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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  January 27, 2018 7:00am-7:30am PST

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frightening moments for c-h-p officers in santa barbara county.. the newly released video this morning... that shows just how da a heartening moment for officers in santa barbara. a video that shows how dangerous things got in the montecito mudslides. a deadly blast and attack kills dozens of people and urgings -- and injures more than 100, the chaos that unfolded in afghanistan. we begin with a check on your forecast. chile out there, patchy fog, but we are looking at a sunny day. some clouds over the bay bridge
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this morning. temperatures right now, chile in oakland, 39, 35 in livermore. 40 in san jose, 43 in concord. we are seeing clouds staying well to the north today. we will stay dry with a high pressure firmly in place for the next i would say, 7-10 days. no rain on the horizon just yet. what we are going to see, plenty of sunshine. we will talk more about that your full forecast. a quick look at your temperatures today, we are just a tad bit above average for this time of year. more coming up. a deadly explosion rocked the capital of afghanistan. officials say an attacker driving an ambulance packed with bombs that need them -- detonated them. this morning, the taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack. san francisco police made a rare arrest, the actually caught someone breaking into a car. the 26-year-old person broke into the car. this comes as the das office
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told the chronicle that there has been 81,000 car break-ins reported in the past seven years and average of 85 per day. only 13 arrests in total. this issue has many in san francisco calling for changes. abbe areas -- kenneth comfrey is accused of lying in wait and stealing five dollars and a bottle of cologne. he was arrested on may 23 and been -- and has been sitting in jail ever since. the legal system is taking a closer look at bail reform for those who cannot afford to buy their freedom. >> this practice of simply setting bail, based on these charges without any consideration of the person's
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financial ability to pay violates the constitution. judges are so used to setting these high bales and do it routinely without thinking. this system says you can't even do that. >> there was legislation to completely overhaul the bail system. one proposed alternative is a supervised relief with electric monitoring. a tool to track down undocumented immigrants, the feds are tapping bay area technology to make it happen. they just signed a contract with vigilant solutions. they provide license plate and facial recognition. the deal will allow ice to use images to capture undocumented immigrants. >> it's concerning to hear the ice now has access to a license plate reader database that is a potential way to target community members, they could use it to a there immigration enforcement efforts. >> that would include not
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sharing information from license plate users. >> atlantic magazine reports they have more than 2 billion images of license plates in their massive database. immigration activists are demanding the release of a father who has been in ice custody for months. he is at the west county detention center in richmond. he was detained in october by eyes after dropping his daughter off at preschool. activists rallied outside the office in san francisco yesterday.>> i missing a mother of three girls. it's taking a toll on me physically, emotionally, financially. were devastated. >> ice says he has been deported to mexico three times since 2003 and has passed convictions for fraudulent identification and ui. the number of flu deaths in the bay area this season is up to 18 which includes seven in costa county, five in santa clara,
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two in santa clara county -- san mateo county. the health bartman says the death toll across california is up to 97. a dramatic video, a chp cruiser being swept away by deadly mudslides. it started when two officers were headed to a fire. >> i was emotional because i realized, we almost lost two officers that morning. >> reporter: this was an out-of- control california highway patrol unit swept away by mud and boulders in montecito on january 9 during an unfolding catastrophe. the captain says her heart sunk seeing the dash camera video but despite the helpless moments, an officer was able to get the vehicle going the right direction under its own power again.>> i'm so grateful that they were able to get out of that. >> reporter: still recovering, the two officers in this vehicle see a pedestrian in the
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driving rain where the mud it had a -- where the mud is headed. they had been briefed the night before about the in -- before the forecasted mudslide. >> they were responding to the explosion and the structure fire. you can see in the video, and the background of the video, they had no idea that the hillside was coming down. >> reporter: they quickly reengaged the incident and relate information that led to freeway shutdown. >> there is an active mudslide coming down. it overtook the vehicle as we were going north. we were babel -- we were able to barely escape. there was a lot of debris coming down. >> reporter: nearby officers were reporting dangerous conditions. >> we will need loaders and equipment. highway 192 is almost impossible.>> reporter: -- >>
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they had vital information released to other units to shut down highways so that we did not have as many people impacted or killed on the freeway. >> reporter: these officers told residents that they sought to go inside so they would not get hit by the mud flow.>> they are absolute heroes in this. they have saved many lives. >> terrifying video. as of this morning, a two-year- old girl and a 17-year-old girl are still missing. the president is back at the white house this morning after a brief trip to switzerland he spoke at the economic form to tout his america first agenda. reporters pressed him on a new york times report that he tried to fire the head of the russia investigation.
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the white house counsel threatened to quit, earlier this week the president says he looks forward to speaking with robert mueller oh under oath . department of water resources now estimates the price tag will be $870 million. an increase of 32% from october. the largest chunk, $500 million will cover reconstruction of two spillways that broke down last february. the work is expected to be done next fall. other projects include clearing debris from a river channel and relocating powerlines. they are hoping fema will provide reimbursements for 75% of this total cost. the governor is setting a new target for sero-omission cars in california. he signed an executive order calling for 5 million zero omission cars by 2030. the 2 1/2 billion dollar plan would expand subsidies for people who by omission free
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vehicles and bill 250,000 vehicle charging stations. part of the governor's push to advance an ambitious climate initiative. some of the money would come from the states camp and trade program. a study says that pulling out of the paris accord will have a devastating impact on the future of the california landscape. it says these changes will make fire season worse across the state. lisa meadows has more on this. >> reporter: devastation plugged in california last near -- last year as the worst fire season on record devastated the state of california. seems like this could be even more widespread in the future according to new research out of uc davis.>> the climate change, in terms of plants it's a drying out that we will see. >> reporter: doctor james doran has studied the effect of climate change across vegetation in the golden state. >> the sierra nevada, the
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valley, the la-san diego regions, they have high levels of climate risk. >> reporter: of special concern, the area between the foothills and sierra which has suffered tremendous tree loss due to the drought. they are seeing the effects year-round. >> we always talk about file -- we always talk about wildfire season. >> reporter: the current to measure standards -- the current emission standards will not stand up to this risk. >> by the end of the century, 50% of the landscape is at high climate risk. >> reporter: by simply using the standards, the dangers could be cuts. >> we have a lot of lands that are at risk but it's between 20 and 30%. >> reporter: researchers hope politicians will use the data to make decisions to prevent devastating changes from happening. >> they hope it will help the state better manage resources
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in the future. a grandmother takes on an armed robber who comes storming into her store. it was all caught on tape. the battle intensifies over the remains of charles manson. the self-proclaimed error -- the new self-proclaimed error fighting over the state.
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of a grandmother.. trying to fight off a robber! this happened at the los angeles she owns. yo video of a grandmother trying to fight off a robber. this happened at this longitudinal is -- of this los angeles minimart. the robber comes in and demands money. the grandmother tries knocking the gun out of his hand while he is pointing it at her. he ended up putting his gun away and got away with $50. police are looking for a bank robber, he robbed a chase branch new the stoneridge mall near -- around 10:00 yesterday
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morning. he was in a green beanie with dark rimmed glasses. police are unsure of the amount of money he stole. disturbing pictures on facebook has launched an investigation that may make you think twice about using a shopping cart or putting your child in one. a woman posted these pictures on facebook. she claims meet vendors used carts from a nearby costco to transport raw meat into 99 ranch without wrapping it up. people on facebook were tagging the santa clara county health department asking them for an inspection on 99 ranches meet handling. 99 ranch apologized saying they will investigate the case further. filing a complaint against their meat vendor. costco says all shopping carts at the northeast san jose sore have been -- store have been sanitized. a woman came forward making her claim to the late killers the state. >> if a grandson can't say that he loves his grandfather, then,
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our world a little messed up. >> reporter: the grandson of charles manson wants grant -- wants manson cremated. his grandfather died without a will and says he did not know he was related to manson until he was 11 years old. he had an eight year relationship with manson. he says he wants to give his grandfather a proper burial. >> i love my grandfather. everyone makes mistakes, i'm not talking about the mistakes he has made, placing judgment. i don't want anyone judging me for my past. for my past choices, he did his time. >> reporter: the killers penpal michael channels wants control of the remains. he claims manson filed a will in 2002 naming hitting -- naming him executor of the estate. manson wanted to be cremated. >> no one will know except for
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me. >> reporter: a woman who believes she is the daughter of manson showed up after the hearing and filed the petition on behalf of her half-brother who claims he is also manson's child. she says she is a copy of manson's will. >> i just wanted to have a proper burial.>> reporter: in los angeles, kpix5. there's a lot of opposition this morning to a new parking plan at parts station. the idea is to ease congestion but charging more during peak hours to make more for charging places. no word yet on how much more money it would cost if the new parking plan is approved. if the board approves it it would be another year or two before implemented. excitement over winter snow is called in -- is causing a mess in the roads.
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50 years of baseball in oakland. nba warriors, a big possible nba final preview. later on, the boston celtics at oracle. this is awful, the marcus cousin, into the pelicans game against the rockets. he pulled up lame. he was just picked for the all- star game. a torn left achilles tendon. his season is over. that injury could cost him a calendar year. last night, the stanford women's fast ball franchise, home cooking against arizona state. a big block, a night against the 25th ranked sun devils. quickly became the 39th cardinal to get the thought he does not to get the thousand point mark. one last night over arizona state. 74-15. does macau by 24. that is your sports update at this hour.
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have a terrific one. i will see you later on. a new push to get people to the slopes. a subway in the sky is a gondola that would move people all the way to the ski resort without using any road. they say it would be another tourist attraction that would clear up traffic and parking for locals.>> the cities used to use underground subways. a subway in the sky is something that really offers grand vistas, a way to get people moving from place to place. >> new resident say they are in favor of this proposal but it's just a concept. no word on when this idea will be off the ground.>> i think that would be super co just saying. >> we have snow in the forecast. -- do we have snow in the forecast?>> no snow in the forecast. this is the indication for the mountain snowfall totals. above average for this time of
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year. looking good in terms of the rain bucket but right now we need more before the end of the raining season. right now we are good without rain or snow on the horizon. outside right now, a mixture of high and mid-level clouds. fog as well. current temperatures in the 40s for the most part. some locations running warmer than we saw 24 hours ago. satellite perspective shows the storm track, the northern portion of the state, high pressure holding it off keeping us dry with clouds for portions of the north bay today. the clouds begin to clear out with more sunshine and warmer temperatures on the horizon. high pressure continues sunday through midweek and it means
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temperatures will increase as well. as we make our way over the next couple of days, three things to remember. patchy fog this morning to begin. cold this afternoon, mild weather conditions moving in for sunday and monday. slightly warmer for you. the storm track stays to the north, likely all week next week. staying dry for the scene -- for the foreseeable future. three or two above in san francisco, concord, oakland, right around average for this time of year. topping out in the low 60s for the warmer spots in the south bay. looking at 50 for morgan hill, 61 in san jose. inland temperatures topping out in the upper 50s. 58 in pittsburgh, 60 in san ramon. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s for richmond, oakland, san leandro. 58 in south toledo. 57 in daly city. up north, temperatures are cooler. 60 in windsor, here is a look at that extended forecast. not a drop of rain on the horizon. looking at a few clouds today with more sunshine on sunday and monday.
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temperatures increasing into the mid to upper 60s for the warmer locations inland. temperatures continuing to build as we near the end of next week topping out in the upper 60s by thursday and friday of next week. back to you. during her childhood today, this scholar moved around a lot and switch schools. it began to take a toll. this high school senior is eager to make history in her family. >> a cool classroom project in physics. a lesson in energy in movement. one she finds familiar in her own life. she and her mother were on their own during childhood. >> she did a good job of like, making sure that i didn't know how hard it was for her. but, i could tell, it was not
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easy. >> reporter: moving frequently and switching schools was common. >> every time i went to a new school i didn't think i would be there for long. i had this idea of not trying to make friends or build relationships because i wouldn't be there long. >> reporter: she especially remembers the grueling morning commute between antioch and san francisco. >> i would get barely any sleep. i would sleep in class. my teachers would like, not get mad at me but like, they would not really try to understand what was happening with this situation. >> reporter: after 10 different schools by her account, she planted roots during her sophomore year at light has community charger in oakland. >> vibrance and optimism, her sense of hopefulness, respirations were beyond what you would see in almost any student.
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>> reporter: her family life change for the better with a stepfather and for younger siblings. now, both parents are cheering her on to college. >> where we lived, there's nothing here that would help. you need to go to college. getaway to be successful. >> reporter: she cried when she filled out her first college application. it is finally real. >> i have no idea what i'm going into. i think that is what's exciting as well. there is a lot to see and to learn. i will. >> reporter: be sure to meet our other sra student scholars. learn more about sra by going to our website. for students rising above, i'm reporting. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california
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and do your thing.
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awards. the music industry's best and brightest are in new york city for the grammy awards. >> many attendees this year are expected to wear white roses in
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support of the me two and times up movement after spending about 14 years in los angeles, the shows this year, are moving back to new york.>> it will make a statement. the grammys is the place to do it.>> jay-z has the most nods with eight nominations. 77-year-old neil diamond will receive the lifetime achievement award this year. the grammy awards air this sunday right here on kpix5. the red carpet starts at 3:30 followed by the award show at 4:30. stay tuned for a special edition of kpix5 news after the grammys.
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