just past winchester a new accident is blocking a lane with speeds as low as 10 miles per hour. your ride continues to be heavy across the san mateo bridge. but eastshore freeway has been steady line of brake lights and in the red and over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a full house. slow and go. let's check in with neda. >> the transamerica pyramid camera just high enough to give you a glimpse above the fog line. here's the view looking north
6:59 am
want to show you the view looking south. you can see fog all around san francisco and now the view looking east. so the bay bridge you can get a glimpse of it but, of course, the fog settling right along the bay. we have patchy fog all morning long and cloudy until this afternoon. the sun though will really take over for your friday and into the weekend. visibility right now is dropping in san jose down to 4. and livermore six. concord just up a little bit to two-mile visibility but petaluma and napa dealing with dense fog out there. also we have moisture in the sky and the cloud cover there. it's going to be a gray morning. hi-def doppler showing a little bit of shower activity right along highway 1 but well to the north. sonoma county may get a drizzle today. temperatures like this in the 50s. so it will be cool and gray out there so a little chilly. >> thank you. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. drive safely out there. there's a lot of fog. >> there is. and "cbs this morning" is coming up next. ♪[ music ]
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, january 11, 2018. welcome to cbs this morning. a desperate search through deep mud continues this morning. for more than a dozen people still miss after california's deadly mudslides. we'll hear from families looking for loved ones. and a man who found a 2-year-old girl just in time. missouri's governor admits he had an affair before his election but denies the claim he tried blackmailing the woman to keep her quiet. we have the story, uncovered by our st. louis affiliate kmov. a new report finds the drinking water of more than 170 million americans may contain a radioactive element linked to ca.


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