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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  January 25, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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ramp up the crackdown on cities that are vowing to protect undocumented immigrants. ment two a save showdown heats up as the feds ramp up on cities vowing to protect illegal immigrants. >> plus, new video shows the moment two officers were nearly swept away in the montecito mudslides. how they escaped unharmed. good morning, it's thursday, january 25th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first, the bay area is getting a short break from the rain at least for now. and the south bay last night. and it brought fresh snow to the sierra. neda iranpour is tracking another round of rain. >> we have a second round of moisture that will aive reand we are starting to see it come up on our hi-def doppler. so this morning, for north bay the raindrops waking people up and yes, that slush that you
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see on the screen, so that would be the rain getting a bit icy because it's cold at the tops of the hills across the north bay. so healdsburg, windsor, you're getting a little break. st. helena also. but these cells are popping up throughout the past hour or so. also seeing a little bit coming through near eldridge and sonoma. and it looks like petaluma, this cell has not left you alone right on highway 101. so do expect some slick conditions out there. also, seeing this pop up through the marina district in san francisco. lagunitas, as well. near bolinas. so you may get some rain through there. mill valley also likely going to see some rain. and look what's happening right along highway 1. just to the south, near san mateo, this all could start to move towards more of the bay area heading towards the south bay, as well. near los gatos, mountain view, you all could get rain continuing throughout the morning. so here's your futurecast. as you see, by 11:00 throughout the morning, you may start to
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see some scattered isolated showers. chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. i did see lightning but they were off the coast near eureka but expect possible lightning strikes this afternoon and hail also because of unstable air that's coming through. this low will bring us some continued rainfall. also some continued sierra snowfall. i will explain more coming up. >> thank you. we are going to begin in the south bay where we are tracking a couple of problems now. we have slowdowns along 101 heading northbound. we do have an accident along that stretch as well as 87 in that northbound direction. we are starting to see -- we are seeing a crash as you transition onto 101. so two problem spots right in that same area. your travel times now in the yellow for 101. 87 is backing up. slow towards 101 from 85. along 880, a new accident right
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near marina. we'll have more coming up in the next traffic report. now back to you. more eyes than ever in the war on crime here in the bay area. an extensive network of citizen cameras has been effective at catching criminals. the camera network called the citizen view registry allows regular people who already have surveillance cameras to sign them up with the police department so when a crime happens, police look at the map of registered cameras and then call the closest camera owners and request their video. it could save investigators some valuable time knocking on doors. >> people really got into it. we about doubled our numbers of registered cameras since the holidays and the flare incident. >> the flare incident happened in december. surveillance cameras caught images of people driving around firing flare guns at houses. one broke through a window and another set a carpet on fire. nobody got hurt. police later arrested four teens thanks in large part to the camera network. on to the sanctuary city owdepartment now
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threatening to subpoena sanctuary cities and counties including many here in the bay area. the feds are targeting san francisco, berkeley, fremont as well as sonoma, monterey and sacramento counties and kpix 5's jackie ward joins now with a look at the strong stance taken by local leaders to defend immigrants. >> reporter: it's no surprise that those places are holding their ground and believe they are in full complaints with federal law. san francisco city attorney dennis herrera says what the law requires now is narrow and san francisco follows the law. the law is known as section 1373. it prohibits local governments from preventing their employees from working with federal agents. mark farrell of san francisco is following his predecessors and defending his city's sanctuary status. >> san francisco always has been and always will be a sanctuary city. and it will 100% remain so during my time as mayor. >> reporter: the letters were sent as a follow-up to earlier warnings delivered in november. the department of justice says after hearing the initial response from the letters' recipients, they remain concerned. the block i.c.e. coalition a group of sanctuary
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churches and reform groups is hosting a rally today in response to i.c.e.'s threat that starts at 4:00 this afternoon at the northern california i.c.e. operations center at 6:30 stanford street in san francisco. in the russia investigation, special counsel robert mueller is seeking to question the president about his interactions with former fbi director james comey as well as former national security adviser michael flynn. the president says he is looking forward to being interviewed. >> i'm looking forward to it actually. i would love to do that. i would like to do it as soon as possible. >> now, the president's lawyers are negotiating how and when that interview will take place. the white house says the president did nothing wrong. members of a state panel say revamping california legislature's sexual misconduct policies will not be a quick job. the panel comprised of assembly and state senate lawmakers met yesterday to hear from experts.
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the committee's meeting comes amid an investigation into misconduct claims in the state capital. michigan state university president lou anna simon has resigned. the decision came hours after a judge sentenced former msu and usa gymnastics doctors larry nassar to a maximum of 175 years in prison for sexually abusing hundreds of girls. many of the victims say msu official failed to respond to reports of the abuse. the riverside county kids who were held captive in their own home by their parents are slowly providing valuable information to investigators. in court a judge barred david and louise turpin from contacting their children. both pled not guilty. the siblings between 2 and 29 were rescued after one escaped. in colorado a sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in adams county. three suspects are involved,
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one was arrested. deputies responded to an assault in progress call last night when a man shot at them with a hand gunman. a deputy died. the 32-year-old had served with the sheriff's office since 2013. new video showing two officers being swept away by the montecito mudslides. take a look at this! the dashcam recordings as they drove into a river of water mud and trees rushing over the road. the force of the current lifted their patrol car off the road and spun it around. fortunately their wheels caught the road again and they were able to drive out safely. neither officer was hurt. as wine country works to recover from the deadly wildfires, governor brown is joining other governors demanding action on an $81 million disaster bill. they are demanding the senate take action. the legislation includes $4.4 billion for the october fire and billions more for relief from damage from three hurricanes that struck texas,
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puerto rico and florida last fall. today a free recovery and insurance workshop is being held for victims of the october fires from 6 to 8 p.m. tonight at the santa rosa high school. there is a new plan to keep teachers in silicon valley by offering affordable housing. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from palo alto with details of the proposal. anne. reporter: we all know how very expensive it is right now to live in the bay area. that's whether you're renting or buying. this lot across from the palo alto courthouse could soon be the site of more affordable housing specifically for teachers. so this would be a partnership between palo alto here where i am as well as the county and some other cities to build an affordable housing complex here which includes between 60 and 120 units built on this county- owned 1.5-acre site. it's on grant avenue in palo alto near the california avenue business district. now, right now, a two-bedroom apartment averages $3,800 a month, well out of reach for most people, like kindergarten teacher we heard from tara hunt who taught in palo alto for 11
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years. she is struggling to stay. >> kids have questions about where are we go to school next year? what in we have to move? where are we going? that's questions a 6-year-old shouldn't be asking. >> reporter: with the median house price in palo alto now $2.5 million, that's out of reach. that doubled in the last four years. even the reasonably well off feel shut out from the possibility of owning a home. there's going to be a town hall meeting on this proposal right now, which has already gotten the county's blessing. that's this evening at gunn high school. we'll hear in a lot of teachers about their struggles. live in palo alto, anne makovec, kpix 5. you could be paying more to cross the bay area bridges. that's if voters approve a new measure. i'll have the details coming up. >> some new problems for drivers heading along 880, slow
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going in both directions now. find out what's going on and how you can get around it coming up. >> and those snow totals are starting to roll in. some impressive numbers over at tahoe and there's more on the way. to use to store your medical records. today the first recreational pot sale >> in our tech report the new tool apple wants you to use to store your medical records. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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we can now simulate the exact anatomyh care, of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer
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to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. the city to receive a state permit opens at nine this morning. the milestone comes more than three weeks after sonoma today the first recreational marijuana sales start today. the milestone comes more than three weeks after sonoma county's first sales of recreational pot began in sebastopol and cotati. santa rosa has two other dispensaries including sonoma
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patient group which is expected to open tomorrow. the other alternatives health collective has not yet received its license. the federal transit administration has given the vta three extra months to study tunneling methods for bart's phase 2 extension through downtown san jose. a single bore tunnel is being considered as opposed to the standard two board design for the subway portion under downtown. the vta which is overseeing the bart project is set to get some federal funding. in march, the vta board of directors is expected to approve plans for phase 2 to run from berryessa to santa clara. the first extension to san jose from fremont's warm springs to berryessa is scheduled to open for passengers in june. voters will soon make the final call on a proposed new toll hike on bay areajessica flores reports.
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voters will soon make the final call in a proposed new toll hike on bay area bridges. jessica flores reports. reporter: good morning. by 2025, you could be paying about $3 more on all bay area bridges. here at the bay bridge, that's $9 during peak times but again, it's only if voters approve that hike. now, last night, bay area toll authorities voted to put the measure on the ballot. the measure asks for one more dollar in 2019. one more dollar in 2022 and one more dollar in 2025. that would mean nine dollars at peak times across the bay bridge and eight dollars at all other state-owned toll bridges in the region. the price increase would raise an estimated $4.5 billion for transportation improvements. the mtc says that if vote's prove the measure it would fund more than 30 projects from the marin-sonoma narrows to more of those new bart cars we have been seeing. critics say the mtc shouldn't be trusted with more money. voters don't get a say on how
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they spend money. >> voters don't vote on whether or not we should have seismic safety and whether or not we should have bridges we'll do that but if you want new stuff the culture is that the voters get a chance to vote on that. >> reporter: the price hike would apply to all seven state- run bridges in the bay area but not the golden gate. the measure is the regional measure 3. in order to pass it needs a simple majority of all nine counties in the bay area. funding would go to seven state-owned bay area bridges except the golden gate. reporting live here from the bay bridge toll plaza, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> or take bart. >> it's on time with 64 trains in service. nice way to avoid wet roads. we have an accident on westbound 4 at san marco boulevard blocking two lanes. travel times in the yellow going to the red from loveridge to 680. it's just under 20 minutes.
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traffic on the right side of the screen northbound. this is all due to an accident that we're tracking near marina boulevard. at least one lane is blocked. . through castro valley, there are delays. and in that southbound direction of 880 that's always slow heading into hayward, is having some more problems. towards 84 the dumbarton, in the red, 20 minutes from 238 to 84. we have been tracking problems in the south bay. we'll get an update on those slowdowns coming up in the next traffic report. but for now, i'll send it over to neda for a check on the forecast. >> okay. i keep checking hi-def doppler because we are seeing these rain cells popping up here throughout the morning hours. and we are going to continue to see this type ofages throughout
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the day with a bit of it intensifying around 11 to noon. a light drizzle across the bay bridge right now. there is a light drizzle toward emeryville. also look at this. through san bruno, el gra nada, redwood city, this rain just came off the coast and picked up moisture and hitting land bringing raindrops across that region. here's the rain totals for the area: temperatures are cool this morning in the 40s: a bit of a believe an onshore
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wind happening this morning west-southwest winds at half moon bay. san francisco also 6-mile-per- hour winds and 7 in berkeley. fairfield is picking up a little bit 8-mile-per-hour winds and the visibility -- not too bad or foggy. we are not seeing it around the bay at all but santa rosa seeing fog in the valley locations at 3-mile visibility. sunset 5:25 tonight. ahead of the sunset that's when temperatures will be reaching their peak but not too high today. high in santa rosa cool. cold air dipping down into the region today and bringing us a chance of scattered thunderstorms and some hail and a second round of moisture so we'll continue to see that throughout the day. as far as any rain totals for today go, we may get .10"
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possibly two-tenths of an inch of rain throughout the area. that's it. as far as the snow totals, so far sugar bowl just reported moments ago 14 inches there. heavenly now 14 to 16 inches at the tops. mountains. at the ridgetops. kirkwood 14 to 18 inches thanks to cooper who is sending in those reports this morning. so he is up early letting us know how much snow they got at those ski resorts. they are still expecting more moisture though. there's a second round of moisture that's coming so that's why this winter storm warning is still in effect. it's going to last until tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. because we could still see 4 to 10 inches of new snow and then once this is all done, look at this. sunshine for the weekend, temperatures are rising into the 60s. michelle. thank you. the dates are set for google's annual io developers conference. the tech giant tweeted out it will happen may 8 to 10 in mountain view. it's expected google will unveil the latest version of android and other tech innovations. samsung will unveil its
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next galaxy smartphone on february 25th. it's expected to be called the s9 but it hasn't yet been confirmed by the company. samsung just released this invitation which reveals little details about what to expect other than improved camera features. apple is testing a new feature to give you access to medical records on your devices. the tool will be stored on the tech giant's health app. the new feature will be included in an upcoming ios update. record will be accessible to patients of a dozen health institutions including cedars- sinai and johns hopkins. more will be added in the coming months. we have an update on the jimmy garoppolo contract situation with the 49ers. and the baseball hall of fame has four new members. is barry bonds one of them? that story coming up.
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chipper jones, guerrero, jim thome and hoffman . all elected to the baseball hall of fame last night. but around here, it's about who wasn't elected. barry bonds got 56 pester of baseball writers association votes, 19% shy of the 75% it needs to get into the hall of fame. garoppolo stands to make $112,000 if the patriots win the super bowl. $56,000 if they lose it. either way, it's chump change. he is a free agent and hits the open market. the 49ers could sign him for a year under the league's franchise tag or he could get a long-term deal and after winning the last five games the 49ers are hoping he stays and general manager john lynch hinted that is what's going to happen. >> you know, we're working hard towards that. we'll see. i think he wants to be with us. we want him there. i think it makes too much sense not to happen. it's a matter of getting it done.
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they are going to get it done. >> it's the worst kept secret in the nfl. jimmy garoppolo will be your 49er quarterback long term. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. here's the play of the day from college hoops. louisville at miami of florida. the hurricanes down two with just seconds left in the game. >> oh-oh! walker driving ... oh!! what a shot! >> are you kidding me? >> did you see that swish? look at that! goes up with the left then the right banks it in. hurricanes beat the cardinals in overtime, 78-75. that is your play of the day . threatening subpoenas if they do not work with ice. resp several bay area cities and
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counties received letters from the department of justice threatening subpoenas if they don't follow the law. local leaders respond next. >> plus, the investigation under way right now after a deadly train derailment in milan, italy.
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sanctuary city showdown--- the justice department... now we will stand up to the trump administration anything they try and do! >> a sanctuary city showdown. the new threat from the justice department to cities and counties that are vowing to protect illegal immigrants. >> plus, as wine country works to recover, scientists are getting to work finding out what pollution impacts the wildfires made. >> we won't live in fear. >> a woman shot in las vegas
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more than three months ago will leave the hospital for the first time since the deadly rampage. why doctors are calling her a miracle. first the sanctuary city showdown. the department of justice now threatening to subpoena sanctuary cities and counties including many here in the bay area. good morning, it's thursday, january 25th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. the feds are targeting san francisco, berkeley, fremont, as well as sonoma, monterey and sacramento counties. jackie ward is in the newsroom with a look. >> reporter: despite these warnings, bay area leaders are defending their sanctuary status and say they are doing nothing wrong. the feds are targeting san francisco, berkeley, fremont, as well as sonoma, monterey and sacramento counties just to highlight a few areas. these letters are sparking outrage from local leaders all over the country. at a u.s. mayors conference in washington, dc, the new york city mayor was among a group slated to meet with president trump and canceled the meeting after learning of the letters. even those not targeted like oakland's mayor libby schaaf took offense.
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>> it's unconscionable, it is un-american! that this administration thinks that it is okay to threaten a duly elected official with jail time for putting, in my opinion, public safety in front of politics. >> reporter: the letters were sent as a follow-up to earlier warnings delivered in november. th department of justice says after hearing the initial response from the letters' recipients, they remain concerned. the block i.c.e. coalition a group of sanctuary churches and reform groups is hosting a rally today in response to i.c.e.'s threat. it starts at 4 p.m. at the northern california i.c.e. operations center at in san francisco. jackie ward, kpix 5. thank you. time now 6:32. let's take a live look outside. we have two shots of the golden gate bridge. the one on the left, got a nice clear shot out there. no "karl the fog" right now. and on the right, we have cars coming into the city of san francisco. you can tell the roads are
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definitely wet and there's more rain in the forecast. >> golden gate from a different angle. >> nice. >> it doesn't have a bad side. >> that's right. >> even when it's covered with fog, it's beautiful. can't go wrong. the rain is coming down. we saw some of course yesterday and overnight and it does cause slick roads out there. here's our hi-def doppler. it's not over yet. areas of isolated pop-up thunderstorms and showers throughout the day. this just showed up in san mateo so heavy rain about a quarter inch per hour. once they pop up, blink and it could be gone. redwood city seeing rain around highway 101 and 280 right there. a cell on the bay bridge is winding down. larkspur, mill valley, san rafael seeing rain and across
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the north bay, just a few scattered showers. this afternoon chance of thunderstorms. we just saw reports of an accident coming in right along 280 and 380 so we are waiting for more details on that crash. in the meantime, if you are head there, at sfo you may see slowdowns and give yourself some extra time. here's an accident we have been tracking this along westbound four at san marco boulevard with traffic backed up to railroad at this point. we are looking at a 30-minute ride from loveridge to 680 as you make your way over to interstate 80. here's a live look and traffic getting crowded along the stretch. an accident in the yellow at highway 4, 24 minutes from 4 to the maze. those heading to the ballot box in june will decide whether tolls will go up on most bay area bridges. jessica flores reports.
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reporter: good morning. right now drivers are paying $6 to cross the bay bridge here during this peak time right now. but if this passes by 2025, you could be paying $9 to cross the bridge. and it only goes into effect if voters across all bay area counties approve it. now, what happened last night is the bay area toll authority actually voted to put this measure on the june ballot. that means the measure is asking voters to approve one dollar more in 2019, one dollar one dollar more for 2022, and one dollar more in 2025. nine dollars at peak times to cross the bay bridge and eight dollars at all other state- owned toll bridges in the region. it would raise $4.5 billion for transportation improvements. the metropolitan transportation commission says if voters approve the measure it would fund more than 30 projects from the marin-sonoma narrows to more of those new bart cars. the critics say the mtc shouldn't be trusted with more money. still, a coalition of groups is already gathering, lining up to campaign for the measure.
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>> together with our coalition partners the bay area council and spur we are already working hard to build a diverse well funded and effective campaign. >> reporter: that measure that you will see on the june ballot is the regional measure 3. and in order to pass, it needs a simple majority of all voters across the nine bay area counties. the price hike would basically affect all seven bay area bridges except the golden gate bridge. reporting live here from the bay bridge, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. in just a few hours governor brown will deliver his final state of the state address. the governor is termed out and unable to run for re-election. he is about to complete eight years and he had eight years beginning in 1975. topics he is expected to discuss include the high-speed rail project, government spending, tax reform and dealing with the federal government.
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the governor's speech will be at 10 a.m. in the state assembly chamber. see it live on today president trump will become the first sitting u.s. president to attend the world economic forum since bill clinton back in 2000. at the event also described as the epicenter of globalization and free trade, the president is expected to push our america first agenda. treasury second steve mnuchin arrived in davos the day before president surprising economists by praising a weaker u.s. dollar saying that it helps with trade, according to the treasury secretary. police say a commuter train with hundreds of people drained in italy today killing 3 people and seriously injuring at least a dozen more. the train derailed at a station on the outskirts of milan. two cars went off the rails. rescue crews helped passengers escape. now to the devastation left behind by the deadly mudslides in santa barbara county. the slides have killed 21
6:38 am
people, two more people still considered missing. mandatory and voluntary evacuations for about 1,000 households have been lifted. residents are slowly being allowed back into their homes as crews clear the roads of mud, boulders and debris. here at home the wine country wildfires left the bay area shrouded in thick smoke for days and now a team of researchers wants to study health hazards. the team will conduct research over two years. in addition to examining the long term health impacts from the smoke and haze, they will test the environment for chemicals from pesticides, electronics and paint that burned during the fires. a 15-year-old kentucky boy charged with murdering two classmate is set to be arraigned today. the sophomore is also accused of injuring 18 others in a tuesday shooting in marshall county. prosecutors want to try the teen as an adult. a woman who was shot in the las vegas shooting will leave the hospital today more than
6:39 am
three months after the attack. >> on october 1st, a part of me changed that night. i will not be the same runner. i will come back stronger. >> the woman and her husband attended the music festival in las vegas last year to celebrate her husband's return from an air force deployment in afghanistan. she was put on life support not expected to survive after being shot in the head during the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. she is believed to be one of the first critically injured victims from the tragedy to recover. the family of a bay area high school wrestler paralyzed during a match is sharing encouraging news about his condition. ryan joseph is still hospitalized and on a ventilator but he is now feeling some sensation on his feet. the sophomore from college park high in pleasant hill is
6:40 am
paralyzed from the neck down. he had a spinal cord injury during a wrestling match this month. >> we all know how expensive it is to live in the bay area. coming up, a plan to cut teachers a little bit of slack. >> plus, the plan marin officials will consider today that's aimed at curbing tracking on the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> and when you think fast food, you probably think low pay. but that's not always the case especially when you're talking about one southland-based chain. a look at how much in-n-out is paying its managers. >> the market just opened up. let's check the big board. you can see the dow is up about 80 points! coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. cbs eye on the community...
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presented by target. art and history spark connections across cultures, igniting curiosity, conversation, and inspiration. that's why target supports the asian art museum in san francisco. the asian museum is here to make asian arts and culture relevant.
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the reality is we all have a story to tell. it's what makes us who we are. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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♪ ♪ my husband is probably going to think i'm crazy. he thinks i'm going to see my sister! ♪ ♪ sometimes the confidence to be spontaneous starts with financial stability. once i heard it i was shocked. i just thought, i have to go get it! ♪ ♪ it's our tree! ♪ ♪ see how a personalized financial strategy and access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. than time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: hi, michelle.
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two of the women who confronted larry nassar in court are here in studio 57. we'll talk with them about the courage it took to come forward and the abuse they endured. plus, john blackstone will be on a boat near alcatraz with information about a prison escape. a letter sent to police claims all three escapees thought to be dead for decades actually lived into their old age. where have they been? is it true? we sit down with grammy award winning couple alicia keys and her producer husband. swiz beats. in their first joint interview all that plus the eye-opener which means your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. see you at 7:00. so michelle, back to you. it's alicia's birthday today. >> i know norah's birthday was a couple of days ago and your birthday was a few weeks ago,
6:45 am
so hey! >> mine was in december. >> happy belated. >> see yousee you at 7:00. in-n-out is paying their employees well in an industry usually associated with low pay. most employees start at $13 an hour. but some managers at the restaurant chain make up to $160,000 a year. they also get health benefits 401 plans, paid vacations and managers who meet their quotas are awarded first class trips. you can work up to 6 figures and management positions. >> i couldn't work at in-n-out. i would eat french fries and burgers all day long. >> i love their fries. it's a little bit different. but definitely one of my favorites. >> it would be dangerous for me. [ laughter ] the nation's largest grocery chain is reportedly teaming up with a chinese ecommerce giant and more americans are filing for unemployment benefits. >> joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter
6:46 am
jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. the "new york post" is reporting that kroger is in talks to partner up with alibaba, china's biggest ecommerce firm. the talks would center on offline and online partnerships. kroger likely has amazon in mind after amazon bought whole foods for $13.7 billion. that deal really threatening the grocery industry with lower prices! jobless claims on the rise over the past week. the labor department says that initial claims rose by 17,000 to 233000 but that came after claims had fallen to a 45-year low. and the nation's unemployment rate is at a 17-year low of 4.1%. the stock market getting off to a strong start this morning thanks to a number of corporate earnings including caterpillar and 3m coming in stronger than expected. more records on the way. the dow up by 100 points, nasdaq is up 29.
6:47 am
the s&p is up by 6. back to you. >> thank you. it is a plan intended to make silicon valley a bit more affordable for teachers. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in palo alto this morning to explain how a new housing proposal would work. anne. >> reporter: i'm standing in a parking lot across from the courthouse that could one day be home to an affordable housing complex. we're talking about a partnership between the county, couple of area cities and local school districts that would eventually include building between 60 and 120 units built on this county-owned 1.5-acre site on grant avenue near the california avenue business district. a two-bedroom apartment in the area averages $3,800 a month well out of reach for many people. you remember the planning commissioner who resigned who lamented the situation of young families with no hope of putting down roots. she and her husband are moving 40 miles away to buy a house. >> the people we feel sorry for
6:48 am
who are the people who do that. what are you going to tell our cooks, cops, nurses, teachers, you can't lose the people who are the backbone of your city. >> i see the end of the road and it's hopeless. >> the reasonably well off feel shut out of the market. there's going to be a town hall meeting tonight on this proposal which recently got the stamp of approval from the county so it looks like it really has a chance of going forward. we are going to hear tonight from teachers who are going to share their own stories of the difficulties of how this is so expensive. and that is at gunn high school hosted by county commissioner joe simitian. live in palo alto, anne makevoc, kpix 5. transportation officials in marin county will today consider a third westbound lane on the richmond/san rafael bridge. the extra lane could be limited to bicycles and pedestrians if marin county officials approve it, sending letters requesting further study by the mtc and the bay area toll authority. perfect segue to traffic now.
6:49 am
how are things looking? >> well, they are looking slow. lots of brake lights. we'll begin along highway 4 where we have been tracking an accident and now we have a second crash in the same area first on the freeway, this is westbound highway 4 right near san marco boulevard. the second crash coming in, this is along bailey road right at highway 4. this is involving a car that has hit a pedestrian. so emergency crews are on the scene and you will see a lot of activity, lots of flashing lights, definitely a visual distraction. 34 minutes for drivers heading along highway 4. expect delays to continue until they get all of that cleared up. your ride along the eastshore freeway, it's in the red, slow heading westbound 32 minutes down towards the maze. and over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have seen the crowds all morning long, 24 minutes into san francisco. richmond/san rafael bridge it would be very nice to have that extra third lane there about now. we are in the red 18 minutes across over to sir francis drake and we are getting reports of an accident along
6:50 am
101 near ignacio. so far no major slowdowns due to the crash. back to you. heavy snow falling in the sierra over the last 24 hours. and more is on the way. this is a live look at cisco grove. you can see all that snow on the roads and the skiers and snowboarders are rejoicing right now. neda is in the weather center tracking the snowfall totals. >> it looks so beautiful up there. make me want to head out there right now. it would be a good day to do so although there is more snow coming. here's the totals: as expected they got about a foot of snow and there may be another foot of snow on the way. i'll show that you coming up. here's a live look at san jose. good morning to all of you. look how much rain san jose saw. about .3" despite that rain shadow. so the storm that came through certainly did bring us a decent
6:51 am
amount. .4" for san francisco. napa about a half. .75" for st. helena and santa rosa, across the north bay. and we are still seeing some spotty showers in some areas. so let's zoom in and show you where we are seeing some of the heavier downpours. right now, it looks like it's heading towards hayward, even fremont could see some rain coming through along interstate 880 there and we are seeing this popping up still around mill valley area, tiburon, sausalito, you may see some raindrops and across the north bay it's hanging right across oak noll north of napa. so it's still lingering. we are going to continue to see showers throughout the day today. scattered thunderstorms also. concord right now 44 degrees. oakland at 48. 49 degrees for san francisco. and it looks like our high temperatures today will be below average. 52 degrees for the high in santa rosa, 54 for san francisco. 53 in fairfield. so temperatures will feel cool out there. this low is still going to be dropping down into our region and as it does that, it will bring us some unstable air,
6:52 am
some cooling, and that scattered thunderstorm chance plus some hail. here's our winter storm warning. it's not over yet for the west slope of the sierra. it's going to last until 10:00 tomorrow. that's because there is a second round of moisture expected to bring possibly another foot of snow for those ski resorts, windy conditions still up there. and low snow levels. look at the futurecast. so donner summit could get up to 8 inches of snow four inches left in that system for south lake tahoe. and we could see snow levels as low as 3500 feet. here's your tahoe report. alpine expecting another foot on top of the foot that they just got. same with squaw valley. so it's 24 inches possible even up at kirkwood so it's going to look good. we do have a little bit less in the storm. by tomorrow things dry up. through the weekend, look how nice it's going to be. sunshine and temperatures are going to rise into the mid-60s for a lot of inland areas. that's your forecast. time is 6:52. sanctuary communities across the bay area received warnings from the department of justice but local leaders refuse to back down.
6:53 am
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6:56 am
justice .. bay area leaders are refusing to back down from ice. i'm jackie ward in the newsroom. after receiving threatening letters from the department of justice, bay area leaders are refusing to back down from i.c.e. the letters went out to 23 cities including san francisco, berkeley, fremont, san jose, and monterey. demanding proof that the cities show compliance with federal law on immigration. the threat isn't enough to make local leaders back down, including mayor of san jose sam liccardo. >> we're not going to do anything differently regardless of what i.c.e. or anyone else threatens. >> reporter: letters were sent as a follow-up to earlier warnings delivered in november. the department of justice says after hearing the initial response from the letters' recipients, they remain concerned. the block i.c.e. coalition a group hosting a valley today in response. it starts at 4 p.m.
6:57 am
at the northern california i.c.e. operations center at 6:30 stanford street in san francisco. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:57. time for your "final 5". >> reporter: president trump is in davos, switzerland, bringing our america first message to the world economic first every forum. before leaving the white house yesterday, the president told reporters he looks forward to being questioned under oath as part of the ongoing russia probe. the president also signaled for the first time he is open to a path to citizenship for some immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children. in just a few hours, governor brown will deliver his final state of the state address. the topic he is expected to discuss includes the high-speed rail project, government spending, tax reform and dealing with the federal government. stream it live here on starting at 10:00. the water at 6 schools in the berkeley unified school district has been turned off because of excessive lead levels. the tests were done in
6:58 am
december. the district is working to identify the cause of the contamination before turning the water back on. as wine country works to recover from the deadly wildfires, governor brown is joining other governors demanding action on an $81 million disaster bill. the legislation includes $4.4 billion for the october wildfires. a toll hike proposal will now go before bay area voters in june. the measure calls for a 1 dollar increase on all bay area bridges except the golden gate starting in 2019. the san mateo bridge is a slow ride this morning. take a look at this. all the brake lights on the right side of your screen trying to make their way out of hayward to foster city. 32 minutes westbound. 101 to san mateo and burlingame starting to see slowdowns develop there in the yellow and that earlier accident southbound 280 at 380 two-car crash definitely slowing things down out of colma and daly city. don't be surprised if these
6:59 am
dark clouds squeeze out the raindrops. that's what to expect throughout the day today, scattered showers and thunderstorms later on. also hail. snow in the sierra a second wave of snow in the higher elevations. right now in santa cruz there is a strong cell bringing heavy rain. san leandro, hayward, also currently getting some rain around interstate 880, richmond as well and to the north bay, it seems to be lightening up there at least but we are going to continue to see things like this popping up throughout the day and temperatures will be cooler in the 40s now and staying in the low 50s for the day today. so it will be chilly but the weekend is going to look so good. >> i love that. >> love that. >> weekends are nice. >> good time. >> thank you. hey, thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning and spending some time with us. your next local update is 7:26. >> don't forget "cbs this morning" is next. ♪[ music ]
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good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, january 25th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." michigan state president resigns after dr. larry nassar sentence for sexually abusing athletes at the university and usa gymnastics. nassar's first public accuser and the first woman to testify at his sentencing will both be here. president trump arrives in davos switzerland this morning to sell his america first ideas to global leaders. at home, he says he's ready to answer questions in the russia investigation under oath. an investigation finds chinese drugmakers are flooding the u.s. postal service with illegal opioids. we'll look at the packa


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