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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  January 24, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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that's a pretty low snow level. we're talking 1 to 2 feet of new snow. that is sorely needed because the snowpack as of this morning is only 23% of average. we'll talk about how long the showers stick around coming up. bald tires and rain, a bad combination on a day like today. this car flipped on southbound 101 at spencer avenue in sausalito. it was towed away. police say the vehicle had three bad tires causing that car to hydroplane. our other top story tonight, a sanctuary city showdown. >> the justice department now threatening to subpoena sanctuary cities and counties g area. >> the feds are targeting san francisco, berkeley, fremont as well as sonoma, monterey and sacramento county. >> kpix5's emily turner on what the feds are african american the bay area backlash. emily? >> yeah. the president as well as the mayors opposing him had dueling press conferences. they had props as well and they
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had a lot of fiery things to say about the other side, but this letter from the department of justice is raising the stakes around sanctuary policy and it was not met with a friendly reception from bay area leaders. the justice department sent letters to 23 states, cities and counties threatening to subpoena their sanctuary policies. the doj says those practices may unlawfully interfere with federal immigration policy or as president trump argues, putting their citizens at risk. or ice...but if municipalities don won't be asking ag >> sanctuary cities are the best friend of gangs and cartels like ms-13. you know that. >> reporter: the mayors of those cities, most in d.c. for the conference of mayors, were not happy about it and in turn boycotted today's white house luncheon, even those not targeted like oakland's libby schaaf taking offense. >> it is unconationable. it is un-- unconscionable. it is unamerican that this president thinks it is okay to
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threaten a duly elected official with jail time for putting in my opinion public safety in front of politics. >> reporter: the letter requests any orders or policies directing law enforcement on their interaction with immigrations and customs enforcement or i.c.e., but if municipalities don't comply, the feds won'ting asking again. they'll subpoena -- won't be asking again. they'll subpoena, a shout across to the mayors. >> my administration next year will absolutely be 100% committed to our sanctuary city policy. we will stand up to the trump administration, anything they try to do. >> this has become much more than a shouting match outside of the state of immigration policies. federal dollars hang in the balance of this debate. now attorney general jeff sessions is trying to tie policy to the fate of funds from the edward burn memorial justice assistance grant program. last year that program provided $39 million to the 23 jurisdictions in question tonight. liz? >> emily, thank you.
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the city of san jose has started what it's calling a rapid response network in case of widespread immigration raids. it's a 24 hour hot line where people can report any i.c.e. activity. volunteers will also be dispatched to locations to make sure there are no unlawful arrests. city leaders say i.c.e. agents have been spotted around town and they're worried possible workplace raids could be on the way. a big shakeup at the mayor's office in san francisco, mark ferrell who you saw just a minute ago spent his first day as the city's new interim mayor after his surprise promotion last night. kpix5's phil matier says ferrell will have to deal with some hurt feelings and bruised egos. phil? >> reporter: that's right. and some not too happy supervisors and supporters of former acting mayor london breed. rm supervi marina and you put it together and it's a san francisco drama at its best. let's take a listen. >> let us know. >> reporter: san francisco's
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new interim mayor mark ferrell started his day doing one of the harder parts of the job, touring a fire scene. >> making sure the business owners that have been affected by the fires know that the city is 100% behind them. >> reporter: ferrell, a native san franciscan and two term supervisor from the marina and pacific heights, also knows that there are still fires of resentment burning back at city hall over his fellow supervisor's decision to remove acting mayor london breed and put him in her place until the june election. the feeling was that if breed stayed on as acting mayor, it would give her a leg up in the upcoming mayoral sweepstakes. >> i understand the emotion that was in the room last night. i heard it and felt it. >> reporter: and he may be hearing about it for some time. >> it's going to create a problem for now interim mayor mark ferrell as he tries to push things forward. i think that he's going to experience a lot of resistance on the board of supervisors. >> i will be reaching out to community leaders every single
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day. the most important thing i can do is work for the residents in san francisco in every corner of our city. >> reporter: ferrell made it clear that he's going to be a caretaker and that he plans to continue the middle of the road policies of former mayor ed lee on housing, homelessness and public safety. >> absolutely. one of my core missions over the next half year is to continue his legacy. >> reporter: and that legacy, however, is going to be tested because recent polls showed that a lot of san franciscans, almost half, were not happy with the direction the city has been going in the past year. whether or not mr. ferrell can turn that around remains to be seen. at 6:00 we'll look at the allegations of back room dealing in his selection. for now phil matier at kpix5 here at city hall. back to you. >> thank you. as he mentioned, a large fire damaged multiple businesses in san francisco after 10:40 last night in the west portal neighborhood. atone point the roof that covered a hardware store, small grocery store and beauty salon
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collapsed. no one was inside the businesses. a man found on fire in a san francisco alley has died. a woman found the man around 10:30 yesterday morning near the 24th street b.a.r.t. station in the mission district. people rushed in to help him dousing him with couples of water from a nearby cafe. police don't know if this was a self-inflicted act, accidental or if there were suspects involved. just moments ago the uc board of regents delayed voting on a proposed tuition hike. we're looking live. a battle had been brewing at the public meeting at mission bay campus. right before the board announced the delay governor jerry brown sent a letter urging the board to reject any increase calling the proposal premature. here's what the regents are proposing, raising out of state tuition by almost $1,000. in-state tuition would go up by $350. some students say it's impossible to pay any more than
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they already do and they were out today pleading for more time hoping to press the state legislature for more money. uc says the tuition is now postponed until may. president trump now says he is looking forward to being interviewed by special counsel robert mueller in the russia investigation and the president said he will testify under oath. reporter mola lenghi is live at the white house. the president expects to be questioned within the next few weeks. >> reporter: yeah, liz. he told reporters just a few hours ago that he expects it to happen in two to three weeks and the president was almost enthusiastic about it, which may come as a surprise to some, considering it was just a few weeks ago that the president said he didn't think it would be necessary to speak to mueller because he thought the russia investigation was a fake news hoax. test that if anybody in your family 't be part of president trump says he's willing to speak with special counsel robert mueller under oath. in an off camera briefing wednesday evening, the
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president even said he's eager to do it. >> i'm looking forward to it actually. i would love to do that. i'd like to do that as soon as possible. >> reporter: the president's lawyers are negotiating now how and when that interview would take place. mueller appears to be focusing in on an obstruction of justice case centering around the firing of former fbi director james comey last may. comey testified to congress while he led the fbi, the president asked him for a pledge of loyalty and to help lift the cloud of suspicion surrounding the investigation into russian interference in the election. shortly after comey's firing the president asked acting fbi director andrew mccabe who he voted for in the election. mccabe reportedly told the president he didn't vote. california senators were quick to call the president's question inappropriate. >> if this is some kind of a carbon test that if anybody in your family votes for x, you can't be part of an administration, i think that is really not the american way. >> we need to have a process
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where there's no manipulation, where there's no intimidation of where there's no sense of fear. >> reporter: jeff sessions is the highest ranking official to be interviewed in the mueller investigation, but president trump said he is not worried what his attorney general had to say. >> i'm not at all concerned. thank you all very much. >> when we start politicizing our branch of government that deals with prosecuting and investigating crimes, then our democracy starts to crumble. >> reporter: the white house insists president trump has done nothing wrong. the exact details of the president's potential under oath questioning, the exact, the location , who -- exact date, the location, who will question the president, all those things are still being worked out with the president's team and robert mueller's attorney. starbucks employees are about to get a bit of a jolt thanks to the republicans' new tax plan. they're getting a raise. like a lot of corporations,
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starbucks is getting a windfall and it plans to spend about $250 million on new benefits for thousands of its employees including a raise, stock grant and paid sick time. employees will see bigger paychecks beginning in april. a different story for toys r us, it just announced it's closing more than 180 stores across the u.s. including nine in the bay area. kpix5's john ramos on the end of an era in pinole. go in there? heh, hehâ" the excitement o g to a toys r ♪ i couldn't want to grow up i'm a toys r us kid ♪ >> reporter: a lot of people grew up with that 1980s jingle in their heads and from the reaction of 2-year-old andrea rozzo -- >> you want to go in there? >> reporter: -- the excitement of going to a toys r us is alive and well. >> you come here, there's barbies, star wars toys. there's everything. it's like an ideal store that has everything. >> reporter: not quite everything. it seems this store in pinole is missing customers. yesterday the parent company filed for bankruptcy protection announcing a plan to close up to 182 stores across the
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country, nine here in the bay area, including stores in pinole, pittsburg, san rafael, brentwood, fairfield, emeryville, union city and two in san jose. >> made me really angry like this is the closest babies r us from our house. we'll have to drive somewhere far when we have to get stuff for our son. >> what if we like want a toy and then the store is closing? >> reporter: in the filing toys r us states an overwhelming majority of the initial closing stores have negative sales trends and have failed to meet the performance standards. it attributes that to the erosion of sales going to online retailers. >> just one more, just one more store closing, which is a sad thing. >> reporter: the pinole store is less than a mile away from hilltop mall where jc pennies has already been -- j.c. penney's has already been shuttered and sears admitted last year they may no longer be economically viable. it is the world we live in.
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brick and mortar is weighing retailers down and even beloved companies like toys r us may be heading into the sunset. in pinole, john ramos, kpix5. coming up a judge tells a disgraced usa gymnastics doctor she just signed his death warrant. >> and what's cooking? a new push to make the sale of a home cooked meal legal in california. >> and a radical idea to heal injured california bears, we'll show you how fish skin is helping them get back on their feet.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. and with that.. the judge handed down her i'm giving you 175 years, which is 2,100 months. mer u-s-a i've just signed your death warrant. >> with that the judge handed down her sentence for the former usa gymnastics doctor
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who sexually abused many young patients. more than 150 young women describe decades of abuse. kenneth craig report today larry nassar told the court the victim impact statements had shaken him to his core. >> reporter: following day after day of wrenching victim impact statements, it was larry nassar's chance to speak. >> an acceptable apology to all of you is impossible to write and convey. i will carry your words with me for the rest of my days. >> reporter: the former sports doctor's plea deal called for a minimum of 25 to 40 years behind bars for sexual assault, but the judge infuriated by a letter from nassar in which he insisted he was a good doctor took it much farther. >> sir, i'm giving you 175 years, which is 2,100 months. i've just signed your death warrant. >> reporter: some of nassar's accusers spoke after the sentencing. >> we have persisted to speak our truth and it just means so
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much to know that people are finally listening. >> reporter: nassar admitted to molesting seven women under the camoflauge of medical treatment including rachel denhollander whose complaint triggered nassar's downfall. >> larry sought out and took pleasure in little girls and women being sexually injured and violated because he liked it. >> reporter: in all, 156 women calling themselves an army described nassar's abuse, their angry at his employers and their long struggles to recover. >> i also want to hear you tell me that you regret all the hurting you caused. thank you. >> reporter: on top of the 60 years he's serving for child pornography, the sexual assault sentence makes certain nassar will spend the rest of his life behind bars. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. the 13 siblings who were held captive in their riverside
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county home will be split up. the six who are minors will be put in two foster homes. a source told cbs news the siblings specifically asked that they could stay together after being freed. the seven adult siblings will be transferred to an assisted living facility for adults due to their diminished mental capacity. california could soon be the first state in the nation to allow people to sell meals that they prepare out of their own home kitchens. as consumer watch reporter julie watts explains, some are calling it a recipe for opportunity. . through a start-up called "josephine." > so tonight i've prepared a pulled pork bowl. >> reporter: a few times a month renee wash cooks up a big batch of food in her cozy kitchen and accepts it online through a started-up called josephine's. >> it gives me an opportunity to live out a dream and the dream is to feed people. >> reporter: the only problem? it's technically illegal. in california most food that's sold to the public must be prepared in commercial kitchens
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meeting state code, but now a bill is making its way through the state legislature that would legalize the sale of home cooked meals provided the cook gets training in food safety and the kitchen undergoes regular inspections. the bill is sponsored by josephine, a company know as the etsy's for foods. >> a lot of our cooks are first generation immigrants. >> there's so many different people who have an interest in selling homemade food. >> reporter: christina oatfield said she's all for giving home cooks more opportunities to use their skills, but she wants those who do the actual cooking to get a bigger share of the pie, not the third parties enabling them to sell. >> the future of homemade food and the law around homemade food should be controlled by the people who will be producing food in home kitchens and consumers.
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our concern is just that josephine is driving this bill, the details of ad626. >> reporter: but for home cooks like renee, think just want to legally keep cooking and keep customers happy. home cooks to >> now the full assembly is set to vote on this measure next week. california does allow currently home cooks to make and sell items like cookies and pasta that don't need to be refrigerated. meals, however, don't make the cut at least for now. on the consumer watch, julie watts, kpix5. now an amazing story of california vets helping bears burned in recent wildfires, our veronica de la cruz shows us the surprising treatment. veronica? >> liz, it turns out fish is not just for bears to eat. check this out. it can also help them heal. this is a team from uc davis using tilapia fish skin to help treat the feet of burned bears. it's the first time the technique has been used in the united states. h skin is a so- called "biological it has co >> treating wild animals that
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have experienced this degree of burns just hasn't been done. at least it hasn't been written up and shared with other people. the bear i will tell you is probably the one that really inspired me to look into the tilapia bandages because her wounds were so extensive and her pain was so severe. >> that fish skin is a so- called biological bandage because it has collagen and helps aid skin growth. >> the tilapia in my opinion is one of those things that people said to me well, that doesn't make sense. you can't do that and when someone says you can't, i always think to myself oh, i will. >> the two bears treated with the tilapia are bouncing back quickly. the vets home more research may find the he technique can be used on -- find the technique can be used on cats and dogs and even humans in countries that don't have skin banks. a man is alive this evening thanks to a very smart dog. early this morning at the pittsburg marina an elderly man
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fell off the dock and went right into the water. lucky for him 9-year-old has been retriever moe saw what was going on and ran to wake up his owner to tell him. >> he must have heard the human -- he heard the human voice. i noticed that his bark was a little bit different. it wasn't as aggressive and it seemed to me, you know, just reflecting that he had a more subdued bark than he would have if it was say, you know, something like a raccoon or another dog. .. then called 9-1- >> well, after moe's owner realized what was going on he helped the elderly man back onto dry land, then called 911 and the good news is the man is now safe and recovering and moe will be honored for his service by the pittsburg police. >> we'll be right back.
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something tells me a lot of roads look like this in the bay area right now, things going very slowly. this is near corte madera,
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marin county, u.s. 1 slow because of all the rain falling and it is pouring in marin county. it's a pretty narrow band of rainfall. heyward is on the leading edge of the steady rain. it does go back to oakland and up to richmond and includes san francisco south including daly city, but the back edge is already past novato where the rain is wrapping up. it is not raining in rohnert park, done raining in petaluma, still some rain in vacaville, fairfield and vallejo and san jose is waiting for the steady rainfall. it will hit you by 6:00 and clear you by 8:00 tonight. here's the best part. we could use rain around here, absolutely. we really, really need a lot of snow in the sierra. we are beginning to see that snow piling up. it will continue all day tomorrow into friday morning where a winter storm warning is in effect there. widespread snow totals are 12 to 24 inches, some of the higher peaks possibly seeing 36 inches of snow and parts of lake county are under a winter
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weather advisory for snow above 2,500 feet there. our camera is whited out by the low cloud cover, low 50s outside, raining in san francisco and oakland and will be raining soon in san jose. overnight tonight 40s, oakland 46, san jose 45, a couple 30s in our north bay valleys. the front is working its way in our direction. the front obviously is where we have the stephiest rainfall now. it will clear -- steadiest rainfall now. it will clear quickly and behind the front it is very unstable. tomorrow even though it may start off with sunshine, please plan on a couple rounds of showers moving through. by 10:00 tonight that front is a memory, nothing on the radar overnight. the activity picks up tomorrow morning continuing into the afternoon, a mix of showers and sunshine throughout the day. we clear out by friday for a while. we're talking about seven to 10 straight days with zero chance of rainfall. add everything up, the north bay mountains could see up to 2 inches of rain, up to a 1/2 inch of rainfall for the east bay, less for the south bay.
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to an inch of rain for san francisco -- south bay, up to an inch of rain for san francisco and the peninsula. tomorrow a tiny chance of a north bay thunderstorm. we clear it out friday. highs tomorrow with the scattered showers mid-50s, vallejo 54, redwood city 57. we stay dry friday through next wednesday, no rain and sunshine. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. imagine planes grounded, the power grid disrupted while credit cards don't work. we explain they all rely on america's critical gps network and hackers could target our satellites. this is a major -- >> this is a major national security issue. it is a major economic issue. >> we are one of the only countries in this world that does not have a terrestrial- based backup system. >> the push to change that, expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more.
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to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. cbs presented by target.... art and history spark connections across cultures, igniting curiosity, conversation, and inspiration. that's why target supports the asian art museum in san francisco. the asian museum is here to make asian arts and culture relevant. the reality is we all have a story to tell. it's what makes us who we are. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target. thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> al and veronica will be back
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in 30 minutes with more local news for you. or ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> i just signed your death warrant. >> glor: a judge sentences y sgraced dr. larry nassar away for the rest of his life. also tonight-- breakthrough. meet the first cloned primates. as the president heads to switzerland, the question he asked the acting f.b.i. director. a struggle for survival. >> this is what the death of a mall looks like up close. >> glor: the pope identifies the genesis of fake news. cheating at a camel contest. and... >> it was heartbreaking to see that some people didn't have the exact same shot at beating cancer. >> glor: he's giving cancer patients a fighting chance. >> reporter: you said, "i can maybe fix this thing." >> yeah.


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