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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  January 18, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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captioning sponsored captioning sponsored by cbs f the parents would apparently buy food for themselves, and not allow the children to eat it. >> glor: police release chilling anw details on a mother and father under arrest. also tonight... >> it's up to the democrats. n> glor: ...the government on the verge of a shutdown. >> this is like giving you a bowl of doogie doo, put a cherry on top and call it a chocolate sundae. >> glor: the epicenter of an epidemic. >> i have never seen such a high aoncentration of flu cases all at one time. >> glor: the battle over amazon. 20 cities make the prime cuts. getting rid of the mud after the slide. a marriage proposal from the pope. and a patriot facing an opponent far tougher than a jaguar.
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>> we were giving him a bath. we felt a lump on his left side. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: and this is our western edition. good evening. we are following the possibility of a government shutdown tomorrow night very closely, and we'll have more on that in just a moment. but first, new information has been released from california on a case that has stunned people around the world. in riverside county, the parents of 13 children, ages two to 29, were charged today with imprisoning, abusing, and torturing them. david begnaud is at the courthouse. >> the victims report that as a punishment, starting many years ago, they began to be tied up. first with ropes. >> reporter: district attorney mike hestrin provided the first chilling details of the abuse allegedly inflicted on the 13 turpin children over the last
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eight years-- regular beatings, strangulation, and starvation. >> one of the children, at age 12, is the weight of an average seven-year-old. >> reporter: the torture oclegedly occurred at three different homes, intensifying in recent years. the kids were chained in rooms for weeks, even months at a time, not even allowed to go to ome restroom. >> one victim at one point was tied up, and hog tied. and then, when that victim was able to escape the ropes, these defendants eventually began using chains and padlocks to chain up the victims to their beds. several of the victims have cognitive impairment, and neuropathy, which is nerve damage, as a result of this extreme and prolonged physical abuse. none of the victims were allowed to shower more than once a year. one of the reasons for the punishments were, if the children were found to wash their hands above the wrist area, they were accused of
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inaying in the water, and they would be chained up. hopposedly home schooled, the children lacked even-- they lack a basic knowledge of life. many of the children didn't know what a police officer was. about the only thing the children were allowed to do in their rooms or chained up was to write in journals. we now have recovered those journals, hundreds of them. they would buy food, including pies, apple pies, pumpkin pies, leave it on the counter, let the children look at it, but not eat the food. hi reporter: the children were irscovered after their 17-year- old sister escaped through a window. she called police, in a plan that was apparently in the making for the last two years. she took another sibling with her, who eventually got scared and went back. three of the kids were chained when the police arrived. earlier today, the parents pleaded not guilty inside the courthouse behind me. you heard the d.a. talk about the kids lacking basic knowledge, and now, child
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protective services is trying to figure out whether or not the adult kids can function on their own. jeff, people are calling from all over the world, offering to adopt these kids. >> glor: david begnaud, thank you very much. now, the countdown to a possible shutdown of the government at midnight tomorrow night. it could happen unless democrats and republicans can reach an agreement soon. here's chief congressional correspondent nancy cordes. >> who is running this republican party? who is making decisions? >> reporter: lawmakers warmed up for the shutdown blame game today... if the democrats, if they're toing to shut down the government, can do that. >> reporter: high-level talks over a daca deal stalled. so you don't think that's going anywhere. >> well, i don't know. i haven't seen any evidence of anything. io reporter: most congressional leaders agree that so-called dreamers should be allowed to apply for legal status. >> i think we can solve it in 30 minutes if people wanted to. >> reporter: but some conservatives, including those in the white house, want big concessions in exchange. as immigrants protest from coast
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to coast, democrats say, without a deal, they'll vote against a bill to fund the government past midnight tomorrow. >> frankly, a lot of the current mess is a mess of the president's making. f reporter: some republicans prare that view. >> i'm not sure what the president means. en reporter: they fumed today when mr. trump knocked their spending bill in a tweet, even though the white house supports it. >> the president likes to do o ings in an unconventional way. l does it with his phone. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan once again played cleanup. ouw do you negotiate with yomocrats and your own members if you're not sure where he stands? >> i do-- i am sure where he urands. he fully supports passing this legislation. i just talked to him about an hour and a half ago. >> reporter: federal agencies are now prepping for what would be the first shutdown since 2013. >> we're ready if that's what happens. we hope not. >> reporter: t.s.a. agents and air traffic controllers would remain on duty, but many buvernment employees, including some civilian defense workers, feuld be furloughed, their pay aycertain. g> the group that loses big
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would be the military, and we're never letting our military lose, at any point. >> reporter: the house is slated to vote on government funding in a sign of what's to come, only six democrats voted yes, and in the senate, democrats say n,ey have enough votes to stop this bill dead in its tracks. jeff. >> glor: nancy cordes, thank edu. severe winter weather has now killed at least 11 people this week, from texas to maine. most of the deaths were in the cuth, many in crashes on icy roads. others froze to death. a virginia, a boy died in a sledding accident. as the flu epidemic worsens, the disease is widespread in every state now except hawaii. missouri is especially hard hit. more than 40,000 cases so far this season in missouri, compared to just over 6,000 at this time last year. dean reynolds is there.
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>> i'll be swabbing you for flu. have you ever done this before? >> no. >> reporter: chloe tennant came to total access urgent care in of. louis complaining of flu- like symptoms. 15 minutes later, after a battery of tests, dr. paul hinrichs delivered the bad news. >> so your influenza a. is positive. >> how are you today? >> reporter: it's a common crosnosis these days across missouri and across the country. >> i've been doing this a long time, and i have never seen such a high concentration of flu cases all at one time. >> reporter: at this clinic, they've been seeing 1,000 hacking, sneezing, feverish e tients a day, about twice the usual amount. >> one minute you feel okay, the mxt minute or hour, you have acute onset of fever. it can be as high as 103, 104 sometimes. >> reporter: at st. louis children's hospital, they take no chances with visitors. we were outfitted with an isolation gown, protective gloves, and a mask before
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d lking to six-year-old daniel harris, whose temperature had 0piked to 103 degrees. so, daniel, how do you feel? >> not well. >> reporter: daniel, who also has cerebral palsy, has had the flu for eight days, and his tarents brought him here last night after he suffered a seizure. his mother, ruth, was at his bedside. >> what did we say? >> it's the pits! >> right. the flu is the pits. >> no fun. tcoughing ) >> reporter: the combination of holiday travel and kids returning to school created something of a breeding ground for this flu outbreak, and doctors here in missouri believe they're in for at least ten more very rough days before it subsides. jeff. >> glor: dean reynolds, thank you very much. police in phoenix said today they've arrested a serial killer responsible for nine murders. the suspect is someone they've had in custody for a month. carter evans has more on this.
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>> reporter: cleophus cooksy's youtube page contained this ominous rap. ni reporter: in mid-december, phoenix police arrested cooksey her allegedly murdering his e ther and stepfather. while cooksey was in jail, detectives were still hevestigating seven other unsolved murders. weenoccurred between thanksgiving and christmas in the surrounding area. >> nine deaths, three weeks, nine people shot in our community. >> reporter: all died from d nshot wounds, and all, allegedly, traced back to cooksy, because of technology. >> it all kind of clicked together. it's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. r: reporter: phoenix is one of five cities in a pilot program poat lets police immediately ticse and process ballistics evidence from different crime hoenes in hours, instead of weeks. phoenix mayor greg stanton: >> it means police can make an
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arrest and stop the killer before he claims another life. our streets are safer today. >> reporter: now, cooksy has been in custody for a month. and during that time, investigators were able to do ballistics testing with equipment they now have right here at headquarters. it was because of that that they were able to link him to these other murders, much faster than they ever would have been able to before. and, jeff, they say cooksy could even be connected to more bimes. >> glor: carter evans in phoenix, thank you very much. some wells fargo customers were tofully surprised last night to sund their bank balances had suddenly dropped to zero. the bank's automatic bill-paying service had billed them multiple times for the same charge. today, wells fargo said it was a computer glitch. the accounts have been corrected and customers will not be charged an overdraft fee. cities all over america are competing to host a new amazon headquarters and the jobs that go with it.
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today, amazon whittled down the omoices from 238 to 20. mark strassmann is in atlanta, one of the finalists. >> there's never, ever been a more exciting time in philadelphia than right now. >> reporter: finding a home for amazon's second headquarters-- the company calls it hq2-- tocame corporate catnip to a frenzy of suitors coast to coast. >> amazon's second headquarters is, obviously, d.c. >> reporter: american communities courted with gifts of land and tax incentives worth billions. stonecrest, georgia, proposed 345 free acres and even changing its name. >> welcome to amazon, georgia. >> reporter: deliberations were secret, but amazon had a type in mind. a metropolitan area of more than one million people, that's a hub for top tech talent. a lanta touted its airport, highways, and business climate. mae city made amazon's final cut, a birthday present for new mayor keisha lance bottoms.
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>> number of jobs and just how it really can positively change the landscape of the city. a b a big deal. t reporter: these 20 names on amazon's new dance cards fall stavily in the midwest, stutheast, and northeast. here's why. amazon, the world's largest internet retailer, proposes spending $5 billion to build hq2 and create up to 50,000 jobs that average $100,000. >> i would hope that cities don't enter into a bidding war. >> reporter: amy liu, an urban policy expert at the brookings institute, warns suitors that overspending is only one potential pitfall. seattle, amazon's world s adquarters, has seen a surge in housing costs and traffic congestion. >> it will stress the housing market. it will stress the wages in the community, including really leaving some parts of the community behind.
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>> reporter: for the 20 finalists, this corporate iurtship may only intensify in the weeks ahead. here in georgia, jeff, governor nathan deal may call the legislature into special session to come up with a package that will reel in amazon. >> glor: mark strassmann in atlanta, thank you. now to some other stories we're following in the evening newsfeed. as he awaits sentencing for fexual abuse, former u.s.a. gymnastics doctor larry nassar asked the judge today to spare him from hearing his victims' testimony. he said he's not strong enough. the judge said, essentially, too bad. at least 105 victims are tpected to make statements before nasser is sentenced. in harrisburg, pennsylvania, y, ay, a deputy u.s. marshall was shot to death while serving a warrant. eme deputy was attempting to arrest a woman wanted for making terror threats, when a man at the same house opened fire. another officer was wounded. the gunman was killed in a shoot-out. nasa said today the global surface temperature last year
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was the second warmest on records that go back to 1880. scientists at noaa pegged it as the third warmest. both say the five warmest years have all occurred since 2010. muere's much more ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." >> reporter: we have no idea, really, how much material is left. >> reporter: mudslide cleanup is far from over, and rainy season is just beginning in california. >> glor: in a first, swimmers are rescued by a drone. >> reporter: nate solder is an offensive lineman in the n.f.l., and a dad playing defense t ainst cancer. >> you think it's something that older people get, and it's not the case at all. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how.
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infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. the most common side effects were pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. help protect yourself against pneumococcal pneumonia. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. >> glor: more than a week after >> glor: more than a week after mudslides killed at least 20 people in montecito, california, three others are still missing. nearly 130 homes were destroyed when torrential rain washed out
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hillsides that were scorched last month by a wildfire. 'smie yuccas now on what's being done with the mountains of mud. >> reporter: mud, cars, and remnants of 100-year-old trees now fill 11 debris fields in montecito. >> this debris flow was over 1,000 feet wide. >> reporter: so three football fields worth of debris came slamming in. tom fayram is in charge of clearing all this out. he says each of these rocks weighs up to five tons. the mudslide was so large, it changed the elevation in some neighborhoods by as much as six feet. >> our main job is to race to p en up every creek channel, get every bridge unplugged, because we will get rain, and so we have l be ready for it. e reporter: the same massive heeanup effort is happening along highway 101, where trucks are hauling away thousands of pounds of debris every day. more than 20 million pounds have been dumped here at the ventura county fairgrounds. acks, trees, plastics and
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metals are sorted out, and then inken to either a recycling center or a landfill. the county is having to dump some cleaned mud at the beach. it's all a race against the clock until the next storm. >> it was just a little village in the forest, and it was beautiful. >> reporter: this is marybeth myer's cottage before the mudslide. now, this is all you see. she lost 12 of her 24 neighbors on her street. >> no one lived through that storm that was on my street. they're just gone. or were lucky enough to not be there, like i was. >> reporter: fighting the cold, she spent the frigid night at her office with her dogs, because it has better heat. >> i don't know why i'm here. but i know one thing-- i'm really grateful. >> reporter: as you can see, cleanup is far from over, and >>'re just at the beginning of p iny season in california. jeff, that means any new storm could send crews back to square one.
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>> glor: jamie yuccas, thank you very much. up next here, a prince sports a new 'do.
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ar glor: a marriage proposal from the pope. it happened, and we can explain. a steward and stewardess on the pope's plane in chile today told him they never had the church wedding they wanted, so the pope popped the question-- what if he married them in the sky? francis said he would. they said "i do," and the pope anonounced them husband and wife. in australia today, a first-of- a-kind rescue. two teenagers were struggling in a rip current. nearby, lifeguards were being trained to use drones for rescues so they flew one out to the swimmers and had it drop an inflatable rescue pod. atabdrone got there in just over onminute. a future king of england is giving the world a look at his crown. prince william debuted a new buzz cut today. thth each passing year, the
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that rushes powerful relief. a small size... that's fast, 'cause it's liquid. you'll ask... "what pain?" advil liqui-gels minis. >> glor: the new england patriots face the jacksonville jaguars sunday for the a.f.c. championship here on cbs. th is the biggest game of the year for most of the players. but for one, the game marks a brief escape from a far tougher battle. here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: nate solder plays left tackle for the new england patriots, one of tom brady's rddy guards on the team's offensive line. he's massive-- 6'8", 320 pounds. det cancer has blindsided him twice. >> you think it's something that older people get, and people
5:57 pm
that smoke cigarettes, and that sort of thing, and it's not the case at all. >> reporter: in 2014, solder had strgery for testicular cancer, and kept playing. the next year, cancer really hit fme for solder and his wife, lexi. hudson, their first child, was three months old. >> we were giving him a bath. we felt a lump on his left side, which felt weird, you know. we've never noticed it before. >> reporter: hudson had a rare kidney cancer. >> hudson has tumors in both kidneys, and then in each kidney, he has multiple tumors. >> emotionally, we were, like, bankrupt. >> yeah. r reporter: a year of huemotherapy shrank hudson's ntmors, but three months ago, they started growing again, thich means the two-year-old is back on chemo. are you like, is this ever going to go away? >> yeah. we have faith that it will get better. i totally believe he will be okay. >> reporter: when the patriots won their fifth super bowl last year, hudson was in houston. it's the n.f.l.'s ultimate
5:58 pm
moment. but not solder's, not anymore. >> before, my biggest stress, my biggest worry, all my concerns were coming from football. and now, football is a way that i can release from a lot of the stresses in life. >> reporter: your job is to protect tom brady. b right. >> reporter: you would do anything to protect your son from this. ng right. >> reporter: it's got to be himbling. >> you get cancer, it doesn't matter who you are, it knocks anyone out. you realize we're all human beings and we all struggle. we all have these battles we have to go through. >> reporter: for the solders, hudson's battle could redefine the meaning of "winning." mark strassmann, cbs news, foxborough, massachusetts. >> glor: and that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. i'm jeff glor. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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middle of an immigration crackdown. kpix5 news begins with california employers caught in the middle of an immigration crash down. a warning to businesses who help with potential i.c.e rates. >> laying of the rules concerning what employers can and cannot do if i.c.e shows up at their door . how plans for a sweet could put businesses in legal jeopardy. >> the bay area is bracing themselves for immigration raids. they are gearing up to arrest more than 150,000 undocumented in northern california.
6:00 pm
>> we better hold on tight. we will see more agents, deportation arson in the state of california. if the politicians in california do not want to protect their communities then i.c.e will. >> reporter: california is going to see more immigration raids. because california law enforcement cannot cooperate with i.c.e, the feds will go wherever they have to. >> what they've done is force officers to arrest dangerous criminals on their terse in their homes, places of business rather than arrest them in a safety -- in the safety of a county jail. >> reporter: the threat of raids has a downside, state attorney general javier becerra calling a press conference about a new state law that says employers cannot cooperate with ice agents unless the agents have a warrant issued by a judge. >> if you do so in violation of this law, you are subjecting yourself to fines up to $10,0.


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