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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 15, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> and i'm michelle griego. let's say good morning to neda and jaclyn. >> we are back monday morning. i want to talk about the forecast this morning. we are expecting to see huge swells out there. i know it's a holiday. i know a lot of people may be heading to the beaches perhaps this monday. but high surf advisory in effect. we also have a spare-the-air alert to tell you about. patchy fog. and chance of rain. so there's a lot going on in the weather center today. i'll break down the rain forecast for you. we have two storms for you this week. all of that coming up. jaclyn. >> heads up. we have a traffic alert for drivers heading out of san francisco this. is along southbound 280 at almeny boulevard. police have all lanes in the southbound direction shut down. traffic is starting to back up onto southbound 101. and you'll also start seeing signs for that along cesar chavez. and quite a bit of activity. lots of lights.
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traffic is diverted off at almeny boulevard. and then you can reroute. northbound, that is clear. you can get through. but again, you will see a lot of flashing lights. for now, i'll send it back to you guys. protests over president trump will be part of a march today. the late civil rights pioneer was born on this date in 1929. the march was scheduled to begin at 1:00 this afternoon, in oakland, at 14th street. and broadway. last night, more than 100 people at oakland city hall protested the trump immigration policies. many were from el salvador. and they just had their protected status revoked. meanwhile, there is a tug-of- war over daca, the deferred action for childhood arrivals. >> we're ready and willing to make a deal on daca. but i don't think the democrats want to make a deal. >> reporter: after a difficult
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week, punctuated by derogatory language about immigrants from africa and haiti. the president is on the defensive. >> no, i am not a racist. i am the least racist person you have ever interviewed. that i can tell you. you are naming african and central caribbean countries these negative ward -- words, you can say your not a racist, but your actions say otherwise. >> the crowd of about 100 demonstrated at oakland city hall, determined to fight for daca and other immigration programs. >> this amazing country has been a hub for people all over the world. and immigrants and refugees have come here for safety and shelter. and now, it seems like we're turning a cold shoulder on them. and that's horrible. >> reporter: last week, a federal judge ruled daca had to continue for now, saying the administration made a mistake of law, when it decided to end the program. on twitter, the president wrote, i as president want
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people coming into our country, who are going to help us become strong and great again. the impasse could get even more tense. >> i, forone, will not vote for government funding until we get a deal on daca. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5. thousands of people turned out at the santa barbara courthouse to remember the victims of the deadly montecito mudslides. the district attorney talked about having to evacuate her family for a second time. >> my family, composed of children, grandchildren, and pets, like many of yours, evacuated during the thomas fire. and then, after being home for just a few days, we woke up to the horrific sound of roaring rocks, pouring down our canyons. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies have been escorting residents into the mudslide zones for
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brief trips home for important items like medication. the goal is to keep traffic at a minimum so cleanup can continue. blocking highway 101 still after last tuesday's mudslide into the coastal community of montecito. cell phone video also showing mud filling up the home. the family living there was able to escape, but some neighbors did not. >> we have family friends. and all of these other family friends are going through. but we're lucky. it's hard to think about how lucky we are when they are not so lucky. >> reporter: crews are working around the clock to restore roads and power. but 7,000 people are still under mandatory evacuation order. >> o so amazing -- so amazing to see all of that damage left behind. especially on the 101. we are also looking at a couple of storms this week. that could also cause problems for the state of california. there are a couple of problems coming from the pacific
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northwest. one will arrive late tonight. here's a look at our high-def doppler. rain to the coast. it's well to the north. and still on the water. so just off the coast near eureka and ukiah. so this morning, it could work its way to the coastline toward the north. but not going to reach us until late tonight through tomorrow. here's a look at our visibility. patchy fog out there. dense fog advisory, for parts of san joaquin valley. to as far south as bakersfield. livermore, down to 1.7-mile visibility. less than a mile for concord. you may start to see a little bit more fog forming, across parts of fairfield and napa here this morning. air quality also a bit hazy out there today. we're not seeing much wind again. so that's why the air quality, the particulate matter is still lingering in the air. you may still notice it this weekend. today, a spare-the-air alert is
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crash -- considered unhealthy for sensitive groups. wind speeds. a major reason why we're seeing fog and hazy conditions out there. because barely a breeze. 3- to 5-mile-per-hour rinds. coming out of vallejo atsen miles per hour. let's check in now with jaclyn. >> thank you, ned a. we have -- neda. we do have a traffic alert for drivers. police activity has shut down all southbound lanes of 280, right at allah meny. and they are allowing traffic to get off at alameny. keep in mind, those are just city streets. once the commute picks up, if this is still out there, this is going to create a big mess. there is no estimated time as to when the southbound direction will reopen. you are encouraged to avoid that area. we're starting to see a little bit of a backup develop onto southbound 101. it's not backed up quite to cesar chavez yet. here is a look at 280, at 101.
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there's connector ramps. so just north of where this activity is but just a heads up for drivers, who typically travel 101 or two r2 -- or 280 in the south section. you will see lights and possible delays. here's 101 right at the 80. 101 interchange. you can see traffic suggest still move -- traffic is still moving quite nicely. the state of hawaii did not have enough in place to prevent the false alerts that caused widespread panic over the weekend. authorities call this an unacceptable mistake. >> reporter: people ran for their lives saturday, as the text alert lit up cell phones. the warning read, ballistic missile threat inbound to hawaii, seek immediate shelter. this is not a driel. panicked people -- drill. panicked people were seeking officers. >> we were trying to find out
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where to go. >> i send a message to my grandchildren at home. and made me realize, my god, i could never see them again. >> reporter: in an act of desperation, a child was lowered into a manhole. it took 13 minutes for hawaii's emergency minute center to tweet no missile to hawaii. but it took 38 minutes for them to get to a cell phone telling them it was a false alarm. >> it is just unacceptable and mind-boggling how it could take so long. >> the congresswoman subject her own -- sent her own tweet, saying it was a false alarm. the message, someone hit the wrong button, not once but twice. >> i accept responsibility for this. this is my team. we made a mistake. >> they took responsibility. but there has to be action. >> we're inside the center, where the mistake happened. it's known as the state warning point. the worker was sitting in this
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chair, when he used that mouse to click the wrong button. he has not been fired. in fact, we're told he's going to be coming back to work. but he will be reassigned. while the investigation and his mistake continues. -- investigation into his mistake continues. david begnaud, cbs news, honolulu. the flu season continues to hit california hard. since october, 42 people under the age of 65 has died. at the same time last year, that number was only 9. we should point out, flu season starts earlier some years compare to others. in the bay area alone, there are 19 reported flu deaths, including six in contra costa county. at this clinic in san pablo, they estimated 80% of the patients who came in over the weekend were there because they had some type of flu symptoms. >> people just look miserable. you know, tired. ill. and when they give the symptoms, they've had the
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achiness and fever, it's almost immediate. >> doctors say it's still not too late to get a flu shot. time now, 4:40. a number of dna testing have popped up for people curious about their ancestry. now, some are doing the same for dogs. we'll show you how it works. plus, an unbelievable scene, as a car gets lodged into the second story of a california dental office.
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went airborne and flew into the second story of a building in newly released surveillance video shows the moment a car went airborne and flew into the second story of a being in -- building in southern california. santsanta ana police say a car hit a median. that launched the car into the air and right into a dental office. the driver and passenger had only minor injuries. police say the driver later admitted to being under the influence of drugs. well, anyone who has ever adopted a dog from a shelter, knows you're bringing home quite a few mysteries. >> that's right.
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but what can a dna testing tell about your dog's background? we recently tried three events with his dog oliver. >> reporter: well, i guess border collie is kind of in there. >> i think he's got irish setter. >> reporter: reg -- regal, handsome. meet oliver. >> he may be a little husk nethere. >> i'm thinking he's a mutt. >> who are you? >> reporter: well, why do one dna test? let's do three. >> reporter: first up, wisdom panel, a popular middle- point- priced dna test. i swapped off the sample. the result? 50% mixed breed group. and 85% stafford shire terrier, which is pit bull, cattle dog and chow. up next, dna my dog, which
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brand itself as the affordable test option. so more swabbing and more results. this time, 20 to 36% border collie. 20 to 36% poodle. britney and english setter. which leads us to our third test. embark is the most expensive test, but it's also the most robust. comes with more in-depth results and screens for a list of genetic diseases. so last swab and final result. and there it is again. american stafford shire terrier, pit bull. along with australian cattle dog, sharpei, cocker spaniel and dash of collie. so how did they get a test like this? >> they are basically taking screams of your dog's dna and looking for patterns. >> then we can actually start looking at those long blocks. and we can define, is this block of sequins, these string
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of swipes, or poly moferrism -- morphisms, are they significant to a particular breed? >> but let's go to one who likes to identify them an old- fashioned way. >> i look at coat color, morph logic traits, lengths of legs. >> we asked her to size up oliver. >> he's really interesting. based on size and maybe a little with his temperament. i would say he's got some herding breeds in him. and maybe some larger retrievers. >> reporter: now, she likes the dna tests in one respect. >> from the standpoint of disease testing, they're very certain. >> reporter: as for breed determination, -- >> you strike me as a skeptic. >> i am a skeptic. i want to see scientific publications that show how good they are at the grand level
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dogs are remember. >> i don't think any scientist would say yes, absolutely, 100%. but what we would say, is if you have test replications and they all agree on one predominant breed, you're probably -- probably right. >> reporter: look again, the test degrees hit on similar patterns. so yeah, oliver may very well have pit bull in him, even if it doesn't show in his appearance. like his possible herding ancestry. >> the other thing to keep in mind, is this one, they have their own reference panel. >> they do have different markers and references and different breeds in their databases. >> reporter: in other words, there isn't necessarily a right answer, especially for a dogs that don't have a pure breed in their ancestry. for example, we may find which specific dna code needs to be passed down intact for a mixed up descendent like oliver to
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obtain that mixed breed instinct. >> reporter: and oliver, we can safely say is a mixed breed dog. >> plus, he is a little overweight. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so three dna tests and another opinion later, we know we have a jumbled mess of a dog here. but when i met the guy, the only thing i knew about him was that he needed a home, and weren't we lucky? in san francisco, wilson walker. kpix5. >> he doesn't look overweight. >> yeah. he's a good-looking dog. [ laughter ] >> now, neda. you and michelle both have dogs. so interested in doing these tests. >> nah. >> i'm not. i know he's a poodle. he might have other stuff in him. but -- >> you love him. >> i love him anyway. the dna is what it is. [ laughter ] >> and he loves your family. >> that's true. >> that's all that matters. we are looking at a foggy
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start to the day. also patchy fog out there. for the north bay especially. let's show you what you can expect for this monday. some people may be heading into work. some people may have the day off. and we're looking at low clouds to arrive. ahead of the rain that is expected to arrive late tonight. we have two storms to talk about this week. and with all that is going on in the ocean with the storm activities coming through, also causing big surf. rip currents also expected through tomorrow afternoon. if you're heading to the beach, it's going to be a little dangerous out there. if you're inexperienced. here's a live look outside now. san jose. santa rosa at 44. we're in the 40s. also 50 degrees for san francisco. but cool and 43 in livermore this morning. we have that high surf advisory which i want tatalk about first. west/northwest-facing beaches. looking at as well as, 15 to 20 feet, today, every 17 to 20 seconds. so beach erosion.
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rip currents as well. those large sneaker waves are likely all along our beach today. that high surf advisory won't be ending until 4:00 tomorrow. as far as guy -- skies go -- go, we'll see it continuing. here's your future cast. what you can expect with the rainfall. by 1:00, 2:00 this afternoon, maybe some sunshine out there. but then the clouds will start to roll in for the north bay this afternoon. 5:00, 6:00, we'll have widespread cloud coverage. very light chance of drizzle in santa rosa, possibly san francisco. and by 11:00 tonight, so midnight or so, that's when most of the rain will arrive, early morning tomorrow, when we see you back here. that's when we may see more rain throughout our high-def doppler in the san francisco area and further south. but looks like most of the precipitation will be north of the golden gate bridge. anywhere from a quarter to three-quarters of an inch expected for places like ukiah and san francisco. rain totals are not impressive
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to the south. nothing too crazy out there. but what's also expected to arrive thursday night into friday, a colder, wetter storm. so as that low dips down, by the end of the week, that's when we can see a little bit more measurable rainfall. and also, high-sierra snow. so the snow levels are expected to drop down about 4,000 to 5,000 feet, thursday into friday. next weekend can be snowy across the sierra. here's the highs, low 60s in santa clara. 64 in milipitas. and temperatures in san francisco, expected to hit 60 degrees today. sausalito, 58. so your seven-day forecast showing those two storms, tuesday and thursday into friday. jaclyn. >> rough start to the morning commute for some drivers. right now, all southbound lanes of 280 are shut down at allah -- alameny. chp is diverting traffic off at alameny. and you can see that our
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sensors just turned black. that's because there is no traffic going through that section. you can go onto 280 there. but you will start to see some flashing lights and some signs, warning the drivers, as you are headed along southbound 101, right near cesar chavez. i drove up through that area. and i did see all of those lights. so just a heads up, if you typically travel 280 in that direction. northbound, you're fine, you can get right through that area. and 101, we aren't seeing any delays just yet. we will take it over to 880. well, we're tracking a new accident. this is blocking two lanes. it's not causing any backup at this point. this is right near washington avenue. but depending how long this is out there. this could definitely impact your ride. we also have pretty foggy conditions for drivers heading through the altamonte pass. fog advisory in place, of westbound 580, starting to see a few slowdowns, about a 20- minute drive between the 205 and the dublin pleasanton interchange. back to you. time now is 4:51.
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video shows officers' attempts to stop a man, causing a dangerous scene on a bay area freeway.
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northern turkey and almost fell into the black sea. the pegasus airlines jet was take a look at this. a plane skidded off a runway in northern turkey and almost fell into the black sea. the pegasus airlines jet was coming in from ancara saturday night. touched the runway, but then veered left. but then it slid down just a few feet from the water. officials say the plane would have kept sliding it had not stopped in the mud. passengers displayed panic as they evacuated. all got out safely. investigators are looking into whether the plane hit ice on the runway.
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a suspect created gridlock and panic on the u.s. 101. as kpix crew was inside a helicopter yesterday. an officer jumped out to make a life-saving arrest. >> reporter: kpix5 was on board a chp helicopter when it landed on highway 101. the flight officer ran over to help another officer, who had been struggling to detain a man, who had been running across lanes of traffic. he started on the southbound side, near the cesar chavez exit. >> when i arrived on scene, what had happened, we observed the guy had actually jumped over into the northbound side. he jumped over the concrete divide. was running on the northbound lanes, runningald cars. >> reporter: all northbound lanes were closed, while the officer chased the man down. chp said he fought with the officer. at one point, he tried to jump off the freeway. >> this section here is elevated in the air, about 30 feet up in the air. then he jumped over the railing
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and was running onto the railing, threatening to drop below. >> there was a threat to immediate life. the subject was going to try to kill himself. and the subject was going to try to harm the officer. >> they said, good samaritans stopped to help pull the man to safety. >> it was a big relief that finally, i was able to get some help. it would have only been a matter of probably, i would say, another 10 seconds or so, before i lost my grip on it. >> reporter: the chp said it appeared the man had a thin blanket on him. and it's unknown if he was under the influence of any substance. >> you don't expect to be landing with a helicopter in the city of san francisco. however, we were the closest backup to that officer, without that assistance, someone could have been seriously hurt. >> the chp says the man was taken to sf general to undergo a full mental health evaluation. and he will be held there for the next three days. bety yu, kpix5. the curtain comes down this
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week, on contra costa county's last video rental store. the owners of take 1, bought the business back in 1999. as we know, movie watcher habits have changed significantly since then. >> we were pretty much set on the fact that we might have seven to maybe 10 years of dvd. >> reporter: the owners are now liquidating everything, all the movies they have left. they plan to open a video podcasting studio in concord. it is 4:57. and protests against president trump will be part of a march today in honor of martin luther king, jr. coming up, the hot- button issues being raised. plus, it may be more important than ever to get your flu shot this season. straight ahead, we'll take a look at flu numbers and how to protect your family. ,$8drw
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. good morning, everyone.
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it's monday, january 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's start out with a live look outside on this monday morning. as we take a live look at 880 in oakland. as you can see, not much traffic out there. today is a national holiday. ml king day. so traffic will be a little lighter. we have a shot of the city of san francisco, things looking pretty good out there so far. >> you say a little fog in the san francisco shot? but where i live in the east bay, it was really, really socked in. >> yeah. even concord, livermore, we're seeing it really socked in. right around the valley locations, where it tends to hang out. patchy fog. want to get to the visibility maps to show what you you'll be dealing with. livermore, 1.7 mile visibility. concord, half mile. you can see it is impacting there for most, along the east. fairfield down to a mile. napa, three mile. across the north bay, that fog is there.


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