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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 8, 2018 1:37am-2:13am PST

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this lawsuit is a waste of federal resources now at 11.. the nation's top law here is my message to mayor schaaf. how dare you. >> how dare you? >> this lawsuit is a misguided
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waste of federal resources. >> at 11:00, the nation's top law enforcement officer sues california. the bay area says this means war. i am veronica de la cruz. i am elizabeth -- >> and i am elizabeth cook. with alndria borba. >> reporter: 21% of the nation's undocumented population lives in california. governor brown in his words predicted this lawsuit would go on much longer than the trump administration. to a packed house in sacramento, attorney general jeff sessions took aim at so- called "sanctuary laws" in the golden state. >> in recent years, the california legislature has enacted a number of laws intentionally to obstruct the work of our sworn immigration officers. >> reporter: a 45 page lawsuit filed by the department of justice takes aim in particular at three laws: one, requires private employers to give notice before cooperating with
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i.c.e. another prevents police from tipping off immigration agents. the third stops i.c.e. from detaining jailers as detainees. >> california is using powers it doesn't have to frustrate federal law enforcement. so you can be sure i am going to use every power i have to stop that. >> reporter: the case is likely to end up at the u.s. supreme court. in the same vein that the obama administration was able to get arizona's pop state immigration laws overturned in 2012. >> there is no nullification. there is no secession. federal law is the supreme law of the land. >> reporter: the lawsuit comes after i.c.e. rates across california that attorney general jeff sessions says were thwarted by oakland mayor libby schaaf's warning. while sessions spoke, california politicians fired back. >> the attorney general is
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playing politics with a very important issue, and has clearly put a target on california's back. >> reporter: and governor jerry brown. >> jeff thinks donald will be happy with him and i am sure donald will be tweeting his joy at this particular performance. >> reporter: in fact, the president did not tweet about session's trip to california or the lawsuit. andria borba, kpix 5. >> an estimated 4000 undocumented students are enrolled in the you see school system. they had this message tonight: >> our university police will not serve as surrogate immigration systems. our students should feel safe. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi tweeted the people of california will not be bound by the intimidation tactics. we will fight this sham lawsuit. and from dianne feinstein, "california shouldn't be penalized for shielding immigrants. california will stand strong."
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attorney general jeff sessions had a message for oakland's mayor. kpix 5 continues our coverage with that story. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions calling oakland mayor libby schaaf out by name today as he announced a lawsuit against california, putting her at the center of a controversy over immigration enforcement. >> it was not my intention to get caught up in a national debate. >> reporter: yet, that's exactly where oakland mayor libby schaaf finds herself, in a war of words with attorney general jeff sessions. it's all over her decision to warn oakland are's of a series of recent i.c.e. grades. >> here is my message to mayor schaaf. how dare you? how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open orders but agenda -- open borders agenda? >> reporter: libby schaaf's office says after an onslaught of harassing calls to the mayor's office in the
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aftermath, they have finally died down and security levels at city hall are normal but online, hashtags like #walk libby up are trending along with countless tweets like this one. "oakland mayor libby schaaf must be indicted for obstruction of justice." mayor schaaf was also a central topic on fox news. >> if for example you think libby schaaf should be arrested? >> i do. if you are a state or local politician who ignores federal law, this has been the law of the land for a long time, you yourself are a felon. >> reporter: libby schaaf announced she has lawyered up. a former u.s. attorney, melinda haig, has offered her services pro bono although libby schaaf wouldn't say what they have discussed. >> it's attorney prior -- attorney client privilege. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the majority of californians say the lawsuit is a bad idea. according to our survey usa poll, 47% say suing california
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is the wrong move. 36% think it is the right thing to do. our survey also found 44% of californians disagree with a law barn local police from notifying agents when an immigrant is released from jail or prison. and the bay area, an overwhelming amount of people say locals should assist i.c.e. when involving crimes . president donald trump is finally coming to california next week. a source told the l.a. times he would be in the san diego area tuesday to check out the border wall prototypes. this is the president's first california visit since taking off -- taking office. >> he has been busy growing the economy, remaking the judiciary, fighting isis. i would be happy to name some other successes but i think that's probably enough. >> president donald trump is the first since eisenhower to
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not visit california in his first year in office. the rain is starting to move in. this is a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. paul deanno shows us the radar. >> we have a front moving through tonight and that will likely give us the latest weather over the next hour or so. we have steady rain exiting san francisco and san pablo bay, heading toward richmond, oakland, berkeley, el cerrito, and light rain showers along highway 12 n. of sonoma and east of 101 near rohnert park and south of st. helena. this will not even give us a tenth of an inch of rainfall. concord five 107 inch and you -- 5/100 of an inch, and ukiah 2/100 of an inch. the first of many rain chances and when the next one arrives coming up. we have exclusive video of a deadly shootout between san francisco police and a robbery suspect inside the trunk of a car. the man's family tells joe vazquez he was afraid of being
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deported. >> reporter: last night's police officer-involved shooting sparked a protest right here in the streets of the mission district. the shooting was caught on camera, but not everyone who views it has the same interpretation. in this video, obtained exclusively by kpix 5, a police officer, speaking spanish, repeatedly tells a robbery suspect to put both hands up. look what happens next. keep your eye on the trunk of the car. >> [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: here is the video again. it appears the first gunshots are fired from the trunk of the car. police fire back. >> [ sound of gunfire ] >> they were giving him instructions for at least 5 to 10 minutes before the bullets went off. >> they gave him a long time to get out and you know they wanted him to live. i know they wanted him to lives.
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>> reporter: police say they recovered a weapon from inside the trunk. two others were arrested, uninjured. we saw a police officer being treated by paramedics last night but officials have not explained what happened to him. demonstrators marching through the mission district tonight identified the man as jesus delgado. a 19-year-old. >> we want answers. >> why was he in the trunk? >> he was afraid of being deported and he jumped in the trunk. >> reporter: susanna ramos does not believe delgado fired at police. >> he didn't shoot a gun. >> reporter: even though the video looks like a shot came from the trunk? >> the video doesn't look like nothing. it just sounded like one isolated gunshot and then a rash of shots. what i have heard from multiple sources is that it was a police officer who shot first and then
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the rest of the police officers started shooting. >> reporter: the shooting is being investigated by the district attorney's office and police homicide division. a townhall will be held within 10 days. joe -- joe vazquez, kpix 5 . this sheriff's deputy impersonator is pulling over drivers and going to people's homes. they say he is just 14 years old. imagine all of this under water. tonight, the threat from the bay area's sinking shorel
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there's a 10- thousand dollar reward to find her killer. the victim: 37-year-old emily courchesne (core-ches-nee) .. of danville. sheriff's deputies found her body inside a home on marsh creek road in byron, on october sixth. she had been housesitting at a housesitter murdered in contra costa county. tonight, there is a $10,000 reward to find her killer. the victim, 37-year-old courtney car chesky. her body was found inside a home on marsh creek road in byron on october 6. she had been housesitting at the residence. an autopsy revealed she had been shot. so far, no suspects or motive. an -- police say a wanted felon attempted to kill deputies and a canine on grand avenue in santa rosa early this morning. police had to cut this hole in the floor to get to him. they also spotted a drug suspect hiding there and they arrested her.
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the suspects are being held at the sonoma county jail. detectives say a police impersonator has been driving around, lights flashing, even showing up at a home to say he was there to investigate a disturbance but he is not even old enough to drive. jeff know when on the teenage imposter -- jeff nguyen on the teenage imposter. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says the teenager is using a white ford explorer and a uniform to pose as a deputy. the teen told members of the family at this home, he was investigating a domestic disturbance. >> it makes me mad that it's that easy. >> reporter: the family thought it was fishy so they lock their door. >> he didn't look like a real police officer. >> reporter: after about 30 seconds, the teen doubled back to the suv. you can see the lady's grandmother chasing down the teenager. they say what's really upsetting about the whole thing is that her intention was to help him. >> she didn't know what she was running into. she didn't know anything. she just ran.
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>> reporter: from this camera angle, you can see grandma talking to the teen and the second youngster inside the suv monday evening because she thought they were legit and she was worried they had a mixup. at the same time, the family called 911, which led to the arrest of the teen the next day after a sheriff's sergeant spotted the suv. during a search of the boy's home, detectives found the uniform, counterfeit money, and some airsoft guns. >> the only thing i want for him to -- is for him to learn his lesson. >> reporter: the suv is registered to the teenager's great-grandmother but it is unclear how he got the flashing lights. >> he doesn't have a license. he could have killed somebody. >> reporter: the boy also used a uniform and explorer to pull over a driver and make another teenager come out of his home during a phony disturbance call. a warning for seafood lovers. health officials are advising people not to eat
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recreationally harvested mussels, clams or scallops from san mateo and san francisco county because they might contain dangerous levels of a potentially deadly toxin. another threat along the coast tonight . the bay area shoreline is sinking faster than expected. kpix 5's betty yu shows us the areas that could be in the flood zone. >> reporter: sea levels are rising around the bay area due to globeville -- global climate change, at the same time other areas are sinking. that's according to a new study out of uc berkeley. it found more of the bay area could be under water by the end of the century than previously expected. >> the red map shows the area that's going to be on the water. >> reporter: the report published in science advances found the most vulnerable spots are san francisco international airport, treasure island, and foster city. >> those areas are more susceptible to sinking because they are built on landfill that
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is compacted. water is being squeezed out of the rock and that continues for many, many decades. >> reporter: ron bergman, a professor of geophysics uses data collected over six years to complete projections. at sfo, water will cover about half of the runways and taxiways by 2100. parts of foster city including the areas near the san mateo bridge, are also threatened by massive flooding. uc berkeley research found treasure island is sinking at a rate of a half inch per year. by contrast, sea level rise is climbing at one to 2 millimeters per year. bergman says his estimates don't take into account extreme weather events, so the effects could be even worse. >> that's terrifying. >> reporter: jackie kim owns all of's restaurant in foster city, where she lived for 22 years. >> it's been here for so long.
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i am sure there is always remedies to fix it. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. the hunt is on for a hit and run driver who killed a bay area teenager near elmont drive and vallejo at around 4 pm this afternoon. police say for some reason, a gmc suburban rolled backward onto the sidewalk, hitting a pedestrian, which was an 18- year-old girl. the suv overturned, and the driver ran away. anyone with information is asked to call police . a trail has become so popular it's become a race track and some say it's a safety hazard. maria medina is in mountain view tonight. >> reporter: the speed limit may be 15 miles per hour, but many stevens creek trail users say bicyclists go much faster. michael jenkins and his wife walk this trail almost every day and say they have almost collided with speeding bicyclists. >> and they get really, really
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close. >> reporter: one of the complaints is the trail is so narrow in parts if someone wants to go around, they have to go to the other side. >> it's probably four or 5 feet. that's not wide enough. if they don't have bells or anything. >> reporter: stevens creek trail sits next to the google campus, microsoft, restaurants, a theater and shops. it has essentially become a commuter path for people going to and from work. >> sometimes you need to sidestep them. >> does it get pretty busy? >> yes. >> reporter: yolanda says she has witnessed a cyclist crash into a pedestrian. one cyclist told us, sometimes he sees law enforcement making sure they are abiding the speed limit. we asked the city what more could be done but have yet to hear from them. it's a trail of trials and tribulations for some who feel
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stevens creek is getting too crowded. >> it's a beautiful trail. you can't do both. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. amazon says it's releasing a fix for a creepy flaw with its virtual assistant, alexa. >> [ laughter ] >> social media has been buzzing with reports of spontaneous laughter from alexa enabled devices. amazon said the device had mistakenly been hearing the phrase "alexa laugh." from now on, users will have to ask, "alexa, can you laugh?" that should prevent unwanted giggles. no one is giggling about the winter. >> we could all smile with a little rainfall rolling through. look at the radar. it's pretty active on 80 and 580 up and down through berkeley, richmond, oakland eventually toward el cerrito. we have to the hills and lafayette will be next. that's the front, already drying out and san francisco.
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20 or 30 minutes of steady rain and that's it. it's a mild night outside and getting more humid but behind the front, santa rosa is down to 47 degrees. on the other side, 61 degrees. livermore 59 degrees. vallejo 48, santa rosa leveling out in the mid 40s. san francisco, 53 degrees. we have two other systems getting close to the bay area over the next couple of days but neither will be a direct hit so don't plan on more than a few showers. tonight and early tomorrow, a storm system will pour over the pacific northwest. friday, a lot of tropical moisture heading into central and southern california, but all of that rain will stay to our south. so, two other systems and a chance of showers but nothing too terribly widespread. there is the front moving through right now. it will be out of here, and
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even san jose clear of showers by 7:00. you will wake up to mostly sunny skies. grab your sunglasses because there is sunshine in the afternoon. friday looked like widespread cloud cover but the moisture is saying -- staying so far south we might get partly sunny skies. rainfall totals from tonight's front, not that much. at most a tenth of an inch of rainfall. forget about glancing blows, next week looks like more systems coming through. these will be a direct hit of an inch or more. tonight, mainly morning showers, dry in the afternoon on friday the rain stays to our south. over the weekend, another late chance of showers early saturday and late sunday -- late saturday and early sunday. some afternoon sunshine tomorrow. mill valley 64 degrees, richmond 64 degrees, and cloverdale 64 degrees. friday is looking dry. that's a change. late saturday, early sunday we will see some showers. not an all day wash out. more rain next week. this weekend is the shortest weekend of the year.
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we lose an hour of sleep but we spring forward by next week so sunset will be at like 7:30 pm. >> that's good. >> just those first few days are brutal. tonight, mcdonald's is flipping the golden arches to make a statement. here are the guests on the stephen colbert show:
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flipping more than just burgers. this restaurant in lynwood also flipped its iconic golden arches. it turned the logo upside-down to make a w... in hon a mcdonald's in los angeles county is flipping more than burgers. the restaurant in lynnwood also flipped its iconic arches, turning the logo upside down to make a w in honor of national women's day tomorrow. about 100 other restaurants around the country are expected to do the very same. >> and don't forget to wear purple. some new restaurants are
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coming and they include chik- fil-a, shake shack and trader vic's. the great american bagel is also coming. >> big deal. i didn't see a bob's donuts. i didn't see house of prime rib. they've got work to do. >> do you want prime rib before getting on a plane? >> you would sleep well. >> exactly. we are onto something. could the california bears upset the pac-12? we are going high school, folks. a cinderella story last
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state title..could they do it again?? ast year in remember last year? mission high school became the first san francisco public school to win a state title. could they do it again? >> [ crowd chanting ] >> that was the scene last year in sacramento and it was another magical run in the cards facing foothills in the nortel playoffs. the bears fought back from -15 -- from 15 down. this product within 2 points but they could not get over the hump against the cougars from near reading. thurman knowles, five of seven from downtown. he had 24. foothills wins 43-78 ending the
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mission hill rain of champions. >> when you lift the bar so much higher, the disappointment is bigger and the celebrations are smaller. i am always saying the next play. what's my nine senior's next play? i hope it's graduating college and coming back to take my job because i'm getting tired. stanford and cal playing in the opening round of the pac-12 tournament in vegas. read travis would not be denied, flips it over and drops two of 19 points. in the 2nd half, somebody forgot about josh r. camping up underneath the basket, sanford wins 76-58. cal ends the year 8-24. that's a school record for losses. james harden and the rockets try to extend their streak to 17 in a row. at the end of the first half, a long ball at the buzzer and houston wins 110-99 leading the warriors by a full game in the
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western conference . the hardest working bender in baseball. not hard to spot, he is wearing the bright orange shirt. if you are at a cubs spring training game, you will not go thursday. if you need a beer, look for that guy. you know what? that reminded me of remember bill murray in caddy shack? shooting the gopher? >> nice save. >> i love that movie. it's not healthy. >> no gophers were harmed by the way.
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colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. good night. stanford and cal squared off at the pac-12 t the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast starts tomorrow at 4:30 am. >> have a good night. trust and loyalty. you and lantus. you go together, so stay together. ♪ stay together
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