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tv   Mosaic  CBS  March 4, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PST

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here last october. one of the most sacred and solemn and yet oments in hello and on behalf of the afternoon die oceans of san francisco, today we follow up in one of the most sacred moments in the afternoon die oceans. -- archdiocese to the immaculate life of mary. we celebrate the day of march 7. on that day amp bishop -- arc bishop spoke to us, saying
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he didn't know if it would make a difference. so how do we accomplish that? today we will discuss this with one of the priests, a deep student of marry, the mother of jesus and i have no doubt one of or favorite priests. as we find ourselves in the middle of lent, the question is how do we combine the lejts observance with the local gift we can receive from and give to the mother mary. after the brief pause please rejoin us with a discussion about living the con is he craigs every day. -- consequence craigs every day. consecration. [ cell phone rings ]
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>> yeah, i'm watching it too. i see them every day. >> the curtains, they're always drawn in this place. >> i know. >> that guy, it seems like he's in charge of them. i don't know, i don't feel very good about this. >> we have to report this. >> yes, absolutely.
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to hello and welcome to mosaic. today my guest is a priest of the archdiocese of san francisco. francisco. >> i celebrated mass at saint monica church so i wasn't there to be at the ka they'd ral on time -- cathedral so i wasn't
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part of the homily. it was a beautiful morning of repgsz from many pair rushes. >> you are in the bizintine art and icons later in the show. >> right. >> i wanted to show you a few things you haven't seen before. one of the consecration events was a student art contests so they could make artistic repgsz of the blessed virgin mary. we have a few of those. father and i can look at the student art and i'll give the students credit. this is quite beautiful. that the kathedral and this is by earnest who is a 7th grader and we used this as the cover of the file. the next one, you recognize
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that. the heart of the blessed mother with a sword piercing it symbol liesing her sore rows -- symbol eyeing her addition -- syn -- symbolizing her sore rose. >> mm-hmm. >> and this is from a second grader, kanika hall. and the next one, this is the favorite this is my miley sal va to her, a third grader such a motherly mary. and what about another one? there's another representation of mary with roses around her sort of on a cloud. this is by peter, who is a 4th
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grader at hole name of jesus school. and another one, this is the children at phatama by theresa mason by our lady school. thank you for that. let's get to the question i raised at the beginning. which is how to live with the consecration, as part of the arc bishop spelled it out. let me show this. there we are. hope it's read i believe. this is living -- readable. this is living the consecration byly arc bishop and this is an holy card you can download from our website. can you read out the elements
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from this, father. can you see from there? >> prayer, of course, is central, the daily rosary and the recommendation of the weekly family rosary. these are things we are encouraged to do during the season of lente? >> i know in the last show you were going to bring us into lenten practice. >> sure, works of charity, confession at least once a month. prayer before the blessed sack meant. star of the sea church has adoration and that is a wonderful place to go for prayer and the blessed sack meant ex poised. at least once a week if someone is able -- exposed. at least once a week if someone in the parrish is able to do.
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and our lady requested people to go to confession, to celebrate mass, receive the eucharist and to medicine at a time on the rosary for 15 minutes especially in union with her heart, the mystery of her heart, which again we'll talk about as we reflect upon the rosary. >> i'm interested in fasting and pen evens we associate with -- penence with associate with lent also. the catholic practice of reflection has fallen off somewhat. as a pastor, what can you say about that? >> the invitation to come and see and overcome any nervousness that a person may have that this is an opportunity to be free and to enter into a new fresh start, a new beginning of one's life. what the lord for gives, he forgets and takes it away as if it had never happened.
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our since cast off as far as the east is from the west. people will say they are very nervous going into the confessional. and they leave presumably after a good confession walk onning a cloud because there is a great joy of being restored to the moment of one's bapt tichl. that's a great feeling indeed. >> and the term of a dorgs, it's deep. -- adration, it's deep. what am i adoring? >> the the blessed abbing meant is a sack meant -- that is the sack mental presence of the lord -- sacomental presence lord. this is the tradition of the
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western church of epo -- exposition and the blessed sack meant. >> there is something -- sacrement. >> there is something very sacred about it and i respond to that. >> right. >> we'll come back after this brief break and talk about lent, mary and the devotion and making it visible in our daily lives every day. >> wonderful. >> please come back and join us. [piano playing slow tune]
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announcer: don't wait. communicate. make your emergency plan today.
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welcome back to mosaic. father kennedy, you are a priest of the arc dioceses of
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derek ar arch dioceses of san francisco -- -- arch of die soesz of san francisco. how did you become interested. >> visiting orthodox churches. i thought how beautiful the worship. i wish to be in full communion of rome. wouldn't it be wonderful to have this tradition in that full communion. that's what bizatine cath olism is. it is the union between east and west and so these bi sgla atine catholic communities have their own hierarchy separate
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from the romian hierarchy, we're entrusted to the latin ordinary in this case arc bishop lordlionly who appointed me. and he was visiting us just this last january 7 for our christmas so we were delighted to have him and we rejoice in his support for us. >> to me it is an exotic world. everything is in english? >> everything is in english in the -- -- ba -- bizatine form. we have a lunch after words and we are getting more and more people coming because they enjoy it. >> last year was the anniversary of phatama in port
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-- portugal but it is the bizatine our lady of church of phatama. fill us in on what it means we have consequence created ourselves to her heart. >> the heart in the biblical sense refers to the person himself or herself. in this case our lady, her intimate, her unique self. no one else, mary, what is unique about her. the center and core of her interior life, her love forest god -- for god and whole hearted mystery of her son. the love and obedience of faith, her will, memory,
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intellect of hafrt. -- heart. all of that we are invited in phatama as her way to lead us closer to god. >> let me ask you about the eye consequence you have chosen to show. these seem to do with her sorrow and pain. explain those please, if you will. >> the second chapter of the gospel of luke in verse 19 and again in verse 51, our lady is described as holding pondering, treasuring all of these things in her heart, the heart as i described it in the biblical sense. what things? her son, the whole mystery of christ in its entirety is necessarilied her heart as a vast -- held in her heart as a vast mister.
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this is to be stow the living reality to through her heart. >> let's bring up the eye consequence you chosen. we should have had a graphic warning but here is a lady piercing her heart with swords. >> this is a reflection of the prophesy of simion. you yourself a sole shall pierce, her whole self, her heart is pierced with reality. it is the canosis of the lord that he is hue mill tee that he enters into the human condition on our behalf. his self emptying love is a model for us and redeems us. and so mary enters into that canosis in a very unique and intimate way. she shares in the suffering and sorrow in such a way that the church has seen a model of the
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canosis. >> let's look at the next slide. this is also bizatine in or sglien the title of the icon is very interesting. it's called the softener of evil or cruel hearts. >> mary is the softener -- >> she is the softener of cruel or hard end of hearts. -- hardened of hearts. she looks upon her participation in the sorrow of her son. her unique par taking in the surfing for us would soften even the most hardened of hearts. >> i think it will. the next set of slides. the western style slides. >> this is a variation of that. once again you see the seven swords patterned after the seven sore rose of our lady. this is from ecuador.
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again, it shows this depiction, it depicts the prophecy of simion, a sword will enter your sole. the flight into egypt, the loss of the child in the temple, the meeting of our lady on the via del rosa, the way of the cross. the piercing of his heart, the taking down from the cross as he laid in her arms, the famous patov would depict that reality. all of these express her sharing in the passing of her son in her sorrow full heart. >> when i see the innocent woman with the swords, i feel if my heart were evil and cruel, it would be softened. why inflict that on her? >> and yet, because she enters into that passion is able to know the fullness of joy, the
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joy of the rez recollection. she -- resurection. she who shares fully in the cross and the burial of the tomb shares in the resurrection. she is the searcher of those who are lost, quick to hear and listen to and respond to the needs of her children. >> yeah. >> so all of this is not modeling so much as it is the reality that out of the pain and sorrow is born a new life, the joy of life in the spirit which is the res sur recollection itself -- resurrection itself. >> when we come back we will talk about the way we meet mary through the rosary, please rejoin us.
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welcome back. we're going to talk with father kevin about the rosary. everyone knows saying the rosary consists of saying the hail mary over and over again but there is a deeper thing called mysteries. this is what we contemplate. can you explain that to us. >> getting back to the heart of our lady and why we should pray
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the rosary through her heart as it were is because she is the first one described in the gospel of luke who holds, who upon deers, who treasures all these things in her heart -- -- ponders, who treasures all the these things in her heart, the mysteries. she is the best to lead us into the heart into the life and death and resurrection of her son. the whole mystery of christ, through joy, sorrow, through glory. she leads us through each of the mysteries. >> these mysteries events in the life of jesus chris is what they are; right? >> yes, yes, yes. >> as you're saying the rosary, reciting with your group you're also medicine at a timing a distinctive, mystery, event in jesus's life. >> right, right. >> why do we call it a mystery. >> a mystery is not so much
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that con seals but reveals that takes us beyond the mundane but to the reality of god's love, his presence in the world which so many times we forget about. the mystery takes us into the riches and depths of love hidden within the lord itself. >> i can't recite all 15 of the mysteries but i think they take an arc through our lives as well. there's a set of sorrow full. >> joy full, sorrow full and glorious. >> incoming to christ if his glory. >> yes. >> i must say i've taken up the rosary more frequently during lent it's a soothing and interesting prayer. >> my central event of the prayer is the joy of the lord. the central event of the lord is his passion, his death on the cross his burial in the tomb and the central event of the glorious is the
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resurrection. from the resurrection comes pentecost is the gift of the hole spirit, the gift of the spirit after the rez recollection and ascension of the lord is the ability for us to have god's own love within us. that we are not just reflecting on past historical events but in the mystery of the eucharist and mystery of the eucharist of the rosary we enter into christ. >> yes. >> we relive and actual eyes his life and resurrection. we're -- actualize his life and resurrection. we're entering into his very life and death to share in our goal which is the resurrection, risen life and transformed life, life in god. >> in other words lent is the pathway towards the cruise fiction which is the great --
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cucificio? >> yes. >> the students of our lady of visitation school started a daily rosary so 8:15 every da, there's a rosary said. school kwie yes down and the principal says it's becoming a soothing up and lifting experience every day in the school. >> it's calming and centering in a world in great need of that kind of peace. and the angelic salutation itself, we are repeating the words of the arc an gel she says yes to the great plan of reconstituting the human's race which is oneness with god. >> i want to show one slide to let people know where neck find resources for lent they can go
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to our website and to the u.s. conference of lenten beneficiary yops. faster you are a pastor. what would you want someone to take away from watching the show. can you sum it up in 30 seconds. >> what we began with, the images of the children. any child understands the love of a mother, a mother's heart, her compassion, her presence, her caring. and those images of a rosary around the globe, the images of our lady bringing children in, a hovering over the cathedral, all the people of god. it shows she's with us, she's present with us and cares about us. she is, in fact, what the eye consequence say, the searcher of the lost and comforter of the afflicted. >> all right. thank you for joining us and thank you for watching on mosaic and have a wonderful
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lent and easter.
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