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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  January 14, 2018 8:30am-9:01am PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs jotted today on "face the nation" president trump vulgar closed door comments about african countries and haiti prompt charges of racism and make relations between republicans and democrats even worse. and congress work together to head off a government shut down this week and find way to protect the children of the illegal immigrants. and a terrifying false alarm. >> this is not a drill. >> about i am meant missile attack in hawaii sparks outrage and raises questions about preparedness in case of the real thing. we'll talk to key members of the senate including republicans tom cotton of arkansas and cory gardner of california. plus west virginia democrat joe manchin. as one year anniversary of the trump administration approaches we'll have cbs news nation tracker pole that plains why the
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president has lost support. plus plenty of political analysis on the news of the week. it's all just ahead on "face the nation." good morning, welcome to "face the nation" i'm john dickerson. yesterday was anything but a good morning in the state of hawaii. where an emergency alert went out to residents and tourists warning a missile was headed their way. today there is outrage about the incident that it happened in the first place and that it took so long to send out a second alert saying it was a false alarm. cbs news david begnaud is in honolulu, david, good morning. >> good morning, put yourself in the shoes of people walking around the island. alert comes out on cell phone saying there's a missile inbound to hawaii. people were abandoning their vehicles on the freeway. one family put their children in a manhole. and before officials could get out a second alert saying no, no, this is a false alarm, the first alert spread like wildfire on social media. people panicked. the false alarm sent people
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running in hawaii. frantically searching for cover. the warning came around 8:00 saturday morning, state emergency officials texted it to cell phones, ballistic missile threat inbound to hawaii. it's scrolled across televisio televisions. >> a missile may land or sea in minutes. this is not a drill. >> played on radios. >> if you are outdoors, seek immediate shelter in a building. >> kids are crying, nobody really knew what to do. >> when we got the alarm we actually were terrified. >> took more than 30 minutes for officials to let people know that they had made a mistake. and there was no threat. the governor blamed an employee who pushed the wrong button during a shift change. >> what happened today was totally unacceptable. many in our community were deeply affected by this. and i'm sorry. >> you know, john, one reason it it was so frightening because in hawaii they have been practicing monthly, air raid drills with
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sirens. preparing for a possible attack from north korea. when the alert went out yesterday, lot of people thought this was the real deal. >> dickerson: david begnaud in honolulu, thank you. joining us is arkansas republican senator tom cotton a member of the armed services and intelligence committee who attended the immigration meeting with the president and we'll talk about that meeting in a moment, but first we want to get your thoughts, senator on this false alarm in hawaii. we've heard lot about imminent threat from north korea, shouldn't the system be a little bit better, also the president's reaction was to talk about fake news. but is there a presidential role to focus the mind on this issue? >> good morning, express my regret turnover family and every person in hawaii who was scared by this alarm, it took fairly drastic steps. i think it's appropriate that we give the government of hawaii a little bit longer to get to the actual facts and release those, figure out what went wrong here. if it really is the case that a single employee could hit the wrong button, that system needs
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to be redesigned. built the broader context is that we've had to deal with north korea going back 25 years, that puts them on the path to nuclear weapons that was bad decision just like the deal with iran, we ought not let nuclear weapons be proliferated because -- then once they do get proliferated like they are in north korea we have to have a robust missile defense system. it's important that we pals the government funding bill that funds missile defense systems both at the take-off phase on the korean peninsula, but also when they're at the peak and atmosphere we have on west coast. simple fact of the matter is, once the missile gets close to its target, there's a limited number of option, is that we have, that's why missile defense is critical. >> dickerson: should be federal issue in terms of these warnings? >> well, the military obviously has northern command of very thorough early warning system. and the military never detected any kind of launch obviously the state mutant reconsider the way their emergency management
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system works. and link that more closely to the united states military. i think it is appropriate for state emergency management systems to have these kind of alerts in addition to hurricanes and floods and earthquakes and so forth. >> dickerson: you were in the oval office meeting that got a lot of attention where the president reportedly used vulgar and derogatory term. also there was senator purdue, he talked to abc this week i want to get your thoughts about what he said what he told reporters. >> senator durbin has been clear, reports were basically accurate are you saying the president did not use the word that has been so widely reported? >> i'm telling you he did not use that word, george, i'm telling a close misrepresentation, any time you want me to say that. >> dickerson: your view on this? >> john, i didn't hear that word either. i certainly didn't hear what senator durbin has said repeatedly. he has history of misrepresenting what happens in white house meetings, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by that. here is what did i hear.
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hear is the -- >> dickerson: sorry tonight runt. didn't hear the word or it was not said because senator graham told your republican colleague this is what happened. senator flake was in subsequent meeting where he was told by people in the meeting this happened. just button that up, you're saying it did not happen more you just don't recall. >> i didn't hear it. i was sitting no further away from donald trump than dick durbin was. i know what dick durbin has said about the president's repeated statements is incorrect. >> dickerson: was he lying? >> he has misrepresented what happened in white house meeting before he was corrected by obama administration. but here is is the point, john. we have an immigration system today that treats people based on where they're from or what they're related to, not who they are. that's not the system we need. when senator durbin and graham came to the oval office and proposed not to fix that system but to expand it, to create more quotas more set asides for other countries, senator -- president reacted with pretty tough language as he said because we want to move to a system that treats people for who they are
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not where they're from. >> dickerson: stand precisely the problem here is that the president in the sentiment leaving tea side the word, sentiment behind it which senator graham saw was strong enough that he rebutted it according to accounts of the meeting, sentiment to treat people based on where they come from. not who they are. the countries they come from, these african countries or haiti. so that's treating people in a big old basket not as who they actually are, that was the sentiment for getting it is -- forgetting the word for a moment. >> john, the exact opposite. that's what senator durbin and senator graham are doing. what i'm trying to do and senator purdue wants to do, what the president supports, treat people for who they are. that's why we want to move to skill-based system if you're a doctor or scientist or computer programmer shouldn't matter whether you come from nigeria or norway or any other country on this earth. the data we have system that rewards ties of blood, ties of kin, ties of plan. that's one of the most unamerican immigration systems i can imagine, that's why we're trying to fix it. >> dickerson: the president and white house officials have said leaving the word aside they said
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he used strong language. help me understand the strong sentiment about why people who come from african countries and haiti should not be allowed in and the strong sentiment for why people from norway should be allowed in, what's the policy sentiment the president is supporting there if not to put people in baskets? >> the point is that country of origin quo thats or arbitrary, they treat people where they're from not who they are. today, for instance, over 300,000 indians are waiting to i am great. they can't do because we have arbitrary caps from which people come. if you change our immigration system to a skills-bailed system that respects and treats people for who they are, as individuals, as opposed to residents of a certain country or relatives of certain people in the united states, it's a system that is more in keeping with american values. >> dickerson: so then in this notion of american values, which is sat the heart of the debate. people need to know that their president isn't judge can people on the color of their skin but
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based on their skills. can you say then that the president in your conversations in this specific one, was not grouping people based on the countries they came from that was sentiment was no where in anything he said, not the words but the sentiment from him. that that was absent from his mind or anything else. >> john, what senator durbin and senator graham proposed expand our country of origin and quota-based system, the president reacted strongly against that as he should, because we want to get away from country of origin system that treats people as nigerians or norwegians and treats them as individuals. doctors and scientists and computer programmers and so forth. >> dickerson: i understand your sentiment you're clear on that. but the president's sentiment you're say ink all these meetings there was never instance which he did what you're saying -- >> he in his tweets, interviews and public statements just tuesday when we had the large meeting, cabinet room he repeatedly insist that we need to move to a skills-based system. >> dickerson: you were in the room where it happened, you're saying you didn't hear any of this sorted of lumping everybody together is that what you're
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saying? >> i did not hear derogatory comments about individuals or persons, no. >> dickerson: okay. this sentiment is totally phony as well that is attributed to him. >> yes. dickerson: senator cotton thank you for helping us nail that down. we turn to cory gardner who joins us from his family tractor dealership in yuma, colorado. thanks for being with us, you heard senator cotton say that was not the sentiment or word that was used, "wall street journal" that has that this moment may i am peril a deal on daca, where do you think things stand between republicans and democrats who are trying to put a deal together here? >> you know, i wasn't in that meeting in the president i was in previous meeting earlier this week where we talked on tuesday, about putting deal together that reflected the four priorities of the president. i think that we can do this, in fact working together with a group of people we've put a solution in front of the president, in front of our colleagues, solution that would end diversity lottery, solution
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that would start addressing chain migration amongst daca children, put a solution together for daca, would address other issues on border wall system, i think we put together a very responsible plan and i hope that we can build on that. but, look, it's unbecoming comments that i hope that we can move beyond that and i hope that what we see are republicans and democrats coming together, not to fight politics, but to actually come up with solutions to address this challenge before us. >> dickerson: do you think this word obviously rocketed around this week, also obviously now international point of conversation, if senator cotton is right and senator purdue is right and senator durbin made this up, that's a pretty extraordinary thing, you've now got people in the president's own party saying it's a racist comment. if another senator makes up something that causes people to come to that judgment, that's a pretty serious thing. >> i'm not going to get into who
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said what said but what was reported is unacceptable. what we have to do is not let that define this moment. we have a very, very serious challenge in front of us, a challenge the president laid out very clearly this past week, it's a challenge that i think members of the house, senate republican and democrats want to address and have to address. we can't let this moment's politics defeat the important policy choices ahead of us. look, we put toga very responsible plan. and if people want to better that, approve that, let's do that. so much of what i hear talks about the second part of this conversation that the president talked about phase two of the immigration debate. what here dealing with right now are children who were brought here as children at a very young age, no fault of their own, that's what we can address. we can address the border wall system. we can address this issue of chain migration as the president says and we have done that. we've put a stop to the end of the diversity visa plot re. that was a bipartisan solution. if people want to do better, we
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can. i just am so worried what happens in washington is this. people let the politics of the moment, they go to collective corners, perspective corners then they stop talking about the policy that we have to address. this is a chance for us to prove to the american people that we can help meet what the president talked about, in a way that is beneficial to border security, that improves border security, do it in a way that addresses these children who were brought here through no fault of their own and actually have solution that america be be proud of. >> dickerson: do you think democrats will act -- a, have they academy in good faith in the negotiations you're talking about primarily then second darely after we've gotten this oval office moment, there are lot of democrats who are trying to make all republicans pay for it. is that -- do you think the other side of this negotiation is going to avoid the politics you just described? >> look, i have no doubt that there are probably people in the republican side of the aisle who may not want solution on this, probably some on democratic side of the i will who don't want solution on this. they rather have those things to
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fight over. but that's not where a lot of the democrats that hive been working with are, that's not where the republicans that hive been working with are. where we are is trying to find a real solution, we know that most americans agree our immigration system is broken. they know we can do better than what we are doing right now. and this four-part deal that we've put together starts to begin -- it begins to address the challenge in front of us. this isn't going to solve everything at once. but it does solve very important piece, then we can build trust of the american people that we've done our jobs, we've improved security, we've fixed the challenge the dreamers face and we can do it in way that the president signs with the majority of republican and democratic support. let the people who want to play politics, let them play politics, that's not what this moment is about. >> dickerson: the president in that meeting that you were at, the public meeting suggested he said, i'll sign whatever you bring to me. i'll take the heat, he seemed to be kind of on the side of the argument you're now making, the
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has that sentiment survived the sausage making process and -- it sounds what you're describing what he wants there for she sign it quickly. >> the president's credit every time i've had a conversation with him in recent months he's talked about need to find a solution on this daca populati population, hundreds of thousands of people in america that are part of daca right now. he's talked about the needs to bring a solution for the dreamers, talked about working together to do it. i have no reason to doubt him even today despite the blow up that we had this past week. i do think he's sincere people with letting our better angels prevail will come together with a solution. this is a chance for us to say, we're not going to let this moment leave us without a solution. >> dickerson: we've talked about politics getting control of things. but you are in charge of helping republicans get elected in politics. there was a town hall where senator grassley republican from iowa held back in iowa, "des moines register" said it was
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basically focused entirely on the president, one person asking if the senator felt like he was being held hostage president trump. how is it going to be for republicans running with president trump as president in these elections that you're in charge of? >> i think people are fired up, that's good. people are engaged in politics. people engaged in levels they have never been engaged before. people on both sides of the aisle that supported president trump never been involved in politics before, people who may be on the left side of the political spectrum engaged in activities they have never been engaged before, that's good. what we want do try to shout each other down, continue to fail to listen to each other, listen to the legitimate concerns that people have. there are people who oppose a wall, there are people who support the wall. they don't do it necessarily because they have evil or hate in their heart, they do it because they have legitimate concerns. time we listened to each other in the country and do the right thing. >> dickerson: we'll laugh to end it l. we'll talk about that again. thanks so much for being with
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>> dickerson: we're back with joe manchin who joins us from charleston, west virginia. thank you, senator. where do you think things are -- on this negotiation over daca and the dreamers? >> i'm encouraged. first of all we have a bipartisan recommendation, bipartisan legislation that's been worked out after they set down last week with the president. and it seems to do everything that was asked of them. i would be very, very encouraged, hopefully all my colleagues will look at this in a center positive way and if the president said what he said as far as you give me something in a bipartisan way, something we work out i'll sign it. we hope to get that done and move on. but this is -- all the hype that's going on around it sun believable. >> dickerson: when you say it's unbelievable, what is unbelievable? >> well first of all, someone
8:49 am
saying that senator durbin or senator graham is going to make something up that the president of the united states has said and thinking that they would do that in order to gen up people one way or another, that's wrong. senator durbin and senator graham i don't believe that any senator would walk in and make something up so atrocious as that and say, this is what was said if it wasn't said. we got to move on. fitfuls said in whatever content it was said. it was hurtful, it's harmful, shouldn't have been said. but let's move on. don't let it stop the whole procedure. >> dickerson: some democrats would like to use this to kind of push republicans, make them answer for it, be particularly -- use it as way to gain more leverage, policy reasons. also they want to use it to politically hurt the president and his party. >> john, listen, that's wrong, too. if my fellow colleagues and democrats in the congress want to do something, that's wrong.
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that doesn't fix anything. we have a shut down looming, we have to make sure this government runs and operates in a newspapersal way. it takes all of us working as americans. i take note to represent everybody in -- i take oath to represent everybody in west virginia. or people on republican side who might be opposed to me. i'm representing all of them. and we have got to move this country forward. for the hope of the world. when you look, i heard my friend lindsey graham say, we're not just country of race, we're a country of ideas. of hopes and dreams all over the world. why can't we do that and make that dream come true. people have to have that opportunity, we need more border security, john. in 2013, 68 senators, john, democrats and republicans voted for mammoth overhaul to immigration. john, we had 42 billion dollars that was going to be spent for border security. that did include more wall, it
8:51 am
included technology, more border agents. it did everything to secure our border. the people coming here we should know they're coming for the right reasons. but they also should be coming for the dream of america. we can't shut that down. nor should we. but we should be much more selective, every ounce of technology to prevent people coming for the wrong reason. >> let me ask you about this, this negotiation here is going to be like any negotiation this year which will require 60 votes you're always on the top of the list of people the president would need to get those 60 votes. how much outreach have you gotten eater from republicans or the white house on anything in this new landscape where they're going to need to get nine democrats to pass anything? >> well first of all, john, i'm glad we're back to regular order. regular order in the senate is not the same regular order in the house. the house operates on simple majority, 218 democrats or 218 republicans can do whatever they want to without even considering the other side. we saw what happened when we
8:52 am
tried to operate under the budget reconciliation gimmick with health care repeal then with the tax cut. there was no outreach to democrats trying to work with democrats even myself being very conservative in nature. not at all. now they need nine. i'm going to be there when it's right. i'll be an honest broker when there is something that we can do better and i won't be against something for the sake of politics. if i'm going to be against something it's because i think there's a better way to improve it. that's what i'm going to do, john. i think we can. we can get more than nine or ten democrats. i think we can have an overall majority, hopefully of 60, 65 or 70 democrats and republicans working together. we're not going to get the extreme. never going to happen. >> dickerson: speaking of ex treatment, government fundings look like it's going to run outr one of these moments? >> well first of all, john, shame on any of us say we're going to let it rub out for the
8:53 am
sake of politics and shut the government down. none should be representing the good states that we represent such as west virginia and colorado and arkansas if we allow that to happen. there's no sense for that to happen. we can come to an agreement. the president has to stand firm and say, listen, this is bipartisan deal. i truly believe i've said this, every time i've been in the presence of president of the united states, president trump i always felt that he wanted to do things in bipartisan. i think that after we leave the meeting then the hard core comes at him, the hard core of the base come hard at him and changes things a little bit. i think he's going to stand firm, we're going to get something done and move forward it's going to be good for our country. >> dickerson: 30 seconds, this there's an important issue as stake where some people think is fighting over, funding for the chip program to help the children of the working poor, that's important to west virginia, isn't that worth having a fight over to get that funding? >> trust me, we're going to get
8:54 am
funding. allow it to string on a hundred days, i've got 50,000 west virginia children, this is wrong. so wrong. where is your priorities? where is your value? these are children, if you didn't get the children a healthy start who who are we as country, this needs to be done. she shouldn't play politics with it. >> dickerson: we'll have to end it there. thanks so much. we'll be right back. stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and.
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