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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 19, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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we are happy about that. good morning, it's friday, january 19th, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> i love sun. >> i think we all do. >> we are going to have a sunny weekend. i gave it away! >> i did, too. >> we can look forward to that. nice clear skies for now. just a few lingering showers very light drizzle for today but that's about it. that's all that's left of the storm that came through yesterday. so what we'll see is a continued sierra snowfall and we're also going to talk about those rain totals that we got but there's another storm that's going to bring us more rain, more snow. we will discuss it all coming up. right now, the start of our "fri-yay" morning commute. we have a few slowdowns on westbound 580 as you make your way out of tracy into livermore. a crash westbound 80 at
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coolidge not blocking lanes or slowing anyone down. toward the bay bridge toll plaza, starting to see the backup in the cash lanes. 10 minutes to san francisco. the senate will reconvene this morning with less than 24 hours until the federal government runs out of money. yesterday, the house approved a measure to fund the government until mid-february when this debate would play out again. without a stop-gap measure, the government will start shutting down at midnight. as kpix 5's katie nielsen explains, a number of programs across the state will run out of money. >> we stand ready at the department of finance to work with state agencies to determine any short term or long term impacts. >> reporter: the state of california is getting ready for what seems to be inevitable, a complete federal shutdown, the first time since 2013. >> democrats if they are going to shut down the government can do that. >> frankly, a lot of the current mess is a mess of the
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president's making. >> reporter: the war of words is over the temporary spending bill heading to the senate that would only keep the government open through february 16th. >> federal shutdowns are out of the state's control in terms of what we can do from here in california. >> reporter: the biggest immediate impact in california would be to the 250,000 federal workers who live here. >> a quarter of a million people who aren't going to go to work next week if there's a shutdown may not get paid next week, there's a significant impact on california. no question about it. >> reporter: if there is a government shutdown, here's what will happen. national parks and museums will close. passport and visa processing stops. and if a shutdown lasts more than a few weeks, it could delay tax return processing. but central services stay the same. social security checks and food stamps will still go out. air traffic controllers and tsa agents will still be on the job at the airports. and all military service members still be working.
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>> a lot of the services that are disrupted come back online and it's just a major inconvenience. >> reporter: katie nielsen, kpix 5. >> finance directors say in the state of california the programs that get the most federal funding deal with healthcare and in the event of a shutdown, that drags on for months, that's where we'll see the biggest impact. senator harris tweeted this: need to come to the table." f the 's three biggest cities say t dy to defend their "sanct policies... even i ns going to jail. th mayors of the bay area's three biggest cities say they are ready to defend their sanctuary policies even if it means going to jail as federal immigration raids are expected in california. >> regardless of what i.c.e. or anyone else threatens, if they want to come arrest me, they know where to find me. >> this is one of the issues that i wouldn't mind basically going to jail for the first time in my life over. >> are you ready to go to jail over there?
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>> yes. >> yesterday in sacramento, state attorney general xavier becerra said that he cannot confirm whether the raids would actually happen. but sources have told kpix 5 that federal immigration officials are preparing to arrest more than 1500 illegal immigrants in northern california. rough conditions along the coast this morning. a storm is bringing dangerous surf to bay area beaches. and take a look at this. lots of snow in the sierra this morning. a winter storm warning is in effect right now. if you are heading to the sierra, you have to be careful. a lot of people will go this weekend. >> perfect. >> i have a feeling people are up and packing. [ laughter ] >> get those skis ready and head to the mountains because it's going to be fresh powder and sunshine on top of that so it's going to be gorgeous once the snow winds down. but right now, we are seeing snow come down across the higher elevations. look at our hi-def doppler. so it's just cold enough. if you step outside you will definitely feel it. we are below freezing. of course across the tahoe area, and north of us, now near
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the mountains north of ukiah, as well. so it's just a light dusting there but look at tahoe right now, getting snowed on. so highway 50, interstate 80 definitely seeing snow, as well. they got a few inches overnight and expecting more today throughout the day and it's further to the south, bear valley, mammoth, if you are heading to any of the california ski resorts, you will get to enjoy some fresh powder so the snow futurecast looks like this: that winter storm warning is expired. we are going to see a winter storm advisory just east of the tahoe area so they were expecting up to two feet of snow. it doesn't look like that's as much as they were getting but a few inches at lake level and those ski resorts definitely welcomed, anything will help. neda, take a look at the snow on the ground if you are
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heading up 50 or 80, you will need chains. chains are required on highway 50 between kyburz and myers and 80 between baxter and truckee. always be prepared with the chains. right now interstate 80, we will take it from the sierra to the bay, this is the eastshore freeway right near carlson. traffic flowing smooth. bay bridge toll plaza, no delays. recreational pot sales are off to a quick start in california. some people weren't waiting for the new year to try it out. >> reporter: we have come a long way in california in a year. >> the 4th of july, there's probably a vap pen at the barbecue. >> reporter: in 2017 an online marijuana delivery service registered a sale every 10 seconds up 200% from the
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previous year. >> the theme is wellness. so cbd is one of the things that will be the star of the year. >> reporter: cbd doesn't have the psycho active effects compared to the thc form. it's found in vaporizers. sales of those increased 191%. preroll sales spiked 267%. edibles are a favorite among users. >> one of the cool trends is there's edibles. you don't have to smoke it. there's different ways to try marijuana. there's chocolates, tinctures, this whole innovating industry around, um, marijuana products. >> reporter: so who is buying? baby boomers, big time. sales in their age group increased 19%. the highest of any generation. and women overall are driving the upward trend in marijuana sales. >> maybe they are replacing their wine -- [ laughter ] >> -- with marijuana. >> reporter: andrea nakano,
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kpix 5. >> it will use the survey to target which products to develop and promote in the future. time now 4:37. a bay area couple says they were humiliated as police barged into their home one morning looking for a stolen cell phone and even worse, officers got the wrong guy. >> plus, the california husband and wife accused of keeping their children chained up at a home appear in court for the first time.
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kids captive for years... appeared in court in the case, for the first time. louise and david turpin pleaded not guilty yesterday, to a total of 75 charges... including torture, child abuse and false imprisonment. investigators say the 13 siblings... ranging in age from two to 29... were sometimes chained to their beds as punishment. they were reportedly also choked, beaten and deprived of food. mike hestrin/riverside county district attorney "all the victims were are and are severely malnourished specifically severe caloric malnutrition associated with muscle wasting." police say the torture took place at three different homes... and it intensified in recent years.
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"none of the victims were allowed to shower more than once a year, one of the reasons for the punishments were if the children were found to wash their hands above the wrist area they were accused of playing in the water and they would be chained up, supposedly home schooled the children lacked even basic knowledge of life many of them didn't know what a police officer was." surveillance video shows the >> the children lacked even basic knowledge of life. many of the children didn't know what a police officer was. >> surveillance video shows the couple being taken into custody sunday in the town of perris. police found the siblings inside the home after a 17-year- old girl escaped out a window and managed to call authorities. police say she planned the escape for two years. >> what we would like the
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public to know is our complaints are presumed to be innocent. >> as an example of the victims' malnourishment, the 29- year-old is only 82 points. the parents are in custody on $12 million bail each. if your cell phone gets stolen, chances are the police won't spend too much energy going after the thief but as allen martin found out when apple loses a phone, it's a different story altogether in san francisco. >> i heard banging on our front door. >> reporter: it felt like a nightmare but it was real. >> i came here and looked through and saw a police officer and a battering ram. >> reporter: at 7 a.m. one recent morning, rick garcia and his wife shannon woke up to a posse of san francisco police officers at the front door. >> we heard, san francisco police, and warrant. >> reporter: rick says within seconds he was dragged into the hallway of his apartment
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complex, handcuffed, then taken to the taraval police station. >> all my instincts to defend myself, defend my wife, defend my dog, needed to be suppressed. >> reporter: meanwhile, shannon, who had just gotten out of the shower, was ordered to sit on the couch. >> i was just wrapped up in a towel. >> reporter: even more humiliating, when she asked for clothes. >> one officer went into my closet and they chose out an outfit, they got a bra and a thong and stretchy pants and said, handed it to me, will this do? >> reporter: just one thought was racing through her mind. >> that they have the wrong person. >> reporter: after rifling through the apartment, the officers finally told her they were looking for her husband's iphone x. according to the warrant, it was stolen. but shannon showed them the receipt that proved rick bought it. once the officers realized their mistake, they called the police station and a squad car brought rick back home. >> they gathered their pry bar and battering ram and they left. >> reporter: so how does a mix- up like that happen?
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well, it's still unclear. it turns out that rick and shannon bought the iphone from the apple store here at stonestown galleria, just weeks after thieves stole 300 brand- new iphone xs at u.p.s. was about to deliver them to the same store. >> kind of boggles the mind the way san francisco pd handled this. >> reporter: tom burns is a security consultant and former police chief. >> obviously, there was some mix-up on their serial numbers from their -- the original theft in november. the police should have realized this and done more due diligence. >> reporter: starting with the suspect descriptions in the actual u.p.s. heist. >> the three suspects were very big and husky according to the police report. mr. garcia is about 5 feet, 120 pounds. so this was clearly an incident that should have been just a knock and talk, couple of detectives comes to the door, knock on the door and they would have gathered the same information that they gathered after they put him in handcuffs and hauled him off to jail. >> this seems like pretty heavy-
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handed tactics on the part of the police. >> they didn't have probable cause to arrest him. >> reporter: san francisco police said: it was determined no criminal misconduct had occurred and the individual was released. but they offered no comment on what led to the mistake. apple had no comment, either. >> this is the first iphone i bought this the first day it came out. >> reporter: a true insult to shannon and rick, who are major fans of apple products. >> we want apple to recognize how harmful this was to us. >> reporter: as for the heavy- handed tactics of the san francisco police? >> i'm not surprised. this has been their typical m.o. now here in san francisco. >> reporter: rick still is recovering from a wrist injury he received from the handcuffs. he says it's affecting his design work as an architect for a prominent local firm. >> this is an apple project i worked on. >> reporter: a firm that ironically does a lot of contract work for apple. >> i realize how dangerous of a situation it was. if i had reacted differently,
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it could have had a horrible outcome. >> reporter: in san francisco, allen martin, kpix 5. turns out lots of bay area homeowners would rather have cash than a cozy fireplace. a brand-new program that pays homeowners to decommission their wood-burning fireplaces is already out of money. the bay area air quality management district says it took just 15 hours for homeowners to snap up the $800,000 in rebates. the district says fireplace smoke pollutes the air and causes health problems. people who continue to apply are being placed on a wait list. >> we have so many "spare the air" alert days so it makes sense. going green. it's cool this morning so people may want to turn up the heat. i had five blankets on last night! we have colder air now after that storm passed through so let's show you where that storm is now. here's what we can see. all we're seeing is clear conditions, not fog out across the golden gate bridge. there's a little bit of fog
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which i'll show you here shortly. sierra snow is still falling. that's what's left of the storm. we may see a very light drizzle still throughout the day today. high surf though is still out there. and cooler air is now settling in. it does feel a little chilly outside. here's a look at our hi-def doppler so you can see a bit of moisture still to the north of ukiah right around highway 101 a good helping of rainfall and snow across the higher elevations and yes, tahoe still getting that snow right now along interstate 80, highway 50, as jaclyn mentioned, chains are required so if you do head there, please take your chains with you. it is cold enough any moisture will turn to snow. we're also seeing a little bit of moisture still just east of milpitas. and there may be -- once the sun comes out with daylight, you may see a light dusting of some snowfall across some of our higher elevations. some of those anywhere above 3,000 feet or so. it was cold enough that some of that rain could turn into slush. so keep an eye out for those
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hills. san francisco not bad at .4". it was lighter across the south bay. we were talking about fog all week. i'm glad to report we have clear conditions out there now that that the storm is passed except in santa rosa so the north bay still an area where the fog is hanging out. san jose looking clear. temperatures there 50 degrees. we are in the low 40s now for santa rosa. 49 in san francisco. livermore 47. so from the 50s to the 40s this morning, and we also are going to be in the 30s and 40s tomorrow morning. so your saturday morning will be a chilly one with all this cold air that's going to hang around. look at our highs today. not very high at all. we are below average today. 53 for santa rosa. you will be at 54 in san rafael. 54 in san francisco. even san jose 57 degrees. so averages are a little bit higher than that. we should be in the upper 50s for most of the bay area.
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lake tahoe, it's snowing there. yosemite, as well. light scattered showers expected for the rest of northern california. so it looks like most of that rain though is now gone. that storm certainly brought us those big waves. we are still going to see those big waves up and down the coastline from washington to california. so the high surf warning still in effect through 4 p.m. today. look at these swells. 18 to 22 feet. we were seeing numbers as high as 50 feet yesterday at mavericks. so the waves are going to be big again. so here's what's going on. this low is still here, behind that the cold air. any times you see clouds like popcorn that's the colder air that's coming through. another low brings us rain on sunday. friday the rest of the day today, very light drizzle if anything and sierra snowfall. by saturday sunny. sunday morning, about noon more rain, more sierra snow into monday. and by the time we get to the beginning of next week, monday should be pretty clear out there. just morning showers.
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and then wednesday another chance of rain. and right now, we are tracking an earlier accident. this is along highway 17. now, the crash is in the northbound direction. right near the summit. we are seeing a slowdown so in that southbound direction. we are seeing what's going on if the crash is in that direction. this is the drive heading towards santa cruz. slight delays along that stretch. south bay quiet. no delays. 280 at 87, no delays. in san mateo, along 101, this is right near hillsdale, traffic doing fine in both directions. san mateo bridge checking in problem-free. easy drive times in the green making your way up towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing some more cars stacking up in the cash lanes
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but if you have fastrak good to go smooth sailing across the bridge into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:51. a local tech company has pinpointed the bay area's most dangerous commute down to the exact time of day.
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good morning. we are in the 40s this morning. our temperatures this afternoon will be cool. low to mid-50s. 52 milpitas. walnut creek 52. these are below average temperatures. ukiah 49 degrees. 47 lakeport. it will be clear by the time we get to the afternoon and for your
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saturday. we're taking a live look at the san mateo bridge. this is on the hayward side. taillights moving westbound but we are getting first reports of a hit-and-run crash. this is right at the high-rise of the bridge. no details yet if it's blocking lanes. we will take a closer look at that coming up in the next traffic report. a new study has named some bay area freeways considered the most dangerous. according to an analytics startup called "zendrive," drivers are most likely to get into a crash on 280 and the san mateo bridge. the safest freeways, the golden gate bridge and westbound interstate 580. "zendrive" found crashes are more likely during less congested commutes. >> because there are fewer cars on the roads there's more lanes people tend to speed up more and at the same time use their phones in a distracting fashion. >> "zendrive" analyzed cell phone data long 62 routes to compile this report. luck is running out for the
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lucky lotto bandits. police have arrested members of a robbery ring that stole scratchers. kpix 5's maria medina is in san jose and tells us it's part of a citywide crackdown on crime. >> reporter: they are known as the lucky lotto bandits. four of the six are locked up. police say they are behind 30 burglaries stealing cash, cigarettes and lottery scratchers mostly from mom and pop shops. >> we'll catch you. >> reporter: that's the message from the san jose police chief that he shared with a large crowd of community members concerned about crime. >> this apartment is rising that we are going to be more pro-active about the crime that's occurring. >> we have seen recent shootings a block from us. >> reporter: james rincon attended tonight's town hall meeting in willow glen just days after confronting gang members at a park. >> i told them they needed to leave and they said that this was their territory and as they were leaving they waved the gun while i was holding my daughter. >> we are going to continue to add officers. >> reporter: as the city hires
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more officers, it's cracking down on crime organizations. earlier this week, investigators announced they had arrested a dozen suspects accused in at least 30 robberies and carjackings. the chief said they are building a larger force and will continue to solve crime. >> now that we are rising again it's not the place you want to commit crimes. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. a fight over redevelopment plans in san jose this morning. a new lawsuit says the site poses toxic risk. the city has been given the potential go ahead about a block north of city hall. opponents say the site contains benzene, a known carcinogen from a leaking storage underground tank and the city cut corners in environmental reviews. >> for a city that favors streamlining environmental review of future development, the decision to ignore known contamination is unacceptable. future development could expose
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workers and residents to buried toxins and dangerous vapors. >> benzene has been linked to cancer as well as neurological problems. according to the suit, san jose has plans for up to 800 housing units on that land or a million square feet of office space. it is 4:57. and the clock is ticking toward a deadline for a budget or a federal government shutdown. the latest blame game in dc next. >> reporter: plus we're live in pacifica this morning literally running away from the waves that are already coming up and over this guardrail. we'll tell you about a high surf warning that's in effect.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's start off this friday with a live look outside.
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we have traffic in oakland not looking bad at this hour. >> no. >> those waves looking great.. we were watching the waves on the live online cam. >> would love to surf there. >> when you get to be a pro. >> waves are big with the storm that came through, with a big swell out there for the past couple of days. it's a light drizzle but yes that high surf is again out there today. high surf warning in effect until 4 p.m. we do have cooler air now behind that storm that came through.


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