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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  January 26, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... good morning, everyone. it is friday, january 26th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm ken bastida. let's start with a live look outside. on this friday morning, a live at traffic in the east bay 880 in oakland not bad at 5:00. on the left a shot of the transamerica pyramid in san francisco. a little cloudy and cold out there to start this morning. >> chilly. >> it is. [ crosstalk ] >> look at the beautiful view. we are not seeing low-lying fog across san francisco but we are seeing it in some other spots. today a few clouds out there and then later on this afternoon, clear conditions. get ready for a clear weekend.
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that means plenty of sunshine. our temperatures will be warming up for your saturday, sunday into early next week, as well. we have a long dry spell so the rain came this week. it sure did. then now it's going to kind of leave us alone for a while which i will explain why in a moment. but here we go with our visibility right now. it looks like 7-mile visibility for half moon bay not too bad and a lot of meters that are measuring the visibility across hayward, san jose, doesn't seem to be too bad but we are seeing it kind of in those valleys. santa rosa, petaluma, no visibility. patchy fog is a concern because the storm is now gone and now basically we are going to have clearing. fog in the morning, sunshine later on. >> fog at the benicia bridge, definitely difficult to see this morning as you are hitting the roads. so reduced visibility along that stretch and your ride heading along highway 4 is
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foggy, as well. interstate 80 eastshore freeway looking good near carlson. 14 minutes to the maze. when you get to the maze, you're going to be tapping on the brakes if you don't have fastrak. 10 minutes from the maze into san francisco. but those cash lanes are backing up. no metering lights yet. we'll let you know when they come on. a lot of public money is going toward legal settlements involving california state government. jackie ward has more from the newsroom. reporter: we have heard of tax money being used to settle sexual harassment claims in the state legislature. but this morning, we are learning that that spending reaches far beyond that. of an investigation done by the "sacramento bee" reveals that more than $25 million have been spent over just the last few years to settle claims against state agencies and public universities. the "bee" says 2 1.3 million of that $25 million was taxpayer
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money and that 92 sexual harassment settlements were reached between july 2014 and june 2017. state senator tony mendoza is currently on an extended leave of absence for alleged sexual misconduct while taxpayers continue to foot the bill for his salary. >> i don't know why the taxpayers should be paying this guy to stay in office. that's just a travesty. we're not only paying him. we're paying his health insurance. we're paying his per diem. we're paying into his retirement account. >> reporter: the "bee" says that multiple state agencies have been involved in harassment claims in recent years including the department of state hospitals, the university of california, and the department of transportation, just to name a few. the department that tops the list is the department of corrections and rehabilitation. in the past three years, 36 claims have been settled to the tune of a little more than $15 million. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> nationally, where does california fall in the amount of money spent on sexual harassment settlements? >> reporter: the "bee" says that over a 30-year period, florida paid $11 million to
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settle claims and new york paid about $5 million in two years. but the numbers the bee revealed, california is surpassing both states. this morning, president trump is pushing his america first policy at the world economic forum in switzerland saying he wants to work out more favorable trade deals for the united states. these are live pictures from the conference our president is about to deliver the keynote speech. the president also denied multiple reports that he wanted to fire special counsel robert mueller last summer but decided against it after the white house counsel threatened to resign. the president reportedly said that mueller, who is investigating alleged russian interference in the 2016 election, had conflict of interest but skeptics say he was trying to shut down the probe. >> he is in some way terrified of where this is going. he does not want to allow the facts to emerge. he does not want the rule of law to prevail. >> mueller is expected to interview the president under
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oath. the two sides are negotiating how the interview will be conducted. now, after the president wraps up his speech in davos today, he will return immediately to the united states. the white house has unveiled a new immigration proposal. it provides a path to citizenship for nearly 2 million illegal immigrants who call themselves "dreamers." kpix 5's anne makovec is live' city college in san francisco with the details of the proposal and reaction. reporter: here at city hall, politicians are dealing with the threat of i.c.e. raids. so a lot happening right now on the immigration front nationwide. this plan now being proposed by the trump administration would put 1.8 million immigrants brought to america illegally by their parents or so-called "dreamers" on a path to citizenship if they meet certain requirements like work, education, and good moral character. in exchange, the white house wants $30 billion in border
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security funding. $25billion of that for that wall on the america/mexico border. some say it's encouraging, others accuse president trump of holding "dreamers" hostage. >> i'm willing to be reasonable and flexible and provide for much enhanced border security and other steps but there are limits. >> try to find a way to have strong border security. >> reporter: the administration says dreamers would be immediately protected from deportation. the plan scales back the visa lottery system and limits legal immigration through close family ties. the president's plan is designed to win 60 senate votes and break a potential filibuster that could trigger another government shutdown next month. many bay area representatives speaking out against the proposal. senator harris said:
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>> reporter: there is going to be a protest here in san francisco coming up at noon. that is in front of the i.c.e. office on sansom street one of many across the country. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a coast guard crew from alameda took part in a operation that stopped 47,000 pounds of cocaine from getting into the u.s. from the coast guard's helicopter and on deck cameras, this is what the war against cocaine getting shipped into the u.s. by sea looks like. the bounty was displayed in san diego yesterday. this is the bounty of a months long operation in international waters in concert with canadian forces. 47,000 pounds of pure uncut cocaine now in federal custody. >> the drugs will not make it to the main streets of america which is a victory in one sense. yet as we view that threat through a wider lens, the scourge of drugs is a challenge to our nation. >> the street value of those
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drugs from 23 different busts, $721 million. a lot of opposition this morning against a new parking plan at bart stations. the idea is to ease congestion by charging more during peak hours. kpix 5's jessica flores has more on the push to free up parking spaces. jessica. reporter: good morning. we are at the fremont station. right now you can see behind me parking is pretty light right now. there's not a lot of people here. that's because it's 5 a.m. but even before 7 a.m., you will see a lot of people circling around the bart station looking for parking. it becomes really packed. and the list to get the reserved parking spaces is really long. so bart board of directors is trying variable pricing one idea they are exploring. the more demand the higher the price. that means during peak hours, like the morning commute, riders would see higher station parking fees and lower prices
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at off-peak times. the current parking pay machines can only charge a single rate so a variable pricing structure would have to come with equipment upgrades. one idea is to use automated license plate readers to charge for parking. two directors representing contra costa county say they are against charging more because it already costs a lot to ride bart. >> let's face it. it's the commute hours. those are working people. those are people who, um, don't have the money to -- to be in their cars. >> reporter: right now, west oakland bart charges $9.50 for parking and is going up to $10 in march. all other stations charge $3 for parking. right now, this variable pricing structure is just a proposal. so no one really is taking a hard stance on either side and they haven't voted on the matter just yet. in order to change the parking structure, it would have to be a two-thirds vote from the bart board of directors.
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jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 5:09. a bay area police department may have broken the law when they denied visas for crime victims. >> and dozens of people are dead as a fire tears through a hospital in south korea. >> some patchy fog may impact your morning drive today. i'll let you know where it's really getting thick and talk about your temperatures ahead of the weekend. >> and your ride along highway 4 out of antioch looking good. nice and light. we are getting reports of an accident not too far from here. we'll take a look at that and how it may impact your ride coming up. cbs eye on the community...
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through a hospital in south korea. the fire... in the city of miryang... als 37 people are confirmed dead after a fire swept through a hospital in south korea. the fire also injured at least 125 people. hospital staff are among the dead including a emergency room doctor. the hospital's director said that current law does not require the building to have a sprinkler system. the fire is reviving concern over safety standards in south korea. this morning, oakland police are admitting they may have broken the law when they rejected dozens of visa applications from illegal immigrants who had been victims
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of crimes. the department's u-visa program provides emergency protection for victims of crime who were cooperating with police in investigations. a person who didn't want to show her face applied for that visa after being held at gunpoint. [ speaking spanish ] >> i'm not sure whether i would be allowed to share my story. >> we have now learned opd was denying applications at a never- before-seen pace! in 2017, the department rejected 144u-visa applications, 13 times more than they rejected in 2015. in a statement, opd said as many as 25 of the 144 rejected certifications in 2017 may have been mistakenly rejected. police aren't say why the applications were denied but people want someone held responsible. san francisco is moving forward with a new navigation center near an area where homeless encampments have obstructed a bicycle path. "the examiner" newspaper says that the 125-bed facility will
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open in may on bayshore boulevard. it's expected to cost more than $6 million in rent and capital improvement over the next 5 1/2 years. it is 5:15 right now. let's check the roads. jaclyn, is it "friday light" or no? >> it's "friday light" in most areas. we're seeing a few slowdowns. at the benicia bridge, this may slow you down, the fog out there, yeah, take a look at that -- you will have some reduced visibility for your ride in. so please be careful. not too far from there, we are tracking a solo car crash westbound 4 at cummings skyway. it doesn't appear to be slowing anyone down yet. traffic is light at this hour so keep it in mind. it may be difficult to see if there's a crash and it's blocking a lane. interstate 80 the eastshore freeway, this is right near carlson, we have about a 14- minute ride from highway 4 down towards the maze. no metering lights just yet. but we are definitely seeing a backup in those cash lanes.
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fastrak, good to go smooth sailing across the span. richmond/san rafael bridge, in the green. travel times, 580 our "super commuters" dealing with slowdowns, 26 minutes between 205 and 680. but your ride along highway 4 still in the green and again, that eastshore freeway just a quick 14 minutes. neda has the forecast. you mentioned some fog out there. i'm noticing it but across the north bay mostly. it looks like right now around the bay all we're seeing is high clouds making for a really cool view once that sun comes up, it will be pretty today our afternoon especially gorgeous. get ready for a really nice looking few days in fact. here's what you can expect. so patchy dense fog this morning. we will have a clear sunny weekend and warmer weather. temperatures will be jumping up about 10 degrees by monday. high pressure will be taking over for days. that's going to be the story as we round out january. here's that visibility where the fog is forming.
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we are seeing visibility dropping now in mountain view to 5 miles but it shouldn't impact too many people's commute out there but santa rosa and petaluma, that's where it looks to be dangerous down to zero-mile visibility. so it will be tough to see heading towards napped, as well. fairfield just cleared up a little bit. temperatures right now feeling cool. 41 in concord. 44 in oakland. 39 in livermore. and 39 in santa rosa. so those temperatures are dropping off a little bit as we reach those early-morning lows and our winds are coming out of the east-northeast in hayward. but a west wind at sfo so a bit of an onshore breeze and offshore breeze so we are getting a mix of it all. but very much it's 3 to 5-mile- per-hour winds. here's our view from uc- berkeley. the lawrence hall of science what a gorgeous glow that is. doesn't look that red in real life not to worry it's just a light from this early-morning hour. here's futurecast what you can expect. so there will be storms but they will be up in the pacific northwest through the weekend. the high pressure will come in from the south and as it moves towards california it's going to knock all the storms to the
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north so we will not get even a drizzle from them. we'll see sunshine in our forecast. most of the clouds will clear up by lunchtime and this afternoon clear skies. temperatures in the 50s today. cloverdale at 53 for your afternoon highs today. a lot of people are craving the snow. they just saw the fresh powder. i have been looking at a lot of twitters for sugar bowl and heavenly and people are enjoying
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it. the lake tahoe forecast looks like this. if anyone is planning to hit the slopes this weekend, it will be really nice. 47 on saturday. 53 degrees on sunday and sunshine. so yes, sunshine on the slopes will be gorgeous. inland jumping up to 70 degrees as that high pressure really takes over. the grammys are coming up and i think james corden is going to be my favorite part. can't wait to see what he does. >> james corden is gearing up with music's biggest night, the grammys. he rolled out the red carpet yesterday as he gets ready to host from madison square garden. this is the first time in 15 years the show is being held in new york instead of l.a. >> if you look at it in the list as like the best weekend festival you could ever imagine, it's all going to
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happen in 3.5 hours. >> the 60th annual grammy awards airs on sunday right here on kpix 5. from the grammys to the oscars, we have learned casey affleck will not be a presenter this year at the academy awards ceremony. affleck who won best actor last year voluntarily withdrew from the event. it's customary for best actor winners to present the best actress award the following year but in light of the "time's up" movement affleck's presence might have stirred some backlash. in 2010 he settled two lawsuits with him who accused him of sexual harassment on the set of one of his films. four warriors heading to the all star game but this year they won't be on the same team. in new draft format team captain lebron james picked warriors superstar kevin durant. >> well, finally somebody picked me number one. that feels pretty good. it will be fun competing against steph, klay and draymond. i'm sure it will be a lot of trash talk throughout the weekend. so i'm looking forward to it. it should be fun. >> we wanted to see them together! it's believed kd was the top
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pick since the players didn't want to televise the draft we'll never know for sure. steph curry is the team captain on the other all-star team. he swooped his current teammates klay thompson and draymond green a. the all star game is set for february 18th at the staples center in los angeles. can the sharks flush the rangers down the drain last night? see why the timberwolves called kevin durant the best scorers in the world and then some coming up.
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there are only five teams in the nba that have beaten the warriors in each of the s. the minnesota timberwolves are one of those teams. and they came howling last night. minnesota was without one of their best players, jimmy butler. he kind of sat back and watched kd fill the stat sheet. first points. game gave curry 14,000 for his career, 24,000 more to reach karim. hank plante loves great passing! around the horn to klay to durant for the three. durant 23 points. hank plante used to be an anchor here on "the big 5". clay's bad pass, minnesota within 5 at one point. but durant was all about sharing the sugar. hands it off to curry for one
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of his24 assists in the last two games for durant. he had 10 rebounds to complete the triple-double. warriors win 126-113. joe thornton had a procedure on his knee ligament yesterday and was not on the ice. in fact, the sharks played their first game without thornton and marleau for the first time since 2004. the sharks called on the cavalry, a robot from the bomb squad dropped the ceremonial first puck. couture scores and shacks up 3- 2 but san jose got burned by the defenseman ryan mcdonough later in the period. he scored the first of his two goals in back-to-back fashion. in fact, that was his first two goals all season. and the rangers beat the sharks 6-5. get out of here telling that you the gaels saint mary's tie a school record with their 15th straight win. they beat byu. i don't know but, i'm ready for the weekend! i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight.
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millions of your taxpayer dollars are being used to settle sexual harassment claims in the state legislature. this morning, the "sacramento bee" reveals that the problem goes to several state departments. >> a new federal plan for immigration does provide some of the protections for "dreamers" that advocates want. but some say it gives up too much on the other side. we'll break it down next.
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at stanford health care, we can now simulate the exact anatomy of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures.
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and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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telecom industry is giving the commission its marching or one bay area mayor is ending his role with the fcc saying the telecom industry is giving the commission its marching orders. >> and we'll take a look at some of the wild weather to hit the bay area over the past 4 hours. >> yeah, after all that wild weather, we are going to see some calming out there. i'll let you know what your
5:30 am
forecast looks like for this weekend. >> things are starting to pick up especially for folks along 880. we are tracking a crash not too far from 880 and 238. we'll have a closer look at that coming up. good morning, it's friday, january 26th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. the president's new plan for immigration provides some relief for the young adults in this country who call themselves "dreamers" but some democrats claim it's not enough. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at city hall in san francisco with the reaction from both sides. reporter: in this case saying yes to letting the "dreamers" stay means saying yes to the wall. so that is a catch-22 for some politicians. here's a look at the plan right now as laid out by the trump administration. it would put 1.8 million immigrants brought to america illegally by their parents on a path to citizenship if they meet certain requirements like
5:31 am
work, education and good moral character. in exchange, the white house wants $30 billion in border security funding, 25 billion of that for the wall. it also scales back the visa lottery system and limits legal immigration through close family ties. it was a big topic at california's gubernatorial debate last night in southern california. >> we all get we're going to have to compromise. but increasing deportation in our cities, um, building a wall at $30 billion, isn't a compromise. >> i think the spread actually suggesting some things that could help the system. he is actually proposing to have a pathway to citizenship for daca which obama never even did! >> reporter: now, the president's plan is specifically designed to get 60 votes in the senate which is enough to protect it from a filibuster because there is the possibility of another looming government shutdown coming next
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month. now, a lot of california's representatives speaking out against this plan. senator dianne feinstein tweeting: there's going to be protests around the country continuing today one at noon here in san francisco in front of the i.c.e. office on sansom street. live at city hall, anne makovec, kpix 5. the palestinian president has issued a defiant response to president trump's threats to cut more u.s. aid if they do not agree to a peace process. the palestinians broke off negotiations after president trump's announcement the u.s. would recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. a spokesman for president mahmoud abbas says the palestinians no longer recognize the u.s. as a mediator in mideast peace talks
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talks. bay area experiencing a variety of wild weather conditions including thunderstorms and hail. neda was excited. >> hail! >> we saw hail out there oh, man. those cells came through quick and it was crazy. >> wild weather out there. a lot of instability. we saw the lightning strikes, thunder and hail and yes even higher elevation snowfall at mount hamilton. a dusting of snow. but also, tahoe look at all this snow. lauren up in tahoe city sent us a picture of her dog. so all our rain means snow up in tahoe. so the dog is definitely enjoying it. here's another great picture around the bay of the rainbow. thank you, carlos in san francisco. a lot of people saw that right around the bay bridge and will in alameda saw some wild weather after his walk just missed the crazy storm with strong rain cells that brought
5:34 am
heavy rain and hail. here's some of the storm totals. 48-hour totals for st. helena look like an inch of rain came through, napa got a half inch, cupertino three-tenths, san francisco about a half inch, as well. so 48-hour storm totals all of that though is now a lot calmer. now of course if you are out and about taking pictures of the weather, please feel free to send them to us. we have a kpix 5 weather watcher group on facebook so you can all join that and be part of it. send us your weather reports and your photographs. now, your forecast for today looks like cool conditions. and a warm weekend coming. so we are going to have high pressure taking over for the next several days. but until then, we also have patchy fog out there. mountain view visibility dropping down to 5 miles. petaluma still stuck at no visibility. take precautions. jaclyn talking about the roads. >> we are tracking some fog along the benicia bridge as well as ned said in the north bay so again please be careful out there. we are tracking a steady line of headlights.
5:35 am
this is as folks are making their way through castro valley along 238. this is right near lewelling so between 580 and 880, definitely getting slow heading there. we are also tracking an earlier accident along 880. it's actually blocking the "a" street off-ramp. and it has shut that down if you are heading northbound that off-ramp closed as well as the intersection blocked in santa clara. ride into hayward slow in the yellow dropped to 40 miles per hour. san mateo bridge still in the green but that westbound site on the right-hand side of your screen there definitely getting fuller out there with more commuters. that's a check of your traffic. back to you. a group of california lawmakers is set to gather at santa rosa city hall this morning to consider the role of public utilities in preventing wildfires. today's meeting is a follow-up to a november 2015 wildfire safety hearing.
5:36 am
last year's wine country wildfires have raised questions about what utilities have learned in the intervening years and what more needs to be done. nearly 100 lawsuits have been filed blaming pg&e for the wine country wildfires. the official cause of the fires hasn't been determined yet. pg&e is already working to reduce wildfire and public safety risk. they have pruned or cut down 30,000 hazardous trees in wildfire-impacted areas. the company will haul way larger wood that has been cut down near its power lines in napa, sonoma, mendocino and lake counties at no cost to property owners. customers must request that the wood be removed. and the program ends on february 28th. it is a growing controversy in california. public money being spent on legal settlements involving state government officials. jackie ward reports. reporter: the numbers are certainly alarming this morning. the "sacramento bee" is reporting that millions of
5:37 am
dollars have been spent on nearly 100 sexual harassment claims in the past three years and the cases go far beyond the state legislature. the issue has trickled down to several state departments including the uc system, the department of state hospitals and the department of developmental services. the "bee" says 2 1.3 million of the 25 million spent on claims was taxpayer money. state senator tony mendoza is currently on an extended leave of absence for alleged sexual misconduct. while his case is being investigated he is on a paid leave of absence courtesy of california taxpayers. >> should taxpayers be footing the bill for a senator's paid leave of absence accused of sexual harassment? >> i think when someone is accused of something, they haven't been found guilty of anything. so when you have an absence or a leave of absence, it should be paid and if you don't pay someone, you're being punitive. >> reporter: the "bee" says that 92 sexual harassment
5:38 am
settlements were reached between july 2014 and june 2017. of those 92, a little more than a third were for at least $100,000. seven of them exceeded half a million dollars. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> how does this $25 million figure compare over time? >> reporter: so that part remains unclear. back in november, the paper reported that the state does not publicize overall litigation costs and the bee is saying this morning that no one in state government admits to tracking harassment cases across departmental lines. san jose mayor sam liccardo is disconnecting from the fcc resigning from a board. the committee's stated goal is to expand high-speed internet access for americans. but sam liccardo says that's not happening. he said: he says it's a mouthpiece for the telecom industry. fcc chairman ajit pai says
5:39 am
bridging the digital divide continues to be his top priority. this is the second time pai is under fire. the former verizon lawyer led the charge to remove the obama- era net neutrality rules in the face of opposition from consumer groups and the public. business at starbucks is not as good as the coffee company's big-wigs had hoped. iane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch" has that and more in your end of the week business report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. stocks mixed yesterday with the dow a new record up 140, nasdaq up 3. as many as 1,000 jobs are on the chopping block in walmart headquarters. half are happening this year. the second round of pink slips in 2019. a setback for philip morris and [ indiscernible ] [ extremely hard to understand ] >> a board of fda advisers voted down several statements the company wants to market a product in the u.s. the device [ indiscernible ] but doesn't
5:40 am
burn them. currently sold in more than 30 countries, marketed as a reduced risk tobacco product. starbucks didn't sell enough coffee to satisfy wall street. it earned $2.25 billion. sales lukewarm over the holidays. customers added food to the orders but didn't gain any new customers. sales this year will be low. >> we understand that the furniture king ikea is trying to save some relationships with a new product. what's this all about? >> reporter: so ikea is coming to the rescue for couples who have a blanket battle. it's introducing the together bundle featuring two single duvets in one package sold for now just in the uk. they come with different thermal sleep ratings, the company saying its swedish sleeping method could help people sleep and save some relationships. >> my wife is always complaining that i hog the blankets. >> you hog the covers? oh!! >> that might be a solution.
5:41 am
iane king hall of "cbsmoneyw atch," thank you. just have three blankets on your bed. it works. 5:40. a sheriff's deputy is getting attention for his approach to dealing with a runaway horse. >> reporter: and a parking shortage at bart stations could leave you paying more during peak times. i'll have more details on this new plan coming up.
5:42 am
5:43 am
forecast in just a few minutes. a lot of opposition this morning... against a new parking at bart st patchy fog around the north bay working its way around the bay, as well. we'll track the fog and let you know where visibility is impacted this morning. also it is a cool start to the day. we'll talk about temperatures coming up. kenny. >> thank you. a lot of opposition this morning against a new parking plan at bart stations. idea is to ease congestion by charging more during peak hours. kpix 5's jessica flores has
5:44 am
more on the push to free up some parking spaces. reporter: we are here at the fremont station and the lot is light right now. by 7 a.m., people are fighting over parking spaces circling bart parking spaces looking for any spaces available. there is a parking shortage. so the bart board of directors is considering an idea called variable pricing. here's how it works. during peak hours, that's during the early-morning commute, folks will see higher prices. if this were actually to go through. and during off-peak times, it would be lower prices. but the current parking payment scheme can only charge a single rate so a variable pricing structure has to come with equipment upgrades. one idea is to use automated license plate readers for parking. west oakland charges $9.50 for parking going up to $10 in march. all other stations charges $3. >> we're being very generous in
5:45 am
how we're pricing and we're not reaching out to gouge our passengers. >> reporter: now, two bart directors representing contra costa county, the far east there, say they are against charging more because it's already costly to ride bart and those folks who do live out in the outer areas tend to park their cars there and then ride into either oakland or san francisco. so it really impacts those people out in the far east areas in contra costa county. now, it would take two-thirds vote in order for this idea to go through but right now they are just mulling over this idea considering it. it is not brought to a vote just yet. live in fremont, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. a sheriff's deputy is an online sensation for his attempts to reason with a runaway horse. take a look. >> come on! can you stop? >> horse is like, nope! deputy spotted the horse galloping down the road in florida. he tried to convince it to stop
5:46 am
and that didn't work so it called in to dispatch and saying we're travel at one horsepower. [ laughter ] >> he is funny. [ laughter ] >> the horse was corralled and returned to its owners. that's cool. >> doesn't want to stop. >> right now we're not tracking horses on the roads. but we'll begin with mass transit. bart is running on time. we have 49 trains in service. ace, muni, caltrain looking good. let's take it over to the roads. oh, bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. the backups it's growing. all the way towards the maze at this point. we are tracking some slow speeds. it's about just under 20 minutes making your way into san francisco across the span. over along the eastshore freeway, this is in hercules right at highway 4. your ride
5:47 am
heading through pinole, starting to get very crowded. you can see all those "diamonds and rubies" in both directions there. we are still in the green. an earlier accident at cummings skyway and a crash in the backup near alhambra involving a rollover crash. so definitely some injuries there. our sensors are showing green. foggy conditions in the area. you don't want to be going too fast. reduced visibility along 680. let's check in with neda da on the forecast. >> the fog is around the bay now. it's officially arrived throughout san francisco. look at this. coit tower was in sight and now not so much.
5:48 am
here's another view of the clouds coverage right over the city skyline. low-lying clouds doesn't impact visibility this morning. we have patchy fog to warn you about throughout the morning. it will be a cool start to the day. the weekend will warm up nicely so mother nature cooperating. you have a nice saturday and sunday. we have a very long dry spell ahead. get used to sunshine. that's what we are going to see a lot of. it's cool 38 in livermore and 39 in santa rosa. so temperatures in the 30s and 40s to start off your friday. and visibility is down low especially now in livermore. petaluma, santa rosa, still dealing with very low visibility because of that dense fog. and the winds are variable. we are getting some east winds in oakland and hayward and
5:49 am
fremont. but an onshore wind in san francisco, it seems to be really calm though out there, 3 to 5-mile-per-hour winds except for fairfield west-southwest winds at 9. sunrise at7:18. it should be cool. we'll see a few clouds so once daylight hits, we are going to see gorgeous skies. there are a few systems reaching the pacific northwest but high pressure will take over. wife a long dry spell. we'll see santa ana conditions for southern california because of that high pressure. so it looks like critical fire weather will be returning to the state. temperature-wise today cool. but these temperatures are going to bump up a few degrees for the next few days. sunnyvale 57. palo alto 57 for your high today. over in the these bay 57 in pittsburg and 57 for you in
5:50 am
fairfield. temperatures in the mid-50s today. santa rosa will be cooler. 53 same with andrew bogut 52 degrees. your travel weather if you are planning to head out this weekend, lake tahoe in the 30s. sacramento in the 50s. and temperatures will be warming up there, as well. the storm that brought us the rain brought them a nice amount of snowfall for the ski resorts. saturday, sunday temperatures will be on the rise inland. look at this monday still warming up to near 70.
5:51 am
that's a look at your forecast. time now 5:50. one bay area school district is taking extra precautions after test results show unacceptable levels of lead. >> plus, housing advocates in one bay area city are poised to advance a ballot measure aimed at preventing unwarranted evictions.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
unified district have some water fountains shut off, because of good morning. temperatures below average today. we should be 58 in san francisco. we'll be the mid-50s instead. close to average for this time of the year. >> no delays across the golden gate bridge. your ride looking fantastic as you make your way into san francisco. different story at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are on. and we are tracking just about a 15-minute ride heading into san francisco from the maze. the backup not quite on the eastshore freeway yet. kenny. six schools in the becker unified school district have water fountains shut off because of lead contamination at berkeley high, willard middle school as well as three elementary schools and a
5:55 am
preschool in berkeley unified school district. the water fountains were found in violation of district guidelines for drinking water. the schools did the testing last month and turned the water off last week after getting results. letters were sent to parents with information about the test findings and plans for correction. today affordable housing advocates in san francisco will be submitting a petition to the city's election department. they are submitting 20,000 or so signatures to qualify a no eviction without representation initiative for the june ballot. the ballot initiative seeks to make san francisco the first california city to provide tenants a right to counsel against eviction. a poll by the firm public policy polling finds about 60% of likely voters in the city would support the proposed initiative by a 2:1 margin. a driver is facing charges after a messy hit-and-run crash in morgan hill. yesterday afternoon, one car rammed into another in monterey and cosmo avenue and crashed into a fire hydrant.
5:56 am
you can see the entire road there was flooded once that fire hydrant busted open. a driver and passenger got out of the car and tried to run. police did arrest one of them. the passenger in the other car had minor injuries. a man has filed a lawsuit after a marriott hotel valet in florida gave the keys to his ferrari to the wrong guy! according to the police report, the suspect implied the yellow ferrari was his. despite not having a valet ticket, the valley gave the man the keys to the exotic car and he drove away. he is now charged with grand theft. the owner of the ferrari is suing the marriott hotel and the valet company saying it cost him $10,000 in repairs. well, it seems like california has a sexual harassment problem at the expense of taxpayers. we'll break down the numbers next. >> plus, we are getting some new numbers showing a spike in car break-ins in san francisco and how many are unsolved. cbs eye on the community...
5:57 am
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prepares to take center stage at the world economic forum today. what he's saying about new information being reported in the russia investigati president trump prepares to take center stage at the world economic forum today. what he is saying about new information being reported in the russia investigation. plus a federal and state battle bruise over legal recreational marijuana, one california lawmaker is coming up with a banking plan for businesses. >> an investigation under way after a chp crewser crashes into a car during a chase. good morning, it's friday, january 26th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn, of course, is tracking our commute. how are things looking out there? >> well, i hate to say it but we're starting to say good-bye to "fda


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