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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 30, 2018 3:12am-4:00am PST

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the eyes of these children, and that you will answer their cries for help. it's so simple. it takes so little. so pick up the phone or go online now. and may god bless you for following your heart. >> our work here is saving people's lives. it's saving the lives of innocent little children. so it's very important not to procrastinate. do something right now. you can save lives. what a joyous feeling this will bring to your heart. what a feeling of satisfaction, of doing the right thing, of doing what is good, of doing what god commands. >> we have the capability to help them. that's why we should help them. >> every day that i don't reach out and help is another day that a child is literally going hungry. >> i just want to make a difference, you know, and not just say it, but do it.
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>> the amount doesn't matter that much. it's the action of giving, the action of being concerned. >> i feel like when i give, i truly understand on a deeper level what jesus truly meant when he said, "it is better to give than to receive." >> when you make someone feel that they're not alone and they're not forgotten and there are people who care and love, that you've changed the world. >> announcer: right now, you have the power to save the lives of children who may die from starvation and disease. children are waiting for your help today. please, call now. the preceding program was sponsored by food for the poor. the preceding program was
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pay cash for the vehicles, and within hours, those vehicles can be in the hands of a terrorist
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cell. >> led calls to outlaw the resail of emergency vehicles. >> the very thing that you had warned against a decade ago is still there. >> there it is. yes. >> there is still no clear regulations governing the resale of ambulances. he pointed out last year's ariana grande concert. . >> that is the sort of place where the risk of one of these vehicles entering the cordoned off zone and the minutes immediately after the explosion takes place is a very high risk. >> we contacted the home office, britain's counter-terrorism authority repeatedly and were told they are looking into it. fully operational emergency vehicles are not allowed on the website and they are reviewing the ads we pointed out. >> thank you very much.
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>> who knew a fit bit could give away valuable information about the military? >> how an enemy could skrcrape this information off the intern internet. >> tom versus talk radio. brady defends his five-year-old daughter. >> my daughter or any child, they don't deserve that. >> kids on chicago's south side are learning to make their next move alongside police officers. >> i can't believe you took the queen! oh, sorry i'm late, sir.
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when you said you were at the doctor,
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but your shirt says you were at a steakhouse... that's when you know it's half-washed. add downy odor protect with 24-hour odor protection. downy and it's done. run the risk of being discovered by the enemy every time they go for a run while wearing exercise trackers, including fit bits. david martin reports the pentagon is doing a broad review of these devices. >> a map of their locations and activities worldwide. a security breach the pentagon did not find out about until a 20-year-old australian student discovered it. nathan russert came out with a map for athletes which showed two years worth of satellite tracking data uploaded from fit
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bits and other fitness devices. u.s. bases are identifiable and mappable he tweeted. like this american special operations base in syria. >> it took us seconds to really gather some information that really should not be publicly available. any child can do this. >> the location of these and many other bases, such as these spots of light in afghanistan were previously known. commercial satellites had already exposed the layout of this american base in the horn of africa before it lit up the map. mining the gps data collected by strava can reveal the pattern of activity at the base, down to the identities of individual soldiers and the roots thutes t take. >> we can find out how do they move? you know, how do they connect with other bases? >> what kind of patrol roots do they have around the area. >> social networks are a hall
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mark of the modern era. jeffrey lewis says a lot more than just personal information ends up on those networks. >> there is actually one trace that shows a person doing loops as he or she jogs around some nuclear weapons stored in turkey. so while, yes, i think to some extent this is the new era we live in, this is a frightening example of that era. >> jeff, this breach could go well beyond the military, to include intelligence officers, and anyone else who used a fitness device while working at a sensitive location. >> david martin, thank you for that report tonight. still ahead here, the man who heads the recording academy, and why so few women were nominated nor grammys. hold together. a little to the left.
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rescue workers only trust dawn, because it's tough on grease yet gentle. i am home, i am home, i am home irk t >> weei's alex riemer talked last week about a new brady documentary, tom versus time. >> brady is in the kitchen, his kid is being an annoying little pissant. >> someone had made a comment about my daughter or something like that.
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so i'll evaluate whether i want to come on this show again. i really don't have much to say this morning. >> the host who made the comment has been suspended. brady goes for his sixth super bowl ring on sunday against the philadelphia eagles. >> the grammy awards last night are drawing some criticism on social media. alessia cara was the only woman to win a major award, best new artist. a recent study found in the past five years, only 9% of grammy nominees were women. the president gave this explanation to reporters, quote, i think it has to begin with women who have the creativity in their hearts and souls to step up. because i think they would be welcome. a chicago woman has come up with a strategy for keeping kids out of trouble. that story is next. >> announcer: this is sponsored by farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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finally tonight, 187 people have been shot in chicago so far this year. now a woman touched by the violence is helping shield kids from it. taking them from some of the toughest blocks to some of the friendliest. >> his opponent on the run. >> check. >> one who is usually in the business of pursuing others. >> oh, man. this kid. >> on chicago's south side. officers meet neighborhood kids on equal ground. >> that is the first move. >> the squares of a chess board. they are brought together by
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radel lacey who started a program called not before my parents. >> that is his dad. >> two years ago, we sat down with her. >> he got hit in the head. and he was slumped over. >> just days after her grandson e.j. was shot in the head at 19. >> oh, god, oh, god. >> he was one of 771 chicagoans killed in 2016. her daughter was also murdered. in their mentmory, she vowed toe a part of the solution. >> that just doesn't go together. it's just not right. >> two years later, she is delivered on that promise, and not before my parents uses chess as the tool. >> with chess, you think. you focus. i want to beat him.
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and i don't have to beat him with these, i can beat him with this right here. >> she even drives kids to weekly lessons, and monthly matches with police officers that she hopes will build trust. >> how are you doing now against this officer? >> dieppe m >> demolishing him. >> every time he sees me, he says, i beat him in chess. >> is this your grandson's legacy? >> yes, it is. i know he's looking proud. like go nana. go nana, y'all go. >> she lost her cherished grandson, but her family and her impact continue to grow. >> and we are looking at her proud as well. that is the overnight news for this tuesday. for some of you the news continues, for others check back with us later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new
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york city. >> announcer: this is the cbs overnight news. >> welcome to the overnight news. president trump goes before a joint session of congress tonight to deliver his first state of the union address. the president is expected to highlight what he calls the accomplishments of his first year in office, the tax cut, deregulation and a soaring stock market. he's also expected to layout plans for immigration reform and a massive infrastructure project. >> we worked on it hard. covered a lot of territory, including our great success with the marks and the tax cut. >> for a president who often complains that his successes are under reported, the unfiltered prime time address is a key opportunity to push his agenda. >> it will be must-watch tv. >> advisors say the president
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will echo many of the business friendly themes he spoke about last week in davos. >> america is open for business. and we are competitive once again. >> the highlights, a promise of improved trade deals. a $1.7 trillion plan to revitalize infrastructure, and a request to congress for $25 billion to construct a border wall with mexico. he'll offer to make 1.8 million undocumented immigrants future citizens. >> we are going to get something done. we hope it's going to be buy part at this sbuy -- buy partisan. >> one thing absent from the speech, the russia investigation hanging over the white house. >> but he doesn't feel a need to address it. >> i think we've addressed it every single day that we have been here. no one cares about this issue, and it is certainly not the thing that keeps people up at night. we would love to talk about the things that do, and my guess is that will be the focus of the
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president's state of the union tomorrow. >> the president and first lady have invited 15 guests to attend the address. they include two injured veterans, and five individuals who have personal ties to the immigration crackdown including victims of ms-13 gang members. >> a year into the trump presidency, is the country better off? >> i believe it is doing much better. the stock market, i know eventually it will end. but i think the economy is doing much better. i'm seeing more jobs. >> i completely disagree. i don't think it's doing any better. sure, the economy is getting better. but the economy is not the only thing that we have to look at when we are describing the country as a whole. you know, racial tensions are increasing among whites and blacks. healthcare is a crisis in this country. we've got the opioid crisis, i don't think the country is doing any better than it was. >> financially, we are doing much better. i think that with the addition
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of gorsich our supreme court has improved. on the flip side, there are breaks in the american culture. it's unfortunate, i wish, i hope that we can get back to a point in which americans look at america and we are proud to be americans, and we are not divided up into, you know, african-americans, and hispanic americans, we are all just americans. i wish we could go that way. >> you can watch the state of the union address right here on cbs, coverage begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern. the fbi is looking for a new deputy director after andrew mccabe abruptly walked away from his post. mccabe came under fire from president trump for his role in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. he's also a central figure in the investigation of russian political interference, and possible obstruction of justice. the white house insists it had nothing to do with mccabe's decision to leave.
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>> reporter: sources tell cbs news, fbi deputy director andrew mccabe was strongly encouraged to step down. and the investigation into the clinton private e-mail server may have played a role. in a message sent to fbi employees this afternoon, director christopher wray mentioned the results of an inspector general review of that probe, and said the fbi must perform at the highest standards. >> i fully complied with every rule that i was governed by. >> mccabe oversaw the clinton investigation but became a lightning rod for critics, especially president trump, after it was revealed his wife received almost $700,000 from democratic party sources in her unsuccessful bid for the virginia senate. >> mccabe got more than $500,000 from essentially hillary clinton and is he investigating clinton? >> mccabe oversaw the russia investigation when it was run by the fbi. after president trump fired
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james comey, mccabe became acting director. he laceration remained loyal to comey. >> is it accurate that the rank and file no longer supported director comey? >> no, sir that is not accurate. >> in recent weeks, president trump has stepped up his criticism of mccabe, tweeting he was racing the clock to retire with full benefits. >> there is a perception problem out there, that is not going away. >> former assistant director of the fbi. >> i think the white house has applied its fair share of pressure, but what is unknown is the new director of the fbi, something caused the director to act. >> attorney general jeff sessions had also pressured fbi director wray to get rid of mccabe. the white house says it has nothing to do with today's action, he stands by his criticism. >> we are not halfway through the flu season, and it's already the worst in nearly a decade. the cdc says 37 children have
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already died from complications of the virus, and entire school districts have been closed down because so many teachers and students are sick. from hard hit dallas. >> reporter: schools across the country are fighting the flu. classroom by classroom. today a high school in dallas resumed classes after it let crews disinfect entire school property. a senior with a low grade fever and isn't taking any chances after her brother was sick with the flu. school nurse saw more kids in the clinic than in the classroom. >> this year it really is unprecedented. i probably saw about 30 kids in here on monday. and sent ten home. >> the flu is widespread in 49 states. and the cdc says 39 of those have especially high activity. schools in at least 12 states
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have cancelled classes for a few days for cleanup and recovery. the flu shut down classes today for the 815 students at st. thomas aquinas in dallas. more than 10% of the student body got sick. >> even if we miss anything that the kids will have a chance to go home, get healthy and not bring the virus back to school. >> it has been a tough flu season so far this year. >> doctor daniel jernigan with the cdc says the strain of the flu is hitting patients over 65 very hard. but other strains of the flu are taking a toll on younger patients. >> since the winter holidays, we have seen kids are making u predominant amount of illness. they are taking it back to school. it's getting transmitted there and i think that is really what is driving a lot of this visit toss the outpatient clinic right now. >> one of the reasons that the flu spreads so fast in schools is that students are in close quarters, and they share
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>> announcer: this is the cbs overnight news. >> the form suit cal industdela 13 states suing drug makers, the state's attorney general targeting the entire opioid supply chain, from manufacturers to distributor to chain drug stores. the industry isn't taking this lying down. they've unleashed a massive lobbying campaign. >> reporter: more than 30 state attorneys general are investigating and negotiates and the pharmaceutical industry to try and reach a settlement over the opioid crisis, a number of ags have lost patience. now there is a high stakes campaign to get them to drop
3:41 am
their cases and make sure more states don't sue so they can contain potential damages. >> enjoy every day that i live. i can really enjoy myself. >> that was the message to 15,000 dall 15,000 doctors in 1998. the company that made $38 billion from the painkiller objection i didn objection i didn oxycontin. >> it pled guilty to misbranding in 2007. the company continued deceptive marketing through 2014. >> if you go back 20 years in ohio you can see the number of pain meds prescribed in ohio start going up like that. >> last may, he sued four other pharmaceutical manufacturers. >> i would love for these other drug companies to follow me around, just one day. give me one day.
3:42 am
and i'll show you what you have done to the people in the state of ohio. >> purdue tried to persuade them to drop the lawsuit and negotiate instead. writing litigation takes years, and the costs for both sides are significant. >> there is a lot at stake for them. and so they have been very aggressive, they have lawyered up. they have hired lobbyists. >> and they've opened the war chests. donations from drug companies to political associations for state ags have ris seen. over 1.7 million to republicans. >> so you have some of the very companies that have manufactured opioids under active investigation or potentially under investigation, donating tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to these ag organizations. >> the republican ag association told us they have an obligation to the people to hear from all
3:43 am
sides. their democratic counterpart said they hear from a wide variety of voices. the contributions are legal. they allow companies to gain access to the ags at exclusive meetings, golf outings, and high end dinners. opioid manufacturers and distributors spent over a hundred thousand dollars to partially sponsor this meeting in san francisco. >> that was something else. the opening dinner last night. >> and at a meeting in may, two opioid companies who had given the democratic ag association a confin combined $65,000 got to speak in a panel in oregon. told the group they were not responsible for the opioid crisis according to several attendees. >> there are no rules when it comes to lobbying state ags. they don't have to say how much they are being paid or who they meet with. pur duch
3:44 am
they told us it is deeply troubled by the opioid crisis. >> the cbs overnight news will be right back.
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60% of women are wearing the wrong size pad and can experience leaks discover always my fit. find the number that's right for your flow and panty size on the top of any always pack. the better the fit, the better it protects. always. bruno mars was the big winner at sunday's grammy awards. he won in six categories, including three of the biggest.
3:47 am
kendrick lamar walked out with five awards. super star ed sheeran won best solo album. he caught up with sheeran in his hometown. >> when was the last time you got fish and chips? >> a couple of weeks ago. >> yeah. >> cod and chips. >> to hear him talk about the place he grew up, he wonder why he ever left. >> what is special about this place? >> the best fish and chips in england. >> then you realize in a way he never did. >> are you a vinegar guy? >> vinegar and salt, yeah. >> ed sheeran will be 27 next month, not just the hottest thing in the pop music business, he seems to have reinvented it.
3:48 am
>> i usually jump up on here. >> why don't we just sit on a wall. >> here we go. ♪ i'm in love with the shape of you. >> shape of you, the lead single from his latest album, debuted at number one on the charts and stayed there for a remarkable 12 weeks. it remained in the top 10 for 33 consecutive weeks, the longest ever run in billboard's 59-year history. the music video of shape of you has been streamed 3 billion times. that's billion with a b. >> is that the fly technique. >> the good thing here is middle of winter or summer, the weather is always the same. >> yeah. it's quite nice here in summer. ♪ i'm on my way. >> when he released two single tracks from that album, instead of the usual one, people said he was crazy that they would fight each other. >> there is no one way to do it
3:49 am
anymore. >> not necessarily. >> this is good fish. >> good, isn't it? >> but he was right. both songs shot into the top 10 like a bullet. shape of you at number one, and castle on the hill at number six. ♪ my first kiss on a friday night, i don't recognize. ⌞> here on england's east coast where he grew up, he still eats his lunch one chip at a time. >> no one has treated me any different. still the same people working at fish and chips treat me the same. >> if the same means like a local hero. >> when i was six years old, i broke my leg. >> there is a method to his success. first write songs about stuff you know ♪ i was running from my brother and his friends. >> this is castle on the hill. ♪ over the castle on the hill. >> this is the castle on the hill. this is what the song is about. >> this is a legitimate teenage
3:50 am
hang out where you and your pals would come on a -- >> yeah. >> friday night. >> yeah. this is the spoke the. >> with continubeer i suppose. >> you would get 20 cans and sit on that hill. i'm in love with the place. much like springsteen would write about new jersey i guess. ♪ you are my one and only. >> beyond writing the songs, sheeran wrote his own rules about how to sell them. like so many others, he had set off for london as a teenager, singing on street corners and in pubs. he didn't knock on doors or wait to be discovered. instead he began marketing his own stuff, releasing his music himself on websites, until a record label came calling. ♪ a small bump i know you will grow. >> the record company offered you 20,000. >> yeah. >> and you had already earned
3:51 am
half a million on your independent sales? >> what i didn't have was infrastructure. they have an american label, a japanese label. that is what i was signing for. >> you would say it paid off? >> yeah, definitely ♪ >> by the time his first album came out in 2011, he called it plus. he had already made following. it moved into the top five around the world. ♪ people fall in love in mysterious ways ♪ >> his next album he called multiply. he has a thing for math. it hit number one in the u.k. and the united states ♪ baby now ♪ >> and it's hard to go to a wedding these days without the bride and groom dancing to the big single from that one, thinking out loud. ♪ thinking out loud ♪ >> whether sheeran will dance to it at his own wedding, he just announced he and his high school
3:52 am
sweet heart are engaged isn't known. >> that was me at the beginning of my career. >> because you wanted the music to speak or because -- >> no, i didn't like the way i look on film. yeah. deep. >> you seem to have gotten over it. >> no, i just can't hold it back now. my songs sell morph i'm e if i'e video. >> boy, do they sell. he may be a worldwide mag ega s now, but to his fans he seems like a small act that made it big. he says thanks to them. ♪ so you can keep me ♪ >> who helped you first. >> the fans. it was file sharing. i know that is a bad thing to say, because i'm part of the mu music industry. >> that is code for piracy. >> it was what made me. students in england going to the university sharing my songs with each other. >> what is your view on file
3:53 am
sharing now? >> i don't think file sharing exists now. i feel like it's so easy to stream. ♪ everything has changed ♪ >> ed sheeran ladies and gentlemen. >> he's written for other stars like taylor swift and justin bieber. ♪ you should go and love yourself ♪ >> and he's also written for the movies. this for the lord of the rings series. ♪ i see fire burn on and on the mountain side. ♪ >> however it happened, he became big enough to fill madison square garden three times, and because people said he could never do it, he booked london's 80,000-seat wembley stadium for three nights and filled that, too. ♪
3:54 am
>> and then he stopped. packed it in. vanished for a year. >> i was definitely in a spiral of work, and partying that probably would have ended not well. but also i think as much as i needed a break, i think the public needs a break from you. if you continually just in everyone's face the whole time, they are going to be like, you know what, no, i'm cool. ♪ i'm on my way ♪ >> if the sailes of the new albm are any indication, sheeran's fans missed him. ♪ i missed the way ♪ >> maybe he really needed a break. maybe it was another really clever marketing ploy. maybe both. ♪ over the castle on the hill ♪ we watched sun set over the castle on the hill ♪ >> what does seem clear is that
3:55 am
it worked. >> i think that might sell ,$8drw
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3:57 am
politics played a big role in this week's grammy awards. artists wore white roseness support -- roses in support of the time's up movement. music still took center stage. >> many thought this would be the year of rap, rapper jay z started with the most nominations eight in all. but left empty handed. album and record of the year. there were some major disappointments, but some very impressive wins. ♪ don't we look good together ♪ >> bruno mars looked great as he took home all six of the awards he was nominated for, including record, album and song of the year. >> alessia car ca got her startn
3:58 am
youtube took home best new artist. >> wow. i'm shaking. i have been like pretend winning grammys since i was a kid. >> but she was the only woman who won an award of the 14 nominated on the televised show. >> to those who would dare try and silence us, we offer you two words, time's up. >> artists supported the time's up and me too movements with powerful speeches and striking performances ♪ you brought the flames and you put me through hell. >> kesha accused her former record producer of sexual abuse was visibly shaken when she performed her song praying. ♪ >> doctor luke has denied the allegations. >> new york, new york! >> after 14 years in l.a., the grammys returned to new york city. and the host put a big apple
3:59 am
twist on car pool karaoke. ♪ >> i'm sorry, i don't have any cash on me. >> a nod to the city's musical she y theater. broadway royalty. >> the connection we share with our fans. >> country music stars erik church, and brothers osbourne pay paid tribute to fans lost last year. showing that music can help with the healing. ♪ i'll find my way. through night and day ♪ >> and that is the overnight news for this tuesday. for some of you, the news continues, for others check back a little bit later for the morning news, and do not miss cbs this morning from the broadcast center.
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captioning funded by cbs it's tuesday, january 30th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." we are following three big stories in washington this morning. the fbi's second in command abruptly steps down. republicans vote to release a classified memo in the russia election meddling probe. and president trump prepares for his first state of the union address. mr. trump will focus on immigration, border security, and the economy. while in minneapolis, the


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