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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 6, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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did you hear that crack? just a tiny bit. >> okay. it is early. welcome. >> yes, welcome. >> it is amazing we were able to get ready about two minutes ago. >> so let's talk about your forecast. really nice out there, very spring like, get ready for a futeful day. it will be clearing up later on and we will be 10 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. our temperatures are jumping above average and the light rain chance will not arrive until wednesday night. i will have more details in just a minute. we have a live look at your ride along 580. that looks like diamonds and rubies for your morning commute. 23 minutes between 205 and 680. on highway 4, things are moving right at the limit, headed out
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of antioch. we are tracking an earlier accident, this is a car that struck a deer eastbound 4, near franklin canyon, does not appear to be slowing anyone down, everything is on the shoulder. at the bay bridge toll plaza, the back up is developing, not quite to the west grand over crossing, 10 minutes into san francisco. a father and son were arrested in oakland after chp reports the men were in possession of explosives. police were called to suites near 80. they arrested arnold guy who shared this photo on facebook. officers cleared out the hotel and the bomb squad into the building to look for explosives. about three hours later, they gave the all clear. >> they were just like, everyone has to move for a minute. >> what was going through your head? >> my kids. >> the search stemmed from an
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investigation following the arrest of guy's son on sunday in almeanie county. officers are not saying whether they found any explosives at the hotel. there is trouble for nfl star alden smith. the raiders released him from the team and there is an arrest warrant out for him for domestic violence. the charges are assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, false imprisonment and vandalism. smith left the building on bush street before he got there. police are now talking with his lawyer to arrange a surrender. he is suspended by the nfl for repeated substance abuse. a freak accident in the sieras has killed a san francisco mother and son. olga perk vch and her son died when skiing back to their condo
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when a massive block of snow came off the roof and buried them. a murder mystery and the san mateo police department is asking for help in this case. a man was found shot to det near the beach. kaitie nielson has new details of the victim's final hours. >> what were his last words? what was he thinking? how much did he feel? what did he -- i don't know, i don't know how to answer that. >> reporter: these are all questions larrane has about her brother's furd -- murder but answers are hard to come by. the case has reached a dead end. >> we are trying to get the public's help to get more information so we can bring justice for this family. >> reporter: here is what investigators do know.
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sometime between 9:30 and 11:30, the night of tuesday, february 13th, someone shot 53-year-old gilberto rodriguez. deputies found his body a few hours later. nobody knows who shot him or why. police can't figure out how he got to the lot south of pacifa. he did not have a car. >> i feel like he was taken out there. >> reporter: rodriguez worked as a mechanic with his father in san francisco. he recently left a three month treatment fram for alcoholism and was living on the streets. the family just wants answers so they can move on. >> hearing uthow he was found is a nightmare. i hope they find somebody or something or give me an answer of some kind. >> reporter: there is a make shift memorial in the parking
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lot for rodriguez, above it, a sign asking anyone with information about his murder to contact the san mateo sheriff's office. this morning, space x is celebrating another successful launch. >> three, two, one, zero. >> falcon nine rocket launched from cape canaveral, florida carrying a satellite. the take off was delaid for additional tests. this is the company's 50th launch. >> they have had a lot of success lately. >> i was about to say how many do they have out there. >> many. let's talk about your forecast. it is going to be a nice day. get ready for a beautiful tuesday. let's show you what it looks like. this is berkeley, the view across the water there, you can
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see clear conditions, no fog impacting visibility this morning. the only areas where we are seeing cooler conditions would be santa rosa at 34 degrees but the rest of us are in the 40s. 49 in san francisco and 37 in livermore. this is a lot warmer than yesterday, temperatures will be warm throughout the day today. we have a few clouds coming through this morning, high, thin clouds. we will see the sun after noon. here is the wider view of the state and what we are experiencing. a ridge of high pressure will bring the temperatures up. we are waiting for this low in the pacific which will bring us a chance of rain. it will keep our temperatures pretty warm. right now, winds barely a breeze, calm conditions and south winds at 3 in napa. that is a look at your current
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conditions. i will talk more about your afternoon coming up. right now, we are tracking just one accident. that is a good thing. it is along highway 4, this car hit a deer. everything is on the shoulder, it is not blocking any lanes and speeds are in the green if you are making your way in the eastbound direction. as you head over to the east shore freeway, 80 at powell, your ride from hercules, about 14 minutes from there to the maze. no delays as you make your way towards the toll plaza but once you get there, you will be in for a backup. we have just the cash lanes that are stretching in that backup towards the west grand. other than that, good to go. that is a check of your traffic. michelle? >> thank you. in response to a deadly florida school shooting last month, the state senate narrowly passed a bill that would bring
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big changes to gun laws. if the law goes into effect, florida residents will have to be 21 to buy a gun and there would be a three day waiting period for most gun purchases. families of the victims of the shooting say it is time the change. >> we are going to set the example in florida so other states follow. that is why it is so important that this bill gets passed. i'm not going to stop in florida. i'm going to be the parent that takes it from here to the pacific coast. >> the measure now moves to the house. the session ends on friday. a former trump campaign aid is changing his tune. sam nunburg said hewise refuse to appear before a grand jury and now he seems to be reversing course. he made the rounds on news networks yesterday saying he doesn't think the subpoena was fair. last night, his state of mind
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came into question. >> talking to you, i can smell alcohol on your breath. >> well, i have not had a drink. >> again the conversation is out there, let me ask you the question. >> my answer is no, i have not. >> anything else? >> no. >> nunburg says federal investigators spent five and a half hours investigating him and he says they have evidence that the trump campaign may havecluded with the russians. >> i am not going to weigh in with someone who does not work at the white house. we are fully cooperating with the office of the special council and we will continue to do so. >> nunburg lost his position for offensive social media posts. san francisco's former acting mayor has been stripped of her title again. mark leno sued to keep her from using the title on a ballot.
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a judge ruled that it would be misleading. she will now be identified as president board of supervisors. they were debating where and how fast affordable housing can be built. >> one of my goals as mayor would be to see what is required and to remove the obstacles that make it so hard to build houses faster in this city. >> we are not talking about a 10 story building in the middle of your block but just to the side of your neighborhood. >> we can duplicate things from different areas in san francisco. >> the special election to replace late mayor ed lee will be held may 5. a statue at city hall that many say is racist is set to be removed. the 19th century statue will be taken down after decades of
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public opization. it depicts a native american sitting below francis drake. chances are someone you know is a car break in victim, how bad is it? we crunched the numbers in the bay area cities. >> and a new specialty license plate for surfing fans. s you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. across the bay area. in fact: 20-17 was a record-breaking year for our *three largest cities. kpix 5's da lin.. on the top spots for smash & grabs. > chances are this has happened to you or someone you know. we are seeing record numbers of car burglaries in san francisco and san jose. san francisco leads the pack in break-ins last year. san jose reported 6476 burglaries. that is the highest they have
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ever seen according to police. a 17% increase compared to 2016. it is also a record in oakland. 10007 reported cases, that is up 32% compared to the previous year. unlike san francisco where burglars target tourist destinations, in oakland, the majority of the break-ins are in cumurlgs districts -- commercial districts where people shop and dine. it is from downtown up to mount clar. fewer homicides, but more burglars. opposite in east oakland, fewer burglaries and more homicides. chances of getting caught are slim. in san francisco, it is less
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than 2%. >> my car has been broken into four times already. i just feel frustrated because there is nothing being done. i am debating whether i should have a car or not. i have two little kids. >> reporter: in san francisco, the da is asking for 2 million to form a burglary task force but in most cities, it is a low priority crime and very few get solved. >> those statistics are just reported break-ins. police say the actual numbers are much higher because many burglary victims do not bother reporting them anymore. a mother and her 3-year-old daughter were attacked with a knife on a bus travelling from las vegas to oakland. passengers say a woman got on in bakersfield and stabbed a woman holding a toddler and threatened
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to kill the little girl. several people tackled the suspect and some suffered wounds. >> the gentleman behind me had her forearm and i was trying to pry away the knife. the bus driver had her other knife. >> teresa madrigal is now under arrest. during the struggle, she also stabbed herself in the neck. passengers described her as delusional. four passengers are in the hospital now. soring above the -- soaring above the sieras, the snow pack is well below average but it is way up from a week ago thanks to last week's storm. the state department of water resources says we need two more big storms to get to where we need to be. >> and it seems like we are getting a little rain? >> but it is a warmer system so we will not see much snow. we will see a few flurries on
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the tops of the sieras but that is it. we doubled the amount of snow we are seeing all across the siera but we are still well below average. here is how it breaks down. 30% of normal in the northern portions and central portions at 43 and southern at 40%. these are still low numbers for where we should be. a couple of winter storms would help. here is a current view. pleasant conditions and high pressure will take over northern colorado today. 49 degrees for san francisco and 43 in oakland. nice and pretty conditions out there. high pressure will take ahold today and tomorrow and then we have this low that is right next door and that will bring us a chance of rain but very minimal. above average temperatures for tuesday. it will feel pretty good out there. here is a look at the highs.
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73 in free mont. part of the east bank could hit the low 70s as well. here is the futurecast. a few clouds this morning, just high thin clouds. by 1:00, nice and clear conditions out there. tomorrow morning, a few clouds out there, maybe a gray start to the day for some areas. wednesday night, the first chance of rain will impact the north bay from washington. that's the direction the storm will reach us from. it will be affect the north bay the most. by thursday morning, just light drizzle. by friday, we are looking at possibly around midnight, another light drizzle. the amount of rainfall with this system is very minimal. the coastal mountain ranged could see the most. maybe quarter of an inch for the northern parts. now the next storm on saturday and sunday, that will be wetter. it is picking up a lot of
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subtropical moisture. that could bring us a decent amount of rainfall but temperatures are still staying pretty warm during that system. it is about 10 minutes until 5:00, look how busy highway 37 is getting. here is a live look near lakeville highway. just a lot of kwarz out on the road already this morning. we are still moving at the limit. we are in the green and we are tracking a travel time of only 20 minutes westbound from interstate 80 over to 101. here is a live look at 101, moving well in both directions. this is heading through nev ado, shouldn't be a problem. there is a few cars across the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction. golden gate bridge, nice conditions. everyone is on their best driving behavior. no problems on the east bay freeway. you can see the crowds are
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developing along the stretch in the westbound direction. and there is the back up over the bay bridge toll plaza. things are not looking good at this location. the back up is stretching beyond the west grand over crossing. speeds are in the green but likely to change into the yellow any minute. california could offer another specialty license plate, this one for surfing fans. a surfing museum is trying to convince the dmv to have the endless summer surfing license. it is based on the cult hit movie from the 60s. 81 gray whaelz were spotted travelling north off paint -- point ray on saturday. it breaks the record of the most
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whales seen in one day. march is usually peak season for spotting great whales as they head north to alaska. time now is 4:51, this morning, how millennials are being tricked more than ever by scammers. >> and an animal in a desperate situation is nursed back to health rgs she this coyote's amazing transformation next.
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good morning, everybody. your average highs will be well above average. we are looking at upper 60s and mid-70s, especially in the south bay. morgan hill will hit 75. and free mont will be 73. upper 60s and low 70s to the
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north. mostly sunny skies for the afternoon. over in the north bay, temperatures in the low 70s. expect a lot of sunshine and a lot of spring like weather out there, not breezy either. we are tracking an easy ride for drivers through the south bay this morning. this is 880 right at 280, northbound direction on the right side of your screen. no delays on that stretch. this is near first street, not too many cars out there for your tuesday morning drive. things are looking good so far. that is a check of your traffic. here is a question for you, who is a bigger target for scammers, the young or old? we have the answer and one of the most frequent tricks they are falling for. >> it hurts a lot. it is one of the bigger life lessons i have had to learn. >> reporter: 29-year-old david sigman of los angeles says he
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never thought he would fall victim to a scam. >> i was most upset that i let myself down. >> reporter: sigman needed money so he signed up to mystery shop local businesses and review their customer service, paying them a small fee for the first couple of jobs. in january, he got a bigger assignment. evaluate money transfer businesses by cashing a $29 check the company sends him and then sending the money back to him. >> i got a call back saying it was frudial -- fraudulent. sglfrnths >> reporter: it is one of the most frequent tricks played on millennials, aged 25 to 34. the federal trade commission found that twice as many millennials that reported fraud in 2017 lost more money than
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those over 60. >> some of the older folks are doing a really good job of recognizing fraud when they come upon it. they are doing a really good job avoiding a loss and they want to warn people about it. >> reporter: one interesting thing to note, when older people lost money, they did lose more, a median $621 for those in their 70s as opposed to less for those in their 20s. a happy ending to a horribley sad situation. you might have seen these pictures in january of a coyote wandering the foot hills with a jar on her head. when rescuers caught her, she weighed just 15 pounds. this is the same coyote. the animal was nursed back to health and she was set free back in the wild. she looks a lot different and pretty healthy. of course, she is happy to get
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back out doors. miss jar door is happy now. love that video. coming upright now, former aid to president trump said he refused a subpoena in the russian investigation and now he is having a change of heart, hear from him next. >> two men arrested after the bomb squad found explosives at this hotel, i will have the details coming up.
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you.
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don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, march 6. >> let's start with a live look outside. we have a lot of traffic on the right with the 580 interchange. and we have a shot of the tower in san francisco, things looking pretty nice out there right now. a father and son were arrested after an explosive
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scare in oakland. police and the bomb squad searched a hotel near interstate 880. this is where jessica flores joins us with more details. >> reporter: good morning. police gave the all clear now so people are back inside their hotel rooms after being evacuated for about three hours as the bomb squad searched for explosives inside the suites here in oakland. this is from chp. they arrested jeremy guy and ronald guy for having destructive devices and having materials to make destructive devices. the father and son were arrested after a master operation here at the suites. police blocked off several of the blocks here around 6 p.m. around


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