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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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president trump and north korean president kim jong-un are expected to come face to face in the coming weeks. jackie ward has more on this remarkable turn of events. reporter: that's a good word to describe it. this is something we have never seen before. the two sitting leaders of north korea and the u.s. have never been face to face for negotiation talks. it's south korea's national security adviser who announced president trump's acceptance of kim jong-un's invitation. south korea has acted as the liaison in recent talks between north korea and the u.s. they say kim is committed to what's being called paramount denuclearization. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says president trump has been open to meeting kim for a while. >> this is something that he has had on his mind for quite some time so it was not a surprise in any way because i think this is long been something -- he expressed it openly before that his willingness to meet with kim jong-un. so now it's a question of agreeing on the timing of that, the first meeting
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between the two of them and the location, and that will take some weeks before we get all that worked out. >> reporter: some believe last month's olympics may have been an icebreaker. still, not many people saw this announcement coming. president trump tweeted that sanctions will remain in place until an agreement is reached. >> so when is this meeting going to happen? >> reporter: so south korea thinks it's going to happen sometime before the end of may but the white house insists details of time and place haven't been worked out. president trump made good on a vow to impose tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum. but now congressional republicans are considering legislation to nullify those tariffs. the president is imposing a 25% tariff on imported steel and a 10% tariff on imported aluminum. canada and mexico are exempt from the new rules pending the outcome of the nafta negotiations that are now under way. but many republicans are against the white house plan. >> the american steel and
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aluminum industry has been ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices. it's really an assault on our country. >> we have made good progress and i give the president credit on tax policy and regulatory reform which have the economy in a good place. congress and the president have worked together on those things. this could reverse all of that. >> now, some democrats believe that these tariffs are too broad and could trigger a trade war that will hurt u.s. workers. the tariffs are slated to go into effect in two weeks. 5:02. let's check traffic and weather. >> weather definitely affects traffic. that's why traffic and weather are better together. >> i like it. >> they go hand in hand. >> here's the view. this is what we are seeing around the bay. here's the visibility map. not bad in mountain view and san jose but you can see the
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fog working its way through the south bay. hayward now visibility dropping to 3 miles. livermore still seeing fog there but again it's not affecting the traffic but it's in the low-lying valleys settling into the locations. that's happening this morning. same with napa. north bay dealing with it the worst. oakland airport down to a third of a mile of visibility. we have moisture, we have a little drizzle yesterday and last night and now we are seeing just a bit of moisture to the north of us. that's not expected to work its way down into the bay area at all. here's a look at the futurecast for your foggy conditions today by about 10:00 most of it should clear up. but it is going to take a few hours this morning. so right during that morning commute, that's when we'll see the worst of it. now, things will clear up. we'll get that sunshine later on and then there's a chance for a little trickle for the north bay but that's about it. it's not going to be measurable rainfall. most of that will stay up north in eureka, redding.
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this afternoon sunshine for everybody. it's going to be a good- looking day. saturday things get cloudy. we also want to talk about the temperatures. here's a view normally of the golden gate bridge and there's a red dot that you can see part of the bridge. but the fog is right over that bridge and it's 48 degrees in san francisco. we have moisture in the air and that's why it's a foggy morning. we have a fog advisory in effect for drivers heading across the golden gate bridge. >> we are still in the green along this stretch. 25 minutes. and looking good heading out of antioch westbound 4 as you head on over towards 680.
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it's about 12 minutes. 680 great into walnut creek. bay bridge toll plaza wide open. 10 minutes into san francisco. back to you. an east bay police department says it has dismantled part of a sophisticated crime ring responsible for ripping people off at the pump. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in fremont to explain. jessica. reporter: good morning, michelle. that's right. fremont police say a group of men were using card skimmers to possibly steal thousands of dollars from bay area residents. take a look at the pictures. those are their mugshots. these are the four men who fremont police arrested. they have ties to l.a. county. they say they used gas pump skimmers to steal credit card
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information across five bay area counties, alameda, santa clara, san mateo, contra costa and san francisco. it was a fremont patrol officer who first noticed this man making multiple transactions at a wells fargo atm in january. now, he ultimately found him with $3,800 and more than 25 various gift cards but no atm card. now, that suspect's brother was arrested the next day after officers found cards, cash and electronics in a motel room. last week investigators recovered nine bluetooth- enabled gas pump skimming devices. the evidence turned up when police pulled over a suspicious car in fremont. the driver is a relative of the brothers. >> i think people are going to start having to, you know, go into the store to pay for their gas rather than having the convenience to pay it at the pump. so it's very disappointing and inconvenient. >> now police have a warning
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for all of gas station managers and owners out there. check your gas pumps for skimmers. also, for folks who feels their vehicle -- you're going to want to check -- who fuels their vehicle, check your atm device to see if it looks broken or if it's hard to put your card in, that's a good sign experts say that it's been tampered with. live in fremont, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the oakland city council has voted to deny permits to marijuana businesses that plan to take over buildings and evict residents from live-work spaces. the decision was inspired in part by a warehouse that's believed to be the city's first sanctioned live-work space for artists. last year, a colorado pot company called green sage bought this building. tenants say that the new owners were blunt about their plan to evict everyone. >> this hopefully is the first step towards minimizing that competition so that we can retain our affordable housing stock while also allowing the cannabis industry to flourish. >> some artists have lived in those spaces for decades. there's an aggressive
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mountain lion warning this morning in san mateo county. the big cat has been spotted twice in the last few days in the town of portola valley. sunrise trail in the blue oaks area is closed. the mountain lion may be protecting her young cubs. a bengal tiger cover is recovering from emergency surge his in san diego. it was six weeks old last august when he was found on the floor of a car at a border checkpoint. authorities say that the cub was smuggled into the u.s. from mexico. the driver was arrested and sentenced to six months in prison. the san diego zoo safari park says that the cub had abdominal adhesions and was sick. levees can separate salmon from their traditional food source bugs but now some scientists are working to bridge that gap at places like river garden farms in the yolo county community. bugs called water fleas are planted in rice fields to
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mimic floodplains where salmon traditionally went for food. the bugs then flow into the river where the salmon can feed. >> they are robust, strong, belly, shoulders, pack their lunch ready for the long journey to the ocean and have a better likelihood of surviving in the ocean and coming back. >> it will be a while before scientists can determine the program's long-term benefits. 5:09. california's high speed bullet train will likely mean more time and money to complete. this morning we check its progress. >> hollywood celebrates official jedi day with a nod to luke skywalker. >> a foggy start to the day. i'll show you the dense fog and what you can expect for your friday and into the weekend. >> your 580 approach towards the maze looking okay. but is that different over along the eastshore freeway? we'll track your ride heading to the bay bridge toll plaza coming up. you could generate your own energy,
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project. and it's expected to show critical details ofthe plan. kpix five's anne makovec is live at the diridon station in san jose... with more anne? a new report will be released on california's high-
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speed rail project showing critical details of the plan. anne makovec is live at the diridon station in san jose with more. reporter: this is one of many spots around this state where the high-speed rail would link up with traditional rail here at the caltrain station. but this plan has changed a lot since voters approved $9 billion in bonds back in 2008. we'll find out the latest version of the plan later today. the last estimate that we heard from high-speed rail authorities put the estimated cost at $64 billion with the train running between san francisco and l.a. by 2029. the project has been beset by delays and cost overruns, including a recent $3 billion hike for a line of track in the central valley. california's bullet train project will likely require more time and money to complete than last estimated but its new chief executive promises more transparency with the public about its challenges.
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that's something skeptics have been begging for. >> we can't ignore the cost overruns, the contractual lawsuit problems they have had, the lack of private funding, and it's not high speed because of the way they have shown the project and it's seven years over time so we cannot ignore those fact. >> reporter: the high-speed rail authority today is going to release its latest business plan, the snapshot of building timelines, cost estimates and other plans for the train. the rail's ceo brian kelly admits the path has been bumpy but says it's ultimately doable. live in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. it is 5:14. let's check traffic and weather. how are the roads? >> well, it's tough to see. it's a little foggy out there especially in oakland. so if this is part of your route, please, give yourself some extra time this morning. this is 880 and traffic on the right you can barely see those
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taillights making its way northbound. it's 15 minutes from 238 to the maze. a deadly hit-and-run crash in oakland has san pablo avenue shut down between 33rd and 34th streets. traffic is diverted at san pablo and brock hurst. use market to get back to 580. we'll let you know when that closure reopens. a few extra minutes into your commute could take a little while going through those surface streets. here's your 580 approach making your way towards the maze. traffic is still buzzing by in both directions. no major delays along the eastshore freeway. we don't see those brake lights until you hit that berkeley curve. no metering lights yet but we are starting to see more cars join the friday morning commute. 580 and interstate 80 make their trek into san francisco. here's the bay bridge toll plaza, looking fantastic. "friday light" is what we like to say. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. let's check in with neda on
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the fog. >> the fog isn't impacting the bay bridge but above it we are seeing the foggy conditions right around the bay. a different story as you can see impacting the bridge there. so that's the story today a lot of fog working its way in from the golden gate bridge and then it's spreading out to those low-lying valley locations, as well. so patchy fog throughout the day dense fog in many spots and then sun and clouds this afternoon. so we will have some clouds but mostly your afternoon is going to feel good nice sunshine in store. poor visibility in some spots. not bad in livermore. but definitely some of those neighborhoods around the south bay are impacted same with the east bay. oakland airport down to a third of a mile of visibility. half moon bay also down half
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mile visibility. it's okay at sfo for now. santa rosa and napa dense fog. so roads slow going please take your time. wind speeds three to six miles per hour for most of us. west-southwest winds in downtown san francisco so the west wind is pushing some of the fog to the valleys. so we are going to track that for the morning hours. this is what it looks like at "salesforce tower." definitely trying to block the view. you can see the tops of it. 48 degrees for san francisco right now. 47 in livermore. 50 in oakland. now, overall, we are staying dry for now because of the system to the north and the south of us not necessarily reaching the bay area. now, saturday night into sunday, that's when we could get a very, very light drizzle if it happens. it's going to be mainly the south bay. today temperatures in the low to mid-60s if you are around the bay. upper 60s, low 70s for a lot of the south bay location. here's the rain-snow futurecast for saturday into sunday. look at that. most of central southern california will get that rainfall. for us, a very light drizzle south of the golden gate
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bridge especially. this is what's also churning across the gulf of alaska. this system is going to work down to the bay area for monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. next week will be a very active week. so here's what you can expect for next week. we are looking at some widespread soaking rain monday through friday gusty winds cold temperatures, sierra snow and low elevation snow flurries so it will be that cold. tahoe report showing our base 93 inches. but for the next few days not expecting to see much more snowfall. and then after that we are definitely going to start to see that starting monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and that's a look at your forecast. toymaker mattel has found itself in a dispute over one of its new barbie dolls based on inspiring women. the great-niece of freda says the company doesn't have the rights to use the mexican artist's image. but in a statement, mattel says is worked with the frida kahlo corporation that owns
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the rights. they say it doesn't include one of hers physical trademarks her eyebrows. when you see former president obama and former first lady michelle obama could be on netflix. "new york times" reports the couple is in talks with the streaming service about a production partnership. details haven't been finalized but the deal could see obama serving as moderator in a new series. he could also stay off camera in a producer role. in a statement, a spokesman for the obamas said they believe in the power of storytelling to inspire. the force was strong in hollywood as "star wars" actor mark hamill got a star on the walk of fame. george lucas, harrison ford, r2d2 and some storm troopers turned out to celebrate. hamill's first big screen break was luke skywalker in the first film in the franchise in 1977. >> it's hard to process. i'm just -- there's a british word i love, gob smacked because it is just how it sounds. i mean, it's -- it's stunning
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and unexpected. so, um, you know, what can i say? i'm just thrilled to bits. >> aww. he deserves it. harrison ford may sure to include the late carrie fisher in the ceremony. >> when thinking about today i was really sorry that we don't have, um, the other member of our trio here to celebrate with us. -- ] [ applause ] >> but i feel her presence. >> the hollywood chamber of commerce says this is one of the largest turnouts by fans for a walk of fame star ceremony. golf got its stud back on the golf course. tiger woods goes mano-a'-mano with a tree. you have to see it. and steph curry walks a blue mile at oracle arena. why curry was yanked off the floor last night, coming up.
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steph curry hurt his ankle and it's amazing that kevin durant didn't hurt his back after a thriller over san antonio. the raiders brain trust hoping the warriors' championship mojo rubs off. opening minutes of the game curry tweaked his ankle as he went out of bounds, limped off, out for the game, will
5:24 am
not play the next two games. look at this pass. klay thompson sensational! late fourth, draymond green throws the bad pass to murray with a breakaway jam and the spurs led by 8. the warriors might have been in trouble if they didn't have durant but he ties it at 105 with two minutes left. and then draymond gets the put-back to go on the next possession. warriors win 110-107. kevin durant scored 14 straight in the fourth and finished with 37. sharks trying to go 3-1 in the evander kane era. i got breaking news this morning! they actually scored their first power play in a month! came with less than eight minutes to go in the game. boedker broke the drought. martin jones with his fourth shutout of the season. the sharks beat the blues 2-0. derek collins trying to make his case to pitch in the giants rotation.
5:25 am
and he got the snag. he pitched three scoreless innings. the giants 4-0. holland went 16 games with the texas rangers back in 2011 when they went to the world series. but he appears to be on the outside looking in. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. tiger woods was not seriously injured as he smacked his arm into a tree at the tournament in florida. take a look at this. in slow motion, ouch! he pared the 16th hole yesterday. canada's cory connors leads the tournament after the opening round. the play of the day college hoops we go, alabama and texas a & m in the southeastern conference tournament. crimson tide trailing in the closing seconds of the game. >> do or die for bama! must win! sexton got it, he got it he got it! >> just like that, collins sexton taking over the final
5:26 am
seconds of the game giving alabama 71-70 win over the aggies. march madness is here and it's time to go dancing on kpix next week. this is your play of the day. if you're scratching your head this morning in awe, you are not alone! president trump and kim jong- un agreed to an unprecedented face-to-face meeting. >> and fremont police say they have arrested a group of men who were ripping off bay area residents at the gas pump. i'll have the details coming up. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? and insults. now president trump and north korea's leader have agreed to meet. what's at stake this morning. rebuildi s... after fir they have exchanged threats and insults. now president trump and north korean president kim jong-un have agreed to meet. what's at stake this morning. >> rebuilding california's
5:30 am
forest after fires. what it takes to regrow the devastated land. >> and we definitely have a foggy start to the day. i'll show you some of the locations where visibility is down to zero and we'll talk about your weekend forecast. >> that fog is causing many drivers to slow it down this morning. we are tracking delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are on. that backup is stretching. we'll take a closer look at that coming up in the next traffic report. good morning, it's friday, march 9th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. president trump has agreed to get together with north korean leader kim jong-un. >> here's jackie ward on the stunning announcement. reporter: the announcement is being met with shock this morning because it is something that has never happened before. after a year of heightened tension between the u.s. and north korea, including some ridiculing and name calling, south korean diplomats announced that president trump accepted an invitation to meet with north korea's leader kim jong-un. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said it's a change in kim's stance that led the president to say yes to a
5:31 am
meeting. >> i think this was the most forward leaning report that we have had in terms of kim jong- un's not just willingness but his strong desire for talks. i think it's really what changed was his posture in a very dramatic way that in all honesty was a surprise to us as well that he was so forward leaning in his conversations with the delegation from south korea. >> reporter: he said president trump has wanted to meet with kim jong-un for some time now but that the conditions and timing had to be just right. south korea says the meeting will happen sometime before may. >> still amazing to think that the two can meet. what do analysts think will be the end relative humidity of this meeting? >> right now they are saying denuclearization. that's what's on the table right now. but some asian policy analysts are saying that if we're shocked right now regarding this supposed meeting, kim jong-un giving up its nukes would be beyond astounding. >> thank you. now to a warning for local
5:32 am
gas stations. police say they busted a sophisticated crime ring that installed credit card skimmers at stations in the bay area. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from fremont. reporter: good morning, michelle. that's right. fremont police said these group of men were using these card skimming devices at gas stations throughout the bay area possibly ripping off bay area residents of some tens of thousands of dollars. that number is still unclear. but i can tell you these are the pictures of the men that police arrested here. they are from l.a. county. they allegedly used gas pump skimmers to steal credit card information across five counties, alameda, santa clara, san mateo, contra costa county and san francisco counties. a fremont patrol officer noticed this man making multiple transactions at a wells fargo atm in january. the officers ultimately found him with $3,800 and more than 25 various gift cards, but no
5:33 am
atm cards. then police arrested the suspect's brother the next day after officers say they found cards, cash and electronics in his motel room. now, last week investigators recovered nine bluetooth- enabled gas pump skimming devices. the evidence turned up when police pulled over a suspicious car in fremont, the driver a relative of the brothers. >> theft is scary these days. and they got to get a better grip on it. >> reporter: police are now asking bay area gas station managers and workers to check those gas pumps for those skimmers and for folks who do pay outside at the pump, they are asking folks to check that atm card to make sure that it doesn't look like it was tampered with or broken and if it is difficult to slide your card through, then it's possible that that was tampered with. live in fremont, jessica flores, kpix 5. cal fire is is putting a retired tree planting program back in motion after last
5:34 am
year's wildfires. this greenhouse is where the state's emergency stockpile of native species is stored for when natural disasters strike. it's part of the program that is mothballed because of budget cuts but now it's reactivated and the goal is to grow new trees to grow in state and private land because of drought and wildfires. it holds thousands of seeds include sequoias and pine. >> it's important to keep alternative species in a safe place so we can have them after the disaster to reforest them again with the right correct native species. >> and by this time next year, cal fire hopes to have 200,000 new trees ready to plant. >> that's a good idea. >> yeah. definitely. california still remains unseasonably dry despite recent storms. the u.s. drought monitor released this updated map this week. it shows that 91% of the state
5:35 am
is abnormally dry. 48% moderately dry. and 22% in severe drought. there's also a speck of red near los angeles and that's extreme drought. we are hoping after those big storms from last week it would change what that looks like but no, it stayed the same. >> we need more. >> we need two more, right? >> at least two of those big storms that we just got and it looks like next week is going to be spot on with that. we are going to get widespread soaking rain next week. that could help put a dent in the dry conditions. today is dry. let's show you -- that's definitely a sign of most of the bay area right now this fog. west winds are pushing a lot of the fog there from golden gate throughout the bay so visibility map, want to update you so you can make adjustments based on the drive.
5:36 am
south bay fog at the water creeping into the land area. but petaluma, santa rosa, low visibility. we have high clouds as well so it's thick cloud coverage this morning. you can see it through our satellite-radar. this is all cloud coverage and low-lying fog so it's a mix of both and that's all going to eventually clear up. this is why we don't necessarily see the bottom half of the "salesforce tower" but we see the top because of the low clouds. san francisco 48 now cooler than yesterday at this time. 47 livermore. oakland 49. concord 50. 42 santa rosa. no 30s. we are going to be in the 40s and 50s for the morning lows through the weekend and our afternoon highs will be a little above average, mid- to upper 60s. calm winds in the area.
5:37 am
calm winds keeps the fog in the low-lying locations. coming up we'll have the next chance of rain. we'll talk about the widespread soaking rain for next week. if you are heading over to the bay bridge, you will be dealing with some fog as you make your way across the span. so do look out for that. here's a bird's-eye view and this is on the oakland side. and it's very difficult to see those cars down below but there are cars. the backup is developing. the metering lights are on. it's stretching to the foot of the maze at this point. this is where 580 and 880 join so it's just once you get into the maze, then you will hit the brakes. 15 minutes into san francisco. this is oakland, i promise. this is 880. it's very difficult to see. and you can barely make out those headlights making their way southbound. please be careful. we have reduced visibility over to
5:38 am
oakland airport. you will need to give yourself some extra time. 16 minutes from 238 to the maze. happening today, the california high-speed rail authority will release its latest business plan and it's expected to reveal some key details on the $64 billion project. kpix 5's anne makovec reports. reporter: if you remember when voters approved this project back in 2008, we only approved $9 billion in bonds for it. so the cost has ballooned 11 times since that point. i'm here at one of the spots where traditional rail will eventually, if everything goes according to plan, link up with high-speed rail. but that is 11 years away. today we are going to hear about the latest plan, and here's to hoping that the costs are not going to balloon much more than they already have. the latest estimate did put the cost of $64 billion with
5:39 am
the train running between san francisco and l.a. by 2029. the project has been plagued by delays and cost overruns, though, including a recent $3 billion hike for a line of track in the central valley. the bullet train project will likely require more time and money to finish than last estimated. but its new chief executive promises more transparency with the public about the challenges the project is facing, hoping to ease both skeptics and supporters' concerns. >> i think we need to focus on making sure that the cost estimates are correct but there's always going to be a certain level of unpredictability with high- speed rail. >> reporter: today the california high-speed rail authority is going to release its latest business plan including building timelines, cost estimates and other details on the plan. the ceo right now brian kelly says the project is on bumpy ground, that's a direct quote. buy says it is ultimately doable.
5:40 am
live in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the end could be near for another retail chain that americans have shopped for decades. iane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch" has that and more from the world of business. >> reporter: good morning. word that canada and mexico will definitely be exempt from steel and aluminum tariffs imposed sent stocks higher yesterday, dow up 93, nasdaq up 31. almost 155,000 hyundai sonatas are being recalled because of faulty airbags. the automaker says the short- circuit can stop seatbelts from tightening before a crash and prevent airbags from deploying. it impacts cars from the 2011 model year. toys are us is reportedly making plans to close its u.s. operations. the "brick and mortar" retailer has been working to reorganize and balance massive debt. it went bankrupt last year and in january, announced the closing about 180 locations.
5:41 am
and employee of open table was fired after making 300 fake reservations at restaurants in chicago. the rogue employee made the reservations on reserve, a rival reservation service. 45 chicago restaurants were affected with more than 1200 no show guest. >> pretty unethical, not cool. all right. >> mm-hm. >> drinking and shopping could be a costly combination. we understand that you have some information about this, diane? >> yes. so a survey reveals almost half of american adults who regularly drink alcohol shop while drunk to the tune of nearly $450 a year. the top purchases, food, shoes, clothes and gambling. >> yeah. so it's good for the economy when people spend but definitely not good for your bank account and the bottom line. >> nope, not for your personal bank account. >> avoid that combination. iane king hall of "cbsmon," thank you. enjoy your weekend. 5:41. chilling new details about the florida school shooting. we hear from some of the
5:42 am
frantic 911 calls next. >> plus, this app could save lives in an active shooter situation. this morning, the bay area creator shows us how it works. >> and a live look at the traffic if you can see it, it's foggy out there but believe us, there are some cars on the roads out there on 880 in oakland. we'll have a full traffic report coming up.
5:43 am
5:44 am
picture of the minutes immediately after a gunman opened fire at a florida high a doba reports this morning, newly released 911 calls and radio traffic are painting a clearer picture of the minutes immediately after a gunman opened fire at a florida high school. hena doba reports, 81 calls were made in just over an hour. >> 911 what is your emergency? >> reporter: minutes after accused gunman nikolas cruz allegedly opened fire inside marjory stoneman douglas high school, frantic students and parents flooded 911 with calls. >> my son is in stoneman douglas high school. he heard noise and he thinks there's a shooting going on at the school. >> reporter: most of the calls
5:45 am
released were from outside of the building except for this one from a student inside afraid of making too much noise. >> marjory stoneman douglas high school being shot up. >> it's being shot up? are you at the school? [ inaudible ] >> i can't hear you. are you at the school? >> reporter: the caller hung up. according to a new timeline of events from the broward county sheriff's office, the first call came in less than a minute after shots were fired. >> one panicked mother could be overheard talking to her child: >> reporter: the new information also revealed school resource officer scot peterson the only armed person on campus got on his radio almost two minutes after the gunman entered the high school.
5:46 am
>> reporter: several minutes after his first transmission, he commands everyone to stay out of building 1200. >> do not approach the 1200 or 1300 building. stay at least 500 feet away at this point. >> reporter: the timeline shows officers entered the building 11 minutes and 15 seconds after the shooting began. hena doba, cbs news. back here in california, three bay area lawmakers have introduced legislation to implement an age minimum requirement when it comes to buying long guns. right now you have to be 18 to buy a rifle or shotgun. this bill will raise the buying age to 21 for all gun purchases in california. >> the shooter in parkland and the shooter in newtown were too young to buy a can of beer but old enough to purchase ar- 15 style rifles. that's wrong. it's unsafe and it's bad public policy and with this we'll change that. >> assembly member david chiu of san francisco and state
5:47 am
senator nancy skinner of berkeley coauthored this bill. a silicon valley dad heartbroken by a deadly school shooting several years ago created an app to instantly connect teachers with emergency first responders. the app called safeguard launches monday. it allows teachers to instantly tell first responders and 911 dispatchers about an emergency in a specific classroom. teachers can give a status of their class through their phone or even their smart watch. once the alert is sent, dispatchers can then chat with the teachers through the app. >> right now, when law enforcement arrives at a school shooting type scene, they are almost walking in blind. >> what this does is it gives specific locations and conditions for those that are in communication with law enforcement. >> the app can even allow teachers to close their blinds and lock their doors. time now 5:47. people starting to head out to work. let's check weather and traffic. >> they are heading out to work and "karl the fog" is
5:48 am
riding shotgun with them in many areas. neda will have more on the fog coming up. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. we do have a fog advisory in place for drivers. keep a good distance between you and the car in front of you and refrain from using your high beams. fog no problem across the richmond/san rafael bridge. you can see speeds are in the green. here's the benicia bridge and traffic moving right at the limit. that camera is frozen but it is moving. if you are heading along 880, this is just south of 238, so out of san lorenzo down into hayward, you can see brake lights already starting. we have reports of an earlier crash. it is no longer blocking lanes. but still some activity may be on the shoulder. everyone always has to slow down and take a peek as they are driving by. so some delays starting to develop we are in the yellow about 14 minutes from 238 to 84. and over at the san mateo
5:49 am
bridge, everyone on their best driving behavior this morning. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. neda has the forecast. . a blob of white is the coit tower covered in fog. that's what we are dealing with around the bay. a lot of the fog is spreading all across the bay area. so here's a look at that visibility now. keep checking in and hayward 1.5-mile visibility. low visibility at all airports. check your flights because there will probably be delays. planes can't get in and out with the fog. petaluma, santa rosa, also dropping down to half mile visibility there. improving for napa. here's the bay bridge.
5:50 am
hopefully the fog isn't impacting the drive. temperatures in san francisco 49. so cooler than this time yesterday. 47 in livermore. oakland 49. and concord 40. satellite-radar showing there's a bit of moisture to the north here. we were thinking that might impact us a little bit but it looks like the bay area will be staying dry today all of that staying to the north. and any precipitation to the south is staying put there, as well. now, coming up, we may see a chance of rain not until saturday, sunday. sunrise this morning 6:29. sunset 6:11. you should get a good view of the sunset tonight because it looks like the cloud coverage will be clearing. here's a look at our average conditions. we should be in the low to mid- 60s. today we'll be in the low to upper 60s. so temperatures close to average. a little warmer across the south bay especially where you could reach 70 degrees for los gatos, 69 in sunnyvale, pretty similar to yesterday afternoon which was really nice outside. went for a jog and it felt great. 68 degrees in concord, 68 in benicia, 67 in vallejo.
5:51 am
a lot of people were in summer clothes along the embarcadero. 62 in san francisco the high, 62 in sausalito. once the sun comes out it will feel spring-like. lakeport into the mid-60s. here's the futurecast clear skies for your lunch break today. afternoon hours, as well. and then clouds will roll in for saturday morning. so it may be a gloomy start to your weekend and then saturday night into sunday, that's when we could get precipitation. this model barely showing anything. if we do get anything it will be mainly in the south bay. some of the other models are showing that we could see a little bit more precipitation trickle in. when we are going to see that rain, it's going to be monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. for the weekend, if we get anything it will be less than .10" this weekend so very, very minimal rainfall but this is what's to come for next week with widespread heavy rain. up in the gulf of alaska right now there's a lot of moisture on the way to california. starting monday night, tuesday
5:52 am
and every day next week, heavy rain, gusty winds, cool temperatures and low elevation snow. time now 5:51. look up from your phone and turn off the electronics. it's national unplugging day. but don't turn offer the tv just yet. there's much more to the story.
5:53 am
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today is national "unplugging day." good. look at this fog forming around the bay. sorry, "salesforce tower," but year covered and yes, it's pretty dense out there. this is out view from the transamerica pyramid looking south. here's a look from south tro looking north toward the golden gate bridge. golden gate not an easy drive. here's a view from mount vaca ahead of the sunrise. pretty colors out there but north bay a lot of low-lying valley fog causing near zero visibility. a little fog along the eastshore freeway near sonoma boulevard, highway 29. not too far from here, we are tracking a new accident along highway 29. we'll have a closer look at that coming up in the 6:00 hour. get ready to put your
5:56 am
electronic devices down. there's a challenge. today is national unplugging day. the nonprofit group called reboot wants everyone to stop using their phones, tablets, computers, anything electronic, from sundown today through sundown tomorrow. the purpose is to experience life unplugged and encourage people to communicate face to face. today marks the ninth annual national day of unplugging. i think i can do it but i don't think my daughter would -- i don't think she is going to be up for that. >> she won't look that. >> she loves the ipad. >> i know. the only thing i have my phone for is the games. >> you're playing jeopardy all the time. hey, what is? >> i know. but i can do it. today's the day. all right. it's 5:56. it would be unprecedented a meeting between the sitting leaders of the u.s. and north korea. but that's what might happen sometime this year. what led up to this agreement next. >> plus, the candidates in the governor's race weigh in on the housing crisis in the state.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
in a surprise announcement president trump agrees to meet face-to-face with north korea's expressed his eagerness to meet president trump as soon as possible. >> in a surprise announcement, president trump agrees to meet face to face with north korean leader kim jong-un when the took us are expected to happen. >> plus, the new gun control laws florida governor's is signing today following the deadly school shooting. >> plus, california's pot regulators is cracking down. how many shops across the state are operating without a state license? >> good morning, it's friday, march 9th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. we are talking traffic and weather. a foggy start on this friday morning. >> things are foggy. did you have fog on your drive in? >> a little bit after the caldecott. >> some areas. neda will tell us more about that. but we'll begin by taking a


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