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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  February 2, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. housing projects off the ground could be an uphill battle. that's coming up at 6:00. y captioning sponsored by cbs ( inging ) or glor: the worst day for the dow in more than two years. also tonight, it's out-- the house intelligence chair releases a controversial memo alleging anti-trump bias. >> i think it's a disgrace. d> glor: an angry father lunges at larry nassar, who victimized his daughters. >> the squeezer-scrubber combination. >> glor: and steve hartman with a man who works minor miracles olth major appliances. old ones, anyway. >> reporter: do you know how to turn this on? >> absolutely not. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: this is our western edition.
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good evening. it was a bad end to a bad week on wall street. the dow plunged 666 points today, or 2.5%. that is the biggest percentage drop in a year and a half. for the week, the blue chip index is off more than 4%. even with the losses, the dow is still ahead 3.25% for the year. that's how good 2018 has been so far. so what rattled the markets today? it is a question for cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. jill, a lot of folks have been waiting to see when and if this correction might happen. what happened today? >> we had some disappointing corporate earnings. but the reality is there is a gral fear that the economy is growing faster than expected and that that could lead to higher interest rates. that was the real factor that seemed to spook the markets. you know, before the open, we had a strong january jobs report-- 200,000 positions ng wd, unemployment remains at a 17-year low. most importantly, we have an increasing wages, 2.9% from a year ago.
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that's the fastest pace since the recession, and that jump in wages, it could be an early warning sign that the economy is heating up, and that could lead to inflation. and, remember, to keep prices in check, the fed may have to increase interest rates more quickly than anticipated. that said, of course, both interest rates and inflation do remain quite low still. >> glor: right. so, wages up, economy ecelerating, but obviously other things going on here. somebody sees what happens today on wall street. the reaction, if you're an investor, is what? in the reaction is, if i don't need my money for five years, r m a long-term investor, i feel t eat. stick to your game plan. don't upend it. but, if you need your money within a year-- may have you have to pay a tuition bill, ntybe you've got to put a home egwn payment on a house you want to buy-- that's moment i say look, you never should have been in the market to begin with. cut the risk, get out, and don't tempt fate. >> glor: all right, good advice,
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asll schlesinger, thanks very much. it has been the talk of washington for weeks and today, ipublicans released a memo from the chairman of the house i-telligence committee about the russia investigation. it alleges anti-trump bias by e e f.b.i. thncy cordes now has more on what's in the memo and the s esident's reaction to it. >> i think it's terrible. you want to know the truth, i think it's a disgrace. >> reporter: with the president's approval, republicans released their four- page memo, alleging a troubling breakdown of legal processes at the start of the russia investigation. >> a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves, and much worse than that. >> reporter: the memo claims that f.b.i. agents relied primarily on a politically sotivated dossier compiled by former british spy christopher steele, when they sought permission to surveill trump campaign foreign policy adviser carter page, just before the 2016 election. the memo says that when agents went before a secret fisa court judge, they did not mention steele was ultimately working on
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behalf of and paid by the d.n.c. and clinton campaign, to the eane of about $160,000. >> transparency is the best backstop to corruption. >> reporter: house republicans described it as a breach of civil liberties. >> and to my knowledge, this is the first time in american enstory that the f.b.i. and justice department have been weaponized through the actions of a political party. >> reporter: the f.b.i. opposed the memo's release, citing "grave concerns about materiel omissions of fact," and the top democrat on the intelligence committee told reporters by phone, the f.b.i. had revealed steele's democratic ties. >> this wasn't about oversight. this was about telling a political story that's helpful to the president. it's about telling a political story that's designed to injure the work of the special counsel and to discredit it. >> reporter: the g.o.p. memo was written by aides to house intelligence chairman devin nunes, a member of the igesident's transition team. >> i have an obligation to the
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american people when we see fisa abuse. te american citizens that are represented before this court have to be protected. >> reporter: but f.b.i. agents knew russians were courting carter page three years before the dossier was written. fired f.b.i. director james comey tweeted today, "that's it? dishonest and misleading memo wrecked the house intel committee, destroyed trust within intelligence community, for what?" crmer c.i.a. director leon panetta told cbs justice and homeland security correspondent jeff pegues, this unprecedented alease could have far-reaching effects. >> all of this sends a terrible message to our allies who are going to worry about sharing classified information that is so easily released as part of this political effort. ge reporter: democrats have thitten their own ten-page rebuttal to the g.o.p. memo, but it is still awaiting declassification.
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cbs news obtained late this afternoon an email written by the f.b.i. director to his workforce, reassuring them, jeff, "i stand with you." to glor: nancy cordes on capitol hill. nancy, thank you. this note: republican congressman trey gowdy of south carolina is margaret brennan's unest this sunday on "face the nation," his first interview since announcing his retirement room the house. there was a dramatic moment in a michigan courtroom today. the father of three of larry nassar's victims tried to attack the former gymnastics doctor at his latest sentencing hearing for sexual abuse. adriana diaz is there. gl with no coverage, no gloves, underwear and pants down to my thighs. >> reporter: an anguished father heard for the first time exactly how larry nassar sexually assaulted his daughters when they were teenagers. >> and you put your ungloved hands all over my rear and slipped your thumb into the most private area of my body.
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>> you ( bleep ). >> reporter: and it was just too mch to bear. >> i want to ask you, as part of the sentencing, to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon. >> i have-- >> would do you that? >> i have-- that is not-- >> yes or no. well, i'm going to have to get-- >> stay down! stay down! >> ( bleep ). >> i want that ( bleep )! >> reporter: people could be heard crying in the courtroom as margraves was restrained and later escorted out in handcuffs. >> i lost control. i apologize 100 times. >> reporter: hours later, corgraves was back in the courtroom facing contempt charges. >> i came here in support of my daughters. i got to hear that and i look over here and larry nassar is shaking his head, no, like it didn't happen. who would put themselves through this? >> reporter: the charges were thrown out. we spoke to him after his
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release. >> i am no hero. my daughters are the heroes. and all the others. >> reporter: later, he said what he wanted to do alone in a room with nassar. w i did not think about wanting to kill him, but i did want to inflict some pain. >> reporter: you were trying to help your daughters by sending them to this doctor. is there a feeling of remorse or even guilt? >> yes, there is, a lot of it. i ended up delivering, unknowingly, all three of my daughters to a demon that had his own personal, twisted, sick agenda. i'll never forgive that guy. >> reporter: today was the last day of victim statements. nassar will be sentenced on monday in this final case against him. that jail time will be in addition to the 60 years he received for child pornography and up to 175 years in the first sexual assault case against him. jeff. >> glor: adriana diaz, thank you very much. the flu epidemic is taking a heavy toll on children this star. at least 53 have died so far. that is more than three times as
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pny deaths as there were at this point last year. dr. jon lapook has more on this. >> reporter: when five-year-old eli snook, a healthy young boy, ndme down with a high fever, his parents, leota and aaron, took him to an urgent care center. he was diagnosed with the flu hed prescribed both an antibiotic and the antiviral medication tamiflu. >> after he got well from the flu, a few days later he got sick again. >> reporter: so sick, doctors placed him in a medically induced coma. he died last saturday, one of at least 53 pediatric deaths related to the flu. dr. anne schuchat is the acting director of the c.d.c. >> it's very important if you eitice that a person is getting better from their flu and then suddenly gets worse, for them to seek medical attention. >> reporter: according to the c.d.c., this flu season continues to rival the worst in recent years, with some
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shortages of antiviral medications. >> when we look at our rospitalizations in children, half of the children don't have underlying medical problems. r we urge parents to make sure t eir kids get vaccinated against flu every year. >> reporter: the c.d.c. stands by that recommendation, despite hereport finding the n fectiveness of the vaccine this season in canada against the most common strain has only been 17%. >> it wouldn't surprise me if we find the same thing here in the u.s. >> reporter: the rapid test for influenza is often negative, even when somebody has the flu. so the c.d.c. advises , nsidering antiviral hadication, like tamiflu, as soon as possible if a patient has flu symptoms. >> glor: interesting cases paen the test is negative. i know concerning for a lot of e toents. >> reporter: still have to think about the flu. >> glor: dr. lapook, thanks very much. douglas haig sold ammunition to the gunman in the las vegas massacre, and today, haig of arizona was charged with illegally making armor-piercing bullets.
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a number of these bullets were found in the hotel room where the gunman opened fire. killing 58 people. coig said there was nothing unusual about the gunman's rrrchase and no way of knowing what he was planning. lawmakers in florida are considering a bill that would make their state the first to ban marriages for children. anyone under 18. manuel bojorquez tonight tells us the woman behind this campaign was forced to marry before she was a teenager. >> reporter: this is sherry johnson's wedding photo. she was 11. >> i'm 11 years old. how do i understand and know what marriage is about? i did what my mother said that i had to do. >> reporter: and what a judge said. ar and what a judge said. >> reporter: was legal. >> right. si reporter: she says a judge signed off on the marriage n tween her and the 20-year-old aurch deacon who raped her and made her a mother by age 10. the divorced when she was 17 and the mother of five. f i feel the whole-- the whole system failed me. it wasn't just one person, and it wasn't just one source.
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>> reporter: johnson is now 58 and has spent the last five years trying to get florida lawmakers to close what she calls loopholes in the law that put minors in marriages. >> so thank you, miss johnson. >> reporter: currently no state bans marriage before the age of 18. it's estimated nearly a quarter million minors were married in the u.s. from 2000 to 2015, the majority, girls married to adult men, often with significant age differences. florida senator lizabeth benacquisto sponsored a bill to ban marriage before 18 after hearing johnson's story. >> people just don't believe s at this happens in modern-day america. >> reporter: what allows it to happen? >> it is the provision that if the child is under 16, the parents can go before a judge and a judge can give their blessing for that child to be married. >> we're responsible for our children. they look up to us for decisions .hat we have to teach them and protect them. a reporter: the florida senate unanimously approved the
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child marriage ban, but must also clear the house where one exemption would allow pregnant 16- and 17-year-olds to marry if their partners are no more than two years older. uehnson vows to fight that. jeff. >> glor: manuel bojorquez, thank inu very much. now to some other stories we're following in the evening newsfeed. los angeles police say the t.ooting at a middle school yesterday was an accident. they say a 12-year-old girl had a semiautomatic pistol in her backpack and it went off when ade dropped the bag. alstudent shot in the head is in critical condition. four other people have minor isjuries. the 12-year-old is charged with negligent discharge of a firearm. ppe f.a.a. and the f.b.i. are olvestigating an apparent close call involving a drone and a jetliner near las vegas. video from the drone appears to show a frontier airlines airbus flying just a few feet beneath it. the jet is believed to have been on approach to mccarron airport. if found, the drone operator
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could be fined for flying in restrict airspace. and there is much more ahead on this friday on the "cbs evening news." >> wooo! >> reporter: organizers of this year's super bowl are hoping a million fans embrace the cold. >> it's cold! ♪ it was the third of september ar reporter: remembering dennis edwards, pioneer of psychedelic soul. >> reporter: 87-year-old lee maxwell had to build a warehouse to store all the objects of his obsession. re no! >> reporter: behind that one warehouse, there's a second warehouse. warehouse. >> i told you it was insane. af not anymore, td ameritrade lets you trade select securities 24 hours a day, five days a week. that's amazing. it's a pretty big deal. so i can trade all night long? ♪ ♪ all night long...
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the predicted kickoff temperature outside? irst nine degrees. >> i have three shirts on and a >>at. >> it could be, yeah, very cold but it's very pleasant. >> reporter: kevin smith is part super bowl host committee. he said there's a plan for fans who didn't prepare for cold. >> we have a level-one trauma center within a couple of blocks of u.s. bank stadium, if anybody has a problem. l reporter: organizers of this sar's super bowl are hoping a million fans embrace the cold, what they call "the bold north." how many layers do you have on? pe i think, four layers. >> reporter: eric dayton helped coin the phrase. i wants to turn the state's snow and ice into a strength. a lot of people kept saying, "super bowl, in february, in minnesota. this sounds like a terrible idea." of well, i think it's a great peea, and it's been so fun to see all of these out-of-towners outdoors, experiencing what we have to offer. >> reporter: okay. wooo! ake ziplining across the
5:48 pm
mississippi river, 100 feet in the air. it's cold! all week, many of the activities have been held outdoors with people showing up layered up. ped a winter carnival is being held outside in st. paul where is's expected half a million people will come see this ice palace. >> the city is full of energy unght now, and it's fun to see all these people coming to our part of the country, and hopefully they're going to go home with great stories to tell. >> reporter: the true test is whether visitors will come back to the cold without the bowl. jamie yuccas, cbs news, minneapolis. >> glor: layering is the key, ememys. coming up here, we remember soul akgend dennis edwards. ♪ i can make it rain edwards. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. ugh man, my sinuses. it's like my head's in a fog. i mean, could you be any more dramatic? i've had it.
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so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. ai fi glor: the hawaii state worker fired for sending that false alarm last month is telling his story. he says he was convinced the missile alert was real, and he asked that he not be identified.
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>> glor: the worker told federal investigators he did not hear the words "exercise, exercise" on a recording announcing the drill. nexading man of motown has died. ini can't get next to you d> glor: dennis edwards joined nge temptations in 1968. he was the driving force behind a string of hits including "can't get next to you" "ball of confusion," and "papa was a d llin' stone." dennis edwards died last night. he was 74 years old. up next here, steve hartman's "antiques roadshow." "antiques roadshow." zed somethis missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people
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orek for steve hartman. he tracked down the real maytag apairman "on the road." >> reporter: in the shadow of ae colorado rockies, we found a man with a mountainous dilemma. it doesn't look too intimidating from here. what to do with all the antique washing machines he has collected. you've got a problem. >> i do have a problem. >> reporter: 87-year-old lee maxwell had to build a warehouse to store all of objects of his obsession. re first automatic. >> reporter: and what's more is, there's more. no! way more. he! behind that one warehouse... no! ...there's a second warehouse, nsain, filled with nothing but washing machines. >> i told you it was insane. >> reporter: it is one of the largest personal collections of anything in america, and lee says it all began innocently enough, with this one maytag. he had just retired as an
5:57 pm
wectrical engineering professor and was on a road trip with his wife, barbara, when he saw this at a farm auction in iowa. >> and by the time we got to maine, we had four, and that's where the fur started to fly. >> yeah. >> she was thinking bad things about me. >> reporter: yeah. >> very bad things. >> that i went off my rocker, and i think maybe i did. >> reporter: by the time they got home, lee had bought a dozen more and a trailer to haul them. >> there's a squeezer-scrubber inmbination. >> reporter: today, there are nearly 1,500 different machines in his collection-- ones that you power, and ones that use power. so you put your sheep on here. >> yeah. t reporter: he's even got a model of one that was never mass produced, that ran on child labor. so this would be one kid here, and they'd just go-- and they'd teeter-totter. >> one here and then they'd teeter totter. isn't that inventive?
5:58 pm
>> reporter: what i found most amazing was that he restored all of those machines. >> this is what they looked like. >> reporter: he finds them in this condition and then spends a couple weeks fixing up each one, working up to 10 hours a day, seven days a week. so what's your dilemma now? >> trying to find a home for them. so that they can be preserved. >> reporter: do you think about this often? d i do, every day. steve hartman or bill gates or something. >> reporter: he'd like to find a wnefactor. >> preferably bill gates. >> reporter: someone who could build a proper museum, dedicated le the human ingenuity behind the washing machines we have today. w deed, you can't leave here without being struck by how much washing machines have changed over the years. do you know how to turn this on? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: i didn't think so! and how men are pretty much the same. steve hartman, "on the road," in eaton, colorado. >> you tell me. >> glor: join the club. i'at is the "cbs evening news" this week. i'm jeff glor. have a great weekend. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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build? too bad! every bay area city ...will now.. have to start pulling its weight. good evening, news begins with housing on the fast track. every bay area city will now have to start pulling its weight. >> it's no secret -- it's no secret that the bay area needs to build more housing. getting the projects off the ground could be an uphill battle. melissa kane on the law that's about to make it a lot easier.>> localities are making their housing goals. 92%, the state released this list. the 526 cities and counties where the days of neighbors holding certain housing projects are over. >> reporter: dennis richards is
6:00 pm
on the san francisco planning commission. last year, the commission voted to allow 100% affordable housing project. at the last minute. >> one of the residents filed the infamous review. it stopped everything and we had a hold it for the planning department based on the person of powers concern. >> reporter: the commission allow the project to move ahead. the opposition meant that it was delayed by several months. and for affordable housing, a late could be deadly -- a delay could be deadly. the money often has to be used by a certain deadline. >> if something were to slow the project down, maybe portions of the funding would not be available. >> reporter: as the project is being considered today, that neighbor would not be allowed to object. a new law. >> my bill, sp-35, streamlined


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