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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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things overvalued, overinflated. >> i'm begging you as the certified financial planner that i am to try to do nothing, not to be reactive. >> reporter: cbs news business analyst gel schlesinger said friday's positive jobs -- jill schlesinger said friday's positive jobs report are part of what's influencing today. >> wait a second. are thing growing faster than we anticipate? could the generate of inflation be ticking up? would that mean the federal reserve would start to raise rates faster than expected? all those things started the selling on friday. >> reporter: one of the biggest losers today is wells fargo. shares plummeted 9.2% after the fed hit the bank with new penalties following the scandal involving millions of fake accounts. it's unclear if this is a correction or the start of a larger downturn, but analysts say either way the best move is to sit tight. >> this is part of the game
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plan that you have to live with. i want to be in it, so markets go up, but i have to be in it on the way down, also, and unfortunately that's the bargain you strike as an investor. >> reporter: donald creshenza said he'll heed that advice at least for the time being. >> i'm watching. i'm in watch mode. >> reporter: another thing we heard consistently from analysts today is pay attention to the percentage, not the points. today the dow dropped 4.6%, a little more than 1,100 points, as we told you, but if you compare that to the stock market crash in 1987 like many people did today, that day the dow jones dropped 22.6%. so they were calling that a crash and this a move down. whether this continues or helps you feel any better, that's another story. live in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix5. >> meanwhile the white house is trying to put a positive spin on the stock slide.
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president trump was visiting a factory in ohio today as the markets were tanking. he didn't talk publicly about the big selloff today, but the white house later issued a statement saying the country's economic fundamentals remain exceptionally strong. mr. trump instead talked about his tax cuts. ers ... "america is once again open >> your paychecks are going way up. chp chp -- [ cheering and applause ] >> your taxes are going way down and right now for the first time in a long time and you've seen it, factories are coming back. everything's come back. they all want to be where the action is. >> the president also told workers america is once again open for business. . ten vehicles colliding... sky drone 5 above the big story here at home, the scene of a fiery crash in the north bay. 10 vehicles colliding, six bursting into flames. seven people went to the hospital, three with serious injuries. one of the vehicles involved, a
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dump truck carrying debris from santa rosa's fire zone. the crash happened along mendocino avenue and fountaingrove parkway, but the wreckage and road closures covered a wide area. kpix5 reporter juliette goodrich is at the crash site. >> reporter: well, that dump truck that burst into flames is directly behind me. they're still clearing it away. you can see it on the roadway and that overpass is still closed after this early morning collision sending people to the hospital, three with serious injuries. a huge column of black smoke filled the sky above santa rosa after the 10-car collision and fire. boom boom ! butt sots -- "and instantaneous " larry hel >> i kind of did a crying help like i was help. that's when people started coming out. >> reporter: larry broderick was going to work when he saw a dump truck carrying fire debris come barreling down fountaingrove parkway. >> here a honk, honk, honk and i look and there's a truck coming down and it's a red light. so i'm like oh oh, probably
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lost brakes. i didn't think much of it because i'm getting through the intersection and half a second behind me boom. >> reporter: he said the dump truck slammed into cars stopped in traffic along the mendocino avenue overpass. >> it hit the white truck, spun it around and hit that car and continued on up here hitting all these cars and instantaneously flames everywhere and just a trail of flame. >> reporter: larry and others helped rescue people stuck in burning vehicles. >> we worked on getting these people out of these two cars. they were trapped. >> first responders did a good job getting people out of their cars as well as citizens that were already at the scene assisted people before we arrived. we had a total of seven injuries. three are considered serious. >> reporter: debris from the crash was sent flying all over the roadway and right next to the overpass journey's end mobile home park destroyed by the october inferno and now this. while six people are in the hospital tonight -- >> nobody died. feel good. >> reporter: and larry knows
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all too well what it's like to be in the middle of a fire and that's why he came to the rescue of all these people. he lost his home in october to the tubbs fire. now there were early reports indicating it may have been brake failure on that debris truck that caused this collision, liz, but investigators say it's just too soon to come to that conclusion. >> a lot of heros there that day, though. are there any traffic cameras at that spot to help investigators figure out what exactly happened? >> reporter: there are traffic cameras actually on the corners there. i asked, but it's only recording in realtime, so it doesn't have any recordings from early this morning. it's just realtime to get the traffic flow. so they're just having to rely on witness accounts right now to figure out exactly what happened. >> juliette goodrich, thank you. another major crash farther south, this one on the san mateo bridge. it shut down all eastbound lanes for a while. the collision started with a caltrans truck and a u-haul truck. several cars were also
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involved. both truck drivers were injured in the accident, one seriously. explosive new evidence in the rape case against former 49er dana stubblefield. the woman accused stubblefield of raping her at gunpoint in his morgan hill home three years ago. stubblefield claims the sex was consensual. in a hearing last month the alleged victim testified that she'd never worked in the porn industry or received any money for sex, but the defense says it's obtained a video of her dancing in the nude for paying customers on a porn website. 's trial is d prosecutors allege the woman is intellectually disabled and incapable of giving consent. stubblefield's trial is due to start in march. the california attorney general will now oversee reforms within the san francisco police department. the state is stepping in where the feds have backed out. the federal report from 2016 listed more than 270
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recommendations to help the department improve, but as of last fall, the trump administration announced it would no longer oversee those reforms. hief william scott said use of force has >> accountability, transparency, confidence and trust, they all come from giving people a sense that there will be an independent review of the work that's being done. >> san francisco police chief william scott said use of force has decreased 18% in the last two years and complaints against officers are down. officials say about a 1/3 of the recommendations have been completed. a new development in the russia investigation, another classified memo could be revealed, this time from the democrats. reporter weigia jiang is at the white house where president trump will have the final say in in. >> reporter: this 10-page memo is a direct response to the gop memo that was released last week which questioned evidence in the russia investigation and now white house lawyers will
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conduct a national security and legal review and president trump will have less than a week to make that decision. :18:40) "i think it is going to be very ha it was ve president trump will soon weigh whether the public should see another classified congressional memo. >> i think it's going to be very hard for the white house like it was hard for the republicans on our committee to block release of this. i am more concerned that they make political redactions, not redactions to protect sources and methods. >> reporter: the house intelligence committee voted unanimously to release a democratic rebuttal to the gop memo that accuses the department of justice and fbi of abusing surveillance powers in the russia investigation. what the president will decide to do? congressman adam schiff authored the democratic memo. on twitter monday president trump called him little adam schiff and one of the biggest liars and leakers in washington. in another tweet the president called the committee's republican chairman a man of tremendous courage and grit. >> we had to use this process in order to make it public
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because doj and the fbi were refusing to investigate themselves. >> reporter: president trump who cleared the way for the release of the classified gop memo said it vindicates him in the russia probe. other republicans are not drawing the same conclusion. >> i actually don't think it has any impact on this russia probe for this reason. >> reporter: the memo doesn't have any impact on the russia probe? >> not to me it doesn't and i was pretty integrally involved in the drafting of it. >> reporter: the doj and fbi are already reviewing the democratic memo. president trump will have five days to decide whether to green light its release. congressman devin nunes who authored the republican memo did not make any comments after tonight's unanimous vote, although house speaker paul ryan has said he supports the release of the democratic note as long as sensitive intelligence information is removed. live at the white house, weigia jiang, kpix5. a high stakes trial over self-driving cars is now underway in san francisco.
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it pits uber against wamo, a google spinoff. the two companies are clashing over trade secrets. in opening statements today wamo accused uber of stealing crucialtechnology to win at all costs. uber claimed wamo was just angry after it lured away a top google engineer. in san jose a large homeless encampment is being cleared out. caltrans began removing residents and their belongings earlier today. the clearing is being done to the property under the 101/280 interchange. it's estimated at least 70 people have been living in the camp some have dubbed googleville. add indicates for the homeless say despite the area's great tech wealth not nearly enough is being done to help the homeless. n jose city >> the big city, they move people from one location to another and no one is happy with that. no one wins because the people that are here are destabilized. if you want to help save lives,
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you got to stabilize people. >> caltrans says san jose city workers visited that camp last week offering help to residents. still the city admits it does not have enough shelter beds or permanent housing. investigators are trying to give it one last shot trying to solve the mysterious death of actress natalie wood. >> reporter: nearly four decades after the mysterious death of natalie wood investigators are asking the public for help to determine what really happened the night the actress drowned as the result of a 48 hours report on cbs. >> there were four people on the boat that night. one of them ended up in the water dead. >> reporter: wood was sailing with her husband actor robert wagner and co-star christopher watkin at night in november, 1981. her body was found floating in the water the next day. her death was ruled an accidental drowning. investigators now say two new witnesses back up claims from the boat's captain that wood and her husband were fighting
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the night she vanished. >> i believe that robert wagner was with her up until the moment she went into the water. >> reporter: in 2011 the medical examiner changed the manner of wood's death from accidental to undetermined reopening the case. >> there were bruises on natalie wood's body that they say they're nonmechanical. they were caused probably by another person. >> reporter: investigators have now named wagner a person of interest. they say he's refused to speak with them since the case was reopened. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. still to come a walk on the beach with some dangerous obstacles, rusted and jagged pipes jutting out along pacific beaches. we asked what's being done to address the safety issue? >> plus the move to digital and online music streaming claims another victim and it's going to be harder to get your hands on that hot new cd. >> plus a bay area city full of eagles fans as their hometown
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hero dives into football history.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. be peninsula... new at 5:00 an ugly sight on a beautiful beach, jagged, rusting metal pipes are posing a danger to beachgoers in the peninsula. the pipes are wedged in the sand on pacifica beach between the pier and laurie point. kpix5's maria medina is live with more on why the pipes are there in the first place. >> reporter: there are storm drains up and down this beach. sometimes they're covered by sand and sometimes they're fully exposed. 's a liability waiting to h rusty... on this beautiful popular beach near the pier in pacifica is this. >> it's a liability waiting to happen. >> reporter: an old rusty and jagged storm drain. would you let your grandkids play on that? >> no, no. wouldn't let my kids play on
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it. they're all grown now, but now. >> we have to put up signs to keep children off so that they don't get hurt. >> reporter: and pacifica's public works department admits to kpix5 it's a hazard. when you look at it, do you think it's a liability? >> it's a liability and we're going to be taking care of it as soon as possible. >> reporter: public works director vanessa o' campo saying -- van ocampo saying they took the pipes down, this picture taken in 2013 and it's not going anywhere. >> the goal is to hook it back once that property gets developed. >> reporter: is that why the city never removed it from the beach? >> yes. in fact, that's the reason why. we have a permit for it. reestablishing an existing permit is much easier than putting a new one in. >> reporter: but that's not the only storm drain along the beach. there are several others south of the pier, but pacifica said
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those are the city and county of san francisco's responsibility, a wave of questions answered, but some say the explanation isn't good enough. >> i mean it's not being used and everything. so it's obviously just rotting away. >> reporter: and the city of san francisco says they are going to look into its storm drains and get back to us. as far as the city of pacifica, they're going to make the repairs to this pipe but haven't given us a specific date. in pacifica, maria medina, kpix5. across the bay the alameda city council is expected to vote tomorrow on whether to purchase more cameras that read license plates. the city already had these kinds of cameras installed on four police patrol cars. the police department credits those devices for alerting them to a car thief driving a stolen car and helping officers locate a suicidal woman. alameda's police chief wants funding for 13 more of the cameras to cover all the routes into and out of the island
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city. cameras, to catc >> anything that they need in order to empower them to do their job to keep the citizens safe, i think we should give it a shot. >> but there are critics who fear federal immigration officials could use these cameras to catch undocumented immigrants, but alameda police say the cameras would only focus on license plates, not the drivers and immigration agents would not have access to the information. come july 1st you won't be able to buy cds from best buy stores. the company is clearing shelves after seeing a sharp decline of cd sales. cd shipments now only make 16% of music sales as consumers ditch compact discs for music streaming services. best buy isn't the only big box store turning away from cds. target wants to pass the risk of selling cds to suppliers and only pay for them if the discs actually sell in the stores. and for the philadelphia
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eagles, the long drought is over. >> yeah, the eagles and their fans including paul deanno are celebrating their super bowl triumph over the patriots and a man with bay area roots dove into the end zone for the winning touchdown. did you see this one? what an effort. zach ertz, remember that name, played high school football in danville. kpix5's john ramos shows us the school is now buzzing about the graduate who excelled on football's biggest stage. 's kinda >> reporter: on the monte vista high school message board this morning with the birthday announcements there was another shout out for winning like the biggest game in the world. >> it's kind of every little boy's dream to go that route and get the game winning touchdown at super bowl. so it's neat. >> reporter: when zach ertz caught the game winning touchdown pass, he instantly became his former high school's biggest celebrity even though he told cbs this morning he wasn't quite sure it even counted. >> i thought it was pretty clear, but when they were
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reviewing it for that long, i mean definite doubt seeped in a little bit. >> reporter: in the school's weight room zach's jerseys from both stanford and the eagles hang from the ceiling, a lesson about the rewards of hard work, something his former head coach said he never shied away from. >> we hopefully helped him understand that that there's no short-cuts and you can't take anything for granted. >> reporter: coachbergman said also playing basketball made zach more agile on his feet, perhaps preparing him for that end zone dive and with his on field heroics zach ertz easily sealed danville's affection for a most unlikely team. be honest. have you ever actually rooted for the eagles before this? >> no, i have not. >> i looked at my mom and her eyes started to tear up. i was like don't cry. >> reporter: on second thought go ahead because virtually everyone here who knows him says zach ertz is an even better person than he is a football player. >> you know, it's like good
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guys can win because here's one and he just won the super bowl and he's a really good guy. >> reporter: in danville, john ramos, kpix5. >> and john tells us that zach still has a strong connection to the school. his brother jackson plays football there as a senior and their parents are still very active in the monte vista high community. feels good to say it. the eagles are super bowl champions. i like the sound of that. weather time, fine out which part of the bay -- find out which part of the bay area was warmer than hawaii today and if we're going to cool down, your forecast coming up next.
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i want to start with weather with the opposite of what's going on around here. got some beautiful snowy pictures in sierra and tahoe, but really from the elevation we're looking it's not that snowy. the snowpack now is at 24% of average. we would love to see more snow up there, but the weather pattern is not conducive for
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it. now to reality, snow, not here. 70 degrees now in oakland, 74 now in livermore, 65 in san francisco. the coast is cooler today. santa rosa 70. look at that concord number. concord hit 80 degrees today making concord warmer today than kohalui. you go to maui, you'd have to go there to cool off by 1 degree. we hit 80 in concord. napa 47, san jose 49, mid-50s for san francisco and oakland. here's the problem, nothing on the radar, nor do we have any prospects for rain over the next week because the same ridge which gave us the warm weather over the weekend is the same ridge that's giving us the warm weather today, will be the same ridge that gives us warm weather all week long. the storm track is to the north and staying to the north. the only thing that will move on this is the clock, futurecast through your day tomorrow, not a cloud in the sky. wednesday, we'll look at it together through 5:00, not a cloud in the sky.
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that is just strange for this time of year to do it so many consecutive days. not one thing will -- now one thing will change in the forecast. we will have somewhat cooler weather ushered in. we will cool down to 5 to 10 degrees warmer than average. that will happen friday into the weekend. the only thing we'll see over the next seven days. afternoons for most of the week well above normal, a dry front friday. it won't bring rainfall but cooler weather somewhat and there's an increasing likelihood we will not see a drop of rain in february through valentine's day. that is not good. concord tomorrow not as warm, down to 75, wow. livermore 73, oakland 71, mountain view 71, santa rosa 75 degrees. we will stay very mild. look across the board, nothing but sunshine, somewhat cooler weather over the weekend, more 60s than 70s, but as for rain prospects, i don't see any chance of rainfall the next seven days. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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"..." tonight on the cbs evening new the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. >> reporter: lots of frustration this year over flu tests. they can be inaccurate and we are looking into that. >> also holly williams got access into a war that is very controversial right now, her report from the front lines coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. ahead at 6:00, a bit of drama at san francisco city
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hall, two lawmakers accused of conspiring against london breed. allen and veronica are back with more in 30 minutes. by cbs >> glor: a sharp fall on wall street. ( bell ringing ) the dow drops more than 1,100 points as a sell-off continues. also tonight, the security plans for an olympics just 50 miles from north korea. ( gun shots ) holly williams reports from the front lines of a very controversial war. these flu tests promise quick results, but can you trust them? ce tbiggest rocket since the saturn v is ready for launch. with special cargo on board. >> the long drought is over. >> glor: and the leader of the pack of underdogs.


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