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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 8, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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federal law enforcement. >> the department of justice files a lawsuit against the state of california. why state lawmakers aren't backing away from sanctuary policies. >> plus a deadly officer- involved shooting is caught on camera. the calls for answers into what happened in the moments leading up to the encounter. >> and when president trump is expected to sign a new tariffs order on steel and aluminum. >> it's thursday, march 8th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's check traffic and weather. of course, your morning commute, jaclyn is tracking the roads out there. >> i had to use my windshield wipers a couple of times, but we are tracking a couple of problems out on the roads and that is going to be a problem for a lot of commuters. this is along highway 24, big backup westbound approaching acalanes. it's blocking three lanes and we have the backup that's
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stretching nearly to 680. so right now, 23 minutes from 680 to 580. give yourself extra time. it's going to be a slow commute. southbound 880, we have a new accident coming in. it was blocking lanes. it's no longer. it's over on the shoulder. this is near "a" street. it's slowing things down below 20 miles per hour. through castro valley on 238 and 880 is very crowded southbound. trying to get into hayward is going to be difficult this morning. it's about 20 minutes to 84. over to the san mateo bridge, it's getting crowded westbound. but no reports of any accidents or stalls and our drive time is in the green. as you are talking about a lot of drivers running into wet roads, this is what it looks like over at the richmond/san rafael bridge. rain totals overnight, we got a decent amount for guerneville more than a half
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inch. yountville a quarter. oakland a quarter. so most of the bay area got about a quarter inch at least north of the golden gate bridge. mill valley half inch. richmond and kentfield a quarter, as well. south bay not so much very minimal rainfall there. right now the rain is diminished. rain to the north and across the tahoe area but for us, right now, barely anything happening as far as rain is concerned. here scotts valley, santa cruz mountains, there's a light drizzle for an hour or so. and then east of union city and hayward, now across 680 right around dublin, livermore you may see some drizzle. these are very minimal amount of rainfall coming down. we'll have more coming up. the trump administration's war on sanctuary cities is escalating after a lawsuit was filed against the state of california. this morning we have live team coverage.
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flores is in oakland with more on the war of words between attorney jeff sessions and mayor schaaf but first, anne makovec is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: this is really bringing the trump administration's feud with california to a they level both side digging in their heels after the u.s. attorney general made his announcement in sacramento. >> there is no until you if iation. there is no secession. federal law is the supreme law of the land. there is no nullification or secession. california has enacted a number of laws designed to intentionally obstruct the work of our sworn immigration officers. >> reporter: a 45-page lawsuit filed by the department of justice takes aim in particular at three laws. one requires private employers to give notice before cooperating with i.c.e. another prevents police from tipping off immigration agents. and the third stops i.c.e. from keeping detainees in local jails. while sessions spoke yesterday, california politicians fired back. >> the attorney general is playing politics with a very
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important issue and has clearly put a target on california's back. it would be a much better use of resources to focus on issues that impact the public safety. >> reporter: the peace officers association hosted the event where attorney general jeff sessions spoke in sacramento yesterday. the organization did come out against california's sanctuary laws when they were originally proposed. but now they take no position on the issue. the suit will be heard in federal court in sacramento and it will be appealed probably to the supreme court. >> thank you. >> now to a war of words between attorney general jeff
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sessions and libby schaaf. kpix 5's jessica flores joins us live from oakland city hall with more. reporter: hey, good morning, kenny. mayor libby schaaf taking a lot of heat for sending out those tips about potential i.c.e. raids. now she is taking that heat from attorney general jeff sessions. about a week ago show sent out a warning that i.c.e. raids were coming to the city and the region. now jeff sessions called her out by name as his department of justice looked into whether mayor libby schaaf crossed the line when she sent out that warning. >> here's my message to mayor schaaf. how dare you? how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda? >> it was not my intention to get caught up in a national debate. but i do believe that i'm speaking for the residents of my city. >> reporter: now, the mayor says she is lawyering up for legal action against her. former u.s. attorney for
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northern california melinda haag has offered her services pro bow known. schaaf wouldn't say what they discussed. meanwhile, hashtags like lock libby up are trending on twitter along with countless tweets calling for the mayor to be indicted for the obstruction of justice. about half of the 150 immigrants picked up have criminal records. some 800 avoided arrest because of mayor schaaf's warning. but mayor schaaf believes she did the right thing. she believes her warning potentially protected families in her city and the region. live in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. reporter john blackstone will have more on the lawsuit coming up on "cbs this morning." that's right after our broadcast at 7 a.m. opinions differ regarding what led to an officer- involved shooting that left a suspected robber dead in san francisco. jackie ward reports from san francisco. reporter: a community is still reeling after the shooting on tuesday night.
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some people are saying that the victim did not shoot at police. so last night, there was a protest that was held in the mission because people are angry about the death of a person demonstrators identified as 19-year-old jesus adolfo delgado. some claim he was hiding in the trunk because he was afraid of being deported. this is video obtained exclusively by kpix 5. in spanish, a police officer tells the robbery suspect to put both hands up repeatedly. then shots were fired. a lot of people have seen video of the shooting and have different views on what happened. >> they were giving him instructions for at least 5 to 10 minutes before the bullets went off. they gave him a long time to get out. they wanted him to live. i know they wanted him to live. >> the video doesn't look like nothing. it just sounds like there was one isolated gunshot and then there were a barrage of shots. and what i have heard from multiple sources is that it
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was a police officer who shot first and then the rest of the police officers started shooting. >> reporter: police say a handgun was recovered inside the trunk and that two others were arrested uninjured. we saw an officer being treated by a paramedic but officials haven't said what happened. right now the district attorney's office and the homicide division of the police department here in san francisco are investigating this and we expected a town hall meeting to happen within 10 days. from san francisco police headquarters, jackie ward, kpix 5. in 20-16 was linked to a feud between san francisco gangs. we're learning new details about a deadly shooting on highway 4. the killing of a 25- year-old mother in 2016 was linked to a feud between san francisco gangs. the two suspects charged in the case will stand trial. shanique marie was shot several times as investigators say the suspect attempted to kill her passenger, a san
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francisco man in his 20s. he was shot in the hand. the shooting is one of dozens of freeway shootings that have led to a push for additional cameras. the trump administration is close to formalizing tariffs. he will sign an order before the end of the week. it's sparking a debate. some critics say the tariffs will benefit foreign oil producers. more than 100 republicans signed letters urging president trump to back off on tariffs. among them, california representative devin nunez. both company and union officials are expecting a higher demand for steel in the united states because of the increased tariffs on imported steel. >> a long way to go but this is such -- an important start to getting families back to work. >> the president has been open- minded about the details and there's a chance that some countries like canada and mexico will be exempt. in just a few hours, former los angeles mayor
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antonio villaraigosa will place his name on the ballot for the 2018 governor's race officially. he is running against former state schools superintendent delane easton. lieutenant governor gavin newsom and state treasurer john chiang who filed yesterday. businessman john cox and travis allen are also running to replace governor brown. a setback for one san francisco mayoral candidate. according to the "san francisco examiner," angela alioto's campaign consultants have quit. she has a tough fight ahead with seven other candidates competing to be the next mayor. later tonight democratic candidates will meet for a forum at san francisco's lgbt community center. time now 6:10. what researchers say is causing some land in the bay area to sink. >> plus, a plan that's aimed at curbing congestion on the richmond/san rafael bridge moves forward. >> speaking of congestion, we are tracking a traffic alert that has an accident blocking
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a couple of languages. we'll have the details the backups and some travel times coming up. >> we have a light drizzle out there across the bay area this morning. but more storms to come. i'll talk about the several storms that are on the way coming up.
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some land in the bay area is sinking! we're talking about large areas of the shorline, including s-f-o, foste the cost of housing may be skyrocketing but a new study says some land in the bay area is sinking. we're talking about large areas of a shoreline including sfo, foster city and treasure island. dramatically increasing the risk of flooding. researchers say that this is because those areas are built on landfill that was not densely compacted. meanwhile other parts of the bay face a lesser risk since they are built on mud that compacts over time. they are sinking only two millimeters a year, about the
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thickness of a nickel. this morning, plans to add a third westbound lane on the richmond/san rafael bridge are moving forward. the bay area toll authority's oversight committee has approved a study to see if that extra traffic lane is reasonable and what it would take to make it happen. the cost to do the study, $100,000. >> so that should help traffic in the future but right now how are things? >> over at the richmond/san rafael bridge right now, traffic is light and it remains in the green. it is very early. only 6:15. but you know, for those who commute, that's a big deal. things are looking good. we'll keep our fingers crossed for you but we are having problems along highway 24. an accident that has one lane blocked westbound 24 at acalanes. it's slowing things down. that backup is to 680. getting into walnut creek is going to be sluggish as well
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so you have about 25 minutes from 680 over to 580. along 680 as you are heading southbound into walnut creek, that is starting to see those slowdowns even at 24 starting to see a few brake lights. we are still in the green but you will be tapping those brakes as you approach 4. highway 4, this is right as you approach the port chicago highway and headlights moving westbound, we are tracking delays a little east of here and this is all due to an earlier problem that has one lane blocked at that exit lane westbound 4 at willow pass road. so we are definitely seeing the commute pick up. we are in the yellow now out of antioch over to 680. 23 minutes. busy on the bay bridge toll plaza. good morning. so maze some wet roads out there because of what happened overnight but hi-def doppler showing a lot of that moisture is now moved out of the bay area. things are drying up this morning quickly. but overnight showers they have brought a decent amount of the right now we're only
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seeing a few areas of light drizzle near santa cruz, watsonville and aptos. santa cruz mountains has lingering showers. showers east of yountville and napa towards vacaville. so right along those hills, there will be a little bit of rain. so don't be surprised if the roads are wet. most of the rain was overnight. a lot of this is winding down. we are seeing some moisture across tahoe and a few clouds but a break in the clouds. expect that sunshine later on this afternoon and look, you can still see pretty slick conditions over at sfo. west mill valley saw more than .6" rain, so definitely across the north bay they got most of the rain which is what we expected between anywhere from a quarter to a half inch for them. kensington three-tenths. hayward a quarter inch. not bad. temperatures also staying warm because of the cloud cover. 53 in oakland. 50 in livermore. 52 in san francisco. normally 30s and 40s for the morning hours.
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that's not the case even in santa rosa temperatures stayed in the 40s overnight and upper 40s now. tahoe, truckee, tahoe city, seeing snow flurries. this does give you a good glimpse of what's going on there. partly clear conditions out there and then those dark storm clouds, this is over at the tahoe/truckee airport and definitely also noticing some of the winds flapping around there. the flags flying because the winds are so strong up there. that's a wind advisory through 4:00 throughout the lake tahoe area. they are seeing wave heights two to three feet. so it's going to be impacting mostly tahoe, sunrise officially at 6:30 this morning. sunset tonight 6:10. because we are seeing a break in the clouds, most likely you will get a good view of that this morning. and this afternoon, we'll see sunny conditions. so warmer weather expected later. 66 for oakland. 67 degrees expected for fremont. so today, this afternoon, we are looking at sun and clouds, morning drizzle, and then tomorrow, we are also going to
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see a very slight chance of some drizzle. saturday, sunday, we'll get some moisture coming up from the south. that subtropical moisture. so we could get a decent amount saturday afternoon into sunday morning. a break on monday and then bigger storms in store for next week. apple is reportedly planning to release a cheaper version of its "homepod" this year for $100 to $200. the original went on sale in february and cost about $350. facebook is adding video chat to messenger light its android app. it was launched in 2015 to boost usage in developing countries where mobile usage is more costly. it is in over 100 countries including the u.s., facebook adding video chat to the app could be a sign of other new features to come. to mark international women's day, which is today, google will let business owners identify their listings and women-led on the google my business dashboard.
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once enabled, the entry on google maps or search will show a female symbol captioned women-led alongside other information. google made the announcement on its blog showcasing several women-owned businesses: could the cal bears upend stanford in the tournament? and the mission bears with a cinderella story last year. could they wear their slipper one more time? tip-off is next. you can e-mail n to us at: >> what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us and we may feature your school on the show. play o' the day from the n-b-a... toronto at de
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last year, mission high school became the first san francisco public school to win a state title. could they do it again? [ chanting ] >> that was the scene last year in sacramento . facing foothill in round one , the
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bears fought back from 15 down. smith part of a mission run to bring it within two points. but they could not get over the hump against the cougars from nearby redding. knowles with 5 of 7 from downtown. foothill wins and they end mission's reign as state champions. >> when you lift the bar so much higher, you know, the disappointment is bigger and the celebrations are smaller. for me, i'm telling these guys next play all the time. so my nine seniors, what's their next play? i hope it's going to be to graduate college and come back and take my job because i'm getting tired. stanford and cal playing the opening round of the pac- 12 tournament in vegas. reed travis not denied. flips the ball wildly and gets it to drop, two of his 19 points. second half somebody forgot about josh under the hoop. that's an easy chance. stanford wins 76-58. they live to see another day.
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cal ends the year at 8-24. that's a school record for losses. and the hardest working vendor in baseball. not hard to spot him. see the guy in the shirt? he has a couple of cold ones. and he is dropping them off. if you go down to cubs spring training, you will not go thirsty as long as that man is working. great stuff. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. today's play of the day from the nba. toronto at detroit. raptors with the ball down by one, 10 seconds left in the game. >> six to go, got all the way --oh, my! dynamite! >> coast to coast and he goes just right down the lane. slams it in. toronto providing some drama toward the end of regulation. the raptors beat the pistons in overtime 121-119.
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california is bringing up questions about state's rights and how best to keep californians safe... the latest on the sanctuary suit... coming up... that's your play of the day. a federal lawsuit against california is bringing up questions about state's rights and how best to keep californians safe. the lawsuit the latest on the sanctuary suit coming up next. >> plying today at the state capital the gun control debate ramps up. a new proposal several bay area lawmakers are planning to introduce.
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hello? hello!!! hello hello!!! ♪ here's my message to mayor schaaf: how dare you? >> attorney general jeff sessions attacks oakland mayor libby schaaf for warning immigrants about i.c.e.
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raids. how she is responding to the lawsuit the state is now facing. >> what i have heard from multiple sources is that it was a police officer who shot first. >> plus, the differing opinions over a deadly officer- involved shooting in san francisco. >> and the high dollar campaign fundraiser president trump will attend next week in california. >> but first, the debate over immigration is intensifying this morning after the trump administration sues california over its south africa laws. -- over its sanctuary laws. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, march 8th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. the debate over immigration is intensifying this morning after the trump administration sues california over its sanctuary laws. >> kpix 5's anne makovec explains the lawsuit takes aim at three specific bills. ir e reporter: the goal of the lawsuit is to invalidate all of those laws and immediately freeze their effect. u.s. attorney general came to sacramento to make the announcement yesterday. >> california, we have a problem. southern california absolutely appears to me is using every
6:31 am
power it has, powers it doesn't have, to frustrate federal law enforcement so you can be sure i'm going to use every power i have to stop that. >> reporter: in a 45-page lawsuit filed by the department of justice, it's taking aim at three particular laws. one requires private employers to give notice before cooperating with i.c.e. another prevents police from tipping off immigration agents. and the third stops i.c.e. from keeping detainees in local jails. while sessions made his announcement, california politicians showed no signs of backing down. >> i would hope when sessions gets back on the plane and his deputies take over we can have a rational discussion between lawyers and iron out this balance, this relationship between the federal government and the state government. >> reporter: the lawsuit was filed in u.s. district court in sacramento. it's going to be heard there. whichever way that goes, it will be appealed to the court of appeals in san francisco. it will end up in the hands of the supreme court if the high court decides to take the case.
6:32 am
oa it is interesting to note this morning, no tweets from the president on this issue. >> thank you. oakland's mayor is back in the national spotlight after remarks made yesterday by the attorney general. kpix 5's jessica flores joins us live at oakland city hall with more. jessica. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. attorney general jeff sessions attacked mayor libby schaaf calling her out by name during his speech there in sacramento. she warned the community a week and a half ago of i.c.e. raids. as his department --the department is justice is looking into whether or not mayor libby schaaf crossed the line when she sent out a public warning to immigrants of potential i.c.e. raids in the city and throughout the region. the mayor is at the center of a national debate over immigration enforcement. >> here's my message. to mayor schaaf: how dare you? how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda? >> how dare you?
6:33 am
villify members of our community? how dare you distract the american people from a failed immigration system? >> reporter: after that war of words, schaaf said she is lawyering up for any potential legal action against her. former u.s. attorney for northern california melinda haag hassed off her services pro does has offered her services pro bono. people are calling for the mayor to be indicted for obstruction of justice. the criticism comes after the head of i.c.e. says he believes some 800 immigrants avoided arrest because of mayor schaaf's tip- off. now, mayor schaaf is standing her ground saying she doesn't regret that warning she gave to illegal immigrants and thinks it helped keep families together and protected members of her community. reporting live here in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. reporter john blackstone will have more on the lawsuit coming up on "cbs this
6:34 am
morning." of course, that's right after our broadcast at 7 a.m. lotus take a live look outside. it was a wet start earlier this morning. let's take a live look at sfo on the left. on the ride traffic on the 101 near the trimble exit. things looking good. of course, jaclyn will give you an update in just a bit but we start with weather. >> yeah. >> the pavement was dry in that shot. >> we got a quarter to half inch for some areas. but that's not bad but we are getting a break in the cloud coverage out there. here's a view of the wet roads though. richmond/san rafael bridge has a shine to it. we can call it shine here. light drizzle lingering this morning but a lot of it is coming to an end. sun clouds this afternoon. already starting to see a break in the clouds. showers this weekend. so get ready for a wet weekend but more storm activity for next week.
6:35 am
hi-def doppler right now showing areas of some spotty rain especially in the south bay. the santa cruz mountains, lexington hills, it's just coming down very, very lightly there. east of san jose, also around mount hamilton, 130, there's lingering showers going on for the past hour or so. and then here we are this just popped up in dublin right around 680, pleasanton may get a drizzle from that little cell, as well. and then further north, east of yountville and napa also seeing lingering showers. but as far as most of the storm, it's over. we are looking at just some snow flurries across the tahoe area and the foothills there. but it's warmer weather out there this morning. you can definitely feel that difference. 56 degrees now in concord. oakland 53 thanks to the cloud coverage. jaclyn? >> it may not have been a severe storm but it caused a problem for drivers this morning. we are dealing are delays due to an earlier accident. traffic alert is canceled on westbound 24. all lanes are open. but your ride heading through
6:36 am
lafayette and into orinda is going to be slow. 21 minutes between 680 and 580 and starting to see the slowdowns on 680 near livorna. slowdowns 101, 16 minutes between tennant and cochran. we had an earlier crash that's no longer blocking any lanes. but we are seeing the normal morning delays. right now we are tracking speeds in the yellow for drivers heading along 101 between hellyer and san antonio. an earlier accident near 680 is cleared as well but residual slowdowns continue. westbound 237 near lawrence expressway, looking okay. we are in the yellow. 12 minutes to 101. dumbarton bridge not too shabby. san mateo just jumped into the yellow 22 minutes over to 101. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. there's some controversy about what happened before an officer-involved shooting that killed a robbery suspect in san francisco. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live from san francisco with
6:37 am
some exclusive video of that deadly confrontation. jackie. >> reporter: kenny, people in the mission are mourning the loss of one of their own today. and they are saying that he was unjustly killed by police. demonstrators met and marched through the mission last night because they are very upset over the death of 19-year-old jesus delgado. a lot of people have watched video of what happened tuesday night. in this video obtained exclusively by kpix 5, it appears you can see bullets flying from inside the trunk of the car. then police returned fire. here's what one witness tells us who saw it. >> it just sounded like -- it sounded like there was one noise that went off first and there was a ten seconds that just plain nothing happened and then the cops asked him to come out with his hands up and i don't think he did. and then he was yelling, yelling and screaming at the cops. after that i heard 40 or 50
6:38 am
bullets going off. i just took cover in my apartment. >> reporter: police say a weapon was recovered from inside the trunk and that two others were arrested uninjured. tuesday night when the shooting happened, we saw an officer being treated by a paramedic but officials haven't said what happened. so right now the district attorney's office as well as the homicide unit of the san francisco police department are investigating what happened and we expect to see a town hall meeting happen within the next week or so. from san francisco police headquarters, jackie ward, kpix 5. this morning, protestors are expected to show up at a meeting of bart's board of directors. many are friends and relatives of shaleem tindle to died in january during a confrontation with a police officer for the transit agency. the shooting happened near the west oakland bart station. police say tindle, who was in a scuffle with another man, was shot after refusing to drop a gun. in response to the deadly mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school last month, a bill that
6:39 am
restricts gun sales and allows some teachers to carry firearms in school is on its way to florida governor rick scott. members of the florida house approved the measure in a 67- 50 vote. later this morning, bay area lawmakers will be at the state capital to push for new gun legislation. the bill will require anyone who wants to buy a long gun in california to be at least 21 years old. east bay assembly member rob bonta along with assembly member david chiu will be there. a rally in foster city, protestors demanding the credit card company to stop doing business with retailers who sell guns. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is striking a cautious tone on the prospect of u.s.-north korea negotiations. but he says there are potentially positive signs from the north. >> the goal of the global maximum pressure campaign which has been supported by multiple security council
6:40 am
resolutions is to motivate north korea to achieve the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclear denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> he made the comments in ethiopia. he has also said he still is waiting to hear that north korea is genuinely ready to talk. south korean officials plan to brief the trump administration on their recent talks with north korean leader kim jong- un. now to the russia investigation. this morning, a new report out says president trump is asking senior aides to describe their interviews with special counsel robert mueller. according to the "new york times," the president reportedly asked key witnesses about what they discussed with investigators and in one instance he asked former chief of staff reince priebus if mueller's team had been nice during the interview. the white house has yet to respond. the white house confirms president trump is coming to california next week! a source told the "l.a. times" he will be in the san diego area on tuesday. he will be checking out the border wall prototypes
6:41 am
according to an invitation obtained by the times. president trump will also headline a fundraiser for his re-election campaign in beverly hills. donors will contribute up to $250,000 each. this is the president's first california visit since taking office. time now 6:41. this morning, wicked winter weather is blasting the northeast. the flight delays and power outages now being reported. >> plus, the safety training san francisco wants self- driving car companies to agree to. >> and the market just opened up. the dow is up about 123. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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joining us now... k-c-b-s radio financial reporter jason brooks.
6:45 am
jobless claims are higher wheel cigna makes a big deal. joining us now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. the healthcare industry in the spotlight this morning on the blockbuster merger between cigna and express scripps totaling $67 billion. the biggest pharmacy benefits manager in the u.s., cigna one of the biggest health ensurers. this follows other consolidation in the industry including the $69 billion merger between cvs and aetna. and also the recent move by amazon, berkshire hathaway and jpmorgan forming a separate nonprofit company focused on lowering employee healthcare costs. these merge he is are being looked at by the healthcare -- these mergers are being looked at by the healthcare industry as a weigh to lower drug costs which rose on a large-scale over the years. we had a big gain from last week up to 231,000 unemployed claims but last week was a 48- year low and the overall
6:46 am
number is still low enough to suggest a very strong job market. federal reserve reporting that a lot of employers across the country are struggling to find qualified applicants. the stock market off to a good start this morning. right now the dow moving higher by over 140 points. nasdaq gaining 32. the s&p it's up by 10. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. utility companies say that more than 110,000 customers are now without power. it's a result of yet another major snowstorm to hit the area. the storm is also causing havoc for commuters in new england, folks who use transit and those who use their cars. >> i'm just leaving work and i'm trying to get up the hill but i can't. >> northeastern university women's basketball team actually had to get out and push their bus which got stuck after practice. a little bit of a workout. it's okay. gets the arms stronger for the
6:47 am
basketball season when they go into march madness. >> the storm hit during that afternoon commute yesterday. so a lot of people across the northeast were spinning out on the roads. i do want to show you what is happening with the storm now. that nor'easter still lingering. it's the tail end but still it's bringing down a decent amount of snow now. further up north towards maine, but definitely left its mark through new york, boston, leaving two to three feet of snow in many of the locations. highly populated locations. so they were dealing with blizzard-like conditions and then here's what's next. it's not over for them. so once all this ends, look what happens. out here in the atlantic, you can see this counterclockwise motion. well, that's another low that's on its way. by monday, they are expecting another nor'easter there! here at home, we just have a few raindrops to deal with. that's about it. temperatures feeling comfortable out there. concord 56. oakland 53. san jose up to 56. temperatures did not cool off much overnight. here's hi-def doppler. light
6:48 am
drizzle towards san jose near sunnyvale. so if you are in the south bay you may see a little rain. it's not much. east of san jose also in the mount hamilton area, some rainfall happening there. and in between san ramon and tassajara this cell just moved through dublin and is cross the diablo range and cordelia, you may see some rain on 680. so don't be surprised if the roads are wet but a lot of areas are drying up already. here's some of the totals: we are getting a break in the clouds so the sun will be out this afternoon. it's going to be a nice looking afternoon. temperatures will warm up into above average conditions. we are looking at now most of the storm staying around washington-oregon so for us just morning drizzle, sun clouds later on today.
6:49 am
and here's a look at the high temperatures. we are looking at 60s. higher elevations, tahoe seeing snow flurries around truckee tahoe city but it's very light. as far as moisture goes up there, it's looking like it's not going to necessarily last for a long time. showers though this weekend. we'll get more action next week. the subtropical moisture for friday through sunday will stay mostly to the south. we may notice a bit of rain for saturday and sunday across the south bay. but the futurecast really showing monday night into tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week, that's when we are going to get heavy rain. low elevation snowfall, colder air will return and then we are going to also see gusty winds. here's the seven-day forecast:
6:50 am
are being asked to prove they are safe. san franscisco the big storms arrive on tuesday. new this morning, bay area companies that are experimenting with self- driving cars are being asked to prove that they are safe. san francisco's interim mayor mark farrell is urging them to volunteer for safety tests with the police department or other city agencies. farrell says that safety is the key issue since there will be more cars on city streets. what else are we seeing on the streets? >> we are tracking a new crash and this is right over by the maze. now, this was eastbound 80 just as you approach powell. you can see cars going through the stretch. an accident just cleared. traffic getting by all lanes are clear but we are seeing some slowdowns through the toll plaza opposite commute direction.
6:51 am
now, commute direction we have had delays all morning heading into san francisco in the red, with the travel time of about 23 minutes connecting with 101. here's a live look at 80 at carlson, eastshore freeway brake lights in the red. 30 minutes from highway 4 over to the maze. now making your way through the north bay, this is 101 right near petaluma boulevard north and you can see traffic is doing fine in both directions. it's not until you get further south that you really start to see those slowdowns and you can see our sensors on the map, a cruising speed around 20 miles per hour further south. and then making your way through novato, that's a bit sluggish. we are in the yellow now from roland to 580. this is 16 minutes. so do expect delays making your way out on the roads this morning even with that little bit of rain we have seen a lot of crashes. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 6:51. the california republican that signed a letter urging president trump to back off on tariffs. >> reporter: the debate over
6:52 am
immigration enforcement is heating up as attorney general jeff sessions takes aim at oakland's mayor libby schaaf. i'm have the details coming up.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
combat this and protect its residents it's 6--- i'm jessica flores in oakland where mayor libby schaaf finds herself at the center of a national debate over immigration enforcement. now mayor libby schaaf is saying she is lawyering up after attorney general jeff sessions called out the mayor by name yesterday when he was speaking in sacramento. his department of justice is reviewing possible obstruction of justice charges against libby schaaf after she gave a tip-off to the community of potential i.c.e. raids. former u.s. attorney for northern california has offered service to the mayor free although schaaf wouldn't
6:56 am
say what they discussed. this all comes as sessions yesterday announced broader action against california suing the state for its sanctuary state policies which limit local law enforcement from helping in immigration sweeps. in a tweet this morning, senator dianne feinstein said: >> reporter: meanwhile, here in oakland, mayor libby schaaf is standing her grand. she says she is proud of what she did by warning illegal immigrants and said she would do it again. reporting live here in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time for your "final 5." in just a few hours, former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa will file paperwork to officially place his name on the ballot for the 2018 governor's race. he is running against state schools superintendent easton,
6:57 am
newsom and state treasurer john chiang who filed his papers yesterday. as for the republican candidate, businessman john cox and orange county assemblyman travis allen are running to replace governor jerry brown. the "new york times" reporting that president trump is asking senior aides to describe their interviews with special counsel robert mueller. mueller of course is investigating alleged russian meddling in the 2016 election. the president reportedly asked key witnesses about what they discussed with investigators. president trump is still finalizing his plan to impose stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum. more than 100 republicans signed letters urging president trump to back off on tariffs. among them, california representative devin nunes. this morning, bay area lawmakers will be at the state capital to push for new gun legislation to require anyone who wants to buy a long gun in california to be 21 or older. the family of a 19-year- old man killed in an officer- involved shooting claims he
6:58 am
was hiding in a trunk to avoid deportation. this exclusive video shows bullets flying from inside the trunk of the car. police returned fire and killed him. 19-year-old jesus delgado died from his wounds. traffic slow westbound to the richmond/san rafael bridge. 22 minutes between marina bay parkway and sir francis drake boulevard. golden gate bridge it's all icky out there across the span but traffic is moving at the limit in both directions. you can see that sheen still on the roads. it's created some problems for drivers this morning. interstate 80 this is the eastshore freeway right near carlson. we are seeing brake lights just about 30 minutes down towards the maze. and we have a full house still over at the bay bridge toll plaza. 26 minutes into san francisco. your ride heading into hayward still heavy, 26 minutes down to highway 84. it is fascinating what
6:59 am
this system is doing up in truckee right now. we have sun, clouds, storm clouds and winds in tahoe. snow flurries still lingering near truckee on 80 and very light. over in the south bay we go, there's light drizzle happening there. we did get a decent amount overnight especially for the north bay as far as rain totals up to half inch. but now just nuisance rain. it's damp out there. but the temperatures are warm thanks to that cloud coverage that's out there. we are in the 50s right now. normally it's in the 30s and 40s. san jose a mixture of sun and clouds. that's what we'll get. >> mess up your hair or if you just washed your car. >> yeah. >> but the hair looks wonderful on all of you ladies right now. later on? we'll see how it looks. >> it's a good thing i haven't washed my car in a long time. >> the countdown to the weekend begins! just two more days. you can do it! have a great day.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, march 8th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." nearly 1 million homes and businesses are still without power. hundreds of drivers get stranded for hours on highways. and more homes are flooded this morning. we're tracking the clean-up after a massive nor'easter tore up the east coast. florida legislatures approved new gun restrictions but will the governor sign the bill? one section opposed by rick scott may put all of the changes in jeopardy. we'll hear from student activists working to change gun laws nationwide. accused of putting patients at risk. a new report finds major problems including


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