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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 21, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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of the florida high school shooting rampage take their demands for tighter gun laws this is were us demanding change! >> today survivors of the florida high school shooting rampage take their demands for tighter gun control directly to lawmakers and now president trump is taking action. >> plus, debris removal continues after the deadly wine country wildfires. how close crews are to finishing. >> and how state senator tony mendoza is responding to a report that suggests he did engage in sexual misconduct. good morning, it's wednesday, february 21st. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. we have a little weather and traffic going on today, some rain falling around the bay area. >> yes, some snow flurries, as well. i know, it's been a busy morning. so let's get right to it. i want to show you what's going on out there because this could impact your drive this morning, as well. you have to remember how to use
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the windshield wipers. haven't seen this in a while. hi-def doppler showing some green on the screen. and some areas of pings and whites and that would be in the form of snow. so just moments ago, i saw a band of snow flurries towards the mount diablo, tassajara, further southeast it's moving so it's very, very quick the way these are behaving so as soon as i set our doppler in position it moves out of that shot. you may see some of the white powe on the hilltops. here's a look at drizzle going through, places like martinez just got done and lagunitas, bolinas moving further south across san francisco daly city see rain going through millbrae and san mateo. it's light, not measurable. we saw some rain and some
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higher elevation snow across the north bay valleys, as well. north bay hills may see a dusting of snowfall across elevations as high as 1500 feet and above. westbound 580, this is a live look near 4. traffic alert now in effect all due to a motorcycle crash. westbound 80 at pinole valley road, a "sig alert" issued and traffic already stacking up. we are in the yellow. just under 20 minutes for the bay bridge toll plaza where we have the metering lights and traffic definitely slow. we have a 20-minute commute coming into san francisco. we have a traffic alert that's shut down the whipple avenue off-ramp from northbound 101 due to a rollover crash.
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no time when they have reopened the off-ramp. we have breaking news this morning. billy graham has died. he is credited with bringing the born again religious moving into the american mainstream. he knew presidents from eisenhower to bush earning him the nickname america's pastor. "life" magazine listed him as one of the most important people in the 20th century. students from marjory stoneman douglas high school are in tallahassee to fight for gun reform after the state legislature refused to ban assault weapons. nikolas cruz allegedly use an ar-15 to kill 17 students at the high school last week. >> i signed a memorandum directing the attorney general
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to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal firearms into machine guns. >> as the president said, he signed the memo directing the justice department to develop those regulations. they would ban those so-called bump stock devices. bump stocks would conserve small guns into automatic guns were used in the last fall. according to a new poll, six in ten americans say congress and president trump are not doing enough when it comes to preventing mass shootings. meantime, the supreme court turned down a second amendment challenge to california's mandatory 10-day waiting period for new gun purchases. it's the latest in a series of decisions that have upheld gun regulations including bans on the sale of semi-automatic weapons and strict limits on who may legally carry a concealed firearm. this morning, we are learning that north korean officials walked way from a meeting with vice president
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mike pence earlier this month. it happened on the sidelines of the winter olympics in pyeongchang. the vice president's chief of staff said north korea dangled the idea before canceling. the story was first reported by the "washington post." the trump administration has been working to increase economic pressure on the north to abandon its nuclear program. at the state capital, suspended senator tony mendoza could learn his fate as early as tomorrow based on the findings of the sexual misconduct case against him. an independent found more likely than not, the l.a. county democrat engaged in flirtatious on suggestive behavior with at least 6 women over 10 years including offering alcohol to a 19-year- old intern in a hotel suite and inviting a young senate fellow to take a vacation with hawaii. he could be expelled or
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reinstated. he blasted the findings in a statement saying he never was able to over his side of the story saying, this government body must rise above and not be swayed by the court of public opinion but rather influence to arrive at its conclusion based on facts and due process that allows the accused to view and respond to the accusations." a new study from uc- berkeley and columbia university is assigning blame for the housing crisis in the bay area. >> and it turns out we may just be blaming the wrong thing. jackie ward reports. >> reporter: i'm here by city college. it's been the balboa reservoir area from san francisco between ocean avenue and monterey boulevard. this parking lot is where students park but some developers want it to be housing. but before those developers possibly break ground here or anywhere in the state, they have to go through a lot of red tape to get there.
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so a lot of people have been blaming what's called the california environmental quality act or ceqa that makes developers analyze the impact on the environment before they build and some say this law prevents housing from ever coming to fruition. so this report from researchers at uc-berkeley and columbia say otherwise blaming local governments for making developers go through what they call an unnecessary and expensive process. five bay area cities were examining the study, san francisco, oakland, san jose, redwood city and palo alto. they found that 20% of the 27,612 homes proposed between the years 2014 and 2016 d go th analysis and that sometimes takes as long as a year to complete. so this is at a time when the statehousing department claims that 397 cities are behind on their housing goals. but lawmakers in sacramento say that they approved legislation last year that will hopefully
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start to streamline this process. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. the lack of rain this winter is causing concerns about another drought. let's go live to downtown san jose where jessica flores has the latest on our local water situation. >> reporter: good morning. we might see some rain this week but parts of the state are bone dry. that's what's really concerning officials. they say we are heading back into the drought. here in the "bay area people" are still conserving but that doesn't mean it's enough to get out of a potential drought. 80% of california is abnormally dry or in drought. officials say last year's unprecedented rainfall has left them below average. state officials are looking into ways to make californians conserve more water. members of the state water resources control board delayed
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a decision about whether to bring back restrictions prohibiting watering lawns, no ornamental fountains and hotels would have to ask whether you wanted towels and sheets washed instead of automatically washing them, among other things. a vote on the restrictions is now scheduled for april 17th. we spoke to the santa clara valley water district about this dry weather. >> it looks like we are going to be okay for 2017. but what we don't know, is this just one year or, you know, the next three years are going to be dry or five years? so our board is still asking for the community to voluntarily reduce water use by 20%. >> reporter: now, santa clara valley water district says they have various programs to help folks to be more water efficient including rebate programs for removing lawns and free showerheads. now, the water district also says that folks in 2017 were still conserving about 20% of water so they are pretty good here in san jose and the santa
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clara valley area. but they are still asking people to conserve. you remember that governor brown did lift those restrictions and got us out of the drought. we don't have the emergency drought status anymore. still, many scientists say we were never out of the drought especially southern california and areas in l.a. live here in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. in the wake of the deadly wildfires, wine country is making some progress in the recovery process. new data shows that debris removal in lake mendocino, napa and sonoma counties is now 79% complete. so far nearly 1.5 million tons of debris have been removed. that's equal to the weight of almost two golden gates. thousands of buildings were destroyed during the wine country wildfires. the ceo of pg&e may have
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overstated a plan to prevent future wildfires. according to the sfgate, williams claims she has already implemented a strategy that will switch off power lines when the danger of sparking a wildfire is particularly high. a pg&e spokesman says the plan is still in the works. but it hopes to have it in place for next fire season. it still has to consult with state regulators and local officials to determine how it will work. in just a few hours, four men arrested for a deadly crime spree in the north bay will face a judge. the four men all face robbery and attempted murder charges. all four are expected to enter pleas today. police say they broke into two homes, shooting one person at the first, another person was shot and killed in the second. and another suspect wanted in connection with the case is still on the loose. here's her picture. police say she is a known member of the crips street gang. 6:11. the new push aimed at stopping high drivers from getting
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behind the wheel. >> plus, the warning bart is making to fare cheats this morning as it looks to crack down on a problem that costs the agency millions of dollars each year. >> and a warning to drivers this morning, we have three sig alerts in effect. how is this impacting your commute? find out coming up. >> and we still have that cold air mass and a couple of storm systems that are impacting the bay area. so i'll track the rain and some of the bay area's snowfall in just a few minutes. ♪
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it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? don't miss the final days of the ultimate sleep number event! save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. ends sunday. visit for a store near you. new strategies to crack down on car break-ins. the san francisco police are about in just a few hours san francisco district attorney george gascon is expected to detail new strategies to crack down on car break-ins in this city. the san francisco police
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department says there are about 85 car break-ins each day in san francisco in 2017. there were more than 30,000 break-ins a 26% increase over 2016. a new proposed law is looking to stop high drivers from getting behind the wheel. if passed, anyone under the age of 21 would lose their driver's license for a year if caught driving with marijuana in their system. the state is still working to develop ways of measuring the drug in the body and determining a standard for impairment. devices have been developed and are undergoing tests in some cities. bart wants riders to take note. its crackdown on fare cheats is under way. the transit agency posted the reminder on its website about what started last month. adult fare evaders face $75 fines and minors $65 fines. bart estimates that it loses 15 to $25 million to fare evasion each year. despite warning, no word from bart on whether it fixed an issue with its portable ticket
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readers that would allow them to check were riders have paid. a see a lot of red over there in the traffic center. so bart might be a good option today. >> definitely a good option and trains are on time. we have three traffic alerts in effect right now and it's not even 7 a.m. so here we go. let's take it over to the eastshore freeway. this is a live look right at highway 4 headlights moving westbound very slowly because we are tracking a crash westbound 80 right at pinole valley road. a motorcycle and car got into it. they have the left lane blocked and so traffic very slow. you can see our sensors cruising speeds below 10 miles per hour as you approach the scene of that crash. drivers are able to get by. it's one lane -- two lanes, excuse me, that's blocked but quickly stacking up towards the carquinez bridge. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we're in the red. nothing unusual here. 23 minutes heading into san francisco. now, we have a traffic alert involving a chlorine spill that shut down both directions of byron road at mountain house
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parkway and now a new crash south of there along byron roadblocking both directions so chp has their hands full this morning and we are told that there is rain out there. neda? > >> i want to take you to our hi- def doppler. it's light in the bay area at this hour. so a lotaround 5:00 it was coming down good across the north bay and now a few light scattered showers through the region. snow flurries in the mountains and a light dusting if it sticks to the ground on the peaks in our area. san bruno light drizzle. a lot of it is winding down. it was coming down across
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monterey. then it's going to head towards carmel valley and bring them snow there as we saw the other morning. early this morning, 4:30 to 5 a.m., came through quick across the north bay snow in the napa- sonoma county hills. you may see a dusting of that snow out across those areas. if any of it stuck, send us photos. temperatures not as cold as yesterday. afternoon highs below average. we'll continue to see scattered showers possibly some low elevation snow today and tomorrow. here's the current temperatures. livermore 36. san francisco 45. not near the 20s and 30s from yesterday. temperatures in the afternoon in the 50s.
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we are a few degrees below average. another system will bring us an increase in scattered showers, snow possible as low as 1500 feet elevation for our mountain ranges and for the sierra as well with the next system that comes in late tonight through tomorrow. here's your futurecast. by the afternoon, things will be dry. clear conditions in fact. we may see a lot of sunshine tomorrow. tomorrow morning more scattered showers and sierra snowfall. they could get a few inches in the higher elevations and as low as 1500 feet. dry for the weekend and more storms next week. apple is reportedly looking to buy cobalt directly from miners. it's used in battery production for smartphones and electric cars. the tech giant is seek contracts to buy several thousand metric tons of cobalt for years. prices have skyrocketed
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recently due to demand. so far apple has no comment. google is combining two of its payment services into a new app called google pay. it lets users store their credit and debit cards, gift cards add rewards cards. you can use it to pay online and in stores but can't yet send and request money yet from friends and family. who is going to lead the bay area teams in home runs this year? i have his name coming up. can lindsey vonn end her olympic career with a medal? the olympic wrap next.
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while the a's are still looking for a stadium, they certainly found a slugger. vern glenn reports from mesa,
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arizona. >> hung out with the oakland a's today where matt olson found himself in unfamiliar territory. as the starting first baseman. >> it was just kind of like, hay, you're going, matt. don't come back. >> reporter: olson went back and forth between nashville and oakland in 2017. but stayed for good after hitting 20 homers over the final two months of the season. the a's are hoping olson and matt chapman can become the team's new cornerstone. the two matts are close on and off the field but won't be living under the same roof this season. >> who is responsible? we have to pay this bill. >> that might be me. i'm always telling him to turn the music down. so maybe that makes me responsible. >> reporter: in mesa with the a's, vern glenn, kpix 5. usa hockey facing the czech republic in the olympic quarterfinals. game went to a shootout tied at two. but the united states went 0 for 5 in the shootout.
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and the czechs win 3-2. usa has checked out. and lindsey vonn won the bronze in women's downhill yesterday. vonn's third career olympic medal and at 33, she becomes the oldest woman in olympic history to medal in alpine skiing. you may recall she won gold eight years ago in vancouver, and then missed sochi in 2014 with a knee injury. lindsay von goes out a winner in the olympic games. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. 6:26. today is a year since devastating floods swept through san jose. the honors first responders will receive for their help in the recovery process next. >> reporter: and as we know, california is in the middle of a housing shortage. that is not new this morning. but we do have details about a new study out on who is taking the blame and who we should be really blaming.
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we have to do more to protect our children. >> as president trump takes a stand against gun violence, survivors of the florida high school shooting aren't giving up the fight. >> we are never going to stop pushing. >> the rally they plan today and the groups now calling out lawmakers for taking contributions from the nra. >> plus, a state review finds that sonoma county was unprepared and unhe could orderrated in its emergency response to the -- unhe could or the nature in its emergency response to the deadly wine country wildfires. it's wednesday, february
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21st. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm michelle griego. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in san francisco with details on the housing crisis in the bay area. >> reporter: i'm standing in this parking lot that city college students park their cars in every day because a lot of developers have their eyes on making this a housing project. but before developers break ground here or any site in the state, they have to go through this notoriously complicated process. and a lot of people put the blame on what's called the california environmental quality act or ceqa. it makes developers analyze the impact their project would have on the environment before building. some argue this law prevents a lot of housing from ever being built. this new report says otherwise. it blames local governments for making developers go through what they call an unnecessary and expensive process. five bay area cities were examined in the study, san francisco, oakland, san jose, redwood city and palo alto.
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it found that 20% of the more than 27,000 homes proposed between 2014 and 2016 had to go through a complete ceqa analysis, a process that may sometimes take up to a year. and this is at a time when the state housing department claims that 397 cities are behind on their housing goals. so lawmakers in sacramento say that just last year, they have streamlined some laws who hopefully make this processing easier for developers and get housing built in california faster. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. 6:32. let's take a look outside this morning. on the left a gorgeous shot of some of the spotty clouds above vacaville this morning. and on the, right sfo where planes are moving in and out smoothly but that's unfortunately not the case on the roads. jaclyn has been tracking several big messes traffic- wise. if you are getting ready to head out the door, this is not a good day to be running late.
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so hopefully, you will give yourself plenty of extra time. we have three sig alerts in effect. we'll begin at 880. this is near 4. traffic backed up beyond this towards cummings skyway westbound direction completely stacked all due to a motorcycle crash that has two lanes blocked ease bound 80 at highway 4 junction. 30 minutes to the maze. we are going to go to highway 12. jameson canyon at kirkland ranch and accident has traffic backed up almost to interstate 80 at this point. so we're tracking some very slow speeds along that stretch. san mateo bridge nearly coming to a stop. we have travel times just under one hour to go from hayward to foster city because we have an accident that has at least one lane blocked on the span of the that's right near the high-rise there so give yourself some extra time. dumbarton bridge is pretty slow, as well. a new crash just south of
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mountain house parkway. use an alternate to get back to the parkway. we'll have more coming up. the roads in some areas are wet. we are seeing light drizzle a lot of this ending but over the past hour we did see scattered showers throughout the bay area so hi-def doppler showing some of the spots that are getting some drizzle through san bruno, san mateo, we just got some through south san francisco but a lot of this very, very dry and not necessarily coming in the form of measurable precipitation. it could evaporate before it does that. we are seeing clearing up this morning as well and some of the mountain ranges do get a few snow flurries. according to our hi-def doppler, it showed up in the form of snow and it looks like all of it now is ending. here's a view of the mount vaca cam. you can see some clear skies, some cloud cover. and across san francisco, as well. so it looks really pretty out there with that glow. look at our temperatures,
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warmer than yesterday but still cool in the 30s for livermore, 35 in santa rosa, 45 in san francisco. it's been months since the bay area got any significant rain. kpix 5's jessica flores joins us live from downtown san jose with the latest on the possibility of more drought conditions. >> reporter: you just heard neda talk about some rain, some snow. but it's just not enough. a lot of places in california are bone dry. and officials worry we're just headed back into drought conditions. across california, state officials are saying 80% of the state is abnormally dry or in drought. officials say last year's unprecedented rainfall has left most reservoirs slightly above average. that's good news. but the lack of snow this winter could mean reservoirs won't replenish through the season. state officials are looking into ways to make californians conserve more water. members of the state water resources control board delayed a decision yesterday about whether to bring back drought
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water restrictions including prohibitions on watering lawns. that vote was rescheduled for april 17th. the santa clara valley water district says this community conserved about 20% last year. >> so the district has a lot of programs to assist the public. we have rebate programs for removing turf or lawn and putting low water use plants in. we have free survey programs where we'll send an expert to your home and give you some tips and some assistance on how to be more efficient in your landscape irrigation. we have free showerheads and aerators. so we have a variety of programs to help the public be more water efficient. >> reporter: just because the reservoirs are okay and things seem okay here in santa clara county and across the bay area, they are still asking folks to conserve up to 20% because they just don't know what lies ahead in the season. live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. one year after water flooded the coyote creek neighborhood in san jose, a ceremony will be held to honor those who helped people escape
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the 2017 coyote creek flooding. it will be held at 8:45 at shirakawa school in san jose. also on the anniversary some action. officials are expected to finalize an agreement to assess flood risks and help develop a federally supported project to offer relief. sonoma county may have been unprepared for the emergency response to the deadly wine country wildfires. according to a new state review, the review found emergency staff was not up to speed on the most effective method to reach those who were trapped. it also claims the warning system was not well coordinated between various local agencies. at least 42 people died and thousands of buildings burned to the ground during the deadly october wildfires. the survivors of last week's florida school shooting a holding a rally in their state capital today to force lawmakers into ten act gun control measures. three buses with about 100 students many from funerals for
6:38 am
their fallen classmates made that 7-hour journey to tallahassee yesterday. >> i honestly think that -- >> the students did learn mid- trip that the florida statehouse had just rejected a move to consider a bill that would have banned assault rifles. two gun control advocacy groups have purchased this ad in the "new york times" to call out lawmakers who have accepted money from the national rifle association. the group "every town for gun safety" and "moms demand action for gun sense in america" spent $230,000 on this two-page ad. it is running today. president trump will hold a listening session today on school safety. yesterday, the president signed a memo directing the justice department to start developing regulations that what ban bump stock devices. later this morning, authorities in los angeles are expected to release more details of last week's thwarted student plot for a mass shooting at a southern california high school.
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they say on friday, area deputies learned a disgruntled student threatened to commit a school shooting. after investigating, they found a collection of firearms and ballistic evidence at the student's home. the white house is trying to down play president trump's lack of public criticism of russian president vladimir putin. press secretary sarah sanders said yesterday the current president has been tougher on russia than his predecessor. >> he has been tougher on russia in the first year than obama was in eight years combined. >> president trump has dismissed as a hoax the investigation into russian interference with the 2016 election. shortly before leaving office, you may remember president obama expelled 35 russian diplomats many here in san francisco in retaliation for election meddling. the election meddling and other cyber threats are prompting a new task force. attorney general jeff sessions announced yesterday the task force will examine how the
6:40 am
justice department can better combat global cyber threats. that includes potential attempts to damage critical infrastructure. former san francisco supervisor angela alioto is planning to kick off her mayoral campaign at the italian athletic club tonight. she is planning to talk about the issues she wants to focus on. she is facing supervisor london breed, supervisor jane kim and former state senator mark leno in that race. today the san francisco police commission is expected to discuss the details of an i.c.e. cooperation policy. the meeting comes after the commission voted last year in favor of a revised policy strengthening rules that limit the extent to which police can cooperate with i.c.e. the policy prohibits law enforcement from asking about immigration status and limits the information they can share on the individual. 20 minutes now before 7:00. and the new recreational pot pot rules one bay area city is considering today. >> plus, the new low price express pool service uber is plan to offer to sfo.
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>> and the market just opened up. let's check. the dow is up 93 points. that's good news after we saw a couple of dives yesterday. we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks coming up.
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the service is already available for rides *from san francisco to the airport. however, it may soon b offer a low uber may soon launch its express pool service at sfo. the service is already available for rides from san francisco to the airport. but it soon may be expanded to offer a new low price alternative force pickups from sfo. the company right now is in the process of getting permit approval from the airport. and it's unclear right now when the service will launch. but an uber spokesman says it will be definitely soon. hackers have broken into
6:45 am
tesla's cloud system and a big victory for taco bell in the fast food wars. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks has more. >> reporter: menlo park cyber security firm red lock says that hackers were able to leverage tesla's cloud system in order to mine cryptocurrency and it wasn't that hard as tesla's administration console was not password-protected allowing the hackers to get into tesla's amazon web services account and use that massive computing power in order to mine those cryptocurrencies. it didn't say which cryptocurrencies bitcoin obviously the biggest one out there but it says they were able to do so. tesla released a statement saying that there is no apparent impact on customer data protection, nor on safety and security of its vehicles. and red lock also says the hackers have used this similar technique on other businesses, as well. taco bell had a big year in
6:46 am
2017. its sales were up 5% to $9.8 billion and industry researchers say it put burger king into fourth place as american restaurant brands by overall sales. mcdonald's, starbucks and subway are the top three. stock market looking to rebound after some heavy selling on tuesday. so far, so good today. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far. dow is over 25,000. all indices are up. back to you. >> thank you. this evening berkeley's planning commission will discuss regulations for marijuana lose use. they include local restrictions for recreational use and refining rules governing medical pot. last year berkeley was declared a marijuana sanctuary city. california is legal under california but not federal law.
6:47 am
san francisco may approve new regulations to bar carrots and other similar services to had be in competition with muni. terms were being negotiated. a spokesman for the sfmta says new rules will be approved by the agency later today. let's get another check on traffic. a new crash 880. three cars got into it. that's keeping your ride slow out of san lorenzo heading into hayward. 27-minute ride toward the dumbarton and now we are tracking this accident and hit- and-run. over an hour commute 70 minutes
6:48 am
for drivers making their way from 880 over to 101. that's a 56-minute delay. don't go on 880 or the san mateo bridge if you can avoid it. use the dumbarton or bay bridge as alternates. the bay bridge is dealing with a crash blocking one lane past the toll plaza. too much of a backup because we have the metering lights on so traffic is already slow through that area. right now your travel times in the yellow, about 20 minutes heading into san francisco. we have an earlier crash on the freeway traffic slow and backed up along 880 near cummings skyway. that crash was near pinole valley road. all lanes have been cleared but the damage is done. we have very slow speeds dropping below he 20 miles per hour as you approach the scene there. and this chlorine spill, it's still out there. and it's likely to be out there for a while. crews haven't arrived on the scene yet. both directions of byron road closed at mountain house parkway and we have a crash
6:49 am
that's blocking both directions of byron road just south of there and another one along 580 so very busy in the area in tracy and byron, mountain house, alternate routes hanson and great valley parkway as well as grant line can be used as alternates to get around that closure. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. hi-def dog show a lot of light rain that was coming through this morning -- hi-def doppler showing a lot of rain that was coming through this morning. it's slowed down. a little bit of green just now popped up off the coast of bodega bay, tomales, a little rain along highway 1. the roads are wet. also watching very light drizzle if anything on 280. san mateo, belmont and burlingame, a lot of it not measurable. if it in fact
6:50 am
reaches the ground some of it evaporating before it can do that. you through the north bay hills snow came through. so it is cold along some of those north bay locations. mount hamilton with snow flurries east of san jose. those hills could actually see a little bit of a dusting. lick observatory on mount hamilton this the view. we are barely seeing much cloud coverage. some of those clouds could have a little bit of snow in them. things are clearing up nicely. we got a light drizzle through parts of san francisco. it didn't necessarily cause measurable rain anywhere throughout the bay area. here's our view of san francisco. temperatures now in the 30s and 40s. so not seeing freezing
6:51 am
conditions that we saw yesterday except for again parts of the north bay. temperatures are down into the upper 20s. sunrise today 6:51. sunset 5:55. high temperatures in the low 50s expected this afternoon for san francisco, san rafael and across santa rosa. this one very light as we saw the past couple of hours. another round tomorrow will be a little stronger and still light system as far as any measurable rainfall goes but by early tomorrow morning we could be tracking a few more areas of scattered showers. snow around 1500 feet elevation. most of the snow across the sierra will likely happen tomorrow for alpine meadows as
6:52 am
well so all ski resorts got a decent amount on monday and now next week, this is where we're also looking forward to, we could see widespread rain monday and tuesday of next week. new weather pattern begins. there's your forecast. time now 6:52. amid harassment allegations, law enforcement consider whether to take action against senator mendoza. what possible punishment he is facing. >> a study released by research researchers at uc-berkeley tells us that some of us have been putting the blame for the housing shortage on the wrong thing. we'll tell you what they think we should be blaming next. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? crisis. i'm standing in the middle of this parking lot on the city college campus because
6:56 am
various developers want to build housing here. in order to break ground on projects, developers have to cut through a lot of red tape .. and some people blame an environmental law called the "california environment quality new study good morning. i'm jackie ward in san francisco. a new study out by researchers for uc-berkeley and columbia university say we're blaming the wrong thing for our state's housing crisis. and i'm standing in the middle of the city college parking lot right now because various developers want to build housing here. but, of course, those developers and developers all across the state have to cut through the red tape and some people blame an environmental law called the california environmental quality act or ceqa. but this new study is blaming local governments at a time when the state group says hundreds of cities are behind on their housing goals. they say the progress for developers and builders should be streamlined from here on out. we'll see. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. time for your "final 5." right now dozens of students from marjory stoneman douglas
6:57 am
high school are in tallahassee to fight for gun control. president trump holds a listening session at the white house on school safety today. yesterday, the president signed a memo directing the justice department to develop regulations so that a ban -- there would be a ban on so- called bump stocks. billy graham has died. word came this more that the 99- year-old died. his message and service to u.s. presidents from white house to bush earned him a nickname. senator bob menendez could learn his fate tomorrow based on the findings of a sexual misconduct case against him. his colleagues could censor him, extend his suspension, expel or reinstate him. a year after water flooded the coyote creek neighborhood in san jose, a recognition ceremony will be held to honor those who helped victims in the 2017 coyote creek flooding. officials are also expected to finalize an agreement to assess flood risk.
6:58 am
state officials say california is heading back into a drought. the state department of water resources says about 80% of california is abnormally dry or in drought. officials say last year's unprecedented rainfall has left most reservoirs slightly above average. all right. taking a look at our hi-def doppler to show you where some of that green is popping up at the coast, some of it is winding down. we saw about 4:30 a.m. it decided to bring us some precipitation a few flurries across mount hamilton, not much measurable precipitation. and through san mateo, burlingame, look at this. official sunrise at 6:51 this morning and we can see it coming up on mount vaca. a few clouds left as that system works through the bay area. warmer than yesterday.
6:59 am
cool today, in the 50s. byron road is shut down in both directions. this is closed since 4:45 this morning. this is right at mountain house parkway due to a chlorine spill and crash. you will need to use alternates. use hanson or others to get back to mountain house parkway. 30 minutes to 680. 880 very slow just under 30 minutes from 238 to highway 84 due to an accident near winton. san mateo bridge all lanes are cleared but we have 69 minutes over and hour commute for drivers heading out of hayward into foster city. bay bridge toll plaza, actually not too bad in the yellow heading into san francisco. >> yikes. jaclyn, it's been a busy morning. >> yes. at least the skies are clearing up so that makes it better. >> that's good. >> thanks for joining us. coming up on "cbs this morn ing" is up next.
7:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, february 21st, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." news, the reverend billy graham died this morning. we l at his remarkable religious life, his ties to many presidents, and his role in creating a new american form of christianity. president trump calls for stronger background checks for gun buyers and ordered a ban on bump stocks used in the las vegas massacre. today he will meet face-to-face with students, parents, and teachers affected by school shootings. cbs news follows the trail of a federal agent to learn how he died mysteriously near the


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