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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 7, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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schaff to deliver an i.c.e. raid warning this weekend. >> here's my message to mayor libby schaff. how dare you. how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda. >> reporter: he blasted california lawmakers for passing laws to make it easier for undocumented people to stay and that's why the justice department is suing california to nullify its sanctuary laws. governor brown says there are different interpretations of the state's laws, but they were written in good faith. >> the drafters of these laws are very conscientious that we think have drawn the proper line between what the state has competency to do and what is the overriding federal sumpremacy. >> reporter: attorney general xavier becerra said california is actually trying to stay focused on public safety. >> we're not trying to enact immigration laws. we're enacting public safety laws and the trump administration doesn't law that. we're not trying to get into their business.
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>> reporter: now both sides are already talking about appealing this case up to the u.s. supreme court. so what starts here may end up being a much bigger legal fight. liz? >> melissa, what specifically do these laws actually say that the justice department claims is illegal? >> reporter: there are three laws that they're aiming at specifically. one is the state sanctuary law that prohibits law enforcement from cooperating with i.c.e. officials. ed second is a law that limits what -- the second is a law that limits when employers can do with i.c.e. officials, whether they can volunteer information to them and then the third law is one that allows the california states to investigate issues at immigration detention facilities within the state. those are the three laws that the department of justice says violates the u.s. constitution and the sumpremacy clause. >> melissa caen live at the federal courthouse for us this evening, thank you. moving right on to kpix5's phil matier who is live with reaction from oakland's mayor after being singled out by jeff
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sessions. phil? >> reporter: that's right. you heard the attorney general ask how dare she endanger law enforcement. how dare she give out that warning. well, they had a couple of questions about how dare he do a few things as well. let's take a listen. >> how dare you vilify members of our community. how dare you distract the american people from a failed immigration system. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaff also rebutted the attorney general's remarks that her warning about the i.c.e. raid put law enforcement officers in harm's we and thanks to her some 800 criminals are still on the streets of california. >> it has never been my intent to put the safety of law enforcement officers at risk. by i.c.e.'s own numbers the majority of those deported had no criminal backgrounds. >> reporter: now the question of what the mayor did and how
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she did it has raised legal questions and she is actually lawyering up. we'll have more on that at 6:00. >> phil, we're seeing this war of words, but how much legal trouble could the mayor actually face? >> reporter: well, the big question is whether or not she obstructed justice and attorneys appear to be split on whether she went up to the line, stayed clear of that line or crossed it. that is what's got her worried and it's also got some other mayors thinking as well and we'll have their thoughts and comments as well coming up. back to you guys. >> phil live at oakland city hall, thank you. there's lots of reaction to this federal lawsuit. san francisco's mayor insulted jeff sessions. >> this guy is a moron. it's more of the same out of d.c. every single day they do what they can in the trump administration to distract from the chaos that they have in their own white house. >> mark farrell also vowed the city would continue as a sanctuary city and said nothing would change because of the suit. california senator dianne feinstein also weighing in in a
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statement saying, "the trump administration continues to attack california in an attempt to score points with the president's political base. the state should not be punished for trying to shield immigrants for deportation." and this just in. we have the results of a brand- new kpix5 survey usa poll. a majority of californians oppose the department of justice's decision to sue the state. nt say it's the statewide survey found 47% say that it is the wrong thing. 36% say that it is the right move. ts and local police. but our survey found californians wanting cooperation between i.c.e. agents and local police. that is all part of the story coming up at 6:00. exclusive video that shows a deadly confrontation between a the other big story this evening, exclusive video that shows a deadly confrontation between a robbery suspect and san francisco police. kpix5 reporter emily turner with the images that seem to show the suspect firing that first shot.
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emily? >> reporter: at this point, liz, police aren't commenting who fired the first shot, but they do say they found a gun in the back of the car where that suspect was and if you look at the video, it appears like he has that gun in his hand. in fact, you can see all of the bullet holes from that shootout still in this car, in the windows over there and now there's a growing crowd across the street where that happened who are here because they want to support the victim. it went down about 10:30 last night on street. residents -- on capp street. residents flagged down police to report an armed robbery. the driver followed police directions and got out of the car. a woman stayed inside and a third person popped open the truck. this exclusive kpix5 video shows the open trunk with the suspect inside. you can hear police tell him in spanish to show his left hand. instead he appears to shoot at
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officers who promptly return fire. [ gunfire ] >> here it is again, this time from a wider angle, one shot. then dozens follow. [ gunfire ] >> the suspect died. >> they were giving him instructions five to 10 minutes before the bullets went off. they gave him a long time to get out and to think. they wanted him to live. i know they wanted him to live. >> reporter: you can see neighbors on the street at the time raise their own hands in the air. others ducked for cover inside their homes. >> we got on the carpet and the floor because we have a long floor and the window. >> reporter: san francisco police arrested two other suspects inside the same car uninjured. their names have not been released yet. now we are learning from folks here at this vigil that is continuing to grow in size that the suspect who was shot and killed was a 19-year-old young
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man whose name according to these posters is jesus delgado. now, of course, this crowd continues to grow. they're very upset. you look at the wall right there, someone just spray painted stop killing us. again this started at 5:00. the crowd continues to grow with people who show up bringing flowers. there's candles on the sidewalk across the street on the other side of that car. we'll be here live throughout the hour to bring you the very latest and see how this develops, but i will say the san francisco police department is on the scene. they have at least half a dozen motorcycle cops to make sure this situation remains calm. reporting live in the mission, emily turner, kpix5. new video captured by a home security camera of a brazen act of vandalism. police in stockton are looking for a man who doused a parked minivan with a flammable liquid of some sort, then threw a burning piece of paper at it. the culprit then took off as the vehicle burned. anyone with information is asked to call stockton police department. terrifying moments for kids
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on this southern california school bus, it caught fire as it drove down the freeway. you can see flames completely engulf the back half there. all the kids were able to get off safely. no one was injured. right now there is no word on what sparked the flames. a short time ago the florida house passed a bill that puts new restrictions on rifle sales and launches a program to arm some teachers. this follows the parkland high school shooting that killed 17 people. it now goes to governor rick scott for his signature. meanwhile we're learning new details about the shooting suspect, nikolas cruz. newly released jail records indicate that he was held in solitary confinement. u-s secretary of education betsy devos stoneman d the report says cruz often exhibits awkward behavior. u.s. secretary of education betsy devos paid a visit to marjory stoneman douglas high school today voicing her support to arm staff.
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>> those communities that opt to do this as in texas and polk county and other places around the country, to have people who are expert in being able to defend and having lots and lots of training in order to do so. >> florida students plan to rally in washington d.c. for gun control laws in the coming weeks. when n-b-a s meanwhile students at the parkland, florida high school got a midweek pick me up when nba star dwyane wade made a surprise appearance. the cafeteria erupted in cheers when the miami heat player walked in. wade said he was inspired by the students. the departure of president trump's top economic adviser is adding to concerns about a looming trade war. president's mind a ffs on impor gary cohn is leaving the white house after failing to change the president's mind about imposing new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. today the european union said if the plan goes through, they will consider tariffs of their own on some american goods like peanut butter and orange juice. the dow dropped more than 80 points today with investors
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concerned about kohn's departure -- cohn's departure. cohn is one of two dozen members of the trump administrations who have fired since taking office. there have been six in the last month alone. adult film star stormy daniels claims she had a relationship with president trump and now wants her claim validated, details on her new lawsuit. >> reporter: the lawyer for adult film star stormy daniels said she is suing president trump because she want to set the record straight. >> she wants to be heard and tell the public the true facts what happened here. >> reporter: daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford claims in the lawsuit she had an intimate relationship with mr. trump in 2006 and 2007. she signed a nondisclosure agreement the days before the 2016 election preventing her from talking about the alleged relationship, but she claims the agreement is legally null and void because mr. trump did
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not personally sign it. >> mr. trump was obligated to sign the agreements in order for them to be legally binding. >> reporter: the lawsuit said mr. trump used the alias david denison for the nonclosure agreement and that a consultant firm was created to process payments to daniels to further insulate mr. trump. last month president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen claimed he paid the actress $130,000 from his own funds and that neither the trump organization nor trump campaign was party to the transaction. so far neither the white house, the trump organization nor mr. cohen have commented on the lawsuit. daniels' attorney told cbs this morning his client is not looking to profit from selling her story but does not know if she will ultimately seek payment. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. >> daniels' attorney says he has information to suggest the $130,000 payment came from another entity, not mr. trump's lawyer, but says he's not ready
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to disclose that information at this time. coming up a bay area high school basketball team forfeits their spot in the playoffs, why administrators are keeping them from playing. >> plus amazon alexa scaring some users, how the device is breaking out into spontaneous eel laughs. >> shocking video -- evil laughs. >> shocking video shows an orangutan smoking, how the primate got ahold of the cigarette and how the zoo is now facing backlash.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. s new at 5:00 an east bay high school basketball team is learning a tough lesson. they played hard all season and earned a playoffs spot, but they won't be going. kpix5 reporter juliette goodrich is what led up to the school's decision. juliette? >> reporter: it was an emotional season ending and one the team likely didn't see coming, but the school said it was a tough decision to make.
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the team attended a party the week before and that is against school policy. the girls' basketball team learned a tough ranking 17th in the state ending the season early forfeiting the playoffs for violating team rules, not rules on the court, but off the court. the forfeiture was the result of all of the teammates attending a part by a member of the team. the school investigated the party monday and the next day the california interscholastic federation got the call from carondolett the season is over. some things are bigger than basketball the coach said. he said there was heartbreak, but in the end it's a tough and important lesson learned. the school released this statement. the high school will forfeit the basketball tournament game friday, march 9th, as a result
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of the violation of team results at a nonsanctioned event off campus. the school expects students to adhere to team and school standards at all time. we remain committed to the continual learning and growth of our students in all areas of their development." and the team was playing its best basketball of the season, but the coach says it's time to learn from this and move on. ar... being in concord, juliette goodrich, kpix5. a former stanford football star hailed a hero after helping save the life of an injured hiker in colorado. christian mccaffrey is a running back for the carolina panthers and was a standout at stanford from 2014 to 2017. colo the denver post reports he, his two brothers and a friend saw a 72-year-old hiker fall saturday from colorado's castle rock. mccaffrey told the panthers website, "i felt like he was in the air for 10 seconds. i'd never seen anything quite like that in my life as far as the trauma and the sound.
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we were in shock." the four men helped stabilize the man's neck and gave them chest compressions and visited the man's family at the hospital and struck up a friendship. the hiker is expected to recover. amazon is looking into reports of a creepy flaw with its virtual assistant alexa. some people have reported their alexa enabled devices are spontaneously breaking out into laughter. according to social media users, sometimes it happens completely unprompted and sometimes it's in response to requests to turn off the lights. this is from one twitter user. "so alexa decided to laugh randomly while i was in the kitchen. i thought a kid was laughing behind me," and another said, "lying in bed about to fall asleep when alexa on my amazon echo dot lets out a very loud and creepy laugh." amazon responded in a statement to tech website the verge saying, "we are aware of this and working to fix it." uber's fleet of self-
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driving trucks are now hitting the road hauling goods. the trucks are being used in arizona the company says as part of their freight program which matches traditional truck drivers with hauling lists. there is still a human driver as a backup behind the wheel, but eventually uber plans to operate the trucks without people. new video sparking outrage online, you can see this man smoking. this is the video of the orangutan, but there's a man smoking at an indonesian zoo and he flicked the cigarette into the orangutan enclosure. about the primate then picked it up and actually started smoking it. the zoo is coming under fire for not having stricter rules and better supervision over its animals. the zoo says they do have signs telling people not to throw things into the enclosures. nancy pelosi is honored by the smithsonian as a trailblazer. her burgundy suit she wore when
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being sworn in as speaker of the house will now be in an exhibit of historic u.s. women. the gavel used during the ceremony and her speech will be put on display. pelosi said at the time she felt the presence of other legendary women. >> then i realized it was susan b. anthony, alice paul, all on the chair with me of just right there and i could hear them say at last we have a seat at the table. >> pelosi's suit will be displayed with the judicial robe worn by sandra day o'connor, the first woman on the supreme court and flight suit worn by sally ride, the first american woman in space. the northeast is being lit with another blast of winter -- hit with another blast of winter. the second nor'easter in less than a week is pounding the area from new jersey to new hampshire. up to 2 feet of snow is expected in the hardest hit areas like upstate new york. they're also seeing a lot of
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rain and sleet. tonight tens of thousands are without power in some areas as temperatures hover in the 20s. philadelphia, and new york. airlines have canceled about 3,000 flights, most of them from airports in boston, philadelphia and new york. 'easter did a few day we're getting another look at what the last nor'easter did a few days ago. a police car's dashcam captured this very close call in a new york city suburb when a tree fell and brought a power line down along with it missing the officers by just a few feet. luckily no one was hurt. around here we had sunshine today with temperatures making it into the low 70s for some of you. didn't get outside to enjoy it today? i can't say it's coming back tomorrow or any time soon because the pattern is changing once again and we're going to get wetter as soon as tonight. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight a wild sight in santa cruz, two mountain lions spotted outside a bedroom window, a closer look
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at this incredible video.
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it is just amazing outside. it's been so nice outside. >> you're absorbing it because we know it's not going to last. >> sometimes around here march can have every day like this and some marches can be just kind of cold and wet and kind of a continuation of winter. i think we're falling back into the second category there. it's going to get cooler. it's going to get wet as soon as tonight. i certainly hope you enjoyed what was a spectacular day to get outside. temperatures are still mild, above average. normal is between 61 to 65 degrees. we're still in the upper 60s, livermore 68, san francisco 67 and santa rosa 62 degrees. overnight tonight with clouds and showers moving in we stay mild, close to 50, fremont 49, concord 49, san francisco 53. as clear as it is even in the skies south of san francisco, look what's on the radar now. the majority is way off to our north and west, but there are
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some showers moving into mendocino county, coastal sonoma county, in an hour in santa rosa and even coastal marin county. we have two systems coming our way. neither will be a direct hit. the one moving in tonight, most of the energy heads north into the pacific northwest. we'll get some showers. then on friday another rain chance, but the majority of that will stay to our south. we'll be wedged right in between a system that will pass by to our north tomorrow and one that passes by to our south friday, but there will be at least a chance of showers both days. this evening north bay 10:00 tonight a few light rain showers working its way south. by the time you get up tomorrow morning, the rain is gone. clouds will linger into the afternoon. we'll see late day sunshine. on friday we go cloudy throughout the day. it will look like rain, but futurecast says mainly points south, san jose down toward morgan hill, gilroy, monterey
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bay. widespread rain likely stays to our south friday. rainfall totals overnight, less than a 0.1-inch in concord, redwood city and san jose, more than 0.1-inch santa rosa and points north. there will be a change next week where the rain will likely get more widespread and we may see two or three rounds of rainfall beginning tuesday next week. tomorrow morning showers, friday most of the rain staying south. saturday we'll see some late afternoon or evening showers. so no washouts, but notice there is the chance of rain each day for the next three. highs in the llejo 68, san jose francisco 63, santa rosa 66, mainly morning showers. most of the rain stays south friday, still the chance of a few showers. saturday evening rain moves through and sunday and monday we're dry, more widespread rainfall next week. make sure you remember saturday night we are springing forward losing one hour of sleep, a 47 hour weekend coming up this weekend. that is your forecast. be right back.
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sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. [take vonumber:550b] we take you to steel country and talk to workers about the impact the cbs evening news is up next. jeff glor is here with a preview. >> up next we take you to steel country and talk to workers about the potential impact of new u.s. tariffs. >> and an nfl star, a stanford grad, helps save a grandfather after a frightening fall coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. ween best buy >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00 new details on a secret relationship between best buy and the feds. we'll see you back here in 30 minutes.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: back for seconds. a major nor'easter, the second in less than a week. travel is treacherous, flights are grounded, and hundreds of thousands will spend another night in the cold and dark. also tonight, double dare. >> how dare you. >> how dare you. >> glor: the battle between the justice department and california over illegal immigration. >> immigrants are welcome here! >> glor: a deadly school shooting in alabama. an adult film star sues for the right to talk about an alleged affair with the president. a new clue in the case of a poisoned russian spy.


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