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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 2, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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and stands by warning people of an ice raid. noon, oakland mayor libby schaaf reacts to a possible federal investigation into her actions and stands by warning people of an i.c.e. raid. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. new at noon, mayor schaaf says she stands by what she did. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward has more. >> you know, i find it
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difficult to believe that even in today's america, informing people of their legal rights could be illegal. >> reporter: this is how mayor libby schaaf is responding to the comments from the white house yesterday when sarah sanders said the government is looking into her actions. >> i think it's outrageous by making a move such as that. it's under review by the department of justice. >> reporter: the department of justice could investigate the potential obstruction of justice. she has no regrets of warning her constituents of i.c.e. raids in the bay area. she spent a lot of time lately reflecting on courage and fearlessness. >> i do have legal advice. i have a lot of legal support coming forward. and i remain confident i have acted within both my legal and
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my moral rights. >> reporter: jackie ward, kpix 5. >> in santa clara county, the rapid response network is confirming they have a recent increase in calls reporting i.c.e. activity in san jose. they say they have gotten more than 150 calls in just 72 hours. they have been able to confirm at least 8 detentions. a rally will be held at king and story in san jose at 5:00 tonight. critical deadline today for high school seniors applying for state financial aid under the "california dream act." earlier this week, students at city college of san francisco were urged to apply in order to be eligible for state financial aid. the official deadline is today at 5:00. city college is encouraging students to stop by their offices if they need help with applications. in san francisco, interim mayor mark farrell is opening his office to the public. it's called open door chats and they started today. it will be twice a month for three hours. he will meet with anyone who enters a lottery system in ten- minute slots. san francisco residents can enter on his website. one person we spoke with today
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came to him about the homeless situation in the city. >> i don't think the mayor can do it by himself. in fact, i know he can't do it by himself. and he is here short term. he will be leaving in june. and we need to rally round. we need to all come up with a solution and work together. >> farrell is serving as interim mayor until the special election on june 5th to replace ed lee, who died in december. these open door chats will be the first and third fridays. a groundbreaking for a new transit village in oakland just wrapped up. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in the fruitvale district. what's going on? >> reporter: hey, michelle. yup, that groundbreaking just wrapped up moments ago. a lot of dignitaries here including mayor libby schaaf who you heard from earlier in the program doing that groundbreaking for what's going to be called casa arabella. it's going to be a four-story
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housing complex, affordable housing here. this is the second phase of the fruitvale transit village right next to the fruitvale bart station. it's supposed to be finished by the end of 2019. it will include about 94 units and house about 400 people. the renderings that show townhomes and apartments, housing will be rented to people who make 20 to 60% of the area median income which for a family of four is about $97,000 in oakland. at least 21% of the units will be reserved for formerly homeless military veterans. as i mentioned earlier, mayor schaaf was here. she worked on the project for years as a city employee and is happy to see phase 2 of the project come to life. >> there's proof that i have watched this rise not from the ground but from the love, the commitment and sheer will of one of the most beautiful
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unified communities in the world. and that is the fruitvale community, the oakland community. >> reporter: the project is the result of two major community organizations. east bay asian local development corporation and the unity council worked with the city and mayor to make this happen. now, the project is paid in part by local, county and state funding. again, it's set to open by the end of 2019. live in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. another rainy morning in the bay area. this is how things looked in san jose earlier today. most people came prepared with their umbrellas. puddles filled the streets downtown. >> a lot of people with their umbrella. >> yes, don't put it away. it's not over. this would be snow north of calistoga. how gorgeous is that? this is the napa valley hits. i was watching the snow coming down on -- this is the napa valley hills. i was watching the snow coming
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down on the hills and it's sticking. along highway 29, what a beautiful site. this is lake county area. chopper 5 is overhead so you can get that amazing view. hi-def doppler showing plenty of moisture out there and as i zoom in, you can see the areas where the snow is coming down. just cold enough along the hills around 2500 feet elevation, rain is coming down really strong through santa rosa, and petaluma we are going to continue to see these scattered areas of strong, strong rain, even lightning strikes and hail. i'll talk more about that coming up. an active scene in santa rosa today after an early- morning police shooting just before 3 a.m. at the armored vehicle facility gar da world. two suspects were trying to rob employees inside. an officer saw them trying to get away. they say one of the suspects showed a firearm which forced the officer to open fire. >> that suspect failed to drop the handgun when he was confronted by the officer and
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instead, the suspect raised the firearm towards the officer. the officer was forced to fire multiple rounds. >> the suspect was hit at least once but was still able to try to run away before being arrested. he is now in the hospital but will survive. police say the second suspect was found hiding inside an armored truck inside the facility. their names haven't been released and no officers were hurt. new details in michigan where a manhunt is under way right now following a deadly shooting on a college campus. police say two people were shot and killed inside a dorm room at central michigan university. the school says the victims are not students. in fact, they are believed to be the suspect's parents. police have identified the shooter as a 19-year-old male. they said that they had contact with him last night. >> at some point in the evening, he was transported to mclaren hospital due to what the officers believed may be a drug-related type incident, an overdose or a bad reaction to a
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drug. at that point, he was released to the hospital staff. we're calling it a family type domestic issue at this point. that's all we're releasing at this time. >> there is a "shelter in place" order on campus. investigators though say the students are safe. president trump hosting officials from the national rifle association at the white house. last night's private discussion comes after the president publicly pushed lawmakers to raise the age to buy firearms to 21 despite nra objections but today the president and the nra appear to be on the same page. the nra's chief lobbyist responded to a trump tweet today saying, quote, the president and vice president support the second amendment, support due process and don't want gun control. >> i don't think the nra has had concerns with this president. he has been very committed to supporting the second amendment but also looking for ways that we can promote school safety
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and reduce gun violence. >> the president says he also wants to increase mental health services as a way to keep people from buying guns. meantime, the gun control rally planned later this month at the national mall in washington, dc won't be held there after all. it turns out the area was already reserved for a talent show. the march for our lives rally on the 4th of this month will be next month sometime. today tributes from around the world at the funeral for billy graham. weijia jang reports. [ music ] >> reporter: the president and vice president arrived with their wives to pay final respects to billy graham. during the funeral at his library in charlotte, graham's youngest daughter told a deeply personal story about thanking her father after a failed marriage. >> he wrapped his arms around
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me and said welcome home. there was no shame. there was no blame. there was no condemnation. just unconditional love. >> reporter: graham died last week at the age of 99. he was known as america's pastor meeting with every president since harry truman. graham himself began planning his funeral a decade ago. a family spokesman framed it as the preacher's last crusade. >> it was powerful. but it wasn't overpowering. it was warm and affectionate. >> reporter: about 2,000 guests attended the service which was live streamed to a larger audience. graham's son franklin delivered the eulogy. >> my father's greatest longing has been granted. he is in the presence of god. >> reporter: the service included songs from gospel musicians who performed at graham's speaking events around the country. after the ceremony, graham was to be buried in a prayer garden
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in a pine casket next to his wife. weijia jang, cbs news, charlotte, north carolina. right now, mcdonald's employees in san francisco are protesting during the lunch rush in support of the fight for $15. cooks and cashiers are rallying at the national labor relations board office demanding a halt to settlement talks in the workers rights case. demonstrations are also happening in chicago and los angeles. a big payday for a group of oil refinery workers. the record jackpot they will be splitting 31 ways. >> more fallout for usa gymnastics from the larry nassar scandal. a male gymnast is suing about alleged sexual abuse by the former doctor. a
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role in the larry nassar sexual abuse case. in the lawsuit -- she claims bo aly raisman is suing the u.s. olympic committee and usa gymnastics for their role in the larry nassar sexual abuse case. in the lawsuit she claims both organizations could have done more to stop the former doctor's abuse. and a suit came on the same day that a male gymnast sued for abuse. >> in both usa gymnastics and the committee have been quick to adoptize and celebrate my success. -- to capitalize and celebrate my success. but they didn't reach out and
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come forward when he alleged abuse. some people are not renewing season tickets with the warriors because of the move to san francisco. the "chronicle" says some long- time fans were confused over the latest season ticket membership presentation for the new chase center arena in mission bay. they were scared off by higher prices costing hundreds more per game. but the warriors say they have plenty of support. they say they have 43,000 people on the wait list to become season ticket holders. some canadian coworkers are feeling like a million bucks, 60 million to be exact. these 31 oil refinery workers bought $150 worth of lotto ticket for the past three months and it paid off big time. they are going to get nearly $2 million each. the $60 million jackpot is the largest in atlantic canada history. >> good for them. >> yeah. >> talk about a payday. >> we need to start playing. >> you buy call this a million- dollar view. look at that. we have a dusting of snow
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at the top of the hills from santa clara and you can definitely see nice clear conditions there for now. but also let me show you this camera shot, oh, storm clouds. yes, we're starting to see some rain popping up across san francisco now so yes, we are getting a mix of it all over in the north bay. we showed you that amazing video earlier. the snow is still coming down north of calistoga near st. helena and those rolling hills across the napa valley area. look at the strong rain coming through right knew through lagunitas, san rafael, petaluma, pretty strong downpours popping up as a lot of that moisture from the ocean is now over san francisco. move across the bay, berkeley, emeryville, now dealing with this. some of the cells could have hail. we are going to see to see the chance of thunderstorms for half moon bay, woodside, redwood city now getting some rain. moving east to union city. here's the snow flurries we just saw in the live camera
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shot across the hills east of san jose. we saw a double rainbow. thank you for sending this photo in. we love our weather watchers. they saw hail in san jose. our temperatures will be in the low to mid-50s, mostly low 50s for the bay area because it's chilly air mass overhead. sunset tonight 6:04. sunrise tomorrow 6:38. now let's take you to the tahoe/truckee airport where you can see they have done a good job clearing the snow on the runway. now there's more flurries to come. we had sunshine over the airport a few hours ago. and this is really starting to pick up in the past hour. it's windy and snowy still along interstate 80 right where the airport is in truckee, south lake tahoe, and the snow levels are dropping. we are seeing lower elevation snow, as well. tahoe report showing 2 to 5 feet of snow for sugar bowl. they have already reported three feet in many of the ski resorts, heavenly about 3 feet already from the storm.
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and they are going to get another one to two feet expected tonight through tomorrow. it's not over. from the mountains to the coast we go, we are seeing a lot of big surf out there. high surf advisory starts at 3:00 today to 5:00 tomorrow. breakers up to 25 feet expected also beach erosion is likely, runaway waves and we are not going to get calm conditions until sunday, monday. we can breathe a sigh of relief, i guess. then tuesday, wednesday more rain. thank you. let's check the dow right now. it's down 180 points right now. has off a couple of down days earlier this week. we'll continue to watch that for you. coming up the dangerous eating disorder that some diabetics battle.
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their medical condition. reporter nikki battiste has more ing called some parents with diabetes can also struggle with a type of eating disorder that involves their medical conditions. >> reporter nickie ba teeth has more on what's being called dia bulemia. >> reporter: heather has been living with type 1 diabetes since she was 12 years old.
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the 48-year-old never thought it would spiral into an eating disorder. >> i had a natural force within me that could melt away the calories. >> reporter: diabetics manipulate the insulin they are taking to shed pounds. >> it was a secret. i thought this is kind of cool in a way. look, i can do this and nobody knows about it and i can get away with it and look, i can lose weight. i had no idea that this was an eating disorder. >> reporter: allison alderman is regional manager of the renfrew center where heather went through treatment. >> without this insulin, basically, that sugar in the blood stays in the blood and it kind of spills out into the urine, rather than being used as energy. >> reporter: alderman says that can lead to serious health risks, including high glucose levels, thinking problems, muscle loss and infection. >> with diabulemia, you can get weight loss, cramping, kidney damage. >> reporter: heather is still
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struggling with her body image. >> when i look in the mirror now, i see -- let's try to take care of ourselves. you know? let's try to do the best we can today to be healthy. >> reporter: she says she focuses on eating right and managing her diabetes. nikki battiste, cbs news. >> experts say some warning signs are diabetic who avoid doctor's appointments or eat or take their insulin in isolation. we'll be right back.
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oh-oh, i dropped that one! oh, wow. that's sugar! crazy car chase ends with a close call. a news photographer trying to capture the action almost gets hit! what he had to say about this heart-stopping moment. we'll have that and much more coming up at 5:00. >> whoa. >> dangerous job. somebody's got to do it. >> that's true. >> wild weather, you guys, be careful out there this afternoon. it's going to be an increased chance of thunderstorm. paul deanno will have it all for you. >> enjoy your friday afternoon.
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>> quinn: i mean it. there is nothing i won't do to protect my son. >> bill: wow, another threat. really, quinn? >> quinn: it's a promise! you come after wyatt, and i will come after you in ways that you can't even imagine. >> bill: get out. >> quinn: you have alienated everyone. your family, your sons... when will finds out how you tried to take him away from his mother, he's gonna despise you. dollar bill spencer. rich, powerful, man who had everything, now has absolutely nothing. >> ridge: so, when you told me you were making vegetarian "fa," "pho," "fa". >> steffy: pho. fa?


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